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Saturday, October 7th

John and Dave answer callers questions about home improvement questions.


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Sponsored. Welcome to home improvement which on a day with over twenty years on air this and learn as John Gordon and David told. You lose their sixty years of combined home improve. It's an experience to help you tackle all your home improvement projects this is asking John indeed dot com. To locate trusted product and service providers that serve our listeners with a quality and integrity and called Charlie day which your questions at. 800 928 and eleven cents or 70457. Know 1110. Good morning everybody and welcome to home improvement we've done is say I'm John Gordon and I'm Dave dole David good morning good morning sir. Four people think it's weird that I say good morning to you like that maybe they don't realize they were like 250 miles apart and you know it. Yeah even when we're together we have to file but not because of view my friend because of me. Yeah no bull did this are good. Let's see we've got lots of stuff to talk about this week we hope that you do as well you are listeners that would be. And we would make it easy for you to do that by dialing 800. 981110. Or 7045701110. You know how the game is played. He got a question you got a problem. GS MU can't figure out within the home improvement arena from and we will. Share of the benefit. Whatever we have intellectually. And experiential. Preview to eat it do you answer those questions here as good as talented dot com click on the questions button pinned. And we can take carry it that way as well so. Then David once again we kind of have a veritable assure his support of delectable home improvement topics to present day usually how it is. Promotion and that's what makes a wonderful it's that's an excellent if you own a house that's the way it is for. Well yes it did ever so humble it it's never done that straight. And so that's fine it who was I talking to somebody. About homeownership anyway I'm just gonna buy into my okay. Eventually it will be new. Yes 'cause. I don't know I guess you could trade every two years like you do have courage and would be expensive schools and does he does so depends on what the markets don't secure enough trial. It goes round and rather predict and that there'll be some more challenges com. Sin and then nattering. You know serve its people always some of those groups that critics never ever doom and then there's people who pretty constant doomed. I don't know somewhere in the mineralized juice. Panda in the meantime more here to answer your approve questions or give us a shout we've got. Some stuff on stressing today David fencing sitting fence posts kinds of fencing we have come. Wiring. A new dorm well we've got water leaking from the water heater who. West hum hang in a mirror and track and stripped faucet handles those are just a couple that I pulled down. When from the armed. Some samplings from the veritable each mortgage sort of delectable home improvement topics tonight. Yes so let's look at itself more is are you on a particular job. I just wrapped up we did a yacht did an interesting job and I I was actually involved in it. Com and the does it but this does above ceiling and it goes underneath a decks of Gibbons called deck and you want to. Stay dry. I'm that's what this system does soft plastic. Anyway at its. It has these main tracks that snap they did it's it's. It was a good and it's it's really it's a very cool system bomb I think it's it's a new deck this was an old deck that was recovered and new rails are and so forth but the armed. So the choice for a little out of line and twisted which merely that make it's up to lines of but I made it pretty challenging but you basically are running. Bug. Some though the brunt of the boards that hold those those plastic rails are actually come. There actually. Voting turned perpendicular to the choice. So there's a lot of not sinden him all that good stuff but it's. Anyway it was fun it was that is a nice system and it put a ceiling underneath it all drinks to a better struts up. And have the biggest problem the biggest challenge was there was a main beams. About two feet from the end. Of the deck so you had to repeat. He had to repeat the whole process on the other side for two feet. God I don't know yes I was kind of repair did anyway it would it was done it did didn't you know I've I've done it and I wanted to be involved in the end. Did it do that system so well. If I know well I'm not young anymore I can say this proves well. That's some great test case and everybody show it hurts it's. He would do things that you once did this for sure do. Let's aren't as good that's why that's why god invented younger people to help you. It's but that's what I say Jennifer read this is the only game here this. Problem then he. It gets easier and easier I think it is in my opinion is. It is my opinion then. Manufacturers are paying attention to some of the labor challenges. Now there as well hand here we'll start seeing some things. There are just Smart I modular I guess then designed for want of a better term. This they just become easier water to person hard jobs horror com. Things that you don't have to be Europe to be so precise it was Italy to figure out you can actually just get serpents are together here and did that day I don't know how. How that plays out west final finishes or stuff like that led. That's there's that's another oldest topic is charges of of attracting the next generation and tour of the tour industry. Yes. Oh yeah did it very interesting I will mention that we had that our Mary meeting I'm not this past Thursday but following. And they brought the Boy Scouts bombs on him boy scout. Talk a little bit about that about the future. You know this was always available. Fully aware of it the whole construction industry so it's a video Harwood take a little break get your questions ready give us a call we got lines open at 800. 9811104704571110. We'll talk home improvement mode return to home improvement with John and Dave welcome back. This is some of who has done it Dave I'm John Gordon I'm Dave Goebel did let's tackle will weaken from the umpteenth heave else unknown. So really that's that's what that is the scenario that question is are there though they're coming concerns I've got water ever so slowly. Coming out this pipe on the side in my water heater. Is is no water heater doesn't need to be replaced. Thrown hold the water heaters then so that could they could be a factor but it's not a factor in what you see and com. There's a temperature and pressure relief valve PMP golf right on the side of water here correct. And if that water and it's safety device so if the pressure member of pressure and temperature very. Directly so the hotter the higher the pressure was gases and liquids. Well I think with both anyway. Mario and the so. It was a safety thing of the pressure gets to behind this little spring loaded valve and it releases are some of the water. And numb and assaults happen it's his kidneys and your place to string his failed over a period of time and it's not holding slightly. It's not holding back the same amount of pressure. And none then just replace it gets really not a hard thing to do right depending on whether he had gas or electric. Home electric you wanna make sure that you cut off electricity just so the we knew it the TP about your really below you're above the element. So if you drain the tank to that point dear okay but who knows exactly where this tanks are seizure. Right to know. Well and that was that's a special home improvement in collection job. Pure water heater tank is not see through Christ that went down these days genius folks he's brilliant you should be under radio. I have to look I have been caffeine free since last Sunday puzzle last cup of coffee that I had her. Wow how about that good for you. Trooper Craig did not I don't see through water heaters anymore they have you know. He's caffeine that it it's there's tradeoffs and Paul here that this silly and I only have water heater on like that who journeys SEC that. Hey hey it's expected that broke quick just just. Sometimes the toughest part defending it if you have a a pipe at the pipe comes straight down it goes into a drain or to pay end. Over bits as long as it straight down he does chic and twist it right out now. I I have a leaking TP valve that his didn't drip and just a little bit but it's piped to the outside and I see it on my patio. And I and I know in some days it's worse than others and an ad it's on my list. That the reason I haven't got up the chase is because the pipe that comes off of the valve itself. Has several ninety's and suck it just couldn't screw it from the from the valve. In late this side it was the valve out but it backgammon and I have to cut the pipe. And input event together but we were talking earlier about. The other shark bites Phoenix. Which will make that much simpler so won't have to glue it didn't go through all that is seat BBC but some. So but if you have copper. Tom you might have the same issue it could be it could be packs. Tom but I was did again if it is it has a couple of turns and bands and Loeb. The pipe goes over mining camp is a Goldberg is piped into a drain that's a couple of feet away from the water heater so. Com a shark bite phase work fine for that yet. It's you don't have to be able to glue Marie Lefevre crimp tool Laura sauter quote torque sleek installer that copper back together. You just slide on this fittings on they're confident they're the directions around the bags very simple. It is by the if you don't. By the little released little or injuries string. Yes also when you do that there isn't half inch size and a three quarter in size just. Get dad I put mine I am one of each and I put a lot of visual piece of copper wire and hang them in my little shop. Yeah so aipac us from Miami I'm Iowa and every time our guys are getting big hits while I. I know it now I have I have to it the truck in the day in the glove box did not have amend the plumbing box and I have a minute toolbox I have plenty of you want anyone borrow just let me know. No I got my hang out peaceful are here right here. Initially I see you are you say yeah. And so so that's a mean that's not a difficult thing but this be a little bit of a weird sense of feeling if you if you don't think about our readers know about our Hillary walked downstairs there were wherever it is a laundry room then you seal the water on the floor right woo well well. You know bad bongos both that's where is coming from and they determined that then not as difficult six. Do we call attitude yourself fixed you know. The what which 12 GOP now I think so let me onto it I think it's it's just the you have to. They have a few tools you need a hot not use some you need to know. A little bit about the water he be a need to go to turn the water off the new need to be awarded to to drain the water down. So there's there's a little bit involved and remember that the water's hot. In the water heater I know that sounds crazy but not only has a messy issue is this I got hot water as hot water in it but. And I'm not saying that he is Smart Alec I'm saying that because this momentum turn yet gavel most people don't have a hose that we'll handle that pot of water. She can't take it a traditional garden hose and run you know that that pot of water out through because it could burst opposed suit. You need to have preparations need to have a hot water or the simple thing is you have is electric water heater. Turns flip the breaker off and go run some hot water. In the house somewhere wash a lot of close the dishwasher take a shower couple of them but that all cool though watered down enough that she can these traditional clothes. To drain it down you're not gonna drain that much but. You know then you would turn the cold water off Blanton. And in drained it down a little bit didn't need to pop Deval out of their. I wonder can you use thermal imaging camera to see how low water goes in your water here. Now it's over for over a period of few minutes probably could. This really overkill best like you know. There's there's Juliet a satellite to listen to doing it costs and Romney did here and. So much pride and look so there you have it. The solution to a little goofy on the side of the water heater coming out to do. It's temperature pressure relief out team beat up not so bad. Easy fix it doesn't and it's not gonna break the bank if you have Carl Palmer and do that. Either right so. The clock every of Harlem dollar awful quiet in here today where's all the listeners and sorrow. Fresh slate and the current flu to EU. Time to put your risk to our 800. 981110704571110. And we'll talk about not just your water heater but we'll talk about like your refrigerator and your. Dishwasher and there will determine that this is the arm transparency of the doors and Texas on those he can you see EnerNOC. I do a beverage frigid she conceded. It's got a glass door nice do you. Okay 800. Nine to 1110704570. Lead intend we have lines opened her ready for use to call. David the next the next beside you have talked about this before. Handed. This is this deals with like a mere question but there's really it really is are good there's good advice to be had for a lot of different applications. And it's a question is like I got a really heavy mirror to hang. And you know how what do I do to hold it on the wrong. Well there's probably a thousand questions we can answer ask about that right to question the first what is it a framed mirrors see us something that you could put like mounting. Screws and islets and stuff into it so that you can actually wire it to. Hank yet can you wire that's yes as you be surprised how many. Mirrors I see these days that we don't we do that often where someone's house or say getting the smear lawyer here Asher. Dan and you flip it around and it says do not use wire. And you know that has always been my go to because that helps distribute that wait a little more evenly we used. Zhou heavy picture hangars and Walla your done. It does and so that's that's me that's the answer another question then the question always is like well what about this does this stuff if you hit a stud great. It's not. I I like the sound easy anchors because you can get him up to 75 pounds so leave it to amend their. You know that that's gonna carry some weight Korea. Dan and does he's exactly what you said I spread that way over a couple of them right so that you can not only does this spread the way out. But it makes it easier to straighten it to hang it constraint. Right it did it. Yes he does it seem to stay great if somebody slam in the door of a door on that wall it's usually lighter pictures will feel semen Obama says. To picture hangers are those are the are the answer and John the simple mail Lynn picture hangers. They actually make them for 200 pounds. You have got a big don't lawn dogs that I use for a cause massive clocks and then I guess there's at least two of those that you have a wire. You've taken net debt debt debt 150 pound Mir down it's a citizens have really cut it down almost didn't Hindu a third of what the wait was by distributing a way to cross a warranty picture editors give MM. Testing before we jump over to Karen and Wayne is then we're gonna be governor break also but on this issue she can't size does is she concerned about it screw. Find two's does this group piece of plywood three quarter inch plywood so the overall and then mount your your fasteners and hangers into that. Now you can put those tires anywhere you want all along that three quarter inch plywood and boom boom. See how we Q&A few years. All right Karen Wayne we see you out there we just got to take little breaks your move acting as your questions on hot water heaters and mobile home installations. We do all I will return home improvement which on a day and welcome back. This is home improvement doesn't leave I'm John Gordon I'm Dave Goebel who we're gonna jump right over to Karen right now Karen thanks for weight and your home improvement with John and Dave how are you. Good great has you guys are willing and I want to thank you for. All your great advice you give us every Saturday morning I've really enjoyed it still think you just change and a Tom bush and I've you know you got through talking about how water heater this morning an armed. I thought I can't top water heater that let's get started making some strange noise is that I was gonna be others hailed for awhile I thought well. All right hurt at all and then drain it went into effect terms. So far that's what I did you know a suspect humanity's spiritual lives her career something down in the air. And dom the last drop of water draining out of that thing with this cleared the first. And dumb you know they'll let it go back then turned back on and everything and if he'll make in this strange noises Canada and you both odd and weird noises. Major hurdle in Daria yeah we're here it's. Calm it's you just have. On the bottom. Of other tank you've got some sludge this is built up and it's not suspended in the water rice it was just kind of like crusty on the bottom I don't know how also defiant. Com it's it's the idea is so what happens is as though it is it's saturated with water. This silly gas comes on and heats up the water that water expands and pops out of the sludge and and so you idiot bomb surround sound there. And it's it's not. It's not disastrous howl. As your water heater. We know it might be about twenty years roll out so well. Well. Love me and C com so host. Yeah act here and it might be time to allow you why because studios still do it on your timetable it's time to investigate. I'm replacement water heater. But that's that's all that's happened over the years it's just it's just got a solid on the bottom there are so. It it's not something is going to be suspended and you get sucked out when you drain the water it's just there. It's forty years of love and Barack and this category out of network and Craig yes oh yes so good news on that end. But it but I would start looking in its. It's not that the noise is not indicative of a problem other than that there's this sludge buildup on the bottom right but. Hum but it but it twenty years I did say in. You know you're kind of live and on armed militias save blessed time vs borrowed time and sounds so much nicer. But yeah naked it could be due. And an end David not talk about just do it on your terms right so now why are not that panic I gotta be out of town of three days and and then I gotta get all this figured out column over the last few times in my water here's failed once I was touched both times I was traveling. And saw that left that's for my beloved wife but armed it was it was signed it would took care and not. Yeah I'm not care boy that's perfect is. So it's then you got to make that investment. You know every animal from my opinion is what I've bought. My replacement water heater just this past January. I bought an energy efficient gas water heater. Can I bought. The best war TSE was a twelve year warranty fifteen year -- can't remember in the guy himself was like you know you get a cheaper tank and then I'm like yeah I know. But I really only wanna do this. You know maybe that. One time right yeah I this is sin in my mind is it worth the investment. And you talk about the convene usable water heater just think we did it could be had to go out cut would bring it home put it in the stove heat the water. It's 38 dead more big your bathtub. Successes and sure enough I guess that's probably what people only say what the way her hair yeah we're big does a lot after for sure yeah. Well they say that term don't show the baby out with the bath water actually came from a practical application because the public got the base first. And then you went down everybody in the Stanley and by the time you got done that water was. Well let's just say if you put water heater on it would girl's high. And a baby could be in there somewhere don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Yeah that feels great goalies. So with that I can't predict it up and I will love it felt like I probably need to start shop but I mean I think I would I think I would cheer. Okay film hits the listen thanks again for what he does this. They had to do it have a great day if I cared. Hard chairs up to shelter water heaters let's talk to Wayne from Estonia Wayne good morning your home improvements John ending hurry. Good morning guys you go under great thank you so much. Jet pack we help. Well out of the American comment you know you can come up for these food go out trot would keep their water one of those still boot nights like gotcha. Yeah. Hi and we think this idea that. Yeah yeah I've got a battle for home I see a lot of what would have to help who were nice good freely if you operate here. Yeah a lot of people did odds I see those water furnaces saw I I see him I'm really a lot more of Norris. Well yeah but that they're they're it's it's pretty osment if you have endless supply of wood it you'd like to cut would. More power to you. Well well look he vehicle where you put your route not because it would be held true god our Barbara took place to build this stuff. Yeah sure your so that that help a whole lot under trees or he wouldn't bring me more than our law are still suffering a sure he did and don't bring that deep burn everything or just does. He's got away from the popular lunch time for the visual real drop. You know this is really really dropped right I hear you conferred about anything there there's there's there's certain. Well I felt more so there's there's only one brand not Jessica wraps up to about 7800 degree in the Karbala. I this it's got top ten in the Palestine must still there's no doubt about it for very. Aggressive burner for a lot of them are very light you bark shirt photo op this thing comes off the job turned right back now while there. Really really really really much. Erik Cole played Bergen a well bird we're gonna run at tiger what's your what's your question because when we can be able to get our. Manufactured home community and mark flew here the imperial energy Katja. And every mobile home they've got barely under him you know what was your first yeah bring it to hold you right there about paying these high. All right John Dave got to take a little break Dave on judge ordered Monday gullible we got to jump right back to wager she's been through two breaks now. He's an easy he's already burned in court would weigh in on us a pop up for. Okay Wayne sorry about that. Well that's not a problem got no comment Alberts and. You were talking about dubbed. The boiler system that you use. And then Tom and then you've where we started we can do we transitioned over to the mobile home the good but but tell us tell you that's our losses sir. Give us though not a problem. You have the home what they've done manufacturer you know naturally the newspaper of insulation and in a membrane in the and they purple boats we spoke the membrane Oklahoma situation. And boy did you know twelve report images from the floor. Photo you know it is not consensus about not doing a lot of good I I'm I'm curious about how you feel about cup member right now. You know put an insulation between the or endorse gore back up what idea while home border something like that this group to report Dorismond. Until well. Mean yeah yeah the the challenge always is it is not trap and moisture. Right so. The mean you could do that column. I'm I'm hesitating because. That there but you can add. You can add com. Additional insulation you know as fiberglass up between the floor Joyce. The most severe heat loss is not happening there right he heat rises so you get so hot cold transfer naturally. But bomb hit as long as you head a way to make sure that you were done I would think that may be. Com. Polly Polly film. And then there's something to hold in place would be it's just 'cause I'm just concerned about trapping moisture that's all right but if you're an insulation and at all. That's a good thing yeah. Yeah you. Yup yup it was kind of a brief but a breather what remembrance but if there were well you're not trap that is going. Yeah I know I don't know what's what she could do it's reasonable though. Pomeroy even the landscape material you know landscape matting and it it's kind of a war that oh yeah material veritable. In the long run really durable. Yeah I know you read the black into green stuff will be very good arms dealer what do you think I don't know. Yeah I mean I think they led the idea of us stapling something underneath. And and my thought was is that that a lot of them came like that. Come with with some type of material because it's insulated when it comes from the factory run but they don't want it to blow out when it's born as being pulled down the road so. Right on right so yes so. It will be you know whatever is the you know as it quits underneath there's always it's moisture proof. It will last is obviously it's not gonna be out in the sun com. Exactly yeah I think it would have a long life span I'm under the home when he. We literally did not materials and other similar to that until the very thing. Well yes absolutely and I've also seen people this you sunk the simplest chicken wire. Yeah very Europe because it's an expensive and not it's just it's a solo tougher to work with where he could staple. It would be much simpler than half and T where you can eat a staple tickets don't state that with a staple gun you know winter we're still work you death diesel longer staple but waters stapling a stainless steel. Sure. Mono ya there you go there you go. Left then I'll just tell when you're they our concern as well you know whether. Whether it would be a problem to put their Slaton went four door soccer here regularly but I know I'll. Homes have a. Bear upon happens all day every day yep yep got it got here I just the face disuse the on faced. Right right remote problem I yet just yet need to get that way don't trap the moisture that's gonna get in their buffer between the paper in the sub floor. I want a good thing about mobile home there's a lot of air global overall crop yeah absolutely it was it was hurting their lots of air flows for sure sure. Very I thank you so much that that really helps a lot. Great question we appreciate call have a good one way. Yeah artful but I. SH I should guess this is it chopped up. We a nice side income is Gerri Gerri good morning on home improvement with John Dave how are you this morning. I'm great thank you hurry you will find. I have you questioned how that's real quick and then I was here answer our inside had a H safety net that I have to say its record but archer an odd. And he says. He could see some where ally at the back burner as far along some of the scene. And he's I trust him so I don't think he's trying to you know it is better but whatever army and he checked my AC unit outside. Kind of who superficially he said they both both your netbook to be about twelve Beers sold the lucky itself note that information on the stock I don't know how she years. Am I caught yet or about by the court that issued some new homeowner and so my body at its stage BHD an eight the year while a round out your goals. Typically what like sticking your life on them. Should I replace. Pro preemptively. I'm like I have the money at a site between you know discount that he was talking about an hour energy companies it. Pew global map yeah I mean it's not apt to throw around I. No I totally get you did it the way we recommend folks who are good for you I mean it's two thumbs up and. And we were talking about it train our system and it definitely thought he got here I was like I know you're rating dark when he died Arab. So we're talking about like they're not the basic trade like the step up from that I have a little outlet reports record we're about battle over improve the system right by. So does it make sense to do preemptively is my first question my second question is I. Think able to replace some of the windows in my house and where can I go to learn about windows what art. Good windows that I should be considering a minute you're at your place. Thanks so so let's take a more at a time so other UNH GAC system yes it makes sense to replace it trio bum. Preemptively or proactively. Because. You've got the person there they can scheduled time to do it you're not panic and because freezing cold and in right heater or vice Versa right so I slowly makes sense to do that and the other thing that you gonna get if you unity is twelve to fifteen years old. You're gonna get a new unit with a higher Syria as as you reported LC you're gonna get some energy savings and the results can. As a result of that transition. And you gonna say here you see yourself some repair headaches down the road not just. In the headache but you have assists in this using an old refrigerate until I think in three years that refrigerator will no longer be able to be manufactured. Again so you'll be able to buy you know it'll be very very expensive I think yeah it did a jug of it peaked over a thousand dollars or 900 dollars just this past cooling season so what's funny about it is is it going to be real expensive for the next several years in this continue to rubio you'll be able to give it away. There were right right itself. Get a lot so he's so you're you're thinking is really good on that and we would recommend that you do that and who ever worked with here on the HTC person especially you trust some. And I take their recommendation on certainly training unit as it is and is a very good Brandon and one of the people no respect so. You around you would do fine following his guidance on that. And it said a quick question when he talks about the seems is he talking about the heat exchange your change and that was a lie interpreter yes. I believe so did use a sniffer on it that he didn't get any carbon monoxide readings very thing. No yes he did check that and now there's no part in or not at least is so let's say you probably have. This winner. You know if you're not prepared I would just suggest you get a carbon monoxide detector if you don't already have one in power yet not yet but I RD you haven't yet I can't get on quite. Worry you know anxious about that spelled god I'm well aware that. And that's the law anyway it's the long Mecklenburg County so right again and that's get so if you need to wait between. Winner and summer but to make the switch does this does that that gives you a safety. She's got this she says she's allocated funds for so sure and now not then you're you're good to go out and this and probably a good time before gets into the peak heating season towed to get to work done for our resort arrests. The other reason I was thinking about doing it because I'm he says that there are I'm pretty good rebates. Album cookie company. And like you or waiting Arnold you never know whether both programs or anything without a weather throughout the. Not a very well by the first of the year they may be gone so yeah you eat a huge this year and so if you don't thing to be financially ready for the salas a jump on both fecal for him yet are hearing could spot and then you can you continue to you can weigh on your windows or less they're just. You know unless they're brought -- you have water coming in. Well they're just very very. I think we're done by a previous owners they're not very good windows some of them that are open. I thought that rather than repairing. Oh. And I don't like the way they look that I played in that in that group as well I mean that's not an eighty outbreak but that's certainly. Something that I would like to do in the next year fight her way to and I didn't quite know. Yeah where to go I know about Andersen windows but that it at all I don't that the brand name yeah where they might learn about you know windows. And I thought we know what he had who make quality windows. You can you can get online and and you go why it's so window and door industry council. Com and I don't know if it's him benefits I think that they've they're gonna have information there's some of that may be column. Not construe group restricted to members and manufactures and stuff like that and then that I'm drawn a blank with WD. Tom I just should start there with I think it's a window and door industry council when new outdoor council. And just do some research there they're gonna talk to you about. You factors. They're gonna talk about there is frustration. And and the things that will help you make sure that you get the best kind of window if they sure didn't and send us a note at yet at our website asked on that day dot com. We can help be with that is well put this is just hole for once second just to make sure rap and all the way up for you Jerry. This is home approval it's done in days right now we're gonna talk to Roger from Greensboro Roger good morning on improve most on a day. Good morning and thank you sir but they cannot call you bet. The question is have a vacation. Like my eyes had turned their electric water heater all women are very. 02 or three weeks ago that cannot turn it around and you have it's fairly busy itself first mail yet. What could coast when I was a little. Com there's there's an annual ride in. In the in the water heater. It's kind of bolstered its a bolt on the top and it goes straight down into the tank and it's designed to to take the minerals and capture the minerals. That are there are in the water right and sacrificial is yes so instead of this suit claims it's it's like electron losses right so it clings to that and all rod NO would be a negative charge him. Bruce is cleaning around the column the elements themselves right. And so when you turn that thing off that well it's not just a function turn their often turn and on the LA rod is probably deteriorated over a period of time. And so I'll pull that out and replacing it will get the minerals into the continent and around verses in the water and then gee your problem should go away. Sometimes it's a bacteria that's in the water also that dumb I mean SL IQ and get the disease or thing popped blood but with with the electric water heater the scenario you've you've articulated it would be arsonists are suspicion that a Seattle rocked. Okay thanks for this next question is. This place is very limited if you are counter and the kitchen. You got flexible or is there. Note we still to come and now we can tell you how to get it out because it might be a little bit longer than what you got room for an and they may grow on that sobbed this got what I call metric of articulated articulated words got a little joint senate that did she become like chain links push back down in there but to give it value wanna pull it up as high as you can. And then put a vice grips on to hold it and then it's and then cut above that take that piece out pulled up a little bit more vice grip it cut it so you know take it out the segments. I'm plenty can't anymore. Arm and then the replacement rod will have joint senate so that you can push it back in it a little band com then just to get back in. Okay is that a universal thing there's this particular for that. Particularly what are your. Well I have it it'll it'll they're they're they're universal but. The yields us the decision will need to be made he won an aluminum Moret our own magnesium magnesium. I think the aluminum costs more and I think it'll. It'll it'll last longer. OK the water heaters on about three years old there's. Normally go added that like them. Well that's the that's the way it's the water. Cheered the minerals in your water by the lakes of lake waters of lake waters notorious for that okay so big you can geeky kind of plan on net. Did that the other thing he can do as you can turn the water heater higher bitchy do you turn it off so that's not gonna help you because it will if you can turn an umpire will kill the bacteria. But but since you're not there that's what's head that's what's happening. Okay all right well thank you. This search so must have been information that is very helpful. We appreciate call Roger but it up every day about. All right 89811107045701110. Let's talk has Jane from Charlotte Jane how are you. I'm fine thank you and I believe OK you. For several years they're. On Saturday morning hello thank you for that horrific. Great thanks. And I have a bathroom saying that their hot water cut it out nice so strong and be. Cold water come without Justin had trickle. And I was wondering what that could be. Has always done that no attack. What are you content and are they are they is it to handler one handle faucet on the sink you don't. Content. So one of the few things. We would suspect that there is a little bit of light may be some debris little bit rust from a line somewhere yeah come in in the in one of the two valves solely to be in the cut off valve underneath the sink. Or it'll be in the in the stem more than cartridge. On the on the Enron atrocity itself because it can also be no rain Norah bright and he's lowering break away little piece of the Russia from the seat hit and how old is a faucet roughly. Yeah it's quite ill can talk this student has placed like. Maybe five months without. OK so then. Who do they could still be in there but so then that doesn't that makes even more sense right because it think. If they turn the valve off for fifth on the pick this year they shut the water down and then there was a rush of water something could break loose and gets stuck in there sure are they could have finished off the up the supply valve. Hottest vacation I go under my failed. And carry enough for the cold water. I would I would turn it on and off okay. It in the sink running with the same granite sink running right right at and then turn off and turn it on. There must be a little rest somewhere. My house is 8070 years old. But. When I turn my shower in the same bathroom I'm the first. Explosion of water that that's. About how to it's very rusty looking. Yeah if there's so you had galvanized my that there is clear yet. I'm sure Robert I don't. Well it's probably because if you get the rusty look this probably galvanized pipe more or it's or. Are you BMI of folks' home. It was billed to you recently is like sixty career 65 and it's all galvanized by. How come up that. How was built by a construction. Company. All air force in his wife who live this thing yeah that is how well they'll that it. Am sure is and it would have been the right way to do that we're anti hang our second date as you guys take little breakthrough wanna make sure we get to straightaway because it's not difficult but there's a couple steps should. This is home approve or John and Dave Hodges Jerry Tom Sanderson noted. Ask John Kerry with the window questioner of the furnace and into question if you're still listening. So listen noted that I ask John and they dot com we have we got a couple sites that you could hit an instant information that we could share with you know I did little bit and cruising around. Hum while while we were at the break there so I hope that helps. All right we're gonna. Talked to Jane she was finishing up with that galvanized pipes or Janes are about that we had hit a break. Armed he did by the age your house and it we would guess it did probably galvanized pipe and and and you would not typically see rusty water coming out of copper piper packs are PVC or innocence. So this is probably galvanized pipe and in given all that information that you shared. We would we suspect that it's that there is some debris some rust stuck in the and the cut off fell under the sink huh. Or in the cartridge Tom at the top of the sink neither of them is a very difficult six prom if you can turn the water on its. The top of the sink and then get underneath interior water you're you're Shah fell off and on. On the this is a reason that we use you recommend that you go with a yacht with the awkward turn our ball well what it's nothing to worry about right now but. The it eats not prone to these kinds of problems or if you have this kind of promised much easier to dislodge. Com so I would do that at that doesn't get the pressure back up then then it's time to pull the cartridge from the com they handle cold water side. What if you take off you take a screw off for pop up to a car that says she it'll be a screw there to take him aloft and that access to the cartridge itself. Until the manufacture there the faucet is. Eight you know I don't. It's com. Boeing Jimmy too tough to pull out you may have to go get a little device from and you go to home do you lower our armor. You you can't it's gonna cost you some a little bit for house call but but yet they'll knock out a few minutes. OK I bet has wonderful and I also heard how women sitting on the toilet. You can hear that little there's still didn't get very. What is set me and go back to. I have a crawl space. You don't think there's water dripping deed. I'll give you water dripping there in the bathtub in the in threaten into the trap. Folklore or shower all right. And in it and it could also be it can be water dripping. Out of the toilet down the middle of the pipe to soil pipe underneath the underneath the toilet. OK so that would be my first since Shannon did and it's not I mean it's not a big deal not disaster but as long as the toilet. The plumber case that I was as well we have to rip out everything. And I'm. Yet the ear got the toilets aren't refilling on their own are they. I will be yelling you trusted it. Yeah I mean you can't. Then without flushing it do you hear water running your own occasionally. We know nothing running in. Don't care. Oh on the Soviet the only thing I can. It could be yet it could be who we take the cover off the toilet tank every open there be a white to come up the middle. And MLB a little black pose going into that sewer water level is on armed fund unmet. Hum up against odds of that white too sometimes they'll set those things together good flush a little bit higher in the water will get to the top of that tube. And then just trip over usually if that happens and you hear the toilet flush by itself. From the other thing you could be as you could have a little bit same debris. This mess and after seeing could be in the flush felt. Sled left flush fell stay open ever so slightly so waters go through that little black Toobin just dripping down Michael tie attrition and com. Take that they could be the same kinds of problems. If you call the plumber out to look at this year you welcome. You to abide by Jane. Made a plumber should be able to kind of isolate all that stuff that she's gonna come out champagne or make house Thomas will get her match right. Right I'm all right we've gotten lines open 809 to 11107045. Cent I don't know 1110 give us a shout. Dave who while and while we got lines open I've got a couple member well I think we had about 4:5 things this morning come in defense and offense pose is probably a little more complex we can tackle that as a whole topic but there was some. There was a sequester how to wire nude doorbell and replacement Parsons suffered doorbell. We we could take you through that replacing the the transformer and and then all the things but in reality anymore why bother just go wireless. I mean. Your wireless doorbell they're great I mean it's that it's not like new technology. I think if you listened to all these. Security company commercials now on online online and in whatever they're all. The tiger running you can do this yourself it's easy this 'cause are all wireless systems. So problem if you're if you're fiction and doorbell. This could you know come and gone south just don't even bother with the wires just. Pro wireless one and they're not super expensive. And numb. And wires Jessica thank. There you go yeah I. 800. 9811107045701110. Years shall we got line's open right now actually kind of sore this morning than usual. You know Chris it's just my luck this can't seem kind of like us. Yeah well. So you wanna you wanna tackle fencing and got a few minutes we can't. So so the question that started was hey you I just need a sense of fence posts and com my neighbors and I can just stick in the ground and throw concrete around them. Proved he could not necessarily the best way. If you got your holes in places which is another whole challenge I recommend just bite the bullet and get into a two person harder and and cut cut and over those holes. David I don't know what you do and I've done and I could. Rock in the bottom of the hole. Set my post on the rock. And then poor you can use post mixed which is which will you don't need it's in this country that you don't need to mixtures of the water from the so rule actually. You know cause it to set. 10 AM and so that would be the easiest way of I don't think I would just dropped that thing in the ground. I would put little stone dead on the bottom tamp it down and then drop your post on that bet. Very count that as they usually post messed it makes it you can't and yet depended on how deep the postage you don't necessarily have to use concrete if you don't want you can always packed dirt around the please turn your shovel over to use it poked a dirt. Are loaded up you know hook quarter of the way packed theater Tampa Tallahassee Tampa but it. And and you'll be surprised if you put a post of the ground two feet just in the dirt. Tom that's a that's a great way to do it and of course I've seen people put gravel around the entire post so. Camps now though but but but make sure you just the idea is just gives some stable at that they adapt base for Watertown that we just had drainage expressly in the clay soils. All right let's talk to Joseph from states Phil good morning Joseph your home improvement redundant power you. Maher got longtime listener are just about out of of leisure marine layer some. Slight child for a portrait in the league match like what drew you treat children at this garbage out. We're a world record their best to do it or what good you should. He. Well I mean I think that's what they use when they're trying to clean the the the mortar are off aren't they actually make. Some products now for brick I can't think of the name of it. I'm attitude at your bricks at the brick supply house they'll have it for for cleaning. The brick after after it's been installed. If you have a sloppy Mason. Don't. I come but. The after it's done they make that product and its its its its asset but I don't think it's your attic guess it's a different type of clear and I cannot think of the name of for the life of me. All we can right now I can't and you have may street cleaner com. Anyway that's that's what's recommended. Now say thirty use a safer for other materials to get sonnet but. It builds it'll do a really good job of of cleaning if there's any excess. Mortar. Or Thorsten set whatever he's I'm not sure what he sat it and so. I'm gonna shoot curious bit water irreversible look there's going to vulnerable. I'm in it may work you know why and it's it's it's the simplest thing in and John are big proponents of that so. Always start with the the least and move up to the more aggressive chemicals. A world. It did and it does it does it's this is this is a really good simple cleaner. Yeah there are so check or so just I think. Then you're at a gas it is not good as a general rule it Industrie and so this also is saying stays close and neutral PH as you can actually. Detergent. But they're there is is good it is more about a mile and agitation. Unless it's really polished but arm. Carl vegetation with the detergent you know Lhasa today as vinegar and it. Caucus that that this morning things about slate is as it is a cleavage factors like really good but it'll also it'll it'll armed. It's very susceptible to like ascent etching so we used to be closer to neutral and clean it but I'm. We don't know what our what our work quarters mile apart barrier so it sort of spoke. General block it from outside so it was yes. What about Barbara is that it is there an actual brick group while territorial. Maria. It's slick. Feel a lot better admitted that it's just ordered. Yeah yeah this that's why wanna use a low glossed sealer. For that it's almost flat you really just what the ceiling properties were no shined. It's good to. Presidential look at orbit doesn't order sort of brought their full standard political groups you can't. Depends on the type the sealer. Analysts say and hang on saying just make sure we got squared away all of all the way Joseph this is home improvements on Dave. Welcome back this is whole crew with John and Dave I'm John Borden I'm Dave Goebel. How do we get a place where way I thought we as a sudden hanging out with. It. Fresh Simi we lost Timmy at a pay question because of that earned a break so it's it's a little sorry if you wanna call back we'll get your I didn't. Joseph from states bill. I'm. Sorry that we did we were gonna try to take off the air but we want to look up the job the proper sealer for your slate. It's so it's not slick. It's it's an impregnate her seal her trading dads and penetrating sealer so it it it goes sin and this is for Iran have its has slate because it's. It'll protected keep her from getting stained but it won't make it slicker on top when I say slicker because a big gets wet. It's it's it can have a little they can it can be a little bit slippery. Trump is like can be slick and slippery out without anything on it so just whistling cautiously across Tom so you wanna keep it clean obviously but but she want you really do need to put some type of the sealer C need a penetrating sealer. And that wall though they'll go down and if you drop some thinner. You know if you get leaves or stain serve somebody spills something on it and you you should be out cleaner right up. Tom but it is porous so you wanna make sure that that you do put some type of a job penetrating sealer on it. Tip and then stained take gets things off for taken to the stuff off of it just treated like would thumb but this this deal won't. Is is is good just very wanna make she yells fuel off seals get rust marxists you know I guess what. But I'm still won't will blow Boston out because in an intruder actually agreeing to slate right arm NC just wants all the great. All the grain and then not in you can also use an aggressive. Synthetic stripping pant. From Garnett because it's going to be the equivalent of of steel wall can't remember the color but I think I think green. Comedian making black is actually the stripping the most aggressive the most aggressive aggressive and I think green. As somewhere between and then red red is also scrubbing a scrubbing pad so then why does the offer why is buffing correct. And okay that'll take care of that but. You know I by those John I go to the over two tool renal. The end I'll buy those pads once while that we just take a pair scissors and cut amok. That's exactly what I do you prefer because I use it up when I do the Tom travertine tiled floors I use the greens. To get the Ali. Soft soft though does so. Often that I buffet all out with the white deer thought I was one up on you know so welcome lower condone people who live maybe you. You know you don't thousands of more tricks and our that I could ever. Think I don't think so. But it and is it works really well it does it's it's it's a good way to do it and and you can by the little Scott sprite green pants in the pac which are very inexpensive but. I like the thicker pat. Com that you buy 'cause those are those are like death three quarters of an inch thick that you by the gonna buff further rounds I've for the big rotary buffer that's right. So they they work they work well in also Cottam and put him on my out palm Sanders cut that whole lot we all saw. Who can now make a perfect and then you just need to third on your palm say entry to work that way today. Just can't get it too wet. Right. I'm month a lot of hours and I'm one of those buffers we'll hear it every tip. All right here comes. A number's 898111070457. Dollars and ten gives a shout. If we kept that I'm sorry I'm under recap the and it brought to reduce that I know we did not we do not. For Roger in Greensboro what that with the sulfur smell. Where we are right it's an aluminum rod but the zinc coated aluminum. Anode rod does what you want I'd I'd I'd. I knew something was wrong and I went in and look that up so. Most water heaters come with a magnesium. Water. And it rod. They don't they don't do very well with. Well with well water so you can you want to zinc. The zinc coated aluminum rod is in there that wolf that will do better that gets rid of that rotten egg smell that sulphur smoke that you didn't that your talking about. So hopefully Roger still listening to end we didn't. Who bought set up to bat. Every out there there you have it and then come I didn't go online to look because I think but but he is gonna have to go back with the you know with the digital. Not electronic digital but the ditches enough in the event around to get a backdrop and thanks. Or you could just for a hole is tough for the countertop and kind of go and stay away from your call bright. Dot. But. They're out there is a question about stripped or cracks faucet handles. Remember the ol' mean this is go back to us I guess seventies and eighties the big Fella crystal plastic looking ones. And I moderate my own devices like this could be time district place a sausage you can get a good Fossett eskolaste a long time without getting a second mortgage. But if there's a bunch of different ones in the shower you don't wanna change Amare out com there's even go com and pick up a little device. From what I say crack is stripped out it's like a little part that you know screw down you can actually a little plastic insert. If you go to roots of the hardware store home improvements are known people as well but the Diet Coke products hmmm that's a little insert. And arm until it's it's back up in the broken piece included if you want to and then that it will accept your screw this effect over the hump. Bob over this then and there is different configurations of the stem which you I think they have several different little pieces and that packages or repair kit. So if you if you love those big if and they are easy grip that's for sure. Harm not as easy as a lever in my opinion but Tom then. This season Richardson. And standing and you don't and you don't and that's and goes up so that we just depleted my little blog. Question isn't all just this time because of Mary from this amid low key end. Lows in Virginia Virginia yeah. She chatted noted here worsened platter dishwasher so we come back wolf it's that question about that Mary from the looks in very got a little kids machine. All right don't go away homo crew with John Davis coming back to back this is home from north done a Dave I'm John Gordon I'm Dave Goebel. Right now we're gonna talk about Mary from mid Lothian is Mo machine that scattered disk. Washer. She says that she's she's got a 27 year old dishwasher. That has had a voter coming out of it does on the shower and move out Tancredo. A little odor coming out of it served for the last year so. It's probably some build up in those in the drain pipe would be my my my thought our may be even into the palm itself but. This this the technician came up tour that maybe she should dump some bleach there it. Mom not sure if that's gonna take care of eco tribe vinegar. Tom and maybe 11 thing that works but it. I'm not my suspicion is John is that she has does the some build up in the pulpit in the drain line that leads to the saint where drains out. Oreo so Torre seven years old I don't know Tom I was just born but Tom for the video. Then does that add a little straighter at the bottom of that and Demi was Federer who got sick when yeah I think they always had a a screen. Think I checked that screen and make sure that there's there's no spotter stuff gets washed away but if she got a chunk of folks down there. And a half. That's a technical sir that is a very technical term watch out for phones that comes in chunks. Hi my suspicion is she has built up by that comment final funk the last got a funk build up this drug involved until it mentality there's some funk involved so so but the it was Seattle in the homespun letter may preliminarily for it is. Hang rang yet the jury can you create did that you don't put deep dish is an average around the dishwasher. Empty but she put detained in Spain where you're so would be. And thus supposedly the Edgar annuals wolf. Well pleasant dissolves and all that well that doesn't all resolve their kind of scour the pump in and. I goes on through so but I think he could use vinegar or to keep you use lemon juice or lying Jeter is armed. You could even use probably when you're a little C does Cecile on clr clr clr fees there if that's the mineral build up arm. And I think he can also put even though orange glow. Because of that though the cleaners I think any of that thing with citrus citrus in it but at 27 years old. He's gotten a goody out of that we get an arranged hanged and the last thing out there. That's is paying you need. But yet so. Tom was so there's a couple of tricks to get tried those in the end and see if it works obviously one run net you can you can run it with a vinegar in it what is it when I heard a thing armrest up and I'm not sure about. I guess lemon you saw or lime juice would would would work but the acidic. A world the acidity will work on that a little bit help clean it but. Ran it 27 years old that pipe is probably got does quite a little for quite a bit of build up bonnet so that that voter may be backing up. Also. I'm depending on where it's connected to you on the scene at. Now you have to you run. There of the pipe comes out of the bottom of the dishwasher. The post and then when it goes to the camp that you're supposed to run it up up above. Vote of the drain so where the drain is in the sink in it's it's it doesn't loop. And then you run it back down and connected so whether it's connected to a disposal. Or two a job of both the the tail piece let's tailpipe. We'll also have they can have a fitting time for the for that posed. Com so it's not looped up you could be getting this odor there. I continue its past I doubt it because it's usually above the trapped there Gator above the trap but she would get he could get disposal. Voter in the air but that Luke he creates a little trap and holds a little bit of water in the air. And that could be the other thing is that it's just that water sitting in there in the phone book that John is talking about. They're not you do you just can't get risk itself. The next thing would be to change the husband if you're gonna do that I discuss their new audience get it didn't get a new dispose all yeah I mean a new dish far. Sure it in and get this taken care of the newer fresher called disposal breeds. It's just like if I doubt you'll get 27 years Saudi and an excellent side as well as some tournaments Fisher and cycle thing there they're they're pretty well built well yeah. Look out on out. But I I would expect that the age of that dishwasher has something to do. Well with the under at least that components from that we're talking about the pomp bread at the palm and right at the credit post. To give it a good doniger purging. With a win. They're environmentally phrase it is safe chemical like music series that would would be a probably good if he's good percent. Com David while wolf we've got some time and I lines are open a joy here's how we set some time in 8981110. We're 704571110. Housing them in the meeting with fellow a large multifamily actually senior living group. This weakening and it's amazing the crazy things such talk about at length there for the role of the debates that ensued was whether these new no wax or better than wax rings. Wax rings for toilets. Were better than. We're better than. Just traditional lecturing have you used to the new ones I have are what what are your thoughts. I'm I'm I'm old school I dislike the wax and that that was that that was the consensus is this group also an and they were old guys like me who. The army. They they did this this this feeling was look for refer. 89 cents apiece you can double up on a wax ring and I think the real advantage one of the advantages this if you're not perfectly. Level on the with that with the new one you can take it up then and receding without scrape and all the whacked out stuff like that I just say stack QX rings and get our life. Well I had a ideas that check it beforehand. Before you ever pull the toilet is you are given the wobble sassy just grab hold of from left to right. And see if it twists Wanda and see if it's rocking you. Com and if you notice that it's that it's rocking a little bit than you know that you can either go with the thicker reinforced green. Or you didn't do too thin ones like you're talking about John I I always like horror and high you Zorn. Because they don't like I do it every day I don't blow our place in my diesel horn pretty that's that's my favorite I always feel more comfortable with that because it tends to. Then it tends to guide the water. Down into the saw part of which is what you want so. I'm. Hello tell you what made me sort of chuckle the gentleman for Arizona. He's like well you know. Think about a wax ring in the back in my truck and a 103 degrees outside right and and that makes sense. Oh grade point. Did they can't be keep keep them in the back she'd keep him in the truck gift ninety sooner refrigerator he will house approximately cooler when he goes out on a call yeah that's just crazy you'd have to put a bit of cooler. Tom even if you put him into cooler left him in your truck they probably would be okay yeah calm through it without just another refrigeration pzena. Good gab but I'd I can totally see that being a problem mom yeah. Then they you know it's like a container in the north. You know what do you do with your pain you can't just leave it out in this didn't shed immediately bit and an unheated shop for you and un needed vehicle. You know you have to keep debt paid somewhere where all freeze up. Some physics about hey we can't work today. OK so block device they're investor and I don't believe that's any kind of here's for the pain either so it's not love. So it's not it's not too. See. I'm just looking through my notes here pop up Mora got plenty of questions here so. Yeah. Why did cinema mitigate it opens the world is global Mauritius are right. Started just to know was locked collage type homes. There was paintings do is paying over. The gas line outside did and rusted. Then you know what could they do they've hated and arrested you pay Russia judge so just to try to lock tight hum. We call run stopper. Forget the name of that now called extend extend thank you Harlem in India actually used view you wanna have a little bitter Ross left thumb when you do that because actually creates a bond. And then you can take you wherever you want I actually did. Tom DeLay until over my windows was fast so it worked like a champ at. This several years later now and I don't have spotter rust on us and I used to act she's a water British paint or paint over coffee here. If we have time we'll do our way it does Cody for mud Vermont had similar question but we got somebody coming up on Ayers we're gonna catch them so owners yeah it's a moment. Story Simone are you. How good her real fine thank you how we help. I have the we are thinking of the blue and Laura. I'm just trying to figure out what they're. But it really did they all go away and come back home from this car days what professionals you can go away and stay away. So calm it's it's good to get to ant traps. Who allege that she can buy a member of his. We get those and put those in the problem areas and yet and deal with that piece on the inside and as you say they'll probably go away. We talked about it last week. Something that did seems very effective and I'd do it twice a year is high by calmed a product called try as a side. Can disagree annual granular product. And I just break sprinkle that all around the foundation of the house so I get a residual barriers granular so when it rains if you did did just kind of soaks in an and his son. It's not a just a super harmful thing that you worry about pets and all that stuff. And then on the inside of the house Simone I use a product called ortho home defense. Do what I like about ortho home defenses. We can get on hardwood or carpet and not stay not a letter puddle up on the hardwood how spread wipe it down disorderly residual barrier. But I do the entire perimeter of the basement of the first floor of the second floor. I even go up in the attic in the fall once a year and straight down into this office and then try again and get it there at and that really seems to do the trick force. Hale is second we got a breakaway here's David is scheduled for more austere we'll do that Simone. Folks this is home improvements on Dave we wanna remind you that the most important count home improvement that you can make this a more than make your home happier place to live.