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Saturday, September 16th

John is solo today and is joined by Jim Hieb of The Natural Stone Institue to talk about the use of natural stone around the house and answers to other home improvwmwnt questions.


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It's going to. Welcome to home improvement which on a day with over twenty years on air this and learn as John Gordon and David told. He was there are sixty years of combined home improve. It's an experience to help you tackle all your home improvement projects an easy pass to John indeed dot com. To locate trusted product and service providers that serve our listeners with a quality and integrity and called Charlie day which your questions at. 800 9281110. Or 70457. Know 1110. Good morning everybody and welcome to home improvement was John indeed I'm John Gordon. And that's all you get this week actually David is taking. A little R&R well deserved R&R I think his last. His last pulling for the summer if you will and the hope. I hope to have some fun little I think a little bit of beach time zones enjoy. Have some fun made me to do and who knows he may call. But we're gonna talk this morning as we always do about home improvement stuff. He give us call this morning were at 898111047045. Set I don't know 1110. And we'll talk we'll talk home improvement things this is this is always a really cool. No pun intended there interesting time of the year 'cause we're kind of transitioning from. On the hot summer's here and in some of our cooler climates it's you to choose still transitioning from summer. And to fall. And things happen around the house and things should happen around the house we and our friends from. From clinics and put us last week or or is he can. A process from a costly heating and cooling Scott Sheldon my Charlotte Comfort Systems couldn't be with us last week but we talked about some of the things you do for meeting in air conditioning perspective and certainly we'll talk about that stuff this week if you've got questions on it but arm above and beyond that position transition things that will double talk about end. Just so you don't get stuck with me the entire. Two hours are with nothing else happened and we're gonna have a special guests this week armed to the is it to 730 that are coming out this 730 break. We're going to be joined up by Jim Hebert. And Jim is with. The natural stone. Institute natural stone institute and not actually natural stone institute relatively new entity but it's it's the combination of two older entities the armed. Marmol institute of America and I think the builders building stone institute so. I won't steal all their thunder but right now but David and I have spoken you know many many times. Over the years and gotten just questions about. You know should are you what should I put you know. Mike countertop was sort of put in the shower and and different things in and and there's a lot of great products out there. But we're gonna focus a little bit on. The natural stone this weekend and make some comparisons are. There's. It's kind of like when we brought the the vinyl siding folks in and had a conversation a while signing because of the vinyl siding isn't something people talk about a lot. Any more with arm the fiber cement products and then things out there but the truth is there's still a ton of it bought. A ton of it I installed and it turned it in place already so understanding it taking care of it is is good. Hum and so ruled will do the same things although I would argue that. On. Natural stone is not. Going the way that that model sighted his gone for sure so we'll talk about that in this gonna end and we'll kind of get out of the it's. How shall I say we'll get out of this the conventional ways. Are thinking about arm tests in a world where do you still won't we won't just be live and on counter tops and in shower stalls. There's some really cool things. Jim will share with us is so. We're looking forward to that. The only thing that I thought might be good to get some time on and it in all kind of around the idea of transitioning from mom. From the warmer weather into the cooler weather is this is always the big run or the final thrust if you will. Our four window replacement so just like people are scrambling to get there. Flooring you know upgraded and finish before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. It seems like in this last little bit here people are kind of make a mass scramble tell us. Get storm windows. Or do replacement windows and so we'll talk a little bit about. Replacement windows why you would know why you would not. Think about replacement windows he might be surprised about you really some of the reasons. That I would say if this is what you're looking forward then I would tell you not to replace your windows. Pomp and and then boom if you've got some questions we can even talk about us a lot of times we spend hours on the armed. On replacement windows. And for and forget to say there is an option if you've got decent windows just with like a triple track storm and or double checks Orlando. In certain climates that could be really effective way to. Roar off you know. Or are aura. Make your house more comfortable. Then one of my favorite topics is critters. And icon will talk about that the John to step method. Of critter prevention kids. Barbara and I live on on. I love it it's it's it's really pretty but it's if you think you heavily wooded lot is low maintenance. Think again but armed but it also is conducive to you know. We don't have coyotes. In the house. But. Those scorpions and spiders and Dick cursed camel crickets I hate camel crickets I can kill almost any bug in once slot except Campbell cricket. Those things. Are nasty and they multiply pretty quickly so we'll talk about how we're gonna keep the critters out and dep prevent stuff. Or prevent them from showing up. And then. I'd like to spend a little bit of time many of our areas were were affected by hurricane Irma. And it's some listing areas are still remnants. Not a lot of hurricane Harvey's imam and so let's talk about what that would look like how we take some steps mentioned there was no serious damage there. We'll let you all that we come back from this breaks it gives you call worth 809281110. 4704571110. Home improvement with John Davis welcome back this is home intruder with John I believe I'm done Gordon. Our beloved David it's taken a little low aren't are this weekend hope he has some great fondness. We wish him the best. Oh we'll talk. About what's important you got a lot of cool topics teed up the story we got a special guest come and end in about them about the back bombing our commend him on the hour. How will talk with the gym heap from the natural stone institute and and I'm sure a lot of itself but we have lines open as we speak to give his coffee got something on your brain. That you want talk about home from wise if you had been debating with your spouse about one thing and other we have been known to settle a debated to. We hope we saved a couple marriages over the years. And we're coming up I see what is it September October next month we hit 23. Years if you can believe it god willing. On the amazing. All right so one of the things that I started I talked about and our first segment there was windows. Window replacement is set time a year were. Well our business we see that last minute rush to get it. Who knows changed out before we hit you know the peak Iraq heating season end in the cold weather sets in and our climate. It here south of the Mason Dixon line and can we get some cold weather we get down into the single digits but it's not like it's like lime rock in the world. But. But we have listeners are in some pretty cool climates so salt lake city Iowa. And and so it. This is it time a year people think about that so. People are or were you and ask why change row windows should I change the windows should I not changed the windows and this in in in our mind. This decision is the same as a decision as Judy put people call and ask but what about. Our tank was water heater I wanna get the tank this water here and and we asked a question what is the reason and many many times we here because I really wanna save. On my you know energy bills. And armed that's great. But that's probably not the strongest reason to go with attack this water heater there many many better reasons. The same issue with windows if you if you say look I'm gonna change my windows. Because I wanna save a ton of money on my energy bills then. My answer would be don't do it. If that's your single motivation. Here not get and it's not a dude investment. It just and everything is relative to the size of the house and it's and and different things right but. You're gonna spend depending on the windows you choose how many have they knew how big your house is. Do you spend on the low end. 5000 dollars and on the high end this much just 45000 dollars. To replace you know all the windows in your home with a good quality window. And you can expect. And I looked this up actually I went to our consumer reports. And and he can I re careful what I say about that because on another funny about it but I'll tell you they are worth the investment even if it's just a temporary thing to go check some stuff out but what I guess some of the status from from looking at it at their information it and Georgia I see out there when he gets you 12 but. You can expect to save energy wise between seven and 15%. On your energy bills all right so depending on how much you spend actually how bigger houses. That's only. And between 25 and a hundred bucks a year on the high end you could save a 125. To 456. Dollars a year. In but that's per year right so you do the math. Ten you know five to 45000. Spent 45200. I mean you're gonna will. The energy savings concept to your children and so it's it's not. It's not gonna pay back now as a guy who. Makes a living and you know when a company that sells these things out Ottawa discourage you from doing legislation making good decisions so let's cut to debunk the big energy savings in most cases. Armed force but you know for a minute and talk about really why you would do it and then how you would pick the right window in the interim now. George has called the most talked to George and said keep him waiting George from low Yahoo! group from which on Dave how are you this morning. I don't give a better monitor. You say don't tell anybody though they try to work on that. Yeah yeah exactly exactly hey I appreciate you can we had a ball home that going all fourteen years old. The brick front. The other three are vinyl flatten it took and it is holding up well this beginning to show. While Beijing. And I just wonder should we look towards is keeping battle for the duration or or something we should be moving toward. So when you say keep it on you talk in the brick is is could the brick is you know is it. In the news is enduring as I think they say but you're talking about the vinyl siding correct. Core I don't you over where but yet has is is it chalking or has become brutal armed and. No it still holding stop working years and it is holding I'm just wondering if someone needs so saving them. Can help planning for. It so it in my opinion. I would say yes. And in this regard not because there's a problem with your which you're siding but I am really fond of people who. I just think it's prudent to say okay I've got a major expense coming up so I'm gonna start saving your accruing some money against that. So that if something happens. A tree limb or or use your there's damage to a a portion of it. Q so you've got some money set aside so you don't spend a lot of money just to repair it and then still have you know. The vinyl siding and again we talked about that a minute to go not that it's bad but there are some better options in our opinion. And so I would maybe set some money aside a little bit little bit little bit so that in a few years you could consider. Bomb. And moving to. A fiber cement products. I did the same thing I actually had by cup. Primed. Hard boards siding on our our house have the same thing brick veneer on the front and then back three size. And we switch to arm to a lot op offs fiber cement truck I believe ours was actually hardy plank. And we painted that products when we put it on whenever that was eight to ten years ago. I just replaying prepaying it last year not because. There was anything wrong with the pain the pain held great. We just wanted to change color because we change shutters and some different things so so I would say yeah. You're great with a final product as long as it's not you know failing anywhere on you. But. Put some money aside so when this scenario happens arm or you decide hey I wanna handle a little bit different look on the house. You you can switch to fiber cement product and I think he'd be really really happy with that. May soon it will help. Growing with brick home the other Greece more or less cost prohibitive compared to world war. Yeah yeah most definitely it's definitely because here's the challenge to the product itself cost more. But you can't just wander around the house to start slapping a brick right so you've got to take deciding off and then you've got to put. Brick ties on them brick ties will be what you know it just tacked to the framing members of the house and then they go between the mortar joints. And it keeps the brick from tipping away from the house. That's actually easy the real issue is that the foundation. Written you have to have enough our room on the foundation. Four to carry that brick veneer up and and and my wish David was here in this piece casinos those local codes better than I do but there's there is there may be some alterations that need to be made actually to your footing to accommodate a brick veneer. And then you've got. If if you got citing that comes from a few roof line change you know I had a garage and then there's some some of vinyl siding that goes up to the roof. You can't just stacked the brick on the roof right you've got to do some things to carry the weight of that brick pop over your roof line. Tom or or overhang some things like that so in addition to the cost of the product. Beyond cost of preparation and an application are significantly more brick is great but if you don't have it. In that scenario they can be expensive now that said island neighbor across the street that did it state. Took the last three size of the house and they put brick on it looks great. Consists I didn't I didn't anticipate that the investment in time it would take the news was worth you know that and the end game and much of again this is all my opinion right it's worth everything you paid for short. Hack into. I don't know why don't enjoy that and know where you don't usually low key deals signed so. She would much rather go to Singapore and yeah O yeah out number so. I feel your body say hey you guys have been wonderful through the years and have definitely don't let them know I'm correction every time. Well we appreciate call joys and I'm glad it's worked out well have a great day we got a god bless you sir. All right we have George scored way Tom and his wife is not with the right now he's gonna have to well you played podcasts from and then he'll be good. Tom. So I want to take us back we're gonna we're going to be up on a break here and an Indian little bit but I want to take us back about a way great call for George appreciate it we have lines open I'm talking about long thing but we'll talk about whatever is on your mind. Had 8981110. Are 704571110. Though we we you don't have to worry about talking about when I'm talking about but I wanna go back to windows because it is it's kind of an important topic an end. Believe it or not there's some folks out there who will sell you products all kinds of ways and and I'll be interest in making sure that shall make bad decisions in that regard. Com so we talked about you know energy savings. If that's the real thing we're gonna say maybe not for windows but there's a hundred really good reasons to keep going on that decision and so talk about those. We were returned home improvement which on a date welcome back this is homer approval with John and believe I'm John Gordon. And fly and sold this morning but we're gonna have our guests are Jim Keith will join us just in a minute here. He has Giles been locked and loaded ready to go. Jim what we'll do the introductions when Jim joins us got real real quickly a wanna talk to Randy from Belmont Randy called in right before the break. Ready good morning Yahoo! on the drew with John and Dave how are you this morning. Do you carry it live on thanks. The other quote. It's no good at work to do well under contract by how the drug can actually. Air that hit cubicle apartment that guy can't keep boat. But it can't hear poetry did. So the prospect of edit what you do look at the OPEC there's been a blow out wondering about is I don't believe. Yet the developer is bringing in yet that option. And so my question is how are we deputy he. I guess because exit at the heart let it get out. So. It's viable it's some. So it's like much is couple things real quick first is out the developer says Sunnis is their gas in the neighborhood and running down your street it just doesn't come to your house. I don't I don't see it it's weird because the belt that it was that there was an article for years ago when they got after fourteen that stopped. Intended to yet although we believe developer they've bought the rest of the developed that tomorrow. I don't know. Is that work paid to do well this has gas or not I don't aren't that well. Its continuation of properties include the older. So all the roads and stuff were in when the second developer took it over is that right. Okay so I. From what it's worth I'm my guess would be needed if that in the infrastructure there probably is gas that's your first question right so if there's gas. In the neighborhood and it's just a matter of taking it from a main that runs down your street into your house. Certainly more viable if you're gonna be the guy that says hey were bringing gas into the sub division than now forget it it's just not an option for you. And if you're under contract I mean you're you're not going to be in a bad situation I've lived in both. Homes are a 100% electric and then Holmes with gas she'd grown in the north as a Yankee we had gas heat and I kind of like the idea of it coming out hot hot hot at the registers right but are so tell you we were totally comfortable. In an and all electric home. This new construction right. OK so then there's the big thing is if gas is not available. If gas is available you can do it find out what it's gonna caution make that transition to run the lines and decide. We were talking about that was windows right so who's gonna cost you X amount of dollars. How much less would cost you to Turkey in cool your home if you get a new who. He pump which is what you have in an all electric home those are very efficient units and and so they build a house correctly you know to be you know buttoned up and titan energy efficient. I think you're gonna be signed the biggest challenge or a big challenge was with heat pumps and retro fits. Is what's equality of the duct work right because if you're losing heat. From leaky ducts then that very efficient heat is it is becomes much less efficient. But oh. Go ahead. Looked like they say they don't the F fill up the ball well it started great up and she talked to you couldn't wait for the installation. Did but they've got all the duct work it. Aren't like you could reach back to the garage and then you've got really quite clearly all black or how about. Because of me I. Hope they used to be. Ordered a little too. But the salt black. Did Demi entered DePaul at all and I don't think it is important to go out. He had a little bit the other out of that don't walk through and that they got port under Bob that we walked in the outlook that are. Base with what's black and zip tied didn't and the current application. You're here you're going to be fun at it I think we I think we just lost. Where is Ross connection. That at Tahoe open column. Still listening call us back if it if you need to what we're gonna jump over with Jim and a second but clear sign the black product is an insulated product your biggest concern with duct work. In code requires us now ho hum I think Citi building and Randall so. I think that that's Guilford County I don't recall for sure. But it's been a long time broad com make sure that the real real concern with the duct work is. Make that he did getting it sealed tapes in sealed with mastic not just zip ties. And armed and continue should be fine it's cells like. We're appointment construction worry here kind of locked into the electric and I'm like come on tell you that that's not all bad thing that's not the end of the world. On the calls back end and we'll take a little bit more time on it. In the meantime alone introduce everybody to mr. Jim heaved in Jim is with us from other natural stone institute good morning Jim are you share. Good morning John and good morning all the listeners. Thanks for joining us this morning appreciate it no roll out nice and early this Saturday morning may not appear like on your list of things to do every day. But armed thanks for joining us appreciate it com. Just real quick before we take you deep dive into. Into it's a natural stone give us are you sir real quick byline on Jim heat what Ozzie did to do what you do and Jim. Absolutely so I worked got in the natural stone industry and with every question whether the no American society of our radio broadcasters are plumber electrician doctors lawyers there's a trade association that represents the industry. I've been blessed to be working pretty institute for the past ten years I had its head is heading up well great staffs. And we have members all of the world that are are installing Apple's spelling but I. You know be quite honest I think sometimes we fall in this job that's perfect 60 I'm going to look great job. Hey can we take a little break your Jimmer righted the tiebreak goal comeback award and we'll get defense as the actual topic sit. Welcome back this is home approval with John and Dave I'm John Gordon and we're gonna jump right back on the phone what mr. Jim he even a second. Randy from Belmont call us back Randy had a question about the gas eight in the new home and how Randi thanks for call us back in there. I'm not sure what we're able to hear it he did less she said in an eyes one didn't kind of put your mind that he's a little bit I think. Tom it sounds like you're reporting construction now worried it may not be practical to say stop the presses and put gas lines and stuff like that. And then my right. Yeah particular article and ordered there is no car which we're all. You're you look you're not gonna be upset by that if you did I I get that should hey guess she did you gotta get once psychological factor out of the way and you'll be fine. Tom it's good that he's gonna come out of the registers and it's it's it's not going to be born you know a 120 degrees like she used to with gas heat. Now that said dear you'll you'll be steady calm. He'll be comfortable in the wintertime and you'll be comfortable in the summertime and you've got a unit now since your new construction and they're using new. New unit she got the most current her charger and the most efficient unit it's a fourteen seer or higher. And and you're gonna need. Insurgents therefore consider her I think it and you're gonna you're gonna be happy with that the only thing I'll tell you. Is if you think about using a programmable thermostat to save money it's okay. But you're gonna have to move on the heating side if you wanna go hey I want it to I wanna be a little bit cooler during the day and then warmup when I get back home. You can really only go up an increment of about two degrees. If you try to make it temperature change greater than two degrees. The auxiliary heat strips will kick in bright so that this that this system knows it can't heat. At that rate using just the the the the heat pump system. And it's gonna kick in auxiliary heat strips those auxiliary he strips are electric driven right so they're high resistance elements. That's when your energy bill goes not so bright. I do not so that's what's gonna consume more electricity. So if you're thinking about programmable firms that don't make radical temperature changes in the wintertime. And if you bring it from one law a lower temperature to another one take it in a couple stages so depending on how programmable your thermostat is. Com you wanna bring it up a couple degrees at a time. And you gonna be fine. Last thing I'll tell you on the duct work you said you know is black is signed. I it's insulated. If it's being inspected its gonna meet code just she said zip tied that's great starting point but I believe com Neil being Guilford County is that right. Are low are rarely okay Randall Oka plays at Randall Palmer. That's all right. From anyway just the right way to seal those the joints and for the ductwork is with tape and mastic cannot believe that's code. Just make sure that that's happening it's entirely possible that they haven't gotten to that point yet. Hard but but all also and and you've picked this house because you like where is you liked the design of the house. The fact that it's all electric is not going to be our cause for you to go to go into morning prosecutor be very happy and very comfortable. Particular quicker circuit we have but. Different mothers tell me about sex we're going on yes and yes he. Took power like well you know we're playing like you're Saba politician and he. Until he gets stickier and that it says it could very current electric war you know. Found out my concerted you know he says that he opened good vacation but not initial what it. So really the most efficient way to use a heat pump as steady as she goes right. Setting temperatures that you can become too with and let it run don't try to reduce it you know by five degrees during the the day when you're not there and then bring it back up because you're gonna give back everything is safe. Senator temperature that your comfortable with and run with that that's a beautiful thing about heat pump. No worries appreciate the call great question have a great day Randi good luck in your house it's excitement. All right ready are goes away and we bring Jimmy back Jim thanks to wade through the breaking through our our caller there opry shaded. So it while I was shook a little bit during the break you said it's sometimes we fall into jobs and and and then armed than their yard and it's a good deal right. Sort necessary in my career like 36 years ago I did something just because I really needed a job in the state that had 13% unemployment in 36 years later assess the same industry self. It's a great thing. OK so let's talk a little bit about com. I could teach yup before and then what we came we start the show this morning just about little bit about the marble the a marble industry of America and the of building stone institute merging to perform to perform. The natural stone instituted. But armed and so folks know know a little bit about that I think it's more important for like what should do what information you can bring us honestly and all of that. But David and I get calls all the time about. Granted and and quartz style stone type products and in the end it analysts say the old book Tom. The Korea on type products and in palm. Maybe before we talk about. Distorted and in it in a big way what are some of the big myths that you guys. Run up again and so just like the last caller like oh my gosh it's all electric house and I'm gonna pay a fortune for now he's got a good system it'll actually be good. Com what what are some of the mess that you guys have to dispel you hear a regularly about natural sound. Fully there in full album you know one is that it's going to be typical the main aim. We only we dispelled act quickly. You know workers are contractor. Know exactly what was installed how it was installed. Our Karen maintenance is easy and most. Contractors will provide you with a good simple steps how to keep good. It's no different than maintaining a car you know you need to pressure a little get a little love once in awhile and it'll be beautiful girl I've. One of them at the early. You know edited to make it like a typical street. Another line that the comment is oh my gosh you know I hear about actual stone being installed in a beautiful homes and they're commercial buildings. It's way outside my current strain may that is absolutely not true in real life like gimmick saying there is an actual stall for any household budget so. I would say go to our are generally the ones that we hear. The other thing that comes up once and awhile that we get called about is. You know I wanna know a little bit more about the installation method that my contract is gonna use them and I have the right questions. And that's one of the things where we have an institute really being an education all the gold resource. Sort of trade. But it's also important recognize that the people that call into your show you know whether to do it yourself or or somebody it's working with the contractor. That we've made all of the industries factual or installation open source. You just got to go to our web site you can download it and and have the standards that your contractors use. Tow it out they're very helpful by the way very good. Tom. That this kid is one visit with there's one other myth that we hear. And that is like it's granted in particular is not sanitary. Com and kitchen applications. That ended its gonna hold it bacteria and things like that how often do you encounter that. No we have encountered that question would not so much recently one of the nice things that we did. Is that we have partnered up where one of the stand Leon. Education institutes. And they did a series of studies with bacteria are on a variety of countertop circus is granite being one of them. And oh my gosh it is not a concern. Hell yeah it really not a concern. Now if you are a eight technical person by nature you've got to read it got to the end. There are studies out there that have been done that have tested Natalie grant but stainless steel and other countertop surfaces. And so it is not a not a concern at all and so you know if if you get our future caller this tellem to go to our and our institute web site and they can read about it directly. Awesome that's it is a great resource and and you can get as technical as you want to out there it's a it's very good com. David and I talked we we get a lot of different calls and and people sometimes are looking for us to be you know buying airy light in OK it's either this product through that product from this one is great and that was terrible. And I personally have granted in an end and my kitchen and and man do I love it in and the lady who helped us pick it out my wife figured out this is just God's. Like a debt to almost it's undescribable blood but I also have on a bar in the basement you know manufactured because products and in in my opinion there's a time and place for everything but there is something there's if you look at my bar and you look at my kitchen years there's a difference. That the kitchen I think is just got a lot more. Perry terrace is a pretty amazing look. Armed but talk about why. Why natural stone. And it's not just in granite necessarily want natural stone really. It has an appeal above some of the other products. Yeah no. There is an expression keeping up with the joneses. And you know. You're you're neighbor next door just have natural stone but then add you don't you'll love it looks great if you want it to be different. Natural stone there is no piece of natural style like the one next to it yet and so you know when you were describing your kitchen. Are your listeners noticed but. Didn't mean you can certainly tell that a little passion in her voice and actually when you look at natural stone first we'll have a personality. You can pick out a natural stone that fits your personality. And if you if you want a wild crazy movie gold surfaced with all these variations. In that your personality you can find it. If you like the brown told. You know although we obviously white and gray is incredibly hot right now on the design community. There's lots of options there are. But yes your apps slid right you can pick some. Out is huge he's it'll be no different did it it's not gonna it's not gonna be like the Joan this whole next door. But I think you also have you know the blessing of knowing Pollyanna you know it's durable it's beautiful it's it's gonna whether well. No don't forget that natural stone was man's original building products. There you guys don't go away a gym for a second we got to take a little break here and I want to make sure we get things back it's home improvement with John David. Welcome back to home improvement with John and Dave I'm John Gordon and we've got a special guest this morning who will be with the shoes she got questions for Jim and Jim heed this with the natural stone institute. They were talking about natural stone and mortar talk about more than just countertop applications here in a minute but if you got some questions specifically about these products for Jim. We've got to expert on the line so give us a call or an 800. 9281110. Or 704571110. Finishing got other questions will will take care of those lands so those two as we always you know problems. Well we do we know we've got a question coming up on some Deco over. And some carpet over and now will help get that cleaned up I think in in a minute here but Jim thanks are waiting to break for a set this time goes fast doesn't it. Yeah. Tom look at I wanna take a look a little bit it's time if I could and Anna and engine usage I'll I gotta be done to next break and that'll be great but. Blah yeah you we talked a little bit about stolen you know the concept that stone is expensive lower dispelling myths. But Tom when you really think about it costs so I wore in the didn't with a lot of folks in the multifamily. Industry right so that's apartments. And there is a huge move to natural stone in the multifamily space. And I think you can argue that if there's a place. Where folks are really really cost conscious it's the multifamily place right and and still virtues in search using natural stone. Talk a little bit about you know why it's why it makes sense to go financially with natural self. You know I think it made the comment earlier when we're talking about bill that. You know that of the affordability of an actual stone as a concern. You're worsening day in and day out in multifamily homes now stone being installed them you know is that most of the units are pretty contractor itself but most the unit. And a similar design look and feel for it. It's very economical. You know from the standpoint of there were cutting a Stalin and what they're going to install operate. And many of the contractors you know are aware of the consumers concerned about the you know it's going to be. Conscious and so they're offering off options that we're working on multifamily you know I've tried this setting. You may not be too wide arrange of colors but they're offering a solution that doesn't work right. So so the other question that comes up is. Or let me just say this is do what I've seen. Is wedged folks have chosen edit and again we have recommended laminate counter tops of people armed. Because a certain applications in just makes cents. But arm above and beyond the durability so somebody puts us if somebody puts a cigarette on. Laminate countertop you're toast. Tom Moore now recommends for cigarettes out on your granite top place but. From but it certainly much more durable one about the whole idea of the appeal visually I mean I've I've been now in my career is through gold fleck. Butcher block. I think and then they were all kinds of different like him birdie count. Things through and on the limited side and each time year taken countertop out because it just doesn't look contemporary more. Oh or or in style what about stone and style. You know here's the great thing you know every year you know those that are experts in the color and design trends of the year. Yeah they may be collecting a different color different shade you know I'd like that earlier white Gingrich are very popular right now and that's the beauty of natural stone is. Is if there is a color trend are designed trans. Trust me when I say this stone industry is offering solutions. That you can can use national stone or that does not. You know if if there was a darker color that came out in 2008 gene that wasn't why are great as it is to try and are right now. There would be options available to use so. You know the thing is there's a great correlation between the design and that a lot this don't industry is offering and we pay very close attention. Our world very active with all of that are being injured his side as well the architecture landscape architect. I've institute an association that are out there and we're you know we're not give going to be work work keeping up with those strands. Very cool very good arm so. It it's my sense and actually honestly in my experience that. Absent some home some really kind of far out one layer and other colors in NS own selection. That they really are kind of they don't they don't go out of style and and then aware that it wears like stone. So calm so what let's talk about. Couple things. So everybody thinks about stone and we talked we spent a lot of time just you and I'm talking about counter tops. But natural stone in a lot of other applications is really popular and really pretty. What would have some of those applications. We'll kept pulling me and we've been talking about the interior space then you are you talked about output. The bar area in on the man cave in the basement. Kitchen. But don't forget about the opening for years the fireplace surround and so forth made you shift gears and think about the exterior of your home. Yogurt can be beautiful walkways with natural stone whether it blue stone Blackstone you know other other stone tried. Well also retaining walls are often you know and don't do retaining wall and we're just with technology. And what what were able to do now in the years. You know a beautiful beautiful stone. Com bit nearer surface punished curator Paul really will accept whatever landscape you know you've got planned whether you've got a professional are common in our you do it. I'll still hear about your. Here here's donuts well problem lobster great options worth you know limestone sand dollar and hello all a lot of other options don't write cool. Hey can I tell you until at least one more segment gin up all across some good I got a couple questions on on marble also selflessness is home improvement with John David. UC 11101993. W three C leading Charlotte's conversation and. 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They're advanced three in one weed and feed for southern months. But Hawaii we just got a bonus just for years you have quotas says Swedes and feeds but it doesn't prevent new weeks Bayer advanced three and one we feed prevents new broad leaf and grassy weeds for just six months probably even crabgrass even crab grass wasn't as a money back guarantee you so make. Bayer advanced three and one weed and feed your son in law to get more from the blue back always read and all the label instructions. In large radio only marginally about labels mean. Sunday's tilt one right here on news eleven cents and 99 point three get. Class and 1110 particularly interested in not questions you might have surrounding comparable. Natural stone because we have Jim heat from the natural stone institute. As our guest this morning Jim I know that I told you our email transactions we'd bring you spent some thirty we have the out but he declined and here we are 815 and I'm still trying to hang out hunt and I hope you don't mind I really appreciate your being with us. I. So like I've got a real a bunch of really good information and in his I traded emails with with Shannon and cat say they kind of got my brain turning right also I wanted to ask a couple questions ago. Com that first off everybody talks about carbon footprint is sustainability. Arm and Earth Day. You know in the spring or. What about sustainability and natural stone. That's cool you know and we talked about beauty and your ability easy to make chain affordable. You're gonna throw you spoken to that we are you've got to throw in sustainability. You know it is it is something that our industry takes very seriously. You know when you think about that countertop or bad that beautiful exterior walkway or retaining wall that you have in your fault. You know the contractors. That brought this on to the job site installed it. They're recycling water they're doing all the things around you know we're doing all things throughout life cycle can really be conscious to the requirement. How we treat our employees which is a huge part of sustainability. True and the anti environment as well. But you know. Very nitpick about sustainability. You know goodness gracious natural stone it is it is one of the top five things that we promote. You know what word I I haven't highlighted as your listeners may be listening right now wondering work yep or probation there is a web site called use natural stone dot com. That talks about a lot of the design element that we talked about talked about the virtues in the mirror. Well but also there's a lot of articles on their talked about sustainability. And so this is by far the original grain product out there. And we're very proud to say that yeah I'll bet not only this Natalie stone itself but the prophecies that. Well our contractors go through to provide you with that beautiful now don't flooding in your home interior texture that is sustainable product. It should issue not sure about sustainability and then of course durability go visit Europe. Tom. If there early the original building material right there come what about so people I think people com. Ours OK great I wanna go the natural stone route or they know it's been initially that's where they wanna go. Truman informed perspective what are some of the things that people should consider. When they're selecting natural stone because marble could be great in one scenario but not so great in another and at what so what should think about Jim. There happily so with geeks don't try there're there're portable uses. There's also uses. You know main our main RE a number one recommendation. But you know I like the look go to bed and you know what I'm going to install it now siding with the expectation of how I need to hear or. That's where it's not only the election of natural stone. But collecting a great contractor to work we don't want to think we always recommend as you know look for those stone companies that are active in their industry association. Whether it art or another line. Also feel like with everything you know there's there's credentialing programs out there every every industry. We also have an accreditation program for our members so. You know not only look at this still in the application but look at the contractor as well. And then of course we Marty talk about. Is you know pastor contractor. Are they using the industry's standards you know if they're aware of the industry's standard in using them. You know you're gonna have a great experience Bob back to you or your original question about you know. And I used this stone for this type of application. No. Obviously any good contractor out there's going to be able to guide you know there used to be a day and age where you. You know you only can use credit for your honor jobs. There are so so and being here is there's marble being used personal life own being used. And again actually just another about homeowner having a clear expectation. Well what he what you know what's gonna happen this don't want to install. You know if if your you know again there's any case studies out there. No white marble marble and general can be used or talk circuit in your yard indicated just look at Italy. What did Middle East for a long time yeah. Yep yep. Then I see. My cousin and her husband have a beautiful home up in Maine and palm hand built in the eighteen hundreds. Can't be. That all the counter tops in the and all the bathrooms and stuff are all the other than marble and end in the working kitchen they have it's a this is truly had an eighteen hundred's design. Odds it's it's all marvel there's hallmark and it's held up. And then I would I would guarantee you bet that it has character to like and Natalie yeah that's what makes it's so unique game. No I was thinking about a comment you made earlier about a reflection of actual stone vs maybe competing product. And if you if you just watch the crop. Somebody picking out their natural stone. You concede they're looking for that personality. State tortured they feel it they were really wanna rub her hand against that so circuit. There's just a personal connection that people make that don't end. You know I it's hard to describe it good you know you can stand passion when they're collecting actual dollar. And it's just it's so they're great building product. Oh. He's used you you should your marketing or something all the sudden I think I'm in love with my collar cop I'm gonna have to talk to my wife for. Drama. People do follow up with this you know they do. They do and don't forget about about outdoor circuses you know. You are here I'm I'm up in Ohio right now and in the leaves are starting to change a little bit. But you know there's times the year where you want to be in an outsource studying and you know those outdoor settings you know the patio but fire at. You know the walkways Leo now donors are great expert there are well. There is so hum debt is I mean if you look at some of the very cool things being done now with extending the living space to have an outdoor kitchens and in transitional areas. And India like places that can be used you know three of four seasons and and and in our neck of the woods virtually all your long. There's a tiller is still being used. I'll tell you. I know which is saying because we've people who have been listening you know for twenty some years to our show they know that John Gordon is not necessarily like the most poetic hire the most romantic guy. But I will tell you we found that through our contractor. Tom a really awesome. Chopped it did our our counter tops. And Becky there who knew it was true and edit and and really more important from my wife. Because she was truly entered the time but I'll tell you what I see it. There are we have really does matter I sit and look at there is a depth like our credit has. Almost like it's two dimensional it's a nice smooth surface but because of the types of like. It's like there's clear spots and it looks like it's like. Two dimensional or three dimensional so it's so there is an amazing element to start so the other thing that I really liked. Is we did Trevor. Team. On the floor in parts of our master out. And we went to other the guy that did it calm actually was he cut it and then polish the pieces so I ever curb. And a curve and eats at that Trevor and it looks like it was manufactured for mines. From my application so there's a lot that you can do with those products that are on the may not be conducive in other situations. Well you know we've we've talked a lot about the beauty of an old Europe so we haven't talked about the idea finishes and you just started in audit. If you want their polished look you can get it to fuel more all bookkeeping yet. You know for outdoor walking surfaces there's a variety of you know really great circuses that can be applied that are that are eight. And you know you're not your sports when you walk on over and so. You know that's the cool thing about technology. In any industry and technology for the whole industry has allowed us to. Offer a variety of finishes and so you're talking yourself contractor. You know you may you may initially think you want that you polished look. But you know look at the other options that are out there and you may be thinking about. You know use food as a building year in year. Home interior exterior they hadn't thought about because a bit of how technology allowed us to be innovative. And creative with the design were or what what people waterlogged. No that's so what are what is so there is I think in in this there were some things a whole surface. Is one very common what about like the leather or finished brushed what about what are some of the options gem. Yeah you know better you knowing you you mentioned your weathered brush you know and there's a variety of others that are trying to be in between as well. And so you know the key is that when you go to lectures Stalin. You know ask your contractor what options do I have in terms of finishes. And this is where designers are really played in so nicely kind of you know guiding their guiding their clients through the process. Bad that there are looks and feels so natural stone. That may be well you know weren't available even twenty years ago or ten years ago so there there are a lot of options out there. And it and it may be you know on this who murdered your I looked at you know a lot of all or into. They liked a particular stone but they've changed the finish room to room it's just our unique look at how he'll do it. You're here right. All right Jim what is Guinness so the web site again because that's an excellent resource. Yeah happily fill the one we record and that's that big you're blisters go to do we have multiple web site that we use for our industry good. It's used natural stone dot com. Again it's used natural stone dot cops. On that on that web site you're gonna find. You know you believe you know over seventy articles about natural. Oh hey Jim hang tight for 12 I gotta get us into a break here and then we're and then we can wrap of fourth hole from which John Davis coming back after these important messages. Welcome back this is home improvement with John Dave I'm John Gordon right now we're gonna go back to Jim he Jim thanks for joining us this morning just learned that you are actually out with the Boy Scouts camp in this weekend. Villager just yet but yes sir you know. Just like got natural stone got to be out nature once or I'll. I love that I love that we use all the time camp as a family that's that's great so look I wanna I really appreciate your time this morning Elmo let you rapid upstream get back to your son and in the Boy Scouts and do an which should be doing this weekend. But just go ahead and wrap it up for a switching discount like last messages could share the website itself like that for a listeners if you wouldn't mind Jim. You bet apple its the we've talked about the beauty of the derby real ability. For sustainable product affordable and easy to maintain. If you're asking where you wanna or you might be able to find resources toward more we recommend you go to use natural stone dot com. For a variety of articles you can download industry standard for installation. A lot of design Jeb. But also find a contractor or whether a member of the institute for one of ours being accredited companies. Again it's used natural stone dot com where you can learn how stone has worked. You can get design ideas and of course download com and educate yourself our standards. Are the contractors are used up dot dot. Awesome Jim heave from the natural stone institute many many thanks for our you're great information and for sharing your time with us this morning. Agenda appreciate it go get some go to some good natured time in with your son and and a Boy Scouts. Absolutely and thank all the listeners are joining in today. Appreciate it Jim had a great one. All right Jim I guess that I didn't have no idea that he was out with his son was there when his son's appreciate appreciate make in the time for us so many great resources in this industry. Health and helping us bring good information to you also that's great. How we're gonna go back om and talk about some things that I teed up orb man the show just go scream about what outlast the lines open now appreciated by illicit integrate information from Jim. Com. I'll tell you his advice about finding a good contractor. And or at least going out to the website to get good information is critical 'cause. David not regularly handle questions particularly with marble and on and some of the some of the others those you'd choosing a ground choosing it then said. It makes a difference in marvel vs some others though see you wanna make she gets good information on that. Also we had a caller call in and they did not wanna get on the air. But they have a sticky situation. They actually was somebody who called us a few weeks ago I guess and talked about the deck over product which is that kind of rough surface you can paint onto our decks. The kind of renew the look. After after the new dole. And they said they did this deck overhead and dried and then walked on cots some on the issues and then walked on carpet. And they wanted to know how to clean it up. Com. I don't know of any thing this gonna take that product out and you gotta be really careful. Until a solution died carpet product you should maybe true I've seen people try that but. Know it and there's no way of really knowing that Tom. So couple options is so I don't say. In your community assure our luck. Number one is we did a carpet person a good quality carper installer. And if you have a closet or an area that that can. There is inconspicuous. You can actually cut attached. Out of this this got the stain on it. And then cut a comparable patch out of a closet. Area and and trade amount now the problem is if if the car Purdue is 567 years old knew there could be some shading and there could be some Wear issues where the patch would become obvious. Prom the other thing you can do. Can I say this half serious half tongue in cheek is get a throw rug and put it down there but if you gotta swing indoor. A patio door there. The throw rug could be an an obstruction and it's it is the proverbial band aid on cancer last thing I'll tell you think about though is. Go ahead and and and take a bad situation and make it good. If this is where I envision it being as in front of a patio door. Or door. Cut that section of carpet out and put tile in their end and make it look like it's intentional so. I actually have a a section in our basement were Marv and I talked about just doing echoes. We tracked in and out of there are a lot and Tom and week over a period of time that's just gonna Wear out and so we talked about just cutting. A little landing area if you well. And putting ceramic tile and there and and not Internet ceramics how doesn't answer before a quarter rush for a quarter shiny white tiles right you've got what looked tiles. He's got. A ton of options we just finished talking to the natural stone guy. You've got slate options you've got marble options so. Might be something to think about. Is take a bad situation and make it okay again and actually make it look like a designer do you serve and take situation so. So those that's the solution the only thing I didn't do. This tell you how to get the death caller on the carpet 'cause I don't know which kicked. Okay problem we've got lies open we're headed into. A break here in new little bit better than a minute. But I wanna go back and talk a little bit about the window things that we started at the very beginning of the show. And outlook hang on we got Rick how much time go ahead let's let's see we get Rick on here if we have to hold onto the break we will Rick from guessing Karrie thanks for calling in you have a solution for the deck over. I would try to coach your all goes well. Yeah much. Unless they buy out from yes in the deck over yes. You Judy Joseph what are carpet cleaning solution history if you could all go cure out so we go to would be abrasives kind of trying to knock it out right. Well not quite sure to assault okay I'm thinking it's something else and well there are some sort of go to that app operate Savannah but most summer just. Or like it beat Greece are okay your Syrians. Okay I saw a test that is an impending conspicuous Syrian ministers not gonna affect the the die in the colors of others but we'll try Jim I appreciate Rick thank you so much for your call. I know Joseph goes Joseph for the death oversee if that works. Homer proved Sunday about John Gordon and we are in the lightning round she got quite he's got a sneak men here in the last little bit here. We appreciate the college tip on the go Joseph for maybe get in the deck over. Out of the on the carpet how would I would say tests that an inconspicuous place first. And we should do have a segment. I'm solution died carpet. That's pretty impressive stuff. I work with a lot in the multifamily arena because he can you literally it's impervious to bleach. You can you can put bleach on it and it is unaffected. Then maybe we'll do a thing on on the baton. But if you had a solution diet product then you can pretty aggressively clean that not worry about the go Joseph have an impact. But. But you got to care for the other stuff saw our hope that helps out that workshop may be some of the other creative solutions can work as well so I appreciate that. We're not gonna have time to exhaust the window topic that I started back two hours ago. I maybe we can recap a little bit. And we can talk about some of the things remember we said if you're looking into it take energy cost. Out of your home. In a significant manner. Window replacement has probably not you're gonna get. Typically between seven to 15%. Annual savings are savings on your annual bills. Which in a typical home translates on the lower end from 45 to a hundred dollars a year on the high end a 125 to 450 dollars a year now. So if you're looking for just ham gonna cut my energy bills and a half dead ain't the way to do it. I will tell you this though I changed out ars that and our house up put in the Anderson 400 series prime windows. They are just I was put into web sites this morning and one of the column for the web sites rated that Anderson 400 windows. Is has the best. Com that's not the least expensive. But. Because our winner we had single pane. Drafting nasty. Them though I was gonna say builder ray but I won't say that. Because some builders do some pretty awesome jobs with windows but from our particular builder did not ours were so bad. After on the home was I think about fifteen years old when we bought it. There when I change the windows out my heating and cooling bills peak season went down about a hundred dollars a month. Now I think about that. That sounds amazing but still peak season that's still only about 600 dollars a year right so. It sounds like a lot but. Compared to what I invested in the windows not so much so that why would you do it Willits out talk about a couple things number one is the first thing my daughter. Said to me when I changed the windows and her she's like debt. It's so quiet we live on a heavily wooded lot in the summertime tree frogs crickets critters. We actually have owls coyotes. Rom. All of those cool things are also I mean if she said he would it was like dead quiet so that would be any reason to do it. Comfort. Get rid of the draft in nature of the windows who was another reason to do it curb appeal I had issues with arm brought indicate. Com and and I needed to fix it up and and the best way to do it was was says change windows out armed. You're also. Remember while you might not be make in enough money to like invests in and you know a Villa. And Italy by the money you save law on your on your electric bills or your heating and cooling bills. You are reducing your carbon footprint. And that's a very positive thing right so even though you're you're not gonna go retire young and the money that you save. Your make an impact on the environment that is positive so that's always a worthwhile investment. So bomb. So so that's that there's so while energy is not the number one reason that you would do it it certainly is a benefit. And and then there's a lot of other reasons that you would go ahead and change Russia windows. Couple things when you do that that I would say on here's three things I'm enlist them off. Windows. Wine. And cigars. What do those three things have in common windows. Wine and cigars. John Moore my allowed to ask you a question. He's been a cancer. So windows wine and cigars have one thing in common. There are highest price. Is not the best than necessarily. The best product. I throw cigars and there 'cause I think that's true. Com so. Where you shop for windows don't assume that because somebody comes to you with this you know high price product that your automatically get them the best deal. The other thing is on the other end of the spectrum you truly can't expect to get what you pay for Ty shared with you that we use the 400 series of windows from Anderson. And they are not the least expensive hon nor were they the most expensive. Some of the things that you wanna. Pay attention to though if you're if you're gonna make that decision I gotta tell us sort through all these papers they got stone papers here. Tom. Can do is don't get fooled or don't give and add on to things that you don't necessarily need bomb. They key components of your window are going to be the frame what's the frame made is it woods is in the final is it would with the clad. I would recommend it would with the clad is is a really good option you get. Would but you get the main entry elements are all other clad on the outside that the doesn't have to be maintained or painted. Ever. The other piece is like. To sash you know the parts that go up and down he got a double hung option or single on. I like the double Hong. Because it means a bottom sash moves up and down volatile session was up and down. Too easy for cleaning. But it's also in the end confirmed from a ventilation prospective deal on rescinded director raft but you wanna get the air movement. All the top session down and I critics and cross their elation that way. Pump the next big pieces insulating glass very few windows installed any more than are not insulating glass. If you're up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. You'll hear about triple pane in even quadruple for pane glass. And most of the listening area that worry right now that is overkill. Aegis you don't need the triple pane traditionally getting good gas filled. Dual pane glass. And then get the that he below we coating on its lessons transparent coating that goes on the and it goes on this glass. And it creates it it adds to the reflect unity of of the glass of reflective properties of the glass so prevents heat from. Come in. But it also still lets the maximum amount of light and hum. And then the other pieces grills. Com if you're gonna do grills I would strongly recommend you grills between the glass it's just. Way better from remains perspective from a durability perspective. But it's and it's it is a small and on but it's it's worth every penny you pay for especially if you have to clean the windows in your house. We've got George right now from lol how let's get back to Georgia with a water heater question George who morning Obama from where John day. You don't think so much well. We have a hot border eagerness definitely getting close to life expectancy. Takeaway and a we do. A lot of green ensure that we don't have all that long time. And now I have heard the controversy between that and close friend and your regular we had a gap. Can't tolerate it and I'm tall lean towards going with a regular guests. Well I can you give me your opinion. Sure what what so if you're gonna think about tank was one of the advantages is you think about when you think about thankless. 00 or her own. Okay. And laden. So anywhere you say on demand you think you're like hey if I'm at a far part of the house and I've attacked a summer get water here I'm Maria hot water faster than what I get from my tank. No program or go. Our tonight I could you are so so. You issue if you think especially if you think about if any your grandchildren are adolescents may take a couple of years everytime the shower that tank this is a great option because. It doesn't have a reservoir that just heats water as it comes that your and so you can literally run that all day every day and never run a hot water. Huge benefit of a tank this unit. Hum if you if you look at for energy savings not so much. Dick cost the UV the usage cost of. On a tank was verses that took a good. Energy efficient and and the standards through manufacturers now have been upgraded I think couple years ago so there pretty energy efficient. Tom. You're not gonna save a ton of money on on a thankless do you have gas or electric come into the house now. Oh okay he said they say yes he so as long as your guests in fact I think David told me a few weeks ago that there's versions of the tank the south they're now. Sometimes and in the older versions had to step up the size he gas line to accommodate this understand that that's not a requirement anymore. Tom and army. So those who didn't in that case the tank this would be the would be a great option. The other thing is gonna do is save you a lot of space Soro who are here is now you're gonna get rid of the big tanking he's gonna have a a relatively small box in there. Couple things that I heard issues should think about. One of the complaints and I've gotten and I don't know whether the technology has addressed this or not usually it figures it out. Is if you trickle in hot water. You've really got to get a significant flow passe a thing to to get the mechanism to kick in the heat itself but if you're considering it for the reasons yard Georgia sounds like it's it's a really good so. We are right up against a break so I got to wrap us up there folks we appreciate you listening and we want to remind you that the most important come home improvements that you can make. He's the one that make your home I have a good place to live in.