Best of the Week: August 11, 2017

Bo Thompson
Friday, August 11th

PGA Championship coverage featuring Bo's full interviews with CBS's Jim Nantz and Quail Hollow Club's Johnny Harris. Plus, Sean O'Connell of CinemaBlend.


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Comes another office. How tips WBT. Here this incredible week for the PGA championship. It's a quail hollow for the first time who better to talk to them the voice but CBS sports and does so many of the incredible golf tournaments over the years the masters at the top of that list and Jim Nance welcome to WB today. Thank you vote so great to be in Charlotte it's going to be a wonderful weekend here. Well you you're no stranger to Charlotte and I I have to start by. I have to indulge my audience for second on a personal level I don't normally do this but I have to tell you jam I was born and raised in Charlotte. And now my dad lives in town here my parents do my dad's always you know talking about certain people he wishes I would talk to over the years and he's always mentioned Jim Nantz and and one that it's twofold a obvious reasons of who you are and what you've done in the business in the industry but. My father was born and raised in Mount Holly. And that's your area too and so I got to start by asking you I know you still have family. Around this area but what kind of connection do you have the tit to Mount Holly these days. Well I'm wonderful I'm unbelievably touched by that. And I hope you're dead here's history you passed along to them because not polity. As most of you know it's just on the outskirts Charlotte my dad grew up in now. And might get passed away in 2008 needs and these buried there in the in this cemetery now quality just. Couple blocks up from main street expect them. Getting over there to have. To pay a visit as a always do when I come to to Charlotte now drive around mount Polley a little bit remember my youth and the good day uses. The family reunions and get togethers and my grandfather. Good from the former engineer so there McFarland was junior. My my father Jeannette senior was the postmaster of but now. And unfortunately that's what they won't really young but I still remember yeah remember that hole. Tom among allies in. Poll devastated my father lost his microphone counselors are relatively young age before the age sixty. Soul a gut lot's family ties and knowledge of Mount Holly but let's Charlotte in general aren't cast in county. You know down kings mountain. And all through this area so it's very special mom mom was raised in and right here and part of Charlotte. And my mom still lives in a lot of folks no one mother that are here. Doors Jeanne actual was her maiden name. She went to Harding high school back in the media. Well back in the forties so that school has moved since. A few years ago so. My problem my mother the town here and we leave we have a scholarship. For. For a number of students well hurting hurting corporate university school it is. In I won't in the go to school all the Dorismond scholarship. And they did so. We have a number of kids from parting. That one on the bigger better things so short of it is I love the city would throw would have a chance to it to be. Documenting what happens of the golf tournament but hopefully the same time the spells into the Russell oral all the wonderful things and make sure what's so special people. The way the city's been built just the entire. Five around here expert it's it's just wonderful. Well so obviously you've been here many times for many different sporting events and you've watched Charlotte. Grow over the last several decades and to being a city that can host some of these high level us sporting events with an even the Wells Fargo championship you've been here for that many times but. What you're here to do this week is it this is different this is a new level we keep talking about how this just takes everything we've ever known about golf at quail hollow and multiplies and amplifies it what what are your thoughts and impressions about a a club you know well but it is a lot different this week. Whatever mr. Wells Fargo tournament. Two recoil on course with deep respect around here next may from that. And and always bring my family and by the way I was born shortly as well just like queue and then looker to or as the age six on get started to have at that point. Climbed the corporate ladder and took issue on family. It's and so stops along the way on his career path but I say I just think that. This is different in the final 4984. I call that one vote. What Charlotte's own Billy packer back in the day and huge huge event here. Haven't filed for that the old coliseum. And Arkansas. Who want the championship. Over over duke over grant hill's senior led Duke Team. But. This this is a bit caught a such an international sport you know the world lies are on the this of that so unlike the gulf war which is a gigantic American social. But but golf really nice feel when I've gone over to broadcast of the BP C from the open championship in previous years it's. You really get a sense of how ball there's been such a world game. And that this is this is for per Charlotte for quail hollow chance for a lot of people to get introduced to this golf course and understand. The passion for the sport that's right you're sure that. I do believable that this we do know of course as presidents cup coming here 2000. Don't want anyone but I believe will be more PGA championships offered. To the club that it wants and not believe that so well. Corporate relationship now with the with the PGA moving announcing this week it's moving to a made gates so that the PGA would be golden and in the month that we normally have a little spark a championship and what it took its huge success in any way you slice it there's nothing that anyone could say. About this course accepted its other than it's. A look great supporter of others and it's a major championship venue and it's exciting in. You know I just glad it's reached dispatcher to Serbs at. We had as Johnny Harris on the show a few days ago talking about among other things the changes that have been made to the course and you know there's the famous green mile but number one is in completely transformed a and when you've been out there eyeballing the the the spots I mean you know the course well but is there anything any one part of that it's been changed the jumps out at your. Well a few years ago they relocated the greatest sixty but that wasn't. Significant stretch and I and I get that the first lap holding altered and we have an eighteen hole coverage of people gonna get a chance to see this long demanding par four opening hole. What you're really defined and so is 1617. And eighteen do you know we have playoff on. On Sunday evening the PGA does not get decided by a one hole sudden death playoff to it's it's a three hole aggregate score playoff. It will go 161718. I was well root for those competitions that's. People say who you're rooting for what would like to see happen are always wanting events football basketball golf the come down to the the last part the last shot the last snap of the game. If we had a chance to go extra holes and then you have for the participants in the oil quite 1617 and eighteen that in May he would repeat. The best scenario I think we could have book as it is it's truly is it's the best. Demanding stretch of closing holes I've ever seen anywhere on the PGA tour all the years we come here. And now it's only been strengthened. And destructive elements. Each of the use. Holes just to rigging with tends people tens in dozens deep. And it will be framed you'll see over the weekend. Because the turnout appears off the church if we have. What I think we're gonna have localize everything on Sunday at this this is going to look like one of the great. The news and and and championships that the sport the sport will blow. Talking at Jim Nance says the voice of CBS sports for so many years and so many different sports. Golf club basketball football you name it I wanna askew everybody's asking him about this and on Wednesday Jordan's b.s kind of now he shrugged off we've whether you know basically said there's not pressure here I I already had an incredible year winning. The British Open and of course it by and get down to the wire on on Sunday and thoughts of that career Grand Slam ball into my mind but. It is that that's the obvious storyline for you it is there anything else you're watching in addition to Jordan. You mentioned the way those polls could pan out the end of the media players that's on your radar. Well really this dispute story is so big boulder that. You know you do that he accomplishes it if he wins on Sunday becomes the youngest. To ever win the career Grand Slam will be only the sixth in the history of the game joining nameplate. Like Nicklaus and woods. And Hogan it's. Gary Player it it would gene Sarazen those via defies. If it's it would be. You know it has to be. In the top five category all on the greatest accomplishments in the sport now so it's hard to say there's another story that they were almost bidding on that rate or. Because if that happened. That would be such a huge thing for the discourse in this city. Took forever be identified with water the greatest. Achievements in the history of the game. You know like give me an example when Bobby Jones won the career Grand Slam in 1930. It happened at Marion outside of Philadelphia will marry and they have a plaque on a loveable Rick close to help it. That the events that took complete the Grand Slam haven't. And now marry this forever when he does the place all these years later and all of that 87 years later. As a place where the Jones career grand slams but happened well you know speech that he won. The PGA here it's going to beat Charlotte batch were wrap up their will haul and execute static. I never thought anybody can ever break tiger's market and the thing visit Jordan wants to win the PGA next year. I think complete the Grand Slam he wouldn't be the youngest is not going to be up. There's not going to be that same kind of recognition because tiger would still be the youngest of ever done it course would be. And beat. The phenomenal achievement one that they captains would would Jordan goes Corey. Completely correct groups like that it won't happen but that happens here. This sectarian begin to qualify topic this would be for the club into the city. Are you mentioned at Tiger Woods I was talking to Johnny Harris a couple of days ago and his name came up I know when you're doing interviews. Tiger's name always gonna come up because of Powell. Influential he was to the game for so long but you know I said the Johnny that's the one thing I guess that as great as everything is this week and how you know. It incredibly could be with the story lines you speak of the one. The one thing the chief of course wish was that tiger was still in the mix of these days the way he was. Petty petty did help the end everything in his course with a continued on the same cast this with a bit right here at the as a home. Where he might have been going instead of being. All the Irish trade on the on the speed story. This this might have been in the week where he was going for the all time record of major championships. Every last 11 in 2008 but at least they LT. And you know these guys come on it into the picture like McIlroy he stole belonged. You sort of want forged a little ones Solomon. You know toward speech won three so this might have been in the neighborhood which if you go sank that are were would've happened. Little status that question somewhat the covers fifteen to twenty golf tournaments a year. The number of times do you sleep yet only tiger was here and I'm saying is let a total respect for you accomplished in golf. It's if that storyline as stating. You know brilliant in it needs to. Is it that don't mean to say he's going Waco mayor because back one day on that would legacy be able to compete again. But there definitely was two or three year period we each a lot but that term it's 2% yet but tiger's not here. What point is is these guys are so good now and so much time. As laps since tiger was competitive that I think Gault is just now coming out of that shadow. Where you have but that tiger was here. And we all wished that tiger. Was here maybe he'll come back one dated. And be able to compete at the highest level against going to be really order perceive that happening but I ourselves short. But golf is at a point right now where I think works just going into at that time where that's not coming up. You can you cite. Yes sir. Jim your multi tasker on the air we all see that all the different things that you do so well you've also been multitasking this week. Off the air because Wednesday night the Carolina Panthers sit to help make way for the PGA championship by the way but the Panthers played on Wednesday night they're pre season game number one. And I understand you're in the house not just as a spectator but she will work in or practicing. You know I guess it's fitting that your you you're practicing along with Tony Romo. With they practice game for what's ultimately gonna be your new partner on those NFL games this fall. That's correct Tony came in the town on Tuesday and we had. Meetings self Barkley with the Panthers and protections and then. Wednesday I left quail hollow hole. Some mom midday after being their five or six hours no my final prep. And now federal over to the stadium in. And all that night we we call that pre season game that didn't go anywhere no we're not once got the feed we just recorded at. As we continue to get so be ready for his debut for real here coming up with in the next month in noble sauber has been. A time of getting totally through a lot of practice trolls and broadcasting. Together deep tropical monitor eccentric search for an. You know you're gonna hear more about this as time goes on working hard he's worked really hard and it was great to be that the game. It you know long on Wednesday night and then watched Carolina and you'd complain we did the same thing following last week with first pre season game. At the hall of fame game in camp and we did back in its practice games so. So. You know multitasking these days that's CPU termed a riot that I'd never bought that one day I would do forty's to cover urged the PGA head football game in the same week this remains really historical global preparation abort setup the three hour fifty minute broadcast so to speak it. And I enjoyed it was and I love that having the versatility of being able to cope. And the gift of seek yes entrusted me with this to go in the final four. To the masters every year with in the same week and go from Monday night but the championship this Tuesday it's big on the grounds of Augusta so this is. So a little bit of my we'll also transitioning they're doing to sports and wants an. I'll always remember being at PGA championship in doing pre season game at the same time. I'm assuming you were impressed by most of what you saw from the Panthers Evian and I. Others you know we didn't secure them mid eighties and replace six seats probably hope he's going to be Dirk Anderson sort limited steps that he needs. What do you look sharp and he's the quintessential back up in the NFL told that it looks good he's really in shape Mimi that wonderful connection. Help battle won the best course and football Johnathan Joseph's student. To grab a touchdown but it'll look equally played two series since the two series Tuesday and they're used to lost yardage overall did not pick up the first down. In the first series look without used to draw down on the field scored a touchdown so proceed look back on the field and siege. Just his presence and his play making ability what a difference maker that is. I look for that I would for the purpose have a big rebound season things. Last year didn't go away from the start lost a lot of close games as the season wore on began week one but the ms. Steele called. Head of the games were the last part made few local by the other side or a missed field all the Pampers size and the close games seem to always go the other way so. They went from fifty to one to six in ten. And I wouldn't surprise me a bit to see them and double digit wins this year it BP who knows 11504. I think it is as you know bull that division. It is maybe the best division football. It's hard to forecast a lot of wins could she got yet to rear its Atlanta New Orleans and Tampa and Tampa's twenty bettors are. But the threat to the Panthers got up a really good start and he didn't play as sloppy game Houston duties and a lot of Middle East wanting these coaches are looking for happy. Guys you know are really focused and not. Having political line of scrimmage pre snap probably isn't. And Carol analysts that process for first first pre season game. Final question for Jim Nance of CBS sports and I actually asked Mike to Rico this same question when I had him on a two or three years ago ahead of Monday Night Football but it's an appropriate question for both of you because you're both. As I said multi tasker Izard you can do just about any thing I think at the time I asked Micah is there one thing you'd love to do that you haven't done. And he said at the time I think I'd love to call the Olympics and then he turned around and ended up going to NBC and now he's a huge part of the Olympics you've called the Olympics are way back in the day. But that question guys renting out there that you haven't done yet that would you'd like to do before it's all over. He'd like you to answer that question that's similar style similar fashion both are used to say it. And I would love one data called the British Open power has now they've kind of force led us to call epic open championship. And that that. That was a bucket list thing that was missing for because they've been able. To the sport that really are meaningfully college basketball. I'm a college that's also I am way more than it creates and that it 32 funnel forced to broadcast most of those with Billy packer. Mandela ran on the rectory and have a good time was you know that a bit lucky not to broadcast up. So seven Super Bowls in some capacity as the host of the play by play guy 32 masters award and wanna do or the car we open championship. It BBC was kind of up to give me that opportunity and it fitted for a number of years beginning in 2010. They don't some years it was short stents and you'll cameo appearances each day and and a couple of years they have not all the guys come up the eighteenth in concert with Peter out so there that was so that's. To beat the foreign forces Nicole meets the lone American on the broadcast it was its role and I did that police five years been used yet it was years. And go after that has focused outlets that steps cattle awful list now more public support to the public a forward Tony Romo. And it getting that started from real. And down the road what I'd like to do and I'd like to be able to say one day that our broadcast fifty master terms. Of its 32 at the moment. And maybe I'll re adjust that number goes to these common and close it it'll decrease past. Let they've all been. For a kid born in Charlotte who was raised thanks to the error saw a steady diet of the importance of ACC basketball. And golf. It goes achieved yet to moderate proper sports from my career I count my blessings every day for a roll out of better the chances and opportunities have been given and war those opportunities. Is this week. To be back in Charlotte. Back in my home town. And that to biblical such an important is that for the game a call into the city it is truly. From it is very hard watermark. Well from one Charlotte tee into another I can't tell you how much I appreciate. Your time today and now it's I know you got people Leo asking for your time in all directions and then he made time for us on WBT says thank you well. Both they cute I trust you're going to be out there this weekend. Dust. Listen to both told since WBT podcast and explore where this came drops gets more episodes on the left side WPT top cop. News 1110993. WB today I'm both times and it's WBZ's morning news and I was talking to Jason mangle the tournament director for the PGA championship yesterday and I said that he had to be about the busiest man in Charlotte this weekend. I don't know maybe the guy on the line right now may may give them a run for his money because he is the president of quail hollow club and the really the mastermind behind all this because it was his idea to pursue this in the first place mr. Johnny Harris good morning sir. Component we're real excited we got our first I under our belt yesterday and the players are still coming in and begin to practice more and you know the weather will hold up force a little bit we will we'll have another great day here on Tuesday. While I was reading the article the interview Davis Scott Fowler in the Charlotte Observer over the weekend and you said that for four years you went to all four majors set to kind of get ready to understand what it is you'd be undertaking here. And I know rain had to be something that was something yet. You you kind of took notes on from these other venues about so so rain is is going to be part of the mix this week oh how do you attack this whole thing with that in mind. Well what should be used military grade you through the championships. Through the PGA of America. Probably puts it best when excess worry about the things you can control. And don't worry about it thank you can't control we got a 150. Superintendents from all over the the southeast you know legislation world. You're working with a acting group of experts. On the golf course and honestly we're prepared for almost anything except some sort of catastrophic weather there and you know we'll get through it. In these guys play gossips your business and I'm remanded I used to play a lot. Create community which are costs and always watched him since it started running and never said the word literally running years. Let's focus its at all so I mean it's there also is there used to weather in the play well and. Johnny we can probably do an hourlong interview about how this all came to be when you first to head the idea to go after it but. How did this start where did it start when did you first get the idea and maybe when did you first realize that it could be a reality to have the PGA championship in a major tournament tell altogether here and it quail hollow. Well I think it always goes back to my years with my dad who was a wonderful player and I may have to blow up the policy sciatica and then the other man in sort portable lights was Arnold Palmer and few other competitors so and he loved. Watching people play competitive golf and playing with them and competing with a so because of that I had a chance to have to travel around the world and the secret players up close and he wouldn't Sony inside the ropes without the employer and and that all the sort of know what Tokyo. To the erotica. In Beirut bureau Friday night and everybody there was probably give you the Ryder Cup for the PGA championship and it's our turn to the gentleman I was having dinner with and sit. You know this screeching redwood ought to be trying to do doesn't. And so that's what it started in and we worked hard at it in the course of our cities the kind of place that. You have nobody thought we can have the final four no by all we be successful with the NBA basketball they have felt. And so we've all from the cities to secure and city two will pursue these and and we seriously can make things happen and it was just great and then we had a great great with a lot of friends who were in places that it would stop and consider well Holland it's worked out to our benefit. You mentioned Arnold Palmer obviously Arnie knew that. Quail hollow got its PGA championship than that it was coming and then of course we lost him last year what would Arnie think of what's happening this week in seeing this what do you think he'd say about old what what's going on there as we get geared up for Thursday. I think you'd be very poorly east of the city. They're very pleased from Terrell Thomas he was always connected to the honest because awaits Parsons had so many friends here in in this part of the country and I think you'd be so excited that the PGA championship would come in here and that was the one term that he didn't live in and yet he he loved it and he always. Thought about this father. PGA professional and and I think that this is a woman that. Other than the masters and probably has its heart and he never won it. But it certainly as part of we're just glad that to have disturbance here in in in some ways so those celebrate. Arnold history in North Carolina as you you may know when you walk in you walk down. The entrance plaza Israel plumber plaza and it's absorber tribute to our own bodies don't ago. Well you certainly aren't lacking for story lines with the golfers that are playing now lies Jordan's peace has a chance to. Complete the career Grand Slam this weekend and he's been playing really well lately and so is Rory and of course at decking Muncie comma. It over the weekend. And as you watched this all set up you couldn't ask for better story lines did you. No I think that's right and you have you have certainly have Rickie Fowler who won here. Who likes the golf course in there and Dustin. We've got courses sort of built for Dustin and it's gonna be a lot of fun and the way you have a great workers have a great for you. And it when you have a great feel the green generally rises to the top and Lucy whose playing the best. This week in and some of the names you mentioned of the obvious weren't but it but it also sort of have to have a Beagle from the sports. In the and a lot of boots and then the other person thereby sort discounts would seriously it's it's too long. Zach Johnson has always played well and one here is so we'll see what happens. And I he had a nice weekend at Bridgestone. I do I do have to ask about the guy who's not here he has won there the Wells Fargo championship but. Does it did it is it a little bit bittersweet that Tiger Woods doesn't end up playing in the first PGA championship here. Sure it doesn't go back it's like everybody loves again you you won't receive the man who was able to play at that level come back employer here and and and be part of the whole golf swing and it got competition. I remember when we got started that you dispute someone who wrote. A letter for us and it was very supportive of the club getting the tournament. And will be doubted I remember him saying you know I'm will be 41. Wouldn't written. Where that when you wouldn't. Turn my children as well I hope on them compromise so I'm sure he will be understood very dear supported for tiger and and get supported forgot fans everywhere that beauty is not playing. Let me take you back a few more minutes here with the Johnny Harris said the president of quail hollow and the man behind so much of what we're seeing this week that come to fruition. You I'm sure you've had moments over the last a few months and maybe even the last couple of days where you you walk around the course and discount or take it all and that. Ahead has there been a moment or two or you just kind of stopped and said. Wow is this is really happening this is in the words all kind of hitch here. We're you know it's slowed me you have strange things happen that. Bring it all you know sort of in focus. But we have a wonderful. Man who works here at the club and distribute first thing they Marcos who's been in this country. For almost fifteen years and distributed. He had a green card and it was trying to get his citizenship and an old Saturday. We're standing here and he was so excited and came up to to either. That he was now an American Serbs are meant he was so excited with the tournament and all that and ought to think about as excited as I am about this tournament. Something like that. Happening at the same time sort of puts it all in perspective. This this week you know and this week tutors is going to be magical for everybody. And and bring extinct during his it's here. And it'll move through here would explode to think about all the things that are going on to saint all the good things are happening didn't. In in North Carolina in Charlotte and and I think this term is just an extension. There are a lot of people listening right now who will be heading out to the course that today or later this week. A lot of them have been to the Wells Fargo championship. May have been the quail hollow for tournaments and years before that even back the years of the PaineWebber in the and the seniors. What would you say to those who know. What quail hollow has been in the past and what would you say to them that they need to know about what they're gonna see new this time around. Well certainly. The first Foley is now a combination of warm into BO one into. And and let alone for four for the for the pros. The golf course is all Bermuda. In so they're not bent greens and it's not just over seeded so it's I mean it's a straight Bermuda now of course plays so little firmer. And maybe a little will be a little tougher because the rough. And and I think that will be number one thing you'll notice. And I think your alternative. But view court places where. Now you can see from where one area to Oregon public of course to the other. I'm reminded all seventeen. We removed a flower we have in the whole tilts on the right of seventeen you can watch the players who aftershock. And walk in front of your wall crippled agreeing. And it's gonna be a wonderful. Placed to Pollard got is that players come here in the leaders' commitment on Sunday and then last week. You you don't all of this. Ford plowed the new suit to more noodles and then number eleven which used change and there's a wonderful viewing area while Honda states marine. Where you can watch him play very. And just turn around 180 degrees and walked to play a level so right in the middle of the billionaires were all opened up some good. There are records too to really experience we gained in experiencing reporter for the world. He talked about the changes in the course there are a lot of temporary things over the next week I mean I spent some time out last week in this weekend at that. Incredible merchandise pavilion. And to this the scope of some of these things that I know are permanent. Are amazing but then I know there have to be some things other than just the course that. We'll stay in place. As the years go forward so are there any overarching things that. Will remain in place for future Wells Fargo tournaments in and just the the overall view of the club itself. Well you'd they're. Not many things you noticed. Obviously. There's an underground underground power and ordered shirt leaders of the golf course. For future hospitality units and and all of that and and I think you know basically. Most of the structures out on the golf course. Will be removed and and then there will be. Probably somewhat of a different approach to the Wells Fargo because obviously we're really excited about what we're going to be it would do Wells Fargo. Next year in and they're the excitement that this success will bring into next year and we've we've really because of some of the modifications that would of course created great Newt Ewing years. Rate review editors and so we're excited about sharing those people there and actually what are as well as we took. When Johnny Harris final thing I'll say to you is I know so many people listening out there right now on WBZ. Wanna thank you for for what you've. Played such a huge part in. Bringing to Charlotte but I also always say when I have people like you wanna say. Here you have the 50000 watt megaphone as we call it. A WDT a lot of people listening though what would you like to say to the golf fans the Charlotte T ends up their. And this week listening as we get set for this tournament to crank up on Thursday. Well I always call and we'll certainly keep. Which is to the people out of the Carolinas and Charlotte and all the plant the arbiters. They're the ones that make this thing work it's that we were great suited for for sports and we work at Richard for off of this would be happening. So we're excited that this is their tournament this is a big community event and so largest sporting event we've ever had intro order in it and you know you've got 350. Media outlets from around the world represented here and it's just a whole different approach. Took everything in August won't say thank you for for being big Gosling has that I hope to get out and enjoy it and see it and it's just remember. We always will do whatever we accomplish one day and we look forward what was your cup which the next so there will be other French government and we look forward to more of that in the future. Johnny Harris you've been very generous with your time thank you and good luck with what I'm sure is going to be an incredible event. Thanks so much a little results yet in this week's. The best of the week. Want to add that since Botox it's WPH t podcast. It is WBJ's Friday morning news I'm both Thompson and I was at PGA championship going on. So much happen in the queen city but nothing gets in the way. Of me talking to Sean O'Connell on Friday's from cinema blend dot com no way that happens I go my friend. I'm doing great could do it even though the. Yes sir and you know maybe we should start off by asking a what is Sean O'Connell of all time favorite golf movie. If you can't pick caddie shack. Do you handicap me right up the bad but I can't because I wouldn't pick caddie shack anyway could I don't know about the great golf movie I'd go with another comedy I'd do Happy Gilmore which is. Probably my favorite Adam Sandler film I know that's not saying a whole lot that the bars. It'll know but that's the one that really tapped into his you know angry comedy and and also as a sports which likes to the table. Well and Bob Barker alone I can't believe your professional golfer I think he should be working at the snack box. A piece. On piece you. I won't hold off. I I said yesterday on the air and anybody listens to me on a regular basis knows I'm a Big Ten cup fan because before there was Rory McIlroy there was Roy Mack avoid grip it and rip it. But let's talk about what's opening up today it has nothing to do with golf. This is one of those movies that I would not have been surprised if you had said. And if they didn't screen it or be I didn't want to mess with that it's Annabel creation. Only thing I know about this is it's about that doll. Yes it's about that creepy doll which a lot of them are on the bar and now. The bottom of it very strong and for good reason and it's really pretty good at it's it's loosely connected to those conjuring films that James wan has done before. He had about golf Berkshire would happen and that first country moving in the name need. And Annabel croft movie which was terrible and that but to his credit they didn't give up on the concept look we have this. Possessed demon doll let's just figure what to do it at that they created. Another origin story for the doll it's called at about creation as a standalone sort of period movie and it's just a rate haunted house movie it's about. Or pins and a farmhouse where there's been made that. And they have to sort of familiarize themselves with the house and of course the antidote on makes it very difficult. That has one that I think you have to go to the opening weekend. Because. The crowd is going to be loud and up we went to a preview audience. Where are crap by the end it was just openly talking back to its tracking that they were so. Dial into the type of scares. That the movie does now ate it got. Yeah in the capital and knowing how. Pick I got caught it started to pay attention in the movie and people were really just like screaming back at the screen like telling characters where to go where not to look at. But I am but it's that kind of on the just manipulate the audience really really well. Some really well earned genuine scares not cheap jump scares and just the good ghost stories I would totally recommend going going it is again. Now you said dad they tried it in the first one bombs is this a reboot or is this the same people in the same doll just trying again. It's a story that does connect to that prequel they hired better director. The guy named David Hamburg who did a movie called lights out recently was the last Japanese that Lester like that can happen. That was another really good film and they just you know he knows how to weave the batters stories so it and that's what does without giving too much away. Does kinda connects to that that a prequel but the cinematic universe they're trying to build out of the country. Is the loosely connected stories that don't ought to lean on each other legally he sings one having seen not let them before and still be scared. But they wanna take characteristic keep getting introduced me conjuring movies. The current demand in the none end result is that the like sort of villainous. Supernatural figures of the wanna give movies do and a belly too for yours comes in a couple of years were gonna happen like. Who legitimately conjuring cinematic universe that are all characters from these games on film. That's a conjuring cinematic universe who knew anybody even wanted that. Well it's happening yeah yeah I'm port though. I'm on that you see if you tell me to be on board I'll be on board you know I am I right so big story over the past week a movie news wise Karate Kid. Ralf much GO and I don't even know the guy's name who played Johnny the evil one of the best villains in movie history for my money. Edgar and they're coming back both of them. Yes several coming back product that the I don't know what to make it as I don't I don't like that. I think it's a bit. I think they should leave well enough alone mrs. is gonna be it theories. For a YouTube but I'm not quite sure how it's going to stream and it's going to be. Johnny is you know trying to put life back together after losing in in the tournament in Daniel's big successful it. I mean come on we did that in. Didn't need a leader karate kids sequel teach us that there's only so much of this story that an error audiences want to think you tell me are you excited about it. I'm more excited that I would I was in and I didn't even CEO will Smith's kid do when the reboot I won it none of that. You know I don't know on in the the original guys from our childhood I'll check it out and there. Our littlest and that at least the president predicts is that success of bringing back shows on you know platforms like Netflix where using the original stars sort of get back together. I just you know about that the first two movies out. I'll hold on a pedestal the first and especially in the second half of that was worthy people. Then it all sort of fall apart and I mean I'll check it out out of morbid curiosity but I am not going into it thinking it's gonna succeed. Well maybe they can hire Peterson terra and do a sequel to glory of love. Sean O'Connell cinema blend dot com and follow him every day for the latest on what's going on always love talking to you have a great weekend. Thank you better not. I hope. Now you've had enough. That will wrap this edition of brutality and WBT podcast got more episodes WB dot com. The long weekend mornings followed it up. On the NC 1110. 993 WBT.