Attacks in TN and Toronto, Savings in Retirement

John Hancock
Monday, April 23rd

Hancock covers the attacks in TN amd Toronto, and reviews retirement savings by age group.


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This is John Hancock. Hi I have van plowed into pedestrians have been Toronto there are dead out there I don't know that promo for the next game. Number yeah we'll get on that the give gunman in the Waffle House shooting from yesterday. Has been arrested there and they while plus they're shooting their left four people dead and Nashville police are holding a press coverage as we speaker let's eavesdrop on that. I apologize I've got the band going in Montreal aggressor OK try to element. Our policy which is I sit in about 55 deserves to do with the band that went down another vanden plowed into the pedestrians in a Toronto. Well I was just going down to north York senate like I just stopped have a cigarette if I hadn't done not what I would have been killed as well I would have been right there with back. So I was just going down the north York senate just just chopping. How are you doing right now I feel sick to my stomach had. We're gonna say that's you know they're sitting like this before us I'll be all right I guess yeah. But ask me didn't so much just one of the bus now to give a statement to the police officers yeah. RA. He's an eyewitness says speaking to our partners it's CTV a short time ago after as many as ten pedestrians were struck on busy young street. In downtown Toronto police have arrested the suspect the driver. Of the van that seems to of mount to the curb and struck these pedestrians in downtown Toronto. It happened. Near finch avenue so this is a busy thoroughfare. And you heard from the eyewitness about how fast all this seem to right so. That's certainly a press conference. I just happened. And from 810 bodies. I don't know how many of those have been confirmed dead but there will be deaths on this thing according to the early eyewitnesses Cox emission cuts and users of that eight to ten people were hit. Later. Clarified that it was too early to confirm my number of injuries. Struck a number of pedestrians and then fled the scene and then they apprehended him a short time later the extent of the injuries at the scene is unknown however. Photos from the on site. Of the collision should pedestrians attempting to help people on the ground and and multiple bodies covered Dubai air sheets. So that's story will be. We'll be breaking as soon as the afternoon goes on we'll stale on that global news journalist Jerry Cohen said bodies all over the street some people have been pronounced dead. He said I've now walked up and down young street. From my north to shepherd defenses or other streets apparent Toronto downtown Toronto I've passed multiple dead bodies covered up shoes and debris on the road witnesses tell me. The all white van appeared to completely out of control. Although there was a piece near the said that the driver was definitely in control what he was doing you know exactly what he's doing as what does this one witness a told the global news. Van speeding down the street before just decided to mount the curb and no plow on down the and people. And I he started going down the sidewalk and crumbling down people one by one we just destroyed so many lives every single one every single thing they got into his wife. So that's the story that breaks in Toronto after the story that broke yesterday in a Nashville. And now the police chief from Nashville if you like engine four people were killed and four others were wounded when they had nearly naked man low was wearing a only a jacket opened fire with an assault off rifle on not. On the Waffle House in a national Tennessee and he had been no messing they apparently caught him about two blocks away. From or within two miles to the Waffle House and not far from his home. Which is just outside of national and a place called Antioch so let's the ascension of the police have. Assistant special agent in charge Matt has been FBI and that. I ESP ENSHEAD. I just like to thank all the entities involved for this. As great team marking coming together that we came so quick resolution. I just like to thank the community as well. Because there's a challenge that. We have news on as US been added I don't know I guess special. Council. This the story out of Nashville. Is disturbing on a couple accounts this is another case where oh guy walks in two. A public place and and takes down some people first kills two people in the parking lot and kills two people inside. Oh with a history of him but behind him. Hey Eric customer rush that. The big big guy Travis ring king who's now just been arrested. Oh win no VA are fifty either jammed or the year clip empty and and he got to keep the weapon away from and a scuffle. But do they suspect fled. And the manhunt was on for him another finally captured emerges to fuel a moment ago an hour or something along those lines via a customer was a 29 year old guy by the name of James Shaw. Being hailed as they heroes who save lives but he he said he was just trying to survive. And Eddie Rush ranging after deciding quote he was going to have to or worked Kilmeny. National police chief Steve Andersen. It said there was no clear melody of but that ranking who lived not far from the lawful house may have middle issues you think. He was arrested last July by the Secret Service for being a restricted area of the White House and refusing to leave saying he just wanted to meet with president trump. Police in Illinois where our ranking lived at the time. Revoked his. A state firearms card and the foreign guns. Were taken for an America from him including as they are fifteen that he used in yesterday's attack. Well at the police took the guns and why and how to get him well the guns were given to ring king's father. On the condition that he keep them away from Travis put a national police spokesman said the father has now admitted that he gave the guns back to his son. Now this is a guy who thought that. Taylor Swift. Was stocking hammer something along those lines and and has the episode of the at the White House and told him that Taylor Swift for stalking him and hacked his phone. That was last June. When he barged into a community pool and jumped in the water wearing a pink women's coat and go over his underwear. So I mean this is a guy who law who are who obviously had issues. They are go arrest his father I don't know what the charges would be. Stupidity. First degree stupidity. But anyway they did they take its guns away from him and then they give him back to the father it'd ordering and they keep away from it's crazy son and then. Another sore people dead just outside the Nashville he has been apprehended he's in police custody as is the event driver opened Toronto. Who I decided to drive down the sidewalk today and take us several people possibly eight to ten we'll have to get to just told lows sometimes the afternoon no role loans so. Created world. Absolutely crazy world. No rhyme or reason or. My explanation or. Or apparently. Nothing you can really do to fix all that. And no fathers. Like a mr. renting. Has certainly don't helping. What did a picture on Fox News in this. Losers that soon. Shut people look at buffalo also yesterday a man was arrested within the last hour hour and a half. There is no. There is no solution to all of us you know. Just I don't know copycat killers are. Van plows into pedestrians in Toronto injuring several. Does disturb. Canada earlier words. Gutless. Losers. I don't know what you do about that. There's figures. A thousand different reasons that. Now society is in the way that it did that it is put to and then I don't have both. Explanation as to why it happens now and it didn't happen in 1950 some. I'm just a different mindset there's. More crazy people there's. Erica says there's a million there's a million reasons that they're you can you can zero in on know which everyone you want you can now blamed technology you can blame coddling parents. You can blamed guns you can blame low white. Ford O'Connell wind down as you can blame knives. You can blame lack of mental health you can blame lay. Society. Who is a slowly but surely losing its faith. That. That Padilla. That those seeking. They hire direction Norah. I'm not trying to sell your christianity and that's mind but that. Now a higher power or aura of orders you know they did there's a million there's a million dollar reasons we're in a home. And and I'm not really sure how we got here and I'm not sure really sure how we. We ever get back to. Oh world where we. You still have that thing in the back your head. Warrior you still have the can't happen to me syndrome. In less she were at a concert in Las Vegas or unless you're walking on street today in Toronto work. And less you went to school at Columbine or. Mean you're bad betterment of most of us well went to a movie or theater in Aurora or. But most of us have never come anywhere close to us so Monica. So. So usually you have does the same didn't feel allows you to get in no way an automobile libertarian drive to work. Although. People get killed and automobiles let every day it's the you you you've got to have you. You have your own buffer you have the old it can't happen to me syndrome until it does are told woods or. You say goodbye to your spouse every morning and watch them get the car go to work. And not fully expect him to come on you sing about your kids and watching go to school you fully expect him to come home and and and and 99.9. Percent of you will be right every single time. Took when you're not. So. Just did just. It is just insane. It's just nuts their. There was a there was Oprah and when I when I was raised there was they've they've talked about conscience. I don't know that they ever really tighter. At about that you ever had a definition of what it was but it was supposed to be something within you. That would bother you if you. If you did wrong. Or if you did somebody wrong or if you. It was supposed to be there was supposed to be a mechanism inside you that. If you stole something or you were. Hurt somebody or better here your conscience would. Layup. Unbelievable burden on you. And I don't know that I sit around and worry too much about my conscience anymore. My thought processes are gotten more mature than that now I think I believe in karma. Now I think I believe that if you would do well by other people your life run smoother seems to have worked remind. So a lot of. That enough. I'm not producing I'm waxing poetic you're just. It's good diets is to you know it's just it just. One after the other it's a school down in. In the Florida it's and fanned out driving down a sidewalk in Toronto where it's some moron no walk in indoor. Blew it already shown that that the other part of this. Though in most of these cases they've already sent red flags up the party stood in the middle of us society you waving their arms and I am crazy. And NASA Marta that we can't figure out a way to ordeal with that are we. And I don't to push Candela bet there's a big difference between being no weird and and being dangerous. Well weird people are dangers. Not all dangerous people or weird. The other go have no idea. Have no idea where we go of all that stuff and keep you up to date on what's going on in Toronto. Where they are now plugged into pedestrians eight to ten. Casualties. Is kind of there around number that we have their but we don't know that is a breakdown dead or injured or that's just the earlier reports of what happened to another downtown Toronto today. And four people were killed four others wounded down. When they nearly naked man wearing only a jacket opened fire their assault rifle on no lawful house in an ordinary Nashville. Early Sunday morning kill kill more people to parking lot. And then went into the Waffle House and it killed a couple of more. The Levys and injured four other people on top of that. The they AR fifteen he was using either jammed or around or the clip simply didn't. Somebody attacked him on got the gun away from a man none he slid into the. Woods only to be apprehended after about a 24 hour surgery a 36 hour search show within the last couple of hours just outside of Nashville not far from the Waffle House or is home. So we'll keep we'll keep our eyes on both of those stories as the afternoon goes on. Pretty steady dose or rental see this through tomorrow cover from the south had no punt to the northeast. And I don't see it looking at two doppler radar screen right now and I don't see you know that it's going to be a let up anytime soon you get to a periods of heavier rain in and of terrorism fairly nice by nice that may not talk our grain and then noted comes back against some. I'm probably good long long smokers. Although your lawn is probably gonna load. Just about as good right now is that we all season long before the outcome of the summer comes in a note trust burn it down so. Anyway. Rainy Monday. And kind of a gloomy news day as well you got the Waffle House shooter that they finally. Apprehended a couple of hours ago I just outside of Nashville and then you've got to as they and the plowed into pedestrians in a Toronto. And we don't have failed count on that but at least eight to ten people of seem to be mowed down by this than whether or not a dead alive for a whatever the case may be terrible start to get to count as the afternoon goes on itself. And now it's the world we live in these days is pretty bizarre Joe's up on WBT hey Joseph. I you don't look for a good. All right arm I'm truly. It up there where. I'll the world besides the that they are there your group here is a great country. That the issue over nova. Are all we hear the weapon of choice folk so really people. Bet we'd be classified. As mentally yeah others won't you do put in at duke but I hadn't in the that we can continue to allow. You all and loophole. Who. Injured and the people. I'm not sure I I'm not exactly sure where you're going on now. Well well take all the crew who the father received the good. We have trouble local folk direction if you would and directive. To not put these in the hands of Utah. And he gave it back to him so I'm moment and I'm hoping they arrest him in charge him do I don't know what the charges would be good I hope he gets charged as well. What do you make that country. Yeah no no more or less than make representative someone knowing who want. Vehicle inebriated. Quick keys in the hands of an individual and allow him to go out and kill the bill what you'll open up. Read what we've we've played banged. Guatemalan border the country. They end up awkward you know what America they're going to continue to appeal. In the people that he'll go into the people. Does that then go and they're they're they're good some level of both that would make that change we do it in the met later. We do we do play games. But on the other hand one of the games that I think that we should try to justify. And maybe when I don't do well but one of the things that we try to just go to try to make sure that we do. Is don't. Well falsely incarcerated or are falsely accuse or. Some. In other words we we have to have a review we have to have the means and a reason. In order to institute punishments or directives. Com because that's what the country's built on. You correctly right let's take this current case. When we were talking about now. C. Had some narcotic upper poop. He had a number of leopard bet. And that's the and that's the frustrating part that you and I both address today and that is so many of these guys seemed already have a track record. Exactly exactly and we bandwidth we played Russian rule lit. What the last opium of the people. We believe what these type situation. Well I don't want to bit wacko baba is not a rip the match. Yeah I don't I don't neither necessarily. I don't either and maybe that'll happen. Fairly quickly but but I don't either. I it's frustrating you got say frustration I do Joseph I don't know that there's any answer to either. I don't I think this is more of a sudden six society I think this is more of exactly what I've been and I got this from my dad but. I think it's it's it's reflective of the decline and fall I think it's the same reason. That there are people there are the North Carolina Bible used values coalition is asking parents to keep their children out of school today over this this except short curriculum. I I think our I think our axes ethics and morals have gone down another hole nom. And I think it's a week society and quite frankly. I don't know the you can become the number one. Force in the world like the Roman empire the United States of America and not expect your demise. B because once. Or once you've been the greatest there's only one place to go and that's down. Exactly yeah exactly it is if if if it really and truly it's not that we need to. Make America great team and we need to make America great Brooke Bennett I. Now well we do need to make it great again because it's not as great as it once was but that's. That's tough to dough boy I mean because we've we've coddled our kids and and we've decided that. That that pleasure is is that is a better use of our time then now. A responsibility in and and and and hard working and I meant everything else. Exactly and outlook they'd make you think maybe even a great credit. Really should be off focused. Yeah well and good day it would take a collective group of people to do that and I'm not so sure everybody's on board for that another anomaly that. You collectively gonna get everybody on and anyone page these days or are you gonna started a movement of positive for it's not gonna happen. Well it had mr. skepticism but to. But I mean you know we. Or at one of the things that we seemingly can't do anymore is compromise we can't afford to review our side can't lose. Your side can but my sidekick. I disagree with that too. So are. Venerable save. This is just a Monday so I mean no we you know better than this is just this is just a lawful house shooting and a van plowing into people in Toronto. Or what the next when will be but did you know there'll be another one. And another one and another one. On another one. And I don't know that next time there's a big school shooting in a lot of people back. I'm taking the day off. Well I'm not gonna do that show again. But part of and I talked about the last time when when no one when what happened in Florida. Within that show. Tony times. Gun lobby on one side anti gun lobby on the other middle both people on one side don't call it mental health problem you're sending me just you know. If everybody got the answer. Nobody's got the answer. So long. Don't know the extent there's a mass shooting it's going to be Dave Johnson and here. I'm not doing that she'll get from. I'm tired of them. There you go killer new programs are for best foot forward. There. Government bureaucracy illustrate this thing in the paper today about 236 million dollars in hurricane Matthew relief. And spin it. They allocate this money to help people and then it gets locked up in the government bureaucracy and nobody writes the checks. And that's essentially their explanation to. Under fire for delays in spending federal hurricane Matthew recovery money North Carolina emergency management director mark spray buried. Said that the timeline is not acceptable spray Berry was responding to criticism for remote legislatures and others during an interview. As to why the agency had failed to spend any. Of this 236. Million dollars is grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development so here they say the emergency management chief said. Part of the timeline was a result of the natural process. Of how this funding works. The money isn't available until several months afterward appears on the federal register. And then the state had to set up a multi step application process for the funding. The earliest you can get something like this would be eight to ten months. May have just been wiped out by a hurricane. And your. And you and you and you need help. You need immediate help through no fault of your own. And so. They come up with some money to help you. You can't get your hands on it because they can't get to the red tape. Sperry said that day in the interview that the process was slowed down because our emergency management took an oversight from the Department of Commerce. And had to create new policies and processes. Asked why south Carolina's recovery is moving faster spread very said he couldn't comment. Miss just got to be it has got to be people that are suffering through hurricane Matthew that are just add ins where in its its deal with the government. So. This is probably. Shouldn't. Really give Democrat or Curtis during the but I mean when you started here in about the president. Wanting to cut regulations. In that some gays as you hope the regulations that he's Kaeding. Is is some of this bureaucratic crap that helped that keeps aid from getting to people who need Dade. Government efficiency. I mean c'mon. If he'd done it you've been wiped out and the government is responsible for lending you a helping hand. We are screwed. Because they can't do anything. That makes cents or quickly. The other thing that caught my in the paper today. I was asked to be endorser but this guy wants. And and I said no I don't think so. Kristin Barry. Yeah I doctor. And now he's already up to. Is eyeballs and and no problems obviously ms. read that it has it's a given up is medical license and the whole nine yards but now. Comes word that he tested positive for cocaine during a drug screening test in November. This guy has got some serious issues. And now he's got some serious legal issues. He and had surrendered his license to our practice in north Carolina at the end of November. Which was the day after the board learned of the positive test result. The board cited the drug use in its legal notice Christian Berry was ordered to appear before the board this summer to address the drug use and sexual harassment claims. I was asked to endorse him. After the first round of sexual harassment claims that came went to one was as they remember 810 years ago so like that. And and I then I remembered to all of them now this guy's got retain on emit I'm not getting involved with that. I'm. It didn't he's kind of bend. Where I I know samarra Charlotte ardent cheerleaders past. And and not under any other bases than gobbled a pass through here and worked in turn ships and stuff like that enough. The deal or no Christopher's been pretty well known for awhile or at least the rumor has been pretty live for a while. So he faces two sexual harassment law sets. He settled a third. We'll go and all that but the board's legal filings interest in Mary was unable to walk straight last October the twentieth and may be banged into a metal hangar handrail. On bail lamp ramps leading into the back door of the practice. Staff member opened the door for him because he had trouble with his sick keys according to radio filing his speech was slurred. Any seemed disoriented. And here's the really disturbing part later that day a patient asks for another doctor because Christen Byrd tried to perform surgery on the same I twice. Now I've had laser. And it's. What's fascinating as far as I'm concerned it's fascinating. And the guy who I did mine was a William brand or over Charl about the mall Agee and I just have a lot of confidence and am still to this day have a lot of confidence in him. I'm soil assassinating I knew I was in good hands and and he wasn't what I call a meat market doctor he wasn't going for the numbers see Bruce. So I felt the whole process fascinating all go through the whole deal when they lift at flap and you kind of go into wideout it's it's a fascinating procedure. Com. But if you're trying to go after the same high twice. That's that's pretty scary stuff. So on the board is a scheduled a hearing from the new charges 8 AM June the 21. At the board's offices and our Raleigh. And I'd say that this site doctorates. Probably toast. I don't know these listen and I've always had a really nice guy outcome do you studios all Euro mark and I were in here are getting prepped up ready to go through today's program guy by the name of a Matthew. I and his dad and so that was dead. Out came Nvidia's studio and now Matthew lives up in Detroit Michigan. And listens to WV team. On the night signal. And has. According to him since about 2004. Of them. And a guy knows more about W BT and the towers and the licensing and the link and Bob lace CN and all these people though that I do. And we're just honored to have him in the studio with us no major wandered out here with some stuff. And there's some I mean there's some gray area there's some great radio stations a historic. Radio stations in Nam. The WJR now. In Detroit I mean it's a three letter called that would be your station I don't know if they're 96 years old what we orbit. But there's a great radio stations right there in his own backyard but somehow or other he has kind of tuned in on WB two Ian. And so he he came by today and now oil and water round match program director and I'm we were honored to have him in the studio so Matthew if you listened no it was our pleasure we know we all enjoyed meeting your own we will unveil a safe trip back to. Back to Detroit and hope you know enjoyed the none nighttime programming on mentally meeting. If you listen to a Dave Ramsey you'll love retire a millionaire. Were. So. Another guy that have passed through our Charlotte did he far core. Chicago White Sox pitcher. Collapses in the dugout after in the sixth inning of game on Friday wanted to you're just pitched him. Suffering what was diagnosed as a brain hemorrhage. Listened yesterday as being a critical but stable in a Chicago hospital. This is. Very rarely has a good outcome. But it him. So we'll have 20 wait conceal what happens there are. The other night Soros still lot of talent they will start ale homestand on a Friday against powerful. And derby hero Friday Saturday Sunday to a five game on Sunday 704 starts on a Friday and Saturday so in the weather should to roll around by the time and we should be in pretty good shape. By the time via the nights get back into town for the homestead to be be empty ballpark so that'll be a good thing to see the Kellyanne Conway. Dana bash interview yesterday. They would turn annual cat fight. And it was. Kellyanne Conway is no shrinking violet and numb and Dana bash wasn't about to back up either. And has no idea that she works revised network. But. The counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway who is there are a because. She can put up with a president and. That campaign didn't really get back on track until I Kellyanne Conway came on board and quite frankly I don't think you wanna mess with her. But Dana did yesterday. And she asked about Samoa tweets that were posted by a Kellyanne Conway is husband who's a prominent Republican attorneys names are George Konrad. Over the past year and a half that'd been critical of our president trump. George Conway is tweets about the man then his wife works for have raised some eyebrows and and although many of them of those since been deleted. Others have remained and towards the end of this interview with. With Kellyanne Conway yesterday Dana bash asked to know what what is up with your husband's tweets. The question was actual bit longer than that but that an emphasis was the question. And Conway addressed it pretty directly. Said that her husband's pros things that are supportive of trump two and fired back it's fascinating to me that CNN would go there. But it's very good for the whole world to witness. That today it's now fair game on how people's spouses and significant others may differ with them I'm really surprised but very. In some ways relieved and gratified to see that. Bash said she would have asked the same question about Conway if the genders had been reversed but she shot back you wouldn't. And then bash said it was meant to be a lighthearted question. And as she wasn't trying to be a critical and not Conway said we'll of course it was it was meant to be Iran it was meant to harass and embarrass. And then Dana should not backing down either she finally said Kelly and a hero was my whole point to this. Is that you are professional working for the president of the United States in your husband is a very well respected lawyer and my point is. That we don't often see in fact I don't remember the last time we saw somebody working for the president and high profile position when their spouses spouses saying critical things about them at all. And and keep in mind all of these lines that were delivered were not delivered dough without interruption. They kind of got to talking over each other at a few points and not Conway stated CNN chose to go there I think that's going to be fascinating move forward. So I guess the question. The question is whether or not. Kick Kellyanne Conway. As husbands. Views. In some cases critical. Of Kellyanne Conway is employer. Are fair game in the political world Tuesday us. Com and I would say in this a particular climate though be you could pretty much expect anything that. At one point Kellyanne Conway made some sort of respect that I don't remember exactly how it was phrased but she. She made reference to spouses and spouses that are. In other words Dana bash used to be married to and I care a reward his name us but he was a CNN anchor to. And she kind of made reference to that and I don't know what Dana bash is our current. A romantic interests are whether or not she's dating somebody so I don't know if there was a reference to that or what the case may be but anyway got to be kind of look at fight going on. Neither one of them back it up and anybody that thought I mean I think we all we all knew that Kellyanne Conway was not. You are shrinking violet that had Dana bash held her own. I know and she started it so she better hold her own. Where that goes AT&T and Verizon have been probed. They may have colluded to make it harder to switch carriers. No. Really. There's an article in the Wall Street Journal today. That says who has more of your personal data than FaceBook. Google. Well then we say that's where this was going ten days ago. And Google they mine everything won't get to that in just a couple of seconds the Justice Department investigating AT&T Verizon for potentially having colluded to make it harder for customers to switch cell phone carriers. The New York Times reported that the a probe is looking at whether the company's work together to stifle a technology called es Sonoma. You know about system guards or some. Which would make it easier for people to switch providers because the new physical sit on SIM card wouldn't be required CNN said that the I T-Mobile and sprint are also under scrutiny. And that said the complaint was filed by apple. Verizon told the times it's all just quote a difference of opinion with a couple of a phone equipment manufacturers regarding the development of ease him standards. That's that. It's about cellphone companies fighting for some really bell very valuable territory and Verizon being the unsubstantiated. Leader right now the others after basically do whatever they can do to try to gain some real estate in that regard. So it's always been tough to to just switch. I'll phone companies Donald Trump set over the weekend that he's considering jail posthumous full power of pardon for the a former heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson. This is apparently at the request of Sylvester Stallone. Trump said of Johnson his trials and tribulations were great his life complex and controversial he was the first African American to become more world heavyweight boxing champion. Career destroyed. After he was jailed for a year in 1930 when he took his wife girlfriend across state lines for immoral purposes. Conviction was a believed to be political in nature then believed to be political in nature now portrayed by the actor James Earl Jones in the in 1970 movie called the great. White hope so Woolsey were that goes. DMP get pulled over. Do you have the rim might they are right to remain silent during a traffic stop. You do have to. Confirm. I mean were they have to Lester your driver's license registration you do have to do that. You do have to confirm your identity. After they you don't have to say a word talk about it next. We're just on the players to build a hair. Frank Harlow just erupt in the same thing. Well you've got to. From Harlem. Those sort of gross sales because this. Student managers. When the video sort of goes from the and we tie wearers were overlooked. One of those guys. And Gerri yeah we found a place solo that's a lot to do to get error I don't know if I have no intention Friday probably not. It kind of aren't able to run a road with us we do this on contours. Well should be earlier this choice yet tomorrow is very very good. You don't wanna George. It has taken off in the corner sitting down at a table. That would be the back of George's head. And then go we save a considerable studio kind of thing. That they don't. I got two minutes oil not to do it justice yet to be the DMZ thing but just to by the way you have the right to be silent during a traffic stop and I'll get to this a little more in the next half hour so. But the new version of the state driver's license and local make it clear that drivers have the right to remain silent after her. They've identified themselves to a law enforcement officer who has a pulled them over. This stuff follows the complaint by the American Civil Liberties Union that that an earlier version of the guidelines for traffic stop suggested the drivers are required to answer an officer's questions including about. Where they are going and why and that's where it got sticky. That's not your damn business. And the general assembly directed the division of motor vehicles to rewrite the guidelines in the driver's license handbook which will be out soon. So. You do have to I mean they will ask for your license and registration. So you are required to to answer officer's questions during a traffic stop voted in in that regard. But then after that. Yeah you can now just sit there and groom moot. Under state law you are required to identify yourself and provide your driver's license and registration for your vehicle. But after establishing identification you can choose whether or not two or verbally respond to any addition. All questions. And in some cases that probably would be suggested. Because people tend to get a little adamant or wanna argue with the police officer about what was or what wasn't and that's probably not the place work. Now you have our shot maybe not a big one but. I have found in the past. Yes sir no sir. Car. Sometimes leads to a warning rather than a ticket. But that's not guaranteed either. And if you're driving to east Belmont I might add and that's the biggest speed trap that I know. So with all due respect to my new hometown if you're going threes Belmont they are looking for you and no I doubt that little section or by Qatar river valley antique mall. Twenty miles per hour through that stretch it's it's it is hard to keep a card twenty miles an hour. But if you my wife got a violation got a ticket for going 29. In May in 120 mile per hour zone. And they and I see them hidden all over the place over their so I'm just warning you if you're coming a mile down. Keep your eyes open and drive the speed limit. All right Jay them. April 23. 113 days into the year there are 252. Days ago. Seventy and 89 president elect George Washington and his wife moved into the first executive mansion that would indeed be Franklin house in New York City. 1950 far Hank Aaron of Oreo Milwaukee braves hit the first of its 755. Major League home runs in the game against. The St. Louis Cardinals. I know infuriate those of you who are Cincinnati Reds fans but does the cardinal fan I've. You would like played Cincinnati Reds a 162 games here. On 1985. Coca-Cola changed it's formula and released New Coke. This is clear the most brilliant. Marketing scheme all time or the stupidest move ever. Worked out pretty well for a mother ended up of Clinton two brands on the market at same time the response overwhelmingly neighborhood may negative in the original formula was a back on the market in less than three months. And Lee Majors Six Million Dollar Man. Former mr. Farrah Fawcett. 79 years old today NFL draft is on Thursday I can't wait defensive back. Wide receiver. Tight end. Trade. Don't know can't wait. Saturday April the 28 White House that corresponds to the president will not be there. And I don't believe Maloney is going in his there's bush. That picture over the weekend with a all of the presidential. Timber they showed up for the Barbara Bush. Funeral. I'm maligning him and then there was one picture of Maloney sitting next to the president quipped kind of a smile on her face he was talking to were enough. She looked pretty comfortable and had to use them. I don't know just kind of bizarre. The woman in Louisiana return home to find a strange woman soaking inner child while leading G dose. Public that is Phillies in Orange are ring around the tub gave up. Chris Christie still ticking off a New Jersey months after he left office he commissioned an official portrait of himself or 85000 dollars which is. 27000 more than any other New Jersey governor's fate. What a pompous jerk. They. Michigan health club was evacuated four hours after a member tried to connect to weigh Wi-Fi modem and found one name. Remote detonator. That's what somebody called their Wi-Fi network you can vital sort of creative but it's really not a good idea to. I and fortunately there was no debris the F fitness us that are are reopened. And Saturday it was record store day. They're all sorts of special issues and haven't talked to Jimmy over repo that are hoping got a big turnout. Celebration lasted for 33 to third hours there was. This. It should. They should open at midnight and nation go until. Whatever yeah whatever that is denying. Twentieth and exporting. Police and witnesses at the SE into the Sunday morning shooting at the Waffle House in Nashville Tennessee say 29 year old James Shaw junior tackled and disarmed the shooter. They have created the shooter by the way later on this afternoon. Not far from that Waffle House nor his house. And so we'll see we're all that gross. Vern Troy or died many me Austin power movies died at the age of 49. And worked on 58 movies in a television shows death was announced on his FaceBook page stating that you passed away on Friday. Earlier in April he had been rushed UAL hospital after friends contacted paramedics to say that he was. Drunk extremely upset and suicidal. While the cause of death is still unknown to Reuters loved ones stated in the FaceBook announcement that he had fought and won many battles but unfortunately. This time. Was too much. Some loans. So here's a guy from Colorado. Achieved that distinction last week are read the news today oh boy that few people would probably wanna match his name is Dylan Mick Williams. He was bitten by a shark Thursday in Hawaii. Which means that he had been bitten by a shark. But bear. And a rattlesnake. All in less than four years. Not surprisingly the twenty year old from Grand Junction, Colorado says he spends a lot of time outdoors that leg wounds from the shark required seven stitches. Last July Mick Williams received nine staples in his scalp. After a nearly 300 pound bear invaded is that Colorado camp site. And as for the rattlesnake that Intel error occurred about three and a half years ago he was in Utah. This is not a guy I wanna be hanging out it's probably not a guy that anybody needs to be anything else. And everywhere else just get together at the uptown location of can do 1511 and sure enough there's the lake and or you're trying to get to Belmont and we'll just fifth. Just eat tacos until. Until August going to be early draped afternoon her rush hour home and I have my feeling my go by it's probably already the middle of its. All right today then crystal tab block. Gets on a delta airline. Flying back from Paris. They give her a free apple. Handed out by the attendant she is I get on the plane. Ice. Stuff sooner carry on. Only discovered customs that the true it would cost her five. Hundred dollars. Customs agent asked two of my own trip to France was expensive and I said yeah. I didn't really get lawyers asking that question and he said well is about to get a whole lot more expensive after I charge you 500 dollars yesterday she could toss the apple oriented but the agent said no. Customs and Border Patrol responded by blaming padlock not delta. Delta. Which handed out the apples on the fly back. That to the US also blamed her saying we encourage our customers to follow US Customs and Border Protection protocols. But she didn't know. So. I'd be nice move on Delta's part of they paid the 500 bucks were. I'm. How many carry on bags been charged or would that you know. More. Tony Beck's. So Lago. In Largo Florida. I read the news today aboard. Police authorities went to a funeral home to use a dead man's finger to try to unlock his cell phone as part of an investigation. Linus Philip was killed by a police officer last month after authorities say he tried to drive away before an off circuit surgeon. At the funeral home to detectives told the man's hands up to via phones fingerprint sensor but could not unlock it. Now I got the fingerprint sensor on my iPhone eight. And it's erratic at best. I think George told me it was going to be when I was down low on the finger food. Apprentice cents or audit. On Sunday as it works beautifully Sunday is that what doesn't work at all this evening captured but it has six number code which are fun to be. Really inconvenient. But anyway. Apparently that work on gorilla for dead guys either. Oral a lot of guys told C I'll say said that she felt violated in this respected bill legal experts mostly agree with what do the Texans did was legal but they. The question whether or not it was appropriate. It is not doing anything. You remember Jay Feely the former kicker for theirs are cardinals. Classic or kerosene. Years and years and years ago I got our Christmas card from my sister but I think it's been no don't buy it that thousands. Where you hold your dog it. And you hold a fake gun. And it says have a Merry Christmas to the dog gets it. That there were. Former kicker for the Arizona Cardinals posted if. Do love no. Himself on Twitter holding a gun sandwiched between his daughter and her prom date. Critics accuse the former pro kicker of all behaving as if he owned his daughter and of insensitivity. Towards our current gun control debates. This is how sensitive we've gotten. It was clearly meant to be a joke now you could say it's not funny okay. But. That it it got weird just have only just gotten beyond control that this everybody's just offended. I love offended people. The article I just screw you go get offended. And have time for all you people wanted to get offended over this that everything so on Sunday Feeley tweeted to prom picture I posted was obviously intended to be a joke. My daughter has dated her boyfriend for over a year and they knew I was joking. I take gun safety seriously begun was not loaded had no clue pennant. And I did not intend to be insensitive. Two that important issue and if you see in the picture if I remember correctly. The GeMS not put the guns pointed down. It's just a father standing with the date and the daughter. Clearly a prom picture and him holding a gun it's clearly a joke. No I understand that maybe you don't have. Your sense of humor can't revolve around anything like a firearm. That's fine. And road rage. He did road rage is mostly an American deal. There were the ones that had a big hot tempers are. You're in into the rest of the world by and large. Then and that. Well according to the international survey road rage has become a growing worldwide. Problem. So if you're in Europe by driving on the wrong side of the road in the UK don't be flipping them off either because bad they won't react to it any better than they do here are the worst locations are Austria. France. The US. Russia and Belgium. We're around two thirds of drivers say they have been victims of road rage in the past years it is a global problem it's not just an us thing. I didn't. Collecting articles on. Retirement. Saving money for retirement. Where retirees underestimate spending that's latest on a graph from the Wall Street Journal today. And I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. But I'm mug closer to grow our retirement that I am mode beginning in my career. Well past my halfway in times. To a quote Willie Nelson. And and I'll probably wander out here in the next to a few years. And and we've photo we've been lucky or blessed and as you well know had a pretty nice run here where it sure helps. And I've worked for some good people along the way even before I got two were. WBT 128 years ago had don't work for a couple of situations where we may have some money and in one case works for a guy who. We hope to take our radio station from on nowhere to. I was number three in the market when I left and it was number one no six months after I left it. And he ended up selling. The station that he had bought for a million and a half. To a major broadcast conglomerate for about I don't know what it was 55 million dollars or something like down to. Let a fourteen year investment. And took care of everybody. The nucleus of people that had joined him offer the march from 23 to number one. Took some of that money that he made a net sale and distributed among those of us who were instrumental in. Building that for him. And through that in the bank and never looked never never. Never looked back at it never thought about it I mean I thought about it but I never touch it. So why that's been sitting there for. 356. Years. And so that's you know so anyway let's let's say the good lord's been no pretty good to me. And and we've moved from the minute they let a 401K. Made a 2401 K available here which would have been the ninety's because I can remember chastened on Danny Fontana every time I got a chance to. Make sure that I was allocating my money in the places I should allocated so all of us did we chased ended on all of say they were going. They've they've changed those categories that are auditory indeed basically tell us open to senator percent of senator and and then I had got together with Larry Carroll. Financial. Guru or numb and so I go to him now and say David just. We won't be buying new cars every year and we won't be. The traveling to Europe on a regular basis. But we won't be a starving to death either. And so retirement is very much in my mind and then I know many view fall under that same category and in some cases it's probably horrifying to you and in some cases. Your if you're you're probably ready to go to go. But then again if you're bit I'm not saying I'm borderline but I mean I'm not too. If you don't try to make it more sense for me to work for as long as I can work. And keep that income coming in. But I'm not gonna do that. Because at some point or another the dialogue of politics and radio. Is so worn on me. And the other part of that is I've been doing this now for about 49 years. And I still love doing that. But. Back at a dead evidences before the Billy Graham. And it was not a follower Billy Graham percent of but I am a follower of what Billy Graham believed him. In Billy the Billy Graham's thing for Summers another just kind of slapped me upside the head and said. When you go find something to do where you can be more of a benefit to your fellow man and than just be you know or radio sarcastic. What are you more. Tom and so I don't know where I would do it go away in retirement and a few years three to five years but that's kind of wore on to put my diocese to see you're be nice to not have to work for money for a change and go find something that maybe. I'm not opposed to making money. But it'd be nice to go. I do something that may be it is a little bit more rewarding to. I have two other people Laura of service to other people given the fact that the good lord has blessed me in such a large way. There's a article about economist saying a new trend is shaping our economy older workers are retiring a bit and they're choosing to return to work. I absolutely covet and I'll betcha those of you have been working for a straight forty or fifty years this. Name I guess covet have a ninety days to six months where I don't have to do it. Sad to say I wouldn't do anything but I'd like him but I just a dead the idea of having nothing else waking up. For three month three to six months with. I just do what I wanna do. The sounds of a great deal to me. But I also a Mo well aware of who I am I know I'll get so bored after ninety days it'll make your head spin and so all all find something to our region to retire to. One just keep your mind sharp. And that's what this essentially says people returning are choosing to return to work the economists call that un retirement. There's also a rise in partial retirement meaning staying on the job with reduced hours and whether or not that's a possibility here to. Into WBT. I don't know. With the marketing they accounts that I've had for such a long period of time maybe I can still be hey I'm John Hancock for awhile. But AD aid is just a financial necessity New York Times reports many justify their lives less interesting and productive after leaving work rather may have hoped. And so and I'm aware of that tune knowing that that I probably get to a pretty. Stir crazy you know period short period of time there I got to retirement stuff here including saving and if you're way behind on savings. Two thirds of Americans are putting money in their 401K now I think these polls are somewhat. Deceiving because they never break down the demographic. You take the whole population and you say two thirds of America are putting money in their 401K is. Well I can understand the 22 year old again put money in a 401K because he's still trying to figure out how to I did every money to put into anything when I was 22 either. A weather greatest money manager in the world I wasn't making enough money to save much money. So with Doug poll like that when you say 66% of Americans are putting monies in the 401K is all the break Gallup the demographic breakdown. How many of those people are over the age of forty. As I don't think I started putting money in a 401K until I was forty. Or thereabouts. Almost 38 when I got here. Soria was at least forty. So anyway I give you some of the stuff I found and if euros thinking about. You a retirement. Present this information you might to find inching any other part of that is if all the sudden you feel love god I'm the only one that's not saving money now you're not. There's a lot of people in your boat and maybe this will feel make you will feel a little bit better about don't worry your standing is in regards to your fellow man comes they're in the same place you. They are text message from my wife saying hailed the rumor is that traffic tip of taking Allegheny work. Apparently she. Avoided the problems on Robertson boulevard and old steel entry where there is say a ghastly for a walk early I guess rather us say it is a world of social thank you Bloomberg. Well my wife's home on time. All probably do. Uses the same Moraga have to re amount cut on down to west boulevard take it up to Billy Graham and then come across into Erica. If she doodle on our way home back to our guests and Jerry Johns up on WBT hey John. Okay are you don't let your congress are you. Obviously militants or else I saw short below are quite orchard Lou. Were beneficial. Oh I think there's stuff that we do to. That that's had discovered station with chairman Dick kids first she knows it's coming in the next year's solo. We've had that conversation and no and a matter we. Ratio survive vote without ever mouthpiece and none nautilus and I'd. Bill we've been blessed to do some good things I think our Father's Day show is instigated a lot of people write letters to their dads that would have happened otherwise so I don't discount well we've been able to accomplish here. Just think it's I agree and since there's no hole in my heart that wants to go out and do something lesser money and more for a more Farai humanity I think. Bloomberg that's commendable landing what does very beneficial to lay out Robert Trout. For a living in not coming under Charlotte Durham Russia are every evening and I'm only looking out toward toward your broad social you'll get him right. Yeah Alan I'll they should give mores and he can't ever retire we've already determined that he can't ever go together relief. But you know me whole upbringing. And even had archer straight and then their break it. And you just can't follow the court all artifacts include psychologically very beneficial to the community so no sir sir sort order doing now. My appreciate that very much or burn a cigarette. Thank you thank you. That's that's vertical blitzer and asked. I'm not retiring if you're just joining us. But it's it's today it's within the next three to five years I can pretty much guarantee that. And I've been collected all this retirement stuff because I just find it fascinating and also low where I'm located in where my finances are in what I need in no you know don't sell yourself short and make sure that you there was it an article today in the Wall Street Journal about Lara were right retirees underestimate spending all. I'll share some of that with you nearly two thirds of Americans save little or no money. I knew Bankrate survey found that nearly two thirds of Americans save little money your put nothing away 16% say they say more than 15% of what they make. Which is what experts recommend. 20% say they don't save any thing. 5% or less a reported. Was reported by 21%. Six to 10% savings spiked 45% of respondents. Eleven to 15%. Haas saved by 11% so what you know which category do you fall in wired Americans saving top reason expenses named by 39 of that 39% of the respondents. Another 16% said they just don't have a good enough job to be able to put money away. We'll talk about some more the specifics of 42% of Americans sort of facing a nightmare retirement when we come back and. They're retirement. If you say our passion and I'm gonna save for retirement you're not in the boat bike you're not alone by any way shape remains not saving much retirement you are not alone new survey finds 42% of Americans. Have 1101000. Dollars saved for the latter years. And we'll likely retire broke now this is one of the surveys it doesn't break it down by demographic it's 2018 pole by gold banking rates dot com they found that 14%. Of respondents and 60% of young Americans have saved nothing at all. Most cited reasons for an AM struggle to pay my bills. And if you're young I understand that. And you're not in a major entry level wages. I you know -- find might my folks Roy is right me when I was in my twenties and thirties about saving money but I never ending money. But probably not a good money manager either but I wouldn't Macon. So I don't make enough money to a save I'm prioritizing paying down debt and some big ignorance of the you're saving concept may also be a work says this poll. The amount of people who don't even know than individual retirement plan is available as astounding. If your company have a 401K. You know you should ask if they match. I mean if you get nine in some cases they there they can be a match they're going to be up 5% arousal there rather. India and do our 10% Ryder ought to 25%. Where they match what you put in your 401K well that if you don't take that indignity. Then you're not taking free money. And the other I think about a 401K the reason I love 401K S. You decide how much of a percentage you wanna take for your paycheck and once they once you're gay is to not be an end there. That you've just got to get used to that be and what your paycheck news. It's pretty easy way to save. Survey also polled a thousand people from Moline deals to baby boomers found that women are more likely to have less saved up for retirement 16% have 300000 dollars or more saved up. And 10% have between 20300000. Bucks so what to do appear behind wall Motley Fool recommends a saving even fifty bucks a month. Which will turn into more than a 124000. Dollars over forty years with a 7% annual rate of return. And the matching employer donations and 401 k.s can create even bigger gains overtime and another hopeful note. Two national studies found that roughly 33% of seniors increased their assets during the first eighteen years of retirement. Some by simply reducing their spending. So 44% of respondents don't have any kind of retirement account at all. So recent survey on how Americans engage with their retirement accounts like conducted by U gov on behalf of all black rock and T brand shows that. We still have some catching up to do when it comes to investing now for a time of life that for most of us will last two or three decades. 24% of respondents with retirement accounts don't know. What they've invested in. And an astonishing 44% of respondents have no retirement account at all. And they say investing and investing can be intimidating at camp. George Jamie samarra. My information that I'm kind of read and on the fly. But only one in four people aged 55 and over has more than 300000 dollars saved. Now I don't tell that to make you feel better tell you that to let you know that you're not the only one your nodded you're not. You're not the aberration. As residents get older they gap between the sabres in the save nots widens. About three intent of respondents aged 55 and over have no retirement savings about three and down. 26%. Report retirement savings would balances of under 50000 bucks an amount that is insufficient for people nearing retirement age over half. 54% of people ages 55 and over have balances far behind a typical retirement fund pitch marks. For that age group. We're consumed cannery know all the stuff on the no fly. That I got from George. Percentage of each paycheck put towards an employer sponsored retirement account millennia olds on average. And good for them by the way. Nine point 58%. I keep on trying to tell my kids you know my dad would tell me self like this to win enough for a one occasion but my dad would say if you would. But the way it's been aside 10% of your income borrowed by the time you reach my age and I you know 10% are you on your mind. Well I make him. 200 bucks a week. 20%. Forty bucks in my game don't toy box was. A weekend was food was gaps. Baby boomers on average seven point 69% Generation X. nine point 6%. What percentage each paycheck put towards an employer sponsored retirement account. But where were you should be putting towards that. That goal. To change off the money for just a second. Where to retire best states Florida. Ranked first in affordability eleventh and quality of life 24 and healthcare. I don't think there's income tax gather either. Although that may or may not affect you in retirement Wyoming. Ranked fourth and affordability South Dakota Iowa and Colorado now how you can Lou afford to live in Colorado Alicia living out on the eastern plains I have no idea but it took. They listed 27 and affordability seventeenth and quality of life seventh and healthcare the worst states to our retiree and according to this poll. Rhode Island. 51 and affordability Alaska. The District of Columbia. Which is not affordable. Connecticut ranks 49 and affordability. And Hawaii. You can't afford to live there in what you love and a one bedroom but about nineteen other people. So those are the those are the places that. That they're saying you know bitch can't or cannot. Are retiring or the good places in the bad places to retire and on average lower income. Earners contributes far less to their retirement saving plans then high income murders duck. Younger workers contribute to go less than older workers all of that should be pretty much no owner. Common sense and I 2015 Americans earning less than 30000 dollars per year contributed an average of four point 4%. Which works out to about thirteen 120 dollars or less per year. Alternatively. Workers earning between 75099000. Dollars contributed an average of seven point 7% of their earnings senate to those plans. And workers earning a 100000 dollars or more contributed an average of eight point 3%. Of their income. So. Until it that I run into an awful lot of people my age because I talk about. And retiring in three to five years or whenever I gonna do them. The recession killed. Tore a lot they're not retiring. The recession. There to kill them. So. I there's a lot of people in that boat tilt bit basically took whatever savings they had. Just to try to have. Get by data data savings are gone they may have survived the recession but they didn't duel with a any money in the bank. I'm originally BT newsroom ago they are palatial look cubicle load by the former garrison for. If that's not gonna hide. I believe that is there on the walls and and of course the big cushy executive chair and answer. Yeah how well I don't know how many actually kept their kids at home small protest uptown this started about five of the government's federal go live up to air some parents are not happy within the six dead in Tennessee amass particularly. They think it is more an indoctrination into the LG BT lifestyle will also hear from us. Couple of parents who who think that is the case. There's a big story this afternoon has been a a news story nine miss it now condemned earned nine dead and around Toronto while guy Garrett takes a Ryder reexamined. But I decides you'll go on down the sidewalk could just hitting people he's been apprehended in the Miley got the awful how shooter may. Did they caught him not far from the Waffle House hiding in some woods not far from his apartment they had already sniffed and looked over that area once but somehow missed imminent somebody spotted him and then they nabbed emea. What is so interesting stories about that is is that his guns were apprehended. Given to his father and his father. You can get back gave them back wasn't supposed to do that by the way you know Tom so everybody call in here want to know what would go dude does the father get charged. Well they're saying that's part of the investigation they're looking and I mean you never know what the circumstances were perhaps. You know they're saying this guy had a lot of mental issues may be dad was scared to death of images said get your take guns can I mean who knows him. Well that's just how. Hence and then said that doesn't sound like much of defense no I don't know to me if you're gonna wanna pay all the rest of society Euro because you don't have a backbone that's that took so that's a tough when the small Muslim IOC UN here and not just a few believing moment right. Off goes mr. garrison he'll be down there had no Belmont with his two wooden is. Charlotte the six show we're there on Friday all day long from 5 AM in the morning until 7 PM so hope you come by. Now the string bean which is first restaurant I heard they were told me about wanna set I was moving to Belmont to us adore the string being analyst Jeff Hutchison's place he and partners I believe. I'm so mesh is to. I'm anxious actually to a broadcaster for three hours so either don't know who I am in May be younger. Better table now probably not it's or call place they sell lots of beer and wine a lot of beer. And it's a restaurant but it also has a meat counter. And a grill bar. Which my understanding is makes a pretty mean drink. So why they're discount like all things to wall people and they're one of the standards of Belmont but Belmont is becoming famous or other restaurants and no. And will feature more than just couple low before that today is oversaw a moment look forward to introducing you to other town I chose to call home on these days. I guess sometimes you just need to set a wheels. Take this 46 year old gentleman by the name of mark harms Meyer. Almost. Arrested Thursday for allegedly stealing a car struck full of beer and leading police on a highway chase. When Jeremy not ordered. Jumped to assumptions about the homeless but if you're laid underneath the bridge and you think you yourself wow I just had a whole truckload of beer and I would just be. I am going to be the most popular Holmes guy are homeless guy out there. But that didn't work ROO four army was surcharge for suspension of vehicle theft possession of stolen property of some other charges as well. We told you about the guy from Colorado who got bit by a shark. Attacked by a bear. And bitten by a rattlesnake all of the last four years. Here is AF family has written about these guys and saw the video last night. Families out on the family vote. You thought you took your kids on an exciting adventure an Australian dad who I took his two kids out on a boat captured video of a young great white shark. Bigger than the boat they were and who tried to take a bite out of the voter. And the video shows just that Warren brown said he was on his eighteen foot boat with his kids. A little over a mile off the coast of Western Australia when they spotted an estimated thirteen foot giant toe white shark in nearby waters said the animal left to say a few bite marks in the motor. Our area of the boat nobody was injured I guess my question was if the boat was running was the shark injured. He should have done so don't blame the moment. I didn't see blood in the water so I have no idea if fleeing is all well and good I read the news available leverage you should really pay attention to where you would choose to flee if there was a suspect fleeing now from police in Florida. Actually ended up in a swamp and sank up to his neck in thick mud. Pasco county sheriff's office said the driver got out of the vehicle after a short chase fled on foot into the swamp. And they were concerned about alligators and I would mud but anyway authorities say it took several deputies working together to pull this guy out of the muddy was arrested on those several charges including. Fleeing to believe glued. Tom and Tom and I'll leave you without. I have yourself say I enjoy the rain I'm going over to find Allegheny street so I can avoid the power of the problem on. We'll have boulevard. But her mother Wal-Mart they've got a water main break or something so. Benefactor back kiss stay tuned. Even if you don't like oh mark Harrison no stay tuned because. I your traffic reports are so new unity today there's been problems 77 there's been problems on Wilkinson we've had rain all day long enough and actually had garrison guy. It's a pretty good our Charlotte have six coming up next I'll see tomorrow at three judge nag guard Charles most beloved and we are. I'm here.