Bo Talks with Pat McCrory: Las Vegas Shooting


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The season 1110993. I tell you it's. Covering two breaking news at 716 I'm vote Thompson the breaking news is. What is now. The deadliest. Mass shooting in American history. Sad news to report this morning out of Las Vegas. We're a fifty people have been killed 200 plus people injured. They shooting an eight outdoor concert. This was. The route not anyone music festival on the Vegas strip and now what we now know is the lone gunman from the 32 floor of the Mandalay bay hotel about 1130 last night in Vegas time opened fire. And again now these numbers have climbed since we've been on the air. I think Holst nightclub shooting a few years ago when Orlando was 49 people killed 58 wounded and so now the numbers. Latest number early we've gotten out of the Vegas have climbed beyond that so we're talking about just the scope of this is. Is massive on the line right now as he is it every morning this time on WBZ's morning news. Former governor of North Carolina Pat McCrory and are just awful news two begin today to talk about but do you. Our former leader of this state you have a perspective about how what it's like to be a prepared for something like this it ever were to happen in North Carolina. When you're never prepared but now the leadership of the Kelly you most people realize alt stake as opposed to strip the south side. For the city of Los Vegas in the county government is most likely charge you capture step forward. Where they've lost some of their fellow colleagues who were attending the concert. And then you've got the governor and then you've also got the president and what you've got major logistical issues going on right now peril well. You've got the hospitals are overwhelmed. With patience. You brought the families of the victims waiting to see what the outcome of Hitler loved ones. Waiting I'm sure for tragic news we've got to deal with the logistics of what to do with the families where did they meet. You've got to cry and seeing a tremendously large car seat both with the way of total and at the scene of the concert. You've got Homeland Security now getting involved which you did just say terrorist activity. Are they call the victim I mean the shooter apparently a 64 year old white mail. Which is kind of unique because they're usually the profile of but he loan gunman. It's kind of interesting too is I think about this stop. 64 years old that is. A little bit older than me but the Vietnam error page should for available at that point in time. Are a poorly there's a connection. That's bad. A million year old shooter popcorn time. Will probably gonna see new drug debates at this point time and that whole world about concerts were going to be held. In future days. Are they going to be canceled. Are there a lot of questions and logistics need to be brought up that leadership the local state federal mobile all throughout the nation. Are discussing at this point in time as you're dealing with a terrible terrible try to treat. Well loved ones being lost it and of course people being wanted to do. While and another aspect of this is is this. Happened apparently. On the 32 floor of the hotel now we hear all the time about. But the logistics of security at an event CEO even outdoor events concert events. And that's nothing new Leo football games the amount of security but now you're talking about security inside of a hotel. Which is a different thing a minute don't normally checked bags and of metal detectors. And in hotels but. Here is something this may be the next wave of the type of a security that unity and you're gonna need new measures for our other hotel. All of this is what you know when I was on President Bush's Homeland Security we always do for amateurs so better where you drew the parameters. A security checks someone could go outside their prayer certain and sadly the day of prayer border management LBB hotels. Highrise buildings. But there's always a new parameter. You know at first it was airports. There was government buildings. Now it may become hotels or other types of events yet but I'm just saying as a leader. There's always have their checkpoint and someone who called traffic immediately outside that checkpoint you stadiums and so forth that. This is what's sad commentary of we're very vulnerable in a free society so to. Violence and would there be a lone nut case or someone whose planned. Any. Let terrorists attacked it'll be I'm sure they're doing the valuations right now on who this. 64 year old man was was she associated with anyone else where that you get picked and each. What was his mental state obviously not good. But it's just again look at the age cam racist questions for me right now. And this story will continue to develop throughout the day and I'm by the time we talked to you next 24 hours from now we'll know a lot more civil continue to talk about this as the week goes on former governor pat recording with us here on WBJ.