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It's always something it grabs your attention when someone marks. Him or herself as safe in a situation like this and for good reason. Because dispersant just happened to be staying guess where we Mandalay resorts. Welcome to the broadcaster Brian miscues so good to talk with you man. Hey good liquidity events. I will tell me your story you were ice you were on a business trip here you are staying at the Mandalay. How does all of this start for you. You know I'm not here for technology conference all related to my job what co worker. Actually it several other colleagues of mine from Richmond Virginia area which is where our problem. And flu and on Sunday. Afternoon late afternoon. That you would kind of make you know an East Coast West Coast trip. And you know that's. Yeah now to. Dinner with. We're all these people and oddly enough. Coming back home. Local time was about I don't know 940 or so so we. The tactic to goes right by the venue where everything happened com. And we could see that you know panel look like things are. We're wrapping up compared to what they were. Earlier in the day yeah I knew that they they have one more active but anyway we we went on over to you know Mandalay where we're saint. And I'm up in my room are a little bit later Haas saved right around 10 o'clock prepping for the next day you know I'm just in my room clean up. Get ready go to bed actually and alters sudden. I hear them pop pop pop pop pop pop album pop up bubble popped did not you know in my head. Economists say you know I said that kind of sound like I'm Barbara they got the cops are going on. You know there are some then you know fireworks or some to go along with that because I think Vegas does have a year term. Noise ordinance I think you know there's a time period where you know they have to be done within heavy outdoor activities. So. I didn't. And really think. You know mud covered I was. Dead tired because it was 10 o'clock. Local time but it was you know 1:1 o'clock in the morning my time so I just climbed into bed and went to sleep and then. And 2:30 in the morning. There was a pounding her can be pounding on the door next to mine and I heard yelling in the hallway and kind of coming out actually and and I heard pounding on my door. And it was you know Las Vegas police. And I was like OK and then boom next and know they're there in the room and and not ministers in at least you guys are all tactical they had. Helmets on Manhattan night vision on their weapons side on the on on the they were outfitted with. High caliber. Weapons as well. And they came and they were acquired they were very professional like certainly news stay right there we need to check your room. And are so I've I'm trying to gather myself. Am I asked the officer. Yeah I get blood work on for a locality on back in Virginia Michael county so. I've worked very closely actually with our public safety people off from Nike perspective. And so you know I know the job they they do I know how important it is and how scary it can beat them. I you know some of these guys personally and you know it's like effect also served in Austria also ordered that this. Involved one of your own and he said yes and he says we've got one aux are down we've got another one in critical. And we're looking for people of interest I'm like well. You know you go to Chavis says get out your way and and certainly be straight and I hope you're you know get your book or. And they swept their entire. Well I don't think they got through the whole complex convict found com. The Mary Lou personally we're looking forward to a threat to our person of interest. And but they that they were greatly during the quarter door sweep of the entire complex and look over her album on the go. That is at that is a huge place. We're talking with writer mr. Russo who was at the Mandalay resorts the night's. That's we saw horrendous. Carnage. Outside of that hotel and it was perpetrated from that hotel resort. I'm Brian what do you keep your thoughts here and just what was going your mind these officers are pounding on your door. Did you have any idea of the EU course had no light here the enormity of what was unfolding at the time. No not at all and I and I you know when I was asking also that before they left the room key and I was you know try I was gonna ask another he said. Just turn on the news and don't leave your room. Any you know you'd out the door and they were down the hall. So you know immediately. Click on the news and I'd just couldn't believe my eyes of what was happening and just 54 floors below me you know in the hotel. And I'm you know I'm on the first floor. But you know all this chaos and must be going on in your watching the news coverage and seeing people running and scrambling and all the beauty of public safety people doing there and do their best. And of course at that point. They had the authority secured him a reported forty. Committed suicide at that point. But. But yeah my first reaction was oh my gosh. I know what my wife no because of weather this you know 53 section doesn't quite get a better way but I sent a text and an emailed her. Practiced secret before you look at the news Reid does not hit the because of one or heard though that I would say. And that we were all safer but he said that that I am here trap where we were all straight and but then I was just trying to digest I just. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and I couldn't believable all the days and all the places I happen to be. Right here you know ground zero further this event that it just. And should you have to be thankful that it's you were not out in that crowds. And you were not one of the victims. Oh absolutely I mean immediately in my head I was again I was in a taxi. Just moments before that right there I mean. It's my timeline it shifted you know that night by twenty minutes I could have potentially been right there in the middle all that. It is really sobering something else she posted that just resonated with me I'm looking at it right now. It it's it's O speaks to what I communicated on this program yesterday. You said in this it it's easy to get wrapped up in the news coverage conveniently disconnected from this event what we need now is to reject our normal knee jerk reaction instincts. And to just be human instead I really love that man in and it seems like you're sensing that. In what you're experiencing and what you've seen around you. Well yeah. So the morning after you know we were on lockdown and the built nobody could go anywhere unique and so 7 in the morning or soda. We decided to venture out and just see how far we could go com. And you know because I was in communication a small part of my colleagues and you know we want to do something try to help. And we get downstairs. And it was a it was a ghost town absolute. Ghost town and if you've ever been to Vegas there's never a time period where there's nobody on the floor yeah. It was you know it almost kind of like you know the Walking Dead or something where you know just waiting for something here but. So there's build that casino floor was completely silent all the rest on everything were shuttered locked down you could tell. Everything stopped instantly because there were still bottles and glasses and a I think on the table on the caller's you know everybody just left it as they work. And that was it and so are we found out and security we weren't allowed to leave the complex. We could there's there's little walk bridge over to Luxor so they said if you want to get something to eat or whatever you can go the Luxor. But they they were watching people very closely and so we started. Our way over to Luxor and at that point in time they had started letting people come back. Through those other buildings back in Mandalay and we started seeing the concert goers. Returning. Then I can't even begin to describe what you see in her eyes and their faces and just the emotion that they had a total disbelief you know. And disoriented and just scared. These people you know these people have like you know one sock on you didn't have any shoes on. Their clothes for Warner rip bloodied. They were huddled up where you can tell that the hotel could give them blankets and sheets and couldn't wrap themselves up look at a couple of the Chile that night. It was just. So it is concerning to me and I and I and it just our home and made it real at that point it's not a camera it's not a news feed from you know one of the major media as well they're trying they're. You know put some kind of spin or some else it's just like. Indigenous people and you have no idea what they just went through and they're lucky to be alive at this point. No question about that Brian ends again when I saw your approach to very thankful that says you're still alive and I'm sure your family. Your wife and your. Your twin boys are very think four's well I appreciate you coming on the broadcast man in and thanks for who you are in its. The humanity that you carry where you go. Absolutely wolf thank you vent some I'm happy to participate in. Wish you and you're in your lessons well and just remember you know there's a lot of people aren't all of us and don't believe the hype necessarily. I hear you man I'm there with you. Brian miscues showed thinks left them on the broadcast look forty catch that would begin soon and.