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Tuesday, August 7th

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Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing real. Nice exaggeration. Start to maybe go to some street. We knew it was 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiated better deal but that's like OJ Simpson saying don't rock find the real. Good Tuesday morning welcome your broadcast good to be back with you. I wanna start off. Talking about someone who made it real more. In history. Which is really interesting because both had some other thoughts this morning. Just a profound thought went to my mind getting share a little bit later on. On the subject of race and racism and hatred. So. Be sure her be prepared to take notes or maybe you don't have to take notes because may be opposed to send social media and overcome viral. But I that was quite profound. Will go into this in a bit. But let's start by. Telling you about someone who's passed away. Who made quite an imprint it's only here. In the Carolinas but also across the nation. You probably aren't familiar with the name Jay Kenneth Lee. What you should be. He's one of the first black students to attend the university of north Carolina at Chapel Hill. What was so special about this. Parenthetically. If you're figured out yet. I'm a person who very much. Believes in pioneers. Now he by now you probably know when my pet peeves. Our followers. In just absolutely. Drives me up the wall to watch people following. At a time we desperately need leaders people are gonna step out from the pack can say you know what this sister direction we need to ago. Boldly do that and risk the ire of the crowd. And I will tell you I don't mind saying this. I immense. Concerned about the Republican crowd is I am the Democrat crowd which is why am glad we have a republic and not a democracy. Because it turns into a mob very very quickly. Along the way there are people had to take risks. I admire people like debt. Who stepped away from the pack. Who really do. Only risked their lives. They risk money. Many times stay don't have that. It was one of four black students who joined the lawsuit 1949. This would ultimately change history. And ends at the desegregation. Of the UNC School of Law. Mr. Lee passed away. Yesterday if the age of 94. And there are some 94 this guy lived a long life. And I'm sure he very much. Enjoyed the legacy. And the impact he had. This funeral was in Greensboro. He and fellow plaintiffs. Are represented by another big name. Thurgood Marshall. At the time he was the director counsel the NAACP legal defense fund. And they issued no. Thurgood Marshall would go on to become. An associate justice of the United States Supreme Court. Other names she probably do not know. Harvey beach James Lassiter Floyd. Because sick and James Robert walker. They enrolled at UNC School of Law. The first black students to be admitted in the history of the law school. Plea would grind to become a prominent civil rights attorney in Greensboro with a career spanning. More than five decades of active practice. Martin Brinkley dean of the UNC school of loss at this. At least one of the law schools great citizens of the twentieth century. Has strengthened commitment to justice pave the way for students not late that law school but at the university just tireless work. Arguing civil rights cases across North Carolina created positive changes that are still felt today. And will continue to be felt for years to come. Please. And the other students have an impact on admissions this was the point where UNC began to desegregate. And it's not just the impact on law. And this particular school other graduate and professional schools the university would file. Years later black students admitted the UNC college of arts and sciences. We and his fellow students applying and getting admitted to the UNC School of Law followed decades of legal battles. Eventually led to 1950 one's. US Court of Appeals case practicing vs Carmichael. After a landmark US Supreme Court decision and sweat versions pain or 1950. According to the university. He went on to represent the majority of the 17100. Civil Disobedience cases in North Carolina that started to guess where. We see Woolworth's sit in is a 1960. Included the rest of his own son Michael. This is pretty. Profound. The first legal action to desegregate public higher education in the south also involved a black student. Trying to gain admission to UNC. You just never know. By taking that one step. Did you have such a tremendous impact. A tremendous impact. I also wanna share with your quote in light of what I've just communicated. About this great American. One of my favorite intellectuals. His voice needs to be magnified much more than it is as opposed to the loud mouth that's we very often here. Who are designed to represent black people. I have no problem with this guy representing me. Referring to Thomas sole. Here's what he said. Racism is not dead but it is on life support. Kept alive. By politicians. Race hustlers and people who get a sense of superiority by denouncing others as racists. Wow. Isn't that the truth. They gotta keep this alive. Got to keep that narrative alive. Cedar people. Once they turn the corner and opportunity presented itself here in the United States of America they never turned back they just kept going. And of course excellence. There are other people who still want to live like it's 1960. I declare as a black man I refuse to live like it's 1960. Nor why pass that crappy poison on to my children and another generation. I'm gonna share that quote that I wish. Talking about a little bit earlier. After the break. I thought this was rather profound because there's so much talk about patent. You probably won't hear this in the context of one of the subjects will discuss a little bit later encouragement Jeff Duncan scored to join us about a piece of legislation he has offered. It makes a lot of sense but I'm sure some people won't be able to see. The forest for the trees. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Other Vince Coakley radio program. We told you about it's a real pioneer. When the first black students to attend the university of north Carolina at Chapel Hill. I made a comment about racism coming up gonna share. I thought that I eight. Just came out with this morning I wanna share with you want it tested our new C would you think. So if you agree maybe you disagree. We gets that just a bit first Oprah the text line. Some of you have an incredible sense of humor. Starting here in 94. Referring to Jay carefully affects mainly used to the ripe old age of 9494. Hot. Like many of his contemporaries a B 88 red meat smoked and drank alcohol that led to the demise of his long life. If that is pretty clever. You know in this kind of an intriguing thing I don't know what's his dietary and other health habits were. But it is intriguing when you find that some of these people. Do things that's you might think. You know would caused him not to live so long. And we're very often surprised. Also on the text line. More humor here. There's another black gentleman that has three names. And he broke new ground his name was Rodney Allen repeat he was funny. Charles will probably get that when others in the room probably will not. Also. On the serious side. Prince thank you for sharing mr. Li's story of courage are so rare. And this. From a reformed redneck. I'd love to hear more of your story is to you how your characterize yourself as being reformed rednecks. I mean you're not ridicule more I don't know good morning Vince wanna start your show off with a prayer. And have viewing your family thank you very much absolutely appreciate that. And the Smart Alec part of me says something I used to say why I still say friends of mine. To many since being messaging praying for you thank you need the prairie you need the practice. I mean Mets in love of course. A lot of fun with friends. I want to share this dot and I I want to know what you think of this this just went through my mind this morning. In light of how much the word hate is to run around and unfortunately. This is not just any Democrat thing anymore. I now hear Republicans going around. Whining complaining about hate. My talking about. Well because you disagree on some particular subject your heater. And it's unfortunately Republicans are using the same argument to mirrored just I hater you hate so and so. And you know who would normally involves. So therefore to disagree means to eight. Here's my mind you telling you think about this. I've observed there seems to be more hateful talk about hate then evidence of the hates many decry. Let me repeat that again. I've observed there seems to be more hateful talk about hate. Then evidence of the hate many. Decry. Does that make sense. Do you guys understand what I'm saying here in the studio. Yeah talking about eight. A lot of venom and those yes but those words people use praise similar social media precise if there was what I said via the other day I wish I saved. But I I basically set a private message that person has like what's up here you could tell there was a real edge. You know all I know it's. It was a high school friend of mine who made the comment about. You know how he sick of all these religious bigots out the religious hateful bigots. And I thought to myself oh my goodness. That's a loaded with post. So what is it in awe and you know at some point. If I see this. Gentlemen at my high school reunion here and a few weeks I may very well past that question and mind this a little bit. Cynical empire brought tens people don't realize the hate that they are really containing themselves. Because the truth of the matter is I think people think it's okay. To hate people they think are haters you'll notice that. How we just gang up in this is where people turn into a mob. We had this person these people they're evil so therefore. It's okay he got them. Because they're haters. It's more difficult for yourself in their shoes NC well why do they have that stance whether they've yes. That's that's a lot of work that's the question that people ought to be asking because of which were probably find there is some type of hurt or wounding. Then we can have a serious conversation wine. Are you so wounded. I know I see this in one for no money no from college. On the subject of christianity religion. And I know why he pros what he does all the time. Because as Derek was a pastor. And he saw the upon receipt of religion. So this continues to hunt this kid's life and I see this all the time. And it may be this it may be an issue like homosexuality. It may be any number of things. That people are very sensitive about and therefore. To guard their place in their position. They have to strike out of people. Out of vengeance. Because someone hurt them. There's that phrase and I used it several times in this program hurt people hurt people. If you ever wanted to know why people behave the way they do in if you want to find out go ask that person right is it you're so angry. What is it that hurt you. Let's go out to call from Joseph good morning sir. I don't know Fred tune out. That double I'll statement that you made reference to. More. Pain and about it didn't but I think Google all marvel. In reference to what that. Immediate cost. We are content that. And he's been so. Right call on Ricky the past efforts to you and how well. And both look up an idiot you are updated about the just how are about IT they're so K. About someone brought it built our debt load a victim of June oh. Put up another point you. So I think the war. And hit recording epic about 42 main gate a clear understanding of how. So. Chang EG GM I'll just double break up can be built and are at stake. Better not go there you go bowl bet that corporate take over (%expletive) but label. Fault that the subtlety of well read my feet because the Europe that it did blow well others better and how. Hole though it meant it. And are a couple stole it. So I can't remember at night did we get a great quote about jump at about oh yeah. I would say they bullying that they had put it on life support. Oh cause. People. That'll be an insecure Billick bit the banks out of pocket go if I had a policy of optical but what they about worried that. That's. A bit got it back pocket but we look at the. That is really good in and you and you fit on the head again Joseph appreciate your call. You know a lot of times in UC this somebody comes across thinks he really strong and really are intend bolt. Ends sometimes which you're looking at is a scared child. Fans. That's not strength but actually weakness. You just never know what's going on inside the human heart never know. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Keeps talking 1110 psychiatry WPG. And what things have very curious about. We keep your perspective we this is not been a subject for a lot of discussion. It seems to winged. In significance the death penalty. The death penalty in recent years. The left has employed. The strategy of going after the methods are vexing Q Sheehan. To the point where in some places like North Carolina you don't see executions because. There have been all kinds of challenges about the constitutionality. Of the practice. Now we have. Pope Francis who has waited on the death penalty. Declaring the death stories never admissible. In the Catholic Church work towards its abolition around the world. This is added to the catechism of the Catholic Church. This is a big step. Partly catechism of the Catholic Church. This makes it official. The church adaptation is the death penalty is inadmissible because is that it is an attack on the infallibility. Of indignity of the person. And states it will work with determination toward its abolition world wide. And his positions and and evolving now for quite some time. Going back to John Paul the second series from 1978 to Tony fifteen. In his Christmas message in 1998. He wished the world consensus concerning the need for urgent. And adequate measures to end of the death penalty. His successor Benedict Benedict. And the document published in November Tony eleven call on society's leaders to make every effort to eliminate the death penalty. Princess then wrote a letter to the president of the international commission against the death early march 2015. Today's capital punishment is unacceptable. However serious to condemns crime may have been it. He added the definitely entails cruel inhumane. And degrading treatments. And was to be rejected due to the defective clo activity of the criminal justice system and in the face the possibility of judicial. Error. So I'd love to know you'd think. Especially. Those if you were Catholics are mongers. Is that something that you embraced you agree with this position. That the purpose taken are on the death toll. Because this is pretty brought. Susan just. I mean envy of your most extreme case someone who's a serial killer a multiple murder. How about someone who has. Murdered and tortured children. I mean. These said the circumstances I think. Many if not most Americans would certainly say this person definitely deserves the death federally. Do you believe there are exceptions for that matter do you believe this ought to be. Abolished altogether. Is that where you are look to get your thoughts. Here at Seton ten minutes after the hour 11 o'clock let's take a look at the data history. August 2 to 2018. And we have four items are list. And will put the guys in the studio on the spots. Beginning yen up this critical year 1776. This document signed by 56 delegates. An enlarged copy was then sent on to London. What was the documents. Declaration of independence. You are pure match it's. 1909. Let's see how I should ask this question. We didn't do quite that came out in 1909. And they've had the former president on it it was our Penney. Whose image. On the penny in 1909. In the very first line. Currently Lincoln Abraham and you are corrects Abraham Lincoln. And all so 1943. Historic event. Some people may not be aware of they torpedo. Seems the PT one a nine vote. With this future president on board do you know the story and those. Who visits. Go ahead of edge you didn't come into the Mike and John F. Kennedy yes side kind of the big move yeah. Pretty amazing isn't it's a lot of people do not realize this 1990 I remember this night very vividly. I remember the rush to go to gasoline pumps to make sure there is plenty of fuel. Because. Everybody knew that war was probably coming. This country. Invaded another country. You can name. Both countries. In order to get the correct answer to get credit for each. What country invaded the other country 1990. As the Kuwait getting your baited Barack you are correct. Like yesterday. And yet you believe that was 199028. Years ago. That is just unbelievable. That's a look at our day in history. Coming up we're gonna talk about some drivers ends a crazy story. Especially crazy story about somebody obviously desperate for some fruit. We'll tell you what links this person went to you let's sell grunt to Dennis once talked about the death Tony good morning. Good morning. I would like to talk about our lord Jesus Jesus Christ himself. Who submitted himself to handle all the land at that time meets the son of god. Who had all the power to stop themselves from being killed but he's submitted himself to the death penalty. They have good genes that themselves can submit himself to the death penalty for a fancy did not even come minutes. How can the church say that the death penalty is wrong. They're ventures in perspective. There was no. Led beds no time. Did you see any advocacy on the part of Jesus Christ to say hey. You should be killing people. Now he did not. That's kind of interesting I've never heard anybody ever make that point Dennis. Give you an a for originality let's try to Caroline Estonia. Well. I heard only part of what the other color that Erin. Jesus and my belief is not. Only man and I mean are you not only human needs following man and fully heal and god right which we are not god. So lacked was. He was able to do it does it have anything to do I think what may have only being a inland but the Catholic Church is not changing it they aren't. It's always believed that life it's pressure like it given by god and that. At all the way up to the point of death that person can choose. She is change their mind and become a believer and believe in Christ as their savior so. You would definitely agree with the position it's taken here. I just I'm confused as why it's seem to be such. It's just think formalized but it's always been there at Philly then that life has been fracture the. OK okay it's that's fair enough. We have more of your thoughts as we continue our conversation. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Didn't scooped. He is talking 111033. WPG. Lot of people very eager to talk about this issue of capital punishment. Let's. Pickup. In more South Carolina and tried to build good morning sir. Yeah boring I'd like to say that we should change determined that from death penalty. It just a death sentence. This is not about punishing some undated that heinous of a crime scene about eliminating him from this sizable potential. But having in the wall and do it again. And I think that was the original intent. Was to remove them. From society permanently rapper. Yeah firmly and judgment still stands but god he will journey that person if you find that person. That did this mentally insane or at some other reason for the as the ultimate ability to forgive. But we did so nation and a populist absolutely. Meet criminal pedophile that removed from marsh side you'll never have a great society. Our rights fair enough appreciate your call their bills let's try to Steve in Charlotte good morning. Good morning Elizabeth Peters got her on capitol partnered. Air air their third we didn't hear your opinion we wore leather cricket and need to follow Christ. Let's listen to work your caller earlier who would talk about it and thought evidence or acquire the against capital punishment. I think he has been clear the other direction. All scripture says the government is established by god in that we should fear if we. Don't disobey the law. Is spark capital punishment. Then quietly before all. And he wouldn't answer questions I was you are realizing that our life and death over year. The deal is responsible you wouldn't have that part is what's good and you've ever bother. I'm on the road like you look at the exact record for your best record Q are you that perspective. You say even there there's a recognition of hey this is something you have the power to do this is sub. In. Market through year end. And local governments certainly give a lot of that they certainly didn't we're gonna have that right well listen didn't you Omar are. He's recognizing the year the role of civil power and authority there's no question about debt. Let's go out to wonder who seems to have strongly personal story here good morning Wanda. Rhonda are you there. I guess this unfortunately. I'm not scared to call back Kazaa I would love here. Your story which you have to communicate. Let's go out to our friend Preston in the in Elgin South Carolina a good morning Preston. Thank you morning and I don't see this pretty deep issue but well but I can say about that Saddam also a person. Also all military or law enforcement. And right now in my job is an investigative capacity. The lesson about capital pleasant as this can do is on the cross villages left and right. You're limited to people from across because this door facing. The punishment for their crimes. In an off from forgiveness but it did come about paradise. But he didn't change the punishment. Also develop talks about what to see you lose seniors. Because although all the land. And also probably the last person that brought me capital punishment removes those people. At a sold out so revelry last. Did you notice here and and conduct and a lot more conviction. And certain things had to be a rabid animal. Or person who no longer assume that the conviction. Happy eradicated. And the Bible you know it was such as personal thing for Jesus you would add the two men were Rudolph the Kosovo is right. At the last moment on the circuit fortieth on this part since Kelly did that. Higher rates interesting perspective where are firm Preston. Where wind down this conversation here shortly yen to but we'll take a few more here in this conversation. Mean in which one do we want to good you next let's go out to Concord and build good morning. They've got every right here. I. Am I wonder about them being remembered about it where I her. Jake you can elaborate it's. Didn't think remotely an accident situation he'd been I think. It's been like that I met. I think a lot of people eat it and period. Are more than good emblematic as well gee do I let them. Led to believe that if they give death penalty if I'm not ready yet I don't remember what it all out there about a third. Well. Yeah. Today you're talking about the Roman scripture about how the German has the power to bear the storage. In order to enforce the law and that's probably one of the most commonly cited. Our references in this regard does sounds like cement construction going on there in the background I do appreciate your call there bill. Armed latest gold mixed out to dean in east springs South Carolina good morning. Hey good morning yes. They're really honestly. It comes to mind when we were and then in the Philippines. When president Marcos declared martial law. And the crime Murray went to just about the Euro is bad side because you know other ways. Threat of severe. Punishment immediately. You know in the ensuing. Weeks months years the crime rate could go back up that. I think a lot of these same problems we have is. Serious sometimes in just. Conviction. You know if if penalties were swift and just I think we see. Big deterrent effect because there was definitely a deterrent in the Philippines where people have a fear of punishment. Yeah and this is part of the problem Wayne they select your call is. Because the electoral immediacy I think a lot of people just figure you know I I'll just appeal this thing. Over and over and over forever. And the execution never Kerry carried out so there's no sense of fear. Any sense of immediacy of fight do this this is going to be the end result. Are we have Rwanda out of kings mountain good morning. The morning. Jerry you tolerate them. I just can't get my opinion about well your and my husband was murdered. But many and that. Planned network or. Hate crime every outlook on his murder and that's set for six years about why it port tomorrow I'll. All with the death penalty. And then after six years I decided not to go after the death penalty. The death penalty is. It could be ripe for money it but the previous grants say it if if I would do it it would be different but not mall this Bryant to get the death panels take. I wanted this AM. Do I say that I won't he'll awake at eight she diet you're plot aimed ideal. It presents no rocky was that I hear and knowing that he would never take great at McCain has. She think that's the best punishment have to live with yourself the rest of your life knowing you've taken another life. I don't. I've got so many Kelyn I'm getting a lump they they. No one that he got it spend the rest hip locked and I'll hit worried dump has been like a light from hang them. That that that's very that's an own goal and punishment. And these people that. In North Carolina and pats her on the deck get the death panel think I'm gonna say yeah. They'll never say yeah. And this is one of the big problems we read into Wanda banks love your call insure your very personal story is you don't see swift punishment here no question about that. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing real. Nice exaggeration. There are too many guns on the street. We lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiated better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't rock find the real. Back with you hope all is well in your world. We start up. But the story about what could have been as in a story that could have been. Disasters. But the outcome. Well it's very different hole because someone exercise. Their Second Amendment Rights. Also here at the top. I hope to give some of view. An idea. Really want to speak to someone right now and maybe you're that person you're sitting in your car you're sitting at home. And maybe your mid stage point of transition your life you cannot find. Whatever opportunity you need to move forward. Job opportunities have just not materialized for you why I've God's. An idea for you. The idea is in the form of jobs that are in demand that they cannot find workers for. I want you to stay tuned because I'm gonna talk about this shortly. If you're in that place. You're trying to figure out what to do. You need to stay tuned. Because this could be. They transformative. Few minutes for you maybe a light bulb will come off and you'll. Recognize. This is direction I want to ago. I want to start off talking abouts they back to school events. This was in Titusville Florida. Now. One of the context I want you to understand the story within the is the idea. What happens with mainstream media coverage. And rushed very appropriately refers to the drive by media. Because if Thursday catastrophe. And we've got children killed. And teachers. It's wall to wall coverage. And in. We know in most cases it is justifiably. So. There's a need to cover these stories having said that. How about if you prevent. Something like this from happening. What kind of media attention just that deserve. This is what happened in Titusville Florida. And armed bystander. When a concealed carry license shot a gunman who opened fire at a back to school event. This happened over the weekend. The event. Started. With a fist fight to mourn the individuals involved in the fight later came back to the park where the back to score that was ongoing and opened fire. Endangering the lives of dozens. Of children dozens. Can you imagine. How disastrous this could've been. Politics is one person. One person. With a gun. To stop an evil person with evil intent. With the drug. Here's what happened the bystander. Who's legally licensed to carry a firearm by the way drew his weapon fired on the gunman shooting him in the head. The gunman was the only person injured. Taken the hospital with life threatening injuries. The person who fired the shots. And shot the gunman has been fully cooperative of law enforcement. And everyone agrees if he had not acted the situation kind of been much much worse this is not the opinion of right wing commentators. This is what the police have said. Here's direct quote. The deputy chief of the Titusville police department were extremely grateful. Nobody else was injured in this incident the suspect opened fire at a crowded public park this could've been so much worse. By the way. No charges. Are expected in this case. The preliminary investigation indicates. The citizen who stepped up to the plate here. Acting within Florida law. I just wanted to share this reminder of yet again. Another example of how important it is to exercise our Second Amendment Rights. The difference it makes. An armed citizen. Ready and prepared. And it probably saved lives. We've talked a number of times in recent weeks about the wonderful economic picture that is developing especially in the job market. One of the things in fact I had gotten so much positive feedback from discussion we had last week. I had a friend. Come to reinstate Vince I was listening to your probe program last week when you're talking about it's. How some employers are dropping some of their requirements for college degrees and other things like we're teach your kid these ideas I never thought of these things before. And it was such a. Pool discussion. And I was that was really encouraging to me because that's exactly what to do wanna do is to Foster this kind of discussion. Because so often what we do is wind up marching like robots. In sync with whatever the culture is doing. And sometimes. We need to bring disruption. With the culture is destroyed. What are the results. Of the economic picture of the job market right now. There are certain industries that cannot find workers. Revelation here. There's an industry they cannot find workers. If I'm in a place where I'm looking for a job maybe this. There's a story a need to pay very close attention to. What are the skills that I can bring to the table can perhaps. Media need. Anne's. Open up a new opportunity for myself. Here's what's happening. We have the longest ever streak of job growth some American industries are having problems finding workers to fill their openings. Many of these struggling industries pay well provide ample benefits. So many cases you think where the world's going on here why is it. They can't find workers. Many millennial sure likely be more educated than the generations before them. They're seeking employment and other sectors. So these jobs remain. Un filled. Let's talk about the first went construction. US workers apparently aren't interested in replacing the aging workforce. Even though it's a well paid industry. Does not require a college degree. And many businesses are willing to put in the time to help young people with on the job training. Your skills in this area. This is something you may wanna consider construction. I know from experience I've had good friend who has construction business. He has the hardest time finding qualified workers. And I might also had qualified workers who are drug free. You're one of those people. This might be for you. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. So I'm giving you some ideas. Four career opportunities. Some interesting items here on the text line in this regard. Dexter says national driver shortage is an epidemic stage just as you said they have to pass drug screen and physical to drive. Most kids have no idea that local drivers making as much as. 80000. Dollars a year majority of college degrees we'll take ten plus years to make that much. That's pretty significant don't you think. Also. So when trying to stir it up on this Monday morning this is notification you'll be receiving a tanker of cool laid this morning. For all the extra trump followers there somehow going to justify LeBron James viewed poor's we college the royalty rumble. And that's pretty good if time permits I may go into this. But I think. Just by infected I'm not starting with this. It tells you what I think of this nonsense by the way. Over the weekend. And I'm just. Just. Parenthetically inserting this. Yesterday I was quite frustrated watching news. IA. Noticed on social media. About the attempted assassination. Of Madeira do you remember this. Yesterday's happened over the weekend at. Supposedly with the use of drone. And it it just blew my mind because they thought wow this'll take an interest in story and they've got video. But the networks are going wall to wall you might turn on the TV and see the first thing they're talking about this stupid Donald Trump feud. With LeBron James. Let's myself what in the world is this country coming to you. In this particular network and I don't mind saying it was Fox News Channel started off. With that story at the very beginning of the hour. Dior had to turn to get more information. On the assassination attempt. BBC. They had extraordinary. Coverage. And they covered news novel idea. Rather than covering food fights and stupidity. That happens over social media. I it just blew my mind yesterday. What is wrong with these people. But unfortunately. This is where we've got to do some self examination. We somehow Muster signal to these morons. Running these networks that we wanna sit around and watched this garbage 24/7. I don't wanna sit and watch people feud. I wanted to watch this and be entertained I'd watch WW eat. It's much more entertaining. And it's just that entertainment. It's not grown adults making total jackass is out of themselves for real. Nonetheless. We will move our. I told you parenthetically. We're going to move on because I do have some more ideas for you. I mention the first job category construction. Areas where they are labor shortages. Farmers. In Washington are having. A shortage of workers to bring in their harvests. This is why we need to up. Looked to people outside the country to do jobs Americans won't do. Very few American workers want agricultural jobs the federal government's guest worker program. It's too expensive for workers and useless for some farmers well imagine that you know I think it's great solution for this job and how about putting our teenagers to work so they can learn a work ethic. Alike. I think this is the perfect place for them to injure into the job market. And understand the importance of agriculture. To our society. Because I don't think people grasp. Most people in this generation. Don't know where food comes from. This will be a great way to find out I text her caddie gave this away. Another area truck drivers. 51. Vows and that's how many there are short. 51000. And this is expected to surged to 100000. By 20/20 one. Baby boomers are retiring from the truck driving business millennial us have been unwilling to replace them. Given the grueling hours and travel associated with the job. But it's definitely worth considering. Remember what I said about salaries. The texture had to say about salaries here's what I would have never thought of that would be on the list jobs. In demand of workers. 911 dispatchers. All across the country. So what's the challenge year small centers the lack of resources to train him pay workers. And the unwillingness of many job seekers to deal with positions life or death consequences. Can you imagine. The emotional roller coaster. She I'm the kind of person this is just me. If I were a 911 operator. There's a part of me that would wanna hang up the phone and run out to respond to the emergency I mean I'd be able to do anything. But that's just me. I mean I would it's. There and imagine that weight. For a police fire medic to arrive. And you're all this time you're thinking. And I think gonna make it in time. But these are some jobs that are available. Or any of these appealing to you do you have the skills. To make construction worker. To work on a farm. To driver truck or. To be in 911 dispatcher. These are job opportunities there are available right now. Try to communicate about this the Eagles advantage stock claim numbers 809 to 1110. Common sense retirement planning text line. Is 71307. So that's the empowerment. And good news portion of the broadcast which doesn't mean the rest is going to be bad news. But a lot of it will be. There's no question about that. Let's take your call briefly from Dick out of Simpson bill who would like to talk about Russia. Are good morning. Well I that's good morning I just got a couple questions and I hang up. I would have an honest debate this. We can recover Mike couple college graduates from Clemson or from USC want from Florida and nobody could agree on this statement you make out of time. About what isn't falch binary choice. Nobody could agree all the college graduate of the game is so different just number one number two. Are. Russia medal. For a broader staying out dress parade they'll say we told the Russian medal. I have not seen one piece this somebody in the what I mean by that that's. Immediate FaceBook let me try in this address this name and it's gonna show me a picture are so aspect that. That's a Russian man I have not seen that and a year and a half where it is they say it all the time where is evidence. Well I'll look so ridiculous until you have a great big thanks. Hey thank you very much good to hear from you would Dick out of Simpson bill well I think you put out something that's really important let's see the evidence. Now we've heard now when they are can tell you're not going to be able to see any of these accounts FaceBook or otherwise because those have been deactivated. The other thing that goes your mind with this and I don't put evening passed some of these people. Could some of this being an inside job. A bigger share were cute couple weeks ago there's a story indicating the possibility. That this could have been an inside job and it could've been. Carried out in a way that it made it look like the Russians were involved that's always a possibility. Just putting that out there on the false binary chair or her choice staying I don't know what to say about that. For we have a lot to learn about this and I'm still learning myself. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Let's just start off. This sacred and our friend Roh who's good morning rose. Good moment but yet so I'll. Kick to open brand go to pay about it the issue and he said that a lot. I looked out our Russian military Barry to that I'll punch to our military base at the end Cotter about. I. Went did not and he ended up odd media out so actually ERV. And the umpire and the tab doesn't. I'm mr. Mike Shanahan I don't know much grooming and that would mean not bad but wet now mainly due victory here. Casino credit they admiration throughout paramilitary. Organization. That he didn't think putt and our Homeland Security is great group and paramilitary. Or it. Pop up evidence dilution to our products trying to get blocked a lower endorsements. There is no tank for the military. And military are still wet attachment accomplished. What I've not stopped that I'm out. Well I heard I'm not the radio went down I didn't look like the without a blocked my panel on the zone that Arab and I thought it was thought happily took our bottom up administration but he hasn't happened yet. You can bet that they about it I would you can contact hoop it up a core I instantly if you could he could didn't catch that they want and you can take duke brought. Cigar now with a lighted porcelain. I've been active involvement military engineering people. Yeah that's pretty interesting yeah I think I've heard about this kind of thing for several years so always good to hear from you roads and there is this suspicion out there I know it exists. What are some of these groups and organizations planning I mean at one of the stories that's gotten a lot of attention in recent years it's kind of faded. From view lately because Barack Obama's no longer in the White House. But about the the tremendous. Supply of ammunition. The federal government was accumulating different agencies. So I think it's quite legitimate to have some question about this is the very least. Let's go out to Chris insurer American morning. President I would go and that's Monday. Each year. Gregor and try to stay employed your target point about the up and get the work on the arms. I couldn't agree with two more and I I'm sure undertaken for the last several minute trying to come up with a time let it openly opposed. Myself. Straight strawberries tomatoes gold belt out a closer to the guys load him up when posters small pick up a ballot area real and I I love water. I've built most people don't work and comic Sharjah and doing very well myself my spam land and anybody other that syndicate does get the work of the war. You know I'd scan an interesting to hear you say that what was your experience like when you were doing yet it would did you do what you were you grudgingly. Doing this just because you were told or did you have any sense of enjoyment or satisfaction from. I was a higher odd man out the big guy right there and they've stayed grind out the candy in the camp out tonight and I had a job and I had to fight our way and made of money. Other like it might point 5% to court to pick strawberries and and tomatoes but. They gave me a sense of accomplishment you know I'd I'd put the time and now I've got the resources to do debate I wanna do what I'm one I'm not Poland the wheat out of Leo farmers built. And that's pretty awesome Chris I sure appreciate your call Manning and you've hit great and they had exactly what I was. Running to communicate which is the importance of younger people. Gaining a work ethic and and as early as possible. This is why. This to minimum wage jobs or four by the way I get frustrated when I see all this talk. ET eighteen of Fannie and their minimum wage you were never supposed to feed her family are numb minimum wage. These jobs. Are for kids. Her entry level positions. Earlier in the broadcast. We told you about it's what has taken place. In Titusville Florida. Potential disaster averted by. Is citizen with a gun. It wasn't. Such great weekend in the city of Chicago did you hear about how bad it was this weekend. Forty people shot. Four killed. Over the weekend. Forty people shot in Chicago over the weekend during the seven hours from midnight Saturday to early Sunday morning. Four fatalities. Plus supposedly. Gun violence has been decreasing this year. The chief of the patrol division the Chicago Police Department says these were both random and targeted shootings on the streets. Worse the shootings connected to gang violence. To say gentlemen target a block party gathering after a funeral. My goodness. And other gatherings and I were thousands of people gathered for a downtown concert. Local media reporting the brunt of the violence happen in the city's west side were 25 people were shot in separate attacks. And as I said. Shootings are actually down this year from before. 533. Fewer shootings as of August 1. In the same time and Tony seventeen. And this is thrust me improvement. My goodness. This ties in to are concerned about gun control. Because there are continuing efforts. And a lot of our young people have been roped into this the idea that somehow free just just guns off the street. You gonna talk about stringent gun control measures that are in place in Chicago how is that working for them. Clearly not very well. Try to John in Fort Mill good morning. Good morning DL just tell you screaming about the we're gonna talk about how you to. The the violence in Chicago. Go. He knows so little is so violent she. I would go to the good idea if it's the NFL. Pro Bowl players want to protest something lineup we did a potential loose too violent string wound change color and Indian cities. And also domestic violent drug in the NFL. My goodness. We would call. That's and you know here's the other thing John something that people can actually do something about it. I mean when you talk about this this. And and I don't wanna make people feel discouraged about something but. You know this this mr. Cole. And elusive. Racism here in fair. You're you're not going to be you're not going to bring about any tangible proof. Of anything positive accomplished but you can't make a difference. Ands encourage. Safe for families. You know rebuilding family relationships. UK in the take some positive steps. In fact some of these. Teams ought to take more. Aggressive action is against some of these players for some of their behavior that might be you could start as well John nice to appreciate your call. By the way related story did you hear about the NRA this was kind of a shocker. And you always dot that the NRA was kind of like a juggernaut when it comes to fundraising and they're Mike on the leading edge of organizations that just to have everything working right that PR the you've got the kind of political connections in Washington. Just everything seems to be on all cylinders. But now we've learned. That the NRA is in financial trouble. What's the reason behind this we will tell you. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Over on the text line we're talking about job opportunities. HBC. Good choice for someone graduating from high school. Go to tech school to get the training. Also Vince after two years the field of plumbing. You qualified to take the state exams start your business. Tell him to two years must be under a licensed plumber and that is from dead. Another person saying you're 80000 dollar truck driving jobs do not exist. Just another trump idiots let's celebrate all the low paying jobs the corporate greed that's going on right in our own country are ready. We have this texture who'd like to know what assassination attempt to you talking about. Well here's what happened in Caracas Venezuela authorities detained six people suspected of using explosives. Late in drones. Have failed bid to assassinate. The Venezuelan president Nicholas Montero. But the way. As soon as I saw the video of this if reminded me the assassination of and Larsson dot you remember that. I remember when that happened seat and when that happened now granite. They succeeded and they. Killed and injured a lot of people. I remember there was wall to wall coverage of that. So I'm thinking I'm gonna turn on one of the cabled networks and they're gonna be wall to wall coverage of this thing no. They're talking food fight garbage. Nonetheless. The Interior Minister described this is a terrorist attack and said more arrests could follow within hours. Try to investigators are rated hotels and seized vehicles for details into the plot. Venezuela has a socialist government by the way. They led to detain suspects conspired with others in Miami. And the neighboring capital of Columbia. As in the country. They did not offer any evidence to support this allegation. But it's pretty compelling video when you. See the people on the stage reactor outdoors and they're reacting. True these sound of these shots and explosions. They're very fortunate this thing. Did not succeed. So that answers your question this is what happened and it's quite interest in this story was buried. Can. Buried. Also on the text line. How about prisoners. I assume you're talking about the idea of giving prisoners job skills that's certainly good thing. I wanna be your radio announcer money checks no content restrictions and everybody loves me. Fifth. Yeah. Try that on and see how well that works Korea. Let's go out to Tim again Estonia good morning. Hey man out there come they would give the NFL players gunned. And bulletproof vest and let them go out police mistreat. Young. Boy that would be pretty interest he wouldn't. Our Mary are your cargo. You know that's that's a great idea. Two to put him out there and the idea is. Why are you thinking maybe there'd be some respect for them and you think this could also be good for them so they gain a respect for police and what they do. Oh that's why I'm thinking Gainer respectful please tell me what they did. It's a win win for everybody that's a brilliant idea their Tim I appreciate your call earlier we have a conversation. Which rose. Who is expressing concern about the powers the federal government's action sizing. And you know where is all of this going Doug I think wants to further develop to start. Good morning Doug. Good morning Vince addressed you deal when well. Yes. And actually got two things Gloria these first one is I tuned in late so I'm not really sure what the exact topic is by her bruised. Talking about vehement as Ken says that the powers that they have. Or supposedly have a can tell you this for a fact I have an uncle looked in Connecticut who used to be an constabulary. And he constabulary was under the jurisdiction of the buck. They trained what to twice a year but they were not activated. Unless the disaster happened at the McCain and at that point there you know was activated just like the National Guard. So I can't tell you proved positive. This team that doesn't back. Have those sorts of people that are not even foresee that they're historically under them that they were mobilized in a time of crisis. Well that's a pretty interesting to learn I do appreciate your call their Doug and you know the the rationale for this. Kudos we've created so many agencies. And you kind of wonder is it necessary for all of these agencies to operate as they do. Oh. I'm debating. Reverts to take this call but the our rights I'm gonna put this out there and go for broke. Really you've got about a minute or so or. All about what do it's our hopes he'd get himself the government that in itself is playing in the United States and Colombia he's backed by the Russians and the Chinese. And Syrians. Did they have that don't want to give it to the people that big problem there are other big they don't send these that these let me make sense useless. So all I believe that the better as well people are armed or even have the courage to do that again. Bob the apple as well not to go to trial. The streets because happened about their records are not going to be a qualified to be police. The tax. We know that my radical liberal we're so says that. While Wembley and while that's up. That's a pretty products. And damning assessment so these players. But I think you're. Idea of what may have happened in Venezuela. Is is quite plausible. Quite plausible. Much more as we continue to broadcast this morning including a look at the day in history our good friend Alonso back with this. And we'll talk about his experience being the green implies that wonderful. And saw Wells Fargo says oops we made a mistake. After yeah 400 Wells Fargo customers lost their homes and we'll talk about what they're doing to make things right. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.