Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade Highlight the Increased Suicide Rate in the US

Vince Coakley Podcast
Friday, June 8th

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From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. This system fits Coakley radio program. Good morning welcome the broadcast. I wish I could say I'm starting out some good news today but. I'm not the there's a reason for that. Part of it driven by news of the day but actually. Not just news of the day but news of the week. I wanna speak. Heart to heart during this first segment at least. By now I'm sure you've heard the news about Anthony brewer game. Dead at the age of 61. Characterized as a chef and gifted storyteller. We took TV viewers around the world to explore culture cuisine. And human condition for nearly two decades. It's been quite a ride quite a journey. And the sad thing is it all came to an end. Up by an accident not by a bad health. That's. Ed mr. board gains only hand. He told himself. Comes in France working on an upcoming episode of his award winning CNN series parts unknown. A close friend of his found him unresponsive. In his hotel room. This morning. Here's what was put out this with extraordinary said this we can confirm the death of our friend and colleague Anthony per day in the networks and in a statement Friday morning. His love of great adventure new friends find food and drink in the remarkable stories the world meet him a unique. Story teller. I was kind of surprised as many are. To wake up and see this story. And yet the same time. The only surprise may just be the individual. 'cause the truth of the matter is. Suicide is a reality. There are people who. Choose to in their lives in this manner. But I think for many the surprise is. The effect that people seem to be on top of the world seemed to have everything going for them. Don't we many of us when we watched the lives of the rich and famous. Think wow. I wish I had this. I wish I could travel were not around the world like this in. Experience all these cultures and all of the fruit in it it just seems like Q. Everyone's fantasy. You hear other people say you know. This person's married to this person they seem to be happily married and things are so wonderful. On top of the world. And one of the things I learned didn't actually learned this many years ago just from my time in high school and college. Things are not always as they appear. Just sharing my own experience which I'll talk about little bit later on. I've spent a good part of my life at different seasons. Counseling and encouraging people in crisis in in challenged and as I said he does go all the way back to high school. How many times have I talked to that popular athlete. Or are. Whoever that person was her popular cheerleader when it. Just seemed to have. Everything going. For them at the time. And then privately. Whether it's at score at a party or wherever. You know I'm really having a tough time I've been depressed discouraged. I have a friend to. Who said serious bouts of depression. Who nick named me his. Well not just mine but. I mean he is but many others he referred to me is the foul weather friend. Such you know it's amazing to me how many people they don't necessarily wanna be your friend but when things are going wrong they always wanted to talk to you. And that is true. I'm not complaining about that right now. We also. Heard the story about Kate Spade. Designer. Died from suicide. Her husband Andy spade. They acknowledge she chef suffered from severe depression and knowledge they had been living apart for the last ten months. Interestingly enough. There were no plans to divorce. Kate's babe and her husband and business partner. And I want you to listen to be carefully on this next paragraph. Because it totally relies. What so many of us think about how. Happiness. And what we think we'll make us happy. Kate's favor their husband and business partner built an idea. About a handbags. Into what became. A billion. Dollar. Grant. Therapy that again billion dollar brand. Marked by an optimism. That resonated deeply with many women for almost three decades. Mr. Speights said. Those ripe for suffer from anxiety points during their relationship and marriage. Her serious bouts of depression only began about six years ago at the age of 49. Kate suffered from depression and anxiety for many years. Choose actively seeking help working closely with her doctors to treat your disease one that takes far too many lives. We're in touch with her the night before and she sounded happy. There was no indication no warning she would do this. Was a complete shock. And clearly wasn't her. There were personal demons. She was badly. Mister mister Spain they were married 24. Years ago. And started the brand Kate Spade together 1990. Three. And another brand they started Tony sixteen. According to mr. spade can maintain different apartments few blocks from each other continue to take vacations together. And their daughter. Splits her time between them. She was with her father the night her for mother's death. He just said that if he or anyone else the fairly had been shown the notes left by ms. spade. They've read about it's in media accounts. Reports that a private message. Part loosely shared with the media. It's kind of crazy isn't it. That's one of the sad things about this because. Being in the public guy. And wrestling with this can be one of the most disturbing things. We do you talk. Who do you talk with. We're gonna talk more about this and we're gonna talk about a figure just released on this subject of suicide. On the Vince Coakley ran your program. At fourteen minutes after the hour I wanna. Just speak to you. Maybe you're that person to his wrestling with this even now you've got anxiety depression. You don't know what to do. I'm gonna address stat coming up. I'm also gonna share some wild story. That I hope will be very helpful during the course in this broadcast today. And I want this to be a time of reflection not just for. Before you. Maybe this doesn't scribe you at all maybe you're not in this place at all yeah. But may be yeah your cards in your mind and your eyes and need to be open and yeah. And attentive to people around you and the possibility you may be someone who can help someone else. You may spots someone with difficulty that no one else sees. For that reason I stay with me on this. This is fiscal clean radio program. Photons and yeah. 20 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program over on the Tex lines and where it's kind of a mixed bag here kind of like usual. When texture sis I value my normal life and its anonymity over fame and fortune and keeping up from appearances it requires. That old saying the grass in your always greener sure isn't. Nothing is ever as it appears. Yeah. Then again you also have some other text here. That really concern me. Someone saying your board game was a jockey. Okay. And this. Why should you or anyone waste 12 yakking about some immediate they committed suicide attack how with him. Seriously. This is kind of stuff I read by every day by the way some of which I do net share in this broadcast. I hope this is just someone. I hope. Trolling to be a Smart Aleck. But I really believe there are a lot of callous people out there there's no doubt in my mind. And this well mister Coakley if you believe what you profess to believe especially in faith focus Friday. If any is burning in hell right now in my wrong. How my goodness. If nothing else. One of the things that we need desperately. There's a whole lot of compassion. And it's really Lackey I think our society's becoming more course. More. Insensitive. Now I'm not talking about political correctness not talking about that nonsense. But I think in the process. But some people thinking that they are being. Politically incorrect. And they're parading themselves in that. Along the way I think a lot of people are leaving their humanity. And aren't stopping just to consider that. Human beat X. I'm gonna take a little bit more about Nancy ordained in each. Feature some personal thoughts as well let's us start Cuban call for Matt it's good morning met. There. Sure. Yeah really there. Are out there and got caught up. Whether it's that it will but yet they apply it beat you this morning. We're having a very difficult time hearing you there receptions pretty poor I'm just ask you try calling us back see if we get better risks they're better reception this time around. Hopefully we will be able to hear exactly what you're talking about. Kids they was bipolar which is horrible disorder can tragically lead to outcomes like this and even worse for many. Ultimately worldly success does not satisfy those written down and increase EST is a few years ago but just a few. So well same boarding wanted to be like hunter S Thompson's so badly. But the first nice and multiple multiple messages today in the top of a mental illness and suicide. Yeah my first hand experience isn't what people wanna hear I would encourage you go back and read them if you were able somebody tick people off good. Maybe that anger can bring about positive peaceful change some will say I get it some will never understand. We have a problem honor and our hands ladies and gentlemen yes we do I'm gonna get to the stats on this is interestingly enough we've got new stats just out fresh. Fresh. So we will talk about that. So you understand how serious this is. Love this one take the time to ask people how they are doing. And stop and really listen in May make all the difference we all have stuff for me the opportunity to talk about it. Without that outlet these dots continued to grow yes they do. This is so important. Listening listening. Just so many times we don't know when to show up hey I'm speaking to myself here so many times. Fans I'm so thankful. That there are times I hear that still small voice of the holy spirit speaking mean to say Vince. Just be quiet. Listen. There are times when I'm going to see someone or. I'm just running into someone randomly. And I hear that voice just saying be quiet in amazes me I meet I meet random people they start telling me about their lives. Compare stories and their challenges. There's a recent. There are times I just need to listen. How many times do we ask people how you're doing and we really are waiting for an answer. Hey you do it. Do we really want to know. Sometimes it's that basic. Oh my goodness this texture says I wanna kill myself every morning I wake up but I keep pushing through and hopes it gets better I sure hope it does. I hear board name was and atheists a bad statistics show more atheist commit suicide than people of faith. May very well be. Mean very well be. People need to be less political. Politically correct. And show so much more compassion for each other yes that is very true. Rob people these people talking bad about this guy the same ones that preach christianity or nothing. Good for nothing. Well I'm not gonna finish the rest of this because we don't want to perpetuate the same kind of trash. It. Then unfortunately is out there. All the compassion in the world I'd stop somebody committing suicide it's been extremely selfish act a permanent solution to his temporary problem. You know that's. I think half true. Compassion can make all the difference in the world. It really can't. I believe and so intakes are life. The save understands there were with him waiting with open arms his love knows no bounds. This is a former pastor former. In French infantry soldier served in Afghanistan I tread take my life after I came home to my actions. My darkest day condemn me tour forever hell no they didn't. You to share more of your text. Sure some stats. And share a personal story I don't get cheered on radio before. That much more as we continue to broadcast year 27 minutes. After the hour of Ted Clark. We also have this you be surprised would listening or hug or good cry holding someone's hand will do. Just like keep that person here on earth with those who need them the most yes that can make all the difference in the world. I've had those moments with people. I mentioned this a number of times. We've got some callers that are holding and I'm just encourage you please hold please just be patient in this break. Because rob an opportunity to hear what Jim share. I'm gonna go into the stats gonna go to a personal story. And I also wanna share. Just some recommendations I would make if you're in that place maybe you're in that place today. Of depression discouragement. Things seem very hopeless. Thing not. Being on. Pre 9 minutes after 10 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Good Stokely ray your program 36 minutes after 10 o'clock. My friend Chester first of this this morning you'll forever be missed Nolan brought traveling to us like you did Anthony brewer Dayne is dead. A 61 hash tag another suicide. I wanna share this before he very quickly get your calls. I was talking with guys during the break. About this. I'm I'm I'm gonna develop this little bit further about the importance of relationship. Here's something you should know about Anthony board Jane this is directly from Wikipedia by the way. With its citations. That you can look up if you liked. But it talks about his relationships. Emeritus high school girlfriend 1985 there remained together for two decades to foresee in 2005. 2007 he married. Octavia. Your shot I believe it is together they have a daughter. She appeared in several episodes no reservations notably the ones. In Sardinia her birthplace. Tuscany in which she plays disgruntled Italian diner. Rome Rio Rio Naples couple chemically divorced in 2016. Here is the lion I want you. To notice. We're dean noted that having to be away from his wife and child for about. 250. Days a year working on his television shows became a strain. Think about that a moment 250. Days a year third 365. Days that means. 115. Days. At home. Out of a full year. That's just under four months at home a year. My goodness. Let's go to a call from Jennifer rocked kill good morning. And name amen and this in mount Healy talking about winning and it's against the lighting can really nuclear. Him on our current struggle early in the parent. Depression. And read that the court is the only. Let it hit struggle with food that we need people to not do. Even their only daughter Carter struggled with a pretty saying. And I'll. What I feel it's really important for animal. Is that we are an error occurred although we are and I didn't want everybody to note don't try to fix the problem. We did you know the work of her. That they are part panic fearing. You're gonna pick it probably didn't and number eight election US and make a lot he never got a lot of the problem. I Syria. Just to know that somebody cares. Yeah. Thank you for bringing the thought that there isn't a big issue and it runs but we only the Al. Jennifer do you have people around you who. Have their reader are sensitive and they know those times when you need that person. Oh yeah and Julie yeah everybody we we're very open you know playing here do not. Know how they get many late night with my daughter and in prayer and think that sort of sense for owner BitTorrent entered what. Jennifer right sir appreciate your call ends we wish you well ends. Crossing your daughter in your continued journey describe to us look months in Charlotte good morning. Buried on the move and don't look local page June while Cirque. Across the globe. Why did the suicidal thing that's what what you gotta have some other top and I mean this is very imperative to have someone to talk to if you go through and let. Whether it's at. I think is that if you're like oh like got a cultural thing because. Right African Americans really don't kill myself and they they may be to broke with people in the world you know but they still gravest threat we get something. And it flies but people they have everything. And they have a world they've made common enhance they take their life I mean I don't get it. You know listen nature sting observation I mean I need to look at the numbers on this is seems like I've heard something about this before. Amazingly as you described camera disparity in this area. I'm I would love to explore that further. That is kind of interesting because the mindset. Is very very different there's no question about that appreciate your call there in the months. That is so. You know I I do one looked up and see what I can can learn about that particular issue. Let's also wasn't a lot to Ed good morning Ed. There. I know. Yes sir. Look okay are a little look at this from a little different angle. And I hope I know it's appropriate. I'm seventy years old parent I'm Rebecca in Vietnam veteran. And I get my. Good good computer via. I'm Mormon. Painkiller so buicks. Headquartered a lot of talk about the suicide rate among oh really future. And however I'm not repeat it don't believe I'm on prescription wanted to take three to date. Forward to your pain. The equivalent to why I've got to paint. Them Buddhist medically very polite. And I know what I would do without them now I I've not heard anybody. Standing up. For the people who need to be open to. People who have never say anything. He is right you'll meet her not trying to media earlier very good it felt he's the only one that talked about people and pay. Emitted at Needham. Regular UBA. Couple weeks ago. Stating that according to their studies. Oh really have no effect. In pain management which is too much crap really and that. They are in the process. Of weaning everybody off will you weights and replacing it with things like yoga. And other links and I can't see. Me and my condition doing yoga. Class and I don't know. What I'm going to do. Without lying prescription. Drugs. Sometimes now. We will look at open to a escorting people have suicides and overdose just okay. Without them. Well wouldn't pain gets really Bayard. My wife just leave me alone in my eastern counselor myself I don't glare. Chris I can interact with people. And I cannot see. Living this way he put this severe pain in their Columbus. Once a month. What can you exception rather than rule could portrait that. I'm Ethiopia which I don't know have no idea how I'm gonna come convention shoddy. Why I certainly hope this doesn't happen and we're up against hard break here but so we certainly wish you the best we appreciate Colin appreciate your service to the country. And hope that this is not taken away from you. 44 minutes after the hour 10 o'clock the Vince Coakley ran your program. Comic goodness well. And it doesn't make your great point here. That's there's been so much attention on this or cured subject didn't I get the problem with concern about abuse. Yet the same time how many people are in healthy weight managing their pain and managing this medication and it's not a problem and I think there's a risk here a real risk that we overreact. This happens a lot in our society doesn't. We see a problem. And we overreact and we put everybody into the same category and see where we've got to pull back on this. Didn't listen to skip back to individuals. Where country of individuals. And it's important we remember that so we don't treat everybody the same way. Because everybody has different needs in yeah. That's got to be kept in mind we're gonna talks about some stats coming up steam this. This is this Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock prince took the radio program Charles. Intrigued by the statement from our previous callers. About subtraction suicide. Actually looked up some some information on this this is really intriguing stuff. Quite intriguing I'm looking at a graph for instance. Showing US suicide rates 2001 to 2010. Comparing blacks with the total population total population. The rate per 101000. It's about. Ten point five. That's the suicide rate. Overall you know word is for blacks. It's around five point five. It's pretty extraordinary. I'd be curious to note some and I mean I haven't had time to read all this information. If five point 37 suicide rate for blacks of all ages slightly less than half of the overall US rate. A twelve point 08. Suicide the sixteenth leading cause of death for blacks of all ages third leading cause of death. For young black males. Ages fifteen to Tony for that does not surprise me at all. That is definitely a very challenging area. All the black suicide rates are lower than the overall US rates suicide affects black youth at a much higher rate than black adults. She was said third leading cause of death among blacks ages 15124. Since the black community the United States is disproportionately young. The number of deaths among young may have a particularly strong impact on the black community. Black Americans die by suicide a full decade earlier than white Americans the average age of blacks who side to seasons. 32 that of right deceit and it's 44. This is all interest in information which I won't be intrigued to read later on I wanna talk about. Stats that are just went out there fresh. These numbers are quite interesting and I think the trend line. Lot of concerns. Suicide rates increase by 25%. Across the United States over nearly two decades inning in 2016. This is from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 25 states experienced a rise in suicides by more than 30%. More than half of those who died by suicide had not been diagnosed. With a mental health condition. That's scary. Doctor and sure shipped principal deputy director of the CDC. So these findings are disturbing suicide one of the top ten causes of death in the US right now it's one of three causes that's actually increasing recently. So we do considering a public health problem. Something all around us. The other two. Top to. I'm detained cause of death that are on the rise also members and drug overdoses. 45000 lives lost to suicide. And in again I'm not interest in getting the politics this morning. Isn't an interest in Ito let all the talk about guns in gun control. And this is not to downplay. The terrible events that have happened at schools. We lost 45000. People suicide last year. 45000. So a lot. Chris Alyssa. CNN's has this suicides eventually board daily Kate's day this week are reminder no matter how successful wealthy or seemingly happy you are. We all battle our own demons. Reach out to one another. Do you stigma ties depression addiction and anxiety. We're all in this thing together and that we are. I wanna share. Some of my story with you. Unfortunately we don't have time to do that right now. Because we're coming up against a break. I wanna put this idea out Hugo. Well. I need to save that for the next hour as well I don't want to started thought raid in the middle. I want this I want this to be a negative I don't want this to be something depressing how oddly enough. I want this to be something that is redemptive. And hope there's takeaways from this program today we're not necessarily gonna spend the whole time on this. But hopefully something we can take away three and encouragement to ourselves and others. Then we'll do this right here and Vince Coakley radio program. As we approach the top of the hour with news. I'm gonna be sharing just from personal observation to gonna share my own experience as. I can definitely speak to some of these things. And I want to share that this is probably the first time talking about some of these things on the air. But I will do so coming up in the next hour. Bands in the process sharing. What's been very helpful for me especially during the darkest times of my life. And so what I continue to practice today which makes all the difference in the world. It's not just a simple let me just say this it's not just as simple as saying I'm a Christian. And they read my Bible and I pray you know that's nice and that's wonderful. But there is so much more. So much more. We'll delve into some of those things as we continue broadcasts into the next hour. This is dolphins. Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Harris exposing alliance. Exaggeration. There are too many go to some street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiated better deal for the last like OJ Simpson saying don't rather find the real. 1106 are never two of our broadcast. We're talking about suicides. Sadly this story that is surfaced this morning about eight feet per day and he has taken his own life. In the previous hour we had a caller who mentioned something which is factual at the suicide rate is lower among blacks. Here is. One person speculating about the recent black vs white suicide rate. Vince look at the percentage of atheism a long black hearse right significantly greater percentage of rights. Are atheists then what exist among black population that I know to be true. This person saying I believe there's correlation there could very well be. People commit suicide or quitter should leave behind a big mess for someone else to fix. The only people who need compassion or the children. These selfish individuals left behind well I'd. And this thing yet to do is focus on. Showing compassion toward those people before. And hopefully. They won't create a situation where they leave people behind to clean up a mask and believe me I've heard these stories I have friends who experienced this. With relatives. With parents. Ends yes it's pretty ugly. Also. This person saying does it matter were color they are what's more shocking is we allow humans to fuel suicide is the only answer. Taking up more of your calls before I go into a personal story let's go to Stephanie good morning Stephanie. Good morning Larry air right. OK at all and our experience our what melanoma. And first Arlen fortunately the great importance for people but most people don't take it drastic Jenkins the Lou cute suicide. But there is bang and single. Which account. And it's wonderful target have been going our fifteen year here in the Charlotte area. So their way through what he can't go out. Go to some you know it's super group that people understand what it's going aren't any could go it you know anonymously. Can I keep need to work in people that's that's. Okay www. Dear don't dog. Beer than they. Are at day. Dot org. I want people. That there is channel that they. Still hostages they hold they're their dream and are lit at eight after. I hear you why do appreciate Karl there Stephanie they slot for. Sharing with us subscribe to stand in clover good morning stand. I'm into areas more rights. Market but I want hobbled out there on suicide lights have gone up. Some. I personally think. Well they secular humanistic and that we hate people like to your creative acts of randomness. Evolutionary theory that you want greater wonderfully but that's our purpose. I think it apparently guerrilla they have a purpose and likable created by god it makes owning critical new meaning for their life. I would certainly agree with that that makes a cruel. Pretty big big difference to have some respect their. The spectacle earlier happiness and I looked at that they grow up and ends as you look at the graph but output shut our rights are going. They tend to go. During recessions and then after it happened more likely than women to commit suicide. And so when you. When you all the sudden have are the breadwinner in her working and we're standing consider them irresponsible mount Sutton. You're having a consensus question because you know longer consistent about it finally. I money you're not happy anymore. It tenth attempt to get that about the game. Unpalatable to Motorola converse on the bubble Jobe. We've just gotten down and despair all his friends wanted him to Kirk got and a and yet it did not what you think how it turned out for him. So I hit it hard you've got to have people around. Who will not try to convince you to do that our electoral or drag on year perhaps somebody in your life. That's what really lift you up and out of despair that make all the difference in the world which has people to go through that they can come out of it they can go by Utley normal productive last. You're absolutely right so yeah appreciate your call their stand on and it quickly going to. Some of my story I experienced. Extraordinary depression in my late teens or early twenties. It's pretty dark time. Very very dark time. And which you. Which you see with people kill themselves. Is a point where they lose hope. Now my hope is in my. Current in this is a key thing might currents are ongoing relationship with Christ. That's what makes all the difference the world for me. And it's. As I look back on and that the extended period of time where I was going through depression. What made all the difference in the world news now that relationship with Christ but he. Support system of family and friends people around who know what's going on. Grunt telling everything sharing details about what's happening. And I don't even like that word accountability. Its relationship it's fellowship. People know hey this of what's going on I'm gonna stay in touch for this guy and make sure he's okay. I'm gonna touch base and see. You know not just as a obligatory thing the fact I hope it's not obligatory. You know I'm gonna make sure hey how are you today how are you really. People are gonna ask that question. If you're in that place. To me. One rout obviously is professional help. A starting place find something one thing to be thankful about it think about reasons to live. Maybe it's people. To be family members. Ask god for help and be real about what's going on. I'm gonna talk a little bit more about this because you know I've experienced the I'll just say some some trials these past few years. That I a we think going to lose detail about and what has made all the difference the world from me we're gonna share this. As so. As we continue to broadcast this morning. I'm wondering sending its really important. I think people have this idea that you you know you've got to be formal with god. You know what sometimes. You gotta just be raw. And just come on say you know what this thing is really screwed up. And if you don't help this. You know I'm not enemy to be honest. You have to say it's around because he knows anyway. Could share more my story coming up stay with us. On the Vince Coakley radio program fourteen minutes after the hour 11 o'clock. Dance I would add to this. Identify. And reach out to faithful people in your life faithful friends family whatever. Who were going to stand with you not fair weather people my people are gonna be like OK that's nice now let's move on something else. Faithful friends. Fans in some cases. It may require some professional attention that's fine. But I wanna share at a very important thoughts. And this was revolutionary radical for me. You know I've I've been a Christian a good part of my life but there's a thoughts about god. That I did not consider seriously until just a few years ago I'm gonna share that. And it's gonna blow a hole in a lot of what we think about of Americanism coming up. This is fiscal clean radio program. And it's after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program I was just sharing some my story. And it's are saying what's really made so much of the difference. Is that early relationship with Christ but having. Just. The small circle people around me. Just faithful friends and I will tell you. This past few years. Have been very difficult for me. Some clear mandate may tell more specifically about what those challenges have been. I'm not ready to do that yet. But I will tell you this. The reality of God's presence. And the reality of faithful friends as I described. Just makes all the difference in the world people you can be honest with completely honest with. They're people I've called in the past couple of weeks. And I just let loose. I said this is what I'm feeling. And I'm thankful for friends like this I guess here with a different mind just the other day I had a couple of challenging days. Fans I reconnect to this friend of mine who I met several years ago had a great time of fellowship program lunch. The things that he shares were just on the money. I mean it was like they were served directly from heaven itself. Here's that brought I want to share with you before we take more of your calls. One of the things I'm very concerned about. You is. Loneliness. And I think we have a culture which is. Ironically. For all of social media connectedness. There's even more loneliness than ever before. I also. I think one of the biggest dangers that we face is the quest for a so called independents. By the way this friend of mine. We recover station the other day he said he thinks this is one of the biggest myths. That Satan has unleashed on the earth this idea of independents he says there is no such thing I should have. My friend Dan on this program very issue and talk about this here and here's the thought I'm gonna share it you that you may not have considered. And for all of my years of Bible training and church. This thought just hit me several years ago and I wanna hear you with it. God is not an individual. God himself is community. Father. Son and holy spirit to trinity. Think about that for a moment. So food that held do we think we are. When we attempt to be Lone Rangers. So I think we've been sold a bill of goods. In this area. I'm not talking about being overly dependent. But there is a healthy measure of inter dependence. First upon god and secondly with each other. It's divinely design it. No and we're relates to marriage for instance. What you guys say about Adam. Snyder could that he is alone. I will send the helper. Do we really grasp the reality of what that means go back to what I said about Anthony board Jane. Sharing of his own life being away over 200 and some days out of the year. It takes a whole. We were not created to be alone. Just think about that. Tried to Steve good morning Stephen welcome. The morning event. I'm a lot of your program this morning as I've been holding analysts think I have to tell you I agree with each and every one of separate point she could have just made in the last three minutes. The purpose of my call this society the first of all my only. Credentials on the capitol on for over eleven years. How some. That's a good thing. And I think that certainly beats the alternative. And and I also made it through things just add to what you said. I think we all have to be very careful about the messages we get in our head it's. Yes it's such stuff that's coming through that. Some of which is definitely. Intended. True defeat you destroy you yes. And you just have to learn to recognize that the voices in your head that are intentionally destructive to you. And take a firm stand. And just say to them. Topic. I don't wanna hear from you anymore. You are here to hurt me. And so that's number one that I've had this experience I can tell you that's true and I can tell you there war. A lot I mean and it really is free and just to be able to recognize the source. And the intention of those messages. And how on the goal away. Second as a very good friend of mine here in Charlotte a lady no mention her name. But as on the same. There is no problem too big orgies cards. So seeing him play. Do you just never gonna look at that that that those are my comments from. Tea and those are great once I do appreciate your call their Steve really good stuff here absolutely awesome. Josh I aimed. Because the subject matter. I aim reluctant to say you've got only about a monitor so there's so we can carried through the break what are your thoughts this morning share. World. Firmly with so. I believe in strong network of people to prevent that from happening. And I think basically. Just have a good network of people argue belly could help other people about it. And trying to get out of it dictated negativity. Yes you're absolutely right in right in that this is where so many people from the cracked said thanks for your call Josh again this. Just have you know you know hopefully at least a few people that you can call on it and it's a moment's notice. And many people willing to drop everything. Dropped everything and say hey you know what what do I need to do how can I help you. And it's I can tell you friends like that. There are hard to find him very much so. As we continue to broadcast your 247 minutes after the a look at the date in history. But we'll continue to take your calls in your tax on this subject as well. We're not closing the door in this. You with Vince Coakley reading your program. And she we've got a lot of good text along the way as well and lots of good text people who are. You know or just right on the money this release intriguing your reliance on the invisible guy in the sky puzzles me really. I got news for you he's an invisible to me that's the key thing. So what that makes all the difference in the world. A person bringing a diffusion sixteen and eighteen armor of god we're in constant battle I think that caller who is kind of hinting at this and that is right on. We have to recognize this is a spiritual battle when you wanna recognize that are not even if you don't think you're under assault. From spiritual forces. The truth is we all are in some fashion the question is are we going to receive those fiery darts. Or are we going to accept them as friends too many of us except these negative. And destructive thoughts and ideas. We take diminish our friends. That I. This is fiscal clean radio program. And 36 minutes after 11 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program which had some people say wow this is depressing. Discussion today. But on the other hand we actually had some people say the very opposite. In fact. I want different mind troops are written in and said. He actually knows disperse those referring to. I think I know your friend what she had lunch with the other day and she was absolutely right. And said loving today's show thank you very much rob. By the way. Before you go to Samir calls I'm gonna tell you we will give some other things including the day in history and I'm at his stamina share a story of Vince Coakley is profound stupidity with you yesterday. Something the idea it was absolutely stupid and how I recovered from it you're gonna it's gonna blow your mind. It really well it blew my mind. I thought this was good but going to be the worst date ever that the worst effort but. There's something really stupid that I did. But I'll go into this in just a bit first let's go to Dave good morning welcome. Good morning they'll tell you how right. Well thank you for your heart toward their true that's true professor about how the actual picture of our throat. I'm not a trained professional war memorials almost to a counselor and more fair but fortunately. Yes that's Kris put me and yeah it is known each cheerleading is different. There are a lot of them where they followed the one thing that says I always try to do not being as to look at the person that sank in pro ball into the front door. Because nothing you can bring to do yes. Is to get to a future truck with a poll particularly. I can't do it enough Trout and it's gonna work and the other thing is I look at people and the vast majority of the time votes of course far believers. Thought that I although it's certainly drew out of gods that you how do you think outpatient. And we just only walk on the site and they start child knows how blatantly themselves. And the answer to that is always. Know Gupta the issue is this child to get tired. And just to assemble light bulb go off as well. It is truly amazing god going to totally very real at Ford for the right now what you get over this. Yeah there you talked about. Haven't similar to talk to there have been many sound that there was still around who people and patrol boats and the true true always the end maybe. Well may not safe or they're not our. Yes at Wimbledon we'll get to looting and now director thank you fortune built from the. Had that amazing. Yeah so it wouldn't I do we except that it is here yeah I know we'll look at Europe very ordinary you know there. Yep I get it completely get it Dave I appreciate your call by the way there's a steady ten years ago I need to re read this there's a study done years ago. And I know there are some professionals are pro American like me saying this. But it's not all of this hocus pocus. Experts. Imports. That really makes such a difference in people's lives when it comes to counseling you know what Indians. Is conversation. I find. In our society we're doing less and less of this. So I think just as a prescriptive. Approach. I'm not even getting to the point of being depressed stirred or anything like that. Any prescriptive way just for us to engage in relates. Who'll probably prevent a lot of this and keep things from growing. That far down the road the first place Joseph good morning welcome. They didn't think it came back off. Thank you so. Saying and we want Exxon to melanoma. Back in 2007 Q 25 he's old. And I do have values that no one step up more. And our church and your own our own time he's. It was incredible. And I don't know how. We have gotten through with our. Nat support. They stepped up mourning my they had. Hulu app state. And neck and hard and it was harsh reality. But thank god for an industry group he is. One of them that I did it would volunteer. And I don't want to hear cash and that was probably the best course correction. For her. It is fair. He has excellent hurt excellent oh. You give yourself away in a neat boom. How government program that. To do they act and make us feel whole. After a quarter. Nothing can mean more easily and mr. I. That's awesome show but I appreciate you sharing that duty you know it's one of things is so important about this is I think one of the big problems is self absorption. And to be honest with you odds one of my concerns about its modern psychology. Is I really think a good part of it drives people further into themselves. I mean a complete look at the emphasis on self esteem that's me is the new religion of the past few decades. Self esteem. And spot I didn't fit in many ways that's been a very unhealthy thing and unhealthy. Emphasis. Here in America Fonda. Good morning welcome. Lorraine how I am Atlanta Connolly and big head got. Got a busy day with it because at the mill not advocate we have a very small opportunity. To talk about what I'm not. All the time something tragic happens happened and people calling up but one thing I wanna stay. They will not advocate an op apartment where they want to marry me. Here's what got the upper and I really want to realize that. 90% of people who got back what I don't help it do and the biggest problem is thick. Because people like bright people can't bear that eat eat your heart problem but when they look at that and we have known about it it will leak. We can't get it together. Somebody down but look I don't read the ugly comment. Feel we felt it yeah I want people and open at 82030. Years and whatnot that pop art. I did not want to dot. So hey Lou what what was pushing me to go all out there was not I and it got. And I'll also tell people you're. Aren't thinking warning sign I know that god because that day chart here people stay out there are no warning on. I'm quite apparent Charlotte then it won't be at the corner. More kids in the street where I am products. I bet I'll pay and I'm gonna hold up on this but it available to. We are in the morning I'm also wanna be given out the national suicide hotline call art. Let them with a warning sign that god. Because that people want to educate him. And have empathy compassion. We're going to milk out of it and we cut down on a lot of. I'm with you Fonda and forcing Europe gets a hard break here hey you go for it's and thank you for being you. Thank you very much we continue to Vince Coakley ran your program. 44 minutes after the hour of 11 o'clock still to come. I'm going to share a funny story with you it's funny the end of it is great started off wasn't too good. Analysts had somewhat of an up. Opened the disaster yesterday he does something profoundly stupid today did get a little advice. Don't do this. Don't make the mistake I made but. I am so glad and I able. I have no doubt in my mind divine intervention was involved in helping me to recover. From he really stupid mistakes you get a share that. And we'll also take a look at day in history and our final stretch of events complete radio program. 44 minutes after 11 o'clock. 1149 Vince Coakley radio program final stretch ends. We have time for just up one more brief called this is definitely some things are gonna get to before we takeoff here. Dennis can you do and about a minute. We have heard the thank you protect him a call I just want it to. Play that I will have been in that. Situation that the suicidal. Situation. And so artists. Just sat down one day and says look OK got you got to show me that you really exist. Contact. And he came up with this system and so okay how do the numbers you know multiplication. You know the addition. It's okay put the Devlin on the left put me on the right. Okay they'll start off with zero plus one. Well in the morning but now we will turn to one in new. Well it that don't look good. Saying okay what go to work go to turn. You grow press tune into equal to. We will turn to if they well definitely the OK let's go to war war in Iraq want is equal to one term wonder you. All right while we really want to rush to the story. One term to stay at two OK god if not what we can win that go one more time. OK to post who. Is equal so. What's two times and didn't. Full control weight. Right. That you ban. That's what that's all the time you've gone are the good and evil at this flying low level of your life. I won't in the group one foot owns. That they'll look to dress too and put your right foot on two turns to. Don't have a while away from bad about. I'll do it. And at that point. That's just like it besides what 2.5. So. What can parents. Twenty. I mean you know what I mean America that's our fans torn fabric too dark pakistanis. And it might well so. That terrible only keeps you. Do you hope throughout this. Up until some. And Neville won't you do rats to be at two plus two and recognize it too trust due to parents too is that the flying level. Although at that point that's where god takes control. A lot of numbers stared Dennis I'm a virtual we've got to go here that's a pretty interesting approach to things very interesting approach to things. We've got a very quickly do the day in history law and so this is gonna be a lightning ground. I hope you're ready for it are you ready for it after all the mouth on my short but thank you for 1940 dates June 8. This very very expensive car built number one as it was called and built 356 model what was it. Commemorating an old man was up Porsche it's okay. 1965. President Johnson authorize US ground troops to be used where 1965. Vietnam yes. In 1960 eights. Com. MLK's assassin. Arrested at an airport in London what was his name. Oman for your arm is OK you anybody else studios it was all right James Earl Ray corrected 98 lower probably what are your favorite movies released. And it wasn't scary at all. I was here in 1984. He was a comedy. Yeah did tune and tune to determine who doomed doomed. Dulles buster yours. It's RA your humming was too low he was terrible tumors and Melvin how would you do Pyongyang got to work on that. Have a great weekend man good to talk to you gonna try to tell this story quickly. Here's what happened yesterday eat meat I'm driving my car and I left my wallet and my phone on top of the car. Oh I drove off and I looked around looked around couldn't find it I'm skipping a lot of details here believe me. I finally came back to the rude where I think I lost things first I found my driver's license that had fallen out on the road. Then across the street. Ultimately I found my eight wallets. And then last and at least on the side of the road believe it or not I found my phone while this happened span of fifteen minutes can you believe it. Have a great weekend. I'm serious guys this drove me absolutely crazy yesterday actually it was my. Actually found might license first it'd been thrown out the Suzanne I think it left and on this hood or something. And what ended up happening is I mean I went back and forth on that street so many times. So the wallet and the driver's license or on one street the phone was on the main road which was really concerning because I thought. This thing was gonna get run over and smashed but fortunately was just a little crack its all otherwise. I ate and as you imagine him having all these nightmares of having to go go back to DMD that's enough. And then call and cancel all these cards. My goodness. But anyway I totally sure they did story with you because I recovered everything in this manner about 1520 minutes. Some ready for the weekend I hope you lock themselves to give women god bless you take care.