Bobblehead Night, Monuments, Bug Burgers and More.

John Hancock
Thursday, August 17th

Hancock talks about bobblehead night, monuments," I Read The News" and more.


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The. This is John Hancock. Searchers found big foot boat here. It's. Hey there are other other Juarez Bobble head night as we can be. Hi I'm. I couldn't Wear the mock turtle that they Bobble head there is a sporting but it did Wear black shirt today so that we can be just as close as possible furloughs viewer. Time to decide associations evening. Am I can't wait a motive forward to it I would be excited approach is going to be VE NT ballpark to watching game because I'm sick of triggered a place to watch but. And then tell me that our section is open the home run porch but the home front porches like six sections. So I'm wandered up there at some point. But. If you guys are sitting up there are and flagged me down because I have no idea where you are now maybe they'll find out more once I get to the ballpark tonight. And then the other part of all of this the most stressful part of the whole thing. It's thrown out the first it. Never done that. But candidate. Whereas on time out from my WBT got at the end and we can go up to the canal plus intimidator games. And I threw out the first pitch a couple of times that and can Apple's. And as I remember right I did OK but that was like twenty years ago. But I don't think I've thrown a baseball cents. So. Just terrorized. I don't wanna be that guy. You don't wanna get booed on your Bobble head night. If you like bounce into the catcher. You can get booed. And now that like I said that's so that's my big question is it better to throw it over his head. Showing that actually your hairy arm was too strong. Already in all what happens if nerves get (%expletive) and you like your figure hands get sweaty. At a and you think that like two feet in front of him. You pick it up and throw it again rider yeah. So anyway arm. For those of you were going to the game tonight total 51 kitchen. And just know when you see me walk out there to throw out the first pitch. I'm so red. Eye and it's going to be a pretty toasty evening anyway so I'd be swept new York and LB's so let me if it was 32 degrees outside. But today our look for order today and how many people get a Bobble head night so it's good it's all very cool. And maybe I can finally get one from my mom. They are there are few and far between they had some. They got access to some for the hall of fame thing. And they and they gave those away that night and I got one man and my wife got one new and and and I think she grabbed a third one from some table that are restored from somebody else. And I sent that to. Former phones crooner Gina. Down in Charleston. Well my mom's not listening to us officials say blog editors are now under me. As. Jeanne. Anyway that's what goes on their more terrorism must strikes this time in Barcelona. I'm Brent from muddy meant Ramona show just left Barcelona. Asked about it yesterday because I NC in the studio with Matt Ramona and knowing he's been undergoing this series of treatments. For a condition and I never. I knew we had. Depression and stuff. And it's always been so as it's been well chronicled on FaceBook if you follow I'm Matt Ramona at all or. And so I'd seen in Africa what is not poke my head and ask promoters say OK she said oh yeah he's hot he's in Barcelona. And then I hear about judges then plowing through people and causing no double digits mentality is an injuries and police and emergency crews still sorting through all the but the details and it was this very popular tourist. They have. Somebody in custody. There was some reports that there was a hostage situation no someplace else in town but to if there was that was not related to this. But the facts are still kind of break him down. So while but anyway Brent apparently left Barcelona. Late yesterday and and he says his wife that I think works for the airlines so he's flying standby so he got a stranded in San Francisco so he's in San Francisco. When you get your stranded someplace San Francisco's pretty good plays federalists are pleased and have to stay at the airport. Hopefully he can you know Hoover himself to a in a restaurant or something some points. So why anyway he's okay. I Robert. Felt about monuments following the civil war and all and end Lionel tiger right now he was not unfavorable. So all share that with you I had known what today inside that may or may not add to us over the can discussions that we federal the last few days but to have. But don't we'll talk about that. Steve Bannon. The report when I got up this morning was that he talked to a liberal reporter and he thought he was off the record but Steve bands to. Two media savvy terror. So I don't know what is I I I can't. Define what he or the president do at any given time when you think they've just gone out of their minds and and there's probably so month. Ulterior motive to what it is that there are trying to do. Defer attention from mud or whatever but anyway abandoned. Let loose with an interview published yesterday. With the publication called the American prospect. And he initially said he didn't realize that he was. Being interviewed. But that bed just to hold water with Ben and I think he contacted via an and I think the other story of that is that today it's a guy he had never met before. So you know. So I whether Muster some wineries endure or maybe he's got a better job offer but he can't take it until somebody on Lowe's admit though so he's trying to. Is it time to scar Moochie himself. So wall we'll talk about that. I trump set out tweet today. Regarding. Publicity seeking Lindsey Graham. And you can't argue with him on that Kenya. Has Lindsey Graham ASE on TV every day. He's got it gets less time than Charlie Rose. There wanna know about Barcelona's second. I'm we'll talk a little bit more about do they abandon. Interview which is good thing. And then we'll get into some of the politics of fear today. But I think one of the most interest in stories out of the whole day is this Robert. And his great great grandson. Said OK with the confederate statues coming down saw a better that that that drew me to the article. Said that he thought last week's attack in Charlottesville was sad and senseless and you said that eventually somebody's gonna have to. Make a decision and he's talking about the monuments here and if that's a local lawmakers so be it. He obviously great great. Grandson 54 years old. But he said quote we have to have that conversation without all the hatred and violence. He's the an athletic director at Virginia school and he said that he wouldn't mind having the confederate statues placed in museums instead of having them mounted on no public parks. But then when you get into the actual article it gets really interesting because it starts talking about what Robert. Opinions of monuments work. Well and I'll share that with you just a second let me go over here until Iran on WB TA Ryan. They got idea and today I'm good. So it can be agree that you. Well I'm Wilson issues. Under the readout on it is proper at the kind of an anecdote and not our perspective I want us. After the wreck you know there is you know their properties either Mary or Clark and Graham are. I'm Mary Curtis great granddaughter. To mark the Washington stepped great granddaughter to Washington George Washington. Robert. Third cousin two times removed I think. I think we are bringing up and remind everyone that this fact and matter what our Arctic star. And better country of lower end here in America where a lot. First up and. Many avid out of their way to north get along you grow only very don't. Sure I don't that it says and does family gets estranged from once you know other two and generally that has to do with issues. And that's why an awful lot of families don't talk about politics or religion at Thanksgiving and Christmas at the table. So alarmed. So volatility. Is is not necessarily anti family. Sometimes it's pro passion. I think. The assure the straw release of which because I think this is plenty of mr. I don't know that it that'd means anything in the context of further discussions that we've had the last two days or the I tearing down of monuments or in a bad thing but. Ball we have that. Protests led by the white Nationalists over the proposed removal of the statue of Robert Healy over the weekend in Charlottesville. It's often forgotten that Lee himself. After the civil war opposed monuments. Specifically. Confederate war monuments. Jonathan horror and Aliev biographer. Much on this told this to a PBS. After the civil war Lee received several letters requesting support for the erection of confederate memorial also according to horn. And in June of 1866. He wrote that a monument of one of his best generals Thomas Stonewall Jackson. Wasn't quote on quote feasible at this time. I believe there is a huge statue if I remember correctly in a Jacksonville of Thomas Stonewall Jackson Billy I think you might be able to figure out there a correlation there. Well they change their habits that. In nod December of that year 1866. Robert Healy wrote of another proposed confederate monument. And said. As regards the erection of such a monument as is contemplated my conviction is that. However grateful it would be to the feelings of the south. The attempt. In the present condition of this country. Would have the effect of reach Harding instant. And so every charting instead of accelerating its accomplishment. And of continuing if not adding to the difficulties under which the southern people labor. Close quote. Now does that sound somewhat pertinent today that his views on monuments then. Actually showed some tremendous insight on some of the things that we're dealing with today. In other words and I you can't change but if we had never if we had never corrected dump it wouldn't be an issue now you can't that's not our. I'm not suggesting that. And you know its board like look at the other way and pretending you know and added I'm not argue and I can do. But I think that's a great quote from poverty Lee as regards the erection of such a monument as his contemplated my conviction is. That however grateful it would be to the feelings of the south. The attempt. In the present condition of the country. Would have the effect every parting instead of accelerating its accomplishment and of continuing if not adding to the difficulties under which the southern people labor close quote. He even supported getting rid of the confederate flag after the civil war ended. He didn't audit flying above Washington college of art she was our president after the war. He did not want such divisive symbols following him to the grave according to horn. Eddie's funeral and 1870. Flags were notably absent from the procession. Former confederate soldiers marching did not die on their old military uniforms and neither did the body that they buried. And according to horn Lee's daughter rode his confederate uniform would have been treason perhaps. Lee believed. Countries that are race visible signs of civil war recovered from conflicts quicker. And he was worried that by keeping these symbols alive. He would keep the divisions alive. I just find that to speed. Tremendously interesting I especially all these many years later. I'd take your phone calls and look come back and and they bring afternoon Barcelona and abandon them. Some other political stuff can talk a little bit about it clips today. There was an article in the gas and gazette songs for the eclipse. Bonnie Tyler hasn't had this much attention since. Gathering nowhere in total eclipse of the heart. I in fact vote Thompson told me and our weekly podcast that we recorded today which should be up in the next one for our. They apparently she's on some cruise ship on Monday. And Monday. A close takes place she'll be singing. Total eclipse of the heart. How fast would you be over that real. Wearing meet. It at that. So I'm very whether submit some songs and. How old are you said Eric my head bouncing up and down as we speak. I hear you I luck ran out they take all these confederate stat sheet down my number one and they were erected to. How old era Democrats that will put all of public squares. Public property. If you want them. The people that mortal should have created museums and put on there. About the civil war you have to understand that. But they didn't big day and so they they are and have been part of our landscape in tact and told somebody today. Have you ever been to New Orleans because the next time you go to New Orleans some of the most prominent statues that sit high on pedestals won't be there anymore and to some extent. Well all all all miss that from from a scenic standpoint. Ultra on the interment is historical but. But when I'm getting at is Lincoln. After the civil war after reconstruction. The Democrat ran the self they erected these same. They did it looked up Republican to yourself to Tibet. So take them all that well. So you're equating you're equating Democrats now after we. You're hurt you're equating the Democratic Party after Lincoln's time or during Lincoln's time with the democratic party of today same same thing. Well I mean that they there is a little while us. They are the ones who erected it they ran this felt. Well up until the up late sixties early seventies. Not every state in the south was controlled by Democrats. I I obviously disagree rideau and I am I disagree with you in part because a lot of red from Condoleezza rice's. And I also I disagree with you in part because of the long road to freedom. Has been. Sometimes violent and has been scattered with all sorts of good and bad but it's the path that we took. So is she says I'm looking for a court she said that the founder should be viewed in the context of their time instead of through the prism of modern values. You know I also think it's me and me in the argument on the confederate flag I think it's important remember that there was a confederate flag 31865. And then there was a confederate flag post 1865. And the people who adopted the confederate flag after 1865. Are the ones that are responsible. And do it in part for the definition of it today which is not good. Well but that but likely adopt it looked beat battle why up. I mean do you want a note true lack of commitment and that they're the ones here in order but there are the ones that more or less put the taint on it. Exactly except to those who think it who wanna say that the south was on the wrong side of history that's true enough but that is part of the history. You know I mean we've got to live with the but it the point I'm getting here is. I understand what people were upset. If if that it is critical to the point where you gonna take these statues down federal public property track. Pay your ball properly understand that. Now when you start getting into. Olmert the revolutionary war jet sent. George watched in all the plays and stuff like that that's the next shoot the belt will drop him and I guarantee you that. I just I just I just don't believe in sanitizing history and I had I think those statues are part of the history and I think did the fact that they were put up in the first places is a part of the history. I thought I'd have a permit our game all right. Then wanted to talk to anybody that disagrees with him but I just wants to get his point across and not god I'm not an outer outer outer outer I watch fox there's an on air they had oval event. We're gonna I gonna limit the. And you know I we'll have a good don't vote in the. Start about Barcelona for trouble second round of van plows into a bunch people in miniature serials rumbles lost a harmless. And killed thirteen last number I had to all sorts of injuries. This is happening and in Europe a lot. People been mowed down by buy cars vehicles have been used to ram into crowds. In attacks across Europe since. While about a year ago. It July 2016 rent. I mean we've lost over a hundred people a niece in Berlin and London and Stockholm. We just had a car are running into a crowd of people load and no kill a woman in Charlottesville. And I heard a lot from the gun lobby of the anti gun people who recently. Because people now are getting killed with knives. And motor cars. If it's somebody's intent on killing somebody. They'll find a means to do it. Then plows into a crowd in the heart of Barcelona Spanish media reported at least thirteen were killed I think that's pretty much can confirmed. They searched for the driver they found a guy they arrested him. There was a report. From the Spanish newspaper there that said there was a couple of guys hold up and mail bar in the city center. If that was true it was not related to this Barcelona. Car. Is my understanding. And it and then I'd bad they weren't clear immediately whether or not they incidents were were were connected or not and I'm not so sure at this point or even know assure that the second incident even took place. This is the height of tourist season in Barcelona. And like I say this is served in the means for many attacks in no Europe. So long so that's what's going on in Barcelona they pay another day in. Another senseless act of terrorism. And that's just exactly what that is. Five back because we go and we'll let change direction until 4 o'clock or revenues to be a boy it took 43505. Petty. Should be a good one today. Well I like that he sort of register over duke go without saying and I'm pick in the songs August that would also probably go with outside. I and then at 6 o'clock for a book out here assesses we can and get down to be viewed you ballpark for what will be a toasty but funny thing. Looking forward to that John Hancock Bobble head night to a Joseph we go on WBT hey Joseph. It's not that you don't make you something interesting book the last call it work. You learn what the weather service. I think they're both defend the borders of the confederate veterans loaded the bases. All I would have more than. Seven out of America. Are you are you had to send Iditarod few better because you're really muffled are you talking to me on a speakerphone. Look are well. But all are but I can't I've gotten about them. I don't have more with the old but the important event since when I believe they're basically doesn't save that this certain certain outcome parents. He has really where would we dealt a GE. Are we do think that battle in the manner. Let them use all eaten cal beat the ball ever said that the ball forward did you. We're small but yet. But if you love the the mood you don't then you playing you have a bit and therefore. I think it didn't tell them that they aren't and that they have not yet that is youthful look. And then there. Under currently in. When the ball didn't move toward England that. Yeah but I mean and or anything in one in one way what you're saying is. If the outcome is what I want then that would be unacceptable to me. Not really following Hugo what I India's. You can kind of their hope that you're better backhand than that that's. The bad led the play in the. Well and in the first place and I don't claim that but I do say that people who say who claim that there that bad that they're flying that for their heritage. I'm not just going to blanket say that there are that they're hiding behind. A line I think sin and in some ways people are. I think there's a line or know about 1865. Well and depending on what. And and in in what your philosophy has on flying that flag. I listen I think the same thing you do when I drive down the street and see one on the front porch. Well I am looking at how the walls. I didn't think I need it but I'm not are two totally different things to me. I mean you can Wear the belt ball all you can Wear it. Good manipulate you and I have talked before your never ever gimmicks and united going to accept their explanation even if it is hard sincere. I don't know called they're with my question. Let them where they did it just behind them and it doesn't bother me although I have a look here. That won't work this roadmap the conservatives. Well what a way to work so what are your students in your classroom tell you the reason for their wearing red flag has all important. Annually and and you buy that do. I have nothing up to grow and today and do they denounced the kkk and and everything that the flag is big news for eight cents 1865 which is where you started our conversation. Yet they did it because their that the commander in there. Are they outside of all the stupid I think you are they give you million that's what you said the bill. Then we knew we had misrepresented actually here but the more than you. Yeah well just and I agree with that in the same way that I agree. That of people of Islamic faith should be a little bit more vocal about. The people who represent their faith on a very nasty terroristic side right now to. They go back and ask why are they don't cooperate Bolton have a lot and now. I you know it did to some extent I guess a minute question intelligence here but I'm not so sure that. Some of the people that are following a there are flying that because of heritage I'm gonna take a minute worth -- word value. Truly understand. The meaning of that flag since 1865. And what it's been used for I think they have a pretty rough idea up. But I'm not so sure that they dwell on that as much as they dwell on relatives of the errors that fought for the south. We've met with the and you know what I've heard nothing about their relative bit nervous he called it. England and the food looks and that is very badly needed to me and the ball to the palace on how well the I didn't spend that they've. I think it's all I do hear them talking about there heritage and I do hear them talking about their forefathers so maybe you just choose not to hear. Well I think that's what this young lady did I think Omar there's almost no waiting for a matter good bonuses. We won't emboldened good competitor that is all the. All you're not there yet but she's not she's not gonna get it you've heard their comments since that happened there today and you've heard the comments of the group down there and column on it talked to Steve dropped yesterday. Oh yeah there's no room there's no remorse and her death at all. I know what about the full open borders have to consider where they didn't killer and mr. they didn't killer. There have been a weird that it that the work their sympathy. Well it into words my sympathy I haven't sent a letter reader. More are certainly worse your sympathy elect when did you send your letter. A remarkable what you're expecting that you're expecting them to make a gesture that you have made yourself I'm just saying. That got to admit they're under no obligation to send that letter they didn't killer some nut case guilders some ignorant. Nut case Jill there. No we hear quite the critic is not an okay. Now he's all he's the one single guy drove that car down that road I'm not standing up for the kkk or the neo Nazis but that guy's responsible for his own actions. We would want to known where it was the right learn who it. Who then why aren't their more cars going into the crowd. Did what when did you know that's what that's on that's my point it was just one. To its nose. Nuclear is reviewing video footage from outside the chapel and had determined it was responsible for the vandalism. WBT money watch stocks at the second worst drop of the year today a lot of concerns. About the pro business agenda the truck administration of all the turmoil going on there. The Dow off 274. S&P gave back thirty points NASDAQ plunged a 123 this afternoon. Bank of America shares gave back two and a quarter percent. I'm Mike Doyle there's 1110993. WB two day. It's 505. These. Do you. Who is paying. Or he. I mean. And it's. Cheney. It's. That's to key. And it's. You. All right okay. Yes and gazette today you have a that it. Article on these songs for the year clips and our clips coverage role on a Monday. Is going to be pretty extensive traffic report cigarette special or trafford reports come and go under and we weren't gonna bigger boat here they go into. Scott FitzGerald senate dream bill. Mark garrisons gonna be down in Columbia I don't know we'll have that we've we've got to cover. But songs eclipsed theme songs. So also article included food and assaults over but songs. Now in the first place. Bonnie Tyler has not gotten this much attention. In thirty years. But there were some interesting songs and there are good day sunshine aquarius put sunshine in fifth dimension walking on sunshine Katrina and the Waves. The low percentage cry and Gary in the pacemakers. Soak up the sun by Sheryl Crow all follow the sun by The Beatles. Hypnotized the moon by a play walker and moon river by Andy Williams. Don't let the sun go down on me by Elton John. Handy remember the walker Brothers. Karzai walking on the sun by a smash mouth the sunny gonna shine anymore by the walker Brothers that would. He. They were actually the song would have to be the senator shine for about a minute and a half. But that wouldn't have been as good a song a place in the sun bios Stevie Wonder. Fly me to the moon by Sinatra that would work. Danson in the moonlight by king harvest. Man on the moon by Ari him. Can't find the moonlight by Leann Rimes. And so happy ever even know what that's all news. By the light of the silvery moon. For those of you you're ninety's. Doris Day yeah I know what that's owners to only because the came from my father's and mother's generation. And and then there was this bend down and we can always call. Credence Clearwater. Nothing you gave me some good ideas as well sandwich is making sunbeam brand bread. Sunflower seeds. Shelter island shelled moon pies. Sun ships. Sunkist oranges sun maid raisins and eggs. Sunny side out. And don't forget the drinks sun kissed her son dropped. Every son Sonny dean. And moonshine. All take moonshine for a hundred Alex. Happy birthday to the compact disc. 35 years ago as organist. Asian called KB CEO in Boulder, Colorado. And we had a guy come and an afternoon. And he was going to demonstrate to us the new. Music delivery system. And EO walked in India had this little machine in the sand look like of kind of a small receiver. And he went into one of our production rooms and he just set this thing up. And they don't tune up so that the speaker's soot into. And then all of us twenty of us pile into this fairly small production room and he explains to us. The compact disc. Any holds one up. Then we got in as little load of plastic case which we later become known as a jewel case. And and he says. You know we're used LPs and then he says. This is the future of music. It takes that thing out of that plastic deal money puts the puts a button in this trade slides out. And he sets that thing in that trade in many hits the button and betray slides back here on. And then he starts play and I think it was I dire Carol Bellamy had it may have been abacus I think Abbott was the first Wanda. But anyway. He starts playing tunes on this. And we were we were amazed but we knew we wouldn't have to worry about this for. Three to five years this was this was futuristic this was. Well and in fact within months. They started coming out with compact discs of some albums. And so it was a deal back in those days all over the country did you were still playing primarily were still play and albums. We were very eclectic. Out of the box. Bold rock station. Player and a little bit everything. And so all the sudden we started you know we would say it now here's Pink Floyd on compact disc. And it was a big deal then you go back to play and albums and a new go back in and say hey here's The Beatles on compact it's. 35 years ago today are August the seventeenth 1982. When no row upon row of palm sized little place. With a rainbow Sheen began rolling off the assembly line and Hanover Germany. Compact disc creators Sony and Philips. Say they still racer you've requests for an interview with the inventor of the CD but that person doesn't exist nobody really invented doe one part of the technology along the the CD was essentially invented it. Collectively. By a large group of people working as a team. And here it is the very first CD to roll off the production lines. On August 17. 1982. Wrong. It was a copy of Abdullah's. The visitors. Which kind of seems like a bad idea but. It was the first song first video on MTV. Estrogen of these tapes videos. Was dangles. Radio killed. Or I was that this is. Video killed the radio star. It was a radio film and videos to come. But there you go happy merges the compact disc which show by the way Arnelle for the most part yeah obsolete. Mom Billy VGA is joining us special tonight ABC or have a special and we will aired after a Charlotte have six with Mark Garrison at 7 o'clock ABC special know what took place in Barcelona today including any late developments. And then now Ramsey alone. Will air 8 o'clock so little programming note for you there. This probably won't have this. Be a surprise anybody what we owned too much stuff. When we are finally got ready to blitz sell the old house. We had had a car in the garage and like six your first. And so like I rented a 10 X 20 foot dumpster that they put the driveway and Susan and I feel that things I've been three and a half hours. Stuff I couldn't part with before I could part with them. And and in Russia were actually doing pretty well and not make it sure that we don't get back into that trap again. But I you know I noted that they just tore down they are huge amount of trees. Near my house to build a storage. Place. Which is right next to a storage place. IDC storage places everywhere now they've got to know like three story storage places and climate controlled and we have too much stuff nearly half of American households don't save any money. And there's maybe this is the reasons why the average size of the American home has nearly tripled in size over the past fifty years. You think about it for a second many of you were raised enough. Fourteen. In May be don't even as big but let's say a 14100 square foot house and had like. Re Brothers and two sisters result like that you know. Now. If you've got two kids while my gosh you couldn't what we've got to have four bedrooms. I now live on not to blame him it's. We did the same thing. 25% of people with two car garages don't have room to park cars inside that was us 32% of people with two car garage is only have room for a one. Vehicle. That is us but we have got finish unpacking we've only been in the house for 1415 months it at that. There's still got stuff that we just. And the United States has over 50000. Storage facilities. And they make money and they usually the bids they think is how they hide up. That the one no we we put all of our stuff while we're waiting for the house to be built in mail storage unit over there are park road extension right there or Johnson in part turn into one another. And that thing goes on and on and on forever but it kind of is behind apartment complex and behind a shot considering you would never know it was very much you ended up. Aerial view you can see the entrance but I mean. They hide them pretty good pretty darn well 50000 storage facilities more just a second. And guided Hillary Vijay does come got mail. Video killed the radio star. Which I think we're finally got arrived at me sort of a band girl and he says yeah I'm sure it was just slip of the tongue but the sun goes down by the boggles now the Bengals. That big indicted there was a slip of the tongue I know it's the boggles but I was thinking the Bengals and I was convinced it was the Bengals and so no I said I stand corrected now appreciated. Video killed the first 21 video ever played on MTV. We knew mark Goodman. So we were down to to log you watch your mother first if in TV. And then we did I did a video show for. Independent station in Denver called intelligence. Every Saturday morning we're going to play videos like three and a half hours and we do outtakes and stuff with me driving my car. Beat him. Three put back to the storage stuff three point 1% of the world's children live in America three point 1% of the world's children learn America. But they owned 40% of the toys consumed globally. Yeah yeah the average American throws away 65 pounds of clothing per year. We can get ready to do that myself all my extra large shirts or start bag. That's a good thing. People who consume more audio entertainment then no video and David. Podcasts and radio. Vs TV and movies report saving more money and having higher satisfaction with their life. You know I'll save a lot of money right now and have been to a fast food restaurants six weeks. I'm going Albany and salads and now are grilling chicken breasts and doing stuff like that. Ever since this diabetes type two thing. So it a ton of money I've had like 127 bucks in my pocket now for three weeks. Americans spend more on shoes jewelry and watches that on higher education we've got too much stuff and America's spend one point two trillion dollars annually. On nonessential goods in other words. Yeah stuff we don't need. Yeah. That you mark Harrison writer on the. Philly BT morning news with the vote comes tomorrow started to 5 o'clock along with trojans Okie and and Scott FitzGerald and then Rush Limbaugh and and we're back curator at 3 o'clock had down to a BB NT ballpark for. John Hancock Bobble head night. Still swept the first pitch. Are people have been sending me videos today of people who blow on the first pitch. I'm Carl Lewis. Somebody sent one of my native American. That does. Like a full somersault. Spin kick. And throws a perfect strike. Wouldn't expect that to her. Root for me. I'm just hoping he gets to the catcher. And everybody is saying warmup at a time but I don't know fog and have an altitude of two warmup. Now I remember correctly they have an inside there's a place inside. Big you can throw. So maybe they'll let me throw a couple balls and her before it. Are just get out there make a complete fool out of myself and and go drink beer. So when the other yet and don't throw like a girl that's the other thing to overlook a girl's. Arm. New research I don't know if I believe this or not proves it wants. Cheat always a cheat during if you're worried about your achieving significant other will cheat again you should be new research. Published in the archives of sexual behavior adds more weight to the want to cheat always a cheap theory. I discovering that those who had cheated in their previous relationships three times more likely to achieve and an ex relationships. That's character thing I guess maybe now. I don't want anybody to go over the deepened on that. Odd the new Nokia phone fallout waited take both these. Both these the Nokia eight Smartphone well offer the ability to take both these via eight. Has something called dual site. That lets you shoot photos using the front. And the rear facing cameras at the same time and the result says a split screen view. That lets you take us healthy. But with images from both sides both you and a friend. So you're taking a picture of I'm taking a picture you TJ. And I've got it on both these and it went don't put a picture viewer picture of me side by side. It doesn't sound like there's always feasible but I mean you know we'll figure out away and and at some point to wonder how river to without that. Do you remember when self they used to be. Naked pictures. When they first came out they used to talk about you know give yourself news and now it's become part of the the vernacular veterans. And thank goodness if you consider everybody that's ever taken a Sophie it would assume. There's a man who as he did as has heated. There's a man who eats a mig I'll take two take three actually a man who eats a Domino's Pizza. Every day and he's lost five point nine per ounce. New Jersey pizza and there's his name is Brian Northrop. And he's managed appalled polish off an entire dominoes pie each day for 367. Days. And he did it to prove the point that an unconventional diet can be out matched by a rigorous workout routine agency had knew there had to be a catch. He says he strives to show others that people don't need to stress over everything that they eat. And on his fitness journey which he documented on social media he actually they actually caused him to lose weight free pizza he waited at a 167 point one pounds and on July 31. The scale was a 161 point two. Now keep in mind. Professional athletes do this all the time. I guarantee you the guy's done it pins are trading jailed. Are eaten a ton of calories and here's a work in at all. A basketball. Those guys can meet. But those guys burn a lot to. Northrop's inspiration he said was from DeVon Cunningham a way to chip pole day for a 600 cigar 366. Days. And I'm like Northrop put Cunningham measured portions around specific amounts of protein fat and carbohydrates. Any and north or just take full dominos pizzas. Seems to me after three and 67. Would you get to the little. Paul for Domino's thought. Maybe just old little bit too much. And Poland spring up bottled water is accused of being a colossal fraud. 352. Page lawsuit filed in Connecticut this week alleges that Nestle's waters has been making false claims about Poland Spring Water. For more than twenty years. Hi and that the average shopper associated spring water with a naturally occurring springer. And the be played us in this say that nationally has been labeling common bottled up ground water at 100% natural spring water since 1993. I always wondered I always figured that they were probably doing that feel good water it's just not spraying water. I'll see you got a big idea of ballpark or LC here tomorrow at 3 o'clock because garrisons next.