Brick McDermott

At Home with Roby
Sunday, November 26th

Brick McDermott of Academy Mortgage join Patrick and Trent for this weeks show.


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Good morning welcome at home with ruby Patrick Cassidy from of these services. But electric a VH house plumbing and ruby any man along with Trent hates him and ruby and the company's. We are your coats and we're back. To the future to the you know why because as we're record in this tee today and we're really can't. I'll think about those of us. Yeah and it's Thanksgiving weekend the ending imam gala on gobble. On violently record on teasing us that we would have an it company potluck at the office moral Wednesdays and others what has followed main. I think it and that it everybody must have these lucky pots on the about it they found gold and only reason the cut and that's that they bring technically I don't object came from we -- double anybody net. But dad evidently there's a broccoli cheese took off broccoli cheese casserole cook off a selling extremely helping to between a couple people at the net. At the Hobbs and electric and electric offices and McCain I do like honey baked and cook offer some I don't know man stampeded out is going to be judged more behind bait him down so abruptly entities. On him and once cedars pretty years and it McEntee sister on May some comic cited sinks in it's it's up to be with your family. And in sorted yet taken minutes it to reflect only have been in a Soviet the ability to do. Which is great. It's a trend we it's beginning says. We will we assert talking about really serves a little bit we talked about it last week is Forrest a new platform that were run on I'm rolling the rolling out to the community. To help understand it hey we'd we'd do more than just. Handyman work we do more than just construction we do more than just electric. We obviously have house plumbing under the full as well but really that the basis here's as a concierge service for anything that goes on with your. Those are man and business in the back. That it regards repairs and and needs smaller projects Bryant. So that so we decided to do is go with it ruby services umbrella and when you sir here in net in the field and Morris he will will brandy rebbe services. Mean he we can help you with anything. That's really the law Lysol vessel we did anyway is less that we do that they did it maybe is is as a fragment in marketing. With the LA we've broken. We've come up with this umbrella company that that really sums it up this of people can really can't ever the last couple years we've been more. We we've we've enhanced and become less frightening and in our operational. Side well. Now I know and this is tree or seamless client sow so eventually. I mean they'll have one phone number to Colorado beat. The sit right in the goal here you know is is as of this one of our customers is is eat no one cares how you make cookies. It's on its face couldn't ride city you call us for a need and we'll save for example we identify another need that you might have richer and will we'd do it was a little bit different from maybe another another services company. As we're gonna provide you a solution to that whether he has made it can handle that additional need our eight or maybe you're new to the CD eighty don't know anybody near Odessa sort of facilitate that for you. It's not a hate call this person it's hey you're gonna get a call from. This person on this part of our team they can help you at this additionally yeah we were new laws and our asset base correct correct correct Sarah. I think that's really neat I mean don't really see that if from another service provider in our in our sector especially services and it would have been involves. Repairs and maintenance are giving example. Had a neighbor that knew him from out of town. Yeah I came home he didn't had met this person yet he had a competitors electoral truck in front of his house mother neighborhood between us is like. He got beat me. A little bit new guess your neighbor having he was tenth in that he heeded your top two tires we'll have that I got well you don't problem usually air yet today these days you don't run their carries give them a bad day and and they can't feet out it was it was handed it happened dare refuse and then light it hit me and told the temperature didn't drop what what the look my point is easy to tip my neighbor it just me tiered. If he had. Unity if you get relief services in callously and learn later irons and in which we talked about it. This is simple for an he has one contact person can they can align him with. The best service providers in the in the market if we can handle internally and we like to say white glow Wii's at NASA's best and cliche trying to cliche around our office zoom in but it's cops a year. But yeah we won't make it easy on our clients. We'll take the pain away from their hand in so well prices are for fair price said. I disagree you said Dallas scene if you would go there I went there which he did get on Wednesday. He dole and all male nurses more and all the way to school somehow. Those assault upon in my head Bob. Boy George daft it greens. Karma karma karma karma karma to. Mean Lee and and you know dollars grand. At Roland stated maybe act yet aired church or give me some voice lessons. And unloaded to say he saw him I can kind of look like Boy George. And regular guy going homeland's leader Els while Assad we like should be. When I played these old songs I mean sometimes the site. Bruce Springsteen sometimes site Hank Williams junior sometimes like tomorrow. Merle Haggard sometimes Dr. Dre and snoop dog them in different stuff I keep that'll clean certain. Because I don't wanna be jobs and dollars in the jaw around Al at a outcasts and hot and humid that we get to why should mediate. So is really cool all my kids learn about different sections of what I grew. The different sides of the culture I think is cool for them to see. You know see the baggy jeans and east of where NC. Would you work the success against the underpants about it it appears he can't I don't really have a really airplay can tell you lose your cool dude it's all right it was a Atlantic Canada in ten the bastard here for awhile. The code TJ. Dylan election dilemma. Speaking speaking related if you have not seen the Georgia Dome being imploded yet on UT of that is that cool with and that is enjoyable done imploded they alienate their demo in the Georgia Dan Siegel the new Mercedes bin stadium right now Mercedes Van Jones ended down in it looks like his site. I feet from this thing into the explosives going off to elect a camera on me that's not how they do that is it is unbelievable city had seen Aggie team did its work the lot so. Brit I just staying at this thank you exploding stuff is really cool. How technically he hit it great returner gets in the honors the legacy bricks explode brace brace in prayer mat. Great math might made aware ahead and with some breaking garments come on he's gonna be our guest today. He's talking about the mortgage industry and and a majority of our market and what's going own. Going to be exciting. The fact that come with rubio Patrick casting from relief services. Seve tell plumbing regulatory and living in May and along with can hasten the ruby failing companies. We had this. Now Ellison knee slackened for same ones that'll we don't colonies left and anymore I got a bloody brawl by some that was hopefully that was about thirty years old to 39 I guess I'd the last some awful lot of my ham bone. It was about thirty years ago currencies dabbling on hang. I ended ham Bo was from the sand lot to him and that the great my big east always Vietnam monies that come very blessed among Latin Campbell slapped hands. Well I like any heat Jess when you he's. I I don't know it's a great body and let me say there. United that's what this about. All the same beat them. Caylee every winter in here for a friend and I both of ours and outbreak is the mortgage rules state do you really in Charlotte, North Carolina. We're we're putting owns Bob brick he he if the animal regionally question mortgage related inquiry here you wanna talk about the real estate market. And for its next break for as concrete brick is an Herbert. But. Many in our universe does brick or you could put an elaborate. While and appreciate Yahoo! mail on how we officially come and I've been called Greg Brett brits. And I mean everybody no one thinks might actually break. The guys take all things in my. As well our dollar not dollar. Quite the site is about me you could hook that. So low. To come in into the holiday season in the year titles a great town to figure out where mortgage rates were what was going on in the industry and knows no better to need. But she walked in with your sanity. They did a I just got Britton and McDermott team on it but I mean. How much more scary game in the mortgage world did you speak about promotion. The man. And I am I ever hear of Burma told thing reported. A guy let's say oh the what's the word on the street in the mortgage world. In an. Not much has changed since we last met earlier in the year I mean the race are still their load force. Cassini even nine not threes recently and that's for a thirty year fixed. The markets chug along as slow down. Or last price six weeks as the market has slowed down adds some of the more you can order real cigarette everything everything everything you said it's. College back 34 years ago when you add that the big months where the spring and Summers mean in the fall the winner was as dead. Point six is dead yet but it sound. I hope this it's a sign of the times change in next spring. We'll follow the home motors' board muscle ha HBA homeowners association and then I read a couple articles about it because we've been talking about it. It seems like there's a supply shortage of Hal absolutely is that correct and there are and that's actually one thing. That came out in the last week. Builders are busy as ever. I mean there really really busy permits are being started but departments that's how you measure it and you are new I'm new I'm cells there or through the race. Son that just means that there there's an land before building on and developing. But the old school real estate with the existing properties and all that slowdown. From a refinance or a bus sells them. Triton some have probably. Think this year maybe. Three refinances or four I mean it's just the good. You'll leading up to this year meaning you're overwhelmed with with people refund if you will take advantage of the race and they're down the mid threes. They did yeah it was. Last year pastor's first first 22 quarters that was. Angela was the miseries and there's a lot refinances and even. Cleanup of that and is that when you were driving the Lamborghini. It was a Ferrari but there's a rim whenever he just never that break you mean really you're right I mean that the builders are are slammed. The land is there the demand fatherland is short the land is sort OK I mean I can get our buddies at Clark story that only you know slid home seized. Vegan for the to choke point is is it is a trade I mean and impede their ability to get homes completed across the finish line I think this culmination of a bunch of stuff. And have a labor shortage of skilled labor has tried to talk about I don't aren't. I think land. And they're not playing lots down and develop and land like they lie through his land prices are up. And bureaucracies cattle tougher and Spain. Inflation has hit the material side of the with the hurricanes we had just some mountain. Eric how much rate comes in our office and talk about a man Donald likes Immelman on parchment is. Because they all talk about price increases could lose. Polyone enough. Plastics gone singles yeah Houston area rock tyranny and other Asian and knowledge east and I mean whether that's true or not is. It's history of our being there are industry. And that everybody still real busy to leases. I don't mind is hard but I mean a seeing strong it just seems like we got a couple things we hope they ease our. Hope we can get some land turn turned out and interest rates stay in the three to four range. At a Manassas store. Was wonderful but I own entry in a map out it to piggyback off what you're saying to me remodeling never looked so good. And I mean for your home to bring as far as their return on investment in the value you get on additions and that's their Rennes catering is because he obviously don't have to worry about land used to have a labor shortages that comes in the play. But there material increase should talk about is it's a resident that's the issue is resident. It's primarily produced in the Houston area and I think most it is refineries or plants and usher with the proper turn has. We're pretty much what date they were just drew brought it to a halt we've. We seen this on the plumbing side talking to some plumbing suppliers were finished had their hands in the year's fourth PVC pipe which is a main component. In the construction residential this is the in this pulls out a chiding him we're talking 5060% price increases. Of one of their larger material purchases on the new construction side. It wears I shoulda been the inflation. That's what a pleasure is still overall I mean it's still under two and I think we just need a consistent two plus for the feds are jacking up rates and it's like like Rudyard in a mean the other Alice agonies that same thing so are two things before you came in the main we had a guy there's a huge armored. Yup supplier. A good friend of buyers. Out of South Carolina out of Columbia and and I asked him how business was he says business is good. He he said it has slowed down a little bit and he said but when you had these old school armored guys. I'd never seen in my life worried that lumber prices are too high. He said that's scary he said I've never seen in my life these guys who've pulled forty and 4849 years old and then. Clay grub a good friend of buyers. Develops. Unita multifamily housing condos and him and apartments. And he said he built a apartment house last year. Or three years ago for a 130 dollars a square foot now McCain get a bill for 250 dollars Massa was second online housing in the exact double in three years and and and and those prices haven't carried over to a homeowner. And big that it is said the contract aggregates the square east right now. But eventually the contractors Ghana and can't raise prices and homeowners are going to be priced out of the ballpark. Yeah and then and then the it's a false par. Right minutes does this mean we're. Not stable by any means right now that Communist China along and you know Goldman's Goldman Sachs. Says that 2018 this can be roaring again that our economy which is right in the mornings he's got to see I mean it's still. Wells. The deal is people have to earn more money wage increases have to track and price increases and you know order came out housing that would put now and wages are. Consistently sputter along and I don't know our guys and can you. Of I think the whole industry is and it's like me in our our our it's limited it's that did business to be in. Right naturally it was Cooley had a meeting he was talking about it was a lumbered and now that you mention his name and on MIT Johnson Micah Johnson playground and and we are here cops in this freezes is coming implode. We they're not a alum is doctor Catherine Campbell tonight national example running for governor South Carolina. Yeah it was cold kaptur and Catherine runner for governor South Carolina and she's a woman for the business person and she knows that. I love this she knows it North Carolina soccer on got to be allies and got to go after stuck together she was given an example of the Amazon and things he said. North Carolina South Carolina and have a chance bottom sales that they wouldn't. Teamed up opener at together in my and it's it through and I dislike the waste also spent time in North Carolina getting them in the senators and leaders in North Carolina in the big business in and around. That we lost and big ones movement and who else LPL all of the do decide to south Caroline her wish we work together then. Her brother I have the ability that it will love Ridley stick around with us for a few minutes sure all the little wanna hear what the hot. Mortgage industry items are. Welcome back at home with ruby on Patrick Cassidy from. The road surfaces allegedly scout plumbing and really any man along with his pace and from the rhythm Stanley the company's. We are your hustle with Britney term in Trent he's broke got a statement on an office. Well Al's work in this morning and occasionally I'll work. And and I accidentally hammock tape measure on my hill you know my daddy had his tape measure on his hip every day in my life who. That was at his statement now this is my statement threatening again this tape measure in college. Which would have been like 9897. So yeah tween years this colonial statement. Is it it's when he and now mile wonder ball RMI hammer that I did I bug or Matra an easy as you noted that the you help me do little job and asset Haiti in my wonder Mormon hammering you civil where's that SS animosity and you came mecky seven earned the weather around. A rod with you all the time and never know you had an ability to pull that hammer out roaming. That bodes well on their bar in my camera are my deaths in. The one remarks as raw and in his how he used to write blogs letters that are. And 100 it is an eye out on the stuff that says Ronald Bellamy a little weight god god rest his soul. But that hammer so absolutely so. Good stories aside main night. Come help and a buddy with the bathroom and he needs of Maine and he needs basically Sega pick one out of one who's in a nice woman this girl's. And I have low interest Joba hustled over to weekend so aideed elected Albanians who suffered man. It's kind of need the look in the in my arms around the right SaaS and they've got to get a load is about 530 had a great day with the Fam lane and I Cecil got Wiki says. The whole crew meanwhile life in the four run grants. Piper. My youngest dollar in her craziness who where's my. Skateboard helmet from my Tony Hall days from when I was about Bosnian. But how well parole to up paying skateboard amnesty animal model rods he wears it. Alliance NASA's now she rolls mildly need communication capsule that I Internet Salem a ring about that's sick it doesn't hurt. But. But. We we went there and we eyeball a one of those they can make of these blow says he's spilled. Things on Saturday you build light little wooden monster trucks and all this and I am for sale right now for holiday season. Saab auto monster truck came home built a fire sitting in front of fire. And me on me mumble wood Ford don't put the circuit together and acid acid Tatum when you got in my truck and get my hammer. It's Monday adds Cameron dishonor Massey eaten. And Reagan so you don't wanna use my hammer her hammers pink that's it not only he's your hammer armies in Ron's and through this means particles within this more analysis at Lowe's again. And I bought a dagger on race car. And I told tool could LO is a set this call this the soccer buck. Is he said oh so swiftly you know it's like silence in the break hit the good story yet. We'll do you go to restore. Sometimes that sometimes trip over here in the creek do you have a tape measure to it on hold it for the last thing is that when they surrogate. And we talk a little bit about would break has going on breaking out academy mortgage. Right again Aaron Cunningham I was what Cunningham and now restart in America can you build it would race car with a kid from list. I can he can do it and get our with a pink camera. Think art and I don't know if I got copies of I could've done with a piano practice and won't that night. Cricket academy Maureen outside near at the end and that's not a just want to keep the theme he has Thanksgiving week or little hours it's it was keeping on May. It academy acquire Dallas with Cunningham. For a couple years and we were acquired by academy in August. Academy's national lender. In 49 states says it's been going well. But yeah not an Alaska. Actually in Alaska the only state that we are not in is New York, New York to bureaucratic ass right tune litigious. That's it could. On every is that that is just simply obviously and in our world did that licensing is that the aid fatigue deal run an amateur here you are. Part of a company it's in 49 states that mean that you can write all alone in 49 states. Or is that is that based on the individual licensing evil here in in I've seen North Carolina right way we're still limited to the states were lessons and individually. So if they have academy wore a bank. Depositary that are older than. If the federal banks can lend anymore. But for a mortgage lender like academy yet realizes statement lover I bring that up because I mean I think we talked about a slashes into my parents to finance and South Carolina know initially went TV in New York part of Cunningham at the time Leo had 88 he had counterparty in South Carolina. And and I I wanna say something positive about your business that the is really important. That she could have very good referral partners because my parents to distaste or talk about how wonderful an experience that was. And in any time the Mori's industry comes a dose of how effectively as victim and well. So he says it in now seeking expand that's are suffering to forty Nazis that's right that's right there assess exciting message gets. Craig is with her Meyerson housing referrals gore mr. guys that's right you're right a and I him on advocates and that is that retirees down Italy kiwi area back to back in Basra academy fall get a veto and away from cutting out a lot of people who Charlotte's Newbury. Now don't your own. So what six Kinney is so bikini and get alone. Own a house would not money nano was what was the deal. Well by house I'm never bought Ralph. Help me. There are and we work. A lot with nonprofit called North Carolina housing. And today allow 3% down payment systems. They provide. Which. And lies now you need 3% down side. Carlos is with with her combines with the 3% down products is all you need is 3% Nam my daddy always told me needed 20% now. That's the civil English and I'm Maria insist the envoy PMI insurance is does that still when he percentage immodest when percent. What is PMI for a private mortgage insurer as. So you have to have. Have problem when you and insurance that you don't have 20% net correct yelling that's a percentage of the overall plan is that right. Why can't I you do is yet to you either pay a monthly. Very impaired when lumps com. Atlas OK you about the interest rate up a little bit of pain as well god says there's allow options in. From a default Sybase gonna lenders insured for up to 80% yup and that the in my covers the next 20%. We'll let's talk about the north Carolinas and North Carolina assistant civilian. We're just North Carolina housing. He taught but the last time you a year in net. That that is say as they did say I think is backed by taxpayers but that's really to encourage first time homebuyers correct his 3% MM in 3% basically. I don't like he's sort handed to me but essentially yes that's happening. Exactly now it's got down income limits mean your incomes are negative 87500. Year. Dies one amount can be is for 24100. Sets via conforming line amount. And is really just a SS alone in this that you don't pay interest. But let's be the end you make in that county since he's been foreign 24000 dollars right now and you never seen anything ever maybe dies when I've done is about 31 who want a wonderful tool against some latest on the offensive maybe things they might not be able to afford a house right amended homeownership game presents. As we all know the best until you need to follow with term goal personally and our office commercial project man I got at a conversation with him last night. He said he's he's been raining in Charlotte he says he's looking it. He's at his lease is up in the spring writing essays looking about a house over here around Wes Moore hit in this area wonderful spot in my new demand. It it would be very apple globally. Dan yummy lonely on the young project manager and I'd be a great benefit for MS type of person I mean if Fiat deal listening and you never owned a home. Or you have a kid this getting into the work force duels against our veteran and home. Your child let him all about it let let them call bridge. Yeah I mean a mortgage really is is a wealth builder because you're depreciation is about four or 5% a year. And Charlotte and some neighbors even more. And I lately it's been do the refresh yeah I mean it's crazy say here you're really. Building well that's like 401K for its citizens as enemy and the national I was wondered is sometimes it's funny as being on this a couple of couple nights he accidentally find the new list included did the downturn. Does that sort of average greater return historically on real assays about four or 5%. It depends in different pockets like you seeds market AES market based meal I'm outlast that they'll have appreciation. 25%. In two years or run an ounce on the Markel star turn LB negative 10% but. Probably long term what is the historical average across America. I think it's fortress 45%. I don't know I guess that they get that's about all I know there may money in those things I have no clue on the hit the fifth of its I should go by as much lighter I am. Allied about a lot of real estate just case sell it and have a problem to death if not I'm a well built. I have that in my head. That he SO. Who've been out a but I would be a but I am glad I own my home and Obama home right out of college and a couple houses and stuff so. Man not a moto lived in my home seventeen plus years now well man. So bring it happens people get older you. Just almost sell seven 46 13827. Now that's authenticity brightening Dermot thanks for joining us sure you'll look in the mortgage industry because when you're doing good. We're doing gated. Well thank you very much yes. Black helmet for a fat cats from ruby services regulatory. Soviet house farming. And bread man yeah man I. This problem to the adjuster Abdul and that little in terms job hustle with that the leaking and this morning. And he he. We had a discussion about the new North Carolina sales tax on labor. I was like that I play in that we had a big debate every time talk about it it's a big debate. It's a new law only passed this year world labor services most labor services after ourselves that's right. This new revenue source for for the state the dealers capital improvement. Yes and we were debating it. I was debate with him and now he he ran a flag pole to his bosses at AAA. Of the care confidence in. He says Cullen back home in. But but I'll say he knows he did those moderately let's do well. It would have failed for regular road underneath it and gave well you know our allies GA we're legit he's gonna start working with the mower he'd. I delay years so hopeful order and you're not trying to get a role somebody asked Amanda's look it is. But he said you had a tape measure story four in the last say in the little break to tell as a pulled out tape measure now. What is the story Patrick. Now man and cases and am chairman and in Dallas this a little bit but that date multiplier and we pick on dateline only 'cause we love him. This is David David Byron Howard the tool in safety specialist. At Ferguson enterprises and went on they can probably date was 2000 the area 2004. Our doubts telegram is with the added that it sort of that you sound and the thing that that the customers to come and by rights sort of bugs Hillary items and China grows and sells an inmate did ever taken larger and it was tools and safety and Dave came back from this train is sinister change Newport News which has. Lot of fun and you learn a lot came back and I think they were about 14100000. For about a 140000 tape measures with Ferguson's name on the side by 104 plus a 1008 measures. With various names and they were pushing them vertical and grace any corporate there Egan Chinatown had trying to get into the pocket of the contractors and which would they should do and if we're only eight touch. And how big utility Zain. There there's there's there's this one particular contract. They refer to Dave his name was no tape measure he walked in off the upright known contact your time did I tell mr. he would David turnabout set and it's her to death but I mean nothing because he wore likes. Melanoma is bail at one time. Is he let's on the cell Lamar Miller of that yet. A new list had lunch one day any law then the tape measure start of fall off his belt luckily today that help. I got popular I didn't hurt either thinking about right under 400. Don't statement through the that added nitro outlook and a more about nitro blows in any human being needs the net I am gonna go Obama office one we're dealt with Lucia in Holler statement about ten pounds and and this mess with. The bowler and. Why yelled at and I'll make a bottoming on the radio again I guess you'd make fun of him every week on the rated some you know was really cool is he goes out to our Raleigh office and he goes out there Zune now has yet and this is our show looser. Randomly. In mid morning one day the media did I mean today I L missile O'Neill Bob off. A bow on slot tacked on trend that's worked. Elects its. Was up I'd -- don't think that's when debt much on you when I play and that's following because we've come up big split a big slam denied he slant today it says sixty JR the producer just left the group left office for about. It's sixty say is god saw that today. It with love digger we had to say it is it gets the keys of the car mailman only merger would. The earlier in the state live a ball land that we do again with so moved in in a slow kind of some us Panamanian alluded to this alas double waits will we had mark after its own. We just did our second Lessig Kolb the lord of Rudy Iraq's a road be rock stars this past week keeps you didn't get it. With our newsletter when Al we do accordingly newsletter. We don't want to over newsletter our people what we did a quarterly newsletter we. We talked about Doug Yates child but we've also talked about our our second. Quarterly recipient of the road be rock star award that was take a blocker. Yet which was which has Colin I think we talk a little bit about this in the last episode habitats in effect I just got the email from from Christian who's gonna Jacob Jacob was really proud and you're really I think it was cool this is a company. The US how about champion the company crowning the companies were d.s. It is unbelievable it was really neat for me was to see Jacobs peers were more excited about him winning the award and take applies as a kind of guy. Well it does so little bit about the rock star that we started Dolan its its nominated and voted home Bob appears right so rude. Nobody's asking anybody to do it is people bragging about the people they work where in the rebbe family company says. So skip lion won our first ever want to over the summer second quarter inject a walker one arcs second one. And we give them a Little League it would take care of linking low reward I will trip or whatever is sent his things truly coal. Give us some time away these are people and cannot talk about these people that typically. It is salt of the earth. So there own people that are gonna go take a vacation all for themselves Gina so is coming Goodwin get a little Som that they learn and this is a surprise and makes them feel Goodson. Sick kudos to Jakob Jakob some veteran. The navy and I correct the navy said I think he came on our Memorial Day should have. That's right that's right. And so we're very proud to have Jacob he's been with us something about 67 years that he's been here quite awhile but de EAE is says he's pleased global that we embody that's exactly right and says senator he's got a funny is me he had little mud jokes he would DN. He he does get dry since he knows got a that's all day and the coastal water Rome Italy and a little. That there relates to on mr. walker. So who broke so what you got coming out with family for Thanksgiving and noted that thanks you'll have been doll. Not a show will be on the back side to leaking in the yeah and as civil we we are going to my parents house me my brother his command from Auburn and gotten Scarlett off on Friday. In you know what my closest friend Luke walker he you know well is getting married on Saturday both which is robbery weekend which now because football fans who have it was the real hard time it. There were going to be he's going to be getting married and went Auburn Alabama are planned cuts against the college Butler SEC championships at goddess. It is what it is the Wenatchee eventful. We're having break launched today in my mom's house has traditionally where we had it her whole life. Sold Sunday in in in this past Thursday who have gone to. Reagan's cousins for her family so law. God bless you hubby had a wonderful Thanksgiving thanks for Jonas have a great Sunday.