Are Your Prepared For A Market Correction

Bulls & Bears Show
Saturday, December 2nd

Another record high, and we’ll break it down. We’ll also make sure you’re prepared for the eventual correction.


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This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk and you can lose a significant amount of money. On the entry candidates personnel to not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome to bulls the bears I'm your host Adam it's just go sit back and relax and enjoy it now draining weekend and fired up excited so many things going on out there in the financial markets so many things happening here in the Carolinas and just pumped up and excited to be year. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets. 401K is ire raise independent cash accounts understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to itself director of portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 8887508723. At 888. 7508723. As always in studio coast of the Bulls and Bears senior coach of online trading academy a friend about mentored by senior coach Steve geopolitical not shift yeah it's the weekend man. Lost the cover losses talk about market hit a record high on Thursday. Not just a lot of new highs happening a lot of reasons why we're gonna kind of break that down a little bit here in the first session. Time to be excited about making markets when the make in my in the markets go up it's time to be prepared protected against loss of the stuff to fall so we got to get the listeners tune in of that. Title remote capital preservation excited to be a good to CJ hears well. UN studio Jay on the other side of the glass look in dampers usual always a good time don't forget to head over to FaceBook like this at Bulls and Bears radio. And of course again a question procedure coach called a coach hotline 87790. For trade and allies over point 47877. 904. Trade. Champ talking about a variety of things one of the things that we talk about a lot here on Bulls and Bears is understanding the preservation capital's key. Right now a lot of people are concerned you know I hear a lot of talk while the markets goes sideways and unsure what to do I'm not I don't know I should be buying more I don't know if I should be selling. Lot of people are uncertain about what this market's gonna give them ultimately they need to be focusing on preserving the profits that they have them place and more importantly protecting the money to have. Well it's a time where we've had a great run and would continue to go up. Moved got this to the mood mentality and society is convinced that the market whenever correcting never fallen. Ultimately that's when people get really burn when it does happen. But we got to take what is given us has given us up right now army we got all this tax reform stuff this being bantered around congress looks like it's gonna finally take hold. That caused them towels to rally over 300 points on Thursday mean just he's big move days. But how high can it go and one of the most important things that I've learned over the years a traitor investors no tree grows to the sky. And we have to have a plan in place to protect against loss because when it does pull back and reverse it has to which is the matter math. And we don't know when it's gonna happen we just have to be prepared it's like. We sure our house we don't want to burn down we put insurance on their in the hopes that it won't. We don't want the market to collapse but we also want to make sure that we have positions on so that the market does class we don't get hers. And there's a lot of things we can do in the markets even though listeners. In the 401 k.s dire raise these 457 accounts that they have where they can protection against loss and hedge against loss. And not take those big dramatic drops in the value of their counselor Kapanen 2008. In many illnesses in 2000 we see it coming and it's just a matter of time is just a matter of it's really just not a matter of when it's gonna happen we know eventually the market has the correct it's a matter of being prepared for that moment in time so. Really capital preservation is key take with a mart gives yet protect against what can UT is really one of the long term success principles that many listening to start employee in the practice of and on the money. While the crazy thing is champion or the average person you know most people don't pay attention to their accounts I mean I meet people all the time they don't even know. Yes the more their 401 k.s that they sit there and on the there I'm not sure I think my company moved it. You know people don't have their username and password people don't understand where their capitals actually sitting let alone what type of positions it's in. You know there's I don't have a hard statistic but you know I mean a lot of people that. But just not even focusing on their retirement account now you of course you always have a guy and the girl that are in their counselor paying attention but even them. Are they too are they prepare for this next correction. And a lot of people aren't and that's and that's that's whether the masses and you know let. If I shake the tree just get one person realize yet I'm talking to you if you don't know your username and password. Start paying attention well and the market evolved. And the mindset of buy and hold. Which was big in the seventies and eighties on the market hardly moved at all. Didn't go up much in good how much do we shed your money intact if you buy if you bought some and held onto it all these big chip you know big the big stock big cap large cap blue chip stocks. IBM. GE that's as you wanna own because they never went down they just went up over time they built the business over time. Another great philosophy and became the Biden whole theory. 2000 just debt miss was exposed. And people got crushed. Her 'cause its collapse and then we start again in 2008. And here we at a new all time high concede a goal is this. The goal is to not lose. Large if you lose big and you take these large losses in your account. You can't ever compound your growth in other words you can't get a Compagnie roll going. If you take a 3040% loss in your 401K year prior positions. You might don't have the time to recover because you run out of years you were not working years earning years uses that you heard that you're alive on the planet. And so we can't get that time back so we have to avoid those big losses in those pullbacks in the market those moves down 203040%. Which inherently happen after we hit record highs which were sitting at now. If we had not prepared to withstand that and give it all back will never get our financial goals. And so the goal is obviously. And not take big losses when the markets correcting collapsing to learn how to profit from that movement. And ultimately preserved capital because if you don't lose would you have intact new and how to grow regardless direction of the market. He financial goals a game changer for but that's the key. And many people think they can't do it it's not a simple it's not a simple process but it is a simple process. It's just under the have to learn and follow and ultimately. You can sell strictly major money. Well that's the game changer when you start to be able to realize that you could handle it you still work full time job protect your retirement account and that the average person. Can actually handle their own money and protect their own money in the next downturn. You don't have to give that 3040% back you don't have so I just gonna wait for the market come back. Because in those years you could be retired he could be using that money to make more money more importantly why go through the stress and headache if you don't have to end the great thing is for the listeners is that. You literally can spend six to eight hours a month managing your own nest egg and do better than any Wall Street institution to do for you. I've seen it personally happen. A scene capitalize of people around me. It simply you learning the skills and understanding how to preserve capital mother was don't take those big losses caused capital preservation keeps you around long enough eventually you goals. And then we take control that money and learn the skills are what to do when I do it. And it's really not a complicated processes simple system is just following the rules and the math of the markets and once you learn it. You can take it to the next level and ultimately get to those goals you set for you when your family. Exactly that's a result ultimately all about online trading academy a sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand individuals wanna protect their capital they don't wanna take it next the next major hit. And they just don't know how to do it and that's why online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears have a class specifically on capital preservation. There's a 500 dollar value I have a few seats and you're able to get to blisters right now you do don't wanna miss out on this we're take caller standing. To 25 pick the phone right I'll call 84451. Trade that 844. 51 trade for callers ten to 25 to get a class specifically on capital preservation from our sponsor online trading academy. That's 844518723384451878233. For callers ten to 25. This 500 dollar class on capital preservation from our sponsor. Online trading academy you do not want to miss out on the issue wanna learn the skills before this mark correct speed of the phone 844. 51 to trade does that mean champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls affairs a little bit as they have heard and it's done. Nothing screams wealth intelligence like a little Sanford and Son absolutely always have a good time in studio is having a blast departed head over to FaceBook. Like this apples of Bear's radio and of course idiotic questions for the coach called the coach outline. 877904. Trade that's 877. 904 trading call that outlined 24/7. The other question receive your coach. Jim talk about a variety of different things always talking about the market here on Bulls and Bears won the most exciting things about the market. Is that money can be made when the market goes up money can be made with a mart goes down a lot of people don't understand how that works or take a moment wanna break it down. You know better than almost anybody champ let's explain to the listener what he shorting the market. Well you'll hear those movie called the big shorts. In it was about the collapse of the real estate market in 200506. Start to see the kind of writing on the wall. That all these mortgages are gonna go bad and shorting means taking advantage of some this about the fall in price before falls. Always find new so there was gonna fall I could profit from falling if I anticipated it was gonna fall. I could position myself to make money when it fell. And the problem is that the masses. Many of the listeners you understand that. You know have been train understand that when the market goes up that's a good day in the mart was down it's a good day. It's a bias we've been biased by the media would bias by Wall Street they've created a bias that. You're not Smart enough was sophisticated enough to managing director own money he needs some you need to pay somebody who's licensed. Somebody's fastest compliance test. To manage your wealth and we believe that you can do better we believe that you can take better control that money was some good information to good systematic approach to the markets. And so what we understand that up is good and down as good in other words direction doesn't matter. As long as we get movements in the market we can process I mean I mean people all the time they run enemy they hear us on Bulls and Bears in the same day. What's a good stock hit an all time. And I'll look at people say one that's publicly traded. And they look at me like I'm kind of like I don't know what I'm talking about her go kind of like an exotic zoo animal they've never seen. Because they think here's this guy was on the radio. There in the markets a long time should know what a good stock is. And yet he's not tell me. Mall because I know that your asking me one that I think's gonna go up I don't need to go up. In order a profit so one that's gonna move what is gonna corporate down either way is potentially great opportunity if you know how to process and how to play. Either direction. And the masses don't give it an even bias and even program I think it up is good and down as bad. They think about it. Driving down the road right now how many people do you know that are excited about a 30% move down the S&P. There are really fired up for that to happen probably not many people but there's people that got a profit on that 30% moved on the S&P dramatically because they're ready for their anticipating it. So it's the same thing it's what the cola zero sum game. Up is good down as good if you don't learn the skills to make money when the market goes down. You'll gonna make you wonder actually gonna limit yourself to how much you can make and ultimately you know take on way too much risk. So the focus is learn the skills of making money regardless of direction in short selling was selling short is one of the most prominent ways for the listeners to be will do that. Well you know what does not difficult it's different we say that all the time or Bulls and Bears. You know understanding that the market goes up people make money when the market goes down people make money as well you know when. When you lose money in the market to transfer funds and if you lose money when the market goes down. That means somebody's taking advantage of that downward move on the opposite side here trade. What I love is the average person could do this chip you know sometimes people think you got to have a supercomputer yet and his wealth of knowledge no you just got to understand. How to do it how to exercise if you would and a lot of people don't take the time to do it in their fourth they don't have that knowledge well what's the goal on the market. The bi lo we don't make money but to buy low sell high if we can buy low and sell high will be fine. Here's the problem what is slow. What is high. I mean you know we're looking at a stock or a currency our future something it has a value we don't know if we don't have a reference point whether it's a low price or high price. We don't it's just a price. So we have to have some sort of a plan in place. Kabila profit regardless of direction because of something's at a higher price is not trying to buy it is the time to sell it short because we believe is gonna fall. And so one of the best ways I can explain a list of what shorting is is that. Use an example let's use Coca-Cola. Atlanta based company stocks trading around 45 dollars a share the good been around forever hundred years the large cap. Big company large valuation in global multinational. Billion dollar company. 46 bucks a share 45 bucks a share let's say. And you decided you thought I was gonna go to 42 to 45. You believe it's gonna fall to forty why well because prices Dubai. There's more supplied and demanded 45. You know maybe you know they've got it maybe they had a bad earnings coming out of meeting has some news or some anticipated news that wasn't gonna help the stock price. There's a variety reason why we think some gonna fall we've let this go from 45 to forty. We don't only shares necessarily we don't own cocoa stop what we can profit from that move. From 45 to 41 way to do that would be to short the stock now here's what that means when you open up a brokerage account E*Trade Scott trade Schwab whomever. You can go way you can set up an account where ultimately if you wanna sell something that you don't own your able to do that that's called shorting a short selling. So the key thing in this is with a disconnect have been through many people is. They can't understand how can I sell something that I don't know. In other words if I've never bought it how can I sell your broker owns that they have an inventory of that stock so in this scenario. Using Coca-Cola as an example you go to your account you don't own Coca-Cola but you wanna sell the stock is it's 45 meetings gonna go to forty. So you decide you wanna sell out at 45 your broker allowed you to sell shares out of their inventory into the market at 45 on your behalf. Mode when you sell the stock the profit comes a year count. Now let's head open your account because you sold. To enter the position and other words you do not only shares you get the sell button your broker sold the shares on your behalf into the market at 45 doll to share. Your goal is to buy back for your goals of buyback at forty. Nothing gets the forty new buyback would have you done well you sold it 45 in you bought it forty. So you bought low sold high just in reverse order here's what happened the moment that you stole it 45 your broker sold it into the market on behalf of view at 45. When he hit forty you bought the shares back they call that covering your shorts. You bought the shares back the moment but she is back the inventory were right back in your broker's warehouse in other words they get the stock back. But they let you keep the profits Lee is sold at 45 you bought back three weeks later forty. You basic keep the five dollar shares soared a hundred shares usually five or box. On a thousand JG is made five Rian on a move from 45 to forty uncle Kohl's stock and you never owned a stock to start with. That's shorting. And think about this Adam and I think mail listen do you think but this is well imagine if they'd a short sold the collapse of 2008 the S&P. Well that now think about that we can sort sell these indexes before we get a collapse the correction the market. And profit dramatically from it's what separates the wheat from the chaff in the market in the virus in that direction doesn't matter up is good. In doubt as to. Exactly and that's why individuals need to learn how to short the market goes up market is down you have to take the time to learn how to capitalize in both directions. Online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears have a class specifically on shorting the market. The very unique class whether brand new to trade either been in the markets for years if we don't know how to short this is the key opportunity. There's a 500 dollar value we only a few seats to give away we're gonna take caller right now ten. The twenty pick up the phone right now call. 84451. Trade that they 44. 51 trade for callers tended to point B to 500 art class and shorting the market from our sponsor. Online trading academy that's 8445. Point 87233844518. Seve to you. 33 for callers tended twenty to get this 500. You wanna learn how to do this before the market corrects you wanna learn how do this before you lose 3040% your portfolio take advantage of this opportunity callers ten to 28 for foreign. Five want to trade does that mean champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears embryos that of its just gonna have the blast on forget that you with the boys here studio over to to head over to FaceBook light guess at Bulls and Bears radio and of course we got a question proceed to coach called coach allied. 877904. Trade at 87790. Portrayed an interest in question come up a little bit I'm excited about that. Tip one of the things when it comes to the market as a lot of people are hands off a lot of people. You know they just does decide not to participate you know there in the market Emma 401K but they're not doing anything with that they set it up. It's automated and it's a such an auto pilot. Let's take a moment and actually talk about what would be if somebody was managing their own money and more using an advisor that more user broker they were self directed their funds what does that look like. And how would someone go about doing that. Well it's a learned skill. Like any good career over time you do it enough times were becomes repetitive. One of the things I tell people is that trading and investing shouldn't be exciting and it's exciting you do it wrong. Followers and you hit the button to buy or sell something in the markets it shouldn't be it shouldn't be emotional should be nerve wracking shouldn't be fearful or. He should be driven by greed to fear those two emotions that drive most price moves in the market. Ultimately fear and greed. So it's simply a matter of learning a skill and know when I'll Boller treat academies we talk a lot of people to steal of managing itself directing and the big Lyle Wall Street. And this is something that I really irks me. As somebody who grew up bowl middle class and of some blue collar most of my career. And what frustrated me was a you know working hard paying your dues paying his taxes grind along trying to make ends meet went to all that for years. And the frustration for many people is that. Once you begin to realize that if you don't understand your money or high your money supposed to grow highest policy make money we give money. In you buy the lie a Wall Street which is that your not sophisticated enough to handle your money you need to put it under management you have some CF peers some. So I you know registered investment advisory team gets ice. Who says that and your reality is is this is that I believe that you can do better than a lot of CFPs and I got a lot of my students at all I'd trade academy. And they can wanted to 2008 they got crushed. In their positions because a lot of times the philosophy is very simply to sell something you offer their shelf. Other words of their sell annuities through this on the long term in life were you know some sort of term life product or. CDs or whatever it is that they're gonna put you into some bond fund. They get paid a percentage and I'm not saying that does not a need for that what I'm saying is that. I believe that every individual circumstance if revolving year money as an individual is individual to you. And so we all different time Kaplan goals and what we need to focus on his hitting those goals. And the traditional systems for many people but putting on a management with some Wall Street firm. Isn't working and they're frustrated begin churn and burn with fees and ultimately they make money one direction and they're always buying and some new products. And so for us it's all about learning the skills of self directing and pull back the curtain if you will. And it's funny because any product in any registered investment advisors certified financial clinic can sell you. You can create yourself. With the same instruments that they used to create that product in other words if you wanted to create some sort of an annuity products you can use a bond fund you can use in combination with. Other assets. Combined and you can learn how to do that yourself and not pay all the fees in the surrender charge and all things that come affiliated with that. That's what we talk about here Bulls and Bears is that you can spend six to 101000 Martha get a basic systematic approach a learned skill. And ultimately do better. Then some money managers gonna do for you we've seen it again and again. And the system is set up where if you learn the skills you can repeat of overtime and direction doesn't matter you learn how to protect him hedge against loss and ultimately. You can hopefully and potentially at the goals you set for you when your family. Well that's the goal I mean your families count and needed those goals you're counting on yourself to those goals and a lot of individuals. I don't know how to get to that point itself directed to simply just you taking control you controlling your own risk you controlling your own time utilizing your capital they have set aside. That's a game changer chip I've met people that it did thirty years old start self directed their finances and I meet people that we to the seventies their self directed. But once they start doing it whatever age it is. They're always why did I not start the suit well and it's irresponsibility. Financial success requires you to pay attention near money. On the army people don't even open their statements and their 401K they got money with some. Brokerage firm hurt so you know some big institution out there who's managing quote unquote the money. They have no idea the decisions that are being made in their own portfolio. And that's our responsibility as people that ever worked harder in this money. To learn our money no more money. And once we have that process that would begin to see that we can do a better job many times by learned the skills of self directing. And enough detail those exorbitant fees and commissions over time. And this guy becomes a limit exactly an online trading academy a sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand people want a softer acted as they don't know how to get started I don't know where to begin. That's why they have a class specifically on self directed as a 500 dollar value and I love it every time we given away which is rare eye on this topic every time we give away the phones light up. If you're trying to manage your own resources if you're trying to get a hold of your retirement accounts and you wanna sell direct this is the opportunity for you get a few seats available for this class the 500 dollar value would it take callers fifteen at 45. Pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that they 4451. Trade for callers fifteen at 45 to get a 500 dollar class on self directed. We're golf severe count size regardless of where your money that you need to learn how to manage it 84451878233. That's 84451878233. For caller fifteen to 25 to get this 500 dollar value of class on self directing your portfolio from our sponsor online trading academy at 844. 51. Trade this is adamant champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the Bulls and Bears a gross adamant Disco and it's a laughed so it's a good time here bulls or bears take you with the fellas. I've talked about Friday different things don't forget to head over to FaceBook like is at Bulls and Bears radio and of course if you have a question 447 in college coach outline. At 877. 90 for trade we're actually had to take a call right now go ahead color. How this is Lawrence. Melinda Florida. I keep hearing about the futures market and I'm not quite sure what it is. On hurt but it goes much equity that they get more leverage. And that's not really sure on that means of entry and equities a couple of years now that you're in my trees I have looked at. Thanks Lawrence this launch from Orlando appreciate the call. We'll see you nice give bag from balls and bear missiles rag bag T shirt. So excited for the question and yet the futures market is just literally something that a lot of people in America aren't aware of that are really have a concept of what the futures market really consists of one of the things is it amazing about when we look at the market as a global perspective and other words of we look at the market as a whole around the globe. Equities stocks are really the least traded asset class that one of the least treated me here in America they're the most traded because we have a very liquid stock market the S&P the Dow the Russell the NASDAQ these are. Major indices and we have a very liquid equities market where people can get in and get out a lot of volume lot of liquidity. Buddy ability to get out of the price wanna get out Ed Gabriel abide sub par sort of buy and sell that. You need a lot of activity in order to be able to have that happen but the words you need that liquidity and a lot of people on the field so to speak. Well the futures market it's dramatically bigger than the equities market within a global market and a beautiful thing about the futures market Lars is that it can entail different areas. Of different marketplaces like you can take trade futures on commodities in a corner and soybean and lean hogs you can trade futures on currencies. In the Frank Gore you know the Euro you can trade futures utilizing their agricultural products the soft like. Like job corps I think we mission corn soybean things like that we can even trade the S&P 500. Russell the Dow though. The Nikkei the hang saying these major global stock indices using futures. And here's the benefit to using features because I love this topic because it's one of the things I speak on and on my chain academy is the benefits of using futures vs equities vs stocks. First and foremost. I can feel a lot less money. You know the problem with a equities are stocks is that the capital and tens of you wanna buy a share. Coca-Cola stock it's 45 bucks a share. But you can use margin which is the broker loan you money you give you'll more purchasing power but there's a cost that you some money. And I can trade futures for a lot less low as I can control. Literally ten times what I have the ability to purchase using the future. And the benefit of that is the gives me leverage and leverage is a key element of success in the markets but leverage needs to be used responsibly. And leverage we talk about futures futures are leveraged products no words. I can go one of the market with a thousand bucks a 2000 bucks and I can trade the S&P 500 and I can make a good return with a very small amount capital. But those I can make a substantial return because I'm leveraging a larger position size with less capital now here's the thing arsonist is key. Futures are sexy he made a lot of money without having a lot of money to work with what. Leverage works both ways in other words if you Norris and how to manage risk responsibly. A Hata minimize risk you really shouldn't use a leverage product that's not a good use of it. You know the can be very dangerous because you don't understand the risk involved so we talk about fugitive he betrayed stock for a couple years a commission and you call. You could probably start the movement in the future is Arenas simply because you understand them to ebb and flow of the markets how price moves you understand how price changes. And now you've got a good understanding that now when you start to utilize a leveraged products like futures you can get a bigger return fullest capital investment and still see the same patterns. And movement in the markets so leverage or utilizing a leveraged products like futures is a great way for people to get into the game and more importantly. It's allows us and not have to have a ton of money. Or a smaller accounts size we could legally get away with and still get some good returns in the market. So what's great about understanding how to utilize the market for short term income or for cash flow. Is that there's so many ways we can utilize. Stocks futures currencies options these are all products. That are available to anybody. To utilized to help them make money consistently on a short term basis increased cash flow in the markets. And Lars if you use futures is a great asset class to do that with a more importantly. He can really taken that next though because director of atomic apple to get good returns but you do have to have a good system and a good rule based position and more importantly you have to understand mentioned risk. Exactly champ and a lot of people don't understand how to manage risk and that's why when people try a leveraged products such as options or futures there. You know foreign currencies they you know they get hurt they get crushed they don't understand how dangerous it can be. Utilizing the leverage product but the thing is is what you said and you nailed it. When you understand proper risk management when you understand how that tool works. He can be very powerful tool for and it's a great asset class features to treat for incumbency one of the great things about the market in the stain ages. Any of us listening to the show right now could treat for short term income with a utilized. The markets on a small scale to generate a little extra money coming in next fifty bucks our bucks a week Eminem. That could benefit a lot of listeners out there and really helped them along. And more importantly if they don't have to have a ton of money to do that can really open a total a lot of people and that's why we get back in the drama Bulls and Bears as we believe that the markets are great way for you to generate. Short term income. If you understand how to go about the process it's absolutely and leveraged products allow that opportunity for short term income and online trading academy as a class specifically on. Trading for short term income utilizing leveraged products and you don't want to miss out on this. But the brand new the market even in the markets for years if you don't understand truly how to use leverage product and how to use to your advantage does a great opportunity for you as a 500 dollar class directly on understand how to generate short term income in the marketplace you do not want to miss out on this we only have a few seats to give away we're gonna take callers ten to twenty pick the phone right now call 84451. Trade at 84451. Trade callers ten to twenty to get a 500 art class. Specifically on trading for short term income you do not want to miss out on this that's 84451872338445187233. For callers to the twenty get this 500. Country for short term income you do not on this on this opportunity 84451. To trade does that mean champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears a gross Adam it's just go after the blast the joys of tie meg with the dozens studio always did. Diverted to head over to FaceBook like guess at Bulls and Bears radio and of course and any time a 24/7 if you have a question for the coach college coach hotline 877904. Trade that's 87790. Portrayed your question ends up out there in this way Ben we're. Bulls and Bears in Diana some great stuff and some lessons from our sponsor like treat academy some basic lessons on understanding preserving capital and how to make better decisions in the markets really unique stuff so we're excited and who does he now what could turn into ultimately could utilize those lessons and create their ground work for becoming the next great traitor out there absolutely champion a lot of things we talk about. I'm Bulls and Bears is understanding how the market is actually a business the component of gambling in the component of you know this is just a hobby you know I hear people say they wanna do able to Alley the able day Alley in the market I don't know what any that means. The markets of business the market is a place where people are buying and selling all the time let's take a moment let's talk to listener. About how people can utilize the market as a business. Well in my experiences senior coach online trading academy Jimmy we have forty global campuses is a big huge academy. Local global presence local presence. Really disagree great group of people that taught a lot of people the basic skills of self directed and learn the skills how to handle their money how to grow the money how to protect and preserve against lost. All things you preacher Bulls and Bears. And I've met so many great business hours people that are already self employed. Who came in the academy in their whole goal was they wanted to take on less responsibility they wanna have more free time time freedom. And so they wanted to use the markets as a business. Says generate them income that they needed to be able to give them the flexibility to have the resources that they wanted and the time and enjoy the resources you know that's the dream right. They have been able to enjoy yourself and have the money into and resources to be able to do you wanna do when you wanna do it. And that's really big American dream in the problem is in this country is that while who have given up on. You know the capitalist system is really bin can have taken down a little bit because. The tax code is structured where you just it crushed if you're small business owner in this country and hopefully with some of the new reform process that's going through will be able to get some people. About Libya to keep some of that money in the till so they can continue to grow their business but ultimately. Many people that have started traditional businesses with the all the start ups of investment costs. Leasing a building capital expenditure workers' comp but he did housing inventory product purchases development. Computer technology mean it's cost prohibitive for a lot of people to start a business in this country you're looking at tens if not hundreds of thousands of balls to get off the ground. And then people look at the financial markets trading and investing he can starter on a shoestring. You literally could start with. Less than 525 grand four grand streak enemy need yeah I've seen it happen. And you can get into a business where you have all the benefits. Of being able Libby self employed. And yet not have a lot of judicial headaches at many business owners hat and so it's the dream it truly is. And so think about this thing but yet a business where and every morning if you need to customer you're trying to sell sudden you go online or somebody to buy from you. And if you need to buy something some mornings a summit itself union red leave your house you have had to do with customers and amended deal of resources or inventory or any of that stuff. That's cheating in a messing. And that's why many very successful people have committed to Serena. Because they saw the opportunity to take advantage the American dream. Without all other additional headaches and it's a real team changer for a lot of people that's why we track so many quality high caliber people who already business owners. Because they look at the market is a business and the structure of the business they take advantage of his business. Exactly you know an online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears have a class specifically on treated as a business when I love about this. As well as some of the brand new the market they've been in the market for years if they're looking to. Set this up as a second streaming comer maybe someday even your primary streaming chemically treated as a business a reward you as a business. Online trading academy as a class specifically on this is a 500 dollar value with a few seats to give away we're gonna take colors tend to 45. 84451. Trade. That they 4451. Trade for callers to the 45 to get a 500. That's 844518782338445187233. For callers ten to 25 to get this 500 dollar class specifically on. Treating as a business from online trading academy. If you've been thinking about owning a business you don't know how to get started to wonder what the markets can ultimately look like it ultimately do for you this is the opportunity for you 844. 51. To trade it does that mean champ Bob Bulls and Bears.