Bo & The Governor

Bo Thompson
Wednesday, December 13th

Bot Thompson and Pat McCrory break down the Alabama election, talk to Thom Tillis and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.


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Rory and Johnson argues he Levin says tonight nitrate. Okay now that's embarrassing. I'm meant to play the Bon Jovi version and I came out with a cover versions very well. I hit the wrong but now you know this is right. Top vote John. My joke fun joking. Jon Bon Jovi and L band Bon Jovi the fires dire straits Moody Blues rock and roll hall of fame inductees announced today. Oh so right now they're Moody Blues finally got nominated yes it's been a long time waiting for the Moody Blues over they were very experimental banded. That's a great songs like nights for whites said yes send. The button. That was some old cover from American Idol or something at the wrong button got so many so who else got into else dryers dire straits dire straits again to hear it's. I like him but you know the satellite they've got a whole collection of can you name on. Money for north and in your my picks for free. The money for nothing okay this is pretty close yeah. And and you know who to back up you know who sings them almost the lead locals are meant song. No stains. Thanks and stay right there. They're saying that's stating he just happened in the industry news in months abroad in the studios of months Sharaud. And I he walked in and he's the best voice on that whole song suits. Staying ought to be put in with a dire straits I consider myself a student of top forty radio and you do not know that you recognize that there was no I didn't mean it sounds like the remainder. Variant Jolie thing to die from dire straits does these motors you know. Money for no good at chicks for free because you don't have much of a voice yeah. All right so who else got it we also had the Moody Blues Bon Jovi dire straits and the cars the cars now I'm a big cars fan aria. Yeah. Love our hybrid cars the cars. One of the cars the guy who saw saying. One of them one of the cars leave guy myriad of Sports Illustrated swimsuit yeah that was that Pollyanna or holy resolves always impressed with him Ric OK six yeah and he's the type of guy if you look at them you wouldn't think he'd be able to have. Sports Illustrated swimsuit model but. Village shouldered too so what can I say. This is true his uptown girl part oh we digress fell and hit the news the today and the big story. The results from the Alabama special election last night. You're just joining us 49 point nine to 48 point four that was the percent margin. They difference of just under 21000 votes Doug Johns defeats Roy Moore now Roy Moore has not conceded Roy Moore says. That he is going to most likely demand a recount. That's a pretty big margin for that type of turn out well over 1% I know people would compared to my elections how election was point 04%. Less than 101000 votes but that's four point six million voters how many voters that they have an Alabama. Our total I'll have to check on I can tell you this that. I'm more than 22000. Voters will write in votes ride in boats which probably cost election probably what I would have done. He's arriving Kazaa a would have took a probability for more which. In some regards through those people wrote in our making the senate then the Republicans have a very very difficult time but. Elections have consequences 51 to 49 is now the majority for property damage and death comments pretty small majority in. You've got Susan Collins you've got to. Coker firms tend to see you've got McCain. Always fighting the president. And in fact for some of them it seems to be personal and that's all talk to Tom tilts about the bottom of the shelves Thom Tillis is one of those who said if really more work to be elected he would've had to charge to. Launching an ethics investigation but I would not like that. That's one good reason he's not in office otherwise I would've hated the president precedent of ethics investigations. For things that occurred before someone got into elective office because word where do you draw the line. Roy Moore last night just said quote we will wait on god and let this process play out unquote and he pointed to. On the possibility of overseas for a vote military absentee votes that may still command. So it's not officially over in the eyes of Roy Moore he hasn't conceded and of course as you and I were talking about will do you tell this a little bit more with. With Thom Tillis and the second half hour but the results have to be ratified it and if there is a recount that takes awhile for the all the county bookseller and. You still waiting for votes is supposed to recount if you receive votes the military vote has been counted. That's going to be generous and of course Alabama. They have military bases but in North Carolina for example we actually look very small military boat because most of the military in North Carolina. Our Florida residents in order to avoid the income tax so. Candidates for senate governor don't campaign much it that's for example for breaker carefully Schoen. Because most of people living there are registered to vote in Florida or Texas where you don't pain come tax let's swing things about it best kept secrets in North Carolina. Let's swing things back locally here a story that caught your attention and I understand why but one of the newest City Council members sees an at large he was a second highest vote getter. Braxton Winston. Set some instinct things at the City Council meeting this week. You have the man of the people. Man of the streets in he's asking for pay rates already factored two weeks this was at the most recent meeting. Look I know mayberry is set in North Carolina bush arsenal may bear. I'm the people at Charlotte this did. They should have a full time Governor Patrick TV needs. Came in day out as one of my colleagues has said this is just not enough time. To deal with all of the issues they need it to be dealt with and having to decide whether to go to work and and provide wages for your family but do the business of serving the people a show. Not only that but the way fished within this structure that every two years you have to run for office clout and and raise my you only have whose only working for you here really truly certain people. I hope that we didn't we consider looking after us over these next couple of years to come. I would love to seal for years staggered terms where we look at district races in one cycle and citywide races and another. What this is not just say something about job security here this is about doing the business of the people. As usual wanna mention job security. And this is the guys who has been at the job two weeks now all the years you spent. Serving city government. What what do you think about that. I think he jumped the gun I think it would have been maybe give. He'd be given some credibility if he may be what is served at least one year before coming to this conclusion but. He'd been watching City Council members he had talked to previous City Council members and current City Council members while running. I don't recall him ever bringing this up during the campaign which could have been a major campaign issue. For him to now bring it up and say well after two weeks are realize is so full time job. Man that's that's a repay a bit. And of very very quickly and by the way if he does it now what about the school board school board was say well why not. We be full time. And then what's next the county commission why shouldn't we be full time. And what you've got to understand that all three of these bodies or boards of directors they are not responsible for the day to day operations of government. And but the trap is of the specially duster traps and he is and how large draft is also on wanna go to every single meeting in the city of Charlotte. We'll talk more about this when we come back gain new twist in the Russia investigation it's McCrory it's tops in his WB today. Pat McCrory the governor is back Winslow township plug news eleven that night he died three. Eighteen. Move. Yeah. You. I'm night Jane. NBC on aid Wednesday morning both times and the governor Pat McCrory let us the cars headed to the rock and roll hall of fame among others. Mike called and said that there more than two cars songs yeah cars and the cars have actually immigration itself. So the first albums ever boss the greatest hits album a cars actually know what it was the greatest as it was the it was heart beat city it's that's what it was that's for this came from. Spring does not play them. No. This was not one of my favorite on what you did point out that. Via lead singer and he was once married I don't know we still married when he was mayor radios are following a four pleaded John Murray still married don't. Not still be very appalling the following of course go over right. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model but I'm showing my age that was back what the eighties it's yes it was if I'm correct and 1984 I think was our beat city my dad threw away all my old Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues from the seventies and and I had all stacked up and threw mall way I came home one time from college guys who were must also stretch. I'm listening to Youngstown gym to the cars are here yeah when do you miss in the best song to one with a goofy. This is a heart beat city this is magic. We'll get up and out other singer for the cars who did the slow songs I don't know the names of songs. He actually tragically died of cancer at a pretty young age. Beautiful song I'm not a but I'm glad to see the cars and I'm really pleased to see the Moody Blues in because I sold them on. One of the fund raisers on UN CTV the other day and I thought there about the Fall River. And they they decimate John amend it be nice to have them get in before they get any older and while they can only still saying but they were pretty revolutionary. You know early seventies the Moody Blues. He gathered the Moody Blues were the cars had some some great early eighties and ours were kind of punk rock before punk rock MTV videos sent us yeah. All right so I wanna give back to the politics in this is and a new twist in the Russian investigation into properly set this up and has set the scene for what we want to talk about here ABC's Gloria Riviera and Pierre Thomas. So this morning that text messages president Trump's lawyers say show a conflict of interest for the FBI in its Russian probe drug trump is they look so humid. That from FBI lawyer Lisa page on March 4 2016. One day after the Republican primary debate her colleagues special agent Peter struck groups crying and yet he may wind and then he's immediate. On June 12 2016. Struck texting a reference to the capsule it biggie didn't nonsense of trump. The president's attorneys taking aim at FBI agents working on the Russian probe. Calling for a new second special counsel. To investigate them a primary concern special agent Peter struck who Robert Mueller removed from his team over the summer. After discovering struck allegedly sent anti trumped text messages. During the campaign. So there's your backdrop in and so they did they left out some of the more bolder ones are minor and yes they were some pretty bad words and curse words in the description of the president of the United States from the president elect of the United States time. And so of course you're probably going to hear more about the at least dame them floating the idea of others of a new investigation while in the wake of this. Police to FBI agents first of all they were haven't I don't know if there was an affair on loopy one them was married or not but there haven't romantic relationship. And they sure did love detects and one reason they'd like to Texas there's one text saying. Please text don't send email because our text to be private and normalcy detects. Never believe someone who says they'll never received attacks so here you have FBI agents actually texting each other sane only communicate this way. So we can hide. Our communications for mothers and that obviously failed. I don't care what kind of technology novice you may be written. Someone who thinks that emails are track of all the text aren't and this is the guy who investigated the computer. Hacking now of Hillary Clinton's machine in the Russian acting. And he didn't know text can be found out about and this is this is the fair. Possible accusation from the trumpet menstruation trump supporters and saying wait a minute. Don't the FBI agent who interviewed Hillary Clinton who interviewed some of her staff members who interviewed. The trop people related to the dossier air. It's the same person who is behind the scenes make an extremely critical crude. Remarks about the pres the United States and also make him very positive remarks. About Hillary Clinton by the way the same FBI agent also made very crude remarks about Bernie Sanders. Which is kind of interesting to say this is all the same time that he was supposed to be investigated and Hillary Clinton. So it doesn't it doesn't come across. As mutual review by an FBI agent. Now there was another back and forth going on yesterday we're talking about more vs Jones but it where you following the Gillibrand. Vs trump. Twitter battle yesterday. This is the the senator. From New York all and truck tweets yesterday lightweight senator Craig back Kirsten Gillibrand a total lucky for Chuck Schumer. And someone who did come to my office begging for campaign contributions not so long ago. And would dig in would do anything for them. Is now in the ring fighting against trumpet very disloyal to bill and crooked. Dash used and that did the phrase here that's got a lot of attention yesterday was the phrase and would do anything for them. The Democrats are saying that phrase. Referred to possible sexual favors for the president. The spokesperson. For. President trump said get your mind now the gutter. I don't have a answer for that. And up for what it's worth today the other way that same bowel interrupt you I apologize but this is the same senator and defense of trump. Who had no qualms with. Bill Clinton. Who campaigned. Very hard for her to get elected. And she didn't seem to have any issues whatsoever with some of Bill Clinton's background or Hillary Clinton protecting the women or attacking the women. That to attack president Clinton's. You may wonder what president Trump's reaction to the more Jones wrote election was last night he's tweeted twice today about it. And the first one goes like this congratulations to Doug Jones and a hard fought victory. The write in votes played a very big factor but a win is a win at the people of Alabama are great and the Republicans will have another shot at deceit in very short period of time. It never ends that's the first tweet second tweet. The reason I originally endorsed Luther strange and his numbers went up mightily. Has that I said Roy Moore will not be able to win the general election I was right really worked hard with the deck was stacked against him. And a second week the first week it was very magnanimous. Respecting our democratic system the second Torre was CYA. And at an hour replay of it. I endorse the other guy first I some at some point said this guy's gonna have a tough time winner and he's not the best candidate. But I campaign form anyway and dear to my campaigning now made it a close election Lou thirst. Range will most likely have the vote. For this tax reform bill comes up between now on the into the session and they will not be. Doug Jones. But I know is they get the vote but I know somebody who can help us sort all this out I know somebody who. Just might be called into the show in less than ten minutes in fact we will talk to. Senator Thom Tillis at 935. He's gonna Collison now makes sense of all that's happened in the last 24 hours Pat McCrory both times and on WAT. Pat McCrory the governor is back weeks coach Thompson's plug news eleven that night he died three. My name and title of my share of happy I refuse to keep myself hi MM attract. I am it's fun to be really. Daily affirmation. We Stewart's mom. So we just got an email or you get a text from us from Thom Tillis my good friend Thom Tillis he. Thomas got a sense of humor he just wrote me attests. Listening to view on the radio this morning is likely second son lives. Because I'm good enough I. Smart enough and doggone it and it's Stewart's wallet. Hello. I'm Stuart Smalley had yet it has until as she stood and we've come to the governor's mansion and his blue. Ugly pick up by Newsom ugly as begged him to lose you've ever seen Kansas. Sparkly blue it's something like frank Garcia would broaden the and and he would come to push the button for security at the governor's mansion and Niedermayer helped users guesses until sunlight just to. Those jingles for this year it's just listening to Pat McCrory we'd both Tulsa OK June 99. Comes to the Colin windows POW a TT. I'm still a I had gotten Betty really it's funny because second sunrise. That is pretty good Walter Reed he. And so shall meet that many times he's. And Zahn show us how elaborate and stroke. So are our next guest here on W meeting. He is the junior senator from North Carolina. Thom Tillis good morning sir he. Good morning guys and and pat now this guy's just a little bit blowers that power that is. Well you'd go the FBI agents that did all these tax the you texted me text just start kept secret anymore time you should know that. Well that's okay because people like that your phone over the last five minutes. Gotta we've got to controversy citadel with here you called out can't Carolina Panthers blew pick up all your bullets your poll that Carolina pant you've got sent me a picture of your pickup truck yeah I thought I would Borough I mean you'd be in a reasonable person on the line here. Thank you guys put the picture of this pickup truck on your web site and have the people decide if it's it's ugly. Well listen to Carolina blue was also nice color but I wouldn't put it on my pick up truck. Well I'd tell you why pursue my own right now artist statement pickup truck. I got more compliment but then again I don't think you're truck girl. A love bush let I doubt I'll will say this your truck look better than Burres broken Dale's car obesity saying hi I made a mistake -- about getting her an offer derived from senator Byrd to winners ago when he took me in a driving snowstorm and I think without a roof it's worse than the Bob Clark and planes trains and automobiles have to they blew up. It's awful they have to put that like kitty letter under his parkinson's. Until it has oil and oil all of. Sorry US senator Tom tell us tell us talk this way all day just making his debut on now are nine to ten hour. McCrory and Thompson here and know what today did have you on the line in all seriousness because of what happened yesterday the special election in Alabama. And we should start there senator Telus you made your opinions known about what should happen if Roy Moore worked to get elected. Oh in this situation if the number numbers hold up peer. And more hasn't officially conceded yet but if the numbers hold up their very close. A 49 point nine to 48 point 4% but are looks like Doug Jones is headed to the senate. Well I think that's right and like I've gotten criticism from people on my side of the aisle because those that it mr. Morgan elected if you go through a net ethics investigation. I also have taken the same position with Al Franken I think any of these allegations we owe it to both parties. To go through a process where we're not adjudicating people based on social media. And and and news reports are so called news reports though. If he had been elected I would've said Bob my position that we should go through that process we should do that for anybody actually don't think that this. Issue is over with thing congress phenomena taken maintain a consistent possession of course I would like to have had a Republican. And that seat but the reality is the Alabama answered that the Republicans and the state decided that election and I think that we have we honor their decision. You know it's kind of interesting during the past several days that Democrats have tried take the high road that. We're now above reproach because we kicked Al Franken out although they say he resigned he's really pushed out. And we've we've dealt with cop. You as the US congressman out of Conyers Conyers. Out of Illinois I believe. Where have I got that state totally wrong. And I wish you had Trent Franco on our side of the that's trial. And so I I think that you know what what ourselves to a standard but but. But the reality is Al Franken announced his intent to resign but he had not yet resigned. You know and it's force speech he's I'm not guilty but I'm not gonna go under an ethics review I don't really get that if I'm not guilty coming up by eight. To clear my name. But it does point that he follows through with those with his resignation in the meantime Wally just sitting senator he should be subject to an ethics investigation. It is amazing that he did not resign and that was the most unique floor speech than I've ever heard he did apologize. He he didn't admit that he did it in fact he denied he did it and many said I'm are resigned but a couple of weeks have you ever seen anything like that where you on the floor when he gave that speech. I was just outside the chamber by. So I was listening tour and are the first part my office when he says I am announcing my intent to resign but on the good personal and all these bad people. Now he needs to follow through thing and quite honestly the outcome and Alabama makes it more likely that he well we're not sure why. Kind of gaming was going on in and watch people would who would accept some sort of delayed resignation. That it was quite remarkable that it was a delayed resignation because of it was so serious. They should be demanding that he resign at that moment in time what do you think about this fight between. Another odd democratic senator and the president at this point time the senator knew ran with like Clinton. Many times on the campaign trail to help her get elected to New York Gillibrand chiller all right and and and this this confrontation going on now. You know governor I think it's it's an example of situational ethics which is why I refused to play that game my first opportunity to have to deal with something like doesn't the US senator. I've taken a position that I'll maintain I don't care if there was a family member of allegations come forward we need to go through a thoughtful. Fair process to get to the fact that you can only do that when you when you hear. People who make the allegations and you hear from the person who's accused them and come up to a bipartisan ethics committee. To come up with a recommendation for action by the senate then. You know quite honestly these folks that that knew that the the president admit it has wrongdoing and this wasn't something he did forty years ago. It was something that he did when he was governor what company he did when he was in the White House. I'm further altitude take a different view now to guestimate as some of the realm are didn't have the situational ethics and I refused ever have that middle it will last undoubtedly caused me to have contention what people Mossad the I'll. But I'm going to be I'm going to be consistent in my entire in my time in the US. You're listening to McCrory and Thompson here on WBT and our guest is US senator Tom tell us this morning after. These special election in Alabama. You know what amazed me about some of these people who were accused of things and analysts and when I was governor. And I heard more rumors about me I mean about every politician gets accused of something but event that is something that's so bad that more was accused of how would be fighting tooth and nail to declare my innocence and bring out proof that I'm innocent. And really fighting and that's one thing that I was very discouraged with what Mora was the splurge also and Avery had gone out. And Paula gone out during the middle of a rally during the Republican primary election night and responsible gun owners don't do that that really discouraged me but. As you know it if you're innocent asylum you fight. You fight it and I don't think Moore did a very good job of doing that. Well I think it's right at that they keep started declining and has credibility when he had that absolute debacle of a better view on fox went back candidate. And it you know I'd I'd feel like it if for no other reason you you should try not not for yourself up for your family and for your supporters the people who want you. To clear your name if you have a solid case they and you can commence an unbiased group of people. I'm the fact that they Q I'll until or if you know you're guilty do you need to admit it and Leahy. We agree 100% I'm kind of curious now the tax bills coming up. Right now. And if the new senator from my Alabama's gonna get sworn in at the beginning of the years. You'll have a one a week and a half to get this done will it get done and who is sitting on the fence. Don't get done will most likely get done next week and sent to the president. The probably the Monday. Before Christmas and you know I think that we've elbow both the conference committed a conference has done a good job that the house and senate come together and I think they've. They've made changes that that are. Constructed Bob what are members need to to maintain a that 51 boat through the fifty boats on the senate side and same as speaker runs on a good job about conferring. But anybody who may be on the fence so I think we're on the brink of implementing. The most sweeping tax reform since 1986. You were even young back then passed. And it's time to do it because quite honestly we have to look at it are there are some things no doubt I'm in Kenya and our well welcome altogether and in North Carolina we we did great work on tax reform in North Carolina but was imperfect and we had to come back and just some banks but. People are pushing back and saying waiting for perfect need to know that never happens. We pass this bill wait we will take a look at what model will Woolsey out of fax the of their economy won't make some adjustments next year and we're gonna put. The United States on a path that it has to have an opportunity to go down for thirty years. You know I'm kind of in arrested and finding out for me coming inside the thing you've got a couple of senators. Is it personal against the president is it policy against the president is it power against the president. I know when I was governor I had some difficulties is you know I was several legislators. Some of what was personal some home was all about power. And some of it was just a difference in policy. What is it with. The Tennessee senator Coker who I knew because he was mayor of Chattanooga. What is it would McCain. What is it was Susan Collins is that a combination of all three or is that. What I. I really I really don't I think that the personal dimension the power dimension or demand a massive if they exist at all if you take a look at Bob coworker. See today he worries about the debt he's not willing to buy and as we have that the economic growth is going to XE oh we're only talking about a year a sustained improvement in GDP growth of forty basis points for. Tenths of 1%. So we think if we grow it that right that the one point five trillion dollar is going to be paid for and there are many economists to believe that we make. We may actually achieve half a trillion or trillion dollars more in growth over that period of time. So everybody has was purely on the principle that debt I respect his decision particularly since it didn't cost that the vote. If he elected Senator McCain Senator McCain really focuses on process and more importantly he regrets having voted for sequestration in the budget control act because it's had eight. Horrible impact on funding our military. And so he's trying to get back to what we call regular order and regular appropriations processes and he's all about process and he's been consistent with that. And I think that. I think that in the case senator Collins she she's reflecting. This state. That she represents and are concerned you know pat always used to tell people on Riley that buchert contents first. And that's what I think co worker. And McCain have done in the past Specter constituents second and only work with your conference. When it's not in conflict with your content or constituents and I think in those very cases than those three senators cases. It's either about their conscience. Art and other constituents it's not about our polish. It's a great inside look I'm kind of curious the Washington Post had a major article on north Carolina's tax reform. Which you and I worked very very well together on and put triggers on negotiated. In the old State Capitol building but our teams. And the Washington Post article which was reprinted Bashar observer I thought was extremely misleading. Because it gave the impression that we are getting less revenue than we were before one in fact the revenues. Coming from lower income tax was much higher. Then we would of had we had a higher income tax and I don't know what do you think of that article and I think North Carolina is the role model on this tax reform. But the other side keeps using Kansas as an example. Yeah elevated their like using canned this because KM insisted tax reform without. Budget reform and spending reform we did now like you kind of lost me when you said Washington Post and Charlotte Observer in the thing. Because we're talking about two struggling business entities they can't even figure out how to tablet stay in existence while on earth where I'd take economic advice from either of those two ballots went back and look at the financial results of North Carolina. And second city. A rainy day fund that was completely depleted that that two billion dollars now. I can keep surplus does not only in terms of our revenue but the way that we managed him projected Medicaid. Liabilities. I can also say the median incomes have gone up in the say North Carolina the last three or four years I've seen people let it out of poverty so. When they proved to me they can run their own business and I'll start listening to their economic advice. Well today I'm very proud of the work that we did together and I'll never forget that pace that we went in the old State Capitol building behind closed doors with just you know ten or eleven other senators and house members. To work together and find a long term solution and I think the economy in North Carolina is doing extremely well because of that work that we did four and half years ago now. Look governor you say all these economic expansions and ribbon cuttings that are happening because this year a lot of that's on you. It's it's it's it's a a direct result about getting into a room and you're right now that was a historic moment in North Carolina history when we all can remain down they. Failed state capital we got an original we agreed we were gonna get out house and senate members until we came up with a and I. Also my sand launches that day the sun belt who are very good Billy. But. That's I mean that was a huge moment. And and it gave us the momentum to go back to our caucuses and convince them to vote for something that was transformative how anybody can say going from the sect's most taxed state. To getting into the top ten on. They had the lowest taxed states to getting to one of the fastest growing state economy that's the part of your legacy. And it's you know it's one area where I have to disagree with the current governor he thinks that we should change. Change the direction of the state I think the regulatory environment attacked him Merman in north Carolina's create more revenues. More. Opportunities to improve education more opportunities to provide the safety net through Medicaid and other state programs and I'm proud of what we dad and anybody who would. Criticize that and stay that we should have to say that we should maintain the status quo. Really need to go take an honest look at the numbers instead of weaving it into their political Meredith. US senator Tom Telus and our got to let you go real quick Mitch McConnell was going to have a meeting with senate Republicans if worry more wind. I cement and there's not going to be a meeting now. Well that's exactly right I mean and the whole discussion I think was the city. Yep the the members were more or less in the same place that I was in terms of how we would deal with that of mr. Moore won and I think the vast majority of Omar but it's. It's not about now we've got to deal with the reality that the committee mex is going to be a little bit different we've got one less vote when we go back and we we tried. Work on reconciliation next year we have to work hard to get get good support may get some bipartisanship. Well Tom I appreciate the time you spent appreciate your sacrifice that you and Suzy your family make you gradually since your daughter by the way. And also I'm so glad you soldier car. You you put that truck on a lot of it. That you sold it based on all these got rid of Europe bears it's okay. I got another truck. A truck passed and he didn't get a truck Beck color I guarantee it. But hurt so he's got all these compliments your way that I'm winning dot dot dot you have an ugly truck. I think that's what time we really appreciate your public serves and they give Susan our best god bless you Merry Christmas. There is US senator Tom jealous or making his debut with us between nine attend here on WB Tebow Thompson Pat McCrory one more segment and when we come back. We'll I'm going to get back to this thing Braxton Winston said yesterday because if you didn't hear it. Will tell you what he said something that is a pretty unusual for guy who's only been serving for two weeks. Petty race. And we'll get the reaction from a guy who served a lot longer than that. People dessert yeah. Business deserves our staff deserves it I hope we will. Be willing to consider and have this difficult politically difficult potentially a difficult conversation. And make this truly a full time job. Thank you. Braxton Winston that the City Council meeting the other night. His second meeting ever. Suggesting that those who serve City Council and mayor and etc. should have chipped it should be a full time job which it's not some people may not know that and. It's not they're paid 31572. Dollars a year plus medical benefits. And they knew this when the Iranians. It came as no surprise so it's kind of an arrest and during the first meeting I was real impressed with the millennial it's very long. Low wage group wanted to a lot of our men and women in their late twenties and early thirties. And the first thing they said we're gonna change the impressionable and heals we don't all live in our basement. Two weeks later one of the millennial goes I wanna pay raise and I want a full time guaranteed job for four years. Without election. That's the first thing they ask for. That is not a good in first impression of the more meals is. Immediately asked for a pay raise and brought down that guarantee jobs for four years stark Picard is the one who made the comment about we don't live in our basement but the guy who is suggesting that we. That that they would take up this pay raise idea. Is Braxton Winston what we don't know what I don't know there was a member of the resistance. Well we don't know is if any of the other City Council members millennial even. That joined the council with Preston whether they are behind this or not that would be interesting to know and and the downside to this and I understand it's worth it's been discussed many years since it's nothing wrong with discussing things not in near second meeting. But there are people with a full time jobs in this community who still wanna serve. And this eliminates people with full time jobs from serving and dispose be a part time job. You hire a full time people to do the day to day operations your job as a City Council members mayor. Is to do zoning. Do the budget and discuss policy. Those shoot the three main things it's not to run the day to day operations of the city in the dilemma is some people make it they they start thinking and the mayor of their district for the mayor of their neighborhood. They're not. There they are the the board of directors for a two billion dollar budget. Says it said a seven time mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina who would know a thing or two about this real quick before we go I know today is the goodfellas launch. This is one of the great I think it's well over seventy years now of the good fellows luncheon and during each lunch and they'll probably be. 2000 people there raising money to help families. That need help during his Christmas holidays I I think I've attendant now over thirty and revenue of these good fellow comedians. And it it's just old and new Charlotte coming together and they've had to move to the biggest conference room. We have conference facility here at the convention center because the crowds got so big but it's for good calls and it's all about helping those in need to at a time when we news special be helping kids and I love when they have everybody stay. And it how many times you've been there and they had that the top three guys at the end to have been their first so many decades long ways and Tom I'm gonna be a bad bad boy there's all it's. Plus help collect the money in the car she. And at the end we all sing silent night. At the end of this show we all sing miss. Lays snacks like cars tennis rock and roll hall event. Corey their boat Johnson here we're back tomorrow morning on WB take.