Automating Your Business

Kandas and Larry discuss their upcoming three day event as well  how to automate your business.


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It's time to brag he's rich and generous. Frank radio is hosted by best selling real estate investing author Larry going ten co host Candace. For the next hour they'll show you proven and effective ways you can be successful in real estate. For the WBT studios in beautiful uptown Charlotte the flagship station of the brag radio network. Here are your host the rock stars real estate and Larry and Kansas hello hello hello Allen. Good afternoon what's up Candace. Are you doing. Excellent good Saturday afternoon to yet. Thank you just return and in Chad thanks for coming down not that produced that and that's why. Atop the just glad. I got a couple real level Google. The fittest 62 surely. The world. Does sound very good every lead signs joint do you rank you know. And I'm supposed to be investing in real estate to be refinanced. Neverland has about. That is what it's about with this can you really aren't. What you're gonna get. The couple houses like Donald atop. Got a couple of houses you know. That's welcome to the flags weapons in January. And there you go. So welcome to the show really excited that your here that you are listening you know we had an indictment. Now we plan to talk about either that we got to let komen three day event we've got a three day event come and in in Charlotte, North Carolina and February and a quarter of the dates to that the human being sent in an eighteen. That's Friday Saturday and Sunday for all three days at Kansas and I are gonna be lot. Of action. And I'm going to be teach in the entire three days OK Lilian over everything from whole selling real state. Two seller financing to lease options wouldn't go over how to market your business how to set up your business. Asher protection it's to structuring tax planning. We're gonna go over cellular properties will go over building a team. Virtual assistants hiring people in the office we're gonna go over automation. We're gonna go over there every way to buy how's it went farmhouse that way to close house how to get money we're gonna go over high blood. Google mail laughs we're gonna go over our model we couldn't riches. And much much more. You know you know that did you know you may not know because asset the counter or where going to be and when you're going to be there. But we're only Dylan to three Davis and Charlie and I share. You know here we did well for last year before. For animal that you want to Charlotte where only doing continue in Charlotte I meet people find out more information about our volume. But they don't Romney 877 Larry got in the calming about the best thing to do is declare all the evidence yet that we talk about it on the ballot though wicked week ago however everything is tied at three days and and a and a little bit about that now I'm not gonna have an agenda I really only know when we start in them are supposed to stop at. Oh. Have over 600 PowerPoint slides that I personally go through for three full days it's not like a lot of events you'd you'd you'd hear people talk about. Go into and then we bring in somebody gets me myself and I personally teeth right for all three days right. Yeah all three days is valued now. We may have somebody come in and talk a little bit about it is an umpire raised or you made your 401K to invest in real say about other than Nat. It's value. The dominant talk about heavy metal are you really yeah. That landed a little Eminem. Larry and it rained. Out that not undergrad at some guy carrying it out. Church is Utley. And now we haven't. Just like human rocks you know what you could add you can come in Europe like it to burying him on an island for ordinary RI do you have writers that I haven't have a smoke machine. You that the smoke machine room temperature and your watering and him out yeah. Called him in the rooms in the waiting room with the green ones I've sung with. Require an you're trying. Yes the Van Halen requirement in their program wasn't. Yeah air triangle no ground Eminem all know brown amendment that agreement brown and with the audience brown imminent they just want to make sure people read the contract. That it mine. That's right it's like that anyway back to hydrated and. Had mayor remained upbeat error and also it's not like this the elect the three day of its Republican bid to where you gotta pay 500000. Or fifteen dollars to go right. Now are three day events aren't. If you are a student has immense do whatever three day events before the seat is a 97 dollar refundable. Ticket VRC the reservation be whatever you want call refundable being in the keyword and we know how to hold the reservations is. You know how to. You know how to take the good. Don't know how about whom the as of these and indeed it did not know Larry. I'm now. And answer any chance nugget like some kind of humor and I'm in that can mean the entrance that the I. Anyway so. It is 97 dollar theme reservation the end you get her on the back to you once you it's in the event now. Now. Let's just be realistically. If you show up on Sunday afternoon. At 3 o'clock A wants to earn your seed it by double see the respondent. In your only there for five minutes. I'm probably not gonna go but can you come in on. Friday Saturday and Sunday. And nine you know you're there at the scene is responded to use the week after you know that that week after the events is not a big elegant throwback that aren't cheap and announce. The purpose of the seat reservation. It's so we can get an accurate throw from right because won't pay a lot of money Hollywood dollars to rent these rooms. And if people just called hills and said hey yeah put me to jail for three people. You know and we have 300 people registered and 7500. Shall actually now on out and don't happen. Exactly but when we started doing the 97 dollar refundable although it's refundable we started doing them any seven dollar we start getting a 103%. Short 3% shall. That's exactly right and 3% because people low. I'll never fails some money forgets to register against with the morrow wife are opposed them let them. So we just do that registration on the door if we've got the space to do it. And sometimes we don't but it done. Most of the time I usually pat a number a little bit to give us a little bit around for that 3% net shows up extra. So exactly but it is it is so that we can now and I I am very. Particular about how our events run in the way that they're set up in the land at their structured even though lacking control. The delay the content delivered when Larry decides he's gonna talk about certain being. I can't do my best to make sure that we get started on prominently kind of into and are supposed to end. And that the rim is comfortable for everybody we've got enough supplies. There you go that's true. And you know I just socially at these three their business is probably different than three day events that you and two if you've been out there. You know we're gonna start with the basics and work our way up to advance stuff I don't care if your brand new or if you've been to a real state for 2030 years. I've had people that come to my events. That's it area open bidding rules state 3040 years 2030 years whatever and I learned so much in Europe see it's collected guy. Who told me one time he been doing real state for twenty years and I. In the end he actually came to Mortimer events in he should you know what leader. He should you know what I realized this weekend and oddly enough. Well enough or is that I've been doing rules state for twenty years right right he said you know what I came to the realization today. I don't have twenty years' worth of experience. I got about one year's worth of experience repeated twenty cards. He should you opened my eyes to so many different things. That I can do and stuff he says the problem that you twenty years ago or nineteen years ago he shouldn't be so much farther. And right now he said I'm doing okay right now yeah but I would be shall much farther because of the tools and techniques and strategies. And automation. And and there's so many tools out there you can use. And when we come back from the break I'll tell you about some of those tools that we're going to be going over. At the three day that it right. Yes sounds good for you get to get more details on the events summoned an at Charlotte in February. Gimme a call 877 Larry go send me an email to info at Bragg radio dot com. You can also check out brag radio dot com for more details we'll be right back. Welcome back drag radio. Investing in real estate to be written in RS. That's what we do that's what we do and how we do it that's. Amusing and that the earth. And beaten. Pez dispenser is broken I'm not an independent and then breaker Pez dispenser. A a all right so who would rattle along at a Elliott. Thing. Moving right along so we're talking about a three day event. And and our three day of animal go through a lot of technology. A lot of technology. To help you automate your business don't. No matter and to help you to. To grow your business right. Because let's face it there's only one of view there's only one of me you've got to have tools you gotta be able to use automation. Right and one of the things that one of the tools it's actually and now that I'm gonna give you right now that you can news. It is phenomenal what jazz is doubtful he's in rated it. To download yet. This app is called land collide I'll love this thing land club and we talked in that report that. Oh my god Lynne glad it's awesome and you tell you what day. Lynne glad it's like a man you open up your Google Maps okay. Landline is like a map you open it up however. OK it's gonna show you where you wore the you can type in an address as well which can also. Point on the little arrow to. To be able to. Go where you are located but it's like a map. But it actually has the property boundaries drawn on the map. And any turn your mouse for mouse only you can move the map around to the center of it with a little cross hairs or. It'll tell you who owns that property and a couple of is that greater well that's awesome it's phenomenal it's phenomenal. Look we could see duels with the BT studio right here Michelangelo but land blasting now in Ohio put in it. I did it changes. It highlights whatever property. Your cursor is over and you know or the little bulls thing is over and you can tell who owns the property and did you can even click on the link at the bottom. You can click on the link at the bottom it'll take you to the county recorders like you're all the info exactly it's so does that tell you all that the tax value. And you know the address for the tax bill listen to left on the ball changed and it's awesome. So if you're if you're out driving for dollars that's a that's a way that you compile on properties drop for dollars he looked for vacant houses right. We'll see you like mad have been around looking for a land. We want to see you again a lot of their land and let the girls spread out a little bit and so we've venues and drag her around to. Tip unlike down they get lots you know despite. Land tracks that look like there's not Manhattan and on and that people hunting or some them and then send them letters to owners. Asking whether it is now. I'm a little confused you Walsh a land so the girls can spread out what does that mean. And now so they have room Iraq we will. You know our egos can get away from the four though that's what I'm making Italy each other part of the oh. Lead paint in the backyard we need more lenient. That'll pick in the backyard in the backyard we're in the house and we all know it's and beach brings. It's winter so. That it's. A new and into Denver game our. And I went to. Winner so the. Depend when your list and so I. So is that the term that you you know. Back in the old days. Old when I was growing up. He the way we used this you know we used to call in and winner timer fall or whatever it was to kill right. Not really paying. Can definitely. See those appropriate rules that. It would eat me. We we're not gonna kill it and need it but it is the odd thing she's in the backyard and horses and Matt's uncles house of we need to counting everything together though it more room for everything to be a part of the al-Qaeda and the mules over there in the room. That's crazy between kids and horses and all of this in pigs and kitchen cats oh my gosh. But because so but we explain that to come to do that to look for tracts of land. And things you can automatically see where the boundary lines are promised land is on the track. Where had to tax bill goes and everything like that seat and sent a letter to honor. The good news is. You you can do your first few searches but you know like search and lookup properties. For free but after that it's gonna cost you either ten dollars a month or hundred dollar failures to 100 dollars. It staged what it looks right. Yeah that's what I did actually had in my earlier I user dollar Tom. And half for like the last eight month rally that's awesome little silent does agreed to. So it is a great tool to use no matter where you are where you wanna look for properties if you see a property I really would love to know who the owner of that property. And I'll tell you and splits. And it's right on your Smartphone which is around there and apple. I'm not on an. Upgraded. If you have a smarter phone networks that are. All right so. There's another tool to. When Whitney. Well. If you're if you're doing rules need to be able to keep up with leads here bar Italy's yourself or leads. As well as in vendors Robert realtors. Property tracking properties all of your contacts. So you need what's called CRA customer relationship. Management. Software and the allotted for ones out there I mean there's. There's freedom solve the real flow Oreo line. And there's. You know just different ones. But we use one called a video. He owed the oh Odeo and out of the box software. House and senator California and we paid some it's. Like in hand says. But you have to worry about that calls the students access for right right. So. And we don't eat a lot about it either because it's an Allentown for us to get it right. And we have no right. And we actually color simple rodeo we college simple podium vehicles we had one that was like slow. I would do everything right. It would do everything for but nobody would keep track goes one company these guys coming in and they spent a week or office. Candace and I and three guys developers were in our office every day for an entire week. They would come in we will hash everything out and today that would go back to their hotel room and they would create it and it come back the next day and demo it. In which they change this keep it simple remember keep a simple take that out that's too complicated. So we made sure that it was simple fact we said samples so much named simple podium. So we do while for that to our students. Very very good. Rate it a lot better now in painting. From an. Oh but they also ties everything in. To a web site is well. So while both polio with a good you can you can make offers through it you can keep track of properties. You can have all of your lead when somebody calls. One of your pandas land or or response to what your ads with mobile web site Craigslist or whatever you can lead go right in two polio. And that it does what's called create task. For you or whoever you assign that past. Two to pick up the phone call purse in and out you know if they're motivated cells or whatever scene in for bar leads as well. And you can have different numbers for different purposes like a number four by. A number for selling in the you can put two realtors in there to put. Properties in there and probable paths and opportunities for people follow while slow economic went to really. Really much a very much. Joseph the they'll at the bit about drugs they can go. You're not in this say caulk and is here they're British aren't three day event so I can tell you more about an idea of so it he doesn't give me a call at 877 Larry ago. I am registration is seven for our next few moments that one that's coming up here in the next couple weeks while in February. Will beat the Charlotte and in we're only going to be in Charlotte twice this year once in February and then not again until the fall. So I am I would get registered foreign now 877 Larry go 877 Larry go. And Tom I not to talk to you about the investor kit. If you are close not to the opposite my pilot come nine grab that physical kits I'll have one ready for yet as well as some and it takes you on tour of the office in addition to everybody. It's not I can send it out here email. The hug that isn't there the day trader but isn't there. Since CDs dvds on asset protection act filthy rich is modeled as a whole bus just give me a call 877 Larry ago. Welcome back to black radio site and I had him here we are. And this is our third segment. That we've been talking about. We will stay invested in tools right. Good out of mountain three Davis that come in Charlotte. And lock people need to register that everything you go into that and then we got started on the tools that you talk about how we automate our business. With real estate investing. And and let's see we talked about inland about laying out in one of them. And one of the segments today we talked about Odeo as another tool that we used to count against them automation. In some efficiency to our business analysts in and out. In all this stuff governments are all the stuff that he goes into a lot more detail on at the three day event so this is kind of a 30000 but. Snapshot. That's how we can really do. In an atmosphere like this he gets into a lot of detail and panic goes through and showed you guys when our web sites look like in that went back at the event. Now that. That's exactly run and return. To another movie. Well. We've we were talking about we talk about land that's one of many many tools and apps that we talk about the and we talked about polio which is our CRM that's our whole back end of our rules state business hole will stay operation. Runs old rodeo guy. But now we have a right you have and the Ronnie and the front in. Is our website okay like if you go to investors rehab dot com. That's where we sell our properties if you go to leery about houses dot com or Gabby with one B Gabby about how dark and that's where we. It's for sale or write him to come to our web site. And so there's room. You've got the back in this polio in the front in this website right. And we have our we use a platform okay called investor care. But we have Earl templates that that we're able to meet a lot of prominent spent a lot of time and effort. And and money and yeah China and tears that this ultimately prevail. Bill but. We've got the web sites down and would go from Dolly and and they generate so much traffic we were going to have to market on that does generate leads. Every day. Every day they generate leaked and what we've done is we've tied it and the web sites with the polio. Right we've integrated and you've got the web site on Friday and you've got the polio in the back in so when somebody goes to your website. And ops and you know like will sell my house need to sell like yesterday. You know or or are we under buyers' list unit via PR's list or tell me about your property or any of that stuff. Those leads to ride in two. Odeo. Can create a task for you or you're virtual assistant. Or. Employee or whatever to to follow with a person and then there's there's things even. Even things like. Responders. And you know you can text messages right to the rodeo in the web sites it's really awesome just love this platform and it's so easy. I mean create create site all the time I can be private investors. Only dot com. To please that I creed uploaded video the video uploaded the video created the owner platform if it was so easy and you know. I Nadal Murray or not a software company if I had a VCR it was still reflections well. The price you don't and it BP I. He's in honestly if a Alexis does have a cassette player though that there is any film in 20020. That's true that's true it was last year Chad it was last year with the screen for the GPS. And the first year with the screen for the GPS and the last year for the cassette player. Oh someday I'm Alexis and do it upside down with a Van Halen. Yemeni track player to have a nervous and still estimate track but I don't have a place. Kids ask your parents and an attractive on the. And that show are gonna now and and well. That's. That's probably true but you know there's a lot of other. A lot of the automation a lot of other schools and things that we used like for example. There's different virtual system website. Where you can literally hire a virtual system. In the Philippines somebody that is already trained. They already know real state and how to build the bars list find deals research properties and last properties make offers on properties they've already. Been through training or they've done it for other people that you can hire him for 123 dollars an hour in the Philippines that's what they're asked and sports like you're. The day sale ten dollars an hour you'll from a dollar there they wanna work for a dollar right. That is I mean it's good money while we pay our VA's NM and Canada down one of our says villainous for awhile and another students' artwork she is right now as part a against. But she was happy to begin with and now she's making a very very good living. And she's ecstatic. That's true. That's very true Richard so we have virtual assistants that war analyzed deals. They can put in bids for awesome houses owned it houses and that sort of thing make offers and and build a buyer's list post awful social media. You know put stuff owner website put you property's owner web site that your website and all that stuff there's virtual assistants that you can search for. They already know polio. There's virtual assistant chief of search for the or in a web sites that already know how to use whether it be a land at all or or any of that. Any of that and we're gonna go over that indeed Teoma show you how to recruit train motivate and manage virtual assistants. At our three day. They're not just personal assistants though neither is it goes into Condo in your team. Where the other ways too when you get to the point and Nina acquisition people salespeople that type of thing motivating recruiting motivating managing them to. Recruit train motivate men in Europe entering the sort recruit train motivate managed and that's what we have we have what's called an enterprise business there's a lifestyle business and enterprise does we talked about this last week. For a minute in the last few seconds ahead of me of the third segment. I know that you do you think you would be really happy with a lifestyle business you really like did that. Hustle and bustle of been in the office I didn't even if you don't work from home because you like an office through years and I do. Get more done when I'm home. But I also love be in right in the thick of things when I hear somebody on the full negotiating with a cell or with the realtor. I'm feed them and them telling them what to say it that the sale marks. So. Yeah just say it was very nice. But it works right it does wired and mean an end you've got some clever Larry is online team got some negotiating skills that. It takes a little loud alarm. The obviously you're getting it away with a lot more than. A lot more than anybody in op that's gonna get away it and you're going to be bolder than anybody in opposite from what Kathleen. And history. And maybe so maybe so I don't know but I can endure a while and I know. In dealing with people how far you can take it yes right you know you could say something that some people might take is being mean. But if you laugh afterwards you'll both collapse. Like the and a conversation on and smiling Bates Ella Ella in and day. And I'll never know they say they're not right right. He doesn't malathion and almost every message as LO our mind is an NF. It doesn't mean they have traced that mean you. Mean you. Identity through it. But a local with the U. Immunity. For the with the. So guys if you wanna get reds are four of command three and you ended. And if you can't make this a and we have them all across the country everywhere. North south east and west right we are so spread out this upcoming area just call Candace our plan is holding her personally. Last album before. You can come and I and write a disconnect it known amana I don't answer the phone right this minute because of where where on air in about thirty minutes to call him. She'll head to the fold Murphy goes the voicemail shall call about it right. And you can talk to her knees at the time to come by the office to take office to overlook of all write the you'll see what were you would see we have a real real state business. We actually practice what we preach brain that's right. So we can take you on a story can meet everybody and see everything that happens within our office. You can give 877 leery go up call to get that scheduled pick up the investors can't lie there you're not close enough to come by. I can email at CU ads in email address can you call 877 Larry don't check out I'll have to show our house on brag radio dot com. Chad thank you for that. The former mayor of IV the four segments are segment fourth segment out of the fourth segment of brag radio being rich in generous with filthy. Where we are able to highlight students that are. Make it happen and doing deals whether it's their first CEO ordered his kids started or an event hundreds of deals. And then there are able to act how to pay it forward or give back or be generous and some might. So this week. We have Darryl that's. What's up Darrell. Doing good how are you sir. You are sure come on I really appreciate it. Yeah no problem we appreciate you be an element that we just saw you. Back first of December. And we really appreciate you be in all and then I know you were sharing with us a little bit about some of the things you do when. And you're out there rock and roll and doing rules state by virtue tell our listeners a little bit about yourself and about your rules that business. Sure no problem I'm based in these types of camera six's market have been in real estate for about twenty years now. And admirably. Mare to rebuild the partisan we have been. Working on some of these options transactions. And we have been buying some multifamily. Transaction but a multifamily Beatles. Also for the long term care. That is great that is great. So you guys are doing deals out there make it happen and you're still get an edge advocated used to look at where event in December. And you're still doing bailed out well. That's right that's right is that mentally union case you have to epic keep up with the latest trillions and techniques and it happens they looked locally in part to do that if you're not. I can you have you're you're you're too. That's so true so true I love that you said that. And we try to give as much information as we can and our events how to do liked out of it. Well great post and says that for the information. If you stepped up with five minutes but you believe you did this topic so if you will go chock full of information. That is great that is good yeah we have like police lasted actually I have in my power board over 600 slide and union. Yeah I had a Adam ensure that I went home told. Him. Me too important little flat loop when the value. That's good. That is good so tells a little bit about maybe pick pick a deal or two or something and tells a little bit about one of the deals so our listeners can get an idea. As to how you make money in real state. Torture. What it is was the only option transactions. Oh lead. We've been marketing we use the post part of that major means of finding leads. So we would somebody video postcard marketing campaign. Consultant receive leads communion in one of the woman in particular was well. Property that you know a little bit income it's. Property the home of the three bedroom two two to pull ranch style home bit. Blows as valuable than a thousand miles solar. Had had several properties tied up in one mortgage. Int he wanted to. Two separate those out you know and also able. At that none of that today books you know attitude. To sell them in the near future so. And it and the reason for that was Pataki. As they. He has the prepayment penalties so he didn't want to. So outright right now he wanted to wait maybe a year here two to sell property so we put them. Put them out there at least option transaction found out about it through. While local marketing science polls start things like that. And as she had the available money to put them improperly built the money that should put down will go toward the purchase price. It could have been in the early term so she label that the money that the property and she could support the monthly payment. The end we. Did the documents or Indians she went to the property and she's enjoying. Our home as she bills a credit. Over the next say year to year pain in the Baptist sees little. You'd bank financing should take out missed this transaction that we created. Just recently. While that's good so you're making money and your help from people at the same time. What a lot of country right. Here a little bit more man alone and I love it and you're in the South Florida market from the Oklahoma State archer. And actually in the of these Texans I am on detection and Arkansas border. Okay that was that you were in Florida I was gonna say may Internet tough market but you're a tough market Rick Warren. Right. Actually it's it's numbered by market we've we've reported he's the the and now while only. Some of these big down turn back now what's that eight years earlier than nine years ago we didn't it was a bit so that he's bubble burst. So. It is more stable and you know we. You know we didn't see a lot of that so that volatility so we could probably go in the paper. While that's good you're doing direct mail to get your leads right primarily you just do it primarily primarily group directly. How many pieces do you think yes and now. On average it. About the problem that it's not that you market it's it's probably. 100000. People metro areas so alone. Just to salute to what sort of blow. Delineate down that distance if it lethal with a bow out and I think what I think they're pretty good leads. While that is great. That is great and I know you were shared with us some of the things you're doing. To help other people would you mind share and you know Warner true stories. Spend a few minutes and and tell us a little bit about some some of the people you've been able to be a blessing to there were down a little. Sure no problem. One way particularly is that try to give back is approved by local. One as well. The support club since China have been member of that organization for. All about seven years now a bit on the board of directors. Being that the prime ripping I like in enjoyed doing with one disputes that we'd build wheelchair. And we do that. It for a variety of people that's been. Or family members what police officers the we have done that war. Disabled children who. I without the Ria they basically you would have to say that we culture out of property out of home and on the ground. In the bring out out there a flight of steps into the child into the wheelchair so that they do have exodus. Of back and forth from inside outside the whole soul. Oh lead I enjoyed doing. Creating these new that your organs were for the for the children in our community. Also that they didn't have. The level of freedom that they didn't have four with that are with a cheer that they they already know. I wanted to what we liked the. Honey just find out about these kids cities. I didn't think as an art how do you find out about the kids and you know how did you guys get connected that. We don't we leave it simply doesn't work through the community and DB's grimly of that child would submit an application. And we would. We built rubles applications and yet we have limited limited resource but I. We'd we'd like to have. In world. Have a rap. Bill to maybe one quarter or so. And we did go to those applications in and try to pick but almost in the candidate. That is awesome and it's amazing something like a wheelchair. Can give a kid freedom. Right yeah you're a little. That's to estimate. And we really appreciate you being around him today. And sharing this. That's the fastest also leftist also see having deals under contract right now you got anything in the pipeline. Well I just put another at least optioned property under contract a week Ian. And so it's a three bedroom and they're actually in Texarkana Arkansas which and so the tendency. Of Texaco Natixis. So here expanding outward we've you know or able to do work in. Politics news Arkansas and Louisiana and we're we're right on the border while Corey. And that we we just we enjoy working and in most states are working with the multiple. Agents so we worked with contracts who's been in the all three states that will also would like to have risen. In the you know those communities. Thank you so much there we appreciate you being known and shared everything you do. Thank you. For more information about Larry and Candice talked about on today's brag radio leading the world to be rich in generous. Go to brag radio dot com. You can also call 877 Larry go for free investors get. To schedule a tour of the office or get more information on upcoming events that's 8775277946. Tune in again next Saturday as best selling real estate investing often Larry Jones and co host Kansas teach you the latest strategies and techniques the pros use to make money in real estate. It's brag radio leading the world to be rich and it generous on news elevenths and 993 WB team.