Brian Overby

At Home with Roby
Sunday, May 13th
Brian Overby, author of "The Options Playbook joins Patrick & Trent to discuss constuction, lake living, and fun.

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The following is a sponsor program on WBT. Good morning I'm looking at home with Brody. Patrick the past president of the services along with for hasten presidency. Written and companies. Today is Mother's Day it's also my mom's birthday and oh wow happy mother's stated Judy happy Mother's Day it's my mom. Sally your Gigi is adding it's par and he gets its. So mothers yeah happy mother's data mom mother Billy hastened collar Grammy. Happy Mother's Day to gee gee that's Reagan's mother you multiple. Reagan step father to them. Linda found her name off off my hand him put on the top spot is happy mother's animal like every it might be a little bit tough because he got for dealing TG. Mean eight yeah or hasten his in the Alps. At Florida as a witness today. This is Betty Betty it told I don't work today they get those that again. In he's learned Jim shall works hand. Easily like sort blue jeans and cowboy blues and it. With Trent today he you have to we have a supreme records that show early we talked about outnumbered recording on Friday. And today when you listen this is Sunday and as of Friday and I was projected to be 95 today some of imagining. It's going to be a warm one I think this is a great time to mention to people that depth. The we have entered into the heating and cooling business at the ruby family. I hear your that's good that's I always say you litigated it in the spring right after I accept that. This spring in the south sweetly and they a partner in that businesses is very knowledgeable in the for a long time and he's got a couple find those were underneath him. So that being said if you go home today in your house after church or where read on this morning in your. You're AC is now working give us a call we will help you out point for our day that's right right. Fills our services laps seven candle over eating in Coleen. Plumbing and electrical. Yes it's mainlanders or wouldn't or 33464. Foursome OK and that number bow our duties he's in the day yet it was these very same as some we've always thought about didn't mean it. We that we add an easy platforms mean he vetoed the vision of our of our services offering was that any man obviously is it was an era but some electrical plumbing. In the and it ACC all's once sort of one stop shop and slowly we're using is getting gators all done by one get it all done while one I have never heard that you have heard that. Oh my campaign attention Venus had a class a say what day class I miss. Was I took a course in college options and it's gonna be nice to have Brian ever beer against. Can give us a refresh rate seagate was he really. Really nice books. That are the options platelet. He is great outlook full order read I NT I mean at one time I. You know when you talk Brian and all he's stick around for the other segments when you tell Brian he simple. And an. Then thank about a thirteen yours and essentially hedging enemies I mean you understand induce some options and arm. That we don't really think is options. Get notes 1000 miles on that truck its war though when the need transmission neck stuff that's I mean I think is real estate. Ronald Ronald do very well explain in a realist I example that close harmony and yet. I think it's when you think about light at a slight man. But yes I mean. You're not heavy into out about this and this is how hot thing in not necessarily because options. That lie. If I get an interest rate for 3%. Two years ago for thirty years and in. In five years say interest rate in the army is 7% for a thirty years to straighten out my ass and buy pizzas to sell its on the market it right. So that's cat and maybe not be exactly at the stuff Paloma is so. I don't eyes very interest in my goal here today. Brought us such a unique creative individual we're going to project for him. He lives on the late we're we're buddies he's got a he's got a son this half a Ford's age it did over a lot together. And in his business is so interesting this in this somewhere you run under hurting your I'll menace I'm now. It will. You can afford QE3 years you might wanna get him into some sort of gymnastics at some very good as again he just did back in spring. There's a tight gymnastics and that he was being on the salts and Handspring that we have a trampoline in his hands into the Backstreet twice players talk in that the girls are performer in Bali and it charge here this morning and that's now Mother's Day is very special museum either. There's that little thing last night all all premiums numbered now it's Carlos performing it with her with three choir at you know Archer's services going as well. Let's face infancy yet scarlet one trapped talents at school alma maturities that are now she's been practicing like acutely and it what you talent. She's the cheated ballet. Ever taken belly class before. We are down is my brother Allred went through a ballet recital. She was like really into it like steering in these people them. He liked issues here on the steal some ideas and talents and audition. And he's the host yeah I was thousand pretzels each he makes it says a lot. He's on the school bow forward forward I think acid mine said this on the laxative but a couple Mondays ago it was Monday night owls like Monday night raw and never I used to watch rests on and IBA ray player and all that four horsemen but did not want Tressel for twenty years dollars college east the watch night. I just remembered that. I'll scroll through TV ad me and piper yeah congress it dinner and not a terminal Monday night brawl and piper and lowered. Well and last night were sit on the couch or like. Watch wrestler and watch wrestling any walls or do these moves these three years and three months old and but the I'll give kudos rests on the inner tame of anger from people it is. I'm I'd better not do you know. You explains unexplained like is that. BCA water boy tackling unit this blessed afforded to me in the hallway about it it's exciting night and gallery gets them. Yeah he's learned to figure scorer and the headline that says his or her to lose that world makes wait you mean Ana. So hang tight is Mother's Day we got a wonderful show got bored in the studio and come about when Brian overby. With the options playbook and. Welcome back then help the groovy I'm forecasts from releases. On the trustees and and for Hastings in haste in presidents you know the rhythm in the cities if Ford. Our lake wiley. Okay area and we have our guests we have Brian overby that's. Dot options do. We teed it up a little bit on the first segment my. I'm looking in his book the options plate. And I. He has them. Podcast series and I. Aston all options play the radio options lucrative talking about late night that option in football time out like stock option tonight but calls it that is trust on a Seabrook police need to be confused because it looks like it's football player on the front and that's what we were all forward trying to get people excited about options that make it very simple it. You know regular playbook kid that's for sure there are gonna like that. So say you know. The most thought would jump into the options and and we can build in how you and I man it would go on little project helping you with little by the year rule. You're Europe extremely interest and carriers to do it yourself for your also Mala I love your your true river ranch. Oh yeah from Wisconsin. Upper originally from Wisconsin up and and it may river rats that their. System full deck down river as that there that you and I met a couple years ago it and really hit it off and and in outbound Knight E*Trade options. And I love investing but I don't know anything about options. So want to give us a little bag growing your business career aren't. I will do that. Personally I like the person that we ever met a new call I was actually at a piece property that Trent had for sale it was a river rat it was a very as his property on the water and we just started talking a little bit about it but. In the options world you can actually kind of relief that. That property and in the way that we were approaching it. Tell us how you might wanna buy a call option in that threat had displeased property I was tied between two pieces of property. To turn that into an option I could came up and said hey Trent yeah I'm gonna give you have a thousand dollars to hold this land for the next two months. And if we went and did that read end Trent. It's either that thousand dollars or I by his proper there yet and that's called a call option it gives me the right to call his land away but he can't sell it over the period of time. Sir in and in the stock world a call option is that works the same way as far as stocks are concerned let's is stuck like apple night. Apples and expensive stock I don't really want to trader right now. But I can buy a call option gives me the right to buy it at a specified price for a specific period of time. And that call option allows me to control that stock at a much lower cost. Right and that's an interesting because I really thought of your property when that happened a lot in real estate some people will do a deal with that like that. Where you have the right but not the obligation to buy some underlying us basically. You give me a little bit hard money to say hey let me reserve the right for a couple months if anger over here makes money here that's why listen to properly yeah that's what I was actually and that actually happened. And I at a by any other she struck the animal harness the citizenry. You bought another piece of property actually does models rolling in and younger at a piece of property. Similar pieces of property but it had a had a cabin on the cheap you'd that is trapping a lot of night. And up and that's what ended up happen. Licences concede living now I got the real stateside things in before the show you tell me that on a boat before it and oh yeah and listless so that threat that interest thing all right well Cuba is on Cuba it's. Yes we were beaten boat jumping if you. We were we're in a marina and our goal was actually by live on the boat we bought a sixty footer from the from the coast down in Charleston we've had a chipped out and that's that school yet and we were living it on the time and a life happens and we ended up and my my wife and a couple little little pregnant. And I guess is that that's the little pregnant real pregnant and so we decided to then. Look for home and that's what started the process as we just didn't we. She just wanna have the child on the boat but we absolutely loved it that was our dream. Oh your son's quietly away quietly over he stated I thought mostly in the foresters say quietly quietly quietly sounds like violence countless lives a lot of dollars and nine while. That's flatly kind and masa remains follower you know like eyes because as pipes though Michigan knew much with the I see a lot between life and Ford and I symbol of those those that we are growth those good friends like and they're going to be out landowner. Out and that's good to see a lot of a lot of busted knees and black guys that yes yes yes it is sign. His son's hard to contain just like the way it sells out I'm missing and stuff. So the gap narrows suit in the end. Just to go tell the stories you know. We meant the week to week we have a lot more communication is semi useless and a lot we told lie. You haven't affection for construction and and Dan a year later. Eight months later happenstance. Mobbed by Clinton's crying and at rhetoric ahead river view hero boring drills this certainly was get on the boat only because I had ran out of gas. And I'm Hamlin bags at a bus stop. That my family own a boat after dinner a M Brian. Hollers out this is a student. He's an analyst not gonna lie in school and home let's read that and Utley and Ryan be in a true launches hustler whatever. And it has a little had a little blunt rental business and a wrist on things. Gain he said don't you live right below the hassle now. Osce yet but a lot of gas. And he says it will. I need to go pick my boat up at the landing right beside the Tressel why don't you take your family to your house from often and use and aunts and tell me about a water via win mean. That was last summer. Now when did it and that was our first object we can couple of contract on the lake and I executed on both sides of the those don't let that go this like everybody Gary bring him back in the options as. So La so what those options tell you about it centuries well. And that that is one of the things so you can always kind of tied and that to the realistic and that's kind of where I was going by. One of the biggest things that a lot of people you're always guess in China lock in my alone when should I do it. There is of fed tools that it's not really an option it's in the futures world which is a crow close relative fair that you can actually go on now and look at this to a it's called the CME fed watch in the CME is just a Merck at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and I guess okay if you just Google that. You will give you a prediction based off of how the options are public futures are trading. If interest rates again arise after the next fed meeting or that and stay the same. And so it's always if he got that little gut check the Fed meets once a quarter. And he get that little gut check like should I lock in our show that I should go away it's actually awesome tool and exodus refinance the property that you guys are working on right now because of that tool. How is gonna say that the KG OK so you've solved through the options through through the fuse is there any seniors on guys like howitzers soccer America that's a component in Iraq pond that that's the one that they're track. He's all that a little lie the fan is in the future in the near future gonna raise rates and right cup then these animals land on its threat and it's all about Matthew and also they always come on out and say. Here's the percent chance of this happening there's an 80% chance that they're gonna raise it 20% chances in this insane. So you always got to realize that at 40% chance is not zero writers that just likes and it went present chance of rain and arrange all day long it. Thank you need that them but the math it'll give you some insight. What wearing yeah when you're trying to buy a home it's that you know that that that's the insight that you that you that you need just the overall sense of where is it in your book the options playbook like that very for ages and it's and a forward by you and what are some risk. The risk as far as options as he's. The one thing that options does is it actually allows you to control the risk you can say. Options actually first came from a need to protect things yeah like for instance farm I think of course I think about that. They need some protection against their crop against the downside. So a lot of people think of options and they'll think of speculation. But the bottom line is is options actually came from a need to ensure things and be able to protect different paths. Does this complicate conversation that would occur in media and ecology department if you had to pick you bet on sports team and again Tim points out and on the thirtieth at. And he had Japan on the second half and it is that is an overtime stock now right that is possible I don't want to tease you more just let me out of the trap that's nice that's what you look I don't see this slim Canada's track. This is so interesting and frankly I'm understand options that I never thought I can understand so our job. We hang around and and tell a slightly too tough couple options. Things you like it's right arm and what what light it gives his right Kansas and usually talk Bob something needed are irrelevant before I know it's not a little bit he your construction project it. Yes that's even more exit. Welcome back at home with ruby on Patrick with us from us services along the thing tasted. Family of companies. We have Brian over behaviors that put the book the options played good. We're getting into a some options says that type of trading with calls that sort of thing Bryant. But we have fort Mason in the studio and we we have mentioned the last segment that four it is. Is a project manager for the Lake Wylie area a fluke the red Stanley accompanies. And I just have a is you're doing a project with ruby right now is for your project managers has been coaches got a 99 cents a I'll take you down today mean today it oh yeah and exit that Jack and what those guys tell us about what you do it and at this kind of music really cool. Well are written. We well we teed up how Trenton I'm Mets and one of the things as. I just wanted a little piece of property and we found one that had a small cabin on with a huge screened in porch and and a lot of waterfront is beautiful. To fit all of all the whole a lot of dot period a lot of nice deep water for his house by house vote right let's combine footage of your values. I'm gonna goal. I I and I think I'm close at a hundred feet. I think it I think that's a good numbers 6030 up front side and I had lived on the third. That we know Wii's split time between the thirty footer and 68. And that was that and that's the product one of the project she doesn't get back to as were we wanna do that I guess art project that we do it. And do it sounds like we need to understand options sounds like is it grief with depth and under the project school I mean you're it's tell us about what you do enemy Osaka tiny houses like him like a popular term it's underground gas is not really tiny house they count as some ways it is. Exactly exactly what we haven't we had a cult building behind our small cabin. And with I have a son he's you know fifteen months now and with that we have a lot in laws that wanna come down and all my in laws are from Wisconsin and you play sustaining really late you know Wisconsin in January I don't know why but it's like that's that good that time a year to come on down here. And we really need is a place Wednesday. So we would Trent and I talked about it and bowler on the lake and I said just talking construction as a do you think he can help melodies. Think I can do that. At that point I I honestly had no idea who he was a I just knew that the Italy where for some construction company that thing. And rolls. And any Denny came on out in the you know we'd we'd mocked up the project came up with a great plan and now we got about. I would say about. 300 square feet if we throw and then the little laundry room that we had a down in the bottom. Of living space and it's all Smart home and we put us sixteen by ten foot deck which everybody's gonna hang out there anyways that overlooks the lake and that's beautiful. Access thriller body. One of the most creative projects have ever gone it was Brian your hustler I mean does this tell. Here you got tiny house knowledge from live in an announcement justice your mentality net I'll honestly answer. Bin. In south somebody's is like like Anna thank you so creative. And is very flexible. In a school and and now I'm looking at it it frankly as. Help and Brian working when Bryant and then we're create this cool things lead to our friendship went to a prod yeah. I think it is so unique talent that this thing together. I don't drought wall wounded in this is kind of the boatman I mean really toady data bank of lights. Like churches sometimes or is not a about it we get a house because this release hi Ian nice house. And and teamwork Tennessee war was oh and in the bottom hole was Tenet today's. News. If you think about what we've done there and again this thing you. Right in the I guess at what I would say one of the biggest things about the the tiny home project in general. It is you just have to think so far heading up to order stuff far ahead because you can't eat you know we knew there arrangement in. 36 point at. So everything has to be thought out and planned and that that it goes back to the options world when your trade options you got to come up with a plan itself. I find that very similar in the tiny. And I got as good and it in and you know every his personality a year out about your own late got these businesses in you just you is that gas. Which is Cole a law which is amount being an ass that's what I define as a true river so my ass along with their lie and knows enough about enough stuff knows how to. This got complied it is this got it is and it's a cool. Andy and mean you put our panic has been together to a million a year out might have gotten so much in my have a here. The salt this gas that it did but electrical design for that that he adds it was fun but tackling all the is is a good friend of mine I've known her for years and years and he's a car under. And we help each other TomTom and it's been a really get pride for you know because in his brother work together the craftsman their late bag and a they were well with the indices. It's been good lead that ski outline an athlete and that's the one thing that I lovable Roby just in general the late blackness and I even go back though. Patrick and I like he said he'd he'd worked with the electrical and kinda. Yeah I don't I don't get a chance again office didn't tennis imports Allan back and the plan now is. I don't dig in on it and I I mean here's one a laid back things that I absolutely love I remember talking to Patrick about this. And I was almost like one of those might be a redneck type scenarios. What I said Duma said you know David Patrick I think we should do this in this and you know it might be not the best idea when your contractor looks like he's just jobs. The drive then and only then I toll was looking at an SAS that everything and I'm like I don't think modeled after. Afterwards and obviously was very professional Bob Burton. Sit at a lot of crazy question I don't. I'll take you this but I did not that I love that we understand I don't live in jail in outlook. I don't watch this great questions. I mean is takes a little longer to get body dominant the same time you ask a lot of questions. Now bullets. You only have. 300 page Russia's. So that's your Italy and I understand so high it's been fond. Is excited and I can't wait for to come together I can't wait zone today in your day now some Vietnam. So so it was great. Let's get back it's an option to play when we went and we limit as to tell people how they can get its during the forty strategies for bulls bears rookies all stars and everyone in the plane. Now let's that's what that's the thing notebook that's around. A lot of pictures a lot of pictures that it's good fiction books and that's been well received and then got a lot of accolades and also because we've done so well what the options playbook. Ally invest or ally in general you know weird we're allies like the big gala ally financial list as the as the flagship company. But they also have a mortgage section and an end because of the playbook the mortgage team actually decided come up with the mortgage when did you write it to now right. I didn't have the knowledge is the as far as the more is that an audio. But yes it was done well received and the. So so what do you you know what do you how light look at what what what is more frequently traded and options world and equities is. He gave an example of interest rates gave an example eons. Yeah. So options they're literally just contracts that can be used in many different shapes and forms but what we really focus on an ally investors is equities in stocks. And the one thing about options as as I mentioned earlier is that not to just think of him as speculation tools but there's a lot of neat things that you can deal with them. To enhance a stock portfolio. Just by using options and not just seizing on to try to leverage your portfolio and and and everything else is involved so. Couple the strategies and that we like to just highlight is just. By and by and a deep in the money call option that he knew I have to look it up. But as a replacement just for inexpensive stock like FaceBook apple Amazon. You know that certainly estimates of stock is some restraint at a high multiple profit well known as just a but I'd rice I don't like analog yeah Amazon's a real expensive stock trial hundred shares of it well with options that gives you the ability to participate and Amazon with hollow cost. Thriller and make money on the spring nickel of side yet well if you're. You got here at any forecasts that you options can't prevent if you Roth anchor forecast but. Instead of paying. You know. 200000 dollars for a hundred shares of Amazon. Right you can 456700. Dollars you can participate in the movement. But Amazon with not all the cost and have limited the race. Do you do you hedge against the Dallas Saturday that would be the hajj because the money that you put up when you're just flat out by an options is the money that you can lose now. Here's the thing about it is if you're gonna buy a hundred shares of Amazon usually buy one contract right you don't because all my guys. Now they're so cheap I'm gonna buy a hundred contracts Wheldon now now you get into the the bad and bad in and options and gets its assaults. Will Ryan give and give your thirty saying commercial. What a 32 commercial it would actually be for Roby. I'll play that can you guys have been absolutely awesome I've enjoyed this project in pencil laid back but as far as ally and dust. Please check out just the options for the you can find it on Amazon check on options for the dot com idol podcast every Thursday call options would look radio that you can find an iTunes constituents. And actually check out the the mortgage option play. Brian overby OB ER BY for a thank you my friend so interesting all right thanks for thanks haven't Tuesday. Welcome back at home with present. Patrick passage from Rhode services along with this season from the Clinton family of companies. Today is Mother's Day trend and you have a lower. You're your community you've taken four on the phone for you some other. And edit and regular little break it up or I think in the background while Bryant will celebrate if you are saying that but. We Dolly which oddity some special for mother's state for Reagan. For for my wonderful wipe them down and things are only son. She asked me she's almost killed true with LaMont with piper today says she asked me if I can keep border. And I love hanging out or when I don't do it now than I was like of course I'm keeping this school. Went and ate breakfast with the with the boss man and he opened up now is it now he's doing radius yet we can play in wouldn't claim he's and he needs to eat it realizes that he. He has your lingered for as a as a stretchy string on it. In about four times. You know moves in hand with the fact. That support they think he deplored. What do you wish your favorite things what Eli. Candy cotton candy oh what are you what are what are your man me and stuff that you line. Monster truck you know I'm not sure what else to life. Big green the green and he what I like about it the most he likes the 1980s. And seventies square that they Yunnan. Well I gotta tell stories and you for once time is the result parole officer at the corner of pollutants in morehead Theres like 6615. Outcome now I don't think he knew I was there. Entry and four runner meaning X image is going to town on his Dodgers all of that urges donut everywhere and monster he smile is bigger trend forward. Well Ford was. Four was I think he was the one hand we get when you came out so I'll let him do that and those in Iraq by half. Blood. You know I'll loyalists I am blessed to have a couple pieces of equipment I don't do it has been allies and had to have. Piles of dirt on occasion and and a little your lighting guy do that wit I got it which was shut it more it. Or loves Ryan tried don't. Yeah yeah serie loading lion in the third and now he's been down to Brian's house nicely with me a couple times and bins and bins and a supply house with this in. Round Osama I messes with the windows and stuff alassane. My dad built my house. When I was born and we moved in NASA White House ever lived in and he did the yard over the next couple years in him and LeRoy really work bonus and attract house on auto play. And I got some really cool pictures from when Alice to reinforce it known are triggered in our Bob Cahill was an air brand tracker. And I'm sitting in the bucket at Ericsson Tennessee Lamar father and my father. Was thirty years older miso follow street he was 3334 now on thirty Nat. And I'm doing my house Friday to start man and a tracker was there so we got we get a thorough while mama. And I it was. That is school in desk is kind of in that brings it full circle and Demi geeky you are are. It is fortunate that it forward and you were able to deal that is kids. We went to a fund raiser. On Thursday acting to drink desktop and a buddy from college. And he said it death south Austin last year. They they had he could rent a bobcat and he's I mean how wanted to at bobcat at my house. I've always wanted that I've always wondered Drogba can you know I itself running game still hose breaks itself. I mean Sunday already hit a pipe so this is the truth a little river Bryan this is funny. We are grown out Whaley strategist. And in. It was great Wendell Bryant but one. And I don't. He's. So Sunday we're out on the I don't know hanging out on the boat docked in national am about ready running yen eighty yet McCain worked on it. And yes it sure would be nice to have a jet skis to play around own and variances that would be nice it'd be broad. And that's kind of a thing with the track and now way you know I had this dream on and a couple of acres across the street. It to the brink of Bob cam home for next and disputed town and there's trails when he got kids. I'm on the run a company some balance on that. Scenery is time in his cannon is an analogy people like that he would trench Iran Contra before country has marriage answer. Is like therapeutic. I mean I love I haven't done a little while it whenever there was a trench album when we really for starting gate and going on the services that. A volunteer not to run trains they look at me like now it's crazy what is this guy knew his ninety it is. Well for she dike near Trenton a lot don't get Giuliani and a legion tassel scholar and the treasurer. It it yes I sound. A prize so yeah they Bryant. It's like you know what it's all that is the. Sins and I think the biggest overrated. Anything on the water jet skis just because you right to be broken they just break down left to Granada. I bought cancel them in the eyes I've I don't have a dead donors have gone for awhile on this date is that you use of firm. The first three months right and then antiseptic and most elaborated. Demagoguery. And then. And then let a little eSATA seeded I think and it too Psycho in the into the whatever it was just it was and then this room. But I love that statement but it'd be broke you know that's the NS for a so so so we threw out some raw went on some warms up dust and Roz got about four catfish about the agreement Middletown. A thirty captains on the ticket and not I. I used to eat a lot of can't be done about it are now they said he there's an accidental movement on I don't mind and I think morality can. An Olympic silver read. Finally at this yeah. I think rob obviously I'm content sales can't teach the river view a brisk well. Obviously catch of the day. All right Lloyd a wonderful set lots of fun brought I'm glad he is stick around with the sort of force payment board I'm glad you could be here. They'll show up my. Happy Mother's Day every Mother's Day we love you Reagan so a jedi in my mom a mom on the the Intel today. For Scarlett is performing a Myer department that is that the at 11 o'clock service at Bieber happy Mother's Day and Bert Dumars brought home another shout out Paula definitely much to my in my mother's my son's mother. Amanda and just like you were big shout out and say happy mowers they guarantee without Tyson Virgil does have a wonderful day enjoy your Sunday.