Anxiety, depression and your faith!

David Chadwick
Sunday, June 10th
 Dr. Carmen Teague, specializes in Internal Medicine at Carolinas HealthCare System, joins David to discuss anxiety and depression.

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Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is chocolate and 10993 WBT welcome to the show. In case you don't know this is a weekly shows that. Tries to intersect different issues in our culture locally globally. Through the lenses of faith and values it's always a pleasure having you be apart on this show now over eighteen years doing this together it's been a lot. I loved it thank you so much for listening on a weekly basis. And I think that got a great show for you today for those of you. Who yourselves or have loved ones whose rubble. With depression and anxiety wanted to try to address that from a faith and values perspective. And I ask won't look I have on the show who could help me unwrap some of those difficult problems people are facing today and thought yeah. Let's have doctor Korman he'd back on up for those of you who. May not know she is the director of internal medicine for atrium healthcare systems she is a friend that but he's also very competent doctor and knows this subject well Carmen thanks again for being on the show keep I have many well. What are what are you going through right now atrium Carolinas healthcare system to meet you mentioned in the right before the show began that the whole health care. Program if you is changing rapidly. Yes I would say that is an understatement Alec say that if you don't like a job in medicine to wait five years is skin which means. Healthcare is changing needs to Wear expensive it's difficult for patients to get the actions they need and I think we are in an ever changing environmental health care. They change from Carolinas healthcare system to a train health is just a name change and it reflects that where since growing as a system we acquired a system in Georgia. But I feet changes the bottom line for health care I think we getting better I think we're going to be doing a better job in five years for sure even. I'm no larger and merging with two large health care systems coming together just in this instance you think it's going to get better of. I have I'm very optimistic I feel like Gil played and we are active patients one on one basis. And anything Iran and has interest and I think we're gonna do a better job of managing health and taking care patients even when they're not sitting in front of us and team him. So what's the biggest challenge that you're facing today in the medical system. The ability to incorporate technology and all of the external influences such as payers and. Metrics and things we have to deal I'll still not losing this sacred relationship with the patient and cause I'm re saying to me one time that the EU preferred to spend your time one on one with the patient trying to assess what's the need. And in caring for the patient accordingly and not before a computer having always type in that in order for the patient to be. Properly follow. Silly me and I have talked about that multiple times. I think we all hoped that the introduction the electronic medical record wanted to be the saving grace for men and it turned out to be an albatross around and makes. Because we have so much data that we don't know what to do with and we do you feel like a computer is. Chopping block between us and patient how far. Do you believe a lot of changes in technology significantly helped in her own experience in the last six months. I no longer sit at the computer with the patient's face to face neat neat neat. Now I have my little I own economy and I talked to with the patient but it's a much better and action and I think it's discount to continue. And so the patient being able now to via computer via iPhone communicate directly to you or to someone in your office that's turned out to be a posit they cast. A possible. When a patient can send him message and asked me directly hate. He started dispensed with me and this isn't sinopec and I think at least I think it's kind of like I can respond directly. Without going through three phone chains wore multiple ways not to me back to huge plant and I think it's a better relationship with the patient and you've been able to state more in touch with patients because of technology last. In those entities absolutely but we worked out of cakes now but I do the ability to be able to communicate directly with patients and heard that patients appreciate it as well. Well than you have boomer patients who aren't as technologically savvy which I'm sure that's still a challenge until we embers go wanna go to heaven. But that's nevertheless still a way that you can communicate to people regular. I have to be honest I had an incredibly surprised another immersed airway more active on that direct channel and my younger patients. The and the patience last and answer Graham and snapped chat and Miami you know blue boomer patients are older actually sit down right well thought out messages and good questions and we can communicate and it's it's been an interesting journey. Interesting so for your position as being a high up a director and overseer. And you're watching atrium become a reality a change in the medical system here locally. You would say to all of whom were listening we're going through and stop this is change what would you say to them. Hang on is gonna get better. We have an incredible opportunity with the changes and health care to TU something we never done before and that does have a relationship with patients that is fluid leaking. Have communication and from there crown from there I phone from any venue when they are and I think we're gonna get there was still working out the kinks that it can get. Will someone once said the only person who likes change is a baby with a wet diaper has and it changes not a favorite for full fat you know if it is re now as the world advances for Carmen Teague is my. Our guest today doctor and Carmen what I really wanted to talk to you about the wounded in in the next segment is this whole reality on the increasing numbers of people who are. Anxious and depressed and and how we handle that from a faith and values perspective how we deal with this. Ever increasing anxiety problem right now is estimated forty million Americans are experiencing so let's jump into that when we come back it's great to have you on the show I'm David Chadwick will be. Right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick news chocolate denying freedom yeah. Welcome back to show. Well I'm looking. Ford just because of that you may know actually have a graduate degree in counseling from the University of Florida it preceded my call in the ministry. I actually was on track toward being a professional counselor. I had earned a master's degree and a specialist degree the next level was a Ph.D. or EDD. But then got in erupted that plan and decided call me the ministry so I am very interest did. In counseling and emotional disorders. It has been a part of my training and I've. Over forty years pastoral ministry have seen so many different cases that I have. Deep interest in this subject op anxiety says doctor Korman Teague on the show with me today is going to help us on wrap this problem with anxiety that's ever increasing in our culture. Now over forty million people have been diagnosed with anxiety Korman that's an extraordinarily large number over 10% of our population. In fact I think it's worse than real pilots say that you know one in four American could have died noticeable mental illness speed anxiety depression or something on expect from one out of four note paltry yes 25%. Of our nation wonderful while. One in four thinner in the four people look around that somebody had to die and I feel elements. And it's interesting. I worked at mental illness similar articulating Buchanan and also. To be a professional counselor also had a graduate degree in counseling. And spent a year working state psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane and indigent and change an ethical Carmen how did you do that I spent six months in a mental health. Practical in Gainesville Florida and it just about drove me Craig now he -- minister for we have three Jesus Christ into versioning on the same lock down unit it was. Conical a a a let. Are regrettable that a FT eight. I it was really connect to mental illness says intimately tied to the spiritual and physical. And I realize that I can talk to people till I was purple in the face and yours fell off the list he worked on the chemical balance and boring. We probably could not solve the continue mental illness and Alice in seminary in firemen getting a master's degree felt like there was something so maintenance and deepens and spiritual. Mental illness. In that psychiatric hospital so much the mental emotional hallucinations and solutions. Had spiritual components to them on like there's something tedious as the all time together. And I think that studied in the vicinity they're in graduate degree relies you know we are fearful wonderfully maintenance tasks together. So Alice you held them back to medical school in Peebles and letting them and I cables that film of I'm in primary care ash and much of my time taking care of thanks when he died in settlement on. That 74%. Of all mental health medications are prescribed primary care physicians and not that kind. Interest in. What you know biblically. And of course I'm a theologian now and I try to look at everything through faith and values perspective. The Bible teaches that were body soul and spirit that all three of those are part of who we are. And they're inextricably. Inter connected with one another so that what happens with the body will affect the soul or what happens with. The spirit will affect them the bodies so we need to understand all three are a part of one another. And if you really believe that faith which nurtures the spirit can affect the body in the sole and by the way for those who don't know the sole is that emotions as the mind and what we think and in how we make decisions and choices that we need to look at all three interconnected with one another so let's begin this discussion on anxiety with. Looking at aid not only definition and anxiety but perhaps a biblical definition of anxiety that may help our listeners. Anxiety is defined. As. Six months where your functioning in work school or social settings is affected by wearing. And your inability to get things done it over six month time period that happens you are diagnosed is an editor generalized anxiety disorder. There's irritability. Here is lack of motivation there's lack of concentration. There's a whole list of criteria in the DSM 45 criteria that are on. Consider what you need to check the box but I can spend five minutes with the patient and say you had an anxiety disorder where he had a depression disorder. And I am looking anxiety and depression two sides of the same money. They're both chemical imbalance in the brain. And the symptoms that you experience really depend on your situation station like what's going on around. So. Anxiety. Biblically. Is the word in the Greek Merom. And it literally means a divided mind. You have. To folk guy in your life figure looking at and they compete against one another and drain your life of life energy is that a faithful way of looking into. Thankfully I'm looking and I think that's why I feed depression anxiety to sat at the same point. It is your sentence can be on the press Saturday anxious depending on what's going on injured or not sometimes your depressed sometimes are anxious. And it's not a balance and there's not awaiting you can go forward. Your pay Steve Scott can lack of motivation is one of a sentence and if you look at the diagnostic criteria between anti any depression. To make technical diagnoses meany the symptoms overlap and they overlap because. It is not wary of stations and irritability a lack of focus the lack of sleep. The new changes Laurent. It simple body functions like eating and sleeping effective. So for people who are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder you're saying medications can help stabilize their mind. So that they can start making the right choices. I do believe that I eight and a pill pusher I own that I asked Bob and I recognize that people need to try. Lifestyle changes in ways that they can mean age and tiny and on the person and I do believe you have to have that abiding relationship. With a guy out of the universe. Or some faith to hold June and ground she. I have many patients that I feed don't have that say that they have other ways that they ground themselves. The big exercise I think that's incredibly important that he's been an exercise releases national endorphins and helps you mean it stressed. Of course eating right is all that's part of it. That is certainly you get to a place with just a chemical imbalance in the buying. You know not talking you know amount to anything else he can do you can help and there are mentions that are have -- help reestablish chemical parents to be convened at back on track and make better towards. So help our listeners understand. When might the necessary reaction to anxiety be simple lifestyle changes like learning how to exercise may be changing your diet may be drinking more. Clean pure water those kind of things vs the need for medications is there a line that you can draw the EC where hey. Now you just need to make some lifestyle changes note you need medications can you do that. I take it different for every single person and it's different for every single situation. Some people have a different reserve and others and how often and this crap patient t.s patients facts. They are different domains. That are affected. Wind anxiety depression. Public is attack ideally a Fuller an awful can get to 8 o'clock and nine on TV and everything insights ahead in the sense are you get to 8 o'clock at night he had touched eight. That's a chemical problem. On the number two sleep wake cycle when you lack can't get to sleep and I can shut off your mind are you waiting cheap things worry things like counties it's cut. Or if you do you go to sleep and wake up next. You wake up restored if if that's all the past probably can cause leaps and indicate the idea disorder tacitly. Now looking at your fees. Should take to figure into orbit. Intelligent so educated people Ali explode on other people but don't in fact they're afraid inning on hand think their. Snapped a Philip over who gets wrapped around a pole snapped me. That also can concentration if he can't stay on task to get things done it's affecting your ability to take care if FEMA to get your job and work. That is a chemical imbalance in the Bernie. Fourth and change your emotional state and how we are you happy are you sad I mean to your emotional state accurately reflect the situation your hand. Can you feel happiness and usually when you share. He feel sadness or remorse when you should idea for hat. Feeling nothing we all over the feeling multiple things at once again found the chemical. In the last campaign patients when Amir are OK if you are not. If you're not. To talk and says something more to do you like yourself when you look at them politically or are you. Guilt bring you feel worthless self critical hopeless and whenever I think. My self worth and I think people need to punish them for unique how to ERC created. But when you're so messed up chemically you can't get to the plate and sometimes it's time to start a chemical medicines something to help. And you're saying a primary care physician can't walk through that diagnosis with a person who's excessively anxious and be able to reach that conclusion rightly. I. From my background tonight he's most of us do because we do so much about our next actress to go around so we have carmakers and a lot of time doing it. In the reason that's important. Is that emotional mental health eating fatty depression so greatly affects other health care issues. For example diabetes. We now that is the most commonly diagnosed problem in American that we keep primary care physicians. We eat too much we don't take care ourselves. Let a bad day to have anxious or depressed is so less likely to preach control and care for their disease than somebody he's not just don't realize that. Dip they don't like last week says they're not thinking clearly for all of those reasons it's more typical for somebody with a chronic. Medical illness to mean mental illness if they had anxiety and depression. He's more expensive in China the statistics on diabetes you know it's about 5200 dollars a year to her friends at that. With Debbie and anxiety depression and illness is more like thirteen pounds and it's a huge difference because. We know that we have these mental illnesses were not making great choices about other aspects of our health so it's really. Weren't and it sounds like your saying is well that if people have a primary care physician who. Might be so busy can't sit down and spend half an hour that they may need to diagnose all of this. They're going to a counselor might be a good thing to do as well to help unpack. Some of those emotional. Places in our hearts that are broken hurting and that we can move toward been diagnosis. They're bash. Wait I mean I think any person is a partnership with the counselor therapist somebody they can take the time to sit in teaching coping mechanisms. But you when he had a partnership with the primary care physician to determine if medicine is indicating it's had to help prescribe it. In the primary care physician is not comfortable and referral to psychiatrist at the person. Doctor. Carmen Teague is my guest today she is the director of internal medicine for atrium health care systems and she is. I'd deep Christian she has a wonderful faith in the lord. But she's trying to combine the reality of the physical medical truths with the spiritual realities as well and Carmen when we come back. I'd love to address with you anxiety and depression through the lenses of faith and values looking at things like prayer. I'm looking at things like meditation in the scripture are being in community with other believers. All of those spiritual disciplines that can help. Q were these problems as well I'm David Chadwick will be. Right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick Anderson talked 1110993. WBP welcome back to the show. And by the way you'd like to hear this show in its entirety and I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to with doctor Korman TD with depression things are gonna get into suicide some in this segment as well. I'm please go to WBP dot com scroll down to the weekend shows look for the David Chadwick show and you can make a podcast and hear the program from the beginning. To the and and also many thanks my sponsors Perry's and also. Moments of hope who allow this program to be on the show on the air each week I'm just so appreciative of your support. A during all these years doctor Korman Teague is my guess she's the director internal medicine for eight stream health care systems. I Korman is great to have you on the show your insights are more those magnificent wanna also plug your book motherhood medicine and made him a doctor's journey of finding call in chaos. You address in the book some of these issues with anxieties well don't idea to. Many and their multiple chapters that talk about how do we main change all of that extra service when you are now working mom are working adults and how. And Danny depression can creep into any you are lots and how we dress and their sense of calm fun pearls in the book and hopefully soon get laughs as well. Well against and how motherhood medicine and made him doctor Korman Teague it's a great book. But she can get on Amazon and other places us are snowballing Parker iBooks raped it's good to have you on the show I wanna tell you how much am enjoying the show. On those talks more about anxiety. And depression. On from a spiritual perspective because the Bible says don't be anxious about anything but they everything we can't teach music very question to ask how does prayer fit into helping anxiety. If you have a relationship with academy universe and you know somewhere to hate your anxious thoughts in your concerns and late empathetic across. Ask someone to take them on the I think prayers incredibly valuable enough routinely ask patients. On T have a group of people around you you have faith community have somebody or someone that you can pray you are they can talk what you. And I think that relationship paying big out of the universe speak NT life and take those cares from you. Is invaluable in all my patients have absolutely not house and then and courage and find. It's also. That faith community he knew. I have had the published before I think he my entire life and I asked patients. Often get a life great to have a small group to have a group of people that you can share what's going went on went get a significant person. And our our regular pace this can't run because electrons and run because as my running creep is my spiritual companionship. In the middle of my run on actually in this week with stopped and we pray together in the middle straight in and it was awesome. Mean I say all the time in church world people think like come to worship. But I say regularly. You can't have community looking at the back of somebody's head you you've got to Nintendo's live and rose but in circles where we look face to face and encourage one another pretty with one another and share our burdens with one another. So you're saying individual prayer to god we turn our cares to prayers if you will helps anxiety also being in community. That's another way that we can share our load with other people and have them here at those loads with us those are held waste to begin to address the anxiety problem. Absolutely if you don't have a partner professional counselors and the Europeans that can help. I asked encouragement to seek that. Yeah I think another thing I just need to say rule quickly is Jesus himself and Matthew six said you know don't be anxious. And he said he would look at the lilies of the field and the sparrows in here. That god cares for even flowers and birds and he cares so much for these lesser parts of his creation how much more does he care for use the crown of his creation. If there's a way listeners could daily on a regular basis take their cares all their shoulders and first Peter language in the Bible. Cast all your cares upon him because he cares for you if we could literally do that every single day I do think that alleviates. Some portion if not a lot of anxiety absolutely. And I probably riding behind a lot to her prescription. At a we'll Carmen let's change gears and talk about another real issue that is associated with anxiety and depression and that's the increasing in suicide. In our culture and especially when addressed the teen suicide problem talking about that. It's devastating you know I have been in practice for eighteen years and I had proud of myself that I had not had a patient that had committed suicide. In the past year I had a partner they committed. Suzanne I was devastated but there are 40000. Suicides Kenya only in this country alone that's twice the number comments it's. And 64%. Of the parents committing suicide in this country saw a doctor within thirty day. Your primary care physician. And 38% of installed their primary care physician within the week before committing serious cities saw some kind of helps right before they still committed suicide. But the question is did they bring nap or did we BS physicians meant to ask the right questions I'm keenly in intimately aware of this and try so hard. With every interaction to address the whole person in Miami hypertension blood pressure heart there whenever patch Javier Hart asked how are you really. How are you feeling how is your emotional stay think that is so important. And we need to take time to. I think with teens I think the increased episodes of sinister arson devastating economic adult doctor I don't see phantom of the nineteen SE the parents of those teens who are struggling. And I think part of me is that we live in such a society. Comparing one another. Whether that is an answer Greyhound stamps at whatever everything else everyone. Is dealing. Is in your face and you're seeing their basically highlight reel if he will not Singapore time teens and teens don't understand everyone has good days and bad days. When all they see as the good days and the great stuff happening around them. Comparisons overwhelming. And they see no hope and they tee knowing count. And I would think as a part of the problem too is. We have such a competitive academic environment today so whether it's private or public schools you've got to be one of the best. Where did there'd be hoped for your life to get into the best university in order to have the most success possible. In this ever changing world do you think that's a part of it is well. It's crazy I think it's crazy it I have four children and my older one spend 34 hours and I doing homework and I equal what you. What are we doing to these kids any teenagers. They need to just need to leave the town house at a school any to be making social networks are doing fine staff and I'm. On the Tway for telling kids he studied enough. The house I spent some time running around on a commentary do something fun and I don't think we as a culture into that very well with so much pressure on and when as a freshman thinking about what college they need to go to work or how any themes in a fight their transcript I think we missed. We got parents. Even in kindergarten. Trying to get their kids in the best kindergarten in order to help. A step which the right foundation. Of their minds in order to get them to the right school I mean that's crazy he's crazy. Analysts into a parenting series that talks a lot about. Living vicariously through your kids accomplishments and has been very can be eighteen where we are worried if I can tax how to stop Maine then the travel soccer team and traveled travel softball team or travel baseball team announcement and do you. Bernice kids how we have good friends he had a daughter that was a level ten Janice in her junior year that your parents that's it I'm done. And ideas anymore had college scholarships looking at her house so proud of her. For saying her parents to their calm credit have you you're right you've done this too much or done she at one college that great but that was not part of her. College experience. You know there have been studies that the most successful people in the world are those who make the blessed be. You know who aren't the ones striving for the aid that they are the peace students who just enjoyed being a full person. Not only academically and athletically emotionally and every possible way of Clarence. It would be worse adaptable. And they're so much to be said for that and I think anxiety and depression are driven in advance. Cultural need to be perfect into the bright and has it all together all the time and we just need to have the grace to take one in their case. Did not have an altogether and not be rights and not pack of beer is who. You know it's a full count it and get back. They're really I can't I've learned my best lessons through failure and got our our right calf problem about failure and fail teens for first attempt I learn. And I like that you just. Call failing forward slowly it's absolutely essential in our kids don't know how to do that in my wife Marilyn and I have learned to appreciate our children having to be. For a C and learning from that and continuing to move forward. And we think all of them are fairly well adjusted because they've learned that the society's pressure is not God's perspective at all. The god loves everybody the same and his whole deal is you by grace we enter the kingdom of god not by our efforts and I think that's a great message as well. My kids sick EAG this week and we were allowed to send little notes and I written and it's to benefit kids that said. This grade whatever happens they get to find you learn consular chosen and you are loved. And how to teach are responding take wow it was so cool to give your kid that note before he took the test and I think he took to heart. So going back to the beginning of our show we want to talk about anxiety and depression and we've moved now into some of the suicide problem and our culture is it safe to say that a lot of the suicide is connected to. The anxiety and depression that people feel largely because of a competitive society that they don't feel like they measure. A 100%. I think it is a vicious cycle I think anxiety depression so worked the way we think about things that we have made sense of self work. And I ain't depression can be an escape don't want them meaning the pressures of this world or he can be. An attempt to. Say to people around on such a failure on a burden TU I'm just you know opt out of here so I. Alberta new and it's a key to to find your identity in the cotton farmers and not in comparing yourself to people all around you. In fact this won't talk about some coming back is teen suicide and especially. Girl's cutting themselves let's. Try to get our hands around that as well I'm David Chadwick will be right back. Everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is talking with a 10993 WPP welcome back for the doctor Carmen he's my guest today talking about a subject that is. Sadly. Large in our culture and that's the whole issue of anxiety depression and suicide becomes as a part of that. And again doctor Korman Tiegs book is motherhood medicine and may him it addresses a lot of what we've talked about today. And Carmen is of course the a director of and internal medicine for the atrium health care system. A Carmen. This teen suicide. Issue it's Headley is proliferating. Ask answer this question for me four girls who were cutting themselves which is again an increasing phenomenon. Is that happening. If it's a crap for help and I think it's a way to feel something when they feel completely non. Our society that so many images and van and they feel so overwhelmed comparing themselves I think they just emotionally ball off. What they feel on cutting and allows them to feel pain that I think it also as a craft for help it's a way to say. I can't get out and that's can somebody help me and they don't know what else to do. And I find it fascinating. That depression among always is real too. But boys don't cut themselves. And they do other abnormal behavior talk about that please. I think boys are more likely to you. Use more definitive means hurt themselves boys are much more likely to complete a suicide girls because they can diss firearms. And girls Andy's other means why bikinis have a wife and act dismissal of the the culturally. Accepted. Patterns which are absolutely horrible but I have had to. Teen bullies and in my realm of influence in the last year that have committed suicide offensively she's firearms. And feelings were devastated. Again. No indications that these ways were as depressed or off in their thinking. But they had one weak moment and had the ability to act on it and it's. We have Netflix doing a very popular series called thirteen reasons why. In ot I wrote a series of blogs a year ago entitled thirteen reasons why not. And saying these are the reasons why you should not commit suicide because god loves you god has a plan for your life there's purpose that you can't scene now but there is purpose. He created you for a reason. And it really was interesting how many people read that and appreciated it it seems to be like that's we've got to do again this program tries to deal with issues to a faith and values perspective. If we could just get in two teens minds that god created you he loves you and there's a plan for your life there's no reason to think it's hopeless and despairing. That the media tells us something different and that's and harness and where after the is an awesome feeling if Payton happens messages to be out there. Have two teenage girls and the conversation we had a dinner table in the car to the point. And I literally happening on my homily known you lift I love the summer like a sort of cheer again and I went in the relief they had to know I don't think you can. But I think. We as adults and parents and these teens don't realize the pressure on them. And don't realize how difficult it is to be a teenager and we say those hardy he can we were thinking is different I think it's different because of the social media. And they're looking at the comparing in the competing I think they're also looking ahead of the economy which tanked in 08 and a lot of these kids were raised from a wait till today and they remember when things were tight in there thinking always is gonna happen again what am I going it was an adult to make sure. I meet my own hands and also I supply if I have a family. I literally had a child Tellme. How worried. About what I'm Kennedy's national gonna make enough money I'll be able to to to live on the around like eager too ill be neat to think about. But they do you think about that and they think about it because it's in their face I think they had this election at school without. School Ers. And if they are you worried about their credit score at two well it'd school work. Probably. Carmen talk about this school shootings the Culligan girls cut themselves always do more antisocial maybe. Painful behavior that would influence and her other people. On what he thinks the reason for the school shoes I think there's a lot of ministry I think. Bears a lot of obvious depression anxiety Suzanne and if you look at many of these cases there's a broken home. It was something that. This child experienced trauma are difficulty growing up. Absence of a father absence of a father figure twelve of the thirteen major ones to not have a father yes and there there's something to be set for that and that there's no. Positive role model. And then once he's seen any school cheating I think there's consent to rain apparent outbreak because there's been pretty behavior of people CA at all. They auditory senate seat did the media frenzy people and somehow in the warped mind. A somewhat used to press they want to go out with a banquet they want to rid. The world of the mistreated bear call saying and take other sound like fun. How we would love both love to speak to the median say don't cover it. Don't give out their names don't show their pictures stop that desire to mimic and you might see a decrease in the school shootings if you just did that as well. And we haven't even addressed the breakdown of the family and I have lived long enough we've seen. I'm a slow but steady erosion of the nuclear family that we think the Bible defines as a man and a woman raising children and a committed relationship. How much do you think that contributes to all of these issues for anxiety and depression we've talked about. I think it absolutely literally Steve. Your identity and who you are and if you have not been loved and understood what it is meant what it means an appealing be loved unconditionally to eight difficult to experience that. If you've not been told you are special you are loved this you know your identity is in Christ and in cute he remains to be. That's not happening in the nuclear feeling when you were born when you. If you are praising you know when your next meal is coming primary are moving around there's instability took a moment to think that makes a huge difference. People don't overcome that and do amazing things have very difficult. Home life that I think it is so important to create. Come from day warning that safe. Nurturing environment and sadly our culture has not provide the app for for many of many adults to. And there are multiple factors for anxiety depression and suicide and we haven't even touched upon environmental factors which I bet oral part of all of this we just don't know. What we're doing to the air and water in the ground which may affect bodily. I'm just functionalities so we just read need to recognize it's a real problem in today's culture and once again if you were. Counseling anyone who's listening who's going to anxiety depression and maybe even contemplating suicide car Monty. Doctor Korman peak what would you say to them. Drop your knees and pray and ask god of the universe to take Elaine what ever. Thoughts are going to your needs his help. On seek medical professional find a friend finder way into a faith environments. Team there is help and there's hope and I think hope is the key. T anxiety and depression around about adding I think to keep her sometimes is gratitude and looking around being thankful for the things that you do you have. That the Libyans for patents which says in a dome be anxious about anything but in everything winds that. Thanksgiving asset that anger the whole idea of spending every day giving thanks to god for all you do I am not you don't. I. I'm asking for is he on property at payless and and and reminding them of the good things and that class and the ways that they are blessed I have amazing. Positive influences and it's amazing what that. We only have a minute the real quickly you would also say exercise actually get your diet in order. I'll make sure you drink lots of water. I do those things to which helped make a healthy body and and in your mind is inextricably connected to your bodies of you make healthy body might affect a healthy mind obsolete. Your book's entitled motherhood Madison and make him doctor Carmen Teague it's been great having you on the show I appreciate your insights so much yankees and I just gradually. And had great help for you I've prayed in the atrium health systems transition change hands. Thank you and every one would you please do this for me not would you love god with all your heart soul mind and might find your identity in him and not the lives of this culture which you've got to compete compare yourself. It is not going to be fruitful but then also love your neighbor. As yourself as you give your life away to others you'll find the blessings come to use if you'll just do those two things dribble lifetime's. Worth of work to do. I'm David Chadwick this is his talk eleventh in 993 WB ET I'll talk with you all next week.