Aretha Franklin Passes Away at Age 76

Vince Coakley Podcast
Thursday, August 16th

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Try not hard. Corner. Blind allegiance. Jesus Christ gets the. Hi Mary choice. He is alive. Hopefully radio program. And good morning on this Thursday. We begin with breaking news and it is very sad breaking news that we have anticipated. That is the death of Aretha Franklin she has passed away at the age of 76. The queen of soul she's gone. Teams he reporting her death she's known for having one of the greatest voices. In music history. It's like respect. You make me feel like a natural woman. She died today after long battle with cancer. Passed away in her Detroit home where she was under hospice care she'd been in failing health for many months. Down 286. Pounds. One source reporting. He was in for more than a week ago I got to rethink could go at any time. Fortunately she was surrounded by friends and family can she passed away. Already described as she's incredibly frail in recent years. Rarely performed live. Her most recent performance was last November. Forty events. With Elton John let's go now to aviation. This is especially. From ABC news the queen of soul has died word this morning from the Associated Press. At a publicist of Aretha Franklin has confirmed that the singer died at her home today in Detroit. After decades of timeless music with a famous hits like respect him royalties Franklin in recent years has become ill with an undisclosed health issue an inch and issues. The Associated Press reporting that the statement said she had pancreatic cancer no word yet on the official cause of death she's considered on the greatest singers of all time. Aretha Franklin dead at 76. This has been a special report from ABC news. Yeah and that from ABC. Reporting on the death of Aretha Franklin and just. I think this is extraordinary and out. I don't need to make you commentary about that. We just talk about her and her wonderful career. Nothing less than incredible morning in Memphis Memphis in 1942. Findley eventually relocated to Detroit. Which is very fortunate when a place. To relocate to for someone who wants a music career. She started seeing there and her father's church. Such a power house. Gospels finger. When they Columbia record deal in the early sixties. And a string of chart topping gets started with her Atlantic records steel in 1967. And I think this is extraordinary for her. In this time period in the late sixties keep in mind. This is in the middle of the civil rights movement. She held the record for the most in trees on the hot 100 list of any female artist for nearly. Forty. Years. That's pretty awesome. And she was only dethroned from this particular title. Last year by making an Irish. That amazing. It took that long. She won eighteen grammys the first woman ever inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 1987. You might remember. Her powerful rendition of my country tis of the with that hat you know everybody is talking about that that had that she was wearing at the inauguration for Barack Obama 2009. Also known for incredible one off live appearances. Including anti Tony fifteen Kennedy Center honors this was a show where she saying. Natural woman in honor of the song's co writer Carole King. She survived by four sons again reporting this hour just few minutes ago confirmation that the queen of soul. Aretha Franklin. Has passed away. During the course the broadcast will be hearing some of her big hits and I also liked. You do shares some of the things that you've appreciated about Aretha Franklin may be it's a song a favorite song. Or maybe it's the an appearance you know I think we're talking here today with Alonso abouts blues Brothers. Aunts. That appearance. Whatever it is you welcomed the calling and texting and share your thoughts about the impact and again I ate. I just have. Profound respect and appreciation not only for her musically but as a person and one of the things that stands out as I mentioned. Listen think of her and her accomplishments. In the midst of the aero where she started it. This is one of those things where. You or your talents and your character shined and they prevail. Even in the midst of some very dark times. And I see this in terms of the prevailing discrimination was rampant at the time. Fans I've never seen in the indication nets. That she was a bitter woman or anything like that. They give these decades. In which she has prospered. Ends. Just done her thing. Again love to get your thoughts along the way. About the impact of for music. And it's just her life whatever it is that you would like to contribute during the course of this broadcast. I think it's a good time to dimension. I am fresh the reminded and continue to talk about and I hope this is something I get better rat. It's just learning more and more about the importance of focusing on humanity and and I don't say this as a dig. I hate you you may be wondering where where resents gonna go a couple of minutes ago. Well I have and this is not to make a dig on this at a time like this but it is just too. An example of I do think it's an example of what's wrong with us in this era. I'm sitting in a studio right now where I've TV monitors. When this news broke. During a time many of you weren't listening to news. I saw that two major networks CBS and NBC broke can't. With a special report. And you know one of the higher ironic things about this. Two cable news networks. Two cable news networks Richard doing live 24/7. News. Came on after. The networks did with this story what does that tell you about where we are. It just grabbed my attention. You are news network. And you've been beat out by. A commercial network. In getting this news on. I just mention this because. It's just another reminder of sometimes we need to. Pull away especially from the strife. Which both networks were hearing by the way both both cable networks. We're covering a food fight. Can we just forget about that a moment let's celebrate. This life. This woman who's contributed so much with some great music. And by all accounts just being a wonderful person. Three different when dead at 76. This is still Vince. Coakley radio program. I mean. Me. Hate the pain. That's the queen of so. For Franklin's best way the age of 76. And it. Over on the text line. Rest in peace Richard Franklin said the about her passing for me is another piece of my child that is passed. How many more pieces why loose. Before I to pass. And and believe me not even on this day. Well no mention this first Vince generally we lose a great music icon today the death Aretha Franklin today is also the anniversary of Elvis Presley's death. Now. World's truly lost a legend. As a great documentary on Netflix called muscle shoals about the famous studio in Alabama. There's an excellent feature on Aretha Franklin recording some of her hits there during a tough time in the Jim Crow era south. Interest how tough she was. That's some great positive commentary. By the players who accompanied her who were all whites. They are loved and respected her. Thanks for bring Europe. Rest in power queen of soul. We're not all of the text so far are positive some of which I would not sure if you because they are so bad and believe it or not serious. We have this. I put this in the mild category not to be disrespectful I don't think many people care. She was sort of an old has been. Really. You're so hypocritical you're complaining about cable news not covering Franklin's death you constantly advocates for free speech. You can't have it both ways this is a free country. Ends. News broadcasts were broadcast what they see fit. And they were no question about that no this was just a commentary. On the irony of cable news networks. Who were on doing news story for seven. And are moving so slowly they can't get this story on that's the point I'm making this is not about. Commentary either this is not about editorial judgment I don't think editorial judgment anything to do with this I think these people were so entrenched. Believe me I've been there and I know how these things work behind the scenes when you bring canned. You've got to make all kinds of hum choices. The regular channels. You've got to move commercials. You've got to touch base with programming. You've got to do all kinds of things. But I just thought it was very ironic. I was the only observation I was making. None analysts. We move line. Also. I wanna talk about us. Something positive that is developing here in the Carolinas. I'm gonna share a couple of things with you wanna miss a story. A lot of school district had made a decision about what to do. To make your school safer you know we can complain forever. Abouts. These school shootings. And you can get involved in really fruitless efforts to try to get rid of guns. Or can figure out the creative and the the necessary things we can do to provide some level protection toward children. The folks in Pickens County have made such a decision. Unanimously supported. My parents. They decided to add resource officers to every school. And they've also hired a social media monitor. This is brilliant. Full time law enforcement officers in every school in Pickens County South Carolina. This puts Pickens ahead of surrounding districts and providing score source officers in all elementary schools all the time. They already had full time officers and all middle and high schools and at three most rural elementary schools. The other eleven elementary schools have been getting part time coverage from officers who rotated from school to school after hearing from parents. Whose confidence in school safety shaken in the aftermath of the town's elementary school shooting two years ago remember that's. When the young boy were shot outside. But they can score board decided to make improving security a priority. It took 600000. Dollars from growth in the tax base this year at a higher essentially the equivalent of five and half additional officers. This is what's called. Responsible. Leadership. How this is a great step. Great step. School officers employees of law enforcement agency whose jurisdiction the school is in. Their pay will come from the school district. And again I said you can spend time complaining and whining. Go after guns. We can take some proactive steps. To get involved and find out what is it that we can do well for starters. How abouts. In armed police officer. That's a great start. And this site also think's a great idea. Someone in charge of keeping up with potentially threatening social media activity. This is also Smart how many times have we seen when there's a problem person who's putting out post indicating. What they're interested in doing. And ultimately carry out. The districts now using software the picks up on keywords they can indicate trouble. And new policy approved by the school board allows school officials to take action based on social media pros. When they originate in the schools or in students' homes. The districts now looking to hire a person to take this job. Also additional funding for increased mental health services for students. This. Is excellent and I applaud. The folks in Pickens County. We're taking this step. In contrast to this I wanna share something that was posted by good friend of mine in Kentucky. I went to school with Tim. And I saw something about this that happen the other day. There was a lockdown on the campus of Eastern Kentucky University where I went to school. I believe my friend's son was there for some sort of summer program. And she has. Just a great post. Most reluctant to start this. And not be able to finish it but I'm when we start this. This is from my friend Tim. I'm probably going to make a few people upset with a spruce but I can't keep my mouth shut on this one after dropping my set off for the first day of fifth grade. I received the mass text from EKU imminent threat shelter in place. I immediately turned back to school and went to the entry door where I was greeted by a very nice administrators say the situation was under control. I politely refused to leave and asked to be with my son and his class during this event since others were lucked out inside. They reluctantly greeted escorted me to his room. After entering his room. Where everyone is hiding I looked around and solve those innocent sweet face is some scared others not really realizing the gravity of the situation I thought to myself. I'll never ever let anything happen to one single person in this room if I can prevent it. I'm sure the other parents with thinking the same thing. Next. Was assessment the tools I had available. On a concealed carry 99% of the time except when on the EKU campus and it works both being. Fund free zones. Back to the story. There's a looked around for available weapons. She's really sharp pencils staple or cheers books. Now I'm really ticked. Rodents and hold just hoping the predator doesn't find us. This is just beginning of my friend Temps coast we're gonna. Share more of this and get your thoughts. School security and what we can do now. To make. This circumstance is safe for our children. Stay what is. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. OK okay. Our broadcast. Mid term familiar program boosting the music we can frankly impressed with the age of 76. Texture here sense. Then spelled loose Aretha both great men this season. I'm in the same date I had another person saying I grew up near Detroit in the sixties Aretha was great as were a bunch of Motown artists and just some of the items have come in on the text line also. We are talking about this issue of guns. We've described you would Pickens Johnny's doing and putting resource officers in all the schools. Pretty much finishing up. This. Objective of various to have the police presence and all the schools. Another person saying Pickens County must not have confidence in them no guns allowed stickers on the doors I as well they should not. One thing we can do get rid of judges who set free terrorist training children to shoot up schools. That would be a good thing as well no question about that. Person though expressing this concern picture taken scanning still does not allow TWP holding teachers. To carry as some caddies have done so don't get too excited. Well. I think we should celebrate the good things have happened and let's work on the other things that need to be worked on. Spartanburg county schools have armed police every school that is certainly a good thing. Very good thing for sure. Also on the sex line welder frontier heaven just gained a glorious golden voice to sing the praises of our lord and savior. And we have this texture. Detractors you are so confusing two to four days ago when confronted about forgiving woods but not trump your defense woods is just a golfer. Now you wanna make Aretha a saint. She was just an entertainer. Rupture. Oh boy. There are sometimes I wonder. We have to find an argument about everything just carries. I was sharing reviewed a story. A my friend Tim. To read a situation at a school lockdown his young son was there he demanded he be allowed to stay with his son. During this lucked out. And he's looking around here trying to find anything that might be a suitable weapon just in case he has to defend himself and his son. Confining you think he started to get ticked off. He says we are rodents in a hole just opened the predator doesn't find us now. It's it's not my mentality to be the prey truly made me sick to my stomach thank god the individual was apprehended by either Richmond police department off campus. And the all clear was given. Again this is in Kentucky. When he finishes. Saying this. I cannot understand why politicians community leaders and teachers cannot come to an agreement on how to handle this situation. It's not going away here's the deal taking guns away is not an option. And if you could just who keeps from the guys. That shoot up schools. Everyone followed the laws why would we need locks on everything from lockers to houses so stop with all the nonsense. Next to a base the gun free zones the good guys who can help with a situation like today and the last teachers. I knew you didn't become a teacher to be bodyguards. And I don't think you should. There are some that are capable and wanna take on the responsibility. I know you're out there I know you are step up safe something. He even if against even if it goes against others you work with or your union. I know of my hospital gave the option I would step up and a second take the classes. That were necessary and run toward the shots and not a way. Like the partly guy. Let's have a real conversation. Not woman a closed mind. Because you hate the president or the governor. Because of your pension crisis. This is. An ongoing situation in Kentucky a lot of vitriol being directed toward my friend Matt Devin or her pension issues. A real conversation with real answers not more political punching of the problem. These kids are far more important than party affiliation. You can't battle evil like this with laws and protests I know today. I would've tried in the event the unthinkable happened I'm afraid the only difference I would have made would have been a few seconds in a few rounds. Performing sweet little faces within the next target we can do better than this. We can do better than this. We guard far less important things with far more speaker. Isn't this an excellent post. This from a different mining Kentucky. Who was dealing with school lockdown. I'd love to get your thoughts on what he shared here because I do think. Most people would agree with what he has said. This is about making. Positive steps. Towards providing security for our children. Forgetting about all the political posturing and the things that are not going to happen. Like taking guns away from people. Just doesn't make sense. Speaking of not making sense. This is one of those bizarre things I came across yesterday evening. I knew was not a public place and I saw. This on the screen this particular story and I thought to myself this has got to be a joke. Did someone actually said something so profoundly stupid. Unfortunately it's true. This is pretty much a parody of everything that we've set about liberalism and liberals. It's been characterized as a hate America crowd. And the truth of the matter is that's what progressive progressives. Do they hate America. And they want to create recreate America in there image it's not going to be acceptable until it's remade into there image. That's what you have to understand. So America has to be done their way. And you hear that a clip that I am about ready to play here. This is from New York's. Governor Andrew Cuomo. Now what I find striking about this is the reaction. Because I really think even among Democrats. This is a stupid thing to say nonetheless. Curious intercom. Whittaker makes America great again. There was some of that break. We have not reached break mess. We will reach greatness. When every America. It is fully engaged. We will reach greatness. When discrimination. And stereotyping. Against women 51%. Of our population. Is gone. From I can in this. This is scary stuff. In previous. It's wanna. Push back against their first comment. When every American is fully engaged we do you think this is going to happen. In fact if you wanna talk about the American revolution. We're all of the people at that time fully engaged. In a revolution. Think about that for a moment. This is one of the dangers of progressive Hisham it's it's impossible. Goals. EM possible goals. Coming up world's gonna talk abouts. Where it is this real message America was never really great bridge is come from. Fans were music go. Would love to get your thoughts as well as we continue to broadcast. Stimulus. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Your music there from Aretha Franklin passed through the age of 76. Freeway of love. Love that when the Zia. Really enjoyable song. Can just imagine riding on the rude. Some few may be doing that right now listing that song. Ideally in a convertible. The good stuff. Getting your thoughts on the text line some of the things we've discussed here so far. And see. We have some people who are pleased by this. Decision by school authorities say ends by. The county in Pickens Jenny what they're doing there with providing security. This person's a little concerned no. Officers and school continue the illusion it's someone else's responsibility to protect itself. From being assaulted is always. Is always. The where did the rest of this message ago it just disappeared from me. Always the first responders. Our search will always be in the wrong part of the school in the attack begins besides wisdom dictates any teacher. Incompetent to reach out to carry concealed is incompetent to teach our children while that's quite a standard you've set there. Another first to say here I was having dinner with and gay liberal friend. He started on women needing equal pay I stopped him and asked if I ran a business and could save 30% of my salary costs do you think I would ever hire a man. The surprised look. Was priceless. What are. Very. We also have this. Cherokee county South Carolina sheriff's office that Cherokee county school board just initiator program there'll be a school resource officer and every school in accounting. It's good to hear that. If we get outlawed lying in politics people like Kool Mo would starve to death. Maybe just be stoned to death really you something folks I'm kind of concerned about it. Well. I judges say it's a mixed bag on this text line at times. No question about that. In mixed bag I wanna talk about this Mario this market and Andrew Cuomo thing. As you know this family has quite a rich long history in politics for better or for worse. You're critical prevent her Colo communicating. We're not gonna make America great again because America is never really been great. We've not reached greatness yet. Because these wonderful progressives have not been allowed to fully implement everything that they think needs to be implemented. To bring about the paradise that America can become. If we only trust them. That's the message. It was only a fraction. Only a fraction of people on this continent. Who were supportive of the American revolution did you know that. It didn't take every person in didn't even take half. Fully engaged. It's not gonna happen it is not going to happen. And then he goes down the road of talking about discrimination stereotyping against women. I got news for you some of these issues or problems of the human heart. And there's only one cure for those. One cure. And is the very thing that they resist at all costs which she is a spiritual transformation. Oh yes there will come a day where everyone will be fully engaged. There will be a day when we do reached full greatness. From my perspective that will be when the king of kings and lord of lords comes back it will have nothing to do with any politician. I can assure you that. I think there's mark events for an agreed broke on this. We talks about the danger. Of people looking for some sort of government solution it's going to bring them paradise it's not going to happen. This. Past ago. This mindset. So we can see the broadcast here. I wanna ask you. The question. About American greatness. And I I want people to be thoughtful. Do you first degree did America is great. And my other question is what makes America great. And it would could be done to help restore America. In the areas where we're weak again I wanna have a thoughtful discussion about this if you're on if your personal weapons to Greek and answer personally. Do you agree with C perspective Andrew Cuomo that America was never great. That America just you know it's just another rank and file country in the United Nations no better no worse than any other do you believe that if so. I'd rescue call and make your case. If you ever contrary opinion I'd love to hear from you as well what is it that makes America so wonderful seat and I. I'm Kevin a weird place. Because. On the one hand I recognize that there's no such thing as a perfect nation. On the other hand I have a hard time. Seeing any other path other than a divine intervention. Which brings about a country like sharks. There's a book I'm still reading. That talks about this. And he told the 5000 year leap. And it talks about. Just how extraordinary this experiment that we've set out on how extraordinary is how it is exceptional. We have people who studied. Other forms of government realize you know none of these are gonna work here we're gonna have to do something totally different we're gonna have to do an experiment. And I believe. The people who set out to do this. Doesn't mean they were all Christians they were all. People of faith it does mean. I think that the inspiration is divine. Inspiration for freedom is divine. Now what's been done with it. And the stewardship of it and the fact that it's been screwed up doesn't attract. From the values that were instilled the beginning let's have a conversation I wanna hear from you is America great. And what can we do to build upon that greatness. That don't look in this day in history coming up including some interesting deaths on the state students. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing it to AC fans into focus the lens so liberty less system fits Coakley radio program. Our number two and us at the end we are shared with you. The perspective of one Andrew Cuomo the governor of New York. This is America was really never great. I was talking about issues as well related to. People who. Carry out crimes. In the context of school shootings and this being a heart problem this is not to be solved with legislation or some of the other things sit. EO our society. This Dexter said one cure for problems with the heart is now performing CPR. While. Some of you people are brutal. Vince if they can convince us the US was never great they can convince us to change the constitution. To all abrupt breaking down our union and our unity yet. America's pretty great not perfect we have things to work on. But it's rare handful of countries that truly for the most part our citizen friendly. That's yet. Very good and other texts are saying you should watch Trey got a sermon on unity being found in Christ strong wow I didn't know about this. I need to make a note of this right now. True need Jeremy. And it's easy. Our own unit she all right. I will check this out. I think our nation is great better than all others we can do some things better but we do almost everything better than other countries. What's what's interesting is as soon as I I he read this text I think of a friend that I've been talking with lately. Who is really on this take of socialized medicine I mean he really is on this kick. Dependent. Other countries are doing this why can't we afford to do attend. It's. My goodness. And you begin to break that down how do you. Because there are a lot of issues and reasons why. That's not a good idea you know that. America's great I'm great granddaughter of an alcoholic. Granddaughter and alcoholic and the daughter of a prescription pill Popper. I am a good chance of not making it. I'm now an owner of a lucrative business for the good family. I was a female had a better chance to rise above my statistics. Then being a female in any other country yes America is great. And take it good for you. Thank you for sharing this I'd love this because you're an example of the opportunity presented in America. To rise above your circumstances. That's awesome. And this isn't just a phrase America you also deserve credit. An honor for what you've done thank you for your example link you for sharing it. Vince there's a documentary on the History Channel called the last Pope. Mentions that Pope Benedict may very well be the last Pope. There many indications point to the end of times divine intervention near future or not in our lifetime. Mean. That's kind of intriguing. It's in my opinion the US is imperfect and our nation is the closest to it by far march and another opinion I have is. Chris Cuomo. Is a jackass with a very punishable face a. My goodness what is with the violence this morning people. Can an extra few days going well it's full blessings just wondering. Well this is a question Iowa have to. And served. Privately. This is the ultimate stress relief picture yourself near stream birds softly chirping in the cool mountain air nothing can bother you here. And cascade of serenity the waters crystal clear he can easily make up face the person. Oh my goodness. This is crazy. What is going on with the people in their text today the rest of this is rather dark. What's going on it's something in the water today Charles are you behind this. I thank goodness every country has problems including America problem with Democrats is they only focus on the problems. And completely ignore the great things in this country yet. I tend to lean to with what to Jeff Daniels and the HBO series the newsroom do you know what I'm referring to or not. Who ruled Jeff Daniels America. I will check that out. Why don't we take the opportunity now to take a look at day in history. And explores some of the very interesting occurrences on the states and one of the things I told you. About the states is very intriguing because we have several deaths of note to. It's really strange. Kind of uncanny. Because there were three big names that passed away on this day we already mentioned one of them. Alonso joining us now and our upstate studio in Greenville good morning then. The SP opposite day because I don't feel angry and all that I'm very glad to hear that and I'm glad your not. Given to violence. Like some people seem to be. Found 1850 it is the start president Buchanan and Queen Victoria. Exchanged messages. How did they exchanged messages. Telegraph. You are absolutely right. They used the transatlantic. Telegraph cable. That's pretty cool wow. 1896. This. Was discovered in candidates Yukon Territory and started a rush. When nerves gold and M dire heels you're absolutely right he was the Klondike. The Klondike gold rush kicked off. In the Yukon Territory events yes what would you do for IA knew you're going to go there called my position yourself predictable. All right Steve you know this one you know music well. An American punk rock band that formed a New York City. In the neighborhood of four is still in Queens 1974. Often cited as the first band. To define the punk rock sounds. They played their first public gig in New York City and the state who was. Hormones yes. I knew you'd do this you would know this answer I'm I'm impressed. 1984. A jury in Los Angeles cleared at this carmaker. Hug drug charges. Let's just say this guy has a famous name because of a movie that came out in the eighties. Who wins his last name. Deep in the name of the middle it's back to the future yes he did or my head empress and one reason my hat must be on two tigers. A Delorean yeah. That's us have very good. I am almost reluctant to go into this these last questions here. Because today it was a day which three big names died I think we have time for all three of them 1948. Baseball player who was it. Famous baseball player. Yeah that narrows it down on the go with bay bruise your right it is the group in 19481977. This guy left the building for good found an addict Graceland you're right 2003. Unfortunately this guy. And I don't know how us to say this actually. And he was known as a brutal dictator into. Africa. And was even known for eating. And yeah who wasn't well. I know it's bizarre I'm gonna miss the cannibal question I don't know Idi Amin. You're correct it is ED I mean that's when they go to brilliant like you know. We're gonna continue our conversation with who runs over this we're gonna follow up on something that's. You'll be glad to talk about it stay with us. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Aretha Franklin again. Honestly I can't say that. It probably one of my least favorite of her sons I mean I'd. I mean it's got to get feed to it and although I just. It was. You don't do it but I tell you the other day about the way they see back to high school yeah it does all of these saudis do this what in freeway of love back in that eighties era. And it's one of those where the lyrics every just I have never was able to he embraced this one. It reminds me I don't know if I've played this tonight you're about the living color say yes John is Laffey and there's a living color say. Minute somebody's making fun I finally saw the original this song and may be yet another day I'll fill you more in on this joke but. It is just actually funny. This. Why are one of the members think it was Kim wins was doing a spoof on this woman and her performance on leader in color and that. I watched the original song video and I about died laughing because. She was right on the money I mean it really was. Gosh if you wanna have some fun look up my songs are mindless on YouTube. McCabe look that up. And have some front do get a few few laughs there. I said we would come back. And go to our good friend Lon so because I was curious we we had such an intense conversation yesterday we didn't have time to do this segment and I was very eager to get your your feedback on. WWE smackdown on Tuesday night you would dare live and in person. Yeah I was a started out I got to interview Charlotte player earlier in the day and that was a little nerve racking. Can I assume that interview is still available to listen to it that pleases. I'll tell you were later. I have. A well. You can find it on on. On ESPN upstate dot com or I've gone to have the probably the entire interview. On the at staples this weekend OK okay tell you she is very beautiful and choose a lot of fun doing it could very good how about the rest the show. While the show is good. Did she got the biggest pop when she came out of course they brought her out first 'cause this is flare country we all know that and the new day got a pretty good pop too especially. In the upstate South Carolina closed Austin creed is. Xavier woods. Graduated from Furman long look outside today. But to show overall was good my experience was not as much blood the show was good. Oh boy and it sounds like a story that I had that guy behind me alone no mom. Wrestling nerd first of all and be loud this voice of any human being ever. You know how when you leave a concert and you can't Hurley here because the music was so loud yes. This due due debt to me one year I don't know and he was he wasn't even in the right seats and not almost went in told the usher a these guys are not right seats. And I but since I'm a cramp on now I thought that was a Graham Paul moved saw I didn't do that. The it is absolutely hilarious how listen to a five live show. I didn't stay for the fans say four and the reason why. There's that guy. I know you serious stuff guy ripped pretty much ran you out by being so obnoxious so what it's not just that on the in my ear was hurting fit on the new physically I was in pain and you know it's like I can handle this guy anymore. I'm probably go say something produce something that will give me in trouble solved. I'm I'm not here. Okay. Well hopefully and I knew Brian Kendrick was looking for me. Her death somewhere and what I don't want any of that sound here. Well I am only have to do is just reach down in Panama and the head so. That was a short term president who will yell you looked all next on. I thought definitely I'd say it was it was a good crowd other than that guy and it was sold out it was a good time. Awesome pretty awesome well thanks for sharing that account there and I hope that sure you're you're you're hearing has completely recovered hey hey you're welcome the message to that guy although I don't know if you Smart enough to listen this program. I hope you get laryngitis for a month. Hole. Now. Ours our rights so we provide the talking about plastic straws thank you for joining us mr. and so won't touch it with you again soon. But this plastic straw thing is how many it is sure anybody in this studio who's in this plastic straws saying I mean it's. It's a save the planet type that is anybody get this. Hysteria. I need Charles CU you have this look on your face kind of like year. May be open to us I don't see that it's. In and of itself is gonna do it. And if if you won't make a difference they get rid of anything plastic and make it all biodegradable. But the paper products that you find now. From the newer better restaurants. That don't give you things and plastic figure these things and and it's cardboard type avoid. People board type of older that day is biodegradable and that is recyclable. Braves tied item straws or grains a great place to start but. No I mean just it's it's it's really not going to reduce the millions of tons of plastic in the oceans. Tomorrow. I hear you have a move we've got a couple of things going on I appreciate your input on this Charles. We started Charlotte's. Blumenthal performing arts center. Has become the latest are growing list of group saying it plans to stop using plastic straws and continues. Jury heard about Starbucks switching to recycled deleted instead of plastic straws on their cold drinks. Now there's some backlash from advocates for people with disabilities to some people disabilities need straws to help him drink. They're people were also cannot lift cups. That's a concern. Now Starbucks compare and he's gonna make. Straws available for those who absolutely need them. There also a number of restaurants. Pulling the plug on straws here in the Charlotte area we also saw this in the upstate. Strip club 104 it's a steakhouse historic downtown Greer. They're going to eliminate single use plastic straws from their establishment. The owner of this establishment Jason Clark said we have to start somewhere. With a goal of eliminating all plastic disposable products marsteller different. Replacing with biodegradable. Equivalents like he straws. So I've been kind of curious. Very curious. What do you think about this whole straw thing. I mean I'm. I don't know what you did this seems to have just come out of nowhere all of a sudden everybody's talking about strong us. Have you seen the mean by the way the circulating around the Internet. Where the police officers chasing after the little boy. You know he needs it for a good for his little -- up. You know. I mean. It's just dissect it really is. It all started when San Francisco voted to ban the plastic straw that's on the mania took off in Alba saved the world their drought there's all this is my can do this this in the world. My commitments such a small bank and its anger and all the terrible paper straws. Everett pixie sticks to cut the ends off of a problem I had this paper shaath told not well. When they get away that's a problem just say. Charles your narrow thinking sullied its. Lancaster was talking about this I am watching this guy in the weather channel the survivalist guy and there's just little vignettes and more of them was one if you get stuck out while the new new. You need to make a fishing hook. You can make a fishing local fishing lore. Within used plastic straw really seriously you showed how to cut it make a little more out of us and then you could catch a fish. And without them and if you're out there you might not be able to beat. That's a problem seat here you are revealing once again how important plastic straws are. What in the world is going on at this madness. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Aretha Franklin. Street continue playing her music during the push the broadcast today. Cast away the age of 76. And our previous segment we're talking about restaurants. In the Charlotte area and the upstate getting on this bandwagon of getting rid of the straws. And you know I'm not trying to be flippant here but it really does seem like there's such a and then. I guess from my opinion chairman exaggerated focus on this is if this is gonna save the planet somehow. Some humorous moments actually happen. When we're in the commercial break and we have one just few minutes or so and Charles you've got to tell. What happened under the heading out I can't stay on the line please share this OK go for a woman says you know I remember when we didn't have. Plastic tourism only had papers straws these it takes five people straws to drinking milk shake and and you know what it used to shock. Who are. Oh my goodness yes that is so true at this. Thank you very much judge Charles you know it's. That I would be a problem. With a shapes come to you I mean that. I were I really do what I understand a really dear. So if you can help bring some understanding to this and appreciation for the gravity of this. Maybe I'm right to buy into your argument I'm just. Right now not fair honestly. I wanted to say he has some things about the ongoing situation with toll roads in Charlotte's. If there were some desire and expectation. That we would get some positive word abouts buying out the contract of this company that's building that railroad well that was all dashed yesterday. Completely shot. Pretty much shot to hell OK let's be blunt about it. These secretary transportation Jim tried to. Basically said. There's a way to make this thing more driver friendly ice 77. But he did not recommend state by out. Need private companies contract to convert some of these lanes to free planes. Now the State's ultimate goal is to take over the told lane project in turn one of the new lanes and I 77 into a general purpose slain. But that's gonna take years and require hundreds of millions of dollars before I sure anymore about this story. I still do not get the bone headed decision to do this in the first place. I really don't. Now I did have a conversation on the friend of mine who did serve in the legislature and he was explaining. That this was the only thing they do they're just is not money available. For these road projects. Now how I I I am still not buying it. And I'm I'm profoundly frustrated. Because I feel like. These politicians have sold out to special interest. We're gonna make of them do pretty well they're gonna come out well in this thing. This is a 26 mile project. Ands there's local advisory group has been trying to find a way out of this project since the start of the year. So now the gonna work on negotiations to improve the existing plan. Can be things like a cap on told he is or opening up shoulders to traffic during peak hours. And in an in those of you who traveled I 77 know what I'm talking about here. This thing has been. Under construction in some form something going on I really ever since I've been here. There is always something. And because the growth. Here in the city of Charlotte. It's just him about impossible stay up. That's the challenge. Where'd you find the money. And you know on the we have the other discussion and complications affected. One of the problems we've had for quite some time is Charlotte really has been short changed when it comes to money for Roche. It's just debt. So bottom line is. If you're gonna be using I 77 and you want to move faster and get through the traffic quicker you're gonna have to pay. There's really no way around this. I wanna know you think about this. Are you ticked off a one of those people is ticked off about this. You can call or text in fact we need to get caught up on some of the items here. On the text line we're talking about America earlier is America great is there anything they can make America greater. Do you agree or disagree with the comments of Andrew Cuomo. This texture says America has a great record because is continually corrected her shortcomings. Very few countries have zero skeletons in the closet. And once in Germany's closets. That just started decomposing. Oh boy. America's great only the abstract it's great idea but any greatness is only on paper really don't. Can't think of a single thing. Inside of a Brazilian set in law a Danish son in law. They've enabled me to see how truly exceptional America is both of them are naturalized. US citizens they both are more at home and American and in their native land. I believe is the principles that our country was founded on make America great that is from Dwight. Yes the violence in America's truth and all human beings have limits and the Democrat party pushed him to those limits. Yes ironically many of the problems I think that the Democrat party and those folks are complaining about they have actually meet worse. But promoting the state and government over. Finding spiritual solutions. So this becomes a a problem that really builds on itself as we become more secular. More humanistic refocused. What else are we gonna get it from if that's that's all there is left. Also on the sex line. I saw someone took to my Q. It's to smackdown had a great time. I was looking for lunch at the other guys from upstate pulse could not find them so I doubt I'm the wrestling nerd that he's talking about. A I'm glad to hear that glad you were not the obnoxious person you have. Many debates so miserable for Alonso. It's funny how Starbucks paper straws are wrapped in plastic end. Plastic straws wrapped in paper. This person that would like to know where do we get our concealed carry straw permits it's important if. About America it would be great if we put as much effort helping him humans in need as we do promoting plastic straws Enceladus. Yep. IE know exactly what you're talking about. The other person saying drink beer out of a bottle we don't need no stinking straw is. Up. If you drinking if you're drinking beer out distraught we need to have a conversation anyway. But that's not a good sign. I guess cars computers plastic containers. We all have to go well they will at some point. Another person suggests. Pope of a very good idea. On this whole question of whether to use straws. He noted is. Take a straw poll. My goodness. Chris would like to know what happens if someone has an allergic reaction to distraught made out okay. And someone else like to know is this the straw that broke the camel's back. Love the humor. We continue to brush just. I know. Ha. Richard frankly in the past where the age 76 more for music can will be ending with another song you're special wind coming in just a few minutes. Let's go out to a call from Jeff C good morning Jesse. And Dario are right Sarah Palin and the I am a former atheist agnostic. And I'm also. The small government. Limited government. And I I took a little issue with a response. To. You know what make America great and you. Called for people to. Well except religion as the answer. And I will probably that because. Appealing to authority. Removing responsibility from the individual off. And I think this country needs more people to take responsibility. For their actions. Their speech. And their spots. So I agree and I don't think these things are separate. An end it means when you talk about spiritual and and they're recognizing the lord that sort of think it depends on how you view that I view that end I think the most important thing about. Recognizing god in his role in this is he is ability to change human hearts for the better. And so when you take that in consideration. That has a tremendous impact on what happens and people's ability to take responsibility would you not agree. Oh absolutely. Did the teachings of Christ are a great fundamental switched. It is the reason why our country so good because we are honored on Christian principles. And despite me being a former atheist agnostic. I'm still a Christian because I believe even though its principles and they make this country great. But those principal also teach us to become responsible for a own actions our own. Thought oh absolutely absolutely there's there's certainly no place for excuses. Great talking with the Jesse factor at some point would love to hear your story about. Before and after a rust soul. Welcome to the broadcast. Actually. We don't have time for that we're out of time. I would leave you with a song. They're futures Aretha Franklin and Elvis Presley to have a great day. All through this okay. It's. Rule beyond. And I. Wolf it does have room. And. If your goal. Okay. I'm grocery in new. And. And so OK. It's. I. Okay. Moon okay. Okay. I. Okay. Okay. Okay and. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Oh you know. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.