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Kandas and larry answer questions from the last three day event in Charlotte.


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Welcome to brag radio leading the world to be rich and generous hosted by Candace. And Larry Dolan is best selling real estate on there whether it's learning how to be an active investor buying and selling houses or a passive investor earning double digit returns to Larry and Candace will show you how. In addition to helping you get started investing in real estate regardless of your current situation also show you ways to be generous with your time and resources. Let's get started this week's brag radio leading the world to be rich and generous you write your posts Candice and Larry. I doing. What's happened and get after a Saturday news. We'll. The current duke math I don't think. Elena will go after Saturday in. Your Saturday noon. Can kind of entity while. Lynette even travel on home. We all the time. The flat traveling so much the prime charter flights. You did. You know let me and private chartered and mind America export. You wanna I'm. This and that does the term of the pilot. That hasn't played. Who the which is the story from the case against life in bribery you know if you violence in the private charter. And that and it's. And you know having graduated act only on a plane and pilot. I am that can flat rock you work Estonian. And I mean think about what we we hired a third party chore we aren't hard to charter service and they found the guy with the plane. He hired a pilot. In the drew that. They flew from Spartanburg to pick me up in Chattanooga to take me to Charlotte. And then he had to fly about the Spartanburg home slumping and for all this ago with the you know Charlie out of hours ago the plane who hires a pilot. If I can just found one guy in rock field house and right back with that. Our. Show is about real I prefer to SR 22 about away and you were terrorists and. In each time. So we'll look at lavish art or two to have oil and you know you're charter or we would have become good friend and old and a you can flabby around the southeast. In in info at Bragg radio about a company end though this. And I occasionally talk tirelessly. On the show a little bit here and there. Most analysts and adds yes ghosts he goes on if you Anwar. Detailed information. We'll give this number at a cosponsor of the show but. If you're ready to go I think it started as you like us. Already. In Macy 87 of them again and speaking to implement it in everything. You also and number matter pilot who else. If your pilot or have evidence or fortitude. Hey so. We got about two questions. From my last. Three day event. Well first of all before we jump in the I think it's potent. That we let people on the and we we are local rules that investors look like you you're just now. Among all the Charlotte now this the cause enough say that because our lovely radio station and EDT broadcast. Show up and on the East Coast. You know our flagship station so where local news Charlotte market or local to Charlotte, North Carolina offices in my quietly. Just for clarification. Exactly exactly and that's what I did a round that most moral and near and we teach yeah rose to clear the the third year I give where you are. Alive and well the wind of the. That. But basically. What we do as we teach people about general state. We will you to go out make a lot of money in rules weren't in the room due to brag OK when we'd be rich. And generous with your active investor warned in active investor flip a house also houses. Well it will Nabil land war by pencil notes or create notes. You know shall I and its properties. Or if he does want him best passively. You know become. Active rules state investors privately lender will be Hartman and all of us stuff we do it and we teach people to. And there is there right or wrong way to do it there's so many different things Larry nine go to events Allentown as attendees. And we learn how other people who are working with real estate differ from how we're working real estate is just all different though it like to beat. You know along for the ride with you. Either helping you advance cereals they career of being an open an opportunity for an. That ego that's. And we just overcome an off the heels last week of our three day training right or water while the couple weeks ago when we traveled and then you laughter. Oh all right the other day I've been traveling so much you keep the out on the road tunnel that's intentional. War but you keep me out exposing conventions and speak of and teach and train and I came home the other day and I told my wife will leave and again a capable to partner be part massacres. And us. And indexed on the telephone by C yeah. I yet intentional. Some time that the I. That you actually rural lot used to do that abide Butte and you do you're traveling with me recently we went to the Saint Louis we've been the Jackson Mississippi you. And all communities and a you know come anyway places I assume were added answers and be able question now. Yet these are what what kind of questions are these are taller players. I mean where did they council hopeful. Well now chair my brother and I and I think well there's there most of them are from the three day event. And now what I do is ask all of our students that are there to not only ask the question allowed. And in class sessions but also write it down and drop it off you know at the back table forming so we can talk about on radio. Talk about and then FaceBook posts talk about him on our website in and just talk about it in general because they're probably not the only person has that question. So I got a ton of questions from a three day event that came in in an -- got some McCain and info at Bragg radio CS can always use that. Alice well if there's something in Huston after a quick correcting it back to you with the response and for pride talked about it on the show today. You really like doing the Q&A the questions how a lot of questions. You really don't I think I want the questions and people have paid attention I don't like the repeat questions. When we access and out there right in the fair enough yeah yeah we actually college star players that earned it's he can use the players. Yeah Cynthia. Seeking in the season season yes seeking stump and. Barrier that's what we do I did violence on the engine you can once lives on the show last year and it's only because it was it was and able. It was legal there was a legal question and I'm not an attorney and I don't play who were on the radio. A definitely an island so. Here's fluent. It says Steve needs an earnest money deposit before submitting hopper's. You know. That on other offers an anchor around regular. Well enough and context at the event they were asking about half golfers we've got a lot of hot houses of guys in fact I wrote a book called. How it holds half all of its available wherever books are sold. And the cook inlet. Team the shameless plug however eating it every eighty dominate the eighth and then in my opinion it can't. In your column Ricci yeah. In an amendment in. America. So anyway so. In and we talk a lot about Hud buying houses cause we still do Baja houses 5040 even 30%. Of list price tag. So Tom. They rewarding to know every time we put in a bit house calls organization. Puts a divisional every hot house in north and South Carolina. Every day Saturday. Aired. And people were asking do you have to. Do you have to put up your 500000. Dollar deposit every time you put it in the short answer is no. We do not have to put up the deposit on appeal. And to you all for excepted from. And that's typically if you worked with the right agent even if your mind that the in my last that's typically true all of the amount lasts as well okay. On the limitless wells and wanna be working with the right agent. So you can. Not have to worry about what you did if you get a new agent or an agent this you were muted on the middle feel very comfortable or confident with you. Then they may make you put up the deposit just put in an offer by. He's the number one you have sold that agent. All of that you are. Someone can actually close the deal for. That agent just warned to view in the. Sometimes it's accountability level and once you get your agent mark on the level culpability I'm not aware that a word. It's a word. But comfortably. I'm gonna gonna Google that at the break urgent you know I don't want to give it to bananas akin says it's a word now it's a kansas' our list of kids this is the word now. So anyway once you get that level of comfort with your realtor on May be the first on the first two and silly understand what's going on. They'll want that but I am leading into more about about the when we come back from the break and got some more questions pertained earnest money deposit so stick whether estimates it call 877 Larry go to telling your investors kit. On a front office tour. Or science and turn it everyday we'll see you in just a minute. Welcome back. The red radio and assists and is here with Larry this thing in this phone right now. Why eaten. Because like because it's it is the warrantless what's important and he you we have anything. And now we have his name thing we've both committed to not answer emails or do anything work related after 9 o'clock and nine. Until the next day. That that really when you verbalize it sail out loud a similar. And I comments and these guys are working up until now the clock everybody said it should be comment simply plain meaning that the pop artists that a second thing that we committed to. Is not doing anything work related at least one day week. Topic some. You're in an attitude. Really added that on them organize and and and it ain't being on the weekend and again. You know. Which isn't good for you that's sees that you with a look at the game. Today. And ultimately I think yeah we landed and I need right now. We landed at like man those files are open up muffled list are going through emails canvas and litigating. You can do be doing any work out and and I'm I'm not even home yet. It's crazy. Are welcome back to brag radio so listing to be rich and generous and teach people how to invest in real state. And encourage you to let him be generous with fewer blessings. So the last segment we asked a question about you have to have Indy before Simon property offers Anthony Allen hole although this one cement cement and the other explained some of the stuff. He only does you blame it what's in the MD earnest money deposit I can go. I don't they just listened to the last segment they didn't they need to go back and maybe they'd just learning and listen to the whole plane. Because we're ops. Anyway the Aaron so we asked about you know if you had to have their earnest money deposit before submitting. Now on the same note this Dick questioning and then but I know earth. Aston I don't even know if it's Britain and Sammy brought in but. I come we said 500000. Dollars now what determines whether there earnest money deposit requested for a Hud property. Is 500 or thousand dollars. You know that is a great question the question I get a lot because when you're just buy a house through an agent anywhere. The agent disable we want 10% deposit in profits for 2000 or house tempers in this that nose and a guy. So with Hud it's very simple enough one of the one of the many many many many reasons I love. Buying hot houses. Not to mention that there's no negotiating new marketing its all of them and regrets to mr. Biddle. And bailing. You don't get at the first day against an indignant that we Biddle and every house in north chocolate every day and an island is a score O would act. So the deposit. With Hud it's very simple. If you're Bittermann now offer accepted. His 50000 dollars or less. Did indeed deposits. That has to be shouldn't be and whenever they should do pay for is going to be 500 hours OK if it's 50000 or less that 500 dollars. However. If you're accepted bid is over 50050001. Dollar and 500010. OK right it's going to be a thousand dollars. And that's Sherry from. Like you has said that that aging could say oh we want 10% we will. I mean how would you feel about you know if you call agent now we have an agent tell you that. No miracles. Well we don't double and a conversation LA roomy but I have like let's say a student has an agent and they say well you know it's 10%. What are how does that conversation flow. If you don't wanna be dislike completely injured two on and there were no that's not right. I know you wanna do that but what you can do is say it in a way that lets them know you know what you're talking about right. You know Justin and isolate like for example what I'm a little confused what would you be 12% when heart only requires. 500 dollars greatest intranet where this one. You know. Yes and then you're then you can say you know hey I was born at night but it wasn't last night. May get hot hot hot hot make it out yeah bigger fake laugh your best eight. When you say that. Incident but down. When boom we're at the three day events to you talk a lot about conversational and shops and conversation I think it or that more or less than the negotiations are. We go to China negotiate as a big part I'm a firm believer you need to be good negotiator to be good rules that investor. However. Okay. If you have a good script which we give you you know gold were scripts and stuff that are creative. An ocean of material to yeah and it helps you fake it till you make. Fake it seem like a walk away like them thank you to you make in my drop in his walk. Do you. Feed made me naked I don't know whether. The book. Little. Prairies though. And I. I don't know if the only. Well here's here's an island can a bank. I guess I don't know it. The contacts this is looking beating analytical on reckless thing I remember it was only like we. We have now so can a bank legally ask for more than a house is worth. Okay everybody that was in. Yeah that was that was a question. We're talking about Oreo properties or use them for rules that all of its terminology that's used for bank owned properties from the fore closed property. So so the question was let's say a person. On the house maybe that bought it twenty years ago. For thirty or 40000 dollars maybe they got a 30000 dollar loan twenty years ago and they got paid down to 5000 dollars. And in. Maybe they were deceased. You know in the children didn't pay it and got foreclosed on the balance of Alexi 101000 dollars but now house is worth like eighty grand okay. So in the bank even though there are only four closed little 101000 dollars in the bank. Asked more than that 101000 dollars that his vote when they go to re sell the property. And the short answer is yes they can't. That's why they do what's called a BP EO or broker price opinions the get local agent to do that to determine. What is the as it is and the after repaired you all of the property so the bank. The bank is gonna ask or let me just rephrase this. What the bank ask for the property. Has nothing to do with the balance of what was for postal. A most of the town it's actually the opposite they might foreclosed on 150000. But the property relief work 120. So they're gonna ask 120. And the other great thing about it and I know this is not a part of the question about the stuff but has got to go there. Well I know who. So if the other thing I love about dealing with the ankle properties it is if the house doesn't sell in thirty days. They drop the price and if it doesn't sell him on the thirty days they drop the price yet again. I managed this is kinda like it's a decision really is just like that's the policy disputed his days at thirty most say 31 is going to be. Well most element that's kind of random it can be anywhere from twenty to 45 days and some of them don't do that okay. But the other thing is if you see a property that to bankroll property in property for that matter. If it's been on the market 480. Days which is six months and the price hasn't been dropped. The agent should. The agent should be. Closely monitoring that adult. To where they see it's been on the market for six months apparently. This is not the market price for this property we need going into price reduction OK and if they're if they're not doing that in my opinion they're doing their client. Who they've listed the property for a disservice. Because if it's not sell washing properties so probably he's been on the market for. 300 days almost a year and it's never had a price drop. And that's just wrong inning as lazy that's just wrong. I don't know about laziness it could be. But a lot of over the cheaper properties as well so. I mean face at age it's not gonna you know a whole lot now and money out of that got us. Listen we've been talking about ankle property and Hud properties if you would get a free copy of my book. As well as a couple of dvds. Or videos dependent or if you call in come by the office. We've got a whole investors Kia she is yet to do a lot of stuff including how to do deals and your 401K or retirement account. All of that good stuff how to create passive income and how to bodies hug houses for pennies on the dollar right. That's right AMA seeking at that Korea 877 Larry go. Or read this in any balance in brag radio I can do the same thing for an. If you're close enough city office palace scheduling office tour feed cumin and pick up the physical investor's kit if not we can send out the digital TU. We could also talk tearing you need today's very next upcoming three day events unknown talent coming up in Dallas Fort Worth we've also Allen in Charlotte. Then after that will be in Orlando so we're hit a couple other cities for the rest of the year. Thinking he signed up as bad as well. Our intake a quick break and we will be right back. Yeah. Welcome back. With in this. What's happening and an iron and and Larry and play. Don Imus phenomenon. Here on it and well and island and even unpacked and now airs instrument big Yankee or here as he's in the lab. What cheated with. Are you and Erica Hillary. Would you turn and there. That's funny. All right so welcome back bright radio investing to be rich and generous. We prefer real state we teach people how to invest general state buy and sell houses where he will be an active investor. Or passive investor to normal self Lipton lease options shall be to do short sells Baja houses. The ankle houses so we're financing work when Bradley and lower us. Need air filter that I am I good status either so much to learn you know I've been doing that it's thirty plus years. You know just. Almost as long as you've been. In the distant. Picked as long I've been an exit did it almost is as close you've been living right arm you know almost. Obama first house. He'd be. Four. Pounds. Per Branyan at that point for you or origin and a Robert first it was an FHA non qualifying symbol below. Brian again in that of those learn even doable anymore. That's true you can just sign your name and take over alone you know me and department in the style that in 1978. So anyway. Right so we've been under some questions we've gotten that we had from the three day event this class now and and in Charlotte. She's very lows very good outlook adamant analyst curry it was a great theater I was in ninth. I am. So one of the questions soon and when you're talking about due diligence you have a whole section on due diligence and things that we do when we are beginning to Aaron. After the economy and our mineralization and we are moving more into disputed that and. No no I'm not. I'm not accurate and not the Robert and we've done Aaron Dallas analysis. And a little places right at and you didn't need excellent in any city. And Allan Leighton who would tell us what else is close to the put that on monolith anyway after the event on the property again more intact than the prescription for you for low. In the mountain he won't let me. Fit in and he'd like it now abound. Like your pharmacist is Walgreens ultimately patient prescription for. He get on an economic come here about that there. The anyway. When we do indeed. Word happily. In other words we're separating fact from opinion yet we have really had a bad conduct in the war to make sure. That it really has the correct after repaired value or a RV yet and the correct amount repairs yet and that it's not a war zone not Staten ocean water only ordinary myself for yeah right okay go. So we're at that point right this question is. Do you kick that town population is that something that factors and when Republican and it you know we're going to be able to reseller how quickly built in now Libby digress here estimate. On earth. So shiny score all the meat. Let me tell you where this question came from because I was telling. I was telling people that the group that I bought houses all over I care if it's at Charlotte Greensboro Raleigh. Or Jackson Mississippi. Or Jacksonville Florida it doesn't really matter right. And and and a lot of the properties of bop or in small child like we're. We're coming you're coming to view from the flagship station. Right correct in Charlotte but we've we buy houses and rock you Chester as some harder than Maine Lex often amazed bill. I'll say it all over and actually it's bill. And everywhere right. So. Some almost asking you know future of the population. Has got to tell you. I love love love rules state but I'm not a detail personal guy that's why I could never be. A private Pyle OK they got too many checklists and too many things they got to go through. Like Ireland just like give me and close the door and let me know we get to right so I could never do that I'm not a detail person. So. I don't spin. And you know this is a problem that a lot of people have campus. Elena back held on of that to the cause but even know it is just few it's not just you it doesn't know we have a center team not to do this either. That's true that's true but there's a lot of people out there that have pro and paralysis. By analysis right. Paralysis of capitalization. That he would just and you know there were let her out but it. If so so many people get paralysis of analysis. They will make an offer. So I gave an example when they said unity took the population were the short answer is you know. And I know it took three minutes to say that but the short and there's no okay. But. I gave an example of house that we just ball penciled. We balled this house. For 26000. Dollars and we sold it for thirty now and then we bought it at 10 o'clock we sold it at 1030. We bought and sold at the exact same day it's called rules state they train wrote a book about it called getting started and rules that date trading. And if you call Macy's shall give your copy of that to infineon it's in the investors care issue you know you a link to download it or you can come I'm picking up whatever. But this property it was in the little town called TT north you know. TT TT. And we got that bid accepted it was hot house. And we got it we I don't know under contract by 26 and I believe if I'm not mistaken. It was listed for either in the fifties or sixties guy. It was listed either in the fifties or the sixties. So. What happened was we got an under contract for 26. And we started marketing it right away we started put doubts we sort of marking it. We put on Craigslist and we we found some buyers. We found a buyer could only need one per files right. So we found a buyer will in the past thirty men and every buyer we talk to cash bar concludes next week but it has buyer could close next week. Because we want to make sure. That. We don't have to settle and hold the property that's called wholesale or getting started rules that they trade a guy called date trading rules state. We've bought it we went to the closing we bought it at 10 o'clock. We had a buyer lined up that wired their money impacted our contract to Seles they have to have their money 48 hours and it with my attorney. These events of the closing. So so they had their money there and we may need OK we made over 101000 dollars net net net. Doing this deal and over 101000 dollars net net net in this population in TT was 900. Okay. It was 100 people in the entire population of the so what we do to market properties in small towns. Here's what we do if there's not a lot of people in the town of teaching for example. We're gonna find out you know by go into the convenience stores or fast food you know whatever. What's the next town over urges local them you know Google will tell you anything you wanna know. They will not only that but yes so we market we market our properties in the little small towns in the in the towns that are next to an end we could ban as sounds out everywhere. But it. Also you've got to remember rabbani's house as a deep discounts so when we got to put them back on the marketer we go to reseller and they're still at a discount from my anybody has seen. It listed four before. So it's still is a better deal than what they've seen before so it. You're gonna have people that economy you know more or less come out of the woodwork when they didn't think they can on a property before they can now back. We've even had agents but from us a house like a hothouse it's only in my alas that's on the market. Its own zillow dot com and huddled stored outcome. And you know we are offered it for 399 it might be listed in the fifty's are like how in the world can you sell it for thirty now and then. You know because it's listed for a list ranked you know my my standard answer is do you wanted to or not. And very matter we've got a floor where offered a few edited announces that it opponents. That's exactly right and offered at a deep discount and that's called date trading rules that we bought this 1 at 10 o'clock we sort of the than thirty. And an oddity and attend the closing nobody from our offices to into the closing that we don't. Really any closing down closing we don't go to closings so while you get a copy of the rules that incredible the whole book a couple of dvds. Some stuff about doing deals in your IRA as well as how to set up real seasonal. It's all of investors right. Yet a strike if you come out of office there's more stuff over and tell you there's more stuff in the physical kit if you come into an office tour. You you pick up the physical can't lie there there's more stuff than it than in the digital. And it's just I mean honestly is the clothes you take more effort to come into the office we're gonna put more effort into what we Guinean so. If you are on far away and I need that is the did you care for right now. Grab that when you get close to us and you coming in for an event and is now for an event co endeared physical. Kit then come up burn off a storm in May seeking peace in a with either 1877. Mango she can also give you details about our next upcoming three day event they should get register for. We'll be right back. Their dinners Fortson. Brag radio. Investing. In your team dinner this paper are of them beards and dinner whatever we're doing a beer can in there. Yes you notice that most and yes this is my favorite. And our education dornin is fifth on that much better. So this week we have we have Josh on the line. Well on all tired I'll it's our EU. Andre Andre. And. We're really excited to have you on today. I know you work with one of our other students win that we have all the while Barack. And we wanted to have you known as well pretty natural thing that you do an Ambien and you guys do some business together. But you also cultural thing going as well. And so that's reason one of have you won't cause I know you are being rich. And generous as well so why don't you tell a list there's a little bit about yourself and about Google's business. Well quieter actually part of how do we do. You weird three different markets right now where small market and and not lake city Florida. Which reduce some also lets them. Also in a lot out of market over here which is mainly an open market and enough. And fla and actually we just jump ball and also. Right now and no more mainly focus in on our oh so lips. On just trying to you know get very. First sight brought down on that as of right now. A bomb you know we just we disclosed on Monday I think we made about ordering him on it he knew the night low level. Palm but right now we're just working on the traction and the process. You know perfecting that process of all's well let. Are you got us where you found in most a year deal starches like with butter you guys doing a lot of MO lesser for sale by owner where you found in things. Let's say that most successful. We have without a shock them right. His art that can sit there and the Wii out successful mailed out of power than brought. In all we're trying to. And that. Don't bulletins about what somebody else's does get straight and Colin owners. You know that the path. We would have. You know gonna work the numbers and everything it direct mail has been our most successful lead. A. That's awesome that's really good. So while yeah so you guys are doing direct mail straight to law either absentee owners are vacant properties or something like that correct. It. Where you know I'd like. You know in public six weeks ago it. You know we work now large amount of tax the ball and different things and we figured out that every house that we were purchasing everything else that we purchased. What absentee own war and mortgage default. So what we're doing now is. If it's if it's not a mortgage at all at absentee own soap that fact that oh. It's be attacked the ball absentee. You know because there's too much an emotional high. Omen if it's a pact to all men they're for 25 years and so you know. I learned you know just from you know meeting weekly in and talk in these things are. That's really good soda you guys live in gay people around Gainesville. And and you're doing deals in three different markets right now so you're basically. Virtual and that's right. Rock Iraq Iran and you know. You know we were -- virtual combat and I am probably. You know the most part edit about it and you know they quit and is you know I'm a little more remote control guy. Go out and don't so we we ventured out into. Also a it really let go we will war and so are you mean that. That we can really get bigger you know the more we let go and as you know pay every one to do every little poem you know asked whether being inspection under whatever maybe. Right now how are you got shelling your properties now I mean you get a you get a house you're in Florida you get a house in Tulsa. And you get it under contract through your direct mail how are you marketing the property to find a buyer I'm assuming your whole salary. Right where Coachella. I mean there's probably way. You know there's all look great in that things on the part couple we got out there. Bottom acutely eat and then armed you know actually. Hire another break out that we can Trace its own he'd just bought it. And so when I got on I'd call them. It was you know he was the man. That's right. Through a so virtually by its best thing really does work well. Her. That is dolls and Utley and you know just so everybody knows you haven't been doing this for years and years you really discuss started not too long ago right. Yeah about to salute lumber years march. You know on it's at a few conversations. And instruments sat down and no road rally for a day Ayers in India and China set on silent and watch and then about. March 1. Started when it. An ally. You know mega it is a little bit on the side and you know month or two into it really started. And and you know of relate. But a lot of marketing and time into it in little over a year and he's pretty much went at it it's addictive and it is it is and you know. During go to art school for odd years old ball and you know we we were it would build we won state championships and played for a third so I'm part of that type of god I don't believe he. That belliard just happened back then that's on the way to being something great so I really can't stop until something. Happening spot out just got up and even greater afterwards. Mom believer in that. What are you come with the with everything that John got going on and really say how do you how do you. Are how are you. Uncut Ambien generous right now with either the blessings from analysts say the terrorists even gorgeous that's arm that it's allowing you have. Well armed. Eli I'm liquid would go to church together that we I'm big into. Not outside of the U dub there and the somber actually going to be serving at a Christian background ride home. Not too far from als. But XP on you don't want your we do well above that and on all greens you know that in our church and that was installed the that I have ever done. In the major range and that was something. Really. You know a real state say you know but justice and state and and you know and out. It's really allow it to do that so that that's a blessing in itself you know to be able to do that note that or so and towards you know something eternal. Right right totally agree that. That's really good I was really good. So well and you guys the church that you'd go to it it's pretty good ways away from your house is an. It's. It's a law that. Approximately an hour from both the I'm a little while he's low burger. And then he's an hour away from me as we live like we live like on the triangle away from them a future. Yeah go to Maine okay yeah. So what are some things that you want to block that you wanna do is you continue to grow when your rules state business. What are some ways that you wanna continue to grow to be rich and be generous as you move forward. Well some of the things I'm working on now. And allies in government on. Start building it in that column. In that bracket buildup and and you know really important. My teammates the people who not you know more wins mean I don't what they've worked under me. Because I want it looked at him as an equal I want them feel like an ownership of art scene. And in one or in the them and and now really wanna be able to have him to have the mental state that. There are warned to be more than just an employee and I want. Bill demo and you know generous things form you know as as fate as they turn into the person and I'm looking for. You know personal trips and different things. So you're looking to basically not only be able to well. Two to help yourself make money in real estate will be able to. Invest in others a mentor and got down to become successful so they can start bragging as well right. No doubt about it axles and I know that we're. You know really building people are starting them so at one point and bringing them somewhere well. Decision. I if you trials and moral line and down now now begin work on that united. I note that people can start one Clayton and into another. So true that's so true that he we really appreciate you be an old thanks a lot of people doing what you're doing that's gonna wrap up today's brag radio leading the world to be rich and generous for more information about Larry Candice talked about on today show or to get a free investors get. Call 877 Larry golf that's 8775277946. You can also go to brag radio dot com. Pictured at two in every Saturday for brag radio. Leading the world to be rich and generous Marion Kansas we'll show you how to invest in real estate and the many ways real estate creates the ideal investment. Here on news 11101993. W beats seat.