Barry Clemmons

At Home with Roby
Sunday, October 22nd

Barry Clemmons founder of Archadeck and co-founder of NARI joins Patrick and Trent for this weeks show.


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Good morning a lot and at home. Passing from WH tops plumbing and ruby electric and I don't right. And along with Trent hastened for their of the Stanley companies we are your Ho's happy Sunday morning we're glad you listen to this who. Trent said before the show we're talking about something in one of the goals the sesame people and laurel bitten. In made people laugh Fuller and tells them stories and stories stories we're gonna learn a lot and he will learn a lot from Barry Clemens he'll be he'll be on story on the great guests great storyteller but right life experiences you have a pretty it's Corey bleeding always judge a guy who people tell me that I've been asked or it was so funny and resources call us at the beautiful. In for some reason. My life experiences are crazy. You could deliver another week with some some wildlife around your house did not keep delivering a little early taking this so a so move. We're out of town. Last week I was at a conference. At Lafayette a deal. But bid last Friday before last far away and out of town I think I told the dog hunt story on lake lolly on the top river Omar river. About Clark still work Eastwood homes Lamotte very very dear friends who lives down the river. About last time she deduct a step whenever don't go back and podcasts that show number one before you hear distorted. He did so last Friday about 730 I get this message from Clark he got to know Clark he's at he's such a great gas. And his investigators. Yet man I think when I think did duck season silicon for one more day came in flight five days at the moment to in the morning ms. sun rises she these ducks. It's also and a someday she some doubts. Island WSJ does hi talk be later that's a 730 Friday afternoon and sought chasing back come on what time what time you commit as she does. He says sunrise. A shelters house about 630 he and some land beyond his house on Herbert got to get away from the house's. Part of the wall and and and not show up any sin and from his garage he's got a little. Little Falwell hunting camping chair and and asked in a shot against sitting on top of certain he's colonies in big down in the woods. So I got to figure out a sell the Sally is I had a figure reality wanna me to get it done and so anyway we will it go ahead and really good story. Who killed my first dunk he killed and actually but and and he tell me how to how to. Had a skin and I had Doug Saturday and it was wonderful Tom had a taught me everything I said next time we get money now do everything you teach me wants Anwar. Great experience I tell a story is funny story. So that I go out of town and come back Saturday night he said in Sunday evening and Alec kids wonderful day church we packed when he thousand. Meals and stop hung formally start running now at the charge wonderful much he has got to do it it was great just a great whole some day. Get done kids down. Got down staters it's about 10 o'clock. I got all my patio with MiFi and just just to relax for a few minutes look down under river into the dark. But wife still loves staters and I hear some rustling in hobby right off the mop patty. And I looked up and two I thought I honestly Donald's or robot and some I was playing tricks on me but tune. Copper has snakes. Were. About stick extend them about a foot above my IV. And they are fighting their hand is a year they were tussling and fighting and I thought probably startled me I was scared is about seven feet away from it. They were so upright like an Egyptian cobra. That I thought there'd only been in take me down my brother has been bit by copper hit a so. I said what I do I send my ally don't because it was in the dollar and arouse or Shanahan emails eatery the music start to put into the so I didn't know what to do but everyone Olivo he's timing this is concerning because I have four kids and a doll to play it play in this I did I got this obvious trauma house. It it covers some rip rap rock. So my home and I won't do Saudi Al we'd beat the top have to decide real time my whole life. Some like to believe when I get it they didn't care about me. A runs I'm like really great she's still staters it's because she thinks it's. A little river yes so you. There's an occasion every five to eight years somewhere gal also they he'll put his body breaks down or some his real winner that's what happens on the river today says cut no ice sheet tells some light that. So she comes down. And then look. Don't look in the sappy he G opens door lossless is it's. ID breaks are now it is the same a day and a light hold delight don't among going to get a shot a season. Yeah. Unless I'm going to get decided nearly seventy front dude seventy. Times and so I don't get the shot again and I might point blank. You know I thank them learn how to shoot shot down with Clark and thought when the Internet he's a volatile like is gonna be back to have the right shales as you'll blow them off by a she's like it can ricochet nick. Her kids the kids are all Brothers of alpha that it had a light note baby goods that you don't. Since she closes Iran for its hands they're a boon. I she you know what are there ended up being increased nice and we got to love them so the rest tonight on how to stay until 1 o'clock our team. Copper heads to two I guess from Doug cunning to cover an outing. Willie at least enable you wondered if operate beauty gets it done I did listed car had a few of those seventy re dumping economy that's nobody let me say they're scary and it may end up in regular look at so it was a mating season for copper heads it's been a little warmer longer so Lewis extended it. But it is typically two males and has said they do a ritual fight winners and female and he. Sitters generally the reunion day area the two males that are fighting weight I thought Iraq happened six. They're happy they're lucky shot I said that on the radio that's not well. But I think that was the two emails and not being a female was making a fine ever to. I don't know would say and I hello Ben Stiller and I told a story to somebody to smaller and add the relatives breakfast and in their right man. All my energy still the pickup truck at a but they're going to be talking about the reproduction practices of copper reds Nenad was so big so mad that I took command dome across the street into the woods if and on this is looking invitational close to patrons scary this is a canal in about a follow billion bat on a ski and then not be to copper hand honor until now. Well out we'll treat over coming up bottom rate Cadbury Clemens of the on this carries out the bag is dying laughing right now if you eat as some some consumers' counsel great. Will be right back you listen national ruby. Welcome back pedal with rookie Patrick Pass from rookie electric in WH I'll one thing. While with trophies and from the Brody Stanley companies really it's cannot incompetence in the first segment yeah. Did today tried. Well. Eric Bell has his day. Now while. I think he's again the old fashioned turtle turtle shell come this morning. That denied he's much pains we have here at that as so plentiful as mine. You can get down with four fingers. I hear you I would be happy to Leon's use them and Erica. Carefully will outline one thing on that before we jump and a tire Mary's they should get Clemens. We do we run a town miles I was on a lot the other trail last week. Hey it's and we remember Bermuda. Really cool place and and we were in this little arcade in this this Fella had this this little file but TN. Little filed by a team in Barber's Stahl and in the mall to undermine me Eastland mall. And he was cut and had a big old who appearing live like is that seeks the English gas. And I'll lightness doubt Tomo like a self get a circuit PC user number line and seen on Reese we talk about Reese on the Tom I'm very loyal. But on number two she said you know let that. Guy catcher Ayers can he that your estimate be. If he came to mind the real problems so it was. So just you know I kind of live life a little bit me in in the cat is adequately covered three last week and said he knew it conference had you worked real hard when I was at a conference but that is Clinton I'll take your recent straight races old school he's an old school hustler his trick is he done that it too short. Because because things or I might go wave to victory leagues and he loses his gap in his revenue. This guy when and time is the sort of stared up at them and two years as a mayor race. We'll treat it in unity theory. The Barry Clemens as a as a dear friend of mine and and my whole professional career which I think Agilent and nine now graduate college in 2000 sort of going game Bob and Mary and nine man and I'm in Bay Area although as years. Very successfully extremely successful most successful businesses. In Charlotte in our industry market. For many many years and now bury those stored at various overnight Sierra Tennessee. I did I love being around injuries such great person. You glean so I glean so much for news over the years not follow Smart at twenty. Well thank you and you're Smart. And there's money now and you venomous look in here kind of with the fund for the ring through in your face I want to talk only about oil into the inside story right now. I had an airing their furlough while on out of my granddad did know about it. Who will very Wii was kind of fondly reminisce and company analyst tells story yet and EU started advertising on WV team leader. Why sort of Harken back in 1988 and bill conduct for one of the talent on the air in James K Flynn who was a wonderful guy. And when we were done he came back to many Senna like everything you do so much that like to see you back here starting to advertise and WVK radio. So starting in 1988 about 45 months after the start of the company. I stayed on long term contracts for WPP until I saw the company. Kent island 2007. September and he still on WBT radio so we were told. That we were the first and longest running. Independent. Construction company. On WBT radio. That's that's really cool area that save and giving it to Eric who we kind of Jake with. United see each other at the Levine JCC at the gym in the morning sometimes and passed on to every time SPT. I'm with track athlete like Abby I'm a little bit smarter after top NT. The Seattle these wonderful stories these wonderful lessons and he usurpation. And we were at an early talkie you you listen so well that it's I always enjoy I get a chance to CNN a kind of tell you gentlemen if I see you. I mean had a morning median and hit the gym after the morning meeting I'm running really late. So it but it's always adopt needed to to see more. We were talking a little bit and tell us about Neary Timmy you are you really want to. Owner I'm one of the founders there were three of us and actually started man immediately when Larry called they actually called about ten local offices back in 1989. And they said they needed ten people to ten companies to started and ended up that we ended up with ten. And three stuck with it for a long time one of them was a dear man named mr. Harking yet Jim are embarking lead and he's far and on the buy him a lot and unfortunately he passed away at a young age. Cancer. And we started a memorial fund for him that his being fabulously accuse. Money to charities and it is we have scholarship money for arrests for students you know to go to college whether there in the trades look for doing something along those lines. Or. Or regular colleges like UNC and children. And we have given out to him probably in excess of a 150000 dollars since we started. So there are three of us felt that stayed with a for a long time and and I am the last man standing. It was huge gym marquis in greater rate terrier from Dan David Tyson must then shortly thereafter they had David Tyson actually was my first carpenter. And mature if you knew that I had I had didn't know that I did not and he was with me for about a year. And then you wanted to go back and branch off by himself. Be an independent and he still runs David Tyson and an associate race and he's wonderful we're still very good friends and but he was my original superintendent of for a market that Charlotte would. Berry when I came out of college and I grew up how schooling college. You know. Tastes and their mom out don't want to dig ditches in and solve Dustin and cut you know cutting about force. And I came out colonists and all of our own take our our history and our brand element. A wanna take down all these all these other competitors you know I mean that's what's used in Lawrence competitive sport. At Indiana and then I go to nary a cat. A visit a meeting I immediately rainy verse asked me to be on the board. When I'm unemployed too and then I met my first board meeting and the kindness that you and David Tyson in particular. Who stand now historically imam and cannot tell that story all the time that everybody was specifically young people when I'm talking Tomas like. My I did a 180. I said these are my people this is by industry I got to join these people because we're all in this together and it was like instantly that we first were hanging from him and I cannot talk about Joseph all the time after her mis heard me say that. So thank you for that. Well you know marry is a wonderful opportunity for people who wanna be in the remodeling industry. And like that like I had. My son's company with a with a lot of sales reps and a lot of crews went around our connect. And a salesman who would walk into my office does an oh my goodness there's another deck company are screened porch company sun room company. And I said that's great let him come running and there's enough room forest. And Mary is that is is the is the same mold we would go around every meeting. Until we got big enough where we would take up too much time. But we we get up and thank each other for the business that you gave to us who recommended back and forth. So that would set out to settle everybody down to realize that I'm really not your competitor a competitor the people who aren't in there. Canary is really a wonderful wonderful opportunities outage started. Give assay Elisa. One minute commercial well its I actually started my original career was I was a camera operator on All My Children BBC in New York. And then became a technical director and I did everything from the Olympics to Good Morning America and Nightline. And then IE. Couldn't believe that the company pay me to come to work to be honest with Italy's. With the job that was like you know this was this was fun and then ABC was sold and became that's all they pay me to come to work. So I decided that I was gonna leave my wife is a nursing educator we had a good conversation we knew that. Leaving new York and moving to a place like Charlotte. She would always be able to get the job. So we figured let's figure this out and architect is actually different chimes. And I was so work about two years looking for the right business opportunity. And found a home life we found Charlotte and then we. I was gonna in the Charlotte newspaper the some just some of the classifieds every week from the Charlotte Observer. And they did and I found this limits are looking for a great franchise opportunity call this 800 number. So called the number and is that who are you in where are you women so we're in Richmond Virginia and we build Dax. I said I don't wanna live in Richmond and I know nothing about construction thank you very much. And he's a nun I don't know if you know how to spell the word that we don't want you we wanna teach you the industry. So they know there were informed because I don't think we Columbia aren't because I didn't know what they were talking about I thought coming from Brooklyn New York that. Two to my to my full assessment in the back of equity. Not a clue so you pay not doing yet so it ended up that we grew architect of Charlotte took the largest market a office in the country they were filing the of them. And we were three and a half times larger than the second closest guy. And we'd figured it all out so. So we just came in and I started our connector and then history with the may. I only hear somebody's good stories you have so who. Stay with this you listen that home was Roby we'll be right back. Look back at home with Fred because Patrick Pass from regulators. WH cops humming along with the hasten the relief family of companies. We are year has been. This intra music man TJ is his flippant and I thought I maintenance. I'll. Yes alike I'm impressed life LFB is a highway when I'm when number listened to and I'm listening to myself on Sunday morning. Click this kitten. I went will Geddes has some real funny how old the full restart indented dairy that Clemens is he's our guest this week has some some really fascinating stories to tell and it told a few on the last segment if you missed it check out our podcast. It is really great heavy here bury things you know I don't know if you heard show last week trend. We had Dave McGwire was was still in Korea in you made a comment about some of the that the defense a terse and are normally it telling you about it just got done listened to says. And he told them to make sure that they told you it did he was he was wonderful and I'm a calm off folksy personality now want to go home gave me a hard comma by sound off on that intimidating to. Hornaday didn't release Keiko well. It was off the county did pretty good job I'll give it to him again it's in the day they've been they've been trying to get my guys since the ninth grade. But that's a tribe. What will vary a less than a year tell honestly jostled in the history of your professional career in Charlotte obviously started out. And with ABC broadcasting in in New York. And it wouldn't wind we see Joseph at the gym. The news and somehow we get to talking always have a really cool story tell in one on that that really sticks out is is your story about the World Trade Center. You might even told me down 9/11 of last year and that maybe will will broad enough. In which is SMU will this year. Sure it's it's really fascinating we. This thing is the actual antenna for all the local TV stations in New York ran on the north south tower of the World Trade Center the second building. And it was all remote control all the local stations. Remote controlled everything and the FCC wanted to make sure that when we were pressing the buttons. We knew what we were doing whether we were changing translators. Who we were changing their two antennas it was a very big one that everybody saw in the that was a small one. So they had to do maintenance on the barrier of one they would do the flip. So they needed us to go down there and learn the burn the system on what we were pressing his buttons for. Finally. So we had to get security clearance which we had already had because I work with president of the United States and diplomats and everybody else being technical director and ABC. And it ended up that we were told there were several of us who were told to meet at this elevator bank and them building. And it was a couple of weeks so we were being trained all week we met and we went up with this security already checked our credentials we go up. To the bill up to start going up and we think all of the top four yet. And then he walked us around through the building and got very lost and that we needed him for the for those couple weeks to take us. And he took us into a movement kitchen. That had a very small elevator very small elevator and he pressed the button in the news are nine and there and he was the elevator operator and there were no. The buttons weren't mark what for he was pressing so we never knew what floor we've Iran. And he pressed the button for the ABC's do Erica. Transmitters. And he opens up that the elevator opens up and we see these they cavernous great walls it wasn't pretty it was and it looked more like a battleship than anything else it was not that it. It was just they are yeah and so they walked us through the Q walk us through the hallway and these two cavernous store is that we're not mark we never it. We would never know which which which door this were to which TV station. When he and then we saw leave the operation of what we were doing further uptown. And then the other guys say to with a man who was teaching us he said are you afraid of heights and we should know is I wanna take up to the roof. Oh yeah so gripe that this sounds great. So I'm not afraid of heights even though it was I'm a 104 floors and roofs gracious and so so he called on the security guard comes it takes us to a bank. To a to a telephone a monitor and a exterior kinda staircase that was an enclosed and in the hallway there was just in the hallway actually. Now what happened was the armed we have to shore credentials for you to match it to the camera. To see our face to our credentials and the press the button and they now whereupon we walk up the stairs now on the roof. And the view is unbelievable is a beautiful day it was an October I remember and you could see forever. We're able to actually see the three airports in New York with the planes landing and taking off. That kind of distance you were able to see. And we were learning what we needed to learn and we were looking at the antennas and everything and then. The security guard was tying and whether us and on the southeast corner of roof. There was a Fella and he was sit in on the on the roof. Sitting just on the just just that they're no chair to sit and and I looked at the security guard as they listen to see a security guard is he watching us and he's the last and he said no he is the window washer. As an excuse me. He said yeah there's a guy counterpart down on the ground. And then he's off well at top and his job was to move the scaffolding from from track to track honestly has a goes up and down. And then he was responsible to do all land and then. I realized. On September 11. That either he or one of his counterparts was on her groove thing. And saw the planes come and random man. And that really freaked me out and there were also people here in the that was bill of those no it on those floors with the studio where the control rooms when the transmitter is where I had no windows. So none of the folks that were working. In those TV stations. Transporter rooms. Knew their demise but this this window washer fell one while we watched the plane come and kill robredo postponed though a story that I shared with. Now it's captivating. I mean amongst many that that many have. Syrian out and not that we can talk about are the deck and we talk about the remodeling industry and to talk about Mary. Drew back I think it's so cool he had this other and saying life at this previous experience in in New York you came down south. There any other and they told me story now on the astronauts are palace. Pretty collide to great story to I was 22 years old I was working on a Bob Hope special. Every year on the fourth of July we did so on the called stars and stripes you too young to know about that. For 1976. And it lasted for about 576. Was the last year than in there and that that in there and and he always Bob Hope always had these these great shows that they would bring on talent you know so I mean I work with. You know everybody and anybody that you can think of in the industry. But he also brought on likely the best baseball team in the best football team. And then he also brought a national heroes. So I was and then on camera who getting ready for us to tape the show. And then director and our rear sent to us everybody take a break Cote who use the men's room ladies room when we need to do and come back because. We're gonna do the show on the show is. We take it for a two hours and then they edited it. So I walked into a back bathroom and there was one other person in the room with me. And I looked at him and he looked very very nervous nom Tony 223 days. And he looked very very nervous and I looked Emma so what's the matter and he said. I don't like getting in front of cameras and I don't like being in front of an audience and get and I looked at him and I said sir. Q the first American to go into space and one of the twelve men to walk on the moon and you're free to do this it was Alan Shepard. All while my hand and that's a special memory there was a wonderful memory. And did you leases nerves. He got on stage he can frankly pretty count arms state senate I think this is a first American in space plotting these things that. Should I think that's how people give Annika on the at home with the early show on thing I've noticed like you very hit and yeah and it is an error in the staking his of the strong coffee and alleviate the dead they as the hornets nest are talking about a utility storage sometimes or or it leads him that's in the gym and now it's time relay them to trim and I can never do it as eloquently says of course looking into the glare of fun. Will bear why you hear a multi yet compliment you not come from a third generation family business in the construction industry. And now we when we started trying to grow because of people like huge. Inspired me to wanna grow this business and early two thousands when I came in after fifty years of business. I wanted to hire talented people and give them a chance and and all the old school guy as my dad included said you change. Stating grow up and construction you'll never became be in our business I don't know today in eating you see here. You're a business Manning you do stuff right and wrong and it and you do right. And you followed the part of Colin and you build on. And I think is I think it's a testament for that for the audience out there and a compliment to use that cheap you say here you don't even know anything about lumber whatever rain. And you become the biggest out of nine ER today franchises there. In the United States I think has some very big compliment to thank him. Two to hat how humble you arbitrage McCain eke taint learn and follow a system astronaut humble willing to excel what. Experts teach. And they did Pete went well and we ended up taken it all the way I week. We have a lot of great information and my advice to homeowners who are listening to this if they're gonna have a construction project done make sure your contract to get to permit. And it's very very important the the relationship that I had with the building apartment was fabulous. And sometimes they say no with the way we were doing it but we we knew that we were. By you having you home on our high airing a contract who buys a permit his like he's my he's too you're having him higher policeman to watch him you know. And it is very very important. Well very. Congratulations to all your career success to you and your family and thanks for joining us only half homeless probation thank you so much. Welcome back at home with proving a catcher for casting for revealing it. Everything top line along in case. Maybe handling of companies we are you guys. Can just wrapped up with and Alexei a legend in our industry and in theory Clemens. Pete he's always so gracious I think he hit the nail on the head and every time you're around him he just he just makes you feel smarter or one of the better he just has said. I think he's aware humility yeah humility and and I don't know if it were I'm sure resonated do the last two segments he was with this. If he he's just. Patient and meaning just the he rolls all. You know were talking before this segment the dells like the fast the same Intel on that story. Abbas about 9/11 and. And it. He just keeps keeps motive and an end. And and not our call I think it's a diligence and a per perseverance and asked Kent how he bill are today to be the number one. Are today franchise in the US not agree I think he does every everything he does is deliver. Another thing is and I'll let us say this. He sold or predict in September 2007. I was taken us today are not all waste all this in a subpoena. Part of me says the more airy can't you don't know which you know big genius very Clemens led. I must say that number line. The true a a true success story no news. Bach in tuition and win the Gideon and India now OK number one but number two. Berry. Was in it he in the cellar in the Nevada shelling go away and take his money. He was in it the width area and I don't know the whole story. But I know that they're dear friends and he was gonna make sure that air can't found success even through. 20092009. Meehan a new business under and it's great to noted that as an airy is doing well. And buried NASA that's the legacy barrels a leak. Now you eat you're you're right I mean a true leader is is it true leader Italy's position and they deleted a better spot in the organization or the team or whatever it's better. A poor leader and leaves something like an organization I am and I'm like wow. In 2000 tell my while married new an assailant and a light while Barry. Became completely a teammate with they're kin and they got in this thing together and I think that's a testament and number one. I'm not nearly as close and I know Eric in and day industry. But to both government there and their diligence of our press of rare to get through and and kudos to you. Yet not out I was really glad to have many anti appoint him to miss last you say it was podcast did the talking about homelessness and really neat stories. A Berry's time back in ABC in new York and then. Coming down south I think he says success magazine picked up the press release when he went he said from soap operas that he was in an arm on my children think it's anonymous yes. And as a technical director and then went today so they nicknamed article from Serbs to decks yeah. You gotta wash said they wanna watch it was inserted. Which it was kind of had a pretty good week this week we've got to see some some didn't. Charitable things in the community that. That you are now revert part of one was a breakfast at that Matt young person Taylor with the relatives of attack. I was unfamiliar with that organization. That they're doing some really great things that my wife Cindy sushi in Iraq some time that Ambien or in school system. Now royals great and in a few again I don't know anything about her relatives looking up. They help young people and this is a Halcion and they help it in that didn't the name says it always liked. You Saigon track haste and maintaining god bless round from. And I talk about my dad in my family him undo it in business when my brother and you and our white Brothers and we're partner we have relatives we have some night and frankly. If you only issue reflect don't you take your program. Wood which I think he should take it for granted to a point we'll. Now upon us and blessing but it's relative to the conversation you'd have appeared on segment TC and came in the industry. How is it is doubtful but yeah full of a lot of energy. Case Tony too ready to table salt and vinegar out gonna say not suddenly sound out capture everybody out there at the united say it. If you're gonna take over the world near gonna take every competitor down and you were just gonna be getting it really was going to be just and it lasted till mouth. Obama in Atlanta did he went to the treaty got here supplies that a bit then I realized I didn't have any money in the bank account. I've heard that story and I crowd yeah. They and I got even more feisty that but these little ordered by him blasting and I had outside relatives like Darian David Tyson a rainy Burres and these guys take me under their wing are. And then I had folks like my father. Emma grandfather who who were not blood relatives and and and that's from blast and and that's why I mean as part of while we Tuesday show that this way is what the Robie family is gonna only be built to own and we're gonna help people. And will win best in people with people whether they're in always associates partners. Who eat take take money to do projects or whatever or or people are so do their home where their office or whatever construction laws let's service realty. We're partners and in arguing that Mary my dad had decked characteristic he did you know you lean on hand to get rich quick move on on the road because because it and the Monday used to always say it always catches up with the bully never goes away. It never goes away it's always gonna come back and he chief you don't not trying cross UT so what he's always on turn into a nail. The Willie. It in and have some statements and trust and acting which he learned potentially from Darian from the newscast and it it had had started and each after he came. As a young guys is you put your arms on you tell that everybody put our sound oil price I think you and I experiences Berry was runner or the day you don't miss whatever ME over the years and Mary came in the day and said you know he used to work for us announcing yeah I do remember it vary but but it was like in and Berry we get some corporate drew from very he sub out some carpentry to rove Ian and then on the electoral side that. In and trying to get you'd use another young with professor Stan or I or working part I don't understand it might look very. Ras and Todd Wright is not ships were teammates in this thing. Eight in you you've obviously everybody says great great show today and so. I hope you're enjoying in the cooler air. Thank Bangalore. For all our blessings in and have a great Sunday and a wonderful week thank you for listened apple with ruby.