Ben Dobson

At Home with Roby
Sunday, June 10th
Ben Dobson, a concultant at NFP joins Patrick and Trent to discuss business philophies.

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The following is a sponsored program on WBT. Good morning welcome to at home with roving. Patrick Kaiser president of relief services along with the hasten. President and CEO of the relief Stanley and company's. Sunday morning. Trent had a big birthday earlier in the league happy birthday Trent. Ma'am don't wanna jinx myself a time make it tomorrow police he can make a nominee and lord please tell me. Trent is a big birthday main enemy of the da big four go tell your age you can't you can't go back then. This is known now when you know win means. Lyn Clinton. Move in Myanmar Mobley Scott west side. My dad had a fortieth birthday parties. And that was when you star owls and guess how is Palestinian. And you know he had. Whatever it was a little a little racy you know the fortieth are they part of but it was all politely pulled battle videotape now watch. And I'll limit and they hit alma go watch that I'll think about that the other day. Such a good memory in my dad that he was glad he's had net well I ever not only was all the Mosul I think that I'm with yeah I remember when my when my dad turned forty sunny. They had they had a big party at my parents house houseful. In my bra and us not now. And well remember vividly I kinda like watching the party. An Indian confidence and I got to marry and they did it did. 46. Inning when you when you're actually our agents. If it doesn't seem any different. Both I'm very young yeah are. But I'll tell you though all my friends are. Yeah. And. Fortieth birthday you look what are you dole and I'm not going to spend 101000 dollars the bowl party for myself I can tell you all. Crazy. Got too much money people won't mean as you know spend money almost out Abdullah for my kids every year and 200 dollar car scene and so. I am not spending money to celebrate my turn forty you could he's thereby not OG Kabila my brother in three weeks for gonna tune to comfort his birthday party. I have the papal he's a narcissism. Just like I got to say. I mean literally I think he's light of those polar opposite of that antibody that dollars and would agree that nobody about the NASA imam. Money to get a good hit them well and when I turn thirty a group of media mob buddies in the Arab are women. Went down and we stayed at ocean though hotel lead that has ocean nanny said that that's when you know the -- man I'm getting all bounced and it dilution annie's bar that's all old people bar is at Myrtle Beach in nearly went south slid dogged the house of blues. Nearby Palin knows my faith like I told melting. In that. That that was one of migrate this number is called Hewitt itself is Luke snoop doggy dollar note in Austin now the house tells them off base l.s prime my favorite conserved instant. Still as good Cincinnati went from eat your music and you have a new wide array in my life was doled out gang signs. In the house of Nazi. Outfit with the dollar down even do that he coaches football. Is a lot of metal ball says the administration. Put as arson the right spot you know. On May not in the course a little bit not all like yeah I think this on the coming but you know yet who brought you here you are you are and I grew low with these. These tough guys are a little bit I have a feeling this might be a recurring theme on the shows that you is really it sort of or do you like this in bin DOS things in here then Dotson from minute he is our is our guest today and group benefits specialist you know I have won gold this shows lacrosse. Being shut cheer some of figure out what in FB's stance and he gets Margo do you wanna say speculating. Dallas County that. Polluted. I don't know what is I have no clue national security finance I don't know. I think they'll be in SF OK okay at best TV show on preacher but. Now finally we have been in your Benz a good friend of the the bars. Tremendous no worker knows I think he he he is one of those guys just seem to know everybody in Charlotte. And in a different and a great partner in in a corn hole sponsors well. Yes and went in and now her Christian tell you before the show today we asked our pop on the court all turn in enough it'll be here before you know it it's our eleventh annual pay temper which is coming up this fall September 15. And Travis also do a neon green shirts September 15 and Travis also doing neon green shirt that we just skip September 15 Travis also do a neon green shirt with a unique eighties it on the in the pilot and safety class thing that be great but I Wear my corn hole shirts. Stop on you know they're already Hungary and I don't I don't think you'll assume cal would be easiest analyst Tony content shades of Myrtle Beach and that is always the younger than I did yeah I think I'm way too old format with like -- an American flag baiting suit. And work meaning. A hearing and maybe getting an attempt to play there iced always think my dad's genes were too tight. It's funny how that transition teach in this newly announced Zambrano is nuts. And thereby learn Doug Kidd again applicable pare it as you're right yet delicate task and it was like how I ran so they tell me the other day that their teenage children told them that Tony he'll paint was come on back. Man Tom we'll figure we'll loaded stuff I mean I got a Tommy Hilfiger shirt with a logo this is such a three footballs on the back. Yeah like a race enters the problem is when you had that they need to pricey three have you minute. I still Wear. I hit in the dill is half of its ran half both his YET notified. The flag he made a good Kamal mommies to bombing a lot of Tommy hill figure 'cause a TH a trailer paste. And is so cool the wait a lark I got Tommy Hilfiger at a I cannot believe my bed I mean I deceased to see him not have a brand new pair air jordans and need to look at my she's yeah like he did know about him that I know he knew. And did you shake his hated Cindy became the space you'd. And they did he always had a cold air when he was wearing like Sarah Jessica only I don't know solid analysis and stuff yeah closest thing after all says that before inherits in his shoe collection on my favorite things ever that he was and he always had this red red apple entries on you know. And wars shirt tail out this week's tech he'd pants suit Killen and always has some cool sunglasses from. You know he did we you know when I was a kitty were also bashing Colonia get ahold bought get compared to eight feet. And I'll watch because I didn't get less than and they say get him at Dillard's at these are small geeky gift to give back the difficulty is that upon I hear you tell what the bonus. Within Dobson dealer excited we got banned Dobson here. He. Is a salesperson an account executive for in FE join us talking business and we get back hang tight. Welcome back at home but Fred I'm Patrick and as a member of the services. Hastings on the ruby. Family of companies we are here it's I would Bluetooth setup on the first segment coming Alon acoustics. No basically Billy bass for things I thought you all and no face. Draw the note general rule the thousands in the house I at least to drop betrayal trap around. It took the place because it probably much kicker toils my and now we're not talking about the U member of bills and kicker close. And number eleven of virtual box in the back my Jeep Cherokee I know one thing blew all year air holes that's. The wealthy to have a minus and when they install in the back they put they put a hole in the guest thinks my car had missiles sending gas Larry win this. Tim a lot of figure that out while Muslim trickster that court granted that's a main part of the credit to you a favor and it was fortunate to be done well Manila asphyxiated and her eight years in steal my boombox. Welcome bids and they've been I Hedo and I'm Gerry yes you and bring I would say. We'd like when we can give me and speechless like the most I'm speechless person government move he means dead and the nice thing I'm the only 100 hit it. Some being who grew with so little so much on first Salem that your fellow tar heel I am but you play for. The pro Islamic the honor of across there you did spoiler crossing from Charlotte I am. So give you a story. From Charlotte so once several players across memo wife their freshman year. Will be married twelve years and August's three kids. And and and Charles is a graduate of Fellini you're still law mean if you. In our FaceBook page we have never suppan at a picture of our guests on the face the pace really weak. Indians still looks like he could he could suit up and play lacrosse with jets ten our time our best of flexing I think there's actually a picture of tranda both his arms up he's shown the guns. I'm the big east a culture across here in town right I did this this year is the first you're out and are very had a guy with a third kid it was tough to six coached high school and leave at 3 o'clock there were limited because varsity. A country as well as a couple travel teams well my name is did Indian you know obviously your day job is within FP in. Group benefits is yours is your leisure specially and that's what you know best and and you are our partner and that and that arena near Austin who ate a big time sponsor or corn holed terms of imagery say that I believe your gold sponsor this year then in February talking about quarrel tents. Coral turn this September 15 sim market counters without being here before you know it. Yet we sponsor for a few years now we we love it we also donated a lot of the at the boss that that's make course all that we donated a lot of anabolic. A bottle I guess in our donations particularly yes that data and if he's clad says it's via sponsor and yeah as a in my area of expertise is health insurance we also do for own K commercial insurance as well now you do a great job I just on the little things you tell me here. Yeah yeah it yeah 'cause lacrosse because some some knucklehead teenagers right correct okay gain your health insurance gap. Why are you need to Lyles all your muscle mass depleted. I don't and kids respect that you use our new rumor that Carolina you're lied to started the whole and they could they can still Google you insulated and there's some blues and they can verify that I didn't play their so okay so silly can Google in dobbs yes later on today now he's like in real ready doesn't want us to the end all thing Clinton and I think. My favorite TV show Mumbai I was home improvement Blair witch project was my favorite movies about how long ago I was I never watched Blair witch project it's it was given and I. In India it is a new big thing hairs on the back here next CNN especially if you did it camping trip in our Allan MTV came out that was just pretty scary. I mean you know unsolved mysteries got me off all access song gassed. I think he has and we lived there are road track and I'll always concerned. Then nobody let's go bill now railroad tracks and in men. Now the had been Ambien RET in FB. Was a stamp for. This is tenacity while my enemies is a national audience being National Financial Partners and I'm sure we pay me and a large amount of money it's a marketing firm that. Through the downturn anything financial had a negative connotation so we're just an escape. While I can never know that always follows it out of the loop now let's doesn't even come. And there Helen Alice catchy real quick he still has been some animation of Ramstein the wording is rights you'll do a really good job of promoting your brain on things that people are going used. And I am pointing at bins yeah Eddie cut that as a name PA here here live on the side. I have one of those in my house insists something I was gonna hang onto it that we talk about that on the show all the time if you got a brand something brand something that people are gonna hang onto and keep. And that's what you guys have Denny you get the value there. We we do bomb you know it it's. You guys are builders have this in my opinion we we decide is on the money for yet he just because of the brand name. The way yet he is there other alternatives out there won't version but as Arctic is a version bit. You know what thus we said we Grossman the money because I don't want some might say hey and happy this is the BB minus the down a world correlates we have actually conservatives are saying hang our hat and shirt so we do this thing you know when I. I was able to talk Herman has been set of the you know the poll that way ten pounds when it gets what we do now without Peter Millar and here we spend some extra money for the stuff that's why give those cock cotton thread count core culture yes that the new trendy Heather. I believe I'll also helps pushy towards that direction as well I don't think. What is he is he has done it is not an amateur they say he's been on here before I do you recall that coming up maybe on the last time you hear was two years let me ask you question what EDD. Give better guess than getting coasted the CEOs of businesses. Because solid law ethic he has draft he'd done stand for any thing. Scotty Cameron putter with your logo Lawler. Well what you can't see is that there's also a bottle of make that two of of hockey here that I got for trance or a birthday concert tomorrow and I'll look at. And I don't drink vodka. But fortieth birthday but the senate skull. And that was that I got to Charlotte it's I think just in Accra is something I'll guerrilla control on the put it in my office DeSagana hodgepodge are cool stuff from your partner asked him what you like to drink and he texted me he doesn't drink liquor as I walked out of the BC star that's at a says about to take daily dollars Johnny's every a bush like man I don't drink any bank sorry I'm here and we should we talk about you the truth and Pepsi and radiant is Sunday morning T writes all come home better be careful pace he. ABC's doors and I aren't you gotta be real we're real ownership and out of you yet being released say yes right. So. Had to get into the health care sells business. Been doing for about ten years now I know my father had eight individual insurance business consolidated planning. Did after a few years. Boss dad dynamic puzzles challenging side. One of the spread my own wings and moved over to the groups out of the business so we we work mainly with companies that I had balls bad yeah. It's it works for some folks it's it's harder for others will love you know almost say this publicly I hate dollar and services. I have a lot of that we we have to partake in it. This health protection when you run a business and I think he needed them knows the the various. Avenue Asia need to protect yourself. Only in terms at least once a week somebody tells me they what I do for a living but I don't like prepaying for some of them I think it. On a great day out never giving value for the the reality is yes your largest cost modest payroll as health insurance. Sometimes if you're in a risky business in my view workers' comp for les depending undersized but so your top four line item so. And Costa who's going up and often out playing I think that the entry into transplant and that's why you have to have somebody like. Dinner in FP or sport or somebody that knows that you're doing you can navigate this for unisex on the house by yourself you know you greatest show aren't slow but I'll tell you hey this vision embodied tasty treat it this is where my story's going. Is when I read all of us in this book is the first thing you do when you grow a business cheat you get over that first mode. He EG delegate all the things you don't like being winners and a real good Palin went in sharks and I was the health. Because that's pretty safe united you make money you'd lose money you know. So sought delegated that David McGuire in 2008. And got the heck out away in them but. I'm 345 years ago you came in and our and our business up and you've done an excellent Dow closed his vision and he's still compliment regular nighter knows me and Tom and Harry. But. You have done a great job and and I get them now. Piggyback off beer for networking prowess. And grow my business. Plus good idea you'd get you'll understand their business to business is the way to get. And if you can help somebody. Before they help use it'll come liked him folding you do it in the right way and NASA's. Must my business lesson of the day that that my dad told me that in choke on time and and due to say you're gonna do and it's 95% and about half out. Korea doing Syrian anti for sales standpoint I mean it sounds so simple it I mean I would say is more than 95%. That's still yet to do it in economists somebody who says that. In the end it's on the doesn't do it is is worse and it's like just waiting for acquitted so says hey if I'm he proposed on Monday did to me on Monday. Don't make me come find Joseph wins they ask for the proposal lists and that's that's what people do it's it that's a common place of what Hussein is exactly right listen do we say he gonna do. And he did show up on top tell you what you do and I think Roy BMO brother and try our traditional business those real good job of this. The U fight for your client and the client doesn't have to bully you and fighting form he you do look proactively seek out answers is that. The donor can heal this game it is again my toes and heels. I have a ruling is story to tell about G. If you hang tight with the so young will come back a few minutes sounds good US and. Welcome back at home the red faction to cast its. I got tells the story. No basis segment three that we dropped it on that day I don't dislike as a base guitars you are you respond well. Now widely seen indeed it's all the have to accept a Nestle's magnolia has been honest and while I was using metaphors are dead that an adult personalities there's some reason every time upload ma I had a buddy. Bobby injures Simien as songs Obama's own citizenry then it's on your leaders you know it's an area close enough iron in my car. It's our fine and all about that based on items like ET that I love you Bobby but not only like best song best. Definitely tell everybody he ought to engineering leading in and tell you people the all I mean I'm Trent paste them. And we're with been Dobson of NFP things are yes and as. Great business prowess also sells and tell a story about band. I thought I said Ben's really get a doing business the business but one thing been hasn't learned his I was on the trail when it down to the masters he took us at a masters. And I brought along a one a mob rule good friends Davis global who's been on the radio who has a lot of employees he'd be a great account and I think been trying to earn his business. And with the with the one bang is flatter your potential customers and customers as in Davis doubtful so when they want to arm wrestle you. And they think they're big they're kind of play a factor kind of a parallel meathead that you are. Little window arm wrestling match I ever seen me play golf. Well what he's not saying is he said if I want arm wrestling match he would let me have his business so seat he won our it was a it was a tough one for you into it was a good battle as it was this whole world should only until the next Angel home in our way to forward this to Stifel just so we just listened that's going to be great he -- -- -- may not that I did I think he'd be I think he win I'm with DB and no I did until it is well I don't want it I like it's finally reality right yes I mean I was like you're not win in this arm wrestle manage to give it -- out of Madison was a Muslim you are pretty strong. And then if they want arm wrestle me on my unit are Ruskin I'm real good golf. Liars are in my bag that I had a tough luck if they're at home record at the picnic motive but I didn't eat beef. Yeah. And the god. He's yeah this I like a harder bucks kid the right idea actually not enough arguably. Well look we had we will just be that can be year you kiss see about that that's their insurance money now that I feel like Batman has been about a month and a half a bug it definitely at least. That twelve and it pays fat fast pay makes fast friends so I'm pretty confident visible to honor you today if he didn't pay me automotive PayPal like that they take money he could have been met him and now he's forty he might not know had to deal anymore and that's true. Then he is so he's out of the millennial realm disappointment not forty yet. Will you only Gloria there's forty by the time the radio I gotta I says I got us in this emotional week wife in the world breaking you're the bomb. And she went out of town this last week in I had all four kids for a forum a gross true. Went on the blown out what it was fate of her good friends on nine girls. And and I know in the church Sunday and all these people were tell me happy birthday and I might min. I truly special like these people know my birthday is how does while. And then I sit down and and I look in the bulletin and the flowers in the church that day were saying and all my half of them. Mom birthday my fortieth birthday so that's how they news. Kamal why did that she snuck ended that. Is searching issuing a metres of putts per killed first. I think it's the first come alive over bring you flowers. Well you know she's saying to put up with you so glad I mean I think that everybody in the ring just now their heads I think what he said that. A phase of Gilman who saw it is sort of maybe I. It could cheat sheet is project maintained that in the you're doing a project here house tendencies that she's a project manager rang and she Dow Leonard. Unleash her homers so she cannot believe how old slack our industry is and a. On satellite I am always so sad. She's like I mean why would he not show up at who's been Sony always come by because. All the other guys are. The hidden in a little harder than you are this is a tremendous anyway because both in during the break and then don't we are talking about maintaining your house. Yup and not having to deal with which end is referring to. Yes doesn't it because of why we have three little kids and they just beaten our house says beaten down so we're paying me entire interior of our house. Which is pretty invasive project has pursued three little kids. So we are going to be at the beach for two weeks and so instead of me having to go out and finally get the pricing manage these people and be gone we we hired ruby handyman. To manage that project for us just to kind of give us a piece of mind that while Oregon. They're Watson house. An and Maria back hopefully everything birth whenever you will be done. And look great Serwer we're excited about getting that done I have a little hesitation is. Accusers can and draw all over again that's a paperback and a good paying the worry to wipe it off for the most part that's great I hear your great client we appreciate the business and the only good voice he's really electric I believe he's he's. Out pops plumbing the only thing that you guys wrote be heated and cool we I don't know I don't know denied knowing Dallas analysis looked egg adults. Yeah play tomorrow no luck asset I've never received. Flour until Sunday but yeah ever received a flowered you never told me thank you for your run news. The rose on your door about a month ago. We did never figure out who that was while well thank you angels fly out there yet. Paula always say no without any of those on his still okay educate you had to come pick up something in that same paid a month off close yup and that left the road news. Com did you pull that in his yard we had been I know we had been listened to the Steven Tyler on the way south stop motor rose one while I appreciate that sums up how does not think he I didn't realize those youth. There is only one listening to if you put it goes on your house and found like before Halloween is at the same kind of deal I got it on the Internet I can read only goes and put it on somebody else's door moon. When I was sad I was not I had a well. Man. The net sixty daily do you have heating cooling dedicated to that we we Berlin officially put that out there about two weeks ago months and I don't know that I'm slowing about it that the suit for about a Monty sitting on Leno last couple times by now I bet that. And the whole let evidently we have ruby ruby heating cooling is that we we we don't work on us for a couple years as you well know hopes. And we we found 888 promising leader in Downey's doing a wonderful job so far well if I can tell. Story. I was with Trent hanging out no sound how greats. Of the fronts. People on the phone or both for Roby electric as well as Robie any man. And made that the joke goes a complete openness and wanted to hire them. And that trend to not to seem to take that very well I gave him an edit mode Geron paste the what you without I had crooks now that I advise but my point is just from start to finance. Deceiving making employment have ruby come over wherever channel you are using. And they're great to work with on the front and all the way through to completion when you know we started with a broad be electric it. In ten years ago eleven years ago and in and in rebbe handyman. And and now we have common in NH VAC your heating and cooling so now it's Roby services we re branded as so we won't some Heidi Collins say Roby services and and if you alleged core prominent way Devi. So so we work hard on Mac I'll tell little other story about when I went dollar wrestle match took place. Would you took me down to the masters and I think he took me down own Thursday that's correct it was great. And Ali you light wouldn't estimated departure date of Friday you are right my granddaddy can you tell us through go and he kicked out through talking too much at the golf term them and Hauser of socialized in that world. And I got a picture John and I had a leave. And we got a picture John Daly from a Betty yeah and I had a lead. Friday morning. And I left Sunday morning and yet I left Friday the American on Saturday you are still there. He's got a column color and they was so worried that I was gonna embarrass every day you had it not a mountain news a bunch of new customers coming in and staying overnight at this Al that they thought you were hired entertainment they ask you that this. As they did he said he came off as he said the one Dallas really concerned about it's he's used is gonna do wrong thing. Call me and told me thank you and how much sit up pay leg. Well and I think your are cherished the checks in the mail. And I don't know but now there to be fair and I could've gone either way they could but it's better to do to get to be fair. But I skirt that allowed Purdy you ask my wife and I can't delaying that and C says people drama she says she says I'll let my guard down too much and people don't understand me and so what has their own problem and you say is Eli is he's got to be original that's what assault by outright today. Debbie who we are will be and thank you for the great service that you provided NFP anomaly gave via plug if you need it. Great expertise in the insurance world from specifically health insurance went for your business will be in but also yelled you're firm does southern churches. In the west almost cast yep the dollar wonderful how else I knew I asked. You get an FBI common just look for our office. That we were on the southeast region out of Charlotte so. I'm pretty easy to locate the own lines of Sanofi were penned out and then you get to us quickly what thanks for joining us on math home for recess absolutely. Welcome back at home with drove. Guys from room service. Our tastes. From the ruby family of companies real warrior pose the Ian Dobson. That I like men dolls and always have good summing an element out he he he Pete Pace getting picked on about as well as anybody I know. I now gospel message copilot isn't very critical and you as a colleague edit it I guess they don't morning Latin prime besides myself and you've got to take it so well that's wonderful that now you die you're not taking this so I got stories. But. One day about 330 years ago we were having our annual goal setting him on culvert a year maybe four years ago was that toot toot my number one goal was to get better off. And we had our managers in a crude is up play so much gossip you know for business and relationships. And it's miserable. Because I'm terrible. And and you came out to me actually you real serious and he said hey man I think he needed. I don't know pod changing gain people enjoyed playing with these. Now was mom's arm wrestle stories that tell me to let people win but he bit and you have gotten tremendously better camera like the first time I think we ever. Only played her it was work was in was it in Palm Beach when you're build a house down there you renovating. A house down there in and I he had since Indy game has vastly. Really. Played so good that round you tell me that all the time and I thought I was on my best rounds ever done. He had this banana hostname that was working on and just one Warrick and it'll it was working but what are gonna do I just remember we were planning on islanders did not client bill formally grant got on my very first I as a sharp move down there and mountain to tell me in the cumin and renovating his house dropping an elevator and it was great. Wonderful experience. But he was a member at breakers so we got to play the breakers which is pretty nicely don't give the attorney that the company was Oxford that bill or borrowed time yet. We did have a good time candidate he slept in the in the pool house is and he talked us in the civil floor or. In that slept when I was there for three or four days in advance sleeping bags. In sawdust in the morning just disk successfully did. I'll tell business that was fun I'll tell business isn't that unless that's a in my favorite thing about play and the breakers was the water was down and upon an -- sound like a hundred Prodi wants. You don't go to pro V one is this like a golden golf ball and so queries range balls out of our house all bummed out. But you know when I went down Maryland honored baldness Al Saud drove down my final was in Chicago I drove down. That morning with a 44 to five month project of not a not even have Minnesota plans or anything out all ahead don't was budgeted. And that close on my house said today. A wake ups and I was styles of frat day. And I and I wake up that week and asked are having a lot of anxiety because everybody's tell me kaine get a permit in Palm Beach County for. More sim months. And almost almost cost only have senate plans until starters prodding they wanna move in import file must act and business lesson. Should your words matter to insult salute. How Witten set up camp at the Permian apartment and within two days what I got an engineer and had any engineered plan grown within two days. And then I set up camp at engine and a permanent department and I knew all those women and the women lice scandals since. In candy bars and stuff then. He got the plot got the perm in six days and I was in the historic bishop but he told UB three to four months yeah and I'll never do an old southern bullying or download. Southern Florida which is not southern I have. Heard you tell that story to coached some of the younger guys have trouble again permits I think that's a good test emitted if if if he is a leader of of the company's loan to sit there for two days. We don't hear me talk about these young GAO's. It's like my wife is live in this and sees she hears she knows Albanians and Al so and I was given a hard time. But these young guys I mean like the greatest cannot make colonel world's John Carriker build my dad's candidates and 77 in his house he's also. And he's economical for with the values the best value beach that working. And these guys. Why aren't you won't comment back in my head he showed up in his office at 5:30 in the morning drank Coke cups coffee with him and talked a little brigades is they go. I shouldn't have to do that well if you thank you shouldn't have to do that you might be in the wrong business. You're never going to be successful men she got to get down people and let them understand unity. So. Not and I agree need your time that it because it's so it's a work ethic thing to you we had a breakfast with our plumbing group this morning. I did MI mean that unduly didn't Jesse. Just just totally just the leaders and they were talking about a younger helper assays aims and Lavelle. And they did not start talking about how hard is cowards and how much they want to take him underneath there winging. Determined it he he wants to be a plumber which is really exciting for young kid that did give to be dad. That they're taking the heat is such a hard workers are trying to stop many office in to say they're both in just keep while you clean. So much and don't opt out Calero and Agassi LeRoy LeRoy raised me as a worker friendly rank it. And I still gonna see LeRoy we talk about my damn I love my dad he raised my dad really human dead outside just. It in I I said this last thousand literally. Dead used to always say you can tell how some fireworks my how to walk out her truck I agree landline I mean 100% out that well what they're looking at how fast are welcome how to put together. Movement literally tell me that would now hold the one thing about all of those sounds great which came over shooting physique he got training now. If these kids now they get all excited ASEAN happen and then and then it won't it real bad and then they say they're gonna hang in there and and I don't have patience and you got a coach patience and train patients. Has thrown one build a day. In this give prying I'll be the best plumber in two months Macon. Thirty dollars an hour he needs you got egg eating there right. I'm just saying attend you ever hear wins and fourteen dollars an hour whatever but to get to that next level. I don't mean obviously it is a process and I think Tim is just like you went to school for four years torn economics but clearly the warriors believe it cannot solve forty lose decrepit. Now on the all heard enough felt like thousand college right right salute. I know any better not have my bet coach Jim Meehan a micro business that I got the see and study. And hostility and aspirations and Al's prime most patient kids there Wallace you know relatively so. I don't know man lot of business lessons today it was a Dylan. I enjoyed it while Hank thanks for listen that at home with Roby we hope you'll have a wonderful Sunday. Take care.