Breaking Down the Results of the South Carolina Primary

Vince Coakley Podcast
Wednesday, June 13th

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Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing the lie. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. Dressing your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen. Good morning welcome broadcast you can Bakley. Where do I begin. Where would safely begin here. They're reviewing what happened last night in the state of South Carolina. Big primary. In improbably. One of the big stories is what happened with Henry McMaster who is the current governor. Not for those of you who may not be familiar with what I've said before about this. Henry McMaster is governor for one reason. He was handpicked by president Donald Trump. That was his gift. For being. Among the first to support Donald Trump. For this view not familiar. I've takes the position along time ago the Nikki Haley appointment although she's done a great job issue an ambassador. I don't think that was the primary reason for giving her that job I think the primary reason was to reward Henry McMaster. My putting him in the governor's mansion. Interestingly enough. He is not resonated enough with South Carolina voters. To avoid a runoff. Came in first place. But he will have to face a runoff. If he's interest in in getting elected to his own term. Early supporter president Donald Trump. He failed to win the 50% necessary to avoid a runoff. Key in Greenville businessman John Warner headed for second contest. That's coming up in just couple weeks June 26. This road has tested the heft of Trump's endorsement. Permit faster became governor last year. As lieutenant governor McMaster was the nation's first statewide elected official to backtrack. Ahead of south Carolina's early presidential primary. By the way McMaster was unsuccessful in his 2010 gubernatorial bid he lost a four way primary. To guess who Mickey Haley. Ends whoever wins this nomination. Wind up facing representative James Smith in November. That is the Democrat candidate who won yesterday evening we'll talk about some of the other races coming up. I also get your perspective on this. I'd like to know who did you hope you vote for in the governor's race and why. What was your criteria for determining. The other thing. That I wanted to go into view. And I'm sure this is going to have. Quite an impact and does stir a lot of this morning. How old do I begin this. This is a story that really. To return significant turn yesterday afternoon. I wanna starch. The story about what is happened today. And I make no bones about the fact. I am very very concerned about what is happens. In the defeat of mark sand church. Congressman Mark Sanford. Mark Sanford. And you've heard me refer to this plenty of time what it would light what do white house on this broadcast. When it comes to conservatism. Faithfulness. Over time. I don't get excited about campaign promises I get excited about somebody who has a proven record they're consistent. You know this person is going to stand by conservative principles and not going to waver. I'm going to follow the crowd. It's not going to get sucked into the swamp of Washington politics. Mark Sanford is still in this very well. For those of you don't know the history. Mark Sanford. Has had some other issues back when he was governor. Kind of doing a short version of this. He claimed to have gone for a journey on the Appalachian trail. It turns out here's having an affair. He's having an affair. That ultimately cost him his marriage. His fairways with a woman from Argentina. One of the things that struck me and I remember the day that this happened. When this all came out. Because this is a guy who seems to. Amid terror people. And then EDQ can probably identify with what I'm saying here. Tear people you know who are closed books. Who don't share their hearts who are not honest and transparent. They hide stuff. And you don't know really what's going on unless. It's revealed or forced out. Mark Sanford was not that kind of guy he pretty much blue land everything out in the cold you what he did it. Any cry. And I hate. I think I'm pretty deserting about this but I immediately recognized. The day this came out I thought there is something. Silent about this guy I wanna meet and talk with the sky Sunday and they still do. Because what I saw. I have turned something genuine fair granted this guy is really screwed up here. But there's something genuine there. Politically speaking. Mr. Sanford made a recovery. And this I understand up until now he's now lost the election comes back key runs for congress. And he served faithfully in congress since being back. By the way. 79%. I don't know what his liberty score is but I know it's high. But he has a 79%. Voting record when it comes to supporting the president I think that's pretty good. Rhetoric aside. But for some people it's apparently not enough. Donald Trump today. Trumpeting the defeat of Mark Sanford. He said his advisors didn't want him to get involved in the Republican primary thinking Mark Sanford would easily win. But with a few hours left I felt like Katie was such a good candidate in Sanford was so bad. I had to give it a shot congratulations to Katie airing ticket who's the winner. There's a lot to this story. And we're gonna go into it because you need to know more about Katie Arrington. And it confirms the concerns I've had abouts. What's going on. Within Republican circles forget the Democrats for a moment. I believe we are committing political suicide and I'll talk about it. As we continue to broadcast this morning. On the Vince Coakley radio program fourteen minutes after the hour of 10 o'clock. We won't go into. Some of these issues this is pretty interest in and I saw this coming. Serbs who faithfully not his wife LOL. Seat and I'm gonna go into this because I think it's intriguing that the very people we're mocking Mark Sanford. Are the same people. Who are supporting right now a man who cheated on two wives. And it's apparently cheated on his third. It has never ever ever ever ever. Apologized. Publicly for his behavior. We're gonna talk about this because folks. We better have some reckoning with this about what's going on in our hearts this ultimately is not about Donald Trump it's about us who are weak. I would love to know. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Listen I wouldn't. Play minutes after 10 o'clock it's broken radio program I mention the governor's race in South Carolina. Also the fourth district this is the district formerly represented by tree Gatti we're currently represented. There will be a run off in that particular race as well Lee bright. Led the fields. We brides will be running against William Timmons. That contest will continue I think again that date is the 26. Before I finish. What I want to share with you that I believe is vitally important fact I'll address. Some of these issues some of you folks I'd tell I'm really concerned about very concerned. I will go to the text line. Prince Sanford lost me when he violated the solid marriage vows given before god and man how can you expect him to keep a lesser foul. To uphold the constitution. You'll understand why I'm laughing later. Voted for Bryant and bright I've no problem no voting for war and so we can oust foghorn McMaster refer our profits are. Moon. Let's see here I voted for Bryant he's a conservative men of character the proven record said that he couldn't get the backing. South Carolinians. The other person. Making reference the article or shared trump trumpeting I see what you did there cup. I thought both. First and sing sample was the last politician I was a fair enough after he embarrassed to supporters so bad I've vowed I'd never give a politician the benefit of the doubt. Trust him as far as you can throw them only drawn on what they've done and do. Already. Prince anyone can effort opinion would you be as concerned if anyone other than trump tweeted you're showing your true colors because he's president of the nine groups or aids. And world gets that tweet a little bit later rod which is rich. I mean I about fell out of my chair when I read this tweet yesterday afternoon. Vince I agree with you out a lot of the time today however I don't care which side of the Trump's hair for debate people around he'd lost there's far more important issues to deal with McMaster losing. Getting Lee bright a win I just don't believe the trumps differed issue matters at this point. Yes morality is a huge issue in our society and politics the less press Florida haven't won. Let me just say very bluntly to you sir or ma'am we will not press forward. If this is the direction that we're going this is what I very bluntly want to say to you because speed is consequential. Because we've made a choice. You and I went there weren't involved in this particular election. But the mindset that permeates this. Will kill us all. I'm not exaggerating when I say this. And you understand why. When I get to this let me before I go into anything else. Tell you about another contest we're somewhere and ran as an outsider. To take outs in Washington insider and I put that wording quotes insider and outsider brought both those words in quotes. I'm referring to Tim hills camp who was a member of the freedom caucus again I have strong conservative. Very reliable conservative. There's a guy named Roger Marshall who ran against him he was going to drain the swap. Let me just tell you about what has happened. Does the number 53 meaning anything to you that is. Roger marshals liberty score. The people in that district have downgraded. And I'm just gonna bluntly say it they're probably too stupid to realize what they've done. Because they believed campaign rhetoric. We're going to drain the swap. You elected the swap. That's what you did. And this is why. I strongly disagree with this texture who believes this is not an issue it's an ever present issue right in front of us. There's a referendum on shrewd there's a referendum on conservatism going on right now and my question who is going to stand up. For conservatism and conservative values where who's gonna do it. Because we don't stand up. Other ideologies I don't care what they are will destroy this country just as soon as liberalism. I'm serious. So we share we Q what happened yesterday afternoon. Late afternoon there was a tweet that we now from the president's. The president to did not get involved early on decided on the day of the election. To come outs against Mark Sanford. And for Katie Arrington. And I have a little more interesting information on Katie Barrington a little bit later on which are two. Really intrigued you. If you had a concern about the gas tax. That's a hint. Here's what trumped weeded out yesterday Mark Sanford it's been very un helpful to me in my campaign. To make America great again. He is MIA and nothing but trouble he's better off in Argentina. I've fully endorse Katie Arrington for congress in South Carolina State I love she's tough on crime and we'll continue our fight to lower taxes vote Katie. This is one of the most moronic text most moronic tweets that has been put out in the history of politics. Let me break it down for you. First off again. Reflects profound self centered this. Everything is about him. Donald Trump. It's all about him. And many takes a dig. I'm Mark Sanford going to Argentina a man who is divorced two wives after cheating on them. And probably cheated on his current life. He's making a dig on Mark Sanford a man who shone more repentance and more character than Donald Trump could ever have. And then here's the clincher. Which shows again a profound level of ignorance continue our fight to lower taxes. Reared its Katie Arrington stand on the gasoline tax. Those of you in the upstate we're very aggressively involved in trying to fight where was ms. Katie Barrington what I'm going to tell you. After the break. This just blows my mind we're losing our minds and our hearts in our souls folks. We better get a grip. I'm Vince Coakley radio program. Three minutes after the hour Tim Clark. I am gonna share more about this in this Arrington in fact an interesting story. About her role in the gasoline tax. It checks. This stuff is just really rich. Because one of the things I warned people about a couple of new years ago when this was going on this controversy about the gasoline tax. I told you it was gonna get to a point we were going to forget it. These politicians. We're going to expect you'd forget how they voted on the gasoline tax. You know all the outrage that was there. They knew we would move on to something else. Ten most of us are paired we have. It doesn't matter anymore does it because this is set new dad if he were a big South Carolina great again. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Let's go to ready a program 36 minutes after 10 o'clock. On our text line. Bashing her after elect did you make me wanna throw. Referring to via. The moment who defeated to see this is the other interesting thing different insert something. Another overused word is bashing. You know bashing is. It's offering a critique of someone who would you like. But when it's somebody you don't like. Then you're just making an observation. Isn't that the truth let's be honest and I'm speaking to myself when I say this. Because too many of us we've got sacred cows. And we don't want something sad about our person our candidate our party. And I'm telling you folks. We need to be looking in the mirror first ended our group before we start throwing stones at the people across the way. Because I think there's a lot of rotten stuff. Our side. There is. We've got to be honest about it. Let's briefly talk DeRozan Spartanburg who's been very patiently waiting what do you have to say to us rose. Yeah what do you content that trap door went directly. I I'm I'm Maria an article where it up as part of the little not a network extra would not know. Wouldn't it at any. Free and that he Mac and how can a country not like anything about eating. Actually end that we had to make it ain't never heard Mark Sanford Britain yet at the same thing to do that animated. Yes he actually did roads he actually did it but god publicly. Publicly. Here in your packet and your hat but the pink bat idiots. I can't panorama that happening to make it a power play a little bit ashamed to show lacked a bit but much less strong but I'll. Right here yeah I understand I hear where you're coming from roads. Here's what other here's what bothers me that erodes. If you had done that. How quick would you be to criticize somebody else what you are doing the same thing. I drink a lot for your all to hear from you wrote this up. I'm the takes line Vince people don't want the Pope in any DC office they want fighters and bulldogs regardless of their faith or fidelity and I'd say it's right just fact. I agree with you. I absolutely agree what you are up up up. Us that it takes devoted to ever bred for governor because he's the most conservative voted Lee bright for district four for the same reason even though many said he could not win. Also it's in reference to previous text I'm not a trump Kool Aid drinker I was. I would have voted for foghorn makes texture instead of Kevin Everett property it's. At this far Goran being really cracks me up. It's it's it's still funny for some reason another texture we cannot afford to lose members of the freedom carcass and bottom line. Sure. You can say that again. Let me share with you before I finish. When I was going to share about this entire trump. And Stanford matter. Here's a story. After the passing of gasoline tax. The South Carolina general assembly achieved a long awaited feet. Passing erodes bill in the House of Representatives. According to representative Katie airing ten of Somerville. House members passed bill 3516. Which proposes a motor fuel user fee increase of ten since that we've phased in over five years. If he hasn't been touched since 1987. And is the largest funding sources state highway highway and infrastructure repair. Our roads are fatal Arrington said. You're someone. Who supported. The gas tax. Supported the gas tax and many view in South Carolina where furious. At the legislature. That was dead set on raising taxes and frankly the governor for going along with it. All have been unfaithful on this issue. Every single last one a home. That was right. Many of you forgot where you simply don't care. I don't Janet I really don't Janet I do not understand. I share with you tweet. From Donald Trump. Let me share with you a tweet from Justin a much let me repeat this again. Mark Sanford has been through and helpful to me in my campaign to make America great again he's MIA nothing but trouble. He's better off in Argentina I fully endorsed key hearing today for congress in South Carolina State I love she's tough on crime and we continue our fight to lower taxes smoked Katie. Just remarks at this. Marks and for its job is to support and defend the constitution. He's one of the most principled consistent conservative members of congress have ever known and unlike you. Mark has shown humility in his role and the desire to be a better man than he was the day before. Bingo. Justin hit this on the head. Can I just say something very bluntly. If we don't care about this. I don't wanna hear any of your political talk I really doubt. If the kind of men and women we are is not important anymore. And what matters is following along behind a person count me out. Because we will not. Make this country or any other country great. By that kind of character. I don't know how else to say this. Kyle on social media posted this yesterday since trump has been elected I've seen people I formally. But we're conservative throw their support behind multiple gun control measures to. Bernie Sanders style tariffs. A gas tax a one point seven trillion dollar infrastructure plan. The signing of the largest budget in the United States history. Have seen him praise socialists like. Roseanne Barr praise for Eric Kahn a censure. And Kyle finishes with this devastating line. I'm concerned of trump stays in office much longer some of his supporters will start wearing vagina hats. Coach. Kyle's got a point. Who are. And I'd love to hear your response. Gonna wanna hear intellectual discourse if you're gonna go with the name calling and all the other stuff. You know hang it up Mac and share your nasty text your personal text. If you wanna talk about the issues. How you'd think we can move forward building around a personality. If you can explain that to me intellectually call in and make your case. I'm not gonna accept any text on this. For that reason. We want it's your calls and much more. On the broadcast this morning this discussion I desperately want to have I won't understand it even if I disagree. 43 minutes after 10 o'clock. IE. We'll share a couple of your tax. On this excellent. If I lived in that district I would have voted first Sanford or Arrington I guess either one. We've worked mince Sanford apologized repented after he was taught not liking and integrity and made the scandal public on his own what actually he did. He came out knee explained everything. Prince Rainier on your wife very bad running around in your wife and lying while governor worse thanks Jeff. What's interesting about this we've had some time what it would know what is what is might seem faceless overtime. Here's a man who went away for season came back. Dance to my knowledge. No issues. I believe in redemption do you. This is still this Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock I knew it would stir it up your calls. Are coming and we're going to get some your calls by the with the Eagles offense talk on number 8092 at 1110. Common sense retirement planning text line is 71 preacher seven briefly look at a few texts here that of command. Jim abbey is Lisa's. But prince name calling is so much and the old party pooper. At a a a a a also to take slide Donald Trump as the king of hypocrites are leaving seeking criticize another man for cheating on his wife. I stopped listening to rush. I guess for eight years all I heard was how much more womanizer Bill Clinton was. Now the Donald Trump is president. Nothing but silence from rush people. Our personalities. Instead of conservatism it's sad to see. Voting personalities. Instead of principles. Case. That's true to our calls here beginning. With Steve in easily good morning Stephen welcome. I meant I'm glad that you can't city eight Katie Harrington thing because. I blocks the state legislature whether online video and I seem to lay a lot of votes have gone. Katie Harrington is not the kind of person that people think she's going to be just because trump said oh well vote for her. This woman has put government. First over to people remember whatever it was a vote on the real idea and people like Jonathan Hill underlying Magnus and got up talking about our fourth amendment rights. Katie Eric and it got up there basically said. Packwood you're right let's just go ahead and passed the bill. It's what's best for government that she's four and not the people. And whatever trump just you know he didn't like it because hampered disagreed let them so they attacked him. But he just brought in somebody who's going to work against him he's got somebody to go look what big government needs and that's what she's gonna vote for. I think the same thing and other people look like we got a guy named Neil Collins down here well guess what he needs to go in the primary because he's another one of those people that. Absolutely these government first whatever Serbs government that's the way to go. I hope Alan Quinn's beaten in the run off but you know Sanford had his problems. Arrington is going to be worse when you talk about liberty score you're definitely gonna see Katie Arrington has a very low liberty school within her first. Term. Well we're gonna come back to Steve to help me make sense of what's going on radar do you look at this with as much to. Heartbreak is I do. I do because people should do more research. It's like this for the people that control our lives. In aren't technical I mean they make laws you can get around that they will tell you what to do it a point of a gun because they got government behind them. People should wake up it's secure my pure freedom should be voting for your rights not like he's set for personality. Well I don't care how much you like you know somebody Oprah Winfrey is very popular I certainly do not want her running the government. He hit it seemed I appreciate your call and it yes we're gonna be watching over the next year to see how this develops. Carl my goodness we have David on the line is just the same David I'm suspecting. It is indeed proud yes. Hey it's not it's not normal that I let somebody talk two days in a row but go for it. Well thank you appreciate that even more now about this while neglecting now don't forget there's a huge difference and stop Carolina. But awaiting me. I'll let you call them area. Fabio stay in the middle of bad mouth but technically you're clear why it is collected it me our state. That's probably go all dictated hairy they're mature right. It's a law while losing effort buried them. No comparison. But again get back always talk about think it'll little web Ed can sit around now. I think chuck while limited don't let here's the Christian pastor. These that'd rather. Poke or somebody. Who have the ability to competition. Whether expressed an example I'm playing and don't develop burning out or dark dark out there it's not like you brought. Can you write. David I mean do you see anything going on. To solve this education issue at all. Doubt they're I bet if your dog out here about the public good. Job. Home alone. It's better go over their own personal lord and things you can do go to straight to the school board. The department of educational battle out all of got a lightweight bout what we can give civics American history constitutional government. But there are rules that allow grew up at bat that. David David. Where can we sent a contribution to your campaign. Well we have some very alive at last I looked so we find that I may well I didn't after people holed an antibiotic. I did pretty good but I'm not independently wealthy that. I wouldn't doubt I would never run because you're gonna do don't we all are well we're broad WW bull crap. I keep it when you change right money back you know what door to door or walked out. Why Hughes David we've we've got to go though unfortunately we're we're reading way over. And they slugger called David always great to talk with the unions could be reading your program. That's. Lou we've got more coming up in the next hour in fact more of your calls a lot of you are really. Exercised about this I'm gutsy about somebody else who won in another primary in another state. You're not going to believe. What he owns. This one is a winner. I did support all I can do assists last. From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. This is no big Stokley radio program. However to a couple of interesting stories going on what update you on this as we've been following this for the past few weeks because. There's been an effort underway. To force a vote on dreamers. You're right told you about this. They are trying to get a point to a point of critical mass where there's enough people to force a vote. To bring about. Legislation for dreamers. Well now we've learns this apparently has been stopped. An effort by moderate Republicans to force votes on a bipartisan immigration bill failed in the house. With the members agreeing instead to vote on legislation that would guarantee funds. From prison Trump's proposed border wall. This agreement meant to feet at least for now for an effort led by representative Jeff Denham. A Sherlock another GOP moderates use a rare power meant parliamentary maneuver known as a discharge petition. To force the house to vote on the bipartisan immigration plan. And three other bills over the Jeb is the objections of party leaders. They are upset because nothing's been done about the dreary issue. Now. This greatly reduces the chances. Congress will pass any former dreamer legislation. Before the mid terms is this a surprise to anybody. The leadership does not want this. They really don't there would be profoundly embarrassed. Although they probably want it to be honest with you. Let's go to air and in Greenville good morning I'm. They're good morning in our area. Good militants deeper awhile but I. Disagree with. You have done your collar about the Mark Sanford election and if you hear them maybe some ago. BMI label given a shot anyway. That there assert that the voters voted against their own due to his infidelity. I think that solid somebody's gonna have to carry. I think that now and it's often was he voted against the moral law and I think as what it came down to I think that was a critical trump. Campaign that he campaigned on a bit if you could pick one. And even though Stanford what went along with a moment about 80% that was the that was the key when that he didn't and I think that's what crop in the election I don't think. You know people do their homework with Katie I don't agree with beyond that that I think that was the nail in the coffin percent rally had anything to do with a sensibility. Why yeah I don't think I think that's a dead issue for the people in that district I mean they've obviously voted for they put him there. Knowing full well what happened several years ago. It's nothing new at all so. Gap it's pretty interesting perspective there aryan thanks a lot for your call. Another developing story. That's we're going to be watching to this entire man this going on with the Justice Department. Andrew McCain remember him. Just what a day from retirement he was fired. He's now suing the Justice Department. The department's inspector general on the FBI from materials related to his firing. He's filed a federal lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act for access to revert variety of documents including. The inspector general's manual and other policy documents used by the Justice Department to justify his termination. His lawyer said defendants have deprives the played her from the opportunity issued a bad to protect into advanced legal rights and interest of mr. McCain. So we will see. Whether. This Grozny where. The staff has just a mess isn't it. It is a mess. A wrap up. What I sharing with you in the previous hour my concern about conservatism. Erick Erickson has written a great piece today. Then I I think he's been inside my mind. Here's what he wrote. Two title of this where are those of us go who believe in limited government. This was written just few hours ago. In response to. Mark Sanford slots. Mark Sanford routinely broken two party overspending issues have been defeated a primary for doing so. Lost his reelection I actually supported Sanford when he ran for congress after a scandal you've been very public about his feelings publicly apologized. And I was final of offering growth forgiveness and support for his campaign he did not disappoint in congress. Routinely voting against the GOP on issues of limited government liberty and spending. After Donald Trump's election Sanford carried on as he had he did not change your critic of both George W Bush's. And Barack Obama's profligate spending. Sanford also criticize it Donald Trump's big spending policies and protectionism Sanford still vote with trump 79%. Of the time it wasn't enough. Sampras been thrown out of office by the voters of South Carolina it's all the more remarkable because his district. Just two years ago rejected Donald Trump in the GOP primary. And his opponent just two years ago also opposed Donald Trump the primary. Didn't know that did you. But there's no price to be paid for opposing president trump the GOP in Sanford is pay that price space standing on principle. His defeat was cheered on by Republicans who have been longtime Sanford fans. Due to his principled stand against the GOP's constant feeding of the love via offend. They would not abide starving trumps leviathan. I'm not sure where conservatives go. Sanford for trade is a moderate. Moderates. Tit for it's not a moderate and I've seen several stories use that word. Just because he was vocal against the president was actually when the most conservative members of the House of Representatives. Sanford did not change. His party changed. Any change in a way that is not conservative if anything the party has moved away from consistent principle to the politics. A big here and now. In a cult of personality. Increasingly. It seems there's no home anymore. Within the GOP for principled stand against the leviathan. And he's right. That's why I asked the question and I'd be glad to hear you're. Thoughts on this. British Cisco what are what are we looking for what is the point. Now Mike Pompeo says the US wants North Korea to make major. Nuclear disarmament steps. To take these steps by the end of Trump's first term. This is a new statement it's just out. And again I mentioned this this is going to be a long term issue. We're gonna have to wait and see how long. It will be before we have verifiable evidence that they are actually dismantling. Their nuclear program but Pompeo is saying. The expectation is. There will be some significant steps major steps by the end of Donald Trump's first term that story just now coming in. I'm lit us. We don't have time to be fair to another caller. So hang on the line if you are there. Because we will get to you after the break. Coming up. We've got a couple of interest in things that we're going to delve into including. Who won a primary out Nevada. This Republican Party is looking more interesting by the day thirteen minutes after 11 o'clock. On the Vince Coakley radio program on the text line. I think you're misreading Mark Sanford selection results and then I think he rebellious against the establishment Republican Party. Really. So looks like we must have a lot of mr. reduce that we're voting. We can't figure out which is rich and another person saying you're actually enjoy watching this 71 year old man smacked around these oiled spoon fed. Tender. As look at me cry very crybaby peace already. I think it's important. My Dead Sea. Vince someone should tell trump. Yep I think there's a campaign issue here too and I'll bet your mark would probably say that. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 20 minutes after 11 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program. I've got a couple quick things to share with you one of them. Free I see this. It was a message. One of them is a message from my encouragement Thomas Massie. Which are that was kind of intriguing. Looking for a bright spot in the primary results last night we'll check this out. I endorsed Lee bright in South Carolina and a thirteen way Republican congressional primary he finished in first place by commanding margin but in two weeks there will be runoff. So it's a sprint to the finish between Lee and I'm told a candidate the swamp loves. Please take a look at Lee bright and help him if you can't that is from congressman Thomas Massie if you like congressman Thomas messy. Armed this should probably carry a lot of weight. I'm kind of surprised that he no he was. Actively involved in this. So register but I would pass it onto you. Also. Another intriguing piece of information that is developed this morning. If I can switch pages here. President Donald Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work. In reaching an agreement to work toward denuclearization. Of the Korean Peninsula. This nomination by two members of Norway's governing progress party. The deadline for this year surprise already passed in January about a race or won't happen this year. Dissemination make him eligible for a next year. It's unclear whether he was nominated for this year price. But it was also put forth his candidate between sixteen and 2070. So anyway I thought you should know that a nomination. For Nobel Peace Prize for the president for work in North Korea. This by a two members of Norway's governing progress party. Pretty intriguing stuff. Let's get your thoughts ants on the other things we have discussed there were out the course of the morning. Let's see who we go to next year I think it's going to be bowl is that correct bro in Charlotte good morning. Yes good morning bailouts are just there are a couple of quote comments here ask foursome intellectual discussion. I'm not sure that I'm capable of that I have confidence in you. Well I would like to say this and I hope you take militant students. But I think we're we're in a country today we're we're we're too Cowher were educating our young people are young voters. Are yeah obtain some college children. That you know it's permissible. To to you know treat our president the highest office in this country I have never referred to a cause that has. Anything other than President Obama. And up Condit is not children that I've tried them to share that and now is very commonplace. Trump this trump that. That you know so what I'm saying is our. I supported president Barack Obama. I did not vote for him but I hope that he would help our country succeed. When that played out I had an option at the voting Booth. Turn to select someone else so I voted for president double trauma. It up perfectly happy where they amateur with a perfectly happy with the but I do support him we're one nation. Now word divided nation it's either Democrats. Or Republicans. And their goal and it seems to be our goal and I'm including myself. Here's to trash them the moment they get an office. And start preparing to elect somebody from all parties well I personally think that we need to put our country first. And we need to we need but I know is I'm gonna happen that's a perfect world. But you know if you get what people have been handed a folded flag. And Wednesday when they sacrifice that ultimate sacrifice. They won't word about. You know they're conservatives. But liberals they're concerned about this ending. This great country. And what it is represented. Regardless of our differences but now it's almost like those sports talk show in your show as well. Needlessly who impression they have analog is that how we can do this and what we can do. Now none of that if I have the best did not that is going to stop. But we've got an as an adult. Let it play out. And go and vote and we don't vote and don't force in the opinion and trash them by that I am tired of Mark Sanford did trash. And and president Donald Trump and trash. And others being trashed. All the social media and you reading tweets that are Turks and different things that might go about they have about this. How about they're there are numerous countries in the world to. People that wanna see us just destroyed. And we have do you deny. And we have to teach our young people that this is not sports show. It caught the Carolina campus Linden New Orleans. For the NFC south. This is our country. And have folded flag if you've been handed one. You might know what recover and grow and serve four years and then come out and seek you know it you're you know. It's. Here yeah. It's our country we're united country in one country but with it doesn't seem that way anymore. And people great joy in making jokes about our president. And other presidents president Barack Obama he's gone these past. And so. It looked live in the moment and try to make a bit stronger nation you nodded today. Maybe we can stop some of these investigations. And back and forth and back and forth the problem is I'll let you go yup pressured the grammys are made and that the moment. Our politicians. Get elected. They began all of their next campaign begins to realize now. Lets us do the job right now in this defending our country. And everything and by the way government is not a bad thing I hear people outlet government. Now come out and bought then break it down. We we do live over under our governing and you know if we'd like nine roads. If we'd like Mac I'll wait a bit like safe bridges if we like ease of travel we might have to pay higher gas fact that I'm not advocate. Writes that and forge they were up against a hard break your boat you may some great points and I absolutely do appreciate your call. They had the flip side what you said is I think the people who are in office there agreed dual responsibility for you just shared his well. We'll talk about that as we continue to broadcast. At 28 minutes after 11 o'clock they'd keep but made some really good points and I and I'm with him I'm absolutely with you bro. And I would have stuck to what I discourse. But here's here's the key thing though what is that we're going to unite aren't. See this I'm convinced this is a big part of our problem it's not gonna happen around 8%. Or around a party. We've got to come to a consensus. On a set of agreed upon values. That's got to be our starting place if we make it about a person. Then we've already gone off the rails what do you think about that. And that's what I wanna build up principles and values let's do that together and I'd love to do that here. To the extent that we can't. More of your calls as we continue to broadcast. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program trading and get to a couple quick calls here. A foot away I promise this. And let's deliver this now. This one just cracked me up seriously this is getting for this is hilarious. Who won the Nevada primary. Republican candidate. The owner of some of the country's few remaining legal brothels. A step away from claiming a seat Nevada state legislature. He won the primary. In rural district outside Las Vegas Dennis Hoff the owner of the moonlight bunny ranch. And a handful of other legal brothels in the star the HBO series cat house took 43% of the vote. Beating out assemblyman James Oscars and. Tough man and his second bid for public office after state officials proposed. Banning brothels from operating into the seven counties in which there's still legal. Ran against Oscar signatory sixteen is a libertarian candidates. Oscars and won that race with more than 60% of the vote this time. How do you think he's how do you think he is running. Oh no. Cast himself as the trump. Are of Iran. His hometown. He campaigned alongside Roger Stone president trumps long time political advisor. Since frequent scribe is jammed with different fonts sizes and colors to reporters calling news updates. The Huffington. Post. My goodness. He's likely to win likely to win again. The guy who owns some of the country's few remaining legal brothels. Could be at next congressman out there. I'm serious folks this is getting funny I'm really amused by this run out of Taylor's welcome. They've been you know I've got a comment real quick here as we equation itself was founded upon the submit the form of government with checks and balances. And some of that. And taking them well it was that came that comes out this picture that we currently have not only prevents. Some aliens from becoming a ruler but also. Was well big player in the liberation. Of the African slaves. So I think we know we're deal with these questions of work that went their murder. Yes and you score a pair of black box that was not a enduring her. We that we do have to be careful what we also have to remember we must exposed. The evil for what it is in order prevent tyranny and also in the process. We need to pray a lot because anything is gonna unify this country gonna be the power Todd and they'll be deterred the Turks alert is in the country. That's when the country this is exalt their righteousness that working at combine old spirit that so I got for today. Run that's a wonderful contribution I mean that's all you've got. Great contribution to the broadcast in there and I would you know I would dare suggest that don't show up. To a whole lot of praying about this that will be very helpful. Chats out of wedding too and good morning and welcome. Rampant drug mart Karl. Under Islamic comment Oprah but I heard the other they are read the other day about trump and I almost fury opt for a very light. You know keep pragmatic individual they were pregnant and that. You don't go look at a problem all of the Republicans. Who do you do with a Republican solution or Democrat. Solution. The Democrats won a Democrat solution so whatever Republicans they don't like it in spite of course. If you don't have a problem. Is that what what the solution. And I think it goes back to the bank would Kim Jong-un. I'm if you don't mind giving just a second here. I think what happened in the whole situation we're trump. You're strong should be she and China you've got a problem each problem you fix it if you picture Arctic. And I think these are wanted to eve bomb that would record is not a bomb Syria but it did not Margaret circle beset you know it got real. Usually went unaudited the Olympic I like everybody else you're take you well. So yeah UConn went fishing under the cover of night in the game over the agreement he says you know my back well. It wasn't a Democrat questioned what the Republican solution was look that securabit. Sealing the Chinese are helping to you rod. Kind of coordinate this behind scenes to. Oh Saturday. There's no way it wasn't because he can't LG early in bad this year problem. Yet buyer I remember that turn or it's quite quite plausible you've suggested their iChat I do appreciate your call. And see you know there's there's been in a desire for the Chinese to help on this for quite awhile no question about that. 41 minutes after 11 o'clock let's sigh head down I 85. To take a look at the date in history. Oh my goodness this is an interest and and yes I just saw something that was quite amusing. June 13 2018. Lunch so. Is actually now with this today I almost forgot about desk so we're gonna have a little fun right here in the studio. And see how well you guys do and this one. For questions and if you're one of you both can chime in 1920. The US Postal Service makes a new rule. This may not be sent in the mail. This is bizarre you'll never guess this in million kicker it's. How tough it is going to be a story behind this and I were searching during the break what could not be sent in the mail. Corpse. You know you're you're on the right track but call. Well you know the answer is it's gonna blow your mind. Children may not be sits in the mail I. I've got to lick this up and find out who in the world. Somebody tried it they must have done it somewhere. And there's there's a history of this oh my goodness I'm gonna share this after the break because I I need. This is beyond me 1966. This. Miranda vs Arizona in 1966. What did this require the Supreme Court ruling. They period a suspect their rights you are corrects. Crooner taken into custody you must do that. 19671. African American justice nominated to Supreme Court who was it. First African American. Supreme Court. Come on Charles I know you've got to do this when there isn't here 1967. You're gonna know this and you're gonna say I'll wind you Alan it was Thurgood Marshall. 1971. New York Times started publishing this 1971. And anybody wanna jump at this one. Investors daily half tough enough it was good drive for we've got to go to break. Stay with us. On the Vince Coakley radio program will share the answered this question coming up. After the break. I know the suspense is going to tell everybody it's got to be our fault. He. I am gonna share about this children in the mail thing. You know there's a couple of people actually got this on the text line. Children. Hum my goodness. Let's see. Oh my goodness. I wish I cannot believe this text about the brothel. Pins are male politicians need somewhere to go through relieve tensions. Since the meat to movements. DC moving to Nevada. Oh my goodness this is. An at the next decks. Like I just great toy shoot this one coming up. We'll finish today look at the day in history in just a moment here. Willie we are going to give Willy a chance to weigh in on this story about Nevada this a brothel owner. Who may end up being the next member of congress go ahead and let it loose Willie. Well god bless him. For doing that because I lead with one man is honest. Honest and true to himself or anybody else I'll like everybody else like Mike's effort knowing full well look I just called to wish you a happy. The rest of the year. Where I feel like if you ever Nevada somewhere in there. Here's how we measure has been here it is says she'll give me that time of the day anymore I get double low for me. That's why are still do you. And all you guys a little miss you very much. Your marine to Nevada Iowa have have a great time bat there Willie you can still call you listen to the broadcast out there by the way. Over on the text line. Problem is the foundation. The front entrance to this country have been attacked and Rooter over fifty years Jenna and Spartanburg county I agree on values how do we know the true values of anyone running for election. You watched their lives. Katie it's. Faithfulness overtime is what you look for. This person. Now. Commenting on this brothel owner who could become a member of congress. He's used to managing cores so he would do well in congress. I told you folks you can't make this up this hilarious. Vince this pep warfare radio in Washington. This is just too much just too much. About sending children in the mail can recent parents in the mail. Another person saying I've been to the moonlight bunny ranch or you have. Interesting. Are that another person say I'm going on vacation may or your kids there that way they're there when you get fair you don't have to listen to. Are we there yet. Let's see me. The whole way. How my can this this is just too funny. Since she kept me up to date on the brothel owner Nevada having a successful run for congress so far. What happened to the pedophile. There was also running I don't know. I am not cheer. I'm Catholic come back to this and I'm gonna tell you about the children. Getting mail I mean this just blows my mind that people actually did this. By the way the answer to with a New York Times started publishing 1971. Was the Pentagon papers. Are we sure Charles would get that it. But it's okay. I'm not saying your I just say. You're just a little more seasons and over then so this year or today does that work. I could not resist. But let's talk about this children thing quickly. This just blows my mind this is story by Smithsonian magazine. They were able to start shipping large parcels. Through the mail this was a big development. So when they started January 13 and January 1 1913. The had all kinds of goods and services being shipped but almost immediately. An unintended consequence some parents tried to send their children through the mail. He's got some headlines when it happened probably because it was so cute. According to one historian. A few weeks after personal post began an Ohio couple named Jesse emit told a Beagle. Mailed their eight month old son James to his grandmother who lived a few miles away in Batavia. According to lynch. Baby James which just shy of the eleven pound weight limit for packages sent via parcel post. And his delivery Kostis parents how much she's thinking Costa send him in the mail. Why years at. This was 1913. Fifty dollars and fifteen cents. Fifteen cents. Now interestingly enough they did insure him for fifty dollars a I'm. This quirky story soon made newspapers and for the next several years. Similar stories started to surface. As other parents followed suit. So this started happening from time to time so ultimately. They had to do this postage was cheaper than a train tickets. I I I I cannot. This blows my mind blows my mind those of us was viewed leaving us have a great day in god bless you. On the Vince Coakley radio program. This. Did you ever match can you imagine merely add Childs. Not at all let out being nervous wreck that can do that I mean cruel world do you ensure. The child is going to be OK. I mean needs. This is just we a year to. Absolutely positively weird. 1920. There was no less than a hundred years ago. Children may no longer be sent through the mail. That really takes the kids. Any case folks did I just encourage you beyond the look out for people tune in to show some kindness to today. Just being nice to do something different extraordinary go out of your way just a little bit haven't you got bush. This is still this Coakley radio program.