Banks Wilson

At Home with Roby
Sunday, November 19th

Banks Wilson, President of Union Company, joins Patrick and Trent to discuss the digital age and business philosophy.


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This morning and welcome them home at ruby. Because there from movie services function needs and can really damage companies we are here post. Clearly changed the lives say things as my colleague Studdard but there about. On the way in here it's like he says he's saying the same thing every time when you change that I missed with him. A lot got you got rid of Yankee exe now a year and I don't come back at hall now. Atlanta we can be Israelis change. Spain's. I got a confession to make almond doctrine may not family to. To love America and in North Carolina Charlotte in the west side and the first. So all of that pipe forever song. Was Eric church Carolina. Indians insists the Sunday. Up till Mobley floored and went Home Depot we did some hair Imelda couple letters and did it but just that we get a bunch of stuff. And I played Carolina I didn't realize I'll play it every time a mantra we're just Meehan Florida played it he says Owens. Can bring you may hold. The ball boys sing in it two and three quarters years old man that's great I mean really debt that. It's the case is cool well at first I was a school or whatever saying. Was I'll love you love the most and we have this old video ever with that's a good solid frozen guitar on else on the front. And sees it nice dinner date oil sleep inning and I she's I just honestly I'm on Saturday as a Gasol man integrates. Thelma swat just a football which lets talk a little bit about why didn't show it was a little bit different easily say amp. Patch ethnic guys that from really electric in WH how it's plumbing. Bill we're trying to bring this brands together along with Haney Manning. Of these terrorists yet. And we have a new umbrella we have a new umbrella to try to make things a little bit easier to understand all Fuller for the for the market and people like innocence able. What do what do I knew I had something from him or business we call ruby services recalled. In the house Tony ready electric it's all part of the handyman really any man plumbing or not. Our vision for to business mom vision for the business semi away it will we wanted to do what we wanna crown the company empowered economy is. I mean we want to because C airs for people were wannabe one stop shop we don't wanna be disjointed and when you and me never lies like all. You're adding another big no no we're and complementary businesses. So where we can provide better service for clients so they don't have that. Do all this crazy stuff and deal with the much crazy people dom witty NA news in NASA wage should be in the if you call Brody electric. And I'm I'm I'm a devious story about how this has has has played out. On your your friend Scott Trotter. AKA westside Hughes who is a who's who you're scared Havel Arabia. Not think he'd be great on Maria you scared of him not to keep he's got a lowly delve even though you don't listen and MBTA. He might he says some pain early today hopman about hours and hours. How this progresses and how this it what we're trying to do as far as combining. To be able to two you're planning to or cons here's a wonderful words. Scott connoisseurs called to a homeowner he setter her car monoxide detectors when a function properly. And we had replaced him before he saved replacement for us our work in this state started malfunctioning again. We'll Scott to the extra step that day in the attic and found a carbon monoxide leak a gas leak in the woman's HT AC system. It's as simple there of course call office sandy in our office is a wonderful job sandy got the ACC company out to that person's house. Brief replacing gas terms or that it was something to do with the with him the equipment replace a piece of equipment and the house is safe mean he could you imagine. What could it happen I mean I didn't wanna think we're gonna happen this got a bit extra effort pulled another trade. And we really handled this this particular homeowners needs that same day and that's what this the golden rule Raman right should do all businesses should be yet. Literally I mean that's that's wonderful Scott sag got so great jobs got great jobs sky great job Roby. Yeah I ended been about Scott is that it's about that they not only god is also Scott. A he was here in the beginning he grilled digging ditches live main driver of the dump truck at it as sixteen that are not in the hands and then he was dad's other suns. So he was really mad as starters and and he made his way that we went our way he stay in the industry now is a better nauert 39 years old. But but couple years ago my father passed away. You know. The cycle life things happen for a reason and not the Scott Sullivan need to come back. In in and re acquaint our our best French it would pan. And a and we boast poster at this stage of our lives to where we know what the important things are. This past year his father yes taken and passed away of cancer and and god bless that I was able to be there aroused they actually able almond I mean literally about a spam 500 Knight say his house is a kid. With his dance and and and a his day east take a station at 4 in the morning man cold room river Wu. But it but how come I'm so blessed owls are able to go visit him and hospital sees his dad and a bank is dead cannot urged Scott to get back. Only only go past. Not that he was the winning thing role we give back on the at all past and he has and he comes over at a house and he's in a memo kids very well and now he's a work him back to a trivia let's true with Patrick so and he's working as lay out their the system. Yeah he's doing a good job and I ticking embellished is the ruby way and he knows the ruby history of word where the company came from even before my time. So that's that's I guess we'll while we're going into this ruby services mantras that. Haiti can cause for any team even if we can't handle in in house we'll fonts they can't it's going to be equality person for your homer for your business. And they can help you to take care of it. Whether you need our help or not we're gonna offer for sir but it's like you say is the Golan were. That's right and it acting my daughters to school. Every day ya hear this every way to talk bilaterally. And and before they get out a way now line. In a sale with such a little prayer about their day and we always say. Let. My girls embody the golden rule and let others that in Iraq at my girls commodity gold world bank and that's as simple as do unto others as you or duel in the U. If you live your life LA UB UB happy. I agree. But TM are against him to run out of time here in the first segment got them really well we got banks Wilson who studio by all skis me skis me skis mean he he crown on the company we'll talk about that later but this union. We got banks will certainly union. Hot flying in creative take company in Charlotte. Stay tuned to hear what he's about. Cast from reveal lectures WH. Plumbing. And business services. And while some say that now fully filled us. Roe V services saying he just had a used to Mamie Evan up the defending. We said that the first thing ability we topped a levee about it it's gonna take me some Guinea's teeny coming in the rhythm a same same thing right when you open up how likely again in recent news in the same thing we in. And we corrected we can't. Patrick and don't ever let named by Taylor was that you are a birdie robot that's. The details they Q trend. The poetry we had banks Wilson and Stevie has. Banks is Lewis feel creepy guy if you guys kind of knew each other in across the past that and I thank the main banks have a problem. He I think human Reagan dated back in the day and going off. Hopeful that well on all fronts. I did not and I still have to hear about how he we will lord of the media player also double lower them load at a all right Donny gave between you guys on. I don't know men on motorcycles little bit to. We talked about them for your soccer days enemy enemy and a league being aggressively. I'm a feisty little Fella I banks are eagle may have led to move on and beginners who wore blanks and oh are out today I get is started at a gay. Word to process. By air by nose on the radio that that that the rebbe family in that. And and trend pace and in particularly you know Harding high school banks when the Olympic Olympic past goalie Olympic who who who. Provisioned over here. But that we we we've known each other and around about way for awhile we get some business together for a lot pinky build our first web site. Baylor a little out of these socially it's having AKA effort slow soft it was like 2016. Not a now but to believe rekindled and we're read developer and our office across the street from day EDT here at 2000 west morehead. And now banks banks. His company is union and is it just union yet union merges a marketing agency did draw mark and he's a very talented. Get a check them out he'll tell you about it. We're redevelopment are of the old billboard very boom and and banks is gonna take a front side of it and we were partnered together to do to. Injury b.s in the developing for us right here on west morehead street it's. Is really needed our company's growing fast we we we're about 5000 square feet. Right now in and we outgrew it earlier this year and had to move about ten or twelve people. Out to a secondary office so now we're kind of operating out of two offices right now on the revisionist. Once we renovate this building across the street. Move everybody over here you know sometime next year in and Burleigh looking fortress near really nice project some banks you're not sure nor. You very creative you're a little different ma'am I'm holly Sampson brought into about force him you're the opposite even were both college for nor Zell heart. And and what we liked about this show is we like dollar home alone people around and around and they realize or listen to some cookies heads. And and they learned sells about exercise I get all Charlotte business of chicken on the honest it. Souza sits Ellis storming give us give us two minute version how you got started. Where you creativity counts from an end in Italy descend to the day round so. You know I've always been to art and treat him to be doing things in my hands kitten Tom you're creating stuff you mentioned that media played job. There's always a little bit about it Selva is so you know first job I was in high school. Junior year or sophomore year got a job at media play due in all of their in store. Sign it should sit back then they didn't use. Large format preening for whatever reason media play in and they have every store had its own end store artists to do that did all of the signage and big posters for the things that they were silence that was a fun job. I did that through high school and then. Towards the at a high school laid they were starting to supplement the artist with Tom was with large format training signage. And so they went to one artist per district which which covered you know eight or not stores. As it went much UN CC I was able to transfer to the media play store up there and be the district artist. School yes I had the same job in high school and college which was done any. Tom TO went to UN CC graduated with with a degree in art. Didn't take much business or marketing classes are any at all for that matter. And you've got out worked at an agency for a little bit and you know within the first year out of college I had left the start my own agency in the house about. You know blue or fifteen years ago now and so it agencies grown a lot since it was just me day one and we're a little over forty people now in and going strong. Well banks that's pretty course immediate plan like the old store like the store I bought the windows 95 upgrading it in the in Marietta Georgia through time at the same media pressure right yet they had. You know hundreds of stores across the country each yeah and you know all went kind of belly up when when. Digital music. Kaymer I don't know if you remember but media play was it like the navy creators they had these big yet for Fo a lot about six foot tall. Farber. A play or glass bit they were on the front of the building that's correct and also front likened both sides have brought an interest in others that one's out so I'm very 98 by eight feet eight feet by eight city we we we got one and if anybody's listening this from the Marion area where I drove in the merchants Locke is going added I'm permanently says we're like. Mesmerized as the right now at age were CDs from school yeah. Video games and who are still in advance of our core. It computers he has really likely to Peters took up her here as I remember about me like yeah is getting windows 95. Meg when it first came out like man I got a new us and be so cool yeah. You know on the on the big and everything was CDs and Andy bales yet computers and videos and books but. The big thing was CDs and and yet when did you music came around you know iPod terminal and there is every springs thing now these. At 90. It's not a now you listen and Eric church brings the end of the day on on a still a proud of the USA a ring and that's when they socks on today trance that's one pressure and the banks and easier creative guy and near an entrepreneur or which is a creation of jobs and in creating an incoming creating. Business and helping your clients. In iron you're you're full digital. Agencies correct. But what does that what does that mean yes so yeah basically we're helping businesses. And and brands. You connect with consumers and create engaging relationships with today's highly connected. Digitally savvy. Customer rates so. We're building platforms web sites. The running digital marketing campaigns things that drive people to those web sites and search social media email marketing. And we're running all of that really with comprehensive. Strategy. And optimizing it on our ongoing basis with data and analytics. So this start we'll media played displays in nine years I thought I thought he plays evolution I think he hit yes and that's where you can ease their chains Alice to Janet brown with people. They she can't live inside this is a business and I'm calling out myself I'm where my Smartphones and vineyard near obsolete and it doesn't matter what business unit I have the mean Eva even as in a service business like ST I have had a mobile app created web site. Meter near Livingstone he's just absolutely yummy and it did the businesses today their their front doors on line. And you've got to think about how you interpret how your presenting yourself online I hear connecting with the reaching your audiences and and digital marketing and an opportunities that the digital space offers marketers some brands today year unparalleled to. You know other traditional so what's our clients he had them thinking in name a couple of guys -- so poorly with a lot of you know larger enterprise type clients on sepia seek out our city here is a big one of ours to do a lot of work when NASCAR Hendrick Motorsports who doesn't work with. Duke Energy Bojan angles in the past armed cosa man as a nationally sold joint supplements com sold and every retail. Or CVS and Walgreens across the country sesame client of ours. Zoom energy which is a big start up here in Charlotte. We do a lot of work with them. And then there's ample clients we're under pretty strict in the days when yeah net net we're not allowed to share that. Tom some of our best works are actually down for some of those clients were not even allowed to show the work we do. Would probably two years years I guess Clinton when I'm taking with me you're saying is your practice not just local Charlotte companies apprentice national on the if you have a big company that needs. And national footprint Indian potentially could help them absolutely I mean where were we are working with companies that our national. Com however a lot of our lot of our clients are headquartered regionally and make an easy. The regional or national companies but the but they're headquartered around here Tom does a lot of our cars like that face to face touch and that doesn't person connections were able to create. All right so rude. We stick around for another saying with a yes OK Alan talk about. Though west side distill creek area I mean on the big fans human events now you may have into the west side come in from the south sonic yet. But we stick around Nortel buyer ruse we'll talk about maybe maybe a little water skiing on the river Arnold. But a story that I hang tight. Welcome back dad who broke contact Kaiser. We'll own service on the basis come in America. It's all right. And he played every kid but I just takes is somebody rile us finish in my takes them coming out of the break cannot. It's kind of my signature on FaceBook and all takes is always that the American flag it is I want DT and needless and its history and hasten Patrick has agreements with that. And as if he's just saying that song adolescent is if you wanna hear Trent locals. Get Magnuson Peterson digital stuff for you banks. Listen to the podcast on the WBT app because Powell saying this every show I'll Zaher hissing in. So with thanks Wilson thanks before we get too far around in now wanna get back into a talking about it. I think this is of the people are really interested in maybe don't understand maybe you'll be scared of in and that's what you know your your businesses here in in here here for their their support. Which you baby on the way in and the couple days away that's right you know miles on her body be able to make it to this show. And we have a baby due and Tom and I that's when this moment this broadcast will be one day away boy or girl. It's a girl. Seeing telephone or through weeks and get ready ma. You know skate a brown an app hang on. ACL playing Netanyahu said it is so did you wife like Gary in the baby or not like you said it's not like it okay because it goes one way or the other line some for some reason my crazy life. Enjoys does that glow of the baby my mother Anna has sandy did it was up to an end to have to bear children the main common in our half court thing in Poland. Again the old junker. I mean forward to I think I think I was in Reagan's belly with him that. You know we're real excited and got a baby girl coming on the way and for fun and yeah yeah that's wonderful congratulations man is so you labeled the river ado live down in the kind of brownstone brownstone in their right used to live in the condos at the face of brown color right assuring him a point. So you really gun you really Gatti was light my alike I was always I mean I grew up. In the same spot Alou metal yeah ice door not take diabetic now lies like. Man 02 Livan knows I'm no Salmonella bachelor does god knows he may use Zagat PLO of their in my twenties and. And then both the house on owned. Brown's curve backing and 2000 hands have been there if they're not thirties. A school in your brother lives in royals can yet he bought he bought a small cannon. At the front of browns can I'm gonna maybe two or three years ago and he's planning on tearing that down and and building building homes and see Aaron. A lease and to oust him and a half hour. He's working with another still creepy guy. Might not it's my hot spot and seem like Telecom homebuilders double knots development and humanized him in his mom than Carla. Yeah I mean it might win two though at a Chapel Hill to get another cruel and Amal likes old boyfriends well Mike and I went to high school together and other Olympic grad I mean ray. And later two people and I think I could. Would vote we're column to one album in about one of them came and we we have somebody say they dated one of our allies in college and how big you know you'll actually see me we'll keep motto don't you don't even though. I turned and read is that that was really tax return Rand fell out of the shares. Fifth cal had it was showed 32 I got myelin column named. He'll push you and hospital says son I just know gave a shout out to our buddy cal ahead. Len net America's. You didn't hospital beds so. Not do so food. That's cool would you just I mean kinda funny. You is that didn't arrive that's correct Alison hang in Al one of our ability yesterday by about army said he come over he lives in barely see bags are being narrowed it. He city cal mighty house the other day in need dad was organ on a garage you and your brother is until it. Oh well my dad. My dad's actually electrician so he's as a part commercial electrician on and it contractor in and he's he actually did the electrical work on our garage. And you making do punts were. Punch work what does that a its conflict with commodity based on the behind him think so yes have yet to chipping and had a little woodworking passion and a soy to even remotely mention of the unfortunate that you were getting into a woodworking as a copy. That's right yes so you know group as a started grows union and and my business I was a graphic designer yen and graphic design and web design allowed me to creek. You scratch sec create a bitch. But as the company's grown man I'm not even. Do anything really all that created by Iran and common man and a business some hiring people and I'm going out chase in new work. I'm you solvent problems in and that is it creative process and of itself in building a business scaling the business growing yet. But it's not it's not doing things with my hands like what got me into the business in the first place stating ambient. You know actually creating stuff and so lie. Picked up woodworking a couple years ago and really really gravitated to the hobby and enjoy building things that actually just built a crib. From maybe just on the way bill the bill has put together they act Kia group no we would have built a career of denial yes really nice hasn't spread out a show a photo of it. And down that's so and I got a couple of projects. Under works BS so with. The idea was to build a garage that is set up a woodworking shop at my house and and do woodworking after working on the weekends so I had a question Torre probably Jones by. Here you listen America's listen. So or lease or the whale at least the west side he steals at least not ask for friends attorney SO. A pay Billy ball so. Cannot consign you can hire you to do apiece are about to redo my house from the river and I mean do a piece of woodworking. Yemen and Elam in their lives on the well on the ice well actually you know I am not purchased all of the equipment and it and an LLC. Oh woodworking LLC selective ride it all off so I need to I. Payne I run a campaign and make my I would worry comes I'll let let the reasoning is lower bill announcing a year debuted to a huge YouTube whatever. That's great sentinels cnet's awesome I mean it viewed edu at the on superlative you're doing something he's now mentally that he that he's at he's habitual optional. Well there was an entity just in this thing ages. Where I am to about 4% of Bly eighties. Got pencils out or Bora jigsaw. Which means all same thing rain and your brother. I mean we tong you're here mr. Brothers created this policy in me he's like social EM. So my brother runs a website called Charlotte nightlife dot com he's been doing that for about twelve years. And you know if you're ever out. And looking for a place to go bars clubs you know that's the way it's done and I realize run the bar crawls like that yeah saint patty's day bar crawl out well and he he does run a lot of bar crawls on. And he just had a really successful Halloween bar crawl it you know had thousands of the thing that's cool Charlotte nightlife. Dot com not it's amazing how people finally seated in the business currently two point on temporarily it to mean. And when he bought the house couple years ago he started like while it by Reynolds and now he has a fleet. Right upon mine out front in boats that he keeps up at the marina via pastor pastor yeah. In Belmont seeger east Belmont as worries that a strike right Eric Russell adult Lilja and outlines both. Correct right yet so he's got 45 ponson votes there he Brent Stearns Jimmy McKinney stump they got rid of forming nicely. About safety or is he gonna send you some sort of like you know back in stipends for for play in the business on on the radiation here or maybe you do me a free by around thirty there you get a guy tunnel plot to invoke and I putted and is fully. You can talk to about tell about a native could not punting and your Brothers Lleyton both says he pays like 30000 dollars for these ponds and boy. A tight six from a pretty young create now is an Alice Abu. Old at Taylor as a matter it plays Lal country on any ideal base gate cult drink on the air every day cut Shimizu had based the Iran now on the river. But it's SP in the river I have to give transom proxy we we've kind of reject them around melodies waters he thinks yes videocast I thought I was a pretty water skiers. Allen on the day which ran in present for the first time had a business mean we have we had a meeting on the day which some wonderful place I mean I mean. The love. Think that the river red its trans translates jumping the way on one ski like and wait for him what in the heck is he going to be pretty Donahue wait Allison press and ever and ever and he had adage holds in a loose ball jumping away I was actually owned I mean it was a club team look like they'll some great thing that I was on the ski team Chapel Hill for a couple years a lap that's an imminent yet again arrived branding scheme I'll take that. People better and and that's when he can't that's near the lightning bull going on science not Alice post flight. But that was just the ball. We'll face we got about 45 seconds give us a plug for your business in Intel's howling in touch with TU. Web site phone numbers someone listen and they they have some digital needs oh right that was the best they contact Yasser Denver union digital marketing agency we were helping businesses connect with consumers drop cells using digital technologies. And indeed the Internet and all different ways that could connect and drive traffic so check us out online at union dot coat. On and and you confront us there rounds of the solar proud of banks is cool. I'm bricks and mortar but it's cold I have these takes the guy as the easy innovative guys in Charlotte. Thank you for what you're bringing a bit on the west more recorder were excited and yeah we're excited to come over here and thanks for having me today. Thanks for joining us and what will we might be back in a few minutes. Welcome back at home with the trophy I'm Patrick castle. From these services yeah drugs are slumming yeah rival handyman. We do know I think that's funny we do it all we do at all. That is funny get it done when you talk about that annoying guy David Davies so that was almost Iran hasty and I'm right there. Me Niger removal after they were around native are Riddick Bowe fight this morning we will get a twelfth I might I might give anti satellite spy and he's he liked. He's Gus himself often come back for more yet I see in that 1950s movie it's. If you know and like you like that Wally only the debate Rihanna fight you know he's got as to how waters only following round the Windsor police say that's Libya and entrepreneurs on mound yet have yet I have some scrap boy. What do we leave in the great train your bath that you're asking banks who is our guest thanks Wilson from a union. In basic company was veins of the house if you want to ass like last finally LL never lasts in the stick around hang gallery had a so much fun. You certainly in the loop like one out of thirty gets a state for the fourth save me and talk to him and allowed you to tell. But but. Ass bank ask is because when I first met banks. In our in our professional careers that he has the name of this company was studio banks correct and now the name of this company's union. Correct. Swap. Yes so we. You know when I started the business studio banks was was a great name work really well for me early on it has backed ban in fifteen years ago when it was. You just me. And then just a couple other guys are hired it and it was the bank show it was you know hey I'm in command. Me personally on and on designed this and I'm gonna do that for you and frightened and help you with your marketing. But as as the growth company grew and Tom the a couple of years ago we're up over 2030 people you know it's no longer. The bank says yes it's not what I can do for you it is what this team that we've assembled in this talented crew of designers developers strategists account managers this this company in this team with this team can come in and indeed for years so. On that one it was getting my name out of the company name and allowing. And allowing it to be more about the team as to the word union kind of really. On resonated there because it's kind of a unified approach with our team a unified approach with how we work and our clients. Helping our clients you know and unify and bring together you know marketing goals with the results. And so it just worked on a lot of levels. What will pay season where union I think I'm here you say the word family which is a lot very similar. On those we left a union not a kitten that's a yes not a right. TJ can you hit a high hat please to Ting Ting Ting so Rome. I mean you said it was like SA crown in the company the funny thing is. I doubt we're talking about doing business with on on our real estate unless morehead. Davis though full hoot who owns a nice piece of property right edit. And it freedom drought and morehead. Who's a good friend of mine who were share business idea sends me a picture I gave him my boat did our company's bill will break the company's when he came in my office last week. In last night he sends me a picture I think a site page fifty found a break the company's. And and that the picture of the book page he says it's in the last night Amanda Panthers game is crowning the company. Any set on Sunday double as book older 300 copies from our people. It ended the delight literally is a diagram crowning the company in this exactly what you just say it. Yeah I wanted to take myself. A step back out of the limelight and religious make the team that the hero and that's when I'm out their cell in his. It's less about me personally I like it was early on in the business of smaller. Now it's about the team and the culture. Why I say this to our people all the time. I would loans to drop the dump truck it today that would be the funniest thing for me to do but it wouldn't be the best thing for our people. And if from a fan went in for Roby in front business. You would love to be drawn and are every damn I'd love to be the designer right actually doing the design work and don't like you say you're out here stretching yourself. They're learning new things mean human telkom business all morning and and you didn't take any business school what your passion your passion was created unity. Mr. out here sell them and telkom business and strategy for your company so now I think he said forty plus people. We're talking about your office tell my growing needs that you have a need for 45 plus a script that's wonderful yeah I mean it's really cool. And it leads me to some we had more get their domicile last week aunt and a couple of my friends at church asked me if we were. I think in liver punch drunk I was on route Molly's punch. That means you're trucking in my amateur not really draw right yet that you live and let you know that and I'll lie. So but I had so much follow market that don't hear any such a champion of our company and what you're talking about banks. Pitt that that I had this idea. Other than the ten least Lee no incidents that Emeka which Cornel turn and we enter your account note well the last time that we can have a Roby rocks dollars from my from right to be random people from red be c'mon show. But we started this thing. Six months ago or five months ago and we've done to every colder. Lee we. A Roby the rebbe Fam my arm police and we have a rebbe rocks dollar. And our personal skill lion. Who is who has a job superintendent on a home the residential side. Who was one of our first very big cars in the field and when I mean I remember sitting on the finally him negotiate an. And in this past one was a little rugby election guy Jake Jacob walker he's been on the sent Jacob walker faced serious bullet. When he don't will show he's all business we had him on for a and fourth of July believe. His when he came on is that US navy veteran and we and one of the cool things about Jacob and coronet time. Is he has is old navy and has their hands on the hat. Important things have happened in his in his naval career. And also one of those pins is at ruby electric and it's ingrained Malaga that they you know muskie teared up I'm telling you man but it's the pinnacle lower balance it is the pinnacle why you're and the naming your business now is Unionist studio banks. In about Hugh Granger read beating that Travis and friend Casey showed up after mechanics. Is is is dangerous beast so law. As well we're all about banks thanks for coming I'm glad he made the last say that I hope you guess Havel wonderful Sunday. GOK. Well or at all.