August 21, 2017: The Great American Eclipse on WBT

Bo Thompson
Tuesday, August 22nd

From 8-21-17: Bo Thompson anchors team coverage of The Great American Eclipse with Mark Garrison in Columbia, Scott Fitzgerald in Greenville, John Hancock in Charlotte, Brad Panovich in Lake Murray, and Joe Gillespie in Romare Bearden Park.


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This is continuing coverage of the great American eclipse what he was 1110993. BT. So we're about thirty seconds away here from. These points of totality for Greenville, South Carolina that's where Scott FitzGerald is right now Scott. What's going on my friend. Or get real real close remain. All of a sudden it just surrogate in real real dark and it's just kind of creepy feeling amended and it's not like the sun come about that you're completely different animal. Obviously I've never been an complete and total solar eclipse people. And boots as they blew different looks as it looked up to my glasses there's just barely barely a sliver what time do you have LeMieux a new official clock. We are two with 37555657. And right now is when those are. EA is supposed to be like another fourteen seconds I think there's just tiny cry moved. I can hear the crowd I can. It's. We. It is good news is completely. We agree god. I edited god wow. And I'm seeing I'm seeing pictures of the Clemson as well which is close to you and it's and it is conceived of looks like it looks like night time. Not quite but you can see the mud and there's there's beautiful beautiful ring surrounding it. Earlier. This really cool but I am not a big deal this is really pretty fascinating. Wow. You in my garrison community. Garrison had thought that garrison as I got to join us momentarily. We're gonna go now to John Hancock who is out in the parking lot as we're about to hit our point. I'm closest to totality 98% as we've been talking about we're about on a couple of minutes away here Hancock in Erie. Yeah I can. It's been absent from this perspective we also just got a little sliver almost what does Scott does spirit described in the and I don't think it's criminal much other level people are cart. But the atmosphere out here you can notice change over the last 1015 minutes it you are now on the planes Lepore a tornado or something like belt or trying to. Mom gets Karine type of left field to do it that's the that's kind of what you're had dear jewel and the temperature is noticeably drop. And do you hear you we've heard all kinds of chatter about what kind of wildlife you outta here or not here drinks up Mike this. And they said that in Charlotte it wouldn't be the thing that it would be in South Carolina but you know I I like what you just said because I I'm here right is that the window and it seems like. Kind of that feel right before a storm or something. Well idea Mike Doyle and I were standard pattern is generated period just did our heads or does that seem quieter out here and it does it seem quieter out here. So I don't know all the birds merger that are caught and put just. It and then maybe it is all of our heads but. There's there's definitely somebody go and I'm here on the campus urged import. And the sun now here we're a look at that is just a real small sliver I mean just just that diplomat fingernail. And again we're 98%. And we're about thirty seconds away from my 241. Which has been the bullseye target we talked about for so long as I'm talking to you. I was just about to say that you're the entire world is focused on something other than politics for a change I look different this dream and there's president drowned out on the balcony at the White House observing so now it's all coming together here as a watching a reaction all across the world we're talking to Brad and damaged. And lake Murray South Carolina John Hancock about ten seconds away from the moment. Closest to totality. A year ago three to. One and we should be right there right now to 41 of the great American a clips John Hancock. He had just says the slivers. No load to appear to be the topside. And Tom Watson receiver gets serious in Europe that. That's probably just about what they said. 97 point 9%. And there you have it lets out a segue here to Mark Garrison who is in Columbia, South Carolina mark what do you see or not see well. Blow all of a sudden within the last five minutes I mean it feels like 9 o'clock at night here now. Did the temperature has dropped fifteen degrees listen you can hear people screaming. This crowd here is applauding the sign that because. The lights are out the side just vanished. And it is dark hair. The moment of totality in the South Carolina Mark Garrison is here live for us on WBT. And dead people are shouting and waving semester at some of these. Did you get a good speech that fake glow in the dark they're wearing the others. I think it is dark here I have just flabbergasted. But you know. He just think about that scripture verse that says the heavens declare the glory of god and I'm telling you this does it it is dark you cannot see. And now we're taking off our glasses and looking and why an amazing stuff. Site the mood is completely covering the sun it is just beyond words and again you are looking at it right now without any eye protection on because that's the one moment where you can that's exactly right and in just another minute or two we will have to put the eye glasses back on. People have their mounds covered their smiling what do you think about there is also my god one haven't you never see anything like this employing an. No I mean either and we may never see anything like this again but to. A lot of people now are taking the chance they're pointing and looking up at the sun because actually if you put your glasses on right now you can't see it today. That's how darkness I mean the sun is completely obscured by the move. It's just awesome just awesome history on news 1110993. WBZ. First time in 38 years that we've had a total solar eclipse. And marketers and talking to us from Columbia, South Carolina the moment of totality it is passing over Columbia, South Carolina right now he just momentarily we're just a moment ago I should say took his glasses off not they still off debt minor often your glasses are off forty thing. Blown away pretty amazing. It really is a very cool with the yep everybody still has their glasses off I'm not sure exactly when the moment is we're supposed well you know what I see the diamond rage and that they'd talked so much about and I think that's sort of the Q2 began putting them back thought he had don't mess around that and though we sure don't but don't guess it looks like something diamonds director has never seen him. It is just remarkable to market you have covered many things over many years we have but together on this radio station. Where does something like this as your observing right now rank. You know well I'm a little speechless I think I will rank this right now as did the coolest thing I have ever been apart dobbs. And now that you may hear the crowd starting to cheer a little bit again because. It's sunrise over Colombia and the mood is beginning to move on yeah we got her glasses back on and a little tiny or in slipper. Is appearing again so we got to put the glasses back on so that's why I feel so hum all the sudden. That's hit the morning it's a party that's good morning vote yes. And everybody seems to be very happy of what's happening there. They are and age you know it's interesting too I mean the light as the light level here is coming back up really quickly. I mean it's gone from being 830 at night by field to 630. And the mood is trucking at this point it's moving pretty quickly. And now we're about a minute and twenty seconds away from the I'm moment of totality in Charleston, South Carolina the question is. How well they be able to see it there because of the weather the cloud cover is a great deal more in a lot more clouds there than where you are mark. Well you know the interesting thing is about an hour ago everybody here headlong face is because we had these massive clouds around and all of a sudden they cleared out. And we had an unobstructed view for the last thirty minutes and also Mark Garrison history in the making there in Columbia, South Carolina. I hammer gonna take a break I believe John Mora who has got its German about Scott percent of the director Scott Greenville south Carolina at the S science center there worried to show. Everything kind of moving in the other direction now. Hey this is still the crowd is just. Don't struck I guess that would be one of the best way they could possibly put it you know mark was sent political and overseeing it really really. Was something to say a man it was really really made. And so you say they're kind of stay in but. Almost almost hoping they'll be on the and now it's it is very rapid dispersal. You know there were a lot of people earlier that we're talking about just how. Corey. So you could just see people back at their chairs could everybody had folding chair so it literally will boom boom boom gravity has got open and stroller rod and. Are you live in Greenville, South Carolina Scott FitzGerald John WBT. But a minute and twenty seconds away from the end of the moment of totality in Charleston, South Carolina. I've you're keeping score at home the totality on the US mainland ends at 248. And now we are 247 straight up right now and that will end in that one minute and are right past Charleston, South Carolina. Totality ends over the Atlantic Ocean shortly after 4 o'clock. And the wit of the totality is 73 miles long. The totality covers all told 2400. Nine. I'm about thirty seconds you were listening to news 11109093. WBT team coverage of the great. American the clips and we'll be back. He was 1110993. And WBZ. The Sears team coverage of the great American and clips we've both substance. For 3 o'clock here on his eleventh and that I and three W Vijay. Now the story becomes the exodus. We talked earlier about the fact that a lot of people it seemed. Because the traffic issues were not this morning and earlier today. What we thought they would be. They were not that way in in either North Carolina or South Carolina close to Charlotte in even in Columbia and Greenville. Not quite what we feared but the question is all those people are they are gonna leave it wants to traffic very much a story to follow this afternoon. Brad Canada which is back with us one more time Brad. Now it's in the rear view what would you think. Top of the list that's a list that was up on them believable. They'll all lead up to a big here he lightly. I'm Mike I you describe a camera a cult like a weird you can build there had taken over the light of its star. And eight yes we scrubbed this kind of eerie lights it's pitch black can't remember Kuroda was just. Spectacular. It looked like. Something out of a movie and you can imagine my healthy cheap humans who met for the first time mark set totally freaked out because. It is a weird feeling knowing what's going on I can't imagine not understanding the science of what was happening all the way back we need to man purse also work closely it was phenomenal. I was talking to Mark Garrison who losing Columbia forest and you know he was talking to me live on the air at the point where he took his glasses off the moment where where he could do that without injuring his eyes but as you point out long before you had people. On the radio and on television to tell you when to do that. You know how dangerous was that. Oh yeah I mean I'm sure people tried to figure out ways to look up you wonder how many people injured or I or. Maybe they thought they shouldn't look at this one and all because it would be god angry at ourselves state. But yeah you really wonder how they dealt with that. And what may actually looked up because a lot of these discoveries are poly made by people are looking. Up to any kind of military Bernie kind of a clip blasted. I'll maybe they were using that street have been natural filter I cloud cover certain areas that help them yet but boy. It was a lifetime experience I really. I could he lied their liquids chasers people actually see things all over the world because once you keep that you know one thing everyone said we which lasted longer. Because it was that cool and Ambac. Lake Murray South Carolina as where Brad Bannon ventured chief meteorologist for NBC Charlotte so. When is the next best opportunity to see something remotely like this. From 124 people wait when he tweet board that equipment gonna go protection up through Ohio and this. Sparkly New England so called up and worked out that would be pretty good as well because my parents live in totality for that or thought Hedo at Ohio. And at a big party here on the lake. A lot of them I think initially like or are we out here gets to swim in cook out when they first saw them start their own front of a sudden they all kind of like oh wow this is something really cool. Yeah probably carry with them and they realized well I'm glad I'm here I am deeply and you'll go on until they saw what they're an art. Well when you say it to the top of your list that is absolutely saying something I appreciate you checking in with us so many times this hour and as we walked up to this helping us all understanding giving us perspective on what exactly this would be. Have fun animal thought to against them. I beg guys have a great day you do that's red animates real quickly tied Joseph Gillespie still in Romero bearden park. If it afterwards we got. Cannot I've met one person at that for a look like it's dark. Really dark everybody else shrewdly using terms like spot them. It was just an amazing experience what part of it was that everybody got together people up there all he got the part. And everybody here to this experience together so. And it would kind of eerie. The lighting makes it's sort of eerie that was different. And about what it would be great day at that waksal also get. People who talk for a living left speechless that's kind of the theme I'm getting here and Joseph I'm sure Hancock we'll check back in with you throughout the afternoon. How that is gonna do it for my coverage here on news 1110 meta man three WBT. John Hancock is coming up next from three to six the post game show for the great Americans a class I'm votes on some back tomorrow morning at 5 AM I'll talk DNN.