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Saturday, September 9th

Zeke Acosta of Acosta Heating and Cooling joins John and Dave to discuss HVAC and other Home Improvement questions from listners.


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It's going to. They surely. Welcome to home improvement which on a day with over twenty years on there. Listen and learn as John Gordon and David told. He was there are sixty years of combined home improvement experience to help you tackle all your home improvement projects music pastor John indeed dot com. To locate trusted product and service providers that serve our listeners with the quality and integrity and called Charlie and 809281110470457. Know 1110. Good morning everybody welcome to home improvement with John or Dave I'm John Gordon I'm Dave noble immensely Custer was the prospect of being cool. Sycamore thanks for joining us this morning. Just in time to talk about hurricanes an agent Casey if it's. Congress can be a lot happening in Houston I guess in and who knows now with Florida may be I mean were lowered. This insane and Atlanta there's no gas there's no water. People are. On the not so I trained. You know no hotter here either so that's all right we'll talk bottled waters Gloria there's yeah there's anybody water in the tap the at the news out of him my wife says that to me and I said well. I said it would take its gonna be like bad and you were on city water so you know that I doubt we're going to be out. I saw this go to Home Depot gets a five gallon buckets until a month. That's why that solar and I'm Mikey. You know he run the wind and and flooding and stuff going. Yeah I don't know. Anyway well god bless you all know there are safe and you're right yeah absolutely in love BP care fog has some friends down in non. A stay aero. Right they're Bob Bonita springs and from near Naples and they chose to stay home. In on now they're that's when it was going up the West Coast not score of say the least us about it now it's gonna come up and throat twelve feet of water in the Fort Myers a. Yeah that's what they're saying not Rebecca is as stand out she's in Gainesville. And machines they have put also virtues that middle of the state Greg Ryan will be nasty but she shouldn't get the storms are still right right right so anyways just keep those people in your prayers penicillin was freaking -- and Charlie you guys know we went through that in an 88 with Hugo more like parents parents not going to be that much and Obama you know we were out we were without power for like ten days or something like that song you know positive crucial does not fit fine. Anyway. Unhappy nosy we or get ready to go otter is our what the weather's like in Charlotte but the last few nights last like we got the windows wide open. It was cooler in Atlanta last two days I was up in Boston it was cooler in Atlanta it in the evening that was in Boston. And none psoriasis is a set time a year I got the notification from my. HPC companies that I must treat knew my. My service agreement so that gets cranked out this weekend. Yeah no well yeah I mean we have a record low. Record low yesterday morning appearing Charlotte allowing us what indeed too willing to Willis with its renewal he brings Chile has news that just means you turn air conditioner I think it'll it'll I've tried my best Big Ten and he had yet. He didn't have. But yeah yeah operational before we start our our former assistant September. With a little bit too many problems. To do all came to long war as we start in September we get to know gradually through and here half. And you know we also. Actually currently running a September special. First safety checks. For 99 dollars and including. Our own given them for every. When the calls who do you look they carbon monoxide detector where that passions. It's gonna do his dad is a great deal. That's and it's kind of like it. And you gotta you you got to deal I mean that we're not gonna lecture people amid it is what it is you gotta eat you gotta make the play and he got to spend the money. You gotta find somebody that's gonna do it and clean coils you know for their conditioning season in just do all the right stuff so it's it's worth it saves time. Saves money in the long run so it. Com bought it I'd I'd just teed up a bunch of stuff Zeke Dave and there's some questions about air filters. Bomb and then and as we move into well I mean in our climate anytime you're really get a few a handful of weeks in the spring and a handful of weeks as summertime when we can and are in this tough call. What we can open the windows and Opteron and our systems. There were some questions on air filters and how to pick the right air filter and and and stuff like that so I thought from HTC perspective we could take a few minutes on it. And then. David we got everything from drain though to a sliding glass doors to calm. Interior doors and need to be. True and it's a regular dog's breakfast I mean a potpourri. Of it tough topics. There so I thought you know. We'll talk about him and I guess if if we had a good hosts here we would say hey give us a call or an 800 men and 21110. Or 7045701110. We've got blinds open and so talk about it the other thing that is that this came up David and and it it took me to you know the hurricane stuff Finn and Tom. Generators and things like that. We can talk a little bit about maybe just some very basic safety things. Because of the what came up with surge protectors and prominent and that's and it made my ADD mine go to generators and hurricanes and stuff like that so com. We weekend I think there's probably some good conversations they have around that I don't know there's folks and as in Charlotte are thinking about. Our power loss but I know the folks in Atlanta aren't so. We'll see we'll see what that is. I know were row we're coming right up on a break here sir I'm here I won't ramble but. And I guess you probably have some some emails about pictures yeah absolutely free to jump on it. All right we're to take our first break don't go away 809281110. 7045701110. Give us a call home improvement with John Davis. And Zeke is coming right back welcome back this home improvement which John and Dave I'm John Gordon I'm Dave Goebel. Pollution cost there with a frustrating cool. And we would like to introduce to you for your listening pleasure and the very first time on the John home improvement with John indeed mr. Shane from sells very. Change how is that for an introduction. I thought ten toilet not exactly true I I have go to Google or no. Active time I edit I didn't back back again by popular demand it. The cycle ahead. I get using something like dry Lott very silly and had a basement floor. Big not the orbit very he did between now. I tend to block and they're metal on me prepared. How water seepage problem how far back in the so I just have been able believing before. I I was honored. How high should he go up on the wall it's if that. Basement that that it does not have a deal and it. It's about twelve foot down. It'd it would just by the look very good he drives. Good from the outside. Right. Well I'm that I think it appeared that deepened you've got a water problem. You're you're if they put any drains and there they probably failed at this point or if there's exterior waterproofing it's starting to fail. That it's coming in at nears a committee near right at the joint of the block in the concrete. Pushing up underneath you have. I mean you could try it but that's tiger static pressure I doubt you're going to be able to stop it with that product. There's another product out there it's available that you could do it you can look at. I mean I would I would probably get up with someone like drive pro. And not talk to them up senator dry powder talk to them about their their waterproofing methods but they do make a product that's do it yourself. Friendly I say that with tongue in cheek really because it's a lot of it's the prep work. But it's it's it's a good products can't see any tread. SA in I TR ED. I can't. Say any like Sam. Oh okay Fannie joint chiefs from slipping now this there us I see how do you see we have here at the studio has had an ethnic. And it does say any tread. Is a it's it's a liquid product that she would paint on the walls. He should go to their website and read about it studied a little bit look at the crap. It's I mean it's it's out it's a hundred over a hundred dollars a gallon it covers 200 square feet so I don't. I don't know that prices that big of a deal but it's it's the prep work yet to spend some time. You would wanna spend that money go to the effort of applying it without. Without prep in the walls properly so it just can't have any other coatings nominees speak clean. And the poor's need to be opened up so there's a couple of ways that she can achieve that. But but it's a it's a guaranteed product to where I don't think the dry locked as is is guaranteed nor do I think it's gonna work for your application. Our. So it usually just damp damp basements but when you have water pollution through inflation and you need something a little more heavy duty. There. So but like I said he could try that the do it yourself and then drive pro N and I think dry out or I think that both have systems that she can go and they're put on the wall in. They stake in caption that water isn't and pump it out none of it's none of it's an expensive that's for sure but. And it is what it is right. Yeah. Not so bad the way it did a united ticket from the outside that. To get air condition that you guys didn't sit next to help them. Also got a they're paired. It's always a way it is and it. Yet there's never never sent the boy adequately numbers and now he never has so. Yet so look today at the inside you know you have a couple options there are way I'm out in Nam and see what's going to be best for years. Okay thank you very much I'd be a good luck thanks Shane OK thank hurt my appreciates concerts. All right. Give a skull weren't. Mort 898111047045. Cynical 1110 and we have mind is open. Zeke arm. You tackle air filters for a second there was that the question it was like just a very nebulous. Question and then of course there's a million people now have an opinion some of them were actually. Smart I guess but I mean there's a couple different ways let's just say for example we've we've we've said that like if you can put a hole. House kind of filters that whole house is a big filter before. They air comes into the the you know although the return right add at the furnace. That the unit that's ideally the best scenario right because even via a little issues with. Doug leaks and stuff like that all that gets captured then before it hits you know look at. The best get there it took our best location is at the air handling unit growth furniture or handler for Shaheen told. The Dow wait any accurate or seeing any here leaky ships Carl. In the return don't work. These are good for Clinton but I think for just leak it. Although it does to you don't want to guess. Caught on it filter before a gross truly Europe. The heating and air conditioning unit. Now so I saw that would be the ideal scenario put them but there's still no millions of people out there that don't have that scenario saying get longer to. Returns around the house. And calm and it's like okay what's the best. So Judy used as you can go spend you know a small fortune you go get a mortgage every six months or so I guess some new filters. Com or what's what's the best one well how how should they think about it. We don't. Need you gotta be careful again because you put their. Very good filter and the return of as a folk group. And you put took the big filtered group home. Any kind of restriction mother filter creates a bigger suction on the other side damaged or any air leaks becoming greater air leaks. Between. That filter and the fan at the heating air conditioning she actually does worsen makes it makes it worse though couldn't and you know if you get their. We're a good filter has to be something that does not have a whole lot of rock. Persistent should do it all. And you know. Eight pleated filter rural English to reckon they're like an accordion. Her dog gives you more surface and it spreads set static pressure crossed it throws an artist has bandits are real. Stick. Are fully type of filter dirt poor. So less so that's a better thing and and because you've it's gonna have more surface there year to capture things. But it doesn't have to be so dense to capture him because of Scott because got an additional surface. Right so you can. And it doesn't it takes longer to get dirty because that there are additional surface so crime you're not probe breed Indian. Two days later a week later forties you know. Time to change chip because as you know we got. By having the accordion type for you know pleaded tied to dust you know give you more surface area. She can go longer between filter changes. All right now there is gonna let's get let's get in true here real quick and then I have a question on a home on a cup on my top what to look for when you're shopping. Try and do more Yahoo! improved with John Dave how are you. I'm bringing this morning. Fine. Hungry help. Aren't we had eight theaters Friday Brian. Am swinging at my name trump any kid can stay America. You on if he can direct command I can't continue. Where where you located. And we are between parent start and he'll do okay out parents her grand. Sure. It's. I would work I would look at. Thus some like south campaigning. There would be a good choice and then numb I'm trying to think of who the the company is so. It's geez I can't believe I forgot that I didn't anyway. From my side certain specific that there are at up it's not you it's not your fault. What's the name of the company and they wait. And if you if you hang on listening and will luck out I'll come back and LB give Robby would give you the name of that company. I ask how we don't and how we street saint speak for all of that with the weather turning. Yes thank you yeah yeah we asked you where we're we're we're hoping to drain everybody's safe and that yes it's not a severe as they say has been looks like it's pretty rough stuff there. I'm frank and for everybody okay. We'll give a thank you appreciate your calls and then prayers and hang tight we'll get a good name out there for you okay. Thank you thanks so much. All right away we go arm just there's a couple terms aren't there. That people should count me thinking about when an arm. When they're by and. Air filters like murders currently out there and it and it's number of Griffin for the PR yes. Any harm me like richter but are. You have thirty. Most of the Arlen. The four inch filters like you get Ramallah. Or do we hear from like clinics Meebo. They used to be eight they've made him a little bit better than Kate to pin down eleven so if we get away from when actually there to Merv for eleven. All they'll show however fox sixteen. That has such as sharp colts facing honestly how much more oil. It's pretty cool part we got to take a little break folks there's lots of information here. This is home from work done and Dave I'm John Gordon I'm Dave dull and click across there with a frustrating cold. We got them let's. I don't. Let's go real quick David to us something I think we can tackle fairly quick because we talked about a bunch and armed this is the same challenges and and now wanna dis anybody but it wasn't a long question about. Just drain cleaners specifically in the super aggressive. And chemical versions of that stuff right that come. The people use when when the the drain is blocked then and they're trying to you know China knocked it out. I mean there's inflation at time my guess. That for that but as a general rule we kind of steer folks away from that ordinary. Yes they keep I think you need to mean for one it needs to be a preventive type of things so. Found just you know Moscow like changing oil in the car what are just. I really liked the idea of dump it hot water down the drain if some I told me not long ago you shouldn't do that because. I forget what it was my wife was tell me something that she saw somebody had written but it's because it's you know that's better Tenet it's better to keep the grease close to the trap and Gotti Gotti got and I'm thinking not rather break it down and get it on through the system and not have it stick in and also. I still like the idea born boiling hot water down the sink he can do this in year. You bathroom sync you can do in the kitchen. I will caution you I did have a email from. Personnel gallon now over in Raleigh or Cary. And she said that she had done then it cracked the sake. Do you so I don't know what that was it cracked it right by the dream. And but I think she had some other problems because you know I asked her you know I said I try to get more information about it. That's highly unusual and I was career. Yet you know so it anyway com that that hot water's really the way to go John you're right if you get into a situation where it's just totally backed up that you got it a huge clog sometimes you have to go and bring up the heavy artillery. And you know put the stuff with the S thus the ad the ad. Sit down it's as it does sulfuric is that is yeah I believe it is and it's it is pretty stout. You just gotta remember if you're a septic system. Yeah adage you know there's there's issues you have to do some residual work on that to probably you know Pritchard bacteria back excel at a healthy level take care of everything and it'll it'll they'll clean hell lot of stuff. And then falsely just got to remember them by environmental check impact try did he show us just a little bit against the but if if everybody does little bit you know it's a challenge right so just use good common sense I guess OK let's get mad as here man from gas don't media Matt good morning arm improve with John and Dave are you this morning. And look good Rodriguez actually automatic quick question about the legacy. Question I have then you're talking about home built a unit and think. No wonder in. And looking to the very common that it couldn't solve all the I never seek fresh air intakes on residential units and some wondered if that. You know YE creating a lot of pressure in the house and then try and have a small pressure and take wouldn't. Would be a bad idea or it's just something that's just ignored her costlier. But the reason why that don't happen more. You know world. To wait to do it would be put to call it any RV which is short and you recovery. The system which actually. Bring in outside air but it through and disarm any recovery we'll. Either preheat steer this common man or. Pretty cold out here and she don't bring you know. Bloody Friday prayer in the house should schools would go a little bit you distinct thing in the winter comes just from lenient toward a degree here in the house well it. I'll think about cabinet into the return both before filter right there. British you're coming out slight makes their temperature increase their party great been home. Beta yeah if not it's not the pimp should decrease is just the fact that you know you bring. Home. In the movie they colder or hotter air into your disk do you wanna guess but how's it fresh rice in the house now. You are actually pushing them we share also out of the house here having to keep her cool that air airshow it. Think it cost lured to defeating who'll be here. You know. That you're bringing in commercials from the energy recovery. System. And I guess that maybe it's not as big a problem what they were out of that maybe what solar alpha scorer blow it with the outlook. Call space until like back effects with a small space bear coming up screwed you out any way you do mean you're getting that there into the house. I don't know understand a lot more that aired now and then and it's as if I'm in the exterior it's been out anyway. We know what what I try to condition middle of that well you got leaked gel. In the end in newer newer houses you're less likely to have as much air cover from the crawl space simply because of the energy 'cause in the way they seal now. Actually older house turned aero overall on its own you can they get that back in the day of the houses that that Zeke and I grew up in our age group the air would. Would come from the crawl space and end up going out the attic all within a probably about ten minutes. But. You know we started put more insulation tighter windows tiger doors. Seal around the receptacle spared this this is win we need. The outside air now there's some been seeking pride done a few of them with the if you put an oversized tub. Exhaust fan over the stove over 399. CN down. Right there have three after the you know then you bring in the make up air CF to have you have to have make up air coming in and that it that that is not going through. Any type of I heat exchanger. Prime need to look at it a different way hang on tight for men. Ocalan jogging or should we wrap it up tonight often error. This is home improvement with John and Davy does Dave I'm John Gordon I'm Dave Goebel is a constant with the cost for heating cooling. And we got squared away on the theory think thing is kind of important there's a we're talk a little bit about ERD after after marker let's martyrs square way though yeah that's good plan I'm Margaret. Good morning welcome to home improvement with John and they are you this morning. How are out I'm great how do we help. Well someone has given us the recipe for a drain cleaner. Vehicle. Items then just what to make sure it was safe and giddy. Okay what they tell you. Out of Fort Hood puppet so called sport they cover baking soda have a couple wide input and its debt candidates. For example like vinegar. And then fifteen years later. A pot of boiling water. Serve. I don't think ever heard apps I've seen them baking soda in the vin baker before. And I've I've never heard of the salt but I'm assuming that that must be to. Some may be. Rough up the sides and can grab anything off the sides and in clean it up. I'm on the pipe which is prime not a bad idea because that's part of the problem. Tom and I am and I'm sure it won't hurt anything. Like I can't imagine that would hurt anything in the boiling water's probably the thing that pushes it all down and gets it gets it going. I it is always use like dawn dishwashing liquid in the kitchen especially I don't do in the bathrooms because there's not much Greece are all very does have so the toothpaste and share good things like that so the shower drain in the sink drains out I'll dump pot watered down those. And then the kitchen we always put a little dawn dishwashing liquid in ahead of time and didn't shoot it down there. And any other trick is I keep my water heater excessively high for that reason because it's. Hot water cleans everything use less chemicals. You just have to be careful with grandkids and kids that's not really supposed to be over 120 degrees. I'm budget gets satcher water heater or whatever you want after you get past the code it's just. There's a there's a scrawled in dust called issue there that you have to be careful of who we certainly want when he went to give birth. So it could send me. What did you have a have a hundred. Yeah I keep my water heater about a 14845. Degrees and no we always have plenty hot water that's one thing but the other thing is is when I'm running. Hot water in the drain side I let the stick around for a few few seconds every time in that. That really helps keep the drains clean out. How is it really Ruddy complexion to yeah. Help insure that like is this recipe if I want to love. Out yeah that's gal wants a month this find is this a preventive thing that's that's what John was saying earlier vs trying to dump chemicals doubted if we give you get on a preventive maintenance. What it once a month from what you're talking about really make sense because honestly. If you got serious plumbing issues in your really needing good drain cleaning. Vinegar baking soda salt and hot water is not gonna do it right. You gotta do something else but if you wanna do a nice for is preventive maintenance you're gonna get the big reaction between the vinegar and and the baking soda. Kind of bubble and things up I think as David said the salt is the rough footage and it's not gonna settle out on you it dissolves. This is actually pretty well thought out little homer ultimate remedy yeah I like it and and and just add to that. The other part of the preventive portion is to use insure that you you're not putting any grease down the drain so. My wife is the best at that she'll she wipes the frying pans out she wipes. None of that goes down our drain she's she's she's very cautious about that. Tom and we really don't use our garbage disposal that much either so. It could you be surprised you know with broader in the end you know the things we've put in our food that little bit of stuff over time builds up. And in and then other things start sticking to that Greece and then you have that's when the clocks are so. It's it's really accountable whole thought process and just the way of life and if you do that bombed its Donnelly good for your drains but as a whole. We keep that stuff out of the big sewer lines out in the street and when you see those big jet trucks out there. That's why that's why the city has to buy those trucks are argues that because of Greece because Greece is the main thing that starts to clog and then. From there as you can imagine it builds up we will get into a sense is the breakfast hour. But. But yes so Margaret it's a great idea we like that remedy Webster right dead down and keep it. I. All right. Thank you for your call mortgage. Backed by. Sometimes. Some of those homespun things like are cruel and smell good but they're just like snake oil friends Elena she makes sense right isn't it comes Jim from Charlotte Jim good morning on approval with John today. Not well rewarded through so what court you're but what it called the right place I got to simple mind that that's about it. Well I literal. Read out all my Helm. Somebody who cares who don't. Tend. Did. It's just don't need a better. Are you look at projecting our well boy. Jerry Springer won't talk further in plastic Goldberg from a housing or Florida. Do you yeah gum may very well Bradford little pulled out the golf meals well obviously the battery in there. Well bred daughter start pulling it would not come all. And so on didn't force their road salt well you got the ball would be excellent voice aspect questions. You're artist dressed down and bingo Ouattara housing CommVault. It is an old face comes off the enemy yeah yeah and I'm like sure which there should couple different wars nowadays it just hurt rectangular digital. Well read out. It is rectangular. Just got a small little redoubt where there and just duo last week you Jewish. Bush has got a big book bears there is leading battery battery load yeah. There's there's a lot start looking at the start Yiddish term driver are. There's got to pull out or how they go just over the digital read out of the public to do that are small but a poem top in plastic edged older reality is players. Sure this breaking vote gave great older leaders stressed their personality not big jar out of the old golf ball. I couldn't force that god who got a lot of sports at all. Yeah there's a couple disapproved of merchants some of their tour there's on the right over the top right hand side. He has our dog and he's got electro grooves should also couldn't to have been so involved. But her brigade that it's sort of this there's to data doughboy AAA batteries in there. If you push push and there's sort of pulled Google. Do the right away from the version that bush and pulled the OK if that sexual Carlyle. Are you Judy we'll coin or summon that slot. Not from there is really not a slog for the politically and I had it kind of slides here I see this lives last. This isn't right I'll actually be looked at model number up by Betsy finding YouTube video on here. Okay blocked her from pictures don't like you're out of W actually did this morning you know you do but you guys yet what are are so rare but always Bobby does exactly out of here is unless my stuff she deserves. Our third just got to put the pole but adding tire out the old golf below slowed the batteries did. No not the whole housing just to assist small size shouldn't. Oh look there's probably only about Arab and nature why did pay. Just up the batteries really for two batters to fit in there good to stay above us the highest of a battery. Hey bill about you know as widest from the don't know why than your thumb through wreckage right. OK so hard I think that's face just slides across as well as sounds like it does here. All okay so this does brilliant goal out of the you're bid is not go to our struggle call this looks like it because the battery a rare bright yet don't the holders restoration and Walsh just to battery case Eumig issues that location. Of this built into it just gets exposed when you slide it over me. So that's how they all of both farmer's best of luck at all just go our Herbert elect Barack for the battery go we have the right yeah. Okay are out front that I'm all right then. Thanks Jerry York and we appreciate called him. But don't you don't you hate day era there you mess with dad and then next thing you know you've pulled the anchors the screws everything out of Walter. These are there's no batteries on the back at its let me just showed up at the return desk with a pry bar and a thermostat and send. Didn't seem to do it opposed to blue. How many times that I pulled some off the wall I then destroyed it and go oh my goodness. How unless it happens I not do this to happen I'm contractor it's. But yeah. Okay. So we didn't do it has 800 with folks who got lines open. Almost 800. 981110. Or 704570. Lead until we have the rage frustration he she is house. So we'll certainly talk about that. I've Gordon don't have bubble but we know a lot of time left before the next break but I really would like to get a little bit into com. So must some generator safety may be a little bit of hurricane. Common sense stuff on sure or we yes I like before we wrap up today right because. There is the result has amended. Who was with folks yesterday last few days and you know everybody's work and they've they set these war rooms at The Home Depot and starship from product everywhere you know they've been the been trying to plan on and then of course the first thing that goes. In our generators and what generators and plywood stuff like that but Tom. It's great they're great things but each and he did a couple things that you really wanna be aware of arm just from carbon monoxide perspective. But then also from armed. From electrical safety perspective not just for you look for people working down the line from years wells out of important. Welcome back this is home approval with Jon and Kate I'm Jack Gordon I'm Dave Goebel eventually confirmed there was a cost pretty cool. Com lower weight in India that. Let's let's go ahead and in his sneak a couple of things in here just awesome generator safety Dave I think that is try best best. First and foremost I think before you say any thing is like the new go find an electrician could dozens criteria discussed yes yes right yes app so. And then and then there are couple ways. Did you can do that you can do it safely and correctly first and I don't know what code in Mecklenburg County is. But your electrician is gonna put. What do you call is like a lockout switch. There's so that you have to had your main shut off before he can turn the breakers on freer. For your arm generator bright correct it and and I say that two ways number one is because. There's a transfer switch that you can use. And then there's a direct wire to your. Breaker box right right transfer switch is really the ideal scenario resident. I think I think it's the safest. It is and if you don't have it you know permanently. You have to have revived by code because. Well it's not a good news feed power back on the right on the funded trial right and they haven't disconnected they think they're safe. Yeah you know exactly and and and that's why you get to have a lot well I am may I might be called what's wrong thing it's a little slide piece and it really. It doesn't eat you have to intentionally have the right person do this 'cause if you just put us you know breaker in the middle your box there's not a lockout that works out that right. But that dug a truly correct luck I'll switch slides and it'll vary by. The manufacture of awe of your breaker box because they're all configured a little differently. But what this does is it prevents them that prevents the generator from getting power to your breaker box. Are by turning the breaker switch on until you've pushed. Until you. Turn the main switch off this so that means the main. Is cut off so it it is if power was trying to get your box no power can get in right. The reason that's important with a generator is when powers down to people working on the lines think there's no power. In years Cendant. What are the other way of sending turned the other way right remain there or it's not a one way street. All right right well and end. I I think also that dumb you know those guys are always prepared anyway they're always gloved up and they they've you know they're not to. Once they turn them though yeah are up there and act and retook their bare handed tell us something but it's been weakening UMB just Dwyer blame on the street and it's not that the power guys working from audio dolls why didn't get Zambia I am sure you. And so then I would also think that the neutral wire would end up having to be a problem because you can you can overload our horror on balance a neutral and you can I mean I've been shocked by neutral wire many times in my life I mean. Not anymore because I think it starts listen this dog a little smarter and but not touch that neutral wired in light job if I mean. Quicker instead of just as bad as the other side right. So yeah no doubt about it. Sought I think that's I think that's like. Critical on and so if you if you get ready for the hurricanes. Obviously you. Heard. Not have time to get an electrician out to do this thing is so dry weather this storm. Bryant well I mean how many times have we have Roby. The electric Ghana we talked about that John White with white electorate you know they'd. These guys they it that's what they do that's one of their their specialties is they installed these generators whether theater actor caller. And is if you have natural gas available mainly and it's it's it's not a bad thing to do. Com and to have that available because they take care of all of that in gas but if the power goes off. Not because of hurricane because somebody hit the pole down the industry eater they have. Change at a transformer whatever you you always have electricity so. Kind of it kind of a nice feature. Does it's a good this expensive if you whole house yeah but you can probably size you don't he decides something to run the whole house self. They use this size something in the beauty of the transfer switches you wire. You transfer switch to select breakers in. You're breaker box so that you don't have to run the big screen TV and won't ever else you got you just your run you know the blower on the on the heat. Air it's usually not big enough I mean if you do a whole house you can be big enough to run your conditioning Syracuse but if she's in a portable generator you're not run in the you know the condenser all that stuff is just not enough juice but you can. You can run fans you can keep refrigerators run and. Your refrigerator freezers going here you have a well. You can keep your well elderly keep water coming in if you have made. We talked about this before John is a some some septic systems have a pulse right I tell you a fan pressure is I give a pressure system they knew you'd do your septic system won't work with without I mean. They'll go for awhile but then there's a leave you can have a problem so yeah if you could if you wanna go for more than a while then come back up. If you are right let's get crazy guys are certain chips apple because I knew we weren't big ready for a take granny shot 11 last thing that we mpeg wholly wrong not to. Say these are typically gas fired fossil fuel fired units carbon monoxide rains. You've got to have adequate violation dole put it somewhere where you're gonna have fumes getting into the house even then when your run and I think outside. If you're running under a window that you got open because you don't have air conditioning. Bad call right so be really really sensitive to. Are you put this thing where the carbon monoxide is gonna go are right now it is motorists know we can't cut it could did that time he had take a break Randy don't go away. And now we'll be attacked the home improvement which on Dave right after these messages from welcome back this summer tour is done and Dave I'm John Gordon I'm Dave Goebel. We could talk it would it probably didn't believe it's here. Randy. From Annapolis ready sir we had to make to break we'll make your way through the break there are you this morning. I'm sure about it but his straight talk we help. Blue water film guy. I'm humbled by Palin may have a dialogue. Shortly broke away. Oh no question in this where you got through her dorsal. And Paul Blalock affordable for Bob Bob filed this summer bird pretender. And awarded anger playing out of my raw. And I really don't even though helpful or my third bowl. And Barbara ward and yeah you know what we're phase of this and wars gurus. Here's the thing this. This is very small and somewhat gullible and yes I did you convert to a good cop drew in the middle into the bottom. I didn't know if you actually live at least six screws them layer. Fan go blue wobbled through the best way to drive a you know of plastic sometimes. Especially the horrible as that is not all available here Lou hall. Like a resource book. Peso would you know. Sort of orbit Lou probably the best way to travel level going on the wall crude. So it just a quick question is this designed to hang on the wall. Off. Oh I hear this that it does places all the bar that you could actually purged or is disturbing in the wall for. And then hang it you know slip this whole layer but out a little bit by bit of this gold inside and put the screws peruse millions. Well maybe maybe not because they've made terror found that those places that have the the keys that are cut into it the key way. Reinforced he has probably reinforced so the plastic stick or or or it's got a metal piece a metal in there. You could eat you could I mean he could David if you if you go where the boot the key slots are for screws. You can go on the inside. And if you're gonna do that how would put a piece of like heavy metal. Like perforated metal or piece of one guy that I drilled to go through were those key slots are in two years does school. Tom and then. I would I would use that. To kind of also gives the com to spread though the the weight. Of that. Of the camera across something besides just a screw had to David's point if you put in those little key slots on the back the skill slots on the back. They're does it's designed to carry the weight there. But if you just drill through the front you run the risk of them of the weight pullen you know mutilating the plastic. And then the NC needs something to spread out that way so I would use. A piece of metal act honestly. Did Randy if this year and it's troussier for confess in the you know you're not the hideous guy on the world. This might be something that you use pay somebody I don't know and it can't be a whole lot by any man got to come around to saying this thing for him. Brought up the main and I don't let you ought to turn your man card and to do that in fact we give you good punch on your manpower for knowledge can't can't do. Well well. You know I really didn't have a full paying it from the back. Right now there are here we shall be no way to do it yet here's and here's what I would do is I would I would I would cut some boards. Really plywood vs a one by four immune and I don't get a table saw yet because one by tends to split I'm a big believer in three quarter its plywood. But she could cut does plywood strips the width of that candy you say it's four or five feet wide. Brought. So you kind of four or five feet wide you're gonna catch two or three. Studs. Across there with that you'll have to obviously find your studs in we can tell you how to do that here pretty quick. But you with fastened one at the top and one at the bottom then he would run your screws in there for that that are going to be hitting your keyhole slots. I'm here's and then that way your your you know for a fact that you've you've got something solid. Com you've you've bump that out of off the wall little bit and it's going to be even on the on the back. Then you took him to lineup though that the biggest challenge with that really is lining up getting the screws on the wall which germ permanent. In the right place seeking to structure cabin over right so get yourself a level get yourself another piece of wood there that plywood. And mark on the woods. Where the little for the top of that she holiness you know with a with a sharpen your pencil this mark your woods so this is the center of the keyhole on the left in this is a senator of the keyhole on the right. Now take it to the wall and marked the wall or sick to death plywood you hung up the David was talking about M mark that. Use a level I put a piece of blue tape on my four foot level and I'm mark the level the edge of the level. On the blue tape. And then I put it to the wall 'cause I know where the markets and I know that I'm gonna have left I'll be level is thought if I use my level is a guideline. And I make that the marks on the wall right nodes to studs are and drive the screw way and and away you go it's and it's in the right place. To do our very did you follow that. I couldn't see my hands it was a little tougher. All right so just just she is the level and mark on your leveled those were the key holsters are. And then you just turn around and and and take the same marks a transfer empty here to either your ply order to your studs. If you could find this doesn't want to hits I would I would be shocked that he found this doesn't hit. Had never works out for me so that's why ma I'm a big fan of the plywood. Strips or or or she either one doesn't really matter. Bart okay that's good operation. Governor of all question sure. Nobody told us better felker. Argo Linux system looks forward about separate your goal. And Abu about oil and real expensive. Error filled first. And you know ought to go to law lose certain. You know Bob pointed. Still are men and you know how many of them are cheap but make cheap Florian and all layup but you know I gotta order it is. There's left for good or Delonte doorstep. Well me deplete your filters it is essential good filter. It's it's chest after right. It's usually. Then it didn't finish you know if I'm your Barbara was saying if you get any. More. Because you know higher Merv filtered. Then you run the risk of any return nearly each. Bringing in more outside air. Well I guess blu rays royals last orders or anybody else just sort. Are Cadillac over civil right. You know when you go out here in the foresight by Bob Lane Bryant they just nine brand but sort of. Cannot tell you what I've by the I by the three pack. It filters you can and I and I pay attention to him it usually every thirty to 45 days I change and now we are different and our house's with the areas where the carpet is the filter gets dirty really fast and where our hardwood floors are there hardly ever dirty you can so it's just it's just the name of the game but. There's nothing wrong with those cheaper three packed filters are not enough not that not that far Bartlett class. But that's the pleaded that inexpensive pleated filters are just as good as anything else. That you're gonna find that they just change them just change or more often. Does is really key to it every thirty days should be fine unless you have. You know two or three cats and dogs turnaround yeah a lot of carpet my house may be have to go a little maybe every two weeks but. I don't I don't know that your gonna solve your problem with anything else other artists to do those once a month to save enough for those pretty ones and it is what I always done. And I've I've bought the three pack up all month on the focus that's our work. And calm. Boomed change them once a month and it worked like a champ jeered every Indy. We are where it's if I sang at home already if you. And I used to brief facts for all our. But you know I guess my question was the yell or or captured your fine is you're okay if I were filed with lead or about need to go where more remains. For an hour that's that's your dog the most important thing and that's to stay and after you that's that's that's what I see is what people don't do not I'm a little overboard because. I vacuum my return every time so when I take that filter out I vacuum around the return because there's always dust that's trying to creep around the edges. And I figure I'm gonna knock it loose and you know it's that that little bit a dust distract and everything but you change it twelve times in a year you knocked that dust loose eventually. It's gonna end up on the coil it's gonna suck it back in their so. Plus it just looks clean so that brought that's just me in your wallet soft sort of pressure and all that election. You are command and Keith we appreciate your listeners made the call good luck with your cap and it may appear if you're not comfortable at that camp that's gonna I was gonna tell you that you may. You may want to turn out of cleat on the bottom of that to hold it but. That's what I just ordered on a shelf for many people thinking okay can be fairly simple. All right appreciate it seem and I. Thanks for your call trees appreciated Randy fit and and then we got like a minute left but somebody called us and please repeat the drain cleaner recipe over the air. I don't remember what the exact parts. More of amounts but it was. The cup cup a couple of it wasn't a cup assault a couple of baking soda and then I'll. Bigger they say white vinegar I mean he could prod the apple cider vinegar Condon really much matter but Tom. Why figures cheapest and white vinegar is cheaper and then you. And and then a boiling boiling hot water once you got Jason Anderson an ethics Steve Coleman out. So there you go where to take a little break don't go away home from where John Davis coming back after these important messages. Welcome back this is some improve mood does save on John Gordon I'm Dave Goebel I'm actually Acosta with the prospect he goes and right now we're gonna talk to loom from Greensboro. Lou good morning Yahoo!'s privilege on a date. Good morning hope you get a boon well we are indeed how are you very good good well I'm doing pretty good. My wife and live and that had a roof put on at about eight years ago. And about. A year so grow bored started coming down the symbol. And I thought about it up. In the chimney of course because the water. Back through new all of the aisle and did some work. Laureate like they'll put the metal cap on up the chimney and copping in correct that we found around him. We didn't do it and paying to be this election. So that the state and is that it is the flats and so. Volvo order continue to come down the December 10 op. What you think you know in the situation looted beer reflection. It's it's it's going to be something else. Where you heard it while you say put the bucket on the inside in the in the in the actual fire box to catch it. Yeah yeah okay. But I mean I've seen this before and it's a and it's normally it's it's it's it's one of two things it's either vote the vote the chimney cap which you say put a cap on a so it's not water's not coming directly down the flu. The other thing is the crown of the chimney where you guys patched. Thank you ski cocked up all the cracks because they use mortar up there in that that just splits open. You eat you have to FT FT clean that you sold those cracks with the last of merit cop then you should actually coat that. With some type of the sealer we always use a iams. Club that same stuff they put on what's that cool roof John the it's cool seal cool seal. It's real viscous at sun it's it's it's kind of like a thick paint and we just brush it on the crown itself. And and then they in the next step that we do. Lou as we'd we'd actually seal the the mystery on the fireplace. I really doubt that you're getting water. Through the flashing inside the firebox. That's it that's a long way away believer not a feud if you see how their bill and you watch him when they built on. If I'm not saying it's impossible but it's not likely. Com it's probably more likely that it's soaking into the masonry are soaking into the crown and and it's it's finally waking threw in an incumbent coming through. Does that make sense. So corporate. This fixed so that's I don't know I don't know much about. Jim has been than roofing. They're part of the roof. Priority now out there and I've seen this before I had it I had a customer that I told Betsy and they told me I was nuts and then finally he let. He let the guys fix it and common never leaked again. And then next time I saw me apologized to me niece and I thought you were just trying to take my money but listen we don't know what I was utterly did want to take in my about one to fix it. It may after this course do you know someone in the breeze very area that you could recommend. Before you have to let me favorites it's been happening quote good good while now. And and Mo has developed instead they are about certain pride agenda. Okay that's that's fine you can take care of that with a fire with a hot fire these. That'll that'll that'll kill that mold thumb is got a quick feet it's a perfect environment inside their sport to grow so. And I really don't we don't really know and you anyone in Greensboro what I would do is. All oriented I'm started to bury its dare. I guess arms. Yeah attack on the that's find what she wants you get it once you get that water stopped in there they can you can light a fire let them burn it'll take care of that mold little bit of burn off. Hamid a heated up and there. Tom I'd say what you can do is you handyman can do this then you didn't you tell them what we what we talked about the course you can always send us a note to our questions and Astaro Dave dot com. Just Cisco their hit the questions but then we can we can. Dope go over this again. But a place a good place a look is go to The Home Depot. Or lows and go to their service counter in and talk to those guys and ask them if they know a handyman. Are. What water there's your dad award to incriminate spared. Vivid it up for an 88. Pro servers go out. OK so there are net now given at some sure but I didn't have a major in the for some reason we decided. Good call back and say they'll always. David defense from our. And give it given at night is that they'd just replace so grew. She's. Over our senate bill Haywood may have slowed you pray for her roof. Can you yes so here's the other thing you did it figured if you have a church home their that's another place she can ask a fellow. Folks at your church your club very thing that you belong to. Tom another place believe it or not and a tough PeopleSoft time as the fire department. It is almost always the way those guys' ships work most of them have I was a business on the side. That they did because they're on Tony for their off twenty or so on so forth. And a lot of those guys and they'd they easily knows it was so there's usually handy man haters landscape birds brick layers. Just about every trade. And those guys are easily licenses it's certainly do you really get work you know not only that they protect this and take good care for so it's nice way to supplement their income. There are Perot were grabbed work thank you mark I mean it must appreciate your call have a good one Lou. Yeah you know I got a Little League in the Fossett well we think you should change out diplomacy. Yup we're gonna pull frank offer lines are let's see we got we are less than a minute frank let's do this we CU let's get to question let's see what the question is an Emma come back after the break an answer how's that sound. I think that question is that he wants to put some. Some typos. Finish on his new deck. Is that right frank. Notre screamed in toward a group fully covered greens import OK try. We're really has some suggestions Korea but we handled a more information only from back after these messages from put on hold don't go away okay. This is almost remove excited Dave Scott take a little break welcome back. This is home improvement with John and gave I'm John Gordon I'm saved oval is actually prosper with a frustrating cool. Cink thanks are we with the storm always appreciate your being with us it's always good. Your comes free rank from Lake Wylie francs thanks to wade through the break if you have a screened in porch carnac the magnificent was trying to put some paint or something on the floor for area. It's. Classic as he sent me emails I had my whole I had it you can and then I headed teed up I was gonna go ahead answer the question. Global frank also ought to dale good timing. Friends that tell us what's going on. So do they throw it up about a month. About a way they've territories or sort through wounded have. These degrees windows on it but we know they'll be time. Will forgive over the we won't be around to hold those we know them it's sort of don't carry the constrained only want to have printers are going to be more of verio. Pulled an endorser is something there to be mop predecessor. So would try to figure what I've what would be the best kind of goes sealer sooners should we don't know whether we've got to go for marine grade world what would you suggest that could put on the oil. First on end and frank and no yarn or your brother Tony. Oh so I'm the guy that recommended Shane to build that place very I made it big worry at all he's that these are good cart freezing good guy. Mama you. Tell me about the what's on what's underneath visited dirt crawl space. Yeah OK didn't it about thirty years should the corporate ground nikkei's or plastic underneath there. No okay so that that's one of the things that I would do is I would I would probably go ahead and put some plastic because what's gonna happen. Is eventually as as the when when the ground is saturated and wet it did did the wet because the dry so it's wet outside it's gonna suck up inside indeed that there's going to be wet crawl space. Eventually that would that she went down is gonna draw up that moisture off the ground and then whatever you put on top of that floor is gonna start to fail. Bob because it'll start because that water was to come out so it's gonna start trying to push that finish off. So. There's a couple of steps here mom I would put I I would put plastic and then they're underneath their want. Just to just to keep bit not so damp feeling in the air when it when the when we get in the wet season. Prominent the other thing I would do is I would spray that down with a product that we've talked about before here is called cedar shields. How would we regard do that's OK perfect dear dear good shape then so now you've stabilized it. And now I think he could put it John I think he could but they any type of your thing anyone down there. Whatever whatever you like. You're gonna have stability. With those steps the only thing out caution about little Louis frank with the plastic underneath. This you may want to hold it back just a little bit from the perimeter so that ground will get wet. Vs rain hitting the plastic and run and then sitting on top. For too long and and then the plasticky citi's Davis says from what can back up underneath their but armed. Where you can put anything you like on that thing just I just think about it and these terms. Is what what you gonna put down. How hard would be to maintain a bright so weren't there and and that and then beyond that you're good to go you have a good stable substrate good stable so street. What what didn't he go when he did any of the kind of they're put the seal on purse or. Israel now over to go to the Wrigley Europe. I would put it I would put down since its outside you can open those windows are just put an oil based polyurethane down you can go spar he wanted to do. I'll meet the middle of the outgoing version handout every really what hurt you if you put that down there it's just it's it's a little smelly but sub licenses she can ventilate you can you can you can get it cleaned out there pretty quick. Like that turns out of your heart for him yes and it gave him very hard very hard thing and it'll hold up to the to the elements of the of the windows the easy breeze windows open and it rains and they're not gonna hurt it. Oh correct folks are great so. So look leopard you're good news just going to keep it away from the perimeter just. A little bit what would to what you don't want to have happen is is rain gets in there and gets on top of the plastic and then sister really evaporate eventually. But will it create a little well moisture to give you some headaches if it if you get a fair amount on there that didn't yeah it did ask me how I know that. Is it'll it'll just still battlefield dampen their Vietnam. Yeah it the other the other idea it's a little bit late for you but the other thought is this is gravel and that's one of the things that we do. When we do ports is like as we always put gravel underneath. Com then what that does is that Vick keeps it's harder to crawl around in the air but. That's hard erroneous but does that that helps keep bit drier in there as well gets wet but did did did did doesn't come through gravel near as much stuff. Word grow and grow it folk recording. Barbaric appreciate it does best ads and enjoy that part I saw the pictures it's gorgeous. Oh that's who have visited their lives that this move wherever enjoyment eroding book thanks so much they appreciate it and I appreciate that recommendation. You're welcome to Rory thanks for the call frank brokered Purdue Syria fight. That's cool yeah I did they're good people I've I worked for a his brother blood John Crowley twentieth 25 years ago to build a screened porch for them. And they called for a for reference I just couldn't get to it than it was since south Carolina's I put Shane on it down there. A good guy gates great great carpenter great great person all way around so did daily here I love that yeah thank you let it works out like dad. All right some poor word. Just a few more we got a few minutes left Vietnam. David do you give other meals you want to address or there's a sliding glass door questioner Zeke is there anything you want a pop up there before we get rolling into the cooler season here. It's. Steered clear make it straight yeah do you guys do it have for your career the heating assistance service broker for just. Oh yeah let's just out there a couple of little things it can happen she he would appear not in your first service found some things that I learned because of my furniture but. Likening Snyder if you write it I mean they go bad pretty regular right if I mean. It's you know. If there's a guests at system that's when you sit there for you know 67 months without running her on the new wars have wrong. Electronic ignition for one thing you should have you don't. You can even had a spider web Burton bill do you know sure something around that ignite her aura around that if this is the spark ignition and Okeafor. From you know she barking through me socialist bilateral and it will be in their home. Did you have some initially some dirt on there but big yellow and more sure criticism you know being under the Harrell shook his son of the house. More shooting in and then they lose Bhutto. Have a book a lot of issues were with the unit called. The fan motor on the burner Charlotte just those small bird frame motivated gets billions. This being shuttled to furnish her he could have. Could have should do now once body the first time in my narco Lauren. Brian immediately as laboratory old Karl you know so. Socialist solution we'll keep her from coming on the first. We know first cold this morning. Yeah that I mean that's the kind of stuff and that's what it. When they came and looked at mine that's what we were looking in there and we get to start to see that things that were wrong and it was a cracked you know there was supposedly cracked didn't. He knows all that stuff we took care of all of it right didn't nervous that first hit the service when we bought that place in the united already had some years on it and of course. That first is making heat it's dry and there are so let the plastic this stuff tends to dry out so. Good stuff there. Here's we can. You check it out ya Chris. He needs he's in TDK any needs change the path we take Chris. Hey good morning how are you. We're doing fine say hey we're out we are looking to do a screen porch job. Pretty soon and upload formed a mountain and take a look at what we have are already placed source a concrete that goes. But we want to you know to enclose that I'm not sure. Whether they're treated or not screaming it but would like to be something like that the gas fireplace. And doesn't do some more. Do some more concrete course and papers shirt and a well formed a tremendous quote. Okay unchanged. Argo is his name. And you can reach Cheney Prague killed because I know is I know he's busy like air bales but 803810. I'm 3932. 39 who got good guy and take care but don't be surprised if these sub backed up as easily as he's. Stays quite busy. Thought OK I throw it better to be busy than not you say they hate war hero 3930 to correct that that's correct. OK perfect bomb from dropping was trying to. Well it's yes you don't if you don't you can always remember questions it asked Jon and Dave dot com is open 24 sevenths up. Our web site ask John or Dave dot com that the questions button. In we can we can do their Fareed do a lot so a lot of referrals out on a regular basis of corporate pressure will bring to our guys locker never hear weren't very heated buttress. All right. Four inches away that there were inches away so we are all open up another other questions or other congresses such as I disagree have two extra minutes here to extra seconds to say thank you can remain. Most of the time a Russian out of here and I never really gets and thanks for the great helping give us know what I'm not not only that Donovan threw them. Through the month back and say that he ends instance Scott both from Charlotte Comfort Systems. Answer questions for our listeners all over the country on their own time when we when we don't have any answer I can forward to these guys it may take care of amend. The feedback that we get this phenomenal so thanks guys we appreciate then appreciate you all very very. So thanks you do and I hope you have an awesome and a safe week and hope that. This weather nonsense doesn't come ripping through everybody's lives but. It does we'll deal with right wanting your time this these are then did a good news is we have a home to be worried about self. All right we're if we're gonna take it away folks always always appreciate you listening we hope was is informative for years it was enjoyable for us here's the.