Bigfoot and Bikes

Carolina Outdoors Podcast
Saturday, February 24th

This week, the #outdoorguys, are talking Big Foot, bikes, and film making.


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Carolina outdoor Chile's brought Cuba the outdoor shots from Jesse breaths. Right over here we are the outdoor gas is now in session. We've left the confines of Jesse browns over in the heart of the South Park shopping district the sharing corner shop in Trinidad is to come in a talk about. All of the cool things going on in our Carolina outdoors in on this episode as we break down through the segments this week. One of which is going to include traveling the world that's right we're gonna go. A little bit Everett Africa down into Central America South America in search of mr. harper and with one of our guests. Also we're gonna have. A big flip dead net. Analyst of sorts hobbyists. If you will he's gonna. He runs the FaceBook North Carolina. For bigfoot. Searchers that totally messed that up. And off the hook and we're gonna learn about learn to ride in which is a free program available here in the Charlotte area. To people who want to learn to ride a bicycle is not just little kids either it's. All the ages coming out to a different places in the Charlotte area to learn how to ride a bicycle I'm bill Barghouti. DC look Casey is join in this welcome DC. Well thanks for having me always pleasure to be sitting alongside you here in these tedious at W BT 1110. With army PGA year run the board thank goodness because we can't be trusted with sharp objects were things that have buttons lights. But eight teamwork makes the dream or as they say. Yeah I don't think any of the things we're talking about on the show or any dissects the podcast. Could not be done without teamwork. Hey man I mean let's just cut it real right and no pun intended talking about the fly fishing films York I'd that. That it fascinating bit coming up. Odd talking about Atlantic as one of the one this film segments in the film tour this year. Not at the march 15 event I'm fired up about that and I cannot wait cannot wait to hear about. Literally as you said world travels. Beautiful locations. Fantastic fishing and what it's like to try to balance real life. Within eight L real life with the two east. Real jobs family the whole thing how he put that altogether and how that thing is crystallized. In. One segment of the fly fishing film tour Atlanta gets it's going to be hot reports it was just. One of the several movies that are going to be at Sharon. On the 2018. At five fishing film tumors it because I've been through eight different countries a 175. Different cities and showings. That march 15 is when Charlotte, North Carolina gets Bayer's we have these tickets on sale. It Jesse Brown's they're fourteen dollars come on over there what it includes. Of course is live music starting at 530 the movies will start promptly at seven it's not A River Runs Through It it is anywhere from six to ten minute. Movies some are based on the Warren Miller Steve Levy's if you remember those back in the eighties and maybe even earlier I'm not that'll help it's our opinion anyway. Listen everybody is invited. And how like what you did with your time when you talk about real love is trying not to which is glad to correct Basel silently trying to put it up but. But it makes it that way for many but causing digestive browns have a real service going on that's right asset at five real service. Clean and lube for 25 dollars for a week will disassemble. We will live your real clean your file on Chicago and not give advice on if you need a new fly line. Reassemble. Clean off the destined at all and have it ready for spring fishing like it's new again bright 'cause I. The view or equate to fly fishing it is still too were with the masters. Once people see the masters is coming and they see that on TV. Every everybody with a set a club to hit in the wings fly fish until two were kind of the same way. If you are even remotely interest in the sport. This is your. Tipping point you're jazz session the push you over the top and I hit it. Well before you hit it you better get it get it cleaned get ready this chances are most of us who have jobs and families and kids in fact stuff. We hadn't been fishing all year stuffs been sit around and this is a great opportunity yet it. Did it in gear get the gear ready to go to that you can really enjoy the experience and not have equipment stay away. So who is this for guess it is far far Fisher people anglers who like to go fly fishing but it's also for people. To appreciate independent moviemaking. Or maybe they appreciate travel. Tom because the films. Go not just in the US and North America but around the world with this beautiful cinema photography yet that you mentioned travel is end the air. As well as conservation and there will be several conservation groups on hand at the fly fishing film tour so are you need is a ticket. In the arrest is easy if you're a serious movie watcher did you get closer to the front. If you wanna see your friends and hang out at the bar at the visualize theater it's 1615 Elizabeth avenue on that march 15. Night yes DC my deep thought is sales I always go that way. On the Nikkei and hang back at the bar and visit a little bit said the there's a lights a perfect being he. For this our locker. Okay outer right individual artist fantastic that you stand Jesse Beatty he's never been. Did you say it's and go if you have been before it's always treat it's great to see similar returning faces out there and that he would just wells of the report that went. Are also looking forward billed to you talking about learn to ride. I that's coming up on March 17. And you final about that all about that and woody upcoming segments here on the podcast. But you also find out own you'll old at learned to ride learned to ride CLT dot com. I do exactly as billed describe it say it's an opportunity for anyone of any age. And any desired skill set to learn life skill that is ride a bike ride simply put it is. Simply. Dot an amazing program. Free open everybody hugs at volunteer. Started run etc. can do without the guys bicycle sport. I'm a member Tony Parker ranked public health. Well run media. I'd done volunteers we get from all over the place Charlotte country day. I added unknown and I can brood those guys a fantastic. Crank mafia out books from Bank of America the list goes on and on and on. And it's just a fantastic program went to free open everyone. And agree to peace and like you were just make him up some words in later rounds Summers I was at the yes it has had a full transparency we're gonna talk to being totally Bassett a sport just about learned to ride DC you are one of the founders of learned to ride. It is here in Charlotte it is free but. Is there any chance of that going to other Cantonese across the state of North Carolina or. Even beyond the state of North Carolina. Our can't answer that but I know we have had some folks come over from other park in Iraq I'd. Districts and also from parking rate down in I wanna see was short Tony but it all we do that from other I counties market rate departments do just that hey we want to see this one to see it looks like on the ground. There's I mean there's no franchise tag on it or anything like that if somebody wants to fear how to do it. Where they are you know we are more than happy to share Marcus K you know the more folks that are outside. In our opinion. The better. Take DC Lee Casey ever their billboards seat ever here we are the outdoor guy as is TJ the and we're gonna have a respectful conversation hold on to head I'm gonna try again. There's a FaceBook page called North Carolina bigfoot. There you get into and September 2018 Marion North Carolina McDowell county is gonna have a festival a big click festival. This man is Stefan degas and he put together this FaceBook page kinda to take the credible sightings put them all in one place for people to comment on them participate and we're gonna have a conversation with him about. Kirk. Big foot. We're playing it straight to. Roger Roger that I mean we're we're talking legit and we're talking big lead. And you were talking about it here on the Carolyn Allen or program with the outdoor guys. It's gonna be great public fortunate as charts in order to get a little bit education on the North American eight. So to speak. Filling your jokes anywhere you want to right now because and latter segments we're gonna find out about. Big Clinton. We've had caddies we've had black mayors we've got deer everywhere while Turkey. What about this North American SaaS squat the state wheels flying down just a moment from now. He's deeply DC the Casey on billboards Jay Don Yeager on assignment that Maine's fishing and will be back with more. After this summer here on out. As you know. I think. Hey you're never sued. Hold or too young maybe can't be too young to learn how to ride a bicycle. And that's what we're gonna talk about on this segment of the Carolina outdoors welcome everyone I'm bill bar T sitting beside me mr. DC Lee Casey. Welcome back. Potter. Are okay horse Shaq. Hold down over there Sarah. Less than that. We hang our heads average SE browns through the week but we're glad that. Debian DT blast open down eastern seaboard. With the Carolina outdoors also available at Jesse browns dot com also available at Jesse browns COT that means FaceBook mr. Graham Twitter. Just get everything in listened to these segments as you please and DC I went to the learned to ride and see LT dot com page to kind of prepare. Ourselves for our next guest. And guess who is on the front cover there. Sadly any good looking guy is right here on the pays well so well where there's a good looking guy in a sun hat and sunglasses with a bunch of kids and a bunch of adult. Surrounding him. And we're not gonna talk to you about this which you are one of the founding members of learned to ride Charlotte merger rats the LT that is correct yet. Well bullet then talk all about we had been maligned here Ben Cooley also one of the partners in this program bank Julio has bicycles were you guys probably and Dell's probably all know him. From that. I'll line of work or his main line of work is but you know. Where will talk and they're right there are many many things the brother dies and that in the white community outside of that but this is one of the things that guy. We do for the cycling community and the game in the community. Large where we're gonna jump feet first animated talk a little bit about this bin Cooley bicycle sport welcome to the Carolina outdoors. Dan you started this thing up learn to ride. Well thank you very much. Bill appreciate NDP I get to be here this morning and who who started this past the liberty questions. Dick winner he even gave him myself. Verbally. Couple cups of coffee or beer not sure which one realized that both. But yeah we kind of came up with the idea that there's. Probably get more people outdoors exercising healthy riding bikes. And that's kind of where we started terribly. Children. But then is stepping expanded view we don't need you teach anyone to learn to ride. Not just did. Now I've been about four years ago. And he immediately cracked not matter if I'm wrong but I think that's right. And it's pretty pretty exciting step we've had. A lot of kids through the years and indigo. So I think last year we had almost 500. To get him to come through the learn to ride program so. Always exciting sound. Well listen I've got a soon to be. Five year old Vince he's still better training wheels and on the says she will be out at the next event march 17 between get park rec center 11 AM to 1 PM but I. I image intrigued bad the adults that are learning. To ride their bicycle tell us some of those stories about older people who never learned how to read the old two wheeled bicycle. Yeah I mean you grow up in everybody lives in has a different story and some people had access to buy it goes those children then and Sunday were denied and it just wasn't feasible. So you're never ridiculed. To land per share. We had everything from I grandparents in there I believe he went clear around seventy something to learn eight years old purple one young lady. And he was there actually with her granddaughter. Tiller and it's well that was a pretty cool day we've had. Many adult in the years is pleased that the one American cancer and now they did it never it never happened on the play on the figure there's. There are many people who get learned to swim just wasn't. Look the part that thing growing out though. But that now days with more and more people getting outside and definitely more. Infrastructure being put in he's cycling and walking into being outdoors. They wanna get outside with not only their family in their friends but I just to be healthy cells. And then I just so everybody just listening has a better bead on exactly how this works we are not all at the top of the big hill. Hanging on to the back these kids bikes or grown up spikes. And send them on their merry way there's actually a process tells a little bit about that. There is the process. And you're you are correct that is not what we do maybe we. I don't know we believe that sound like method which is pretty tried and true method where we actually will remitted all paddled training wheels and everything and start with the basics you learn to balance. And from there you learn to. Are getting momentum and that you do that you couldn't hang glide and namely graduate you're putting your paddled back on. Today Utah in then circling around. In the Parker circle wherever we may be and a play down what does help. Start the process a little bit but there's no pushing involved. Exactly there's no pushing involved and I they incurred after they sexy lots and lots of encouragement. Hi I'd stand and has been said that that same encouragement that works for the kids and same method that works for the kids I it works for. Opt for grownups as well so like learning a foreign language as they say it really is just. I'd putting two and Judy yet there and it's. Starting from what really should be a beginning point for all of us which is Miller we'd all figure out metal part but. Some of us come to the table without having learned that balance part and that's the thing it. Is the the hurdle for folks to guys. Get over but regardless of the rage and being net group setting like that regardless of your age again he's. Both of comforting opportunity but also and incurred an opportunity as well we like you know their safety in numbers as they say and there's that god. Physical and visual comfortable you know what if they can do this this. Yet have idea that visual I think has how many million people especially the children. Seeing other children on the same page and or the different ages I'm trying to tackling the same process and they give them duckling that. I confident that they can do it where mom and batter. Instructors. We can tell them all day long you got there but I think they need to feel that themselves that sometimes having those having that other people around you are also an exact same learning and getting it right there in front of their eyes. Definitely gives them that competent to give that extra little kick. Brian I was there at the beginning with the band and we know the back story on this and what. The eyes but flip the switch for us to say wow this is clearly something people want. Tell that story about that first day we did this and when we realize dang world something. Oh man that was that would be very wet day. When it was pouring down rain and we really weren't sure what we were dealing becoming an idea we didn't ask permission we get showed up at political. Track hand worship we could cancel or not be easy to land shall downpours. And now lo and behold we roughly the when he children show up in the rain with there. Parents. And we content to ride bikes in the absolute rain. With really no advertising of letting anyone know other than a few times and word of mouth. And now I'm kind of stuff from there if if we're gonna come out and that. They're gonna come out they need is there and they had to come out at any point so. We had a really especially young young woman young girl that that day. You have been battling you know definitely has been through the papers with her health and things like that and she was. Determined to learn to ride a bicycle that day which I think we pretty much put in about four or five miles of jogging around the track and and a lot of encouragement. Don't think I could talk or walk for a few days. Yeah. Well listen fast forward four years to where we are now in the next event march 17. We're both these guys is it amazing where it is now. From way need gas first brain stormed it. Al man I mean it. I never would have dreamed it would have gone that far I'd been courted he'd be number in the cycling community I think that was kind of he original thought was OK okay but you cyclist that is in that being broken that. But rarely get the outpouring of the media in general. Kind of taking hold that's where parts and racked. And other organizations. You know Mecklenburg County health things like that getting involved. Well run media and getting the word out to. I mean we're now coming up on our our second event of the year with another three to go after that not a total of five in this year's. Looking in between nineteen with I'd say at least that many if not more all around the city and get you more and more could spend some more and more volunteers. They've been great and he ended with a time work. At first career like. Are we gonna have enough volunteers and now and February do we have too many volunteers. And never ever. Actually listen let me jump in here and spanky BN Cooley from bass sickle sport come on talk about to learn to ride program. Everyone needs denied it you don't have to make a reservation. And you don't have to pay if they need this is free. Brent Babb volunteers. Just like BC just like band and a bunch of other people thank you for both backed the view do in. I look forward to seeing you march 17 from 11 AM to 1 PM at winged car rec center. Can take care. It. Here we are. Right ever hear Seattle's dark guys are in session here. On his eleventh then I mean I've three WBT also. Blasting around the world via podcast he can hit every Jesse Brown dot com that's our page. And listen to all four segments of this week's program as we gotta talk about things to do in the outdoors and that age you can. As you can imagine is a culmination of a ton of different things bill RT and sitting beside me in place of Don Yeager who is on assignment. Is mr. DC Lee Casey. I do dear bill thanks let me give me joy it brings all outlets and analysts and it's us that should be. Thanking you and me in all of our listeners are the Carolina outdoors we hear. We're gonna jump feet first into our next topic and it is. It's about travel. It's about. Moviemaking. And it's about fishing so who's not to like any of those sorts of things. It also is in relation with a march 15 event that's taking place. Here in Charlotte north Carolina at the visualize theater it's being presented by Jesse browns in it is to fly fishing film tour 2018. And one of the feature films in this year's program. Is produced and directed back our next guest who. Let's bring him on the program doctor grant where as well from Missoula Montana but a citizen of the world welcome to the Carolina outdoors. They get it to be here. I grant before we before we focus in on on the feature film in this 28 tame version of the past three T. What was your very first movie that you made in the realm of fishing slash fly fishing. As a good questions so. Back in 2003. Had a we get little piece content on the brocade Manila's. You know cut back further than that Leo we went down to Mexico and I had. And I buddy of mine and we went you know just an old beat him. And that we were at a place called paradise slide you know we were patient Turk and instrumental and had it and that. You know pac man bag and realize is that you see action at the patriot music and tech has but we had. Great music from Tim McGraw. Toby Keith then. And these other guys than we realize that you know we needed it injured two of them will never got released. You know after that we do that the London but broke it is an income upper big one that went with the film too or was something called equilibrium pinellas. A look. Couple lying there and Bristol Bay and why we needed preserved as an amazingly consistent. Well the film and this year's. Tour. Is one of the stars of this year's tour is caught in Atlantic test. In it is a what Ramallah to tell us about it but I'll just a paint the picture of it's a TARP and fishermen's movies for that for the most part. But is it took years to produce this thing to have it made how long did it take to make this movie Atlantic's. And the great questions that we idea that he started on the and the bang bang and in 2014. Can't. We went down a little place in Nicaragua and black tea. Is that an article that it was fly and the whole story here back stories that are maybe stick it out but it. The story can she started there and we are trying to trying to turn off the beaten path. And you know quarterly he's we absolutely. Love that place could love everything about it and we wanted to connect. Peacock and gut so to speak where those stories lead error I get and then go easy. What about and try to get off to be happy and finding places Gloria you might not think to look also back in 2016. When he. Started filming and back up on and the western Africa that we Barack turner that a little bit and you ask that made it out of Mexico and in an historian. Yeah really. Was focused and handed in in Costa Rica and there's two pretty amazing destinations that are. Our the beaten path there we were done and our southern pole area you know hunger strikes sol river and then the Internet and north central area. In her political ritual TARP in reserve and neither does places you wouldn't expect. To see the most success or better yet it's kind of our parents story that has been. Now tell me a little bit more about your film company and how you are managing to squeeze. Fancy doctoring. Stacy filmmaker and fly fishing and lord knows what else is on your how are you managing to get all that into a 24 hour day. At the pager put. Grant before you answer that let me and he's a husband. A father of the war position and oral surgeon. On top of those things now gray you can answer. You know perfect mullah active father of five my if you do it could be. If I. You know. Can't please don't lose four earned. Moved to beef up current and you know I when I graduated from. College laying their parents aren't. You can pick congratulations and so the ethical technical and fly fishing trip somewhere and I I think 5% and that was for picture. I wanted to be open in the ultimate dad. Took me well located and Ellen. The little street date field and it you know it was up to poison my soul like there's Arabs who in New York has. At the Buick again and so whatever the medical or maybe you know you don't have to clean. Brought together and and who we created this. A company to. Be able to get out there and explore the world and so. God have to wait till I was born and Lee. And I used it today to be able to get out there and and started filming from the cold that's the recently partnered with the amazing artists. They get along the way that. You know a couple of and then hair right there is doctor Nichols and use endeavors where. And I feel the support the film and and put on my. I guess playing my page out so to speak but it turned late in the weekend they're pretty busy with. Still no editing and in what area. Dog sure that all right now personal question here. Sort. Which when your kids is the favorite not just James yes. Not put out a bit but not a civilian I. You expected out. On what I do you wanna know though is and you've been a ton of places just look at nature odd film registry and read up on its disguised as a drought. Where has been so far you were favored placed finish. How important it is like trying to name their favorite here till you see the water but one of them probably not as much trouble as well. In. Into the public about yet another great moment. You know aside from Atlantic speaker's political Atlantic as a venture has been amazing and and trying to get out and and see these different great respect. Let me put it is that we are able to do nothing about nothing related to that color and not a political beat he at all. And the team is. In from the places that I played for older nuclear testing was done in the health specific. In the Markel. Kirk. World War II so that kind of cold air around nuclear test and could be you know play that is so Christine. Yeah and then to be you know he's still on the car and then to look at these huge crater where nuclear bombs to go to popular as it was early. And on learning and kind of scary at the same time that. What an amazing place and Korea peaking at polls probably one neater places than older than ever heard about those are getting Brian piece and it there that it band. And work and so anyway place. Doctor grant where as well as our guest he is a surgeon in Missoula Montana but also as we introduced earlier a citizen of the world a filmmaker. A fly fisherman talking to be out organized DC Lee Casey and bill bar T here on the Carolina outdoors. And at grant I am I need to. I ask you this the coast carpenter has seen Tom is addictive and it takes special people. And TARP and fisherman talk about that feeling that lump in their throat that they get when the hook up occurs in the fist fight and all that. But it can also be like deer hunting where you're just sitting out they're trying to find that this spot to finish. That sort of thing what's it like being on the other side of a camera do you get the same emotions as that angler or. Or is run in the camera com. From that differ or how different is it. Check back and it terribly. It you really competing comedies. And that I absolutely love angling component I would look beyond the power. If they united left run the camera and that has not been in honestly I've been over 800 hours but it taught me how to regulate shoulder during that staying production and so. I. It. You know when you're you're trying to get their side they just pick something that is. Beyond typical and makes it even that much harder because you have to. Yet each pitcher in the United Center in little weak sometimes without them buying and then you're expected his net more and got his lawnmower or all comes together. To make sure that your camera and then right now humidity hasn't messed things up that you have pictures because pictures and other spewed today and all the technical he. Stuck you know and and so yeah it is just pick something that typical it didn't make the final product when you're watching it. Look at that and today you just I don't know if this is something doesn't. RA NSO Maher real question is do you get yelled at his bad. Is an angler standing on this fire line when the TARP and they air as it is to find out that your camera was turned off when that. Just jump just occurred on a fish by. But that's not accept and it can you address that its own process. An injury everybody can you look at. Put it rightly it's not as you know it's harder to make up stories bit. You know I happen to opposing Q afterward and get our tail and it just. And you know area within a couple days nothing nothing nothing they've quietly written up with these stairs and in other computer on the the camera with a or conveyed in. I Tuesday it is still don't know I didn't get that shot so that Richard you know told us. That your secret is right for best lists and doctor grant where as well castaway films and also as a producer and director. Of Atlantic has tickets for the five fishing films who were are available at Jesse browns. I head on over there to your neighborhood outdoors store here in Charlotte, North Carolina the film night march 15 that's a Thursday loud music about thirty to move these. Start promptly at seven doctor grant was well thanks so much for being knowledge the outdoors guys. Very scared and good show take care. We'll be back. It's. Jesse Brown did where we are sure the way. Species are also very well run media to get laid that out thank you they'll reject. But I'm happy today happy to be here LE AS Don Yeager on assignment what that main staging this at. That's code for easy. That's right list and we've got the fire pits and films who were come and march 15 I know it's a little ways ever they are bad not bad lung problem and we'll get tickets on sailor fourteen dollars live music is included at that starting about 37 o'clock is when the movie starred. To release things for oh if you like five fishing or fishing if you like travel if you like movie making an independent maybe making up it's for eve. Thursday night began to gather at a house. Come on out to the visualize theater and thought fishing film too were 2018. And the tickets are fourteen dollars but it could just you browns. I hear that you need to tickets for fourteen dollars 10 separate deal to me that twice the price listen. I had a branded in it in the united question that people ask what would you do if you won the lottery. I would probably do this podcast every day well Luther Mets have ordered great idea I had a friend he said he would do in search of SaaS squads. Bigfoot. And unstable man some people say there's no such thing and he said it doesn't matter if gates you outdoors I can get a campaign I can travel. With purpose I love is a great idea yeah that's right Angela idea we have a man on the program next step whose it is kind of analyzes this and and did refine its a bad day and takes in sightings. His name is staff on. Stephon welcome to the Carolina outdoors. Great career list and talk to us about this you run the web site the FaceBook page North Carolina did and these days and well in Charlotte in around everywhere people are seeing more deer. They're seen more later their saint pat Moody's. Bob like and general. Tell us about sightings. Of bigfoot for SaaS squat. Well armed. The problems which. Where it's crunching the numbers on bigfoot sightings in you know what you call. There's so much. The other there's not one for emergency users say 11 of the or you did eight years there's 311 in some cities spyware. Are structured information but you know there's there's there's not a number to call and so a lot of people don't really know. Who'd call when they have assisted experience but I will say that. The largest database. In the United States currently its robot arm physical but it still richter organization of the year follow you ever watched I think they put. About met moneymaker on the show is the director of the beer broke. And they have been gathering citing data does 1995. And North Carolina has had about 96 sightings reported. To their web site since 1995. In the B upload don't send out investigator. Two to talk to these individuals that are making these instructions someone that you just won't stop site. Our topic and JC Penney Saturday shot or searching you they're not going to get. Immediately posted him up for aggregate that look at that I'm aware. What if not what do you think that was a big gap. But that changed that and what a big thing it was that big gap instead JC Penney would suggest it would definitely Chang staying in they would they don't get to our guys well know what the threshold is man it's just. Well Chris great athletes that he goes to Jesse Brown this is all in. And our our side are all in and. We're also says there is a study on credibility. Credible sightings or occurrences vs non credible sightings or occurrences. How did you get interested in this it'd did you have an incident. Sat squats incident and a. Earlier in your eye sockets. But but I have at least not yet. Western Kentucky. Out insults to their twenty years after that overtime gotten used industry. For another eleven years. And then my wife retired Angie and I had been visiting western Carolina. The first several years bring in our church is through to the news conference and a beard isn't counting. And and the courts of art but bringing value appropriate summer we it's the great place to retire and him retirement despite struggling at the time. To devote to. They quickly church I'm not much above. Go into the woods squat team and met by the baker probably. I kind of pick the researcher I elected to get of the data but for migratory patterns. And to provide a place for people to reporters citing such as some odd statement bridge. Not true big foot. But it but it just is always there since I was given the sort been to that that district sort of thing I've met him once what that means a law enforcement but. Now retirement this at the top of the detention so. Mr. at this stage that's a song called. People who instead that they haven't citing. And not discriminate. Information. Type reports in new Tom takes its. And now what do you think is so intriguing. About this. About bigfoot about anything like this that we just whether it be UFO's or bigfoot. How like this voice would exist. Well there exists the big question is how they've managed to local rate capture. And the and avoid. Really good video or photo. For tens of thousand years in North America that that's that big mr. Kirby. And that physically. The problem wit what we're seeing that. At least creatures have been I've been out there for all this time and yet no one has. Body. And yet our material you're not allowed about ten belt black bears I'm sure you know that right. Yeah if you brought into the words to heart which I don't but if you didn't go out that it would not. Pick up ever talked to any one any harder to come approach to pick the I mean a Payer ports. And told the big question is it these things are obvious why don't we have the body yet. And I understand their questions and but I don't think society data can be reported for 500 people here. Claim to have had some kind of citing military by period in North America. Right and I just don't think all of them line I don't think all of them armed state can. And I'll pick all of them make you know. What. Agreed I mean I'm fascinated by every year we I read stuff about how you know some new. A piece of sea life or plant life is discovered. In places that have. Beatle band and we're actively looking for that stuff it's not like you know ozone what he stumbled upon something it you know at you know 181000 feet below sea level they're actively look for things. And it's it's not. On usual the findings annuities we're not actively looking for bigfoot the way we are actively looking for other. No aunts on each problem as well we're leaving it to the amateurs like meat and went out a little bit like to see more credentialed scientists. Stretches Bartlett milk from comes to mind yet ultimately best server that the policy. That you burst and yet but I it among other things. Are booked all that squats. Let me science and he's steady. And an expert in. I locomotion and he's steady. Footprints and a footprint can't it would it would start under the out over the years that have been taken. And but it's simply based I'll bet that it's just says you know this is the seductive that moderate sides. Needs to get into eternity old adage Powell believe it to Austria. Exactly. What it meant besides is there won't begin until they believe. I there you yell at that fit you killed I was gonna ask you that say they I'll ask you to give me an answer if you can't quickly what do you think. Quickly is going to make folks go yeah we need to be devoting some time money effort into researching this but he beat tipping point. And we're going to make people do that yeah. I think epic. You know sorry but some credibility on just melt from to have the body. But actually quote we need a body I mean that is honored discord to have come across. One of the bullet and we're just gonna have to take a shot and we're gonna have to have a ball. Good point good point. There's step on Zagat thank you so much for being on the FaceBook page is North Carolina big but it went in and get a chance in September Marianne. North Carolina is going to be hosting with the McNabb chamber of commerce September of 28 teens. A big clips festival also met maybe looking to get back on and talk a little bit more Reppas FaceBook page. And that sort of thing spanky semi Stephon for joining the Al Gore dad's. Fourteen day Boggs and Jaycee Lee Casey I'm bill Marty saint get outdoors pick up the trash will CN next time right here. Plummet Carolina outdoors.