A Biblical Diet For Longevity And Healing

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, May 12th
Dr. Ernst answer the question, does the bible have a diet that fixes everything?

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For that free console and to download a bunch of free stuff get might ebooks my guides in our health news section except for a and down you can also go to FaceBook FaceBook dot com slash ask doctor Ernst. I live stream hey guys. Is live the camera's working connected we have accomplished these few weeks ago everything's good locked and loaded where on line. You can like it's parents and your friends at a great topic for you guys I've felt a little inspired from my hearing this Thurman in my church this last weekend. What if I did something. They would show you what the Bible says about how to eat food this is good and business. Why does the bibles say we should be eating for health for wellness from longevity. So I'm gonna ask this question what does the Bible holds the answer for your health through a biblical diets. And I dug deep on this that I I went into several other books. Comedy have you heard of the maker's diet the book that Jordan Rubin wrote years ago about how he basically came back from debt. By doing need biblical diet says it's called the maker's diet good book if you read it there's another one called the Bible diet by an MD I like this guy ate a medical doctor. He's a Christian he believes that the body can heal by itself by eating the right kind of foods so Bible diet don't pull bowl. My doctor Richard Hayes MD's I've read both these books and I hold and put together for all of you today. I'd like to say we're gonna put a dent in the universe for your health so that Steve Jobs put a dent in the universe for your health. And help you out of this trap. There's too many people are taking medications for things they can fix by themselves. Too many people are tired income you know confused in brain fog and forget ball. So what if I told you the Bible outlines the best diet for you. No blood type die waiting no Jenny Craig guiding no Weight Watchers counting this is direct from the big Kahuna upstairs got himself in the Bible. Use should eat the fallen marine sought in a UST today now he comes in specific orders. There was what was termed the first of the first first diets. I'm gonna call it the is in the Eden. It's never before we ate the wrong food peso. Go back to the and it kind man. We are always told him whatever you want to don't have this in what we deal. We wanted to writes that still runs in humanity de Cesar told you can't use something we go oh yeah Al let me show you what IQ. You know. It is criticize says don't need this what do we say I'm gonna need it case that we had. Both for the fall beat in eating diets. That we had the after eating diet the case though after we were kicked out of paradise. Then we had the after no diets or will call it the let's eat what's around because there's nothing left diet writes we get talk about the before fall after fall no it diet. And how on earth that we end up to date with all these weird ones. In the Bible has very clearly specific foods. That are very healing so to share this with you guys today are gonna have some fun right because apparently today. Is the what did the twelfth I believe yes that people like Athens Saturday may twelfth. Put did you notice. Today is the national have lines for dinner day like Al finest hour time I'll foods and for some reason it the national have lunch for Saturday. So I'm. Basically what every expose the villages those app for dinner to. I else that's on those units that it's some sort of like bronze front lines day. I had no idea that every day we have given some sort of specific things I'm gonna call this the turn your life around day. This is knee carving out the date today turn your life around day how to do it. Open up the book of all books and let's see what it says about eating. And also throughout the show today you guys know I always like to give stuff away so we're doing two things that happen a e-book. That has all of my cellular diet recipes except on my web site's toll free. Go to the assets Ernst aides that the downloads to apps you'll see the cellular healing a book it's loaded. With great summation about how diet can help it heal. Asking people do this diet to lose point five pounds a month in blood pressure go way I've seen that reflects clear out and it's three. Asked doctors dot com slash downloads and then click it let me put your name email and will be delivered right T also next Saturday. I mean where Wear light at 80% capacity I think I have may be about 20/20 five seats so would be nineteen. Next Saturday. 11 AM at the holiday and express and sweet I have the whole conference hall rented. We are doing what's called the anti eighteen summit on post it live. You can meet meet you meet my staff and my team you can hear from other patients of ours who have transformed their life. I've had people who have been diabetic and are no longer diabetic after just ninety days when he come minus three months. Of people who have yields for some common things like neck pain back pain headaches. I even have the various cancer patients who have used our therapies in addition to what their medical doctors are doing. And have beginning are beginning to steeper emissions and accept yourself you wanna come to that. Right now this is your opportunity is we have a commercial break coming up. Here's the call line all throughout the show today 7049062094. 7049062094. Pick up the phone call that right now. You got tickets for free. On FaceBook click the link below 704906. Tuesday or 94. When we come back OK look don't go anywhere I know what happens you guys did this commercials. And you forget that we're here for the whole hour. But hey biblical foods for healing. The top ten foods the Bible says you should eat every day to help yourself to heal and I talk about the transition of diets from the beginning in Eden. Did the after eat into the no diet and everything else afterwards. Doubled Daniel guiding it all of it. How you can heal naturally with biblical dude it's Yasser parents still. Our eyes on the fact happy Saturday illicit gas dock turns out it is our house said these instead. We repeat Monaco problems are because doctor Aaron Aaron since the day were discussing. The biblical foods for health and longevity. Of the guys are at the edge of your seats we played a little suspense music just it is. Because I feel like this is gonna have really put a dent in the universe for your health for your life. For everything we know. That's down the Bible has not integrated guys that case though I'm a believer I'm gonna put it out of the tables he gave no it's the Bible that I believe that god created us believe he gave less life. Everlasting and also that we should have a sense of I'll call it divine healing and and longevity and health it's a gift is being given to us into many of us are walking around sort of half capacity or not even now. So what if I told you that in the Bible it very clearly talks about. The first of the first of the first diets then the second guy in the third fourth and fifth and sixth on diets as a ton of biblical based diets. And just if this sparks curiosity. Eco read a book the biblical type Richard Hayes MD go Riga maker's diet by doctor Jordan Rubin. And then download this podcast and pay attention to everything that talked about as they give you the clean it unclean foods. I'm gonna give you the top ten debacle foods for healing. And gonna walk you through how I believe. If we go back to our original design diet. The Indy. You know so like if you take a car that is designed to have unleaded gaffes and you could easily if you're gonna have a big problem. Did you take a diesel car and you put unleaded gas in that you're gonna have a big problem they are designed to have a specific fuel type. So here's the secret for today you word design. You were created your may need. To eat specific foods. And when you eat what you're supposed to eat you will be healthy you'll live a long life and potentially you can reverse your current health issues if you. Switch to your design diet. He stop putting diesel in unleaded car and you clean it out it might work again but you have to do that time and energy to make it happen a case sell. I love this topic he gets again it features Sox knocked off. And don't forget all throughout the show today at various times you can call my call line 7049062094. And I'm giving tickets away to next Saturday's anti aging summit we're gonna title other top three techniques you can reverse eighteen. You Garrett of wrinkles on your face you can make eight spots go with your hands you can. Did out of the disease states you can make arthritis scope goodbye cake uncle Arthur out the door. You can clean out your energy you can reduce and or get off medication if you. Anti aids and I assume you how to do that top thirty anti aging techniques. One of which includes cleaning out. I immigrant about the bank. These tickets are normally put dollars here's the number again 7049062094704906294. So what I told you the bought the diet has your diet. The Bible has your diets. So you don't need to go to the blood type books you don't need to go to the shops and sale of I should buy this diet book you there's millions of diet books but these book. Hold your diets. And minister with you today case though. Let's just go through the history here I don't because aware of this but there are some big heavy hitters biblically who lived a heck of a long time. Adam the first the first the first of the first human beings. 900 in thirty years old when he passed away that's pretty cool isn't it set 912. We also had to have some off camera and we're back a case that 900 in twelve years. At a 930 years know what 950. Years. 955 must do excellent and he knocked it at a park oldest living biblical. Individual 969. Years old now I know what you're gonna say add carrots that was in the biblical days. That doesn't happen today well let's talk about this that they win. Did humanity stop living to be a thousand years old. Did you look into the Bible and you walk through it all it was wants. To earth with glided. And no law who is charged to be the person to keep you know each male and female species of all animals hampering his family. And re populate the earth. Right bearer we entered into a different type of diet we call it the I do the posts know I diet that case though. Once the flight we can call it post flight once the blood was dine in the ark landed amount Iraq. All of a sudden boom and new guy kicked and and then from right there either by design or just by coincidence. We no longer lived to be a thousand years old anymore almost a thousand viewers understand that cell. How did all this happened okay well when we work created the Genesis. Talks about this idea of ready. We had the first diet quote ever Genesis chapter one burst when he then god said quote they give you every seed bearing plants on the face of the earth. And every treat it as fruit with seed in it VA will be your food. Now this was for Adam needs to they are being told here's your post eat don't eat the animals. Eat this seed bearing plants. On the earth and the trees that have fruit with seeds in the true in the brute. Okay so like now aplomb and I Colorado you get to write a case that we were told eats. The seeds and the fruits from the trees only and seed bearing plants the case seed bearing plants. Three is where it's not concedes the case that therefore in Eden. We were allowed to eat anything that came off the trees except for one specific tree that got so don't eat from the street. And of course whoops we did then we were kicked out of Eden is get this that we haven't in eating diet. That we had the out of Eden diet out DaVita diet Genesis 317. Hearst is the ground because of you. Through painful oil you'll eat food from it all the days of July. So notice the difference that it before we ate food that was on the trees. Or seed bearing plants now we can eat things that come out of the ground like grasses and leaves and you name it took anything that grows from the earth. Fruits and vegetables. A case that like do tomatoes have seeds inside of them yes we were already eating tomatoes before. But does not Cahill had a seat incited it notes that technically. In Eagan. We didn't eat things like he'll instead agents are now it's stuff now. We need to eat strawberries can they had he'd outside of them is getting inside the seed had to be inside before. Now Genesis 317 were eating nuts and seeds and leafy greens and herbs and all this stuff right and that was thousands of years that Kate. During this timeframe most the people lived to be in the nine hundreds. OK even the low with school or rain. Human being in the Genesis era with a Mac but not this right LA ME seats you let that be 777. Years old I'm at. We say coldly but come on I would love to be around for 777. Years. For theories that that specific biblical number seven means completion is I had complete complete complete life sentence and then it. That the whole other subject now Noah who the DB 950. Was commissioned to peppering humanity. And bring all the animals onto the arc that he built in in the whole earth. Was flooded wiped out let me ask you this what happens all the trees what happens all the plants what happens all the animals. Except the ones that were on arc and everything tied the whole earth died so Noah had his family. And had all the animals and then all of a sudden the waters receded and he landed on mount their racks and here's what it says in Genesis chapter nine verse three. God began to blast Noah and said be fruitful and multiply any gave Noah his instructions on median. Because everything is wiped out well with a 93. Everything that lives and moves the doubts you will be food for you. Just that I gave you green plants earlier remember that out of eating diet. Now I give you everything. Everything that lives in new Shelby your food so this is kind of when we started going down to only a 120 years of life expectancy. So five wanna talk about. Bringing a level of before the slide. He'll lean longevity energy back and you wonder if you went back and you did the in. And out to eat diet. That was primarily a vegetarian the game lifestyle and in my promoting vegetarianism and the news and now I'm just saying what if you'd took a period of time and you wait a minute do with the Bible says Genesis and eat seed bearing plants. I'm an. And I'm gonna eat the food from the ground for all the days of my life. And quoting it as I understand this a case so could we eat animals yes we were told eat animals in Genesis 93. But then it got a little more. Specific because we started to see disease show up. Right sell you can look at this ask your pastor go to biblical scholars and look online. There was no mention all of any disease before the after the flood zilch zero no talks about leprosy no talks about boy heals the talks about in unit stuff. Until we started to eat meats from that no it diet together and sell before. Not since the aids. Fruits and vegetables. And no and now after the flood. Thirty eating meat so then along comes a book called the Vatican's where there was some laws created right here let's control this diet. Now we're gonna enter something called the queen an unclean lists and again before you say to me all doctor aren't that old testament. We don't believe old testament stuff anymore that's old laws that hey hey it's still works science to DA has proven that clean and clean list. Is actually true there's toxicities. Bind on cleans and there's cleanliness behind the clean so here's my advice to you. Just try it for four weeks OK just try to not curtsy. Follow the clean and unclean lists which incorporates. The in Eden and after eating diets right here regale. Why should you eat accorded the Bible what is considered clean anything that grows on the H three. So they comes from a tree eat it seed bearing fruits. Or anything that grows on of mine who ate tomatoes except for. What else is fine. And pumped it does make in this one not making a pumpkins did they grown up fine thank Sackett any seed bearing plants. So beans and tomatoes and squash tossup right it has a seat on the inside with a plan. Any field based play. Leafy vegetables herbs and roots the tank and we eat birds yeah acts as long as they are not the birds on the unclean list. Yet bird you guys like to eat chicken Turkey expect her right. And we eat insects. Sounds gross but yes the Bible says eat any insect that doesn't have a weighing on its. Of the wing it out it has no wings that then here's the cuts he went for all of you seafood. They can't eat seafood yes this line that has beens or scales. It doesn't have been and it doesn't scale don't need it. So do you when he dock that puts no fans no scales there. Okay next. Meets right now here's the thing it's very specific guys it must have a hook that cloven into and it must also to hide. Mean dean. Ox cattle buffalo sheep deer is now antelope. Had to look this stuff up right I'm not a farmer I didn't know what has clue who have been holding cloak into anti cut. Ox cattle cows buffalo sheep dear gazelle there's our clean list. When I come back the on cleans. And also I'm gonna give you guys an opportunity I eight now ready 704. 906 whose 0947049062094. What is the calling for. Free tickets and I anti agent summit which is next Saturday at 11 AM 7049062094. Gas doctorate sale will be right back. All right happy afternoon it's Saturday death occurred so I love that you're here today my name is doctor or nurse I'm hosting what we called the biblical answers for health. Healing and longevity choke but peso I read two books that I found very fascinated. Wanted to bring information to all of you. Because today's some events are searching for answers or help how to heal naturally how we feel better how to we looked younger. How to we get off the medication or reduce the reliance on this matter case though I read two books one by doctor Richard Hayes MD. Called the Bible diet. And also read a book called the maker's diet but doctor Jordan Rubin. And so here I am also a doctor and I went on this isn't this is impressive I've known about this stuff. I wonder if all of our listeners do sell a form added today's show to answer a question what if the Bible holds you were diet. What if it's sitting right in front of you and you can take responsibility for yourself and say I'm going to heal myself by going back to the regional design. Okay in our previous segments we discussed the fact that biblical characters. Lives to be hundreds of years old 78900. Years old. The oldest was met with Philip who lived in 969. Years old now that was before the flight. That was before knoller rounded up all the animals and his family instead he let state humanity. Today when the flood hits. We had it changing diets. In Genesis chapter nine verse three god told now be fruitful multiply. And it take you know bring humanity back but everything that lives in news about earth will be food for you. With the first mention ever of human beings eating animals. So right around there we started eating anything that moved I guess we eat snakes and we ate insects we would have defined because there was no food the earth was wiped out. So all of the previous. Nuts and seeds and berries and vegetables and herbs that we eight. According to be in the and out of Eden diets that was described an earlier parts of Genesis all gone that we start eating meats will then unfortunately. You can look to the Bible. This is when we started to see disease showing up. So along came a book called the Medicaid which came up with the loved medical clean and unclean lists. And we spent some time before talking about the clean food you look at you missed it it's real quick. The growth on a three eat it if it comes from a plant that define edict that it has seeds in spite of it as a plant ED. If it's they leave the field vegetable. Herbs roots and leaves needed. If it's a bird. Eat it as long as it's not the unclean birds with the talk about a moment if it's an insect as long as no wings Edith so it's I guess we can eat the seafood is mine it has no sorry as lies it must have a fan or a scale only. It has no scales and it has no fans don't eat it. So it's not about this is all of you gonna go off. That's like that's shrimp and lobster and crab all the delicacies. Octopus squid Palomar you name it. On the unclean list that bank. Clean neat if we can eat clean meats must have a hook that's cloven into. And in most she kind of K ox. Towels buffalo sheep deer gazelle and antelope are on that list is here comes the ones to avoid. Now I'm not gonna ask for a drummer albeit as a colleague and ago. I don't ever really know I called these foods. And that look don't shoot the messenger in the Bible and I'll let you decide if you wanna follow it here we go. Unclean meets. Pigs. Which means pork which means Barbeque. Which means making it. Guys here comes a 100000 emails doctors to dedicate any date and I'm unsubscribe you from his newsletter list that never listen to show again there's a cut about bacon like everybody goes insane. But if I can the unclean you start to lose your mind for eating bacon and don't shoot the messenger pigs by definition are toxic. Partly because they have zero sweat glands so where's all the way east goat goes into their skin and their muscles. And we eat both their skin and muscles. I don't know the last time you ever sat down and had camel but apparently Campbell is an unclean one rabbits. And badger now some people do eat rabbits case some people eat badgers can't I don't know if you can eat camel here. But maybe you could but pigs at the date when that a lot of us eat. But hey don't shoot the messenger but it's an unclean food biblically. Shellfish. Any C animal that has a cell. Those shrimp lobster crab but hey here's what's unique about these guys they are bottom feeders not to cursing out that they were created. To eat the waste of the fish and other what I'll call marine life that we can eat. So date they have a waste product that settles to the bottom of the ocean and then these guys are designed to eat now eat the waste tank. So we don't wanna do that same thing with socked a Pulitzer squid if it does not have pins or scales. No on the eating a case that squid. Op with a catcher but he birds that were not supposed to eat an idol I doubt you're gonna stay on our Catholic dot. But it acts with the eagle owls notes Eagles know. Oss trades. Raven kite vultures and Eagles that assets Plymouth illegal eating eagle believe. A good thing but you're not supposed to eat birds that are on that list can you eat chicken and Turkey gas tank. Ducks yaks and insects with wings thank hot until that Cuba. And Alec afford having grasshoppers for dinner tonight so the Bible says no no on the locusts. Now on the no on the birds like Siegel's and kites and pollsters in and stuff like that Kate but here's what's unique about this case science is actually done some studies on this. Today when I found out is the political diet actually true is there's a bit behind the unclean. We've found this the case and four hours a pay compared to a house 24 hours. Pigs digest their food really fast so you eat a pig. And when he eats food generally takes four hours ago from mouth to the n.'s Kate with nick how it takes point pars with Uga might take three days. The problem here is because they passed their food through them so quickly it leads to serious issues with toxicity. Win use slowly digest your food your liver has time to rid the toxins. When your eating food in getting rid of it as fast as you can like a pig the toxins if stored in their. Because they can't processes quickly does that make sense or pig eats something within four hours has been pooped out. So where does all the toxicity goat goes in pigs have more toxic than any other animal they also can't sweat K. Rabbits are considered in lean meats but it's known as the rabbit starvation phenomenon. Where if you ate a rabbit only you would actually die because there's not enough nutrition and then so they did this study where they fed other animals and rabbits. And they all died because they don't have enough nutrition they don't have enough fat side it's actually beat. A stuff substance the case that we don't want to eat them the bottom feeding shellfish are also there to eat the waste. So the eat the hoop they eat the waste in the face they're very highly toxic. So why don't need to avoid the stuff is there eating unclean foods you're gonna get sick. If you're getting sick you're going I wish I could have a way out but maybe didn't realize the Bible as the answer for your diet. Look we got a person coming up I'm gonna give you call line here 7049062094. 7049062094. If you wanna diet that'll heal Yale. Call that number and join me next Saturday from anti EU summit here in Charlotte. 704906209. Ports gas doctor and sell will be right back. Hey good afternoon happy Saturday to kill innocent gas suck turns out I was stuck partners. Historic houses said he's dead were you be set free on your health problems. They were talking about a very few topic of the idea what it's the Bible holds the answer. For your health your theory your longevity. By design means something called the biblical diet for you do for use okay. So I read two books recently one being the maker's diet by doctor Jordan Rubin the second being in what's called the Bible diet by doctor Richard Haiti's. MD made sorry made Richard made in. Each specific foods I used the analogy earlier. Yet a car that runs on unleaded gas accidentally put diesel in that unity problem. You get a diesel engine accidentally put unleaded gas in the big problem not designed to work with windows that tank. So your human body was designed to eat specific foods that. And some of us don't even know what those are what foods recreated the when Adam and eve were created there was a very specific diet given humanity it was easy all we had to do was eat the fruits. And that means the grew on trees that were found in the garden of Eden except for one tree. The tree of knowledge of good and evil if we ate that fruits and we have our eyes opened to the reality of life okay. And so of course you guys know humanity was tempted. And we eat the wrong apple. And all of a sudden boom we had a consequence the peso. And the consequence was the after eating diet and god said in Genesis three kept editing curse to the ground because of you. Through painful toil you'll eat food from it all of these real life. Period he didn't say oh and by the way. No animal consumption until after. The flood McCain Genesis nine chapter three. No I had just landed the ark on mount a rat. And because the earth was completely submerged in water there were no plants or vegetables or nuts and seeds are threes everything had been destroyed. That god said in Allah bead blast and be fruitful and multiply you can re populate the earth. Oh what did you eat Genesis 93 everything that lives in news about you will be food for you. Just as they gave you green plants I now give you everything quote. Hey before we were given plants that's concedes. Right there Genesis 93 we were given the idea of eating animals and things that move insects and snakes and stuff like that now. Okay humanity went from a thousand years on average pace than most people in the Bible days Genesis flies 95960. Adam 930 in the New Zealand 969. I wish we could lived via thousand again just wouldn't be neat to be around for a thousand years. But we live on average about a 120 years and I don't know if it was just by design or because of the fact that. There's more radiation now being the only way to know. Why we don't live as long as the original that local characters is to leave this earth go into the heavenly realms have lunch with Scott as the only way to now. So I don't want to be doing acts ads unless it's your time and a lot of us have a long life ahead of us sell. There are foods that we were instructed to eat in not to eat. That in the book of that it is even though yes it's old testament. We have a design for clean and unclean foods in science today has confirmed the on cleans are definitely not clean and healthy forty. So what is the unclean meets that we should stay away from pigs camel hair and badger in its is courting the Bible. What is less selfish we're not supposed to eat the seafood we should stay away from it it has a cell. Don't eat it lobster shrimp and crap but our Paris they're delicacies it's point five dollars per half tale. You know I like it when I eat steak and while I'm sorry I don't know what to say it says very clearly knew who tanked. If it doesn't have a thin or a scale like an octopus or squid don't need it either. But doctor urged the Palomar it tastes so good with butter drizzle all over it I guess it I didn't say they don't taste good I said their on clean they're not designed for humanity. A tank. While doctor spitz says they're not Genesis 93 eat anything that moves. Yeah Abbott and we found out everybody was getting sick because we ate the weird stuff that moves. Like Eagles cents and mats and insects and pigs right we ate all the stuff we weren't suppose the so what should we indicate biblical foods for longevity in healing and and I'm also gonna throughout encouragement to pay this debt stayed many list of the mast. All of the healing foods that superffoods foods that bring AG. What I told you there's a drink you can have every morning that will literally tighten your skin and make you feel ten years younger. Are those your ears perking up 81 alert and that kind of stuff that you learn how to get off medications at a yield naturally. We ease and a half fifteen left that came with over thirty and giving tickets away to next Saturday's anti aging conference technically this is your last chance. Get them at no cost to pay 7049062094704. 9062094. Normally point nine dollars. If you wanna come and join me at 11 AM next Saturday at the holiday and I have the whole conference whole book out I would love to meet you. But the teaching what I have learned about how to reverse things like heart disease diabetes. And that's neck pain back pain Attica blood pressure cholesterol excuse. And before you say that's a long list how do you heal all that stuff I don't healing thing. I teach people how to eat right how to clean up their diet how to get their bodies working again and that brings healing you were designed to heal. You don't believe me just cut your skin and watch it he'll do it by itself break a bone and watch it heal so why are you hearing from your health DC you should be. So let's talk about this food list that the Bible says you can eat for healing came olives and olive oil computer on any six. Ten verse or sorry first chapter six verse 1011 vineyards and olive trees which you do not plants. And you eat in our status bite from OK they were describing the promised land there will be vineyards and all the trees that you didn't plan. But you'll eat and be satisfied round. Gulf oil has been sent to be it massive anti inflammatory. It has been found to be a healing oil revenue of skin in the extra skins often makes it more vibrant and alive. It's great for your joints it's loaded with anti inflammatory I'd like that they olives and olive oils should be consumed daily. But if you haven't had a jar of olives in a while crack it open at the Bible food eat the whole thing make bigs in pomegranate it's you guys like this okay. A couple chapters later in tutor on the again describing the promise plan eight. Sorry chapter eight verse seven through eight. For the lord god is bringing you into a good land and land of wheat and Barley vines and big trees and pomegranate. A land of olive oil and honey that's that's phenomenal so we can have weeks. As I get out of all week paid just don't go crazy on me yet. We do have wheat and Barley we nets' bigs and pomegranate X with all Boylan honey. That's a great sunny not pomegranate the figs on not only taste great but they're good right and it's on behalf spider nutrients that are anti cancerous. Anti inflammatory and even ready for this anti obesity. If you can sue a tablespoon of olive oil or B day you'll probably start losing weight. It's been around to actually happen based on the Solomon chapter one verse you may kiss me with the aids cases and is now. In May he. Are you biblical food. And before you go crazy on me I do remember Jesus taking water attorney into. Why write and say he Nestor they drink it black studies show today. That small amounts of red line. Can't help you to lower your risk of heart disease and your mortality rates the problem today is most wind is very toxic and then sprayed with chemicals. Or roundup to control the bold and sugar in it. So if you're looking for some great wine check out the company called for I farm wine duck with an ax dry farm wines. They are a sponsor for myself it probably if you want to FaceBook feed you see the commercials that we have from them. Type in mind shown in asked doctor Ernst so it's dry farm winds dot com slash asked doctor Ernst. And man it is great stuff Knology get a bottle for a penny. But you've yet. Three from toxicity free from sugar that. Proverbs chapter 31 verse ten and thirteen. It talks about how a wife and a biblical era would not only be a going adorned with jewels but she would look for flax. She would look to find flak for foods the plaques and flax seeds again. Hi essential fatty acid that can prevent cancer heart disease and even diabetes. And they've been sound to help. You lose weight blacks and black seats. A case sprouted greens that he has probably heard this disease you'll bread right at this sprouting green Brad was Ezekiel chapter four verse nine says take weeks. Barley beans lentils millet and spelt but committed container and make bread from them. Braude grains are easier to digest because they cut the gluten down. Few DA though we it is very toxic and dangerous because we have hybrid iced it. And we sprayed heavily so when he says take wheat and Barley beans lentils millet spelt. Don't just think you can cut out the lentils and you're like I don't like that there is no longer the biblical bread. But wheat from the biblical era is not the week that day. Okay so be careful that you're sensitive to wheat like most of us are Ezekiel bread is part of the best I confines. Of the original wheat design behind bread for today. And people have tried Ezekiel bread better paces nine like yeah it's okay. But it's bitter it's hard it's actually well again I'd say that's the case greatest at the biblical. Goat milk right now I believe if you look at the Bible when they talk about land flowing with milk and honey they weren't talking about how milk. There are timeout go milk a tank proverbs 27 chapter. I fight after point seven verse 26 through 27 says the lambs. Will be for your clothes being. And the goats will bring you eight price from the field. There milk. Is not only enough for your food but it's enough food for your household and sustenance your agents. So the goat milk is very sustenance. It has a lot of sustenance and I have sustainable. Goat milk is unique it has more calcium needs to magnesium phosphorus and cow milk. And it's facts hold a lot of soluble vitamins that you don't find in milk I believe. Goat milk was the milk of the biblical days. Adult things necessary drink cow's milk. Lamb. The exodus chapter twelve Versa Levin you sell edicts. Lamb in this manner okay with your loin guarded with your sandals on with your staff in your hand sight I challenge you to do that. But it says eat lamb. It is the passover. Kate Lam has been found to be highly nutritious and multiple areas as proteins that are easiest night yes. It's loaded with healthy fats in not only tastes great but it sounds to be one of them Linas healthiest mete out there. Bitter herbs that the exodus twelve chapter eight. They sell eat the less the same night roasted with a fire this talk about land and nation out mediate went on leavened bread and bitter herbs if you're not familiar and bitter herbs coriander and parsley all the news group. And there are also paid detox that fires. Partly been down to help you remove toxins from your liver. Vegetables are front and heard the gang of that right is both eat nothing but that's wasn't water for ten days of course Daniel out outlived humanity. And laughs because my god Maria time raw honey this is my favorite radio address proverbs 25. Per sixteen have you found honey. Eat it only that you need it and not India access and cause vomiting. Even god knew that too much of the good thing can be dangerous it's the low carb warning from the Bible the only too much honey. Apparent all my goodness where's the time gone. Paid up class called action to join me for free next Saturday. 70490620947. Afford 9062094. The tickets are yours free if the anti aging summit here in Charlotte with me doctor parent parents hop artist FaceBook dot com let's ask doctorate performance of fine. Aussie guys next week.