The Austin Bomber, and Is It Better To have Your Own Business

John Hancock
Wednesday, March 21st

hancok reviews the timeline and the information about the Austin TX bomber, the latest on potential Panther owners, and is it best to work for yourself.


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This is John Hancock. All I had there either or other we are as a Wednesdays we can beat. Chilly outside did it. It's we've got to bail out Cooley to watch the weather for Monday because the White Sox are in town to play the Charlotte knights on Monday there are now Soledad day about a 53 degree you're something like so. I don't know what I ordered those tickets and I really were envisioning no parkas. But we're going anyway. Look forward to the Austin bomber is dead and no details are emerging about him. So we'll love figure out that when the Florida shooter. Has a brother. Who was told to stay away from the school and has been I've caught their a couple of times if not three. Skateboarding through things as he goes there to reflect on. But apparently at least they're being described this way in the oppress he apparently is another piece of work. So won't talk a little bit about him so. More details on the second arranged coming up on NATO and program today. I should determine my two all newscast another potential panther owner has emerged. He is say steel company owner it's a Canadian steel company although he maintains a residence in Florida I don't believe he's Canadian. When mr. Kelly's not too happy about it either. Solo cover that before we wander out here. Apparently an armed resource school resource officer we kind of knew this is the story was breaking day before yesterday. The day before yesterday and had shooting and Merrill are yesterday. But dead arms school. Resource officer probably save lives in Maryland. And you're not seeing a lot of coverage on net. I would say maybe I'm wrong I don't like us a run watch CNN all day long. In fact it would be interpreted Savvis in on CNN so I don't really watch much CNN anymore I don't read much Washington Post anymore. They don't read don't know a lot of New York Times anymore I see references to the Washington Post in the New York Times and area and so I see stories. I'll tell like the one that we did on OP or just today which came out of CNN story so I still use them as resources from time to time but I'm pretty picky about. About what all used by Tom. Haven't seen a whole lot about. And armed to school resource officer probably save lives and after shooting in Maryland yesterday. There's this is a little bit different shooting in that DO girl who was shot probably have some sort of relationship with a guy who shot her. So and I read the news today oh boy and number wrong Canon Traficant known Mike Doyle news and all of that stuff emails from yesterday a couple of corrections two out of the three times. Lewis said something about them. Oh it was said. It was up from a listener. Are from mayor reader and the observer. And he was talking about caps. Mean the transportation systems don't have an infirmary math. You can buy 88 dollars for a pass and ride cats anytime you want. Or. Suffer a fifty dollar fine if you don't have and I said Sunday and a degree of. They never check your passes anyway. And so I got an email us at two out of the last three times that I've had taken cats from behind building downtown Trenton officers went through the entire train checking tickets both times at least two people got cited. So so I got that one. Yesterday in our read the news today oh boy I think at the into the program we talked about a mosquito falling under the category of animal. I remember I said to garrison has had a mosquitoes on an animal as it. Prospectus writes John there are three life kingdom's animal plant. Part is off. And yes the mosquito falls under animal. I begun back in no double research that and figure report. And then I got to realize email. From mom. The government to Mike. And he said at the risk of being classified as one of those so listeners who make you roll your eyes. I've never done that was email from a list or have a teacher. I don't think I've ever rolled my eyes eyebrows. On that a few times but. At the risk of being classified as one your listeners a major role draws those listening yesterday's podcast this morning. And does something you said got my attention you were talking about a study about the risk of getting sick from exposure. Two pathogens in non commercial aircraft and you said the study was conducted by researchers and they are university. And you said something along the lines of every trains pilots. And he said you were probably thinking of Emory you're probably confusing Emory university in Atlanta. A leading research university with Emory riddle aeronautical university in Daytona Beach. I share this with you not criticize but because I expect you ought to be corrected about where you say on the air and everywhere else too Mike. I'm Antar running back and I said no no I don't and apologize to me I appreciate correction if that's exactly what I had done. I think I saw I think Emory and I think about the from my kid was singing about going there when he was again out of high school so we were making applications to Emory down in Daytona Beach say that's exactly what I did soya. I appreciate he has set me straight. And then depending on how you correct me. You know I out of bed that doesn't bother me. When you ought to start off and say hey you stupid moron. Arm and then you might not get this. Opener. And audiences soon but don't know why you you're you're you're find of feel free there's certainly of many opportunities to. Correct me. The idea member of the affluent as a Texan I've been a guy who idealize Derek killed four people while drunk driving and his defense. His. His lawyers. Get a trial in juvenile court and there was a psychologist that testified on his behalf. And describe this kid that he was sixteen at the time. As suffering from. Affluent. In other words. An affliction coming from being spoiled by his parents have prevented him from telling right from wrong. You remember that case it regulated gotten. Crazy coverage. He was sentenced to ten years of probation that sparked outrage from critics who ridiculed the I defense in the first place and his family's wealth had helped keep him out of jail so in late 20s15 wonay social media video surfaced that showed him and possible violation of his drug and drink free probation. He and his mother. Fled to the United States suffer a Mexico. And then we're later apprehended and reported. And then they brought him back in the name tossed him in jail for a couple of years he says scheduled to be released nine days before his 21 birthday and war remain under probation no supervision. After the release. He was says sixteen had a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit of an adult when he struck and killed four people in June. 2013. It's getting out of jail. And I don't know whatever happened to his mom. But a Tarrant County judge in 2016 transferred his probation supervision to the adult system. And as a condition of the adult probation the judge ordered him to us serve to a 720 days in jail 180 days for each of the four crash fatalities. 180 days for each life that he took. Is not. The asset as was seen as AM maximum. I've given them various legal mechanisms of the case that spanned the juvenile in the adult systems. And his lawyers have continue to fight for his release saying that the punishment was excessive. And the judge who sentenced him had no authority to place him behind bars. As is not. You Roy I don't care how old George you're driving a vehicle and you have three times the legal limit out I mean. And you don't know right from wrong. A month. Then you're too stupid to be out on in society. But anyway I saw that today I had thought about that case in a long long time the affluence. Texan. Kills wife for people. While love driving drunk. And served terribly years and he'll be out soon on a probation. What are you ought to that we hear about this kid again. So they Austin serial bomber. But they're worried about right now is that there could be other devices out there are so they're asked Camaro and urging the people down in Austin and the surrounding area to be vigilant to. But. They've uncovered credible information about this guy am I don't generally like using the names of of of of people who are issued of schools and terrorize communities but all distorted the kids less famous Condit. And I'm. He's either Tony 224 years old there's. Some question about that. He is the serial bomber behind the string of blasts that have terrorized a really great pray part of Texas for a three weeks during SXSW. And. The couple of people dead. A few people injured. And they're still worried that there could be some explosive devices are still out there. The photo they're using comes from his mother's FaceBook page. And the notation at the picture was I officially graduated mark from high school. On Friday the sort have been from 2013 to five years ago. I'm her post said one down three to go. He has thirty hours of college credit 20 but he's thinking about it taking some time to figure out what he wants to do may be a mission trip. Thanks to everyone for your support over the years. Now that was from like five years ago. Apparently he decided against the mission trip and decided is to become a nut case in the instead. Well are all faced with that in our careers for you know other not to cash I don't know what you think error radios serial killer. The and he can be seen in certain that it's a pretty dancing you know yesterday. The did the police departments and stuff down there in Austin hold this press conference. And new oil and if you remember I don't know if you wash it or not I didn't watch all of it but I watched the early part of it and there was one reporter who was just almost beside himself. That they hadn't been able to do any that they had made it more progress on the investigation and they had. And he was just almost insulting. In the way that he asked his questions and the emotion just Ritchie asked his questions and and the authorities down there or trying to maintain a sense of calm and answer the questions as best they colluded to time. But obviously. These investigators are. A lot smarter than you give him credit for sometimes we understand and her press conference. Seemingly acting like they don't have a clue and I may be at that time yesterday they didn't have a clue. But they were on their way to getting some clues. And then when you start to uncover how they discover these people. It's pretty it's pretty fascinating. And and then it's also fairly elementary. In that. If he had gone to a FedEx office is Quetta gunmen disguised. But they cup they got his plate number or office surveillance camera. So. Anyway he's seen in the surveillance photos obtained by. Media outlets. Dropping off to suspicious packages on Sunday. From inside a South Boston FedEx office. And then they used clothes. That they got from the packages and surveillance video. That showed this kid in disguise. And then they gather that information and that in allows law enforcement to figure out and I tracked him down they say his fatal mistake this deserve our representative from a Texas said his fatal mistake. Was when he walked into a FedEx office to mail the package. That trip showed a lot authorities. Are allowed authorities to get surveillance video of him in the vehicle led to his identification on his license plate. And ultimately the bomber himself and then once that was done officials were able to attract his cell phone. To where he purchased the bomb making materials at Home Depot store. So they get is license plate number. And then that gives them an identity and then they track his cell phone and they say he's being Basie he's been at this Home Depot store. And then I guess at that point they can what. Get receipts. To see. What's been purchased. He was home schooled went to Austin community college he's from a little town called floater bill I think he and his dad had bought this house down their he had two roommates. They apparently are cooperating with police they're not expected to. To be charged wholly to this point they don't believe that these guys are anything had to do with us. These are bombings. Inflow irbil they've evacuated residents from that area around the house so they can you know basically comment thing and make sure everything is so safe there. Well. Authorities say he's 24 public records say he's 23 I'm sure we'll clear that up in short order. He had worked for a semiconductor. Company a manufacturer's. Solutions company and Austin as they purchasing agent slash buyer slash shipping and receiving. And he had previously worked add a as a computer repair technician. According to the Austin statesman newspaper. Eight PD is Austin police department is asking the public to remain vigilant and report anything suspicious and meanwhile. Authorities. Say they found a treasure trove of information. About him. Now dead. And Dell warned that other explosives could still be out there. And no so we're kind of just waiting to see how that goes round raucous where they got him and if you've ever gone down I 35 from like Waco or Dallas to drive and Austin round rock is a little community did you go through just before you hitter Austin. In fact they're used to be and our load roared dive restaurant and I've talked about on the air here when I was drive and a wrecked John Rivera down around Austin, Texas. Is to stop please pull off an an accident round rock Texas and pull into this little diner. Where the cockroaches ran along the floorboards. He best chicken fried steak I've ever had in my life. Fell off the side of the plates had that great white gravy on it that they put a little bit of pepper on top of that you could cutter with a foreign. Mom and I didn't hear what senator Hillary cockroaches were never placed the B. The chicken fried steak was unbelievable layer that's really got about twenty miles north of Austin. By his two roommates. Not suspects at this time. Texas governor said authorities are now going to spend the next 24 hours trying to figure out if anybody else was working with them. And heatedly much of a trail of social media either and we'll kind of get to that would come back. And now. Now. Yeah let me bring it to Davis is like a right off the Internet I was troll around earlier newscast on me Austin bomber. Com they have detained his two roommates. And they're being questioned. One must question wonders detained questioned and released the other is still being questioned so that's the status on that one all of the bombs. In the Austin explosions were pipe bombs with the batteries and smokeless powder constructed with materials that could be found in the average. Hardware sporting good stores Home Depot figures were they don't believe he got his stuff. According to weigh a law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation all the bombs had distinctive shrapnel inside. Com sources are telling CNN. That some had mouse trap switches and others head clothes again and switches. Each with distinctive springs that made them identifiable even after a blast. The bomber's family. And this is always. It isn't going to shoot up schools and the you know on that intent to have somebody to be related to somebody that's capable of but anyway and day out. Of this Austin bombing suspect. I read CNN a statement on behalf of the family and said we are devastated and broken at the news that our family could be involved in such an awful way. We had no idea of the darkness that mark must've been in. Our family as a normal family in every way we love we pray we try to inspire and serve others. Right now our prayers are for those families that have lost loved ones for those impacted in any way and for the soul of our mark. We are grieving. And we are in shock please respect our privacy as we deal with this terrible terrible knowledge and try to support each other. Not through this time. They. They did not give their last name. Apparently this aunt is in Colorado and has. It has been in touch with the remarks immediate family in Texas who was devastated she said. Our family is very loving and very kind. And this is just so overwhelmingly devastating. She said she last saw mark over Christmas send us said everything was as sort of a detail normal and wonderful Christmas of wonderful we played cars were left ruins shows together sister and it was great time. The job. David bronze act that president and chief operating officer of FedEx and an internal memo to employees regarding the recent criminal activity related to the Austin bombings and he said FedEx was able to. Provide law enforcement with key evidence leading to the identification of the suspect responsible for the bombing because of our advanced security capabilities. And the vigilance of our team members. And I don't think he's got a whole long history they they apparently was cited for a traffic infraction in Travis County Texas and not 2017. I'm online court records indicate that he had an expired generic car registration he pleaded no contest got find a note payment was processed. And and so anyway that's that that's that that's latest is we're taking an awful. Waters. So why he doesn't leave a batch of betrayal on social media 2012 posts. And what appeared to be I personal blog he expressed opinions about a range of topics including gay marriage. I the FBI agent Christopher Combs said authorities have AL long day ahead of them as they work through exactly what happened in May bend are really kind of facts have been fallen out every hour. I'm since this morning's news from started to break. Combs said this FBI agent we are concerned that there may be other packages still out there are so we need to public to remain vigilant especially today as we go through the investigation. Fred mellowed a mill and I'll ski. An agent in charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Houston field division told reporters that investigators believe that this kid built all for the package it bombs. That to have a blown up in Austin but it's hard to say whether he was acting alone he added that the bomb that killed Condit. Tom was a us significant explosive device. Now there was up there was interesting. And that this is this just fallen last night. There was a Redick user and I don't know if they've put the two of these together or not. I haven't heard anything all more about this since I saw this early this morning. There was a red user. Who claimed to be. The Austin bomber and was comparing himself to the zodiac killer. And said he just wants the world to burn. Mysterious social media user. Was claiming. To be behind the bombings. That have bitten do you know terrorize Texans. And vowed that he won't stop. Until it becomes as prolific as the zodiac killer. My intention is not to kill people I am doing this simply because I wanna watch the world burned. Someone using the handle Austin bomber posted this on our read it yesterday. And so I haven't heard anything else about this story so I don't know if they've determined that there's a correlation here or of this is just some. Sick more on. Anonymous user made a string of disturbing messages in which he compared himself to these zodiac that's the that that's the serial killer who was never caught. Or do unified. Even. Does the way murdered at least five people in California back in the sixties and the seventies. This self professed. Austin bomber denied suggestions that the attacks were racially motivated. He says it's not race related like the media has speculated. I also enjoy laughing at the a massive police presence that just simply cannot find or. The up poster on read it said that he was thirty to fifty years old. And insisted that he doesn't know or didn't have any terminal illness or anything like that. And obviously the account was so quickly suspended in. So why they're not they've find out that that ever had anything to do with any of this I don't know I just thought it was uninteresting and I had done covered that. Early this morning and then the news broke that that the bomber was dead is suspected serial bomber. Who killed two people and terrorized Austin, Texas. For the last a few weeks. I had they are dramatic confrontation with police and and a bomb pretty much killed and he was identified by police early Wednesday. Killed near the motel. That he was a Trace Dubai authorities using surveillance footage from Mayo federal express drop off store and cell phone triangulation technology. And. And so that was that. That's the big news today coming out of Boston. Now the other big news. And has been for the last couple it is. Is Cambridge analytic up. And right now there is a really popular. Hash tag. Delete FaceBook and we'll get to that next. I'm just noted you're trying to call the show good luck on that. For heaven no phone problems apparently so are you can't get him. Or if a thousand people article and some of you might get him but. And so if you call and it's what's it doing TJ just ring and yeah I've been it's so we're having trouble AT&T is working on it but sometimes. That can be challenging Gerald so. We've had Durbin loaded on occasion had troubles with phones before and sometimes it seems like tea. It be like the equivalent of you have a real problem on your radio in your car and they wanna pull the engine. Just ignore uterine for the engines. But anyway Soro world without phone so for awhile also. So would digest that. I am I get to. Hash tag delete FaceBook in just a second the Fed did raise benchmark interest rates today up from one point 521 point 75%. So they're sticking with their gradual approach to rate hikes. Even under the new chairman Jerome Powell. They have boosted its a key short term rate by a modest quarter point so still lower range over one point 5% to one point 75%. And we'll keep or shrinking. It's a bond up portfolio. Both steps. Show confidence that the United States economy remains sturdy nearly nine years after the Great Recession ended in that means that consumers and businesses will face higher loan rates over time. The Fed's rate hike marks the sixth. Since it began tightening credit in December of 2015. And it's kind of sticking what they are forecast that it issued in December for probably three increases this year. But it did boost its 12019 testament to from my tutor to likes to three. So what does that mean for a Leo star market today well it means we're down. And so when I first pulled this up on my phone we were up. So. We know we we wind up for awhile maples of the down the source embassy of more accurately we we were right about 2 o'clock or so. Ugly the markets the Dow was up. And then this announcement came through and ended two kind of went down a minute went up a little bit and underwent back down again so were our. We're down about seven points on the Dow right now we're down thirteen point 28 on NASDAQ down one point 67 on the S&P. I hope they go on that just about one I would expect prevailed with a rate hikes but if you wondered about that that's what happened and it arm. Hash tag delete FaceBook is gaining steam love after a reported fifty million users data unknowingly was that taken. The out piece just oh by the way the whole Cambridge analytic up. Scandal. FaceBook officials scheduled to meet with US lawmakers such today. A lot of public outrage over the misuse of private information of tens of millions of FaceBook users. And data analysis from my Cambridge analytical which is the UK company. That firm announced that they were suspending their CEO yesterday pending a full investigation the Federal Trade Commission new Yorker attorney general of Massachusetts attorney general. For all investigation eating the social network meaning FaceBook. Senate committee leaders as well as leaders in Europe Avastin for answers and no want to the CEO of FaceBook Mark Zuckerberg go to report that the did to the reports that the data. Was used to target voters during the 20s16 presidential election. We have an awful lot of view of sending. And calling on point to an article on the hill. Saying that. The Obama. Administration did this to. First of all what you guys recording us to act as an opinion pieces bit by bit and Shapiro. It's an opinion piece. Not to say that it doesn't have validity I'm just saying. And the bigger issue to me here is. Let's say that it has been happening. Since at least the Obama administration. You should be. Angry you shouldn't be defending anybody. You should be angry that your information on what is supposed to be a quote on quote social. Outlet. Is being used in the way that it's being used that you've been lied to and manipulated that's what you should be hacked off about you should be hacked off at the Obama administration you should be packed off at the trump administration he should be hacked off all the people that decided. You'll recall many years ago not too many years ago actually. FaceBook had a billion users and couldn't figure out how to make any money off of it. And so that became. Problematic. And it was game problematic for all of them FaceBook and and Google and you know all hell had they are all getting. Mucho skill sets. But he couldn't figure out how to make money off of it. Well they figured out how to make money off of it. And so what we've always been told as. What what they call analytic so that they can kind of figure out that you know you go in new. I'm through a search engine you put stereo speakers. And the next thing you notice that everywhere you go there's ads for stereo speakers. And so it's always been. Told there was written off to Wallace. That this technology is a way to better earmark. Advertising. To our needs to it's for our benefit to. When in fact not only are they doing that. But they also have other ways they also have other things going on May also have company news. That are taking your information and in this case Cambridge analytic. Had do you volunteer. For an app. And then you gave them some information but that also gave them access to all of your friends. Which then allowed them to assess probably your political affiliation and and delve into your friend to use should be angry you shouldn't be defending anybody. I'll while Obama did that all the health care. He did it. Trump administration did it Facebook's doing it twitters probably doing it. Google is absolutely doing it everybody's doing it you just wanna make sure your guide and get blamed for us. Retirement -- jet politika the Mark Zuckerberg FaceBook CEO has finally our commander knows spoken. And I haven't been able to go through this whole article Lou during the news so elements hero I go to so far. He has finally broken his silence. About a how a FaceBook handles people's private information we're just getting ready to go into other artists hostage hash tag in the country right now delete FaceBook remote given to that. My wanna think twice before you do that. Hello is this not just a great opportunity for somebody else to come along and develop I was dead and idealism I don't. I don't exactly know what what are speaking of the business model of what FaceBook was couldn't produce revenue. Would you pay a subscription price for somebody that was not. Analyzing your right information and not you pay five bucks a month for a FaceBook that closet taking your information wasn't using it for. Wasn't donated taking all of your. Searches and just side did just a social network. I would think there's a business model in their for somebody. Armed Zuckerberg says we need to fix that. Took responsible for what's being called a breach of trust between FaceBook and the people who are shared their dad are with us and expect that. Us to protect it. Any ascent do we need to fix that. He he outlined a three point plan investigate all 33 party apps with access to large amounts of information. Further restrict third party access to prevent future abuses. And make sure users understand which apps they've given access to their information. Now tell me why this wasn't part of the original business model. Why is it that almost everything on the Internet you have to opt out of rather than opt in to. You can't tell me that that's. Just innocent. They don't want you. They know you won't opt in for some of the stuff they want you in on. That ruin that hurts their financial plan. So that's why you have to opt out. And every opt out seems to have a different place where you go in settings in this that the other and then once you get there or. I ate the smartest guy and oral you know but once you get there are. Then you're almost hesitant to. Take the steps that you think you wanna take for fear that you are basically. Going to then take an element of of what you use. Eight and restrict yourself from a day it is that makes sense. In overzealous gets confusing as to what you're actually opting out of once you get to the right place with the settings. Good luck and get met trust backed mr. Zuckerberg. And what's he supposed to be worth now. I think about that last night. I think I'd take a few billion bucks and stashes some place just in case they all thing no fault Spartan. At least then you can. Live an unbelievably comfortable life. FaceBook is exhibiting signs of the systematic mismanagement. This is what does the pivotal research group for road today and analysts by the name of O'Brien Weezer oh road day a research note on Wednesday. Since FaceBook is exhibiting signs of systematic mismanagement. Which is a new concern that we had not can contemplated until just recently. Investors. Now have to consider whether or not the company will conclude that it has grown in a matter that has proven to be untenable. Or whether it needs to significantly improve how it is managed. It sounds ludicrous to say that Zuckerberg may be in over his head. But Zuckerberg may be in over his head. It's one thing to devise. The social media outlet it's another to be able to manage. All the intricacies of the Internet. And apps and information. And decoding. And then there's us. We readily. Tell the world an awful lot about ourselves in social media and settings. And as this is exhibited some of those stupid polls that we take to find out. Which character of WKR appear you. If you were a mountain what mountain would you be. If you're a supermodel. Stupid stuff that we do. The genius tests. So why a way of Zuckerberg is a spoken and like us that I haven't gone through the whole article but that in essence is so what he road east of all this specific issue involving Cambridge analytic should no longer happen. With new apps today that doesn't change what happened in the past. We will learn from this experience to secure our Platt firm formed further and make our communities safer for everyone going forward. But what that statement to me. You've. You've. You've come up with a solution. To this problem. But you've already proven. That you're probably not aware of or able. To stop the next problem. There's somebody's probably already manipulating but the information that you have and how we and and how that sort of shared. So. So we'll see where all that goes FaceBook. 6% today. 216917. And I don't remember what word as they spoke star it was in 99 bucks. Because we're I thought about by and FaceBook when it came out that I thug now. There's got to be more solid investments that. But if you are if you bought it at 99 bucks. While don't take its financial advice from me good lord don't take financial advise from me. But I mean if you're up seven to brought such terror that it might be a good time to. Think about bonds. Since the Fed does raise the brittle but today it all right I hash tag delete FaceBook is gaining steam reported fifty million users data unwilling or they've taken. That's got a lot of people hacked off. So people are moving out to delete their FaceBook accounts and are are sharing me a news on Twitter or so that hash tag delete FaceBook is a trending. And when you get the news that fifty million unsuspecting. FaceBook users have been did. And been taken and then used by a data. Analytic firm. Ole linked to elections. And end this case trumps 2016 presidential campaign. To our create psychological profiles of them so that they could be targeted with political ads and this is and no this has been happening before. So did this isn't groundbreaking. It's its ground breaking in the depresses emphasizing the trump campaign and that's not false information. But I mean they've been taking information that they can never wean off review whether it be social media are and otherwise and manipulate that. In other presidential elections as well Obama yes. I'm gonna tell you again that the piece that you keep on sending us as fact is an opinion piece by Ben Shapiro. It in Shapiro's just about as right. As he can be so why I don't necessarily say that that's the greatest. Source. A true information it's opinion piece it it's not a but it way outside our dog bend but don't make noted that because yes we've seen until. And and yeah listen well away and so what what the problem for trump should have been a problem for Obama we should've been and we should have been mad about this before we ever got to trump. So Bob. Cambridge analytic he gets the user data several years ago from the creator of a personality test. Called this as your Digital Life. And they claimed to be getting the information for us psychological research. Purpose. And so they get about 270000. People to download that app. But because of FaceBook rules at the time. The apple was able to pull data from the FaceBook friends of those 270000. People. And so that's how they get the information from fifty million people who never know. About it and didn't give their permission for any thing. And the researcher. Cambridge University professor. Alexander Hogan. Gave all that data to Cambridge analytical and 2014. We gender FaceBook rolls. He wasn't supposed to know. FaceBook changed their roles in the years sense so that. Prince data can no longer be scraped like that. And it claims that it removed kogan zapped when it learned in 2015 that it had that they had misused the data but for many users the news highlighted the danger of FaceBook having the personal information of more than two billion users and that's what Facebook's under fire. So if you wanna quit FaceBook. You've got two options. You can deactivate your profile. Meaning that it's still there if you decide you wanna reactivated in the future. Or you can deal lead it for good but that would raise everything that they you've ever posted. Now you can. Before doing that. You can download the content that you've posted over the years which you can do by going to settings. And then general. And then download. Which will give you a copy of all your FaceBook data. And then to delete your profile go to settings. And then find management account. And then click edit. And then click request account deletion. And then all of those steps. And you got all that right. Say I rest my case. You should've had to opt in to this study it should be. As hard to opt in to be a part of this as it is to opt out. And target really be key to our country during beat that. Bad stuff and FaceBook. All right deserve I got their number two pencils. And legal pad and. Can you repeat that part of this stuff waste. At all about things yeah okay. You got two options if you're a part of this delete FaceBook. Hash tag groups. Trending across the country people get not a FaceBook has are angry oh it the way that they are information it's been abused. So you. You got two options if you want to look quit FaceBook you can deactivate your profile. And I've had friends reminder that before for various and sundry reasons. I am one case. Oh and friend who's a kid was in some sort of and so all the kids that were jumping on her son. Started jumping on horror. The bomb on no and so she just deactivated her FaceBook account for what six months until until the storm passed. So you can do that meaning it's still all they error if you decide you want reactivated in the future. But if you blood just decided okay that's it I'm done. You're gonna delete FaceBook for good. And as I center and think about it that's that's an interesting step. We're just talking about somebody or where your hard time doing the building is still smokes and we're trying to get her to quit smoking and a note in our gonna do it until you do it. Tell you decide to do it. But deciding to delete FaceBook for a good. That'll let you know auditor you're somewhat addicted to that or not. It is even a casual user goes in nerve once or twice three times a day just cannot. Now I understand there are some people that don't go and are hardly at all. But most of you going to FaceBook at least one today and probably a few times a day and some of you multiple times a day so all of a sudden to say. Well I'm just gonna eliminate that from my life. Your brain got a says. Although final hour of what I think I don't wanna know what everybody's doing. But if you decide you're gonna do. Lead FaceBook for good erase everything that you it'll erase everything that you've posted. Now you can't afford before you eliminated the whole thing. I you can download the content that you've posted over the years and here you go. If you wanna download the content that you've posted over the years go to settings. And then general. And then download. And that will give you a copy of all of your FaceBook data. Settings. General. Download. If you want to delete your profile. After you leave you already you know if you download the content and all of Stefano you've decided okay I'm gonna delete the profile. Go to settings. Find men age account. Then click edit. And then click request. Account. Deletion. And then follow those steps. So if you decide you watered delete your FaceBook account. Settings. Manage account. Edit. Didn't request to account deletion. And then all of. Steps. There ago. There will be two dollars and 45 cents if you all this and that to one Julian prized place Charlotte 2820 wait just put it in charge Jun. No checks and just cash. In fact all waived the eight cents a pluralism are just simple. Oh dollars. Hot news right now has to do with the the bit on the Panthers franchise will break it down just a second these days into the year 285 days to go. March 21. Bloomberg data my son map 31 years old. 31 years all. It was four years old when I first met. His stepson and I hate to say that he's also they want out of all the people I think the ball they believe the one I forgot. We got to talking about. Both Phil Embree and and Amelio my granddaughter who wasn't born yet. And and I forgot to mention map. When I die I'm going to remember that. Bugs the crap out of these why he says he's fine weather. But in the dark card finds that his moment. I Carolina Panthers are on pace to become the most expensive franchise in US sports history until the next one sells. And that can be soon. I bronchos. Had Boland is not going to be around probably a whole lot longer. Broncos are your unbelievable. They've been anyway for the time being when the team cells that'll probably be the most expensive franchise in a sports history by Houston. Had. The rockets. Sold for what 2.2 billion. So that would be the record to beat analysts like 2.5 billion is the number of the Bloomberg News Scott shot arsenic. Is reporting today he shot arsenic is say according due out this Josh nick a group headed by Michael Rubin. Has dropped out of the bidding process. Rubin is the executive chairman of the apparel company name fanatics now it's instinct as we just heard about Rubin what. Last week ten days ago. And Ruben was the one that apparently ditty and Seth Curry were piggybacked on in oil. So that would eliminate them as well. At least for the time being. So. I don't think Felix of honest broker and let's see finds someone who can bankroll 600 some odd million dollars. I'm not so sure that he can do it. I don't know that for a fact but everything I read keeps on saying that they're looking for another partner. And so that would make it that would break this down to. The three. That we know about remaining. In the race divide the Panthers. And one would be the one does exist that highlighted in the newspaper today and that. This bedrock industries L. p.'s CEO. Alan. Cast involved who was a us steel CEO the Canadian steel company although I believe he lives in Florida. And then you have apple Lucent management LP founder David tepper. Who was one of the early names and he's worth the gazillion bucks. And he probably can't write that check and then you have Sherman financial group CEO bill and it Navarro. But I Everett an awful lot of stuff because that's essentially he won his got his money in our collections. And he may have trouble getting past NFL owners they may not necessarily think that that's a great business to be in cahoots with. So if that were the case. Then your two front runners would be the guy we just learned about today. Allen castor bomb since the CEO of the steel CEO. Or the apple is a management LP founder David tepper. And those are probably your front runners right there. It was so of course boomer has 2.5 billion dollars that. They just hadn't told us about half don't think that's gonna happen. I don't think you have the 600 some odd million for the down payment where we're just got to first have him with TJ and I could probably come up with a few hours. I'll call John Boyd Billy and a guy that's right judge had ordered a fighter 600 some odd billion dollars that's renovate them. So all right Larry sprinkle sprinkles sprinkles probably got a 102 or sort of throw under the deal definitely worked on this thing. March 41 1928 Charles Lindbergh Reza presented the medal of honor for his first transatlantic flight. 1965. Some 3000 civil rights demonstrators led to by the air reverend Martin Luther King began their Merck march to Alabama from us so much to a Montgomery. World class northern white male rhino is dead preachers say is that death was the inevitable result of age related complications. Dad happens. Insiders say that a Prince Harry and Megan Markel won't have a pre nup. Annual survey of the most livable cities in the world no American city even cracked the top twenty. And AM new study finds out that just sitting near the window and airplanes exposes you to fewer germs. Especially if you stick your head out the window. You know old cheek just you know flap and earn debris is. Speaking out delta. Has now joined united. You they did it. I'm not looking for a puppy right now. But I did very few west he breeders'. On there's a lady its advertising in the Charlotte Observer and that's got a couple of males were walnut dual mail again because. I can't take the point and shoot. If they'd just marked everything. But bit eBay bid has become commonplace now to. Get a reputable breeder and they could be in Tennessee or Ohio or some like pattern so you can buy a dog and a may fly it on boundary. But you hear about all this stuff and and I've flown pets before but it's been thirty years. I would never do it again ever I had a nightmare trying to fly in my act cat grins from. Dallas to a. No Denver to Dallas. I was moving to Dallas Texas and I kind of resistant worst experience ever so I think that kind of got me out of the deal and now all these stories the latest is delta an Idaho man was feeling. I know puppy love for delta after a mix of delivered the wrong dog the dog named win. Left Richmond Virginia due to fly to Boise on Saturday evening connecting and in Detroit and Minneapolis. There's your problem right there. Delta said that there was a mix up somewhere between Richmond and Boise. And the new owner Josh show like. Actually received the wrong puppy when he arrived at the airport delta is investigating to determine where and how the mix up happened. She likes dog ended up spending Saturday night in a channel in Detroit. Sunday morning the puppy was flown to Minneapolis but then delta said they did miss routed a puppy ended up in Las Vegas. The puppy was this and put on a plane to Salt Lake City finally made it to Boise on Sunday night. Delta said the puppy was given food and water and let out of its crate periodically throughout the journey. Does the public gets frequent flier miles I would demand free. We're flier miles of but was put through all of that. I dropped off my cat grins on a hot summer day in Colorado. At. I don't know what it was 10 o'clock in the morning for like what was supposed to be a 130 in the afternoon flight or some tonight I don't remember the specifics of this. But I remember I had to get there earlier and I veteran. In the crate you know the that did did did an uproar about getting an open ensor is our body wrestle I deliver out there. And and about 4 o'clock in the afternoon I called my dad down in Dallas. And that's that I have heard from me did you get cap and he said no. Jordan on the plane. So I hang up the phone and I called. The place indebted to a bit of what was then does Stapleton in Denver. And I said. And they had no answer for so I jumped in the car drove to the airport Brodeur was and as I walked in were hit left her. They're sitting on the dock with the sun flooded coming down on on the kid on the carrier. Set grants she'd been there for eight hours. No food no water no not that I looked in her she just was beat to hell. So mom I can't even begin to tell you the conversation that took place. I've never been that mad my entire life. And so I took her. And they assured me that they would do or get her there the next day because I wouldn't you know give him back as I gotta get this get home and get her something to eat and get her some water look at. They hadn't given a water they had given Ernie. And so all of back the next day. And they have a and I remember the airline wants. They may have been brand of and they had a flight attendant standing in a cargo area. Waiting for me to come and the car in the flight attendant was going to accompany my cat. To Dallas Texas and hand her to my father. And that's what happened. But I if I hadn't thrown such a fit denied the day before I got I was I was so mad I could not see straight. I mean I bet I got relief to get his man has ever been in my entire life. So I think from that point on I've never flown animal. And when you restart read all they heard the stories now. It's obvious that they don't. They take they're this that half. Serious as what you do. Said. Armed. Steve talking to ashes will be and they're dead near a sir Isaac Newton's grave. The ashes a professor Stephen Hawking now will be interred next to the grave of sir Isaac Newton at two Westminster Abbey. Renowned theoretical physicists final resting place will also be or near that of Charles Darwin who was so buried there and 1882 private funeral service. Take place on the last day of this month. I yankees and the Red Sox apparently are killers to a good deal for they had June 2019 London series. Series would be played dead to London stadium the main Nat facility for the 2012 Olympics and among the biggest US sports baseball is the only one. That hasn't yet played in Europe although it has periodically stage games in Japan and Australia and of Mexico. So that's part of your I read the news today oh boy they're a sale lady 95 years old been working at McDonald's for 45 years. Mean she started her when she was fifty. Still there. Lorain man hours story. 95 year old great grandmother from Indiana celebrating 45 years of service at McDonald's the other day. I she's taken some time off from her job now but Don McDonald spoken so that she's fighting duo come back to work she's worked at several locations in the chain in Evansville. I've been there since 1973. When her husband retired due to disability issue and got a job at McDonald's been there for 45 years. 95 years old right now. If that's what I'll do it. I don't know if I'd be good a drive through window or not. About what black patients I think especially when I go and I couldn't understand somebody. Which can be a hearing deal for me but also sometimes. What we need some. That's one of the things that's one of my pet peeves about drive thru windows is people that are on nine inside to work in the window and you can't understand what they're saying. If I own a fast food restaurant I think I'm mineralized know that the person on that does speaker of has. Some sort of voice inflection. The are you obese. Researchers have known better obesity Dole's these sense of taste. Driving people to eat larger quantities of calorie rich food to satisfy their. Arabians he ever did this when I didn't read this until last night researchers from Cornell think that they are no white taste buds dole as we put on muscle weight. Taste buds have an average lifespan of ten days. Researchers found that in the an obese mice. The rate of cell death increased while there was a decrease in the number of cells responsible for a generation. So there. Take that. Hang your fat mouse with your. What are they feeding. I mean maybe it was pays for. I'm just say at. Hi we got another hour ago and you're pretty excited about that we'll come back and and that's talk about the number of things including. The Florida shooters got a brother and apparently he's a piece of work to. All right it. I was work. They're very out. Nobody happy. You worked for yourself. People who work for themselves are happier despite longer hours and greater uncertainty. There's got to be something to be said about heavens somebody's. Hanging over your shoulder and her. If you want to love BA truly happy person with your job you and while there will be consider being self employed. And they did a study of more than 5000 people United States Australia New Zealand UK. Discovered self employed folks are more engaged in their work took on bigger challenges and met higher standards they also reported being happier with their jobs. Despite working long hours and facing uncertainty while Leo there's a sense of fulfillment and there are. You can hear you're allowed to give yourself credit for. But for your own successes. Study coauthor professor Peter aware of the our University of Sheffield says professional workers. Who are self employed really valued the autonomy that they have they have the freedom to innovate. Expressed their own vehicles have influence beyond their own role. And compete with other companies and people. To some extent. You would probably get that more as an employee. If more people would hire people and let them do their jobs. I think that's one of the reasons I go to fill in a radio was by a large. This has always been true depending on who you're working for the time but it is and it certainly is true now. There's three hours in the studio. Pretty much leave you alone. They may wanna talk to you afterwards. And that's when you slipped out the back stairs and sneak off your car and well that don't cooled down by the time the next day rolls around. Are the best jobs so just told by the way for low stress in healthy surroundings if you feel beaten down at the end of the day. Or maybe you've tried your job invigorating. But there are some jobs that lend themselves to healthy lifestyles and mostly because of lower stress levels and healthy surroundings and the chance to help others and so. The jobs rated almanac. Says that these are the jobs that help others achieve health and balance while not being too stressful. Activity specialist. I know. I don't even know what that is either these are folks who coordinated bids at hotels and nursing homes and other facilities. I'm sure there's a sense of fulfillment in the nursing home thing but I just I can't imagine that that would be what I wanna be doing with. Although I do like helping other people and those are people that need perspective may need dignity and they need. In other words. Those. Event coordinators. Help others play. And because they focus on staying fit both mentally and physically. Activity specialists work with the others to maintain an active positive attitude towards life. So that's a that was one analyst chiropractor. The occupation was deemed healthy because chiropractors subscribe to a holistic attitude towards health meeting. They are concerned with diet and exercise and other issues related to well being so apparently there's lots of satisfaction with that. Pleasure get to track people's bones and stuff right. Choreographer. Working with dancers and directors and set designers is often healthy for these people because they are often dancers themselves. This is why you and I TJ have never thought about bigger choreographer. Are they get to have. They get to practice their personal craft on a daily basis and then focus it on May a group project. Florists. Surround themselves with beauty many find the art of flower arranging a relaxing. I think my wife would love being a florist. Massage therapist a massage therapist in addition to focusing on relaxation. Helps aid in muscle recovery. This is a not no pun intended hands on job. Massage therapists must fit. And be fit. And have the benefit of working and they tranquil and relaxing setting. And finally nutritionist. Best jobs for low stress in healthy surroundings. Nutritionist I work with patients to craft proper diet and they think about what to eat all the time. And consequently keep their own bodies running in tipped option. I guess I would love to have the knowledge of a nutritionist. Just saw I would know. What I can he did what I caddies which I do. So but also how I can Jed. And then. There's traffic to do it. And who can be happier than boomer. Now sometimes you see jobs did you think Joseph might be good trio but they you would have trouble getting by on what they pay big. A broad job growth annually is about don't point 7% that may have improved recently. Thanks to an aging population the the personal care industry expected to add you know recorders and a million jobs by 20/20 six home health industry expected to add. Half a million jobs. Up 46 point 7% growth. More jobs than projected across the eight other fastest growing note fields combined. Would be in about the 46% the problem is that there are also among the lowest paying jobs in the country according to 24/7 Wall Street personal care. Aides. They make about 41900. Dollars annually home health aides about twenty to six. You can't live on at. Some 90% of those positions are held by women many who of whom live in a poverty they said if you're worried about artificial intelligence taking your job. There was a Deloitte survey 250000. US executives who are. Early adopters artificial intelligence 69% say they expect minimal or no job loss in the next three years. Forbes spotlights for jobs that might be obsolete in ten years. And I wish I had them all handmade furniture maker. Bank tellers in cashiers. And if you were thinking about they are booming career as an umbrella manufacturer. And retailer. Think again that's not happen. And the other one is travel agents. Have a friend that I graduated high school with so he'd be my age. And he within the last couple of years left producing for Disney. I do and it dovetails movies and all that kind of stuff did pretty nice living there and he's working for the cruise industry now. He gets on FaceBook and he's been all over the world is going here there and everywhere they sit him all over the place I guess so we have the knowledge of the places that other people. What a great gig that is to be single and all total worst. We got about jobs. There's some research out this suggested there's a case very three hour work day. I know it's about your thinking we actually do put in more time than just three to six. It's really more like 245 to 605. It might be time for the three hour worked as they say researchers say the average person spends most of the eight hour workday doing other things besides work anyways so. You know eating socializing reading the news stuff like that psychologists have found that the brain can't focus on tasks for more than a few hours at a time. Anderson research that does sound that people can only concentrate for about twenty minutes at a time and no one study found that to of people struggle to stay on task for more than ten seconds. We'll have those people got meg rated radio we know those people. There are some companies that have been no increasingly started issues into a shortened workweek instead of the work day. And instead of asking people to work five her you know eight hour days. May have many of switch to 48 hour days. Or. I don't some companies that are doing 410 hour days. Give me an hour for lunch or something like that. In fact. There's an article recently and the guardian said don't we should all be working for days weeks. That ending life sapping excessive hours pioneering a demand for the labor movement for the sake of our health and the economy. We should revisit the four day workweek says imagine. There's a single policy that would slash unemployment and underemployment. Tackle health. Conditions ranging from mental distress to high blood pressure increase productivity help the environment improved family lives. Encourage men to do more household tasks. And make people happier. And they say if that sounds fantastical. It exists it's overdue it would be the four day work week. The liberation of workers from excess work one of the pioneering demands of the labor movement. Last year or two and a half million workdays were lost because of work related stress depression or anxiety. The biggest single cause. By a long shot. In some 44%. Of the cases was workload. Stress can heighten the risk of all manner of health problems from hybrid pleasure to strokes and research even suggest that working long hours increases the risk of excessive drinking. So now there's a renewed call for the four day week this is coming from the economy institute. We want to shift people's perspectives. To work. I do better work and less work. And so while there are are working too much with damaging consequences to health and family. There are 3.3 million or so under employed workers who want more hours. And a four day workweek would force a redistribution. Of those hours. To benefit everybody. So this would be they say even more important. If automation and sectors like manufacturing and administration and retail. Creates more poorly paid at work and more underemployment. So the four day working week could also help tackle climate change. The new Economics Foundation think tank says countries we shorter working weeks or more likely to have a smaller carbon footprint. And there's no economy wrecking suggestion inner German and Dutch employees work less than we do but their economies are stronger than ours. It could boost productivity they say. The evidence suggests that if you work fewer hours you are more productive hour for hour. And less stress means. Less time off from work. Then there's the argument for gender equality. Women still do 60% more unpaid household work than average but the men. An average days off work is not going to two inevitably lead men do start pulling their weight at home says the study but. There is a national campaign that could encourage men to use their new free time debate equally balanced household labor. Which remains defined by you know sexist attitude so. Work and be fulfilling. But. This person this this study said the few changes. Would add all of those. The social model would mean that economic growth all too often and in involves concentrating wealth. Produced by the many. And do the bank accounts of a feel without improving the lives of the majority so growth should deliver. Not just shared prosperity and improve public services but a better balance for work. Family and leisure. So there you go. Which what do you want the three hour work day or the four day work week. Let's start with the four day work we can work our way down from there what do you figure TJ Tuesday through Friday or Monday through Thursday. She's. Has Tyrod get a fell for a second because there was some late breaking news today are regarding the Panthers. Franchise bid. Which apparently is up to two and a half billion dollars. And it looks like they're starting to narrow down who might be a serious contender and who isn't. Panthers are on pace to become. The most expensive franchise in US sports history that'll be a temporary until teams like to Denver Broncos and others it'll probably hit the market within the next few years. But listen two and a half billion dollars. That's about what ten times what the franchise costs in the first place. Have been a pretty nice say endeavor for a mr. Richardson and investors the they winning bid apparently is that the 2.5. Billion dollar range right now. And according to Bloomberg News Scott sloshing nick. A group headed by Michael Rubin has dropped out of the bidding process this is the guy that we just heard about what in the last couple of weeks. He's the executive chairman of the apparel company fanatics. And I think that was the group that ditty. Had signed on with and staff curry. I was gonna piggyback on to that group. Well apparently he's not in the running anymore. The three entities. That are. Still in the running. Would be the bedrock industries L. p.'s CEO Alan Kasten bomb. Who we read about today he is the chairman of the CEO of a private equity firm. Bedrock industries LP which in June bought a 107. Year old Canadian steel company now called steel coal holdings. Kasten bomb becomes the latest go to original bidder for the Carolina Panthers. So bomb. Cast involved has extensive investing in operating experience in the natural resources sectors as well as the successful track record of photo turn around to restructurings. Here's the past founder of a company are called global specialty metals. And I had some other positions and chairmanships as well. He is based in Miami public records show that today he owns beachfront condominiums that Dade County. And he's a 55 year old Brooklyn born turn around artist of what he does he's one of the finalists the other two. Would be it the couple loose so management LP founder David tepper who was one of the first billionaires that can actually write the 600 may eighty million dollar check. That came forward so he's still and there are. And then the third one that would be a legitimate would be the Sherman financial group CEO Ben Navarro. But he's Sherman financial and I don't know how biologist says put everything we've read about him is the Sherman financial. All is aid. They go after. Could it debt people that give a darn Vanderbilt. And that may not several well with the NFL owners that it's kind of a volatile. It can create some negative headlines depending on. So if that were they if that oral problem for a bit Navarro then you would have Alan Castro mine and no David tepper is sure to. It's as your two leaders in the clubhouse. Felix the body is not mentioned here and every article I've seen recently that mentioned the village some modest group says that they are still kind of seeking. Another investor so I don't know if that means Felix of autos and his group for a viable. Or not and then technically. Most of this is supposed to be. Not public information anyways so I'm sure there're still things that we that we don't know. And there may be investors that we don't know. But anyway that's the latest on the Pampers. And and assailed it should be. Coming through what into this month sometime in April before the owners get together in now make. I hit some more football and is an a couple of seconds but. NCAA tournament sweet sixteen starts again tomorrow. Tie two games tomorrow night jarrah tomorrow will include a number nine Kansas State against number five Kentucky. Number eleven Loyola Chicago vs number seven Nevada US had that in your brackets right. Number nine Florida State you knew that was gonna be one of the ACC schools that would make it to the sweet sixteen injured. Against number four Gonzaga. And number three Michigan takes on no number sexist does sexist number seven Texas to. A Vietnam tomorrow night so those your games will be played tomorrow that on Friday the rewind Villanova. Gotta be determined favor at this point along with duke especially considering how they've played so far in the tournament number one Villanova will take on West Virginia Friday. Number three Texas Tech are no that number two Purdue. Number one Kansas at number five Clemson. And then the other game that will be played don't know Friday will be a Syracuse at duke. And wall low Whittle that down to about four by the time we get to Sunday night and by this time next week we'll be anticipating those can be played for the national championship and and how that game ball goes so determined. Gets ready to go to ball tomorrow. He's got you'll that are played albeit tomorrow evening no and it. Californians are probably have. To feel a little flu coming on. NFL executive vice president Troy Vincent confirmed that the in the Washington Post in an interview yesterday that does. Over yet changing. These confusing catcher role in the NFL. Said the competition committee will propose that the year going to the ground rule be eliminated and also that they know will do away with the ruled that slight movement of the ball or receivers hands eliminates a catch. According to the a post the Washington Post the proposed rule changes could be finalized soon be presented do the a team owners at their annual meetings next week. You just aid to guide to common sense. If you got tired but he did take 73. But don't that they had the intricacies of the called Alice just got to be absurd. And out too much football in other competitor for a two the it took to planned revival of the except fell as so launching in February. I was announced last January that the WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon is going to bring back the XFL. And now there's news that another alternative football league will be out competing against yet. Called the alliance of American football Charlie ever saw the son of NBC sports executive Dick Ebersol and the director of a documentary. About the original XFL that his father created with. Meg man announced yesterday that he's going to launch. The AAA half next February. The alliance of American football. It will feature eight. Fifteen man teams. Playing a ten game schedule that would begin on this Saturday after the Super Bowl. The games will have no time outs. Will last just two and a half hours. Will be one year ahead of the revived ex FL which McManus says that he will launch in 22 warning with eighteen. It's a forty players playing a ten game schedule. Now ratings are going down on the NFL and I suppose a lot of that has to do with. With the the video of protests and so on and so forth. Sorensen writes a column today that I saw on line talking about Eric read the safety from the San Francisco 49ers. Nobody's picked him up yet. Good football player. He also is one of the most visible in the protests though dealing during the National Anthem. And so that's probably why use. But Sorenson was saying that's a player that. Especially since we lost the quarterback or that we had dinner gunned four from a Washington. That's a player that we should go after. But I can't imagine that Carolina panther fans would be too crazy about Batman maybe you know maybe getting a good player is better you would be you know I mean as soon as. Mix toward great tackles maybe you can. They were they were all that goes and does some correspondence back and forth with the Ron Rivera yesterday announced so we're trying to. See when we can get him and Ernie to drop by just like old times. When the to a mused coming together so we'll see if we can't get the tool movement here to together sometime in the next week or thereabouts. So we'll look forward to too bad. Turns out that the Florida shooter has a brother. Who you may have seen a story about yesterday. His name is Zachary. Crews. He is the eighteen year old brother of video Florida shooter Nicholas. He was arrested on trespassing charges. Monday. After he was seen skateboarding and add to Marjorie Stoneman Douglas. High school. Two hours after classes ended he had been told not to go there he had been warned to keep away. He said that he made that visit and apparently he's done this to other times he made that visit to the school. To reflect on the shooting. An idea I mean there's two ways to look at that if you had a brother that was involved in something like that Q would it be pretty surreal to be a part of that but. At Tuesday's hearings prosecutors said that the teenager. The brew the older brother of the shooter. Had all the same flags quote on quote as his brother. Seemed to admire his siblings renown. And talked to starting a pen pal or a fan club. A fan club of his brother. So this that did this. This whole family's piece of work jobs that are lost dad also moment. So typically on a trespassing charge which is what he was charged with you get a 25 dollar bond but the judge set a bond at 500000. Dollars. So they are worried about this kid. And if he gets if he does post bail he's gonna have to Wear an ankle monitor. And he still is being told to stay away from the school. And he's being told to stay away from his brother who he has visited in jail. So he'll also undergo a mental health the valuation something they've never got around to win his brother I don't think debate. And meanwhile are seeking a year authorities are seeking a risk protection order. Made possible by a law signed by the governor Rick Scott last week. And that order would allow authorities to temporarily freeze firearms. In. The older cruises possession and block him from acquiring new ones. I his attorney just oh by the way is set on Tuesday that the state has been seeking to make a show of this. For the sun sentinel newspaper and said fielder Cruz brother of the shooter is being held because of who he's related to. Not because of anything that he did. But if he's got a lot of the same flags. I suppose erring on the other side of caution would probably be the right way to help. I'm mark garrisons covenant or next fielder why Charlotte at six Florio that I'll see tomorrow looked at 3 o'clock and appreciate you being here John anchor Charles most beloved and we are.