Bo's Jerry Klein Tribute

Bo Thompson
Monday, August 20th
Bo Thompson's tribute to former WBT host Jerry Klein, who passed away Friday at the age of 66. 

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He would come on the air. Just ask the 11 o'clock news we would say. Hello boys and girls. That was Jerry Klein. This was this theme song and. Lot of memories and I think about this guy. On this station. And in Charlotte at large Jerry Klein passed away Friday at the age of 66. Started on WBT back in 1994. His celebration of life service was on Saturday. We'll talk about that in just a second here. But first. Jerry Klein in his own words. Matthew 41 news talk eleventh and then maybe you go to the front Kelly how I when I started on the air in nine before that was the first time I'd ever done radio. Right I think and you're OK. Armed with a foot putt I ever called radiant face it Democrats are everywhere they. Well I'm glad to come. And two and you know this was my dream states. Everybody's dream to be on the air on. BT from Cuba to Canada's yelling holy cow. I've been talking a lot of people lately. My age. Or thereabouts I'm 43. Who have gotten to a point now lines where they're beginning to realize. Then they're probably not going to get. Where they thought they would or where they expected themselves to get when they were younger. And they're struggling with whether that means they're failure or not. And they're struggling. To figure out whether that means that they have. Resigned themselves to settling for. And the average. Life that they used to think this wasn't going to be mean and their legacy. I grew up with this nation. But. I was also. Paying northern born. June and so I sort of stuck now. Early and often and denying. Strangely enough decided to be a long haired kid the so yes. The fact that I developed so late lean. Left to send their viewpoints. In opposition to to some people. The positions around here. Didn't make it easy for me to fit into the flow of others. In the emerging conservative rule. On talk radio milieu is here. Both sides WVU radio question on the ball Jerry Klein Rush Limbaugh was on this radio. Jerry Klein late night on 1110 W league team and then. And the little ornery times and I certainly was in the ninety's when I was first on here. Scary movie and don't people of America commander if you can and can't work behind. Chronic pain and and you seem prepared to let it go I believe. I Cordelia. In now you know you keep want to call over and over again I'd ride a popular right now hi I'm not the RI legacy talk mound now harsh. It's amazing to me that you continue to believe they you can impose what you can do what you believe to be. Morality and ethics on everybody else. And then you have the only right answer as to why can't you do that you never want to hear my point kind of knew not where your heart your point of view is a broken record Cornelius Starr whining about women who have babies says they can't afford you start talking about all the rest of that stuff in it gets all the thank you for your call Terry how are you know our reporting gang up on your ground you know let him try. I probably didn't know who. When. Did draw the line from myself known I probably pushed too hard. And I and and this is a business like any other. I learned a lot when it went up to DC as far as the radio industry is. I have grown up my amateur that may be I Milledge you don't go through news in the few years I've been through. And not to have your perspective on the world changed a little bit. I'm incredibly blessed with no exaggerations. Thousands of people from all over the world. Of all faiths and all political points of view. I'm stay in the form of common through when I mean I was. A balance. On the streets. Almost dead. And people came through for me and saved my life. You don't go through that without stepping back a little bit and. And and changing. And. I never expected to come back to Charlotte and really didn't. Then I went when I came back the suspect that I thought I was about to die. I really never expected anybody here remember me and you didn't twelve plus years. You really didn't think anybody who remembered me and I've been blown away. That not only people remember being some people apparently. Miss me. Have welcomed me back. Nice. Jerry Klein talking a few years ago about his return to Charlotte. He had been in Washington DC. He lost his wife there and had some really serious health issues that had rallied back several times. He true WBZ originally. Started in late nights in 1994. Then went on to us succeed Henry Logan in 1996 before he left the station in 1997. Went on to become the program director at the great aunt Stella centered. He was a longtime columnist for creative lo thing. And then went on to Washington DC have worked in behind the scenes at WM AL. Really learn the other ropes of radio he would say then. The battle cancer over the years and I passed away at the age of 66. On Friday. He was also the owner of new world records. As my favorite record store and Providence Rhode grown up first place I ever bought a record and Jerry on new world. Jerry Klein that his celebration of life service was yesterday. From what I understand John Hancock talk more about this this afternoon he was there AJ Thompson was there may or June rose Thomas Moore. A guy grew up listening to not connected with the radio station here it is and I knew him from other circles but he was a very good friend. I'm Jerry climb out of you may know Thomas Moore he's saying at the service yesterday the celebration of life which happened at the great aunt Stella center. But Jerry Klein. Castaway at the age of 66 he will be missed and he I I had lunch with him invited me to lunch about forty years ago and he was trying to just got to get back into the scene in Charlotte wondering how things wordy and ask me about tell his his legacy at WBT and he said. But by virtue of the way that I left I'm not sure what that is anymore NASA Jerry you know. Way I see it regardless of your political stripes or your circumstances if you. Are behind that microphone for any period of time and you're in the brotherhood you're in the sisterhood and that's the way I view you and that's a way. That's where I think a lot of people are and he seemed to really take that to heart and appreciate that I said that. So I in 1994 when he started I was actually I was in college. Down the road Davidson College so I used to come back here. And I would've run that would fill in for window black when in the control board. I started doing that with Henry vote in and then now when Jerry started late night's espy would run his board to and I would. I would play this song. When I would fill in I've played this as he was going out and this is actually Bruce hornsby song. You guys heard me talking about my affinity for for hornsby over the years. Well Jerry and I crossed paths musically they came to hornsby because this particular album. And around this area for him this is a song called harbor lights. This was during the time where where Bruce largely went on tour with the dead The Grateful Dead and that played. Played with Jerry Garcia and company for about a year and so would Jerry had this album is album Harbour lights. That I just played there and so what I would fill in for windows. Just this kind of my own little inside nod to Jerry he'd in the government kind of wink because I I god and in the hour by plane that music. And always kind of smile over at me and I was remember that. I'm running the board for Jerry back in 1994. And Jerry was here through 1997. And eventually changed time slots he took over the late night slot from. A guy you remember ever expect. Jason Lewis Saddam amount from one end of the spectrum to the other and then Jerry eventually took over for Henry Bogeyman Henry retired. In the early evening hours. Jerry came back to Charlotte's about three or four years ago and when he did. He stopped by this show so when I look across from me right now I go way back because when I first started work in his building. It was with this guy and Jerry Klein welcome are you trying to make me feel old though. I'm just trying I'm reminiscing and catching up seasons how's that to the ego. So mr. Klein back in the day when I first started working here as I said they used to call Mike Collins the liberal weenie. And then you came along and it was. It was the liberal watts I I claimed the title Aussie hands down if it's set to. I'll show you ivory we hired to the title. Welcome to Charlotte's morning news and that would be lefty Klein with my sports talk had on. Just a call you liberal weenie is as a still allow them and China gets to and uncle live my uncle live here on job count and count in the progression is a good thing so it's great to hear you back on the Greg colossus Gerri I hope to come back cuts in my area of the day a guy again sometime soon. Maybe you can have way too early in the morning found out late night guy you knew that if that is true but back in the days that the first I've you know I've worked together anytime you want me kemba. So you know once upon a time. We used to say hello boys and girls while you give me an old Jerry Klein show intro from back in the day I don't know about an inch or but I can give you a late night Dubai how about. Keep the faith blow. My AM promotional T sure it is for my show a WB Tebow. It was what a long strange trip it's still is in and boy does that still apply more now than ever. So that was back when Jerry came back to Charlotte to having been in Washington DC and he came back and did some Dillon worked. Four several months here. Before he got sick again and his health kind of went up and went down and that was the unfortunate story in the later years of his life but what a guy what do what do presence and and local media. Creative lo thing. WBT of course the great aunt Stella sensor. I mention a few minutes ago but new world record DO new world records or from Providence Rhode those you can go back aways remember that place. So when I got the news on Friday I was out of town but I knew that his health. Was in decline so we we kind of knew this day was coming to an. It finally happened on Friday had Jerry Klein. Died at the age of 66 suffering. From cancer so our best wishes to his family and to his extended no family over the years for this radio station and other places and he is it was definitely a unique voice there'll never be another Jerry Klein and so we remember him as we do so many people over the years. Who have been behind the microphone on this great radio station the celebration of life service happened on Saturday. I'm John Hancock HJ Thompson was there Mary June rose Thomas Moore and family and friends of Jerry Klein so. More details. Pay as we get them about any kind of a ways that people can honor Jerry but going to pass that information along to you room. And say thanks Gerri I didn't know him tremendously well. Hancock comes into them a lot better than I did those are his heyday on the station was when I was in college so I wasn't here as often as I was in later years but. Certainly got a chance to work with Jerry and him appreciate his contribution here and talk about a guy came along and they and the agent the rise of Rush Limbaugh. Talk about a different voice. But I play the from a while ago where it says don't wanna hear both sides of the story here on WBT. Pandemic continues. To march 4.