Are You Prepared For The Ups And Downs Of The Market

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Saturday, May 26th
 Markets are up and down, and some things are happening that you need to be prepared for. The Online Trading Academy helps keep your money safe

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The following is a sponsor program on WBT. This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk in you can lose a significant amount of money. On the entry candidates personnel to not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. I. Welcome to bulls the bears out here hosed adamant Cisco's sit back and relax and enjoy it a great day weekend and fired up excited. So many things going on out there in the financial markets so many things happening here in the Carolinas and has pumped up and excited to be here. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets. 401K is ire raise independent cash accounts understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to sell direct your own portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 8887508723. That's 888. 7508723. As always in studio cohost of the Bulls and Bears senior coach of online trading academy a friend about a manager rising to coach Steve Champa what's going on champ yet. The weekend man -- talk about lot of movement in the Dow in the Russell on the S&P this week when it. It goes up it goes down it goes up it goes down it's an interesting pattern we call it range bound. And we got to talk about because this things you should be concerned about those of you for one k.s in May desire raise. Because these times when the market is flat like this it's moving a lot it's really not going anywhere. Really takes us to pull on your long term results in the market so we get have a discussion about how to for. Prevent that from after. We definitely will do that before we do don't forget to head over to FaceBook like I said Bulls and Bears radio. And of course 447 if you have a question for the senior coach called coach hotline 85590. Trade it. That's 85590. Trade if your question ends up. On this show and I saw prize back of the NB prize that goes out there with a nice soft she shared and just some great lessons from our sponsor how much kitty cat and it's really good gift bag and you know what I've given amount of people they really enjoyed and at the benefits of him as well down there soft I like the other teachers are great and out those heavy burlap wanted to defeat the that's a nice material Manuel loved where it people where it all around and they just love the feel so absolutely Jim you know we talk every single week about people that are in the market. People that are concerned right now I mean the conversations I have with people about the financial markets right now are very similar. To 2007. You know my portfolio took a hit a few years ago. I've rebounded now medic gets bottom of the better spots and they don't know what to do and I think a lot of people right now it to get hit those 70809. They're back they've rebounded but they don't understand how to truly protect this market protect this capital market like this because us face it when this market drops. The average person's gonna take a hit whatever the market loses they're gonna lose whether it. While on the skating is that male listeners they think they're 41 k.'s pension. And it's really not it was designed to be a savings account and when I talked to people have forward k's and 450 seven's NTS peas in fourth freebies. A lot of times because pensions used to be prevalent in this country they believe that that's what they have they have this. Finite amount of money and ultimately if you think about it if it is a finite amount of money it's gonna miss you run out. And a pension was set up where you get paid the die and the problem is a lot of people when pensions went away in this country which they did because of companies not able to afford them long term the forward case stepped in as people's goat too for retirement the scary thing is this. It's not gonna get the job done traditionally we see that there's we too many fees and is way too much volatility. To have the motto money you need overtime AC give you the life she wants. And so you have to understand that form k.s really not a pension it's a savings account that's your that's the money you put away for the future. And the problem is what most people Adam as you know is there's not enough I mean the average four K bounce this country's less than a 100000 bucks. And that's for people that are retirement age and if you think about that that's really not gonna last very long retirement when you factor in. And he long term unexpected medical care things of that nature. It's going to be gone and it's just a mathematical process and so for many people the problem is is that you've taken too many downward moves in the market. It is really car continued ability go to overtime and so we had a collapse in 2000 we had a collapse in 2008. Where record higher close to record I can't say were at a record high but we're an area of a record high. And right now understand something. The market's overvalued its eventually gonna have to reset and fall in value when it does a lot of people gonna lose again. And they give back all these large returns in the net they run out years and growing their wealth. And so capital preservation are learning how to protect against loss of learning how to. Keep debt principal intact in your bucket in your nest day senior forward k.s and IRAs if you can keep that intact it still. Grohl the bucket consistently over time that's the real long term formula to success and most people don't have that. And that's what we bang the drum here Bulls and Bears because there's a lot to be said about protect against loss. And capital preservation. It's not a matter of if the market corrects a matter win if you are protected and preserved. You gonna give it all backing inevitably hit those principles because you know we're out of time and it's a finite amount of money. Well you know let's say. Time is of the essence and a lot of individuals they took that hit in 2007 and eight they're wondering how much time guy got to really wait if this thing crashes again. And I've I've met many people they they had to forego retirement they postpone retirement they postpone that the idea of the lifestyle travelling. Whatever it may be whatever their picture was that next season alive. A lot of individuals cannot afford to do that is if they take another hit you know really this will be the third time in less than twenty years I mean. And whose fall as a really at that point. Well exactly you know this there's a difference between ignorance and stupidity and ignorance is going I didn't know the first time I didn't know the second time but it protect against lost the third time. And yet people still haven't done anything differently than 2008 when they get really hurt badly. And so we're big believers in the fact that your Smart enough to protect your own wealth. And we have a market that's overvalued it's been created by the Federal Reserve I mean he created this. Stimulus program that caused our market deride a record highs after the collapse in 2008 the banking collapse in this country. And here we sit at these near record highs. Where win over price the market is way overextended it has to reset the economies now start a girl bit but all the masses this market as the collapse. SS historical is just math is just probability. And many people are ready for benefit does collapse you're gonna give it all back again. Insisting you can do even your 401K to protect against losses things that you can utilize like exchange traded funds and options. And combinations of things to protect against loss and still give me the ability to make the kind of return you need. And it's not a complicated process is not difficult is different and the problem is Wall Street has the masses convinced they're not Smart enough. To protect their own money and manage your money and that's a lot. And the reality is is this there's people that are a lot less Smart than you listeners right now that are having tremendous success the market. And understand how to protect against lost and how to grow regardless of direction the market. And that's really what's available. And the problem is that many people don't even think to look at what's available and it just gonna hope the market doesn't go down. In the skating is is it your hope is going to be worthless when the market corrects and you have to have a plan complacent capital preservation is Paramount. And the key thing is if you don't manage risk they'll know wrist demand. It's exactly and online trading academy a sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand individuals out there. They are exposed at 401 k.s an irate they don't know what to do their work full time jobs they have families they don't think they have enough time to focus on this but if you set aside a couple. Hours a month you can definitely get preservation under control and a light trading academy as a class specifically on capital preservation it's a 500 dollar values taught right at their campus. You do not want to miss out on this what are your brand new the markets you've been in the market for years to be don't understand. How to preserve what you have all been in the market this is a huge opportunity for you we're gonna take callers ten to twenty. Pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that date for 451. Trait for callers tender twenty to get a 500 dollar class. I'm capital preservation from our sponsor online trading academy that's a 445187233. 84451878233. For callers ten to twenty dealers 500 dollar class on capital preservation. Again if you're in the market for one k.'s higher raising you do not know what to do this next correction call right now 844. 51. To trade does that mean champ on Bulls and Bears some of. Welcome back. The bulls the bears. Nothing wealth of intelligence like a little Sanford and Son absolutely absolutely always had a good time always having fun. Here Bulls and Bears don't forget to head over to FaceBook lite gets at Bulls and Bears radio and of course 447 if you got a question for senior coach called a coach outline. He 5590. Trade as 24/7 any question you have form 85590. Trade. Jim what if things don't wanna talk about we talk about this every week you're a Bulls and Bears is the market goes up Margo is down that's common knowledge everybody knows that. People shrug with the idea that there's money to be made in a downward move in the market in 2008 when the S&P trash there's people out Lawson there's people that made. The people that made they shorted the market I want to take a moment because the average listeners heard of shorting they don't understand what it truly means to make money in a downward move in the market let's talk about. Well they called 2008 the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the financial markets kits that were transfer. Because I leave you ball service that lost money 2000 estimated. This had no I designated miss it no I did as of now we know where it is this is not near counts it's not lost. What the Goldman Sachs went to people that understand and have the savvy and instead make money regardless of direction. And what I love about Bulls and Bears what I love about the financial markets is that were banging the drum the late you know that you can profit when price falls. It's not a complicated process and see people get frustrated. Because they don't grasp how they're able to make money when something loses its value and price. But that's what shorting is a short selling its available in the financial markets are one of the great things got to realize that it's what separates the most successful people in the markets. From the people that never make it. We see a lot of view the problem in your 401 k.s apartment Dreier is is that you really can only make money one direction if the market goes down you give back whatever you made. Or it's a bad days what people would call welds a bad day on Wall Street when you markets always fall. It doesn't assuming the bad data is he's the masses lost money well if you wanna get out of the masses and learn how to potentially profit regardless of direction. He did do some little different. And the masses don't understand that direction is irrelevant that up is good and down is good. And the problem with a lot of people is that they've been biased to think that up has been down it's good and nick reality of the market is that. Doubt is is good if not better. Because his opportunity regardless of direction when price falls the most successful traders and investors profits. And think about that. And see. You've been taught that you that down as bad and it's not it's a lot of Wall Street. And so once people realize that they can make money when the market goes down it's a game changer opens up probability. It over the of the ability be consistent over time and then how worried about the collapse the gonna profit from the just waiting for the movement's. And when they have a they're gonna be able to profit and engage in making money. And that's a real real eye opener for a lot of people what's great is that when people realize it and start to understand it. They wanna learn the skill of shorting short selling. We'll champ with some learns that skill like any skill it's it's it's learn knowledge you can't lose that you won't get nervous about he won't think about it. When the markets going up that simply understand how to capitalize that enough market where the market's going down the skill of shorting. We'll come into play in the new won't be nervous or concerned about market direction. And the great thing is is that when we look at price movement down on price falls fall sixty to 80% faster. In the US stock market when it goes down to when it goes up which raises greater opportunity quicker. When price fault that is the problem Adam is that. This society was built around a buy and hold mentality a lot of people have this buy in whole mindset. And that was created that sixties and seventies and eighties and especially from 82 to 2000 when the market went straight up for eighteen years Bible was what everybody did. And the problem is that we've had two of the most important in major corrections in the history of the market in 2000 and again in 2008. And all of vita will be able to crushed. And so the philosophy of understanding how to profit regardless of direction is becoming more Paramount because the markets changed. And shorting was short so it becomes so important to let me give an example. If we got a short say Coca-Cola stock is trading around 42 dollars a share. And based out of Atlanta Georgia large cap company multinational. Billion dollar company you know everybody knows Coca-Cola. And we thought cocos gonna go from 42 dolls down 38 if we thought it was gonna fall for alls and share a share in its price. We could profit on that for all move one way to do because shorting the stock or short selling. Now here's with a disconnect them for a lot of people. We're selling something we don't own and that's what people say I don't understand shorting. How can I sell it if I don't already own it well your broker allows you to use their shares of inventory in other words. When you open an account with a broker they have an inventory and they allow you to sell shares you don't own into the market. And sell shares to enter a position or intra trade think about that with selling answer. And the key thing is is this if we sell to enter work a lot of the broke with allowing us to use there inventory and if we were gonna sell 200 shares of Coca-Cola into the market Schwartz. We could sell to she is in our Brokaw would take the shares out of they inventory sell into the market that for two bucks a show it would commit to our count. Now understand something. We can't use that money it just came in or count to go by a different stopped because we're short Coca-Cola which means with the by this year's back but our goal is to buy back at 38 because of it falls to 38 bucks a share and we buy back the moment we buy it back. The inventory goes right back and our brokers warehouse. World how to keep the share of difference will be what we sold global what we bought a four we sold at 42. Price fell to 3838 we bought back we call that covering our short. And that Providence fought all the shares stay in our count. On a hundred shares and just made foreign box on a thousand years we made full program on a stock that went down Ford all this year that we never wants won't think about that. That's a game changer it's available and here's the thing imagine if you had done that before the collapse in 2008 on the S&P all the doubt. This two ways to short the market as a whole and province from directional move down when the collapse comes. And that's why a lot of people get excited about shorting because it truly separates the wheat from the chaff in the markets. And what it does allows you to consistently make money. And direction becomes irrelevant that really is the key to long term success and once you get that menu go to the next levels. Trader investor. Well that's exactly a champ it's a skill when he say once you get that once you know that you can short. And what's nice is you don't have to be professional trader you don't have to you know be a Wall Street you can do this. From the comfort of your own home you can use money they Evan your retirement accounts you can take advantage of this opportunity. In so many different ways than the average person doesn't know where again. You can meet blue collar misfit. A framer and somebody in the rear recreational feel like you were you know I mean I can tell you story after story of people that came on a normal walks of life. That just learn the skill of under saying that I can take money regardless direction. And I don't have to be that Smart it's a skill set that I can learn over time. That's really opened the door to a lot of people that's what bulls than bears we bang the drum we speak in simple language or you can get it and understand. The opportunities available the market provides and what's great about if you take the steps to learn the skill. It takes you above the masses financing what does it separation hopefully you see that next little finesse that many years. But looking to get to exactly there's many listeners out there that wanna know more about shorting they don't understand how to actually utilized a downward move in the market to capitalize on income. They don't understand where even to begin an online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand specifically that people are out there trying to learn this and he will below market for years other people are brand new. What you understand the skills shortage known to take it from you and then you don't worry about market correction. How light tree academy as a class specifically on this to 500 dollar value it's tall right at the campus you do not want to miss out on this would get a unique opportunity gives some seats away. We're gonna take callers right now from ten to 25 pick of the phone you do don't wanna miss out on us 500 dollar class on shorting the market from our sponsor. Online trading academy and the phone call 84451. Trade. That's 84451. Trade for scholars tend the 45 500 dollar class on shorting the market. From our sponsor online trading academy 8445187233. 84451878233. For callers ten to 25 to get this 500 dollar class on shorting at 844. 51 to trade does that champ fumbles in bears should. Oh. Welcome back the bulls the bears are heroes that could just go ahead of them but hang with the fellas here is studio always good time here Bulls and Bears. Don't forget to head over to FaceBook like SF Bulls and Bears radio and of course 447 if you have a question for senior coach. College coach hotline 85590. Trade a date 559 your trade get a good call coming up a little bit later make says about 41 case. Yet Jack from Atlanta as a great question about foreign gays a lot of people often ask so I think it'll help a lot of listeners. You know what chip it well and you know what one of the questions I hear all the time a lot of people out there don't understand how the market truly work. Is you can have utilized the markets for long term wealth in a lot of people put money away and 41 k.'s IRAs but there's also another group of people they utilize the market. On a regular basis on a shorter time period if you would maybe on a monthly or weekly even some cases daily the second moment let's talk about trading for active income because you know many people that do this. It's allows someone to generate a second streaming comes sometimes even our primary sourcing. That's what a great time in the history of the country you're in the history of the world would be a traitor because of the technology in the volatility in price movement. And is this a great chance for people that learn a skill where they can consistently make money. In their home and a most people what I love about being seen coach an online treat academy 42 global campus is hundreds of thousands of students all over the world. The people committed the academy many ties with the sole objective of just make another stream income. They got a job they got a career that look good to supplement they'd like to not punch a clock I get a second job. And they want the markets to pay them and what's great is that if you understand how to play in the financial markets and I was vanished in the basics of what's a good rule based plan and lower title why stay safe and take opportunities and make money regardless of direction and how to why. Manage risk most importantly solidify a wrong I take a very small loss. So that's negligible at a farm right I can make my upside return. And if I get really good at that over time. He can open the door to create that consistency and another stream income and we talk all the time at Bulls and Bears about multiple streams of income for. And many people use the markets to create another stream in come in the so many great resource available. With the technology that we have with the different asset class available stocks options. Currencies futures. I mean digital currencies crypt occurs he's like beat going to Syrian these are all instruments or asset classes that we can used to prop from on a daily basis or weekly basis. And what's great about anatomy as you know is. Once somebody takes the steps of learning the skills to be an active trader and others they wanna jittery steady stream income in the markets. It's simply a matter of learning a few rules and specific things to follow to keep you safe. And what's exciting is that when people begin to realize that they can take advantage of active trading for income. And they can do and still have big careers still of their job and do it may be in 3040 minutes today. Or maybe a couple hours a week. He really brings them to another understanding of what the real opportunity is in the markets and it's phenomenal if you understand what's great about it is that it's available to everybody was into us. The some of the most successful traders and messes that I've met in my life. Have started on spare time basis with a small amount of capital they just will look at for a way to create that stream income it's just kind of blossomed and grew and us open. Dramatically bigger than that exactly in Chevy talk about a small amount of capital people always ask how much do you need law. No realistically is relative to their individual amid some people start with a couple grand of the fuel Starwood maybe ten grand. Whenever someone has available to use a once they see consistent success than they just add more money to the count that's a no brainer but a lot of fuel don't think they have enough money. Well it's amazing because some of the most successful traders and rested I've met started with. Just a couple thousand bucks may be 23 grand a war where if they got involved in utilized in the currency market which is a highly leveraged mark which allows us to. Get into the arena with a very low Omani capital but the problem with stocks in this country is a very capital intensive. If I can utilize something like futures are currencies that allow me to have less capital and still get a nice return for the same amount of movement. That really is a game changer for a lot of people so what's great about treating for active income is at the like any learn steal it just takes time and repetition and practice and one of the things that we believe dribbles of bears is that. Everybody can be successful in the market that they just took the time it is you don't learn the skill. And once you start to understand that. If you don't learn the steal you might never get results you look at for this becomes a real eye opening process for people. And they start to learn that skill over time they're able to generate that income stream. And who knows what could turn into ultimately and you know what the mark has been around since for me forever means is the fourteen hundreds and in London since the eighteen hundreds in the US. It's not going away learn the skills and watch what happens you can take. And the next level financially exactly champ there's a lot of people out there that wanna trade tracked him think about seven a conversation with a young man the other day and he has a how to I don't buy many get I so we have to try. And if you never try you won't know if you could be the next person that could use this as a second streaming Gump. Or you really get that maybe even a primary source income Lotta people wanna know the answer to that question what does it look like to trade cracked having come Heidi get started. Online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears as a class specifically on treating track to become. It was great about this classes of your brand new the market you've been in the market for years of you don't have consistent returns nearly two for that opportunity does a 500 dollar value. We're gonna give this away right now we're gonna take callers fifteen to 25 pick up the phone and call. 84451. Trade that's 84451. Trade for callers fifteen to 25 to get a 500 dollar class. Country attractive income from our sponsor online trading academy once again 8445187233. That's 844. 5187233. For caller fifteen to 25 to get this 500. I'm trading for short term income from our sponsor online trading academy that's a 44. 51 that trade is adamant Champa Bulls and Bears. Welcome back to bulls the bears love Eros data with this guy have the blast always a good time egg with the fellas here's studio don't forget to head over to FaceBook like SF Bulls and Bears radio. And of course it's time is that time of the week press the coach we have Jack go ahead. They my name is Jack. My question about 1401 K. I wanted to take loan but I don't know how to go about it. I've heard you get it with fees or fines. And the you can take had a couple loans from your 401K. Can you walk me through that please thank you. Let's agree question Jack it's amazing because we talked about an earlier session about how. You're 41 K is not a pension it's really a savings account it was first created back in the 1970s. It was to be a supplements. To pension and Social Security's us via savings account. That kept your principal intact in other words you'd be forced to save money. Your employer would take it directly out of your income to put into a savings account which was tax deferred seated at the pay taxes until. Later only to distributions out of that account but it was a supplement they call the three legged retirements still forward Kei was never meant to replace pension yet most people. Look at as a potential replacement and yet the way you're talking about it Jack is you still look at as a savings and you should because that's your money. And I think it's a travesty in this country that you have to pay a penalty to get your money. Out of a tax deferred retirement accounts so. I that people have asked the same question Jack and what they do is they utilize that resource the great thing about borrowing is the 41 K if you ever choose to do that. Is that your paying yourself back interest what's great about energy using yourself as your own bank. And so if you take a loan to get set forward K and it's for something that's gonna generate you return of some sort obviously don't take a loan by a big screen TV and take on the payments and pay yourself back. The beautiful thing about the forward k.s if you find an opportunity where you wanna use that resource of your savings. To take advantage of something you need to liquidity alone against your 401K is something that people can use. And what happens is when you pay the loan back you pay back and interest rates but that it's paid back to yourself in other words that goes into the account when you pay it back. So using yourself as a bank your interest rates is substantially lower and the good thing about it is. It gives you the flexibility take advantage of opportunities that 41 K is there available do you as a savings account. Is not a pension it's amazing Jack and I love the question I appreciate the call. People look at that 41 K yes it's going to be there forever. And for many people the realization suss that happened that they have to learn the skills of managing that themselves they need to learn a self direct that money because. If they keep what we're sitting. Most times in mutual funds. The market has to go up via a profit of the market corrects what we're talking about calling for you gonna give all those gains back in eternal winner to a loser. And so many people now are starting to learn the skills are stuck to entertain the idea of I need to learn how to self direct my money in other words. I need to take control that bucket of money that's my retirement just a because if I don't. And the market collapses before retirement give all those days back again. There's not enough in the edit it neither retirement life I want so becomes a real dilemma especially for baby boomers. Because they're worried about run out of money before they die. And so one of the things you can do Jack what many militias can do is you can take control that money even in a 41 K it is things you can do to. Self director at least protect against lost that 41 K. And it doesn't take a lot high level of knowledge or deep understanding of the markets just take some simple basics things to do what's great what I love about the academies we teach that. Well bubbles and bears we tell you builder that because you don't learn it. The status quo is going to be the best to get in for many people's not enough the gonna run out of money. And so this is there really was good time for people to stop understand why self directing is so key. And it becomes Paramount the pew because if they don't learn that skilled and never to hit those atomic goals. And it's gonna be too late and so hopefully we can inspire you to realize that you can learn the skill just takes time and understand that takes in Britain and some. Pedal of the metal and gold for learning that skill. Well exactly champ but a lot of individuals I wanna learn that skill they don't know how to begin they don't know who das domain. What's crazy as some people lesser co workers are the last their Fam when they're asking other people about advice. I'm managing their own accounts that are having success themselves in those like the blind leading the blind. A lot of people have the desire that is sort of really were to begin and be careful what you listen to I mean you'll hear financial talk radio shows were. Everybody's trying to sell you the new year whole life insurance policy some sort of security that they provide. And see at bulls and bills would be proponents of you finding the best opportunity available out there. And utilizing the different things that are available to get you return your looking for. Without somebody advising necessarily on where to put your money because most times when you go to one of those certified financial planners arrested investment visors and they do what portfolio review. They spit out a pie chart it's always so that they can sell you. Is that they that they have and their inventory and they're gonna profit from that communication and that transaction. Understand that the most successful people navigate the markets realize that regardless of direction they can profit. And if you learn the skills you won't have to have somebody who's a paid advisor who's gonna charge you fees and commissions that decision. And they just selling something out of their own inventory so be careful we believe that you are Smart enough. And sophisticated enough to learn the skills to self directed once you have that process down. It just repetition like any learned skill over time you can missing at those financial goals he set for union family. Well exactly and you know and a lot of individuals they want to sell direct their own money they have the desire I truly believe nobody cares more about your money than you and a lot of people just want. To actually get control they don't know how to begin an online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears have a class specifically on self directed. As for the individual that has a job as for the individual that has retirement accounts. And you wanna take control you don't wanna use an advisory you don't wanna chose somebody else you trash yourself. So one up managing yourself this is what this class is all about the 500 dollar value it's on self correcting. From our sponsor online trading academy we're gonna take callers ten to twenty you do not want to miss out on this pick up the phone call 84451. Trade that they 44. 51 trade for callers ten to twenty to get a 500 dollar class on self directing. Your portfolio from online trading academy 84451878233. At 8445187233. Nobody cares more about your money when you self correct you get to control your risk you get to Troy your time. And you can't control your profits 84451. Trade that 844. 51 trait for callers tender twenty to get this 500 dollar class on self directed your portfolio from online trading academy. Again 84451878233. Does that have a chance a Bulls and Bears. All all. In the monorail RA MP means I can taste I'm sorry I mean he. Welcome back the bulls repairs that growth at a that this can have a a few bucks but it's studio today outweigh the good time here bulls the bears. Don't forget to head over to FaceBook like is that Bulls and Bears radioed of course 447. Give a question for the coach call the coach allied 85590. Trade and if your question ends up. On air we'll give you guys bulls or bears prize pack that they 5590. Trade that phone numbers 24/7. Anytime you wanna call. To have one of the things I would love to talk about your Bulls and Bears is a lot of you will utilize the market. In retirements for one k.'s diaries set for three b.s TSPs there are people that are out there actively trade and they want the biggest pet peeves I have is when I meet somebody they say well you know I'm dabble in in the market. Or Zach hobby. You know you know this firsthand what does that look like when someone actually uses the market for business purposes let's take a moment let's talk about trading as of this. This champ well think about why somebody starts a business is the dream right build equity. Prima time. No cap on the in come. It ability to you know maybe duplicate your effort to get paid enough to go to work anymore what a concept you know passive income. The lotteries as people start businesses and small biz is that the cornerstone of this country they employ the masses the problem is. Is that most small businesses struggle for a long time and him don't make it. So people get kind of scared off the balcony because they don't wanna lose money so they won't start a business and yet so they wind up working for somebody else who started a business. And retire and hopefully the hopefully don't run out of money. You know this is the land of opportunity is not the land of the secure jobless benefits so thankfully there's people out of it's still have a dream. To build a business not a problem most traditional businesses this yet. Overhead an inventory and liability insurance and worker's comp and staff and payroll and taxes and it becomes very very cost prohibitive. In other words for a lot of businesses they run out of capital because they know get over the hurdle of getting profitable before they go through their capital. And that's why most businesses fail now imagine this because. Ottawa the dream to die I'm a big believer in the free and prices in the free market and the financial markets provide debt forced think about this is a business you business auction. Pic about a biz wouldn't overhead of very low overhead. No insurance. No liability insurance the worker's comp no staff no employees no inventory no building the least think of that. No cars to rental equipment there rents police think of that but should your blue collar guy I was a builder. Although it cost prohibitive talk about expensive leases and equipment I mean it was just hard to see a bottom line profit. Imagine you find it is without any of those traditional start up cost or recurring costs. And you could literally sit as your home and click a button. If you wanted to buys them and it was millions of people want to sell Tia but the price you wanna buy that if you wanna sell some as many as you want to buy from you think of that. And think of the fact you can have no limit on the upside potential you can have no limit on profitability. And still have the freedom a time that comes with a good successful business that's changing and investing. That's the dream. And a lot of people don't realize that you business owners or somebody got another right now letters on atop your truck and you're frustrated you're chasing money. You get somebody owes you money good guys didn't show for on the job site I get all that. This is the dream and the what I love about the financial markets is that I shoestring. You can start in this game and we've had tremendous tremendous success stories back hundreds of years. Who learn the skill of trading and investing it's real it's available and it's out there right now it's trading and investing in the financial markets. Absolutely what's great about his business as you can do part time you do full time you can use a little bit a capital you can use all your capital. Really depends on your risk parameters a lot of people don't realize when you control your risk in the financial markets. You can control the goals for your business and more importantly the time for your business and ultimately save yourself up long term. Online trading academy they teach people how to trade as a business a lot individuals don't understand how this works and don't even know where to begin. That's on Emma class specifically on trading as a business on this class is a 500 dollar value. Every time we give away your Bulls and Bears the phones light up will have a few seats we're going to be able to callers ten to 25 pick up the phone right now at all. 84451. Trade that they 44. 51 trade for callers to mandatory five to get a 500 dollar class a tree now as a business. From our sponsor online trading academy that's a 445187233. 84451878233. 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