Arthur Samet

At Home with Roby
Sunday, August 5th
Arthur Samet, President and CEO of the Samet Corporation joins Patrick & Trent to dicuss Real Estate, Family and Life.

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Following is a sponsored program on WBT. Good morning. President and CEO of the Stanley company he or hear those Sunday. It's 9 o'clock. Trent you had some you wanna saying I think. I know we we have Warner for showed your own today we got our percent that from semi core is is our guest today and he he resides in the trying right. It's like these same accord if your nick construction industry everybody sort of same court may Zoller look on eighty top court order but but he resides in the try and so sometimes hard to GE do you view him scheduled so yeah really really happy did that he's prioritize those comical moment. I love talking business philosophies with him and he just a dear friend. So wise it's exciting but I. I've been traveled a little over the last five or six days I did two trips. And and one album was a golf shrill who is with Lapierre. Up to Michigan a place called lost dunes a salute this cycle resort golf course outside of absent but two hours outside of Chicago. Thursday morning my flight left at 6 o'clock in the morning on today. To flock to Detroit. To jump on another plane to fly to Chicago in my buddy was gonna pick me up Bennett in a car at 930 to around out there. I went to sleep a little late. Wednesday night. I set my alarm for three feast in four or five I had not tag down and not pay my golf bag or anything Reagan wakes me up. It's his plea he Dylan. And I jump up a look at MiFi and it's Bob TN. He CPC's a say. Jesus eatery bodice light. Fortunately Scudder has a bunch of flights in. A line though I got to drive two hours Jordan's taken me up that night I think reboot despite she said and furthermore you're not checking your golf bags. Like you're just glued Ludacris. Saw sort of stole a self and a bag she loco for my girls ranked camp last week she woke up four. Wing gun truck packed my golf bag in a travel bags but the four and a truck. I check my golf bag you know 530 to. Let you do it. The moment Tom issuing a let me go cousins and FSA rules thirty minute thirty minutes. And a sweet talk about the woman she was real nice and she said hunt now see what I can do 532. I ran the mile Belmont I am a computer my hand and everything after a with the security and Alice on the plane at 545. The lack a little oh that's incredible David EU. Are lucky you live south foot tenants and our list and I am not Nam unfortunate or outlive the desk and saying that day. Well listen up mostly like because I was gonna get up pack in November and not missile mile life and I'll add that. It was chemical mumbling gotta run that are forward me he was cup and cup my hand off a street Loko so we'll we'll keep those to the Charlotte airport should know or else in the country would you pull that off. It was great it was also business and I got another story I'm outscored bagged thirty. If that's happened and he went town and in Fort Lauderdale Laura a talk about that story that dad do you do you want you to bring a centers and it. Arthur coming on the show Arthur Sandefur salmon court. And you had told me about a trip with him that maybe playground LA kite boarding had our during our current clay player best friends good friends and and cannot become really good friends with buzz and has to ask clay grown has been on the so. I think several times that I know it don't show once is about time we get him on so again tried to talk about what's still an animal only charlatan multifamily development now I'm a huge growth fan. But they kite board. And and it's a lot BO trip that date that day how loose they put it together and social last year oh unable to go this year charisma I was at my buddies went in the last throwing I born house complete beginner. But those two guys some talked. Amounting to four years here behind his back. Can rip it Dade and that's not easy immediate. And this is that outer banks is not enough how flocked sites like how to how to harness the wind. And it is a very powerful swore once you learn harnessed the win but it at the outer banks of schools column real. RE a Yale. And they have condos in and they do beginner all the way up to these guys I would say their experts but when you come out and a more and it's crazy because this part of the outer banks in the sang at the sound side. Is only like three feet deep all the way a flight from mop them several miles each way. So when the wind right which I don't known when the miserable in the lower right these guests are feign in the sought to surf Wentz are from when the search for a and they can surf and do all that these guys are water. And do Greece but when the winds right ego out and her flight 500 kites. Flat around the saudis people that come by all our high born there where you read is that they call them that mean it's called like that at a bar the area where neighbor that we sort of collect a little bit outside and is that is that and you do are you defining sand bar for our planning for our audience is placed outside the outer banks appear watchers should probably continue and they they fish data banks I've never once asked him anything this area and often the rule nervous is on its not safe minutes Mary Yemen has got some this beat Els in this column. And is caught yup but this windy it is so cool. I hope bullet baited the trips of more anger with them but just a great time of learning and talk some business and and fund speak in a wind and weather Trent it's going to be hot. This week in and deeds is shameless plug. If you need each feces were really BHP AC heating cooling is here we have here appeared dissing dramatic guillotine got a problems we can just keep in mind and we're on we're Johnny on the spot Riley necessarily slow does John. Johnny hot all who know cool almost plot only got a 24 asset and you can actually go onto our website have a live chat. Which is pretty cool why are you can go that's playing now eighty click I throw the election's website you can go on their analyzed and then they he can Nokia. His name is Gary or you can call saint 1247 at 704. 3346447. But that's a differentiator and you'll get there right away so those are one we have one web site for rebbe services Rosie services now. Dot com Brody service is now. And now connected off for an ass Cheney man and electric woman election mechanical correct that's that's great and that leads us to providing more for our client right away which I think Arthur gonna talk about in his businesses all relative is that a good sign when I grow and she's shotgun blast. So. Thanks for listen when we come back stay tuned we have Arthur salmon and exciting fireside conversation about beats. Welcome back at home with roving I'm Patrick Buckeyes from ready service is along with can hasten from the ruby family companies we are because of course Trent. Great first segment that we had a little fun there in that course he did it we teed up dig your good friend. Arthur Sam yeah IE it is that the day has finally come right because. Because. I've been trying to get Arthur omission of for body year. You play hard to get. Just is it just busy you are busy. But it. Did they are Arthur and had to have gotten know each other really well do do Latvia I have a lot of moloch PO folks on here. It's blew it. Allen Chapel Hill. And drove. 80040. For a long time. A lot of routes a lot of a lot of a lot of drama and and and I and how might mile wife's grandfather allied to see how the other people's corn grown. Sought some rubber neck her one on drive and and I'm always wounded. Grow construction to write and real estate senator. Due to. I've been sway in your sounds for thirty years. I mean if you can Iran need nobility came around forty in an 85 and not. And your ruler or thank you it's been a long legacy book ma my dad started the company. So locals so give us a rundown uses. So you wanna hear the so semi dad started when he was 23. Straight out. NC state went to work for Burlington industries as a civil engineer and then a year later. Decided to start Sarah corporation. Which was sent a construction company backed down. And really built it in the high point area high point greens firm Wentz and so market. And it was in the industrial. Building business and never appeared as time started developing. Real estate as well and really grew the business from not from one building that he got hired to build bomber grandfather and helped start a furniture company for my. Are quite another guy into what this corporation has announced. That's science and then do you Wear now a case that has some ties that area T where. The the first billion anyway demon was city yearly area was yeah its it was arm progress street and it was a 121000 square foot. Yes cinder block building. And that's where high point furniture industry started as well guerrillas for my uncle Harry has passed away so now saying dat. That that is cool in my family hails from eat in North Carolina sir that my parents grew up there. Says he said talking about it to the Triad in greens very kind of brings best memories of the kid but that's pretty lousy grandfather hired Dan. And in and that's how the whole the mean anybody he's ever in in our industry it's like transcend and I'd like deer. You're analogy watch and other people's corner. This is familiar with Sammy corked and I think if you. A lot of curbs Dolan that you have had and I know my wife. Hates hates me look at their real estate times former governor of will what will it win if we ever drought like to a mall or some on the week Ian. A cut Delilah neighborhoods because I don't get Alice CC was a little exact she's like can we just get there already has. I don't get this up sending mud untie you learn. There's there's a little bit of send it's in the it would Dick Anderson and history of him talking about hidden curbs if you'd miss us of our shows lately Clinton can listen. A partridge truck for a little while and this is his father's truck that he dressed he borrowed my. My Grand Cherokee were unit had a hard time Napoli hit about 26 curve does not easyJet and pick up drag. So he's he's give me a hard time and I'll let you know live or trap happy but I think so I get get settled on a line in those so. I got to ask you this you know one of my dear friends that are dear friends is clay growth yet they jot it did their did your parents work together. Never it's its pottery clay and I went to school together for about a year he was couple years older than our us I don't remember him well. And then actually here in Charlotte when I got out of school. I started down the a CC I am real estate curriculum and I was sitting in the first class. And clay was sitting next me and you know he's he's crunching numbers and by and apartment complexes and I'm trying to figure out how to push buttons on the calculator. That we just hit it off again and I think we're Mel my cannot afternoon and been great friends ever since. Yeah I'm miles Larry Klein laws are my John Dean have assi Hume is like totally non miles well. Clay drug tournaments and he goes by he doesn't like you at the recycling or whatever mountain biking so. Now it's a Claes also salute yes a clay was my sponsor play's been on the radio and another another idol of mine from the outside looking in until until we got to know each other. We cannot he has sponsorship right yes and yes tornado connected and then and then. You are best friends and plays like eating Nemo money or for a month lowered its not a school so I tell you what I noticed in the last. Few years her bill Mott the decade US colleges from the outside as you made a big push in the Charlotte yet so so what all. Is so you had your construction and and you had your real estate right right. Com but bitchy do big construction projects what results current focus so. We came in to Charlotte in 2008. And I joke a little bit but I signed a lease with clay for office space about four minutes before Wachovia failed. And and Sarah thought oh my gosh what are we doing here but it turned out to be a great opportunity for us. So we have. An office here in Charlotte since our way. It's fully staffed. We do. Education. Health care multifamily. And industrial and in this market and that revenues or. Have exceeded. Try ad market force wryly that happen. Yep man congratulations. Thanks also money I don't know that memo that yes sir it's better spent a great venture for a pleasure other geographical. Outweigh there'll be work we have offices. In Raleigh greens forever. Charlotte and Charleston and I said as our four markets we travel with clients but I would say from Atlanta. CE. Knoxville to Richmond this kind of our trade area where we can have the best employee. No when I started growing our company. You don't know you gotta trust nothing in the group lowest growth mean he means and number thing in my day you saw it get mad debate are less money you make in there and there's a lot of truth there's not a test occurred but you know. Our first on Patrick and now both together are guilty of this. But the blue it was G geography right and from India and now we've shut down a couple of our custom residential offices that we grew out. Yet because malice focus and and and more more vertical integration and how do you better serve your current client. And then they have tentacles and even Gary. With their tentacles like he says yes and we we went the other direction and we built core competency so we did around product tight. And then we pushed geography as part of our strategic plan. And so we're able to serve those clients and those individual markets we've got leadership in each one of those offices. That have appeared in our responsibility and and so were also doing development and those markets as well. And and primarily industrial development to just to reiterate Charleston. Raleigh Charlotte. In the trial that's correct OK Cole not a not know that so I guess I was in the development sort of pushes some of the construction arm as well minutes or in his hand and handed to sort against and some based business in your other markets that it it definitely helps. Feet. Some of them were one of our better clients but yet at any given year we wouldn't be any more than 20% of our annual volume. Would be development and activities got it and the rest would be third party construction construction management. Yeah I mean I loved the the term to use and how you talk literally I mean we're we're very similar in power trying to focus our colonies now. Patrick runs as you know he runs that his legacy he. Beat equally as good or better I was safe leader than I am also. But that's good everybody thinks that we're competitors right the united Dan and we're like the biggest. Gaining Yang of how to help each other and we'll talk about this you know more in the next segment but it. We basically have logged in a class servicing people write in a upcoming play. I do this residential stuff condition both Tiki commercial stuff form and you do his his breath. Right right right. I spin this money you make it. And back and that is. Exactly how how high that they go that way the. Pinkish I miss like any others injured right be useless is a year construction here you're in development that Ellison were not necessary competitors are so many different. I would aspects of this famous right on the clothing industry near the clothing industry might makes these Sammy teachers. As he totally separate things and and there's a lot the lot out there did did Tony's package in the one thing we we stick around yet. Passers ever hear ever top bonus. I you listen now how much Roby we have offer similar to today from salmon court. Welcome back on the road from Patrick and ask them. And these sentiments of the family of companies. Print worth Arthur C image cut not a little bit during the break candidates can tell the couple's story on couple story and or radio or see it. SI authorize a do or say some I'd I'd notice it's a few days ago you were added and you were awarded the most one of the most admired C news in that in the Triad. Thank you really graduation us. Yes that's him com I'm humbled by this and else that's ahead how long do average to analyze notice my there narrated it. I was nominated by a. It's an associate in though organization and and irons it's definitely humbling when when you're recognized highway because. Our business thrives on the people that we have there are many more service based business on. We work hard to build a culture with an organization and be a place where people wanna be inside that that made me feel good that it was recognized that we we do look after effects and create an environment where they can be successful. Yeah I was greens. All my this morning and oh give these daily even the emotionally no matter racially knows how my best places to learn and the focus was communication. And how you can never communicate in your people have to fill YE. You wanna interact with them in however and you know about four months ago I came out we had a meaning your office and and I really felt if if felt comfortable in and the people felt good. It you know you go on some construction businesses and a slight flu this is too sterile. You gotta have a common nation you know you got to be professional which also won a patent be it to feel good yes I think authenticity is the key to our success in that area is just. Being yourself and being supportive of everybody. We'll lot allow my keys a lot of being crazy and joking with everybody asks out of some of the stories we're talking about you. Your sim a lot of very similar you and I joke a lot yeah. But we don't just do it amongst friends we do it amongst our Pearson and our associates and our customers to righty got right yet entered with a customer. Not mythic anything it's like it always comes back to relationship right in India whether it's a customer client internal customer. And eighty stay Korman it's all about that relationship in Iran if you're phony people picked at a pretty quakes viewpoint for us thank him in that nest site Biller relationships. During the break we were talking a little bit about. Would all you guys duty product restoration company that I didn't and he has it's an eighty can kind of give us a breath of the products or services it's. This did you offer. Sure sir so in addition to the construction. And the real estate where we developed and lease and manage. Properties. We control about 4500 acres in North Carolina South Carolina Virginia. For industrial development allows us to provide the site with the construction bundled together and we can. Lease a building to we'll build a spec building or. We'll say the dirt and build the buildings as well so it's just add more service and making it a little easier for the client. To be over the site there there are new process. But a newer company it's about two years old is W expert thing weather proofing company Annika. What we do as we focus on. Water infiltration. And we don't really do new construction and we're not. Command when there's a flawed and clean the place operates more engineered solutions for water problems there's ceiling and caulking and historic renovation of lyme stern. And then a lot of flashing details in the construction industry really got to have folks who know what they're doing and there's a lot of product out there that. Either overtime or just wasn't built correctly to hit just in the last few years. Requires a lot of attention it's. That's a focus of ours and we travel. Pretty much between. Savannah and Richmond to do imagine what makes you wanna focus on men age well we saw a lot of what was being dealt out there and I'm a firm believer of never waste a perfectly good crisis and we had some issues that we found threesome subcontractors. And the subcontractors didn't stand behind what they needed to reduce or salmon stepped in and did the right thing to make it right. And so I thought it would. I open up markets for us to two it. Provide that level of service it would educate our folks what can sailor corporation to be better contractors and understand the product better. And and it also it was a it was a Google business where I had some key folks that had been in the industry for twenty plus years or well now prosper if that doesn't. I as I said my whole life and I got this from my dad and mom brother bit I mean. All routine is in residential and commercial was flashing it Imus off Heidi plastic windows and hers the united so. You don't know how many. Make mentions we go behind and terror pork is off to have. The lights title out over a male brain yeah honestly can into the house that in classic correctly. And and it costs a hundred to 200000 dollars to Synaptics which can do right that's right. That's her as if you don't know right when you if you spend the seven million bit of backing you don't notoriety and the right yet yeah in that's right and its resultant damage that's the big issue. Friday is this is this I would seem I mean and the maintenance of your primarily multifamily types at the UC in this happened. We're seeing that a lot in the multifamily business but there's also there. Just maintenance and repair stuff Paulson said like a parking deck has to be sealed and and maintain incontinence or you've got a lot of parking decks have been dealt the last. 1520 years and that's every and Tony yours that need attention. Come hospital systems university systems we actually have a deal with you VA. Or preferred contractor up there and senator. The restoration on both old limestone buildings and I mean we know we have no secret so here you're just. And I am. Is I I think. We talk about it and creating a service based businesses. Is this always good to complement. Our construction business because those are big bigger contracts long duration. And then this is quicker turn. Solution provider that it creates a service that's when it's there's always a need item in any sense to me no matter what things we need to be fixed maintained repaired doesn't matter alliance. Sensitive pointless like working for the university I mean. The bigger projects united they put him up the bid. It is cut and dry but not many people can do. Waterproofing correctly right right and so then we have a relationship with these larger institutions. And we look to help serve other needs are to have. Hey and it was a service based business that wouldn't cannibalize our sub contractor base where we are. As important as our culture for our internal associates. Is we also feel the same way about ourselves and in a good partner with them and so we didn't want to. Cut and we've. In very thorough and study and if there's an opportunity on the servers aside for us to get into it. What our relationships are we don't want a rotten about it I mean we we stay out of businesses. Because we have great subcontractors and we appreciate what they do and they help us grow our business absolutely there were firm us and tell her body. Where the mass behind our backs and vice Versa. And that came. The culture of that came from directly from my dad yet there it was take care of the sub spam. Make sure they can be successful if they're successful it will be successful you know I say the same thing I when I came in the business. It's Ferguson enterprises we do a lot of its business with them on the high end residential Sutton and and they started Courtney and I today cannot gonna gossip or what are these I don't care. But I'm not going golf and and and we built a relationship. And they help us grow our business and companies like vendor companies this is the complete opposite. People get a contract to business. And it's give growth and that being exposed to punt down on the subs and not Pelé and leverage on them we can complete opposite. All of pay him really nicely treat them really not onion they got to give firm. He beat a path of least resistance does threaten them be an enemy really means then you make a great point there I mean with any industry mean I think that that's a good business lesson of the day. We like to have that is new entry your vendors like there's almost like their second customer that's right. Which are gonna. Barry is just. You gotta have good focus on your team all senator said that. Projects ready form when they get there he had ever Wear all investments to make money conservative crime. And if our guys aren't treatments arms are right way and they can't get in there do their job and get out. Then it really impacts the project yet you complain the Sar but if you're not ready form it's not their fault. Wool wool most of mired CEO thank you for being here thank this era the one thought he'd leave everybody with and and like you to give a plug help people can look up your firm. He. Just really appreciate you having me on the sheriff has always fun being around you data and have admired how you burn your business as well thankfully we run on its parallel tracks. And and you've done a great job balancing and rebbe signs all over and I don't necessarily like seeing the trucks in my area because I think maybe if you're sniffing around I'll I can't act and act but you guys have done a great job done and really appreciate. You having me here today you know where were on the web. San McCourt dot com. You can call me you can call anybody in our organization and they all. Have the power and authority to do whatever you need I hear you man. Some good business lesson you know a lot people have the power and authority to do whatever you need done that. What thank you for joining us you that statement. Welcome back to get home road and Patrick as a former of the services along with Trent hastened from the red meat Stanley the company's Tran artists and it is out of ability so smooth so be it I mean these role. Business philosophy just rolls off the man's tone it does in that you do we had a great time we reminiscent on some stories he's also a Georgia Bulldog like car. Our TJ didn't days are key day. Boggs his Wade's nephew Regis and Kelly about that and had no clue and I always stony look like somebody now on an idea. Nannies got a crew that mustache at just the Payer. Maybe when a guy handlebar mustache go to Google Boston Red Sox greats Wade Boggs and YouTube's ETJ that's at did you. Liked our growing up as a loyal. Older and see you lefty. You had a special glow of the of the most and a half minute glory buddy I want every long one of one of those closing I don't know it doesn't it was scary good down you know how will not have a little van Zandt glow tells a middle infielder writes it is now had a playoff the cult like a pac man I miss I miss that that thing. You know you down and play with a guy and Little League name being G and I he had big love and hate these loans sort of you know Wade Boggs as well. May he could scoop stuff plumbing you need to see the ball when no one was closed Friday. So in Peabody man and that yeah we had our thrown here as everybody knows in the fourth segment leading up to our kitchen for wishes. Yeah. What we get all excited and intelligent wish to order which would do and a few minutes but go check gal on salmon court. A line. And and I know this. Because some FaceBook friends with the with our current and I. And a mock us I'm a friend of the senate court they do a tremendous amount of charity stuff as well yes which is why it. Great businesses have to do arming that you're not a great business if you're not giving back to the community in which he lived and sport. What it in your H and I think he hit the nail on the head there and is it perfect segue to mention that. Our Cornel termed today's a fifth of August. It's if you are interest in being a sponsor and you listen to our show last elis. Sponsorship deadline is August 10 and the reason we have to deal that. Is because there's a lot of preparation and you'll be wanna make sure that not only is our our our car companies are sponsoring our event or individuals. Are doing something good for the community but they're also getting the publicity they deserve for doing business community say takes us about a via a couple weeks to get everything ready. Yeah we're always told about it I mean people that sponsor. The -- give you give their money straight to make a wish for a and and as we said before a wish to grant Alicia 6000 dollar initially had a couple of our sponsors this year. Go all in for 6000 because they won't know. Symbolize. What they're coming to make able would each share with their employees. But but we've talked about it. The sponsors are our all star team and I cannot tauzin was what Arthur was saying. You you really got to respect and take care your vendors and then I mean there is important as anything in the successful services business. Put it in you don't necessarily have to be a construction minded gives quote unquote dander or company any company can be a sponsor any person can be fun yeah. Mean attach yourself to get works in the community and to our brandy period if you're if you're interested. And get on board I mean what you do once again anti I don't think we have much turn around sponsorships have and and neither did today is also home and Yates is definitely. Come out and it and bring your family relies a call mark bring my kids we have a whole ball field for kids stuff right have face painters pirates. Balancing house's a lot of the mascots from the from the teams are there or solicit aid it is completely a family event we have wish kid there correct multiple wish kids that are often so while pitching for wishes dot com. Or call off the 7043345477. And ask for Christian but he got do with this week you gotta say east. Christian dumb bomb a call there you know and no announced Saturday and are common the office and everybody malice panel for five seconds slew of here's what it. This is all about change and we're we're gonna talk about it we skated it this is wish kid Emilia. Wish him millions of Sweden free spirit fourteen year old girl in love listening to popular rock and roll music as well writing aren't solved she's been lots of time walking her dog meeting new people. And being outdoors is being diagnosed with cancer her love for life has only ground self taught start traveling the world to with a win her volunteer wish trainers ask her what she would like. Wish to be. She needs you wanna go on a premium increase. To start trip early ship a millionaire Stanley flew down to Florida once A-Rod it to the limit to the port now before getting on board the cruise line and setting sail. During the trip Emilia in her family made the most of every minute. Between dressing up the team prom one night. T sightseeing at the ports of San Juan and saint Maarten and really had a time of her life to a nearly got a window and see the nation and go on shirts. Excursions did the beautiful beaches after the wish him nearly as mom said. Quote she couldn't stop smiling even after she returned her own from the trip. The triple for ever be a place a million things about any time Cheney's an oasis while. Wonder if that's the way it is trend that's awesome I mean you really get it to only stories Suze. Well my I think Christian kind of tease me a pretty easily seat she does a good job cheapest. That's the data we need in front of this but man I love here and I mean he is it is it is that doesn't grab me hard Internet story about a million. And how happy. Big war which made her and made her Fam yes and it should be noted that the heave a toady is before I sit on air and I have three days are right there we it's hard for us talk about sitting in each other tips. Not everyone on tugs at your heart. And the whole organization and we do have make a wish in this is why we do is file he had the corn hole tournament. Is to people like a million for every million there's there's hundreds of other kids have similar stories that's wonderful so. Make that commitment today that don't make towners is September guilty shifting right not the seventy not the seventeenth we get confused and summaries and not. Mom my and wonders. Thank you for listening to us have a wonderful Sunday. Don't tackle today.