A Brand New Year and The Anticipation of a Rising Market

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Saturday, January 6th

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This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk and you can lose a significant amount of money. On my entry candidates personnel to not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome to bulls the bears I'm your host Adam it's just go sit back and relax and enjoy it now draining weekend and fired up excited so many things going on out there in the financial markets so many things happening here in the Carolinas and just pumped up and excited to be year. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets. 401K is ire raise independent cash accounts understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to itself director of portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 88875087238. At 8887508723. As always in studio coast to the Bulls and Bears senior coach of online trading academy. A friend of mine I meant to remind senior coach Steve chant let's go about GM gets the weekend man lost to talk about. Marcus I get a break new year here we are elegant bed January rally anticipation right everybody thinks the market's gonna go up everybody's looking to lose weight and make more money. Great China for us to be talking about capital preservation growing your count immoral portly. College football absolutely needed to I got my year added it's barely get the heat the University of Georgia the university Alabama to SEC he's got a big presence. Here Bulls and Bears did a footprint down in the south they elicit to a step there's so. We don't really have a dog in this fight that actually we do have a dog in the fight so hopefully will we'll have some happy fans whichever team you root for my daughter a third year junior university of Georgia's ago dogs and a loaded and there. I chip you know we got a lot to talk about is always before we get into it don't forget to head over to FaceBook like guests at Bulls and Bears and of course of got a question for senior coach. College coach hotline at 877904. Trade and that's numbers over 24/7 seven days a week. And that numbers for anybody's got a question for years truly champ. Asked the coach at 877904. Trade we have a lot of talk about a lot going on the market the market continuously. Is pushing up its interest dean as we start this new year but champ as always we gotta be focusing on the capital that we haven't preservation well the key thing is. This and everybody's been asking me. You know wins is is gonna turn over we talk costly about a collapse and a correction. It's not a matter of if it's a matter when but what we have to focus on obviously is to take what the market gives us any at any one time. And since 2000 on the markets given us up movement. I mean the S and p.s of over 300% just since that time it's been the most one of the most longest and most steep. Rallies in the history of the stock markets I mean would go back to that eighteen hundred's I mean it's been a long run and every weasel complacent people are happy. You know people spent and money Christmas descended everybody's been a ton of money you know all the retail stores did well. Amazon's Goldman blown and just go through the roof so there's people that feel good. And because of that and then with the tax reform process that came through reps for Christmas. Everybody is excited about the future but the problem is this. There's a thing called valuation and eventually things get priced too high. And all worried about the stock market especially in the US stock market is that prices are too high and the problem being that for most of you that are listening. That's where your money sitting if you're in a 41 K. You own mutual fund which traditionally track the performance of the US stock market and if things a price too high or things are overvalued. It's a time for you to eat it takes a profit and go another direction put your money to work somewhere else or protect against losses in other words take what the targets given year. But protect against what it can do to you because we remember in 2008 what you do to us. And made a listeners are anticipating something like that happening again we are tutored Bulls and Bears. But it's a matter of understanding we have to be ready for the movements down in price but we also have to take what's given us which is up movement right now you know what. Take what gives you protect against what can do to. Once you have a lot of you'll don't understand that I got questioned over the holidays too you know what should I be doing in the market obviously big coins but it huge conversation lately but. When you're in the market in the markets give you the out movement like it has been is that exactly what you said. Take advantage of it. There's people right now sitting cash that are miss Ireland this opportunity people are. Not taking advantage of the Emmy here's the thing if we get a crystal ball and use his all time champ who we won't be sitting here you know we know that. If the markets go about taking it just be ready for that downward move is really what we're trying to say and is a lot of strategies to lie to do that I mean you can basically utilize stocks with options Eric ETFs exchange traded funds. And here's the problem this is the inherent problem of most of our listeners you don't hit you don't manage your money. You put it a 41 K and you hope that over time it hits your financial goal. And the reality of forward k.s was never meant to do that it was meant to be a savings account ultimately was never meant to be. Aggressively invested on Wall Street with the risk element that it has. When pensions went bye bye in this country forward Cade stepped in as a replacement for pensions but it was never set up to be a pension. The set to be more the savings account. It's a you're buying buying buying mutual fund shares of mutual funds historically week over week over week as part you're investing process. But when the market collapses and correct you get crushed to give it all back. And so it's not really set up that way in the problem for many listeners is. There's things you can do if you learn how to preserve capital we could still take the upside potential markets given us higher prices and price movement in the market as a whole. But have a head jury protected position where if the market collapses. You stay almost intact you stay virtually hole because you learn how to protect against lost and the problem is that many people don't know how to do it. Or are even thinking about doing it because they don't even manage their money it's in some forward case somewhere in their open by house Moses they eventually just reach wealth. And we all know based on happen in 2008. But that could happen at any time again and we can give a lot of those gains back so we have to have a better plan and played a protect against lost the preserve that cap through work so hard for. One you know champ a lot of people they don't wanna remember 2008 they don't wanna go back to that time where they were down 3040%. They're they're just on live on the the current high right now and you know I didn't. It is what it is that people market to take advantage they're not gonna focus of they're not you said it best to me years ago financial success requires your attention and if you're not taking a moment. To pay attention to the higher gains you have in your account right now. You're probably gonna give a good chunk of that depth and their goal is obviously if this something you can do which there is you have to educate yourself. Find a pure land are past their system to protect against loss because. Lot people say well let's just for one kale I can do was go to cash or riding it's gonna collapse I'll just take all my positions to cash that now might not be the optimal position of the the mean the market got crushed in 2008 in the dog a crust along with a and so we have to have a better plan in place and ultimately everybody listening to us has the intellect I believe to learn the skills of preserving and protecting your wealth. And capital preservation becomes Paramount and what I love is that once you learn the skill protected against loss. You do it over and over and over again you know worried about those classes in the market you're ready for them and you're anticipating them and guess what. You're not gonna participate him and that's ultimately gonna hate. Those long term goals for you and family exactly an online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand a lot of people. Are concerned about their retirement account they are concerned about the capital that they have in the market. That's what ever class specifically on capital preservation now whether or not your hands on with your counts or not. Understand how to preserve the capital before the correction in the market is key that's what a class on this is talk righted the campus is a 500 dollar value have a few seats. I'm gonna give away to the listeners right now. Pick up the phone because ten to twenty via the phone and call 84451. Trade that 844. 51 trade for callers tended twenty to get a 500 dollar class on capital preservation from our sponsor online trading academy. That's 84451878233. For callers ten to twenty to get this 500 dollar class a capital preservation again for one k.'s irate you do not want to miss out on this. 844. 51 and trade is out of a champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the Bulls and Bears a little evidence Everett adds. Nothing screams wealth intelligence like a little Sanford and Son absolutely and don't forget to head over to FaceBook. Light gets at Bulls and Bears radio and of course at any time 24/7. He got a question for the coach call the coach hotline 877. 904. Trade 877 nines are portrayed in your question ends up on the air yet to be and be priced at the Bulls and Bears Fries yeah we get to teach. It in there really nicely like they do bigger picture while the guy that people whereas I get really Jim's obviously got beat PT yeah like it's like put not burlap. You know you Wear what I just can't you show ever really a war and you like yet you get there than I Elena right these are some these suites Evian is still like it's like another us it's just awesome if it's like where it's like where where Elvis the ads like the kings culture you know into the new logo goes up yeah we get the new logo in the process that's that's a little more complex and Garrett did today put on insured you know so it is. Tim talk about variety they'd always have. Bloodier bulls or bears but what if these were costly talking about as the market goes up the market goes down sounds simple sounds elementary a lot of people know this. When it comes a capitalize when it comes to making money in a downward move the market the questions start to come out is that true is it possible how do you do it is that it's called options so many people be confusion we talk about shorting the market. Shorting the market is capitalizing that downward move in the market let's take a moment let's talk about it you what the best fuel in the world and explain it. Let him know what amazed him. It's with a wealth has produced its whether we'd get separated from the chaff in the financial markets the people anatomy money regardless of direction a price. And if you think about it mostly in the forward case you only make money if it goes up dramatically because it goes up a little bit. The fees eat up your profits if it doesn't go up you lose money could you pay fees if it goes down you lose in fees and you lose in value of the position. So you really got a very low probability that ability to make money if you don't make money one direction. See the successful traders and investors are Goldman Sachs UBS is successful individual traders Buffett Paul Tudor Jones. They proffer regardless of direction they don't care about up or down they just need movements. Movement is good movement is our friend and for many people. You don't know what to do the market false and you don't know how to profit for a move down you've never been tot and it's not a complex skills not difficult. Just different. And once we start to understand it what I love bubbles embezzle our job is to make this is simple as possible because we know most of you don't have a clue about how to handle your money. In 41 case it's on a mansion somewhere you got some Edward Jones or some big investment advisor giving you advice and you know what. We have a whole school of thought on that and why we believe you do better job managing yourself here Bulls and Bears we're big believers in self directing your money. For the most parts. Most people have no concept Hata proffer goddess of direction and when you look at history history in the best traders investors they profit regardless of direction in other words. Up is good and down as good in yet if you're driving on the road right now and you don't understand that or believe it's. There's a problem that's what's gonna separate you from the successful people because you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to profit regardless of direction. Is simply a process that anybody could learn anybody was into us and you could implement in your own trading and investing long term for nest egg wealth building. We're short term bridge area and come short selling or making money when the price of something falls. Is one of most prominent and most important things you need to understand and if you don't learn it. Probably never gonna get over the hill results wise and you finances because you're not gonna have that ability to proper Gaza direction the market's gonna. What is gonna gonna well that's the biggest struggle for people's money do you take him when he do you take it 2008. And at least 3040% their mistake it sets them back so far time wise 5678. Years just to get that money back. Where do you think if you capitalized and that downward move didn't lose and it took advantage of the upward swing on the other side. It's a game change I mean I've seen people accelerate their retirement goals letting people gear and to the point where they can achieve their goal. Well before the age of you know in their sixties people are retired 45 years old just like capitalize in both directions of the market it's essential. And if you ever want your financial goals and we have these big moves down in price like in the US and you're crossing try to get back to where you were like you said you run out of years. So we can profit when that price falls I was not to sit on the side or take that loss. You know sitting cash and wait for the buyouts or just take the ride down and give all those profits back we can make money on that moved down it's called short in the shorts on and even example. Sic a stock Coca-Cola based in Atlanta Georgia. You know kind of honor the fact that the this is super Abbas available via a college football championships here in Atlanta. Cook call the stock has been around forever large cab blue chip stock trading around 46 bucks a share. If you believe it was gonna go to 42 you could profit from that Ford all moved down. Now a lot of people would say god god wait until it fell to 42 and a buyback in at 42 but if it's at 46 it is gonna go to 42. But it'll make that four dollars and profit because when moos for box. There's an opportunity for some enemy for books upper down as irrelevant. So what we could do is as we go to the market we can sell the shares of stock at 46 now. When we sell something that we don't own because the benefit of using the market to short position a short sell is that we're selling some but we don't know. And that's where a lot of people have the confusion of I'm not certain how this works I don't why sell some I don't own. Your broker owns it so your broker is gonna allow you to use their shares of inventory to sell into the market at 46. Understands that what your broker folks. They're trans actually bias when you execute a trade would you hit the button so to speak they get paid a commission it's a small piece. But the commission is no way around that it costs of doing business. So they want you to be able to execute trades and investments. And so they're gonna make shares available to use the cell that you don't own that they don't into the market so that you hit the button and could charge a commission. So when it's at 46 you go to the marquis hit short sell. And you broke a platform the stock is sold into the market forties about six bucks a share on your behalf. But you didn't buy it you didn't own it you sold it without owning your brokers allowed you to use their inventory to sell at 46. Now. Your gold. And your belief is as gonna go to forty to show your goal is to buy it back at 42 because at forty soon if you buyback would if you W solely at 46. And you bought it 42 U. Bought a low and sold high you just didn't reverse order that's all shorting is don't over think so your broker allowed you to sell shares at 46 dolls this year into the market. Using their inventory. You're now on the hook you called short the position you have to buy the stock back the call that covering the short but your goal is to buy back at 42. So when it goes the 42 do you buy back the moment you buy back the imagery goes right back in your broker's warehouse so to speak and what have you done. When you sold at 46. And bought a 42. That Ford all the shared difference that stays in your cap that your profit. On a hundred shares trade for a box on a thousand JG made four grand on a stock you'd never owned. That's shorting. That's an example using a Coca-Cola you can use in a variety aways and a variety of different buckets of money in your counting your portfolio. And it's a real game changer want to learn exactly an online trading academy. Sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand a lot of people of questions on shorting they don't want they Anderson a lot of people want to learn how to short. That's why they have a class taught on the campus on shorting the market is a 500 dollar value. Every time we get this class away here a Bulls and Bears the phones let W do not want to miss out on this is a 500 dollar value we're gonna take callers fifteen to thirty. Pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade. That's 84451. Trade for caller fifteen to thirty feet to 500. Online trading academy at 84451872338445187233. For callers fifteen to thirty. In a 500 dollar class specifically on shorting the market. That's 84451. Trade does that mean champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears that goes at the Disco at the glass have a good time always hanging with the fellas here is studio. Diverted to head over to FaceBook like is that Bulls and Bears radio and of course anytime 24/7 of again a question for the coach. How the coach hotline at 877904. Or trade. Champ you know it's the first of the years 2018 a one wish everybody happy new year of course. Lot of people you know we always joke around about it people always say I'm gonna lose weight make more money you this more reality of the G have you even make it but before we started. Is it because the do years died as the elusive way Everett the listeners though I'd know my family does. We know what. All reality is people do wanna make more income people do wanna lose weight let's talk about the income side B is here bulls or bears would agony help with weight loss but we can't help with. Generating additional income in the financial markets as a great place that you know first hand. I know chance that a lot of people are looking for additional ways of generating wealth 2018 should be the year talk about trading for income. When I get into some financial markets back in 2000 I had met a couple businesses into the ground Osman a good spot financially tough season. Amid a trader amid a guy who was making his living. Generating money in the markets. And he was an option straighter and all their forget it because. I was intrigued because he was again agenda meeting at a big house drove a Cadillac never went to work. It made his money at home hit the button and I was a business owner and I've been grinding and and be in the trades in construction and you know tried various things and you know how is it up a grown man 37 years old and I met this guy was making his living trading in the financial markets he had no superior intellect. He wasn't some guy did you know it was just this analyst or some guy who could recharge. It it was a mathematician. Which a lot of people think that's what you need to be to be successful the markets they think that they're not Smart enough we'll sophisticated enough to understand how to successfully trade and invest. And that's the lied us soleil Wall Street. And I sought first because I met a guy he said. You can do what I do you can learn the steel and so I got excited about the opportunity to generate income I'm in house looking to make an extra fifty bucks a week Starbucks week if I could do that those gonna help my family ease our burden in the financial social status really was in a tough spot. That was really gonna take us to the next level to solicit hurdles. So I got introduced to the market simply an ice part time basis. Using the market to make an extra Jimmy income better than a part time job because I don't wanna punch a clock somewhere have to be on somebody else's clock. If I could learn the skills of generating some income in my own home in my spare time in the evenings. And I can consistently make money that's a game changer and it was three in my family a lot of people think when they hear the word traitor they think. Wall Street's. They think the wolf Wall Street of the movie Wall Street with Michael Douglas they think of suspenders and some guy and a big tower and Manhattan somewhere that's could be further from the truth a picture of what a successful trader Ressa looks like it just a regular person some like Gus. Try to make a little extra money here in there and who has a good systematic approach to the markets there's a process involved in learning to be successful. But it's not a high a depth high intense high knowledgeable process is really just learning the skills of making decisions and following a plan. And when you start to see that. And what can do the people it's a game changer and it's so amazing because as coach of all my treat academy CU coach. I've seen transformations. Of lives of people who had no intention of becoming a trader who saw the picture of what it could look like in their life. Took the steps to become a traitor. And it was it took him the next level I mean it's amazing and opportunities for everybody and we we Bulls and Bears what you understand we can simplify that down for your. And anybody can be successful as long as you have the ability to follow a plan a follow system. And it's not complicated point system just a matter of following steps and then when you can learn the skill to do that. It can really taken the next financial level of living proof. In the studio and our whole over the world. That's awesome jam and you know and a lot of individuals that you want additionally come I mean I mean husbands a wives were. In other again by their making ends meet they're living paycheck to paycheck it's not the mean there you know it's the end of the world but they're not a spot finance or were they wanna be the pack a lot of people think you describe to you more time week you know and just enjoy that finally time that mean a lot to. And if they could spend four or five hours a month. Just making some decisions are looking at some basic information. That's all we're talking about here in what I love about the academy is that. We teach people the information we teach in the systematic approach what to look for in a how to make a good decision what's a high probability decision how can I managers to farmer on. And so the process of making money and creating an income in the markets is available anybody and even bit of a ton of money. There's other instruments like futures and currencies that allow people have lol lol piles of money in other words. Very low capital you get into the arena and sought to have success we've seen it over and over again it's an opportunity for anybody out the diskette to the steps to learn that system. And now the sky becomes a limit for exactly an online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears they've seen a lot of people that knew nothing about the market learn in the market. Start to generate a streaming coming NASA and have a class specifically on trading for income. When I love about this classes brand new for somebody if they're new to the market they've been marked for years and not having consistency. This is a great opportunity for them. There's a 500 dollar value gonna take callers tended when he right now pick up the phone you don't want to miss out on this opportunity pick up the phone and call 84451. Trade at 84451. Trait callers ten to twenty to get a 500 dollar class on trading for income from our sponsor online trading academy that 84451878233. 84451878233. For colors tend to twenty the in this 500 dollar class specifically on trading for income. From our sponsor online trading again and again if you brand new the marketer may be years in the market and back in Sicily bringing up the return that you want you're not having a consistent success. Pick up the phone call 84451. Trade that 844. 51 trade for scholars tend to twenty get this 500 dollar class and trading for income that's 84451. Trade is that the champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears that goes to out of the Disco and it's a blast being goofy at studio argued about the islands lied about Seattle with the jet different debating the go is like seven degrees here in the south today is degrees all of check smile a -- lastly our lady of Babel and out of Miami it's 47 it played out wanna go there either as a North Carolina is treason there have been georgians really we got to go everywhere you go early or right now out of the north Florida hurriedly go Aggies got a Barbados but that's like a six hour flight and it's like wait out as those. This dodgy outages that medics. He eats an idea that's. I want that I origami is called legends now I got lots now yak is that he got a limited and that it's fun to play it is that for the limited the Libya. Lived it my whole life yes it's yet south weighs heavily did time. Always avid but head over to FaceBook this bloopers it based I had like rates we have agree with the war we about four K camera in the studio here we play the bloopers you look at the caricature of the wallet it's also look at that. It's like the united sweep with god the next level like as the bulls or bears rated its basic zero again rather pudgy though it's the next level buddy. I'm excited you know excited. Chip talk about right if things are right now it's that favorites out of the week asked the coach we got Dudley was the coal from Atlanta Georgia. Hey this couldn't cool from Atlanta I have a question. I have global investing from Alec thank. And it's making good money for me like but 8%. But I want to know there's that would get the market going or is it only work when market is going up. They keep. All thanks a lot for the question cool and it's a great question a lot of people of asset because. We costly speak a Bulls and Bears about self directing and what you've chosen to do in the scenario is. Give your money put under management now what we find in most cases and I'm sure in this case. Is that they probably puts in mutual funds or maybe some exchange traded funds in your own in buying. Shares of things attractive a former to the market say Europe 8%. Well relative to the markets you know that's an again everything Israel and the market markets of over 300% since 2009. And what we find is most people have money under management they're not Catherine of census 2000 and there are a lesson about about half of that. But all kinds it says exit document that the average person is made of about half. Of what the markets produced in the last nine years and so you say 8% understand it's been a straight up market. And so what's great about the scenario that you're in with your robo investing is that. It's works great in a straight up market because your bio and stuff it keeps going up in price but here's the problem when it's the hot when he hits the peak. Economic collapse is what happens I mean do they sell a lot of that position to they have the ability to short and make money when price falls. Typically now. And so what we believe it Bulls and Bears is that you can do better if you learn the skills of self directing that money yourself now there's going to be multiple benefits first of all. You can profit regardless of direction. See somebody who manages himself directs their own accounts. When the market falls are able to profit from that moved out of price we talk about that we talked about it in session two we talk about shorting when short selling but there's a lot of ways in addition to shorting. Well short selling something that you can profit from a move down in price is options and futures this inverse ETFs is so many things that you can do. And benefit from a move down in price now here's the second benefit. The east. Most who get crushed. In fees the average person pays a 155000. Dollars over 25 year investing lifetime in a 41 case scenario. To the management company regardless of the performance of the fund other words if you make a ton of money you lose money paid fees. And so the fees that are affiliated with this robo investing program a probably substantial. To the point where if the market doesn't look dramatically you know gonna make any money could you have to absorb defeats the cost of the fees and get taken out of your account. And if the market falls in collapses you're gonna lose because you can only make money one direction and you still gonna pay the fees. So we'd love of what we talk about Costa Bulls and Bears that everybody out there was too much you could learn the skills to self direct your own money. In other words you get a better return and somebody can get you in a managed position and not pay the fees and profit regardless direction who who would wanna do that. Think of the logic of that and that's what we talk about that's what he'd bring the drama Bulls and Bears because. You can learn this any NN 46000 Monty can self direct your own portfolio. Make money regardless of direction and not pay all those fleece. And it's not that difficult and so the goal is obviously is if you wanna grow your account exponentially. And get a Compagnie return over time. Direction has to be irrelevant to the problem in most. Managed positions like yours and cool is that direction is relevant up is good in doubt as bad. We got to get to the scenario up is good and down as did that opens adored him profiting regardless of conditions or direction of the market. And more importantly it on any crushing all those fees think of that. And you have the ability and the mindset and the capability to learn it. It's a skill set it's really just they learn steel in overtime we believe anybody can be successful that and I thank you for the question cool. Absolutely and that's what people self correct as if you have questions about self directing because. It exactly what you said champ this sounds like he's a situation where the market has to go up. If the market goes up and down if yourself drinking it take advantage of both of those moves you don't have to worry about if the market's going against you is just a matter just simply taken a different position. Online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears Anderson a lot of people are out there trying to figure out how to capitalize in the market to try to figure out how to take advantage of different moves in the market. And ultimately comes back to self directed if you're managing your own money you don't need to worry about market direction he can minimize your risk you can be in the market when you want to be out of mark when you want to and a lot of people. Don't know how to do that a lot of people want to sell directly at them for one k.'s ire is at a blindly management somebody else. A country can as a class specifically on this is a 500 dollar values taught at the campus on self directed your portfolio with a brandy the market even a market for years. You do not want to miss out on this 500 dollar class have a few seats to give away or did take callers right now from ten to 25 pick up the phone call 84451. Trade that 844. 51 trait for callers to and its 45 to get a 500 dollar class on self directing your portfolio. From online trading academy if you're branded the marketer of you've been in the market for years. You wanna start managing your own money and not worry about an algorithm or not worry about a broker or anything like that. You can sell direct on your own pick up the phone 8445187233. At 84451878233. For callers ten to 25 to get this 500 dollar class specifically on. Self directed from our sponsor online trading academy once again for callers to the 25 that's 844. 51. Trey this is adamant champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears have arrows at the Disco and the last seven the good times are always last of the boys in studio. Diverted to head over to FaceBook like assembles a Bear's radio and of course immediate still out of the bloopers of. It's always it is fun and good thing is is that like is there. We got some great other content that we're going to be put on the FaceBook site that is going to be some real down to earth basic knowledge of capital preservation in how to make money in any market condition. But trying to simplify this down so that the average person. Can understand approached the markets with some sort of confidence and not by the lie that you're not sophisticated enough that wall she's been feeding you since you've been born. And that's really what our whole philosophy is a bulls bears and so we'll never go too deep bowl keep it simple and we'll keep it effective we'll keep it profile around for sure absolutely. And at any time 24/7 if you got a question for you see your coach call the coach hotline at 87790. Portrayed. Right now though champ we need to talk about a key part to the financial markets. A lot of people and you meet a lot of people I mean a lot of people around this country and a lot of people and they talk to you about you know trading investing. They they called a hobby in college fund they call gambling and they might fund money or I'd like you know accounts I've heard. You know this I know this the market is a business champ break it down how can somebody utilize the financial markets and trade as a. So what's the American dream build a business you know have equity owned something work for yourself say your own schedule have no limit on your income. Yet how many people do you know really trying to achieve that you know this is the land of opportunity but it's become the land of the secure jobless benefits. And I see these generations come through in this program to get a job go work for somebody else worked for the man in a pay your dues climb the ladder get a review. And that entrepreneur spirit it's still alive and well still available here yet people it's kind of died out. And I think that would get back to that point I think that. You know the new administration is it inspiring people from a tax perspective to be self employed what a concept creates up to create jobs. Is so a lot of people love the concept of running a business and owning a business not a problem with many small business owners that is. You'll own your business and you business owns you and you know want to continue. And and I've been that business owner driving down the road latter's on atop my truck in this somebody right now doing that same thing. Jason money try to make ends meet you're the last wanna get paid you bought yourself a job. You know where about workers' comp employee hassles. People Pena inventory. Insurance liability insurance all this it's overwhelming and it can be cost prohibitive. Imagine found a business week you never leave your house we and if they have a ton of money where you if you wanted to sell something you get ahead. Millions of you wanna buy it from yet. If you wanna buy some there was millions of people on a Celsius and you never had to leave your home. And didn't have to worry about overhead or liability or is copper inventory selling products to your friends. And there's lots of business up to that they with a whole premise is recruit the people and sell products you friends. You know what. I'm not discourage abuse from doing that there's been a lot of wealthy people meet in that arena but the reality is is this but you don't feel comfortable doing that a don't want to do that. But yet they would sit at their home on a computer and 46 dollars a month be able click a button and make money and have all the benefits. Of being self employed that's the financial markets to us the opportunity that trading and investing gives us. So we can treat this is a business structure the business get pays a visit of all the benefits of being a business owner. That is what a lot of people don't understand that's why Bulls and Bears were sold. Devout about share with you that this is a business that anybody could participate in because we know what business does and what the ultimate goal is of people is to build wealth. And achieve the dream that's available here and now it's available the financial markets if you learn the skills of trading as a business. Exactly and online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears they teach a class specifically on trade as a business what I love is there's a lot of people out there. Now want to business like you said chip they don't know how to begin they don't know what the markets look like when it comes to business. One point I don't know how to trade as a business. Online trading academy as the class of the 500 are valued start right at the campus every time we give this away Euro Bulls and Bears the phones light up with a few seized the giveaway we're gonna take callers tenets 45 you don't want to miss out on this you've ever wanted to own a business or you wanted to take trading investing to the next level as the business. This is the opportunity for you be caller ten to 25 to get the phone call 84451. Trade that's 84451. Trade callers and it's 45 to get a 500 dollar class specifically on trading as a business. At 8445187233. For scholars tend at 45 to be this 500 dollar class specifically on trading as a business from a spot our sponsor online trading academy at 844. 51. Of trade champ has been a great week here Bulls and Bears as always appreciate jet will be seated next week O dog is adamant Champa Bulls and Bears.