Bo Thompson & Pat McCrory Talk Sexual Harassment Allegations

Bo Thompson
Friday, November 10th

Bo and former Governor Pat McCrory talk about all the allegations coming out about sexual harassment in so many venues.


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Nine encore on his 1110 not 93 WB 28 vote Thompson here. Former governor and mayor Pat McCrory right over there in studio again. Day number three. Good to see as always tough. Jim is beer happy veterans day to everybody I am proud of our veterans. Thank you for the service and of course at today's the veterans day observed tomorrow November 11 then. So we salute all of you we talked to a colonel John talking very of the US so North Carolina earlier what a great guy I used to be on the board. Johnson regularly you know so does their job he John has been. On and a friend of the show for many many years in the radio station and I'm back at him we met John back in the days of the I guess it was the Iraq War when he came in as an analyst. That but you know we're talking about not only veterans but we're you know we're talking about this I don't take a lot of veterans we too proud of the behavior. A lot of people that are taken advantage of the freedom our countrymen and their power. Taken advantage of women and man. And positions of power and by the way it's happened in the military to I mean we have examples of people in the military who. Who took advantage of their power in their standing in the uniform. We have people now on Hollywood we have people running for senate. Heck we fed president. Well let's let's detail the latest allegations are you know what we refer to here. ABC's engine named Norman just a month before the Alabama special election for US senate. New claims Republican candidate Roy Moore made sexual advances toward teenage girls decades ago. These are Fuzzy memories she's our mom you know. Women here who are very certain and confident about what happened to them. We spoke with one of the authors of the exclusive Washington Post story in which four women say they had romantic encounters with or propositions for more when he was in his mid thirties and they were teenagers including one who was just fourteen years old in 1979. Now 53 leave court friends says mark took her to his house on two occasions and the second visit he tub cost her shirt and pants and remove disclosed he tester over her bra and underpants she says and guided her hand to touch him over his underwear. Crime corruption and immorality of abortion sodomy. Sexual perversion Shwe Karl land. The controversial judge is denying the claims saying in a statement the Obama Clinton machine to liberal media lap dogs just launched the most vicious and nasty round of attacks against me I'd ever faced adding I will never give up the fight. I overnight Steve Kirby Ann and reacting to the news but it's interesting. BBs those Amazon. Washington Post. They dropped that dime on Donald Trump. This is saying b.s those Amazon Washington Post. They dropped a dime this afternoon entourage were more. Now is that a coincidence that the fellow Republicans expressing outrage yeah. There isn't. At a White House is echoing that statement saying if the allegations are true rolling more will step aside but his name would still be on the ballot they're already being printed absentee ballots already sent out another Republican candidate would have to be written in by voters. Oh that's the report from Jeannette firemen and that kind of gives yet. A backdrop of the latest allegations that I'd give I'd give this guy the benefit of the doubt because every which beat innocent before. Declared guilty and in these days of new wage you can have a lot of false accusations. But with the Falk at a false accusation as serious as going out with a fourteen year old girl when you're 32 years old I don't care if it's thirty years ago or. Ten months ago. You don't go sent out fundraising letter about it you go out and defend yourself. And defend your integrity. But not by a fund raising letter and then accuse him its satellite killers response to Bill Clinton shenanigans. In fact some of the slang which were now use on TV. It's almost embarrassing the language that's been talked about on the news or reminds me backer in the Clinton area in the Monica Lewinsky in the all his other. Shenanigans of the language were Hammond he's here to talk about these issues and but. A senatorial candidate sent out fund raiser letter back kind of denies him the benefit of the doubt impact. My feelings about this and I think you ought to get out well and I did by the way the timing of this. Is should be asked how long have they know in the story how long did they hold onto it. Those are fair questions ask. Why is suspend his kept secret for thirty years there question askew reserve judge everything else. How long did the Washington Post know about this and why did they hold onto it. Good questions. Louie C Kay the comedian another name that's come out the last. 24 hours he's been accused of sexual misconduct by five women. Are we of course of this kind of started this wave of it with Harvey Weinstein I hit it in in an arrest them. Here we have one guy who holds the Bible and I am very religious person holds the Bible up and maybe check participate this kind of lifestyle. Many of lewis' the comedian Billy Saint Louis CK Louis CK by the way he did fundraisers during my campaign. To support the HR Seifert. For transgender rights and here he's doing possibly some. Very weird things. So it's in arrests and that these people who stand up for certain rights for the B women's rights for christianity sometimes. Or that people have some most serious issues on both sides I'll there's a lot of tip of a pock Percy on both sides on that and Kevin Spacey. By the way a great actor great actor. And now I guess we can't watch house of Casas cards anymore there'll be taken off your light bill the bill Cosby show which should be debated too should all the other actors be punished for this but. Kevin Spacey when he's caught. Instead of really denying it he comes out as day the allies just elaborate had to sit ups that is an offense to people who are date. I mean that's just assumes while I'm gay and I'm deal with young kids young boy eighties. And I don't blame people were Gaby and very upset with him well you trying to distract from what you real story is doing a pivot and thought it'd be a hero for coming down. So it's interesting how all three of these people handled these accusations extremely serious accusation the most serious accusations by the grabbed her kids. That is that is a beautiful. Let's talk after the break you are a public figure besides that I've no opinion on it. Let's talk about as a public figure at as the governor as a mayor. What you know you have to think about. Things how things are perceived health how you operate in public how you operate with the slowdown in private and yes and I wanna talk about how you dealt with. I had dynamic over there. Specific roles. And allied dealt with people in public can in private and let's talk about those afterwards and maybe they're good rules for. Some of our new City Council members congressman. And governors. News 11109093. WBT I'm votes Johnson he's Pat McCrory. And there will be back after this. I made today on WBJ it's Friday November 10. Veterans day. No one else that is. Wonder if weren't that Torre knows what else it is today we'll catholicism who have Internet phones on. Earlier this very moment and brilliant again John how are you ready 1238. Yeah and me. You can 181110. Day it's 1110 day is that some are proclaimed it one time. I don't know what you should have if you didn't I guarantee I need to read the proclamations because I never read proclamations they were too boring let's you would have if you had a proclamation in front of you and you could play this along side any. It's. July after you beat CEO. Yeah what have 1110 day to you and yours. Across the for the plane. We're back here about times and Pat McCrory and till ten talking about a serious subject we are Vince Coakley. Reloaded take it from ten to noon in the Rush Limbaugh today but as serious subject that he speaks about is that the latest. Wrinkle this is Alabama Republican senate candidate. Roy Moore have calling it garbage. 1970s. A prominent Republicans and Democrats are saying that this is true he should step aside he is in the middle of a special election campaign. How foreseen it there and Alabama. Any sense out of fund raising letter of the day the accusations made. Not really defending himself but attacking the people made the accusation but this is an accusation regarding a teenager and you treat it much more snows seriously that this is also terrible political position for the further Republicans. And by the way the Democrats should just be quiet. They've had their own problems and you notice they're not saying much because they can get us free seat in a state that's all Republican all red. And this guy even if he bails out today there's a question is can the Republicans even when his seat it would probably FB write in vote. Four there is a New Jersey case I believe a while back where they had some crow options among Democrats and Democrat was removed from the ballot. At the last minute by a judge the only problem here is that he do that through a court case. The overseas ballots aborting gone now so there could be problems they are but right now you might have Alabama go on blu. Talk to me about. From your perspective being a public official and you were at the state level this city level for many many years. Talk about. From your perspective being that public official. And making sure and and and making sure what you do and don't do and make sure who you know any time you appear somewhere things that you have to make sure are in place and in the. Is well one thing you reckon that Taylor Swift for example and Chrysler was in controversy where someone was accused DJ ID shape of all places they were standing for a photo shoot high and she accused him of of groping her. Seriously grow paper of violating her. I had a very serious rule I did hundreds upon hundreds of pictures and in every picture I have you see I always try to put my hands up. When I'm around women or ma'am I did I tried all aren't I never I try to never put my hair and around the waist. I always try to least have warned him be seen or two n.'s been seeing them I never talked about it but I did it. Because you just had to be careful. And you never knew what would happen in a photo op and if you noticed some of the accusations right now are from photo law applies and now win all the self fees. I'd I did hundreds upon hundreds of self pieces as mayor with young and old people like. And I always try to show my hands and self it's because the last thing I want dubious accused of put my hand in the wrong place of other way as our. President first President Bush was accused of so I'd certain rules I'd rules signified people in my office always have the door open. And I know of vice president pence was ridiculed for. Not being an oak room office with a women by himself and use accused by the woman livers how dare you do that but I understand why did that. I didn't I'd have women Bob ourself but I'd have the door open. Or I'd have my chief of staff in there with me and not just with women but also with the man I always wondered witnesses to conversations or discussion so. And inviting people up the hotel rooms forget it. As governor ride to spend the night and a lot of places and I its staff we never had meetings in the hotel room I mean mineral. Women didn't make any difference so it's just common sense workplace etiquette. And I had some very professional great women are my cabinet I might correct staff in my communications team and I assured them total respect. Even with that by the way the rumor mill and politics is like junior high school rumors start being spread if you're if you're locked walk along where the woman. At all look at McCrory look at the governor and literally I had rumors about me. That are you kidding me but it's like junior high school so you even have to take special notice of what you do and not doing a workplace from joking. The language to especially any physical. Connect your view regarding picture taken or anything else well and and in this day and know that sounds elementary but that's that's fact. In this digital age of social media and not to mention the fact that people can doctor photos are very easily however long time ago when the soccer stars me hand him. When I was mayor we had our pictures taken together and some other people organ pictures taken the other and it was right when cell phones came out. They did not want their picture taken with a man with cell phones at the time because they were afraid the pictures would be doctor and this was 1015 years ago. So you know this is your right people are worried about being set up. And I I feel for these actresses him and for these young women. And by the way men and there are some women involved in this activity to that. Should be criticized too the women who took women up to Weinstein's room this Weinstein Wada. One have Harvey Weinstein Kevin Spacey. Now it's no es do you make you said something there that kind of struck me though I'm surprised you would take soltys with people. Not now but when you're in we knew the governor. Not you necessarily endorse anybody audited hundreds but listen. You know you I am I was watching the US open tennis man matchup back in September and there'd be north the tennis center and I was election. I Roger Federer or somebody would do it no he didn't do. All he walked off the court may wasn't Federer you know what it was Sharapova Sharapova. Well was playing her first match back in and they showed her walking off the court and she stopped and she grabbed people's phones and you took this. I don't know if I were in a position like that where you're that well known whether you're a politician or celebrity aura an athlete the whole sell the thing was unusual and our. Wracking for me because I have groups of like you go to college campus for came in all these. Young college students would come around me and put their arms friend wanna do group self inner that's another area where me and I am first Marat also it's at put down your beer bottle. I didn't want beer bottles or liquor bottles or anything else in the pictures aren't good guys put it down by the way you need to quit drinking anyway I've actually been accosted. At a college arena by drug students and so forth so. Somebody's drunk students get pretty physical and get next to you and I'll tell you get it you have to be very careful my security got extremely nervous with groups Celtics. Well I was I went to Washington about a year ago with my son's fourth grade class. And her fifth grade class and we went to the capitol building. And the whole group was walking outside in touring the building and seeing the outside and and in senator Byrd came out. And offered to take a picture with everybody but he had his own. Photographer with them now the official photographer and kind of struck me you know. That's Smart I'm I'm sure most of them do it this way but I did you know these these sell these in these pictures that you can't control you can't regulate you don't know what somebody's gonna do with them. That's a whole layer to well. Tell us an inside to be careful with cameras period in fact what I would Agassi President Obama. In unit in the Oval Office talk about health care on trying to get a waiver for North Carolina for people who. Work and they would not let you bring a cellphone into the Oval Office. And I was at times worried about people bringing in recording devices and office my office at the governor's office for fear. They had recorded and then. Edited and then next thing you know it's on the news now Wendy's Fries upon which we can all do on a phone company you can record. And perk I did just have that rule in the governor's office but President Obama you did not bring us cellphone into the Oval Office. As a mark Thomas takes pictures of us collectively has still thought I but that's the truth you can you can do all the editing the all right look I feel sorry for an act by the way Taylor Swift. For albums coming out she's one of the ones who actually challenged this Vijay and jobless through the courts ruled in her favor one of the few artists in the modern air that can still sell hole out. That's out today like The Beatles were the last one really could do the math. 927 on WBT vote Johnson Patrick worry more to come here. On a Friday morning. 934 and is eleven set about a 93 WDJ. Good Friday morning though Thompson here along with the former governor and mayor Pat McCrory. Talking about a lot of things today that namely the allegations Alabama are Republican senate candidate Roy Moore. Washington Post report says he engaged in sexual activity with a fourteen year old girl in the late seventies. Of course he's in the middle of a special election for senate there and Alabama. And now a lot of Republicans and Democrats saying if these allegations end up being true than he should step down and then of course you have. What would be a write in campaign for the republic how we don't know. That it's a mess it is a mess but again I go back to what we said the previous half hour. What more did was sent out a fund raising letter which really isn't a good way to defend yourself and you also pointed out what Kevin Spacey did. When the allegations came to light he came out as day yes which tried to divert was not a real good defense and and actually turn the gay community against him justifiably so. And then you have Weinstock. He hires a top law firm which defended Al Gore in the reelection. Recount campaign in the gore bush one of the top lawyers Supreme Court lawyers. That lawyer then goes hires private investigators. Who pretend to be other people. Who pretend to be victims of the same thing and go to these actors actresses and try to get information from a to set them up. I mean this is like the Soviet Union at this point comment by the way I think that lawyer ought to have his law license taken away. I mean it's just humbled because they were hiding out expense through the law firm. And so Weinstein Kevin Spacey. And Louie CK now Louie CK I don't know what he has come out and says that's. Leahy he's he's a comedian obviously he's been accused of sexual misconduct. By five women he is alleged to have acted inappropriately. And frontal several female associates according to a report from the New York Times. HBO says it's dropping him from their programming and a statement from FX networks says it's obviously very troubled by the allegations. They're reviewing the situation his rap Louie CK says that in the coming days Lou we will issue a written statement. A written statement. And Louie CK by the way did fund raisers. Did comedy shows in North Carolina during my governor's campaign in which part of the money was then donated the HRC in the name of human rights. While he was doing these things other women. This is the contradiction I see on both conservatives and liberals who say one thing and live a life it. Another another thing it's an arrest has to gets free passes for the last ten years first the ball. A lot of people obviously knew about these people and their behavior. And why did it come out now but. I don't be curious who gets the free pass Bill Cosby. I guess after a long period time ended up not getting a free pass and you only gets into Bill Cosby shows from it because of the sick things he do we don't. But as you brought up earlier should. Shall we does he joke Cosby show again because you are you are. Putting the people who worked on that show with sentiment was the bill got early show a lot of money but it's an ensemble cast and they get. You know he did and how they German space sees the end. Bought it out of a movie that's about to come around they've hired a new actor to take his place yet Christopher Plummer. He's taking over his scenes in a movie called all the money in the world which. Is supposedly. I suppose Laguna and be released by Christmas on schedule has yet. Some free pass by the way Jesse Jackson has been accused by several people recently. Including. Sherry lynch here in Charlotte and you're right I respect immensely of the Bubba shared sure she's a wonderful wonderful woman. And she saw someone else say something that Jesse Jackson did to another woman years ago. And she filled are obligated so you know if that woman has a courage to say some I should too when she talked about being grouped in burn a photo. Turn a photo and I think it's very courageous of her to do just that she set it on the Bob cherry showed a just the other day. It hasn't got much publicity about Jesse Jackson but. People in politics people and religion. Of course priest have done some terrible things no one's exempt. From some of the sick behavior now the only thing we have to be careful of is false accusations. And how do you deal with false accusations. Down the road or in the past and some people may have been falsely accused and how do you defend yourself in this new media age. Well you bring up bush area that she here's an example and she then brings to light. Her own example of that other woman's credibility exactly well I and it's a hash tag on Twitter the attach tag meat to. Movement which. Again you go back to the way technology is here and Tony seventeen verses what it was ten years ago you have this way where people can either. By naming themselves or anonymously anonymously. Post their stories on a way that didn't immediately a lot of people can see it and you just brought up the idea of of who. Do you do you come out like like I Sherri did end and support someone and and bring your own example to light or or. How many actors and actresses are staying quiet. Still staying quiet still staying quiet and Hollywood. And now Bruce the famous director who's in Europe right Polanski Polanski I mean Polanski and and Woody Allen. Parse actresses and actors are still working for them and that they're praised. It'll be well I just. It off the air their praised and they they are to a degree at the Oscars but I I have a feeling Polanski was convicted of rape of thirteen or fourteen year old. And they still praise him during the Oscars are but I think that. Tone will change and let us express and I'm my endurance amassing in the U across the boards but don't you think with all of what's happened especially the Weinstein. And now Kevin Spacey don't you think the Oscars. I will take and somewhat of a different tone except I generous and dynamics why would Weinstein came Weinstein came out there and become such a big story you win. It Polanski did it or Woody Allen. We didn't what he he married his adopted daughter well I think the Weinstein story is different somewhat because. Of the number of people. Who came out with their own stories plants he's got a number of people to it. It's Polanski story is terrible and bad. But I think there are more collectively that have come out with stories it's all right let me play more doubles but women it's like the bill it's like the Bill Cosby story. Bad it was where it was person after person after person and his kind of ballooned. Once the first person said something now you have the list and when the list gets that long it it's very difficult to believe that. I the only ones and I think that's part of it yeah. That you if you see is such an obvious strain you have to go to that many people cannot be line. Exact some people can be at your set up it could be for money and some of these lawyers use it for money for their own publicity. By the way some of these lawyers were also higher by Weinstein. And in Korea. So a lot of it comes down to money in some cases but it's a it's a serious issue we shouldn't ignore. It's happening and businesses have been politics is having movies it happens in religion. Why do people in positions of power. Come to believe they can do things like this we talk about that when we come back. And 941 I'm votes Johnson he's Pat McCrory this is W Bates say. Eleven minutes in front of 10 o'clock here on WB team my name is both Thompson from WBZ's morning news weekdays five to nine and alongside and studio. Former governor and former mayor Pat McCrory is with me one final segment here before Vince Coakley takes over. Before we finish the conversation about what we've been talking about with the sexual harassment allegations regarding Roy Moore and and now Louie CK and before that of course Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein I do is I set out to gonna bring this up when you're in here and I wanna do real quick Joseph Biden has a book out next week a memoir. I'm Joseph Biden you and I've talked in recent weeks about may be hints that he may be thinking about running. Next time around but now he's doing the book tour first stop was a sitting down with Oprah. And I'll definitely a clip. I ever regret. That I am not president. Because I think just so much opportunity and I think America is so incredibly well this shouldn't. No woman being. Chin ups and running compression was taken into two questions. One do they truly believe you the most qualified person for that movement I believed otherwise. But it was I prepared to be able to give my whole heart while slow and only intention to be never. And I knew. I wanted I wanted to be that person who. Coolest. No matter what happened just got back up. He also said that part of his decision. Was influenced by a what he thought that Hillary Clinton Campaign. Might. Due to him. Might might you know they might dig up. On him yeah effect this afternoon and actually talk about the sexual harassment and date a cases. Joseph Biden was a person who is well known for hugging women I don't to use well known for doing thing. Beyond that I sit but he was done his hands the joke. And he knew he loved to hug women in their and they used to go all that's just uncle to. So that would probably come out some I know Joseph Biden I've sat next to Joseph Biden for dinner I've he's called me out during his speech Joseph Biden of people abide McCrory. You'll see a picture of him calling me on the speech for the governor association. But he can be the most engaging nice guy but there's no doubt that Hillary Clinton's campaign. Knocked him out of the race very similar to what we're being revealed Madonna. Brazil Brazil right now on knock him. Sanders celebrants. He said over the book says he feared opposition research which would stop at nothing in the days before he announced he would run. Clinton was the only opposition to him. And though what he does not say in the book is that is what what stop at nothing meant. Well this opposition research she knows all about it I've had opposition research on me I had investigators followed me I'm her boot times and ran for governor. You have. The dossier or that's very controversial now that a guy named singer at a new York Republican a first tired than the Clinton Campaign picked it up. You're now reading about how the Russian government tried to set up. The president during the pro before he was president as a businessperson. With possible prostitution. Thank god the guards said get out here thought they were joke and there are a lot of people try to set people up in power for a fall do you think I think it's probably I thought I would be spies divided people try to set me up. For a fall do you think also Biden is setting himself up here to run let me put this way he's gonna have a tough time leave the state she's been doing this since he was what 28 years old. Yeah but he would be and has a lazy and audio senator I think him. US history one of the youngest if not the youngest but he would be easily right there and are the oldest to take office if he well Nabil. Trump is 71 we have now so when he runs for reelection. 74 years old so. It's age doesn't seem to be a factor but Biden loves it any misses the White House and you always want to be in the White House and so I don't think he's gonna leave the stage gently. And can you imagine today trump vs Biden but there's honestly saw him again he was worried about the machine going after you and I'll tell you in. We come back next week we'll talk about some of the things has done in politics through these investigations. And through law firms and for a PR firms. And through the Internet. And it's a sad state of politics of that's happening you know in the old days which were bad too and away you know Kennedy could keep its affairs quiet can you match. And the Kennedy administration and some of these administrations if social media had been around like it is now know when he was given a free pass though a lot of the media knew about it in John F. Kennedy was given a free pass regarding his affairs including affairs with people with direct relationship to the mafia. Teddy Kennedy was given a free pass where. He drove off a bridge and Robert F Kennedy's and his brother staff member Dramamine swim away and he ran for president after that but I think it was one of the reasons he didn't win the presidency against Jimmy Carter they were talking about the ages Joseph Biden is 74 so he'd be 77 when he would run. I'd Judd president trump his 71 Bernie Sanders 76. And Hillary 77 can you some context of where everybody has but. Again I'd sounds to me like as you say. Sounds like a guy who's not done yet now it doesn't wanna leave the spot. Like Biden Biden grew up in government he loves cover it by the way he lost a son to there was probably could be in primed to be a top political official. But he lost descended to cancer I'm sure that an impact on him but I I do agree with him I think the major reason he didn't run was because the machine was tell him not to run. And they were probably gonna go on though a full scale attack and the bush and Hillary is though do attack the Clinton machine has a long history of attacking and also being attacked. And the book is the memoir of that year where he obviously made the decision not to run and dealt with us. The passing of his son though so that's coming up next week so that's a story to watch for today when a seat while we're talking radler. No we're all talk in my power. Haven't power is. It's addicting. And some of these people who were involved in sexual it. Situations. Started believing in their power. And they even start to believe in there or maybe better looking than they actually were they were smarter than there actually were when people get behind a podium when people get beyond died as were people. Did behind the church pulpit when people get behind a microphone including this one. You start believing. That you're smarter and better look him and you start have empower and by the way at times people. Are appealed to. Out power yet where you're you're talking about that off the air people are attracted to the hour as much as the power and money there people who have the balance area. So let's not talk to me when you lose the title. But all of a sudden you're not a Smart you're not as good look at them all and you're sitting next to me ask what the heck happened here. I think Ireland does it. So way of natural life a lot of business people learn that too when they lose their suite. Office weighed all of a sudden they're phone's not ringing anymore. And I'm I tell that to them. People just elected the Charlotte City Council you've got a lot of new friends right now just remember it's not view it's the office which you hold your letter to your head. It's fine not V right and I thought I have to. Tireless have been fun this week thanks but yes sir that's evercore Rambo times and this is there's a lab doubters that yes sir happy veterans day and thank you to all those out there. Who are serving and have served we salute you. Kenya you make it possible to do what we're doing right now so thank you battle rapid for a busy week.