A Brief History of S.A.D.

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, June 16th
Dr. Ernst discusses the Standard American Diet trends.

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What an incredible show topic we have today if you guys I'm gonna talk about the history of American diet recommendations. We're gonna go deep all the back to in 19100 guys I hit the jackpot over the last week. I found that the 1916. USDA food guide. Wow. So we're gonna talk about everything from 1916. Forward. And I noticed a unique trends in that the amount of sickness illness and disease in the nineteen hundreds. Compared to today is astronomically low when we look at things like cancer heart disease diabetes and obesity. Now interestingly enough a lot of people that I've talked to about this in advance always say all of that harassment and nobody lived to be very old in the nineteen hundreds of death was everywhere. You would just walk outside need catch pneumonia new died while navy. But let me tell you this. The 1916. Food recommendations came out after the 1910 US census. Which only had a 58% success rate to just imagine the DA did that has been presented is only representing how. Half of the United States because most people. In nineteen hundreds either didn't respond to send this information can imagine like there was no Internet. The mail was probably done by train a horse and if you wanted to send out a letter to the entire of America which was about a hundred million people at the time. I would probably take four Ab work so I'm gonna share with you the idea that the government to recognize that they wanted to change the way people view food. They wanted to standardize health care. Because this is around the formation of the American Medical Association American health care. He's got to remember back in nineteen hundreds he didn't have the luxury of pull up my chart going who can I go see and there was no blue cross there is no ad no none of the stuff existed. People generally took care of themselves. And we weren't dying from heart disease cancer obesity diabetes. We were dying from. Will whooping cough and did theory and all these things we've eradicated. Because of the advancement in medical technology would just great I'm glad today. The leading cause of death has not scarlet fever. And trust me you are too I'm so glad that we are dying from you know. Diphtheria and whipping coffin all this stuff. Typhoid fever that people died from in the nineteen hundreds. But it's what I'm gonna show you today's gonna rock your world there was a specific. Massive recommendation change in the forties and fifties for American diet that has been racking our health ever since then. And has created the current epidemics. Of obesity cancer heart disease I have grafts to approve this. Statistical analysis to back this up. I will post all of it for you guys to reviews you can see I'm not making any of this up. And I want you to know I'm here for you I'm here to be your health advocates I'm gonna make a crazy called action. Go back and do what they did in the nineteen hundreds. And you'll survive your life that very well. Because we have med tech technology today that will prevent you from getting sick from the leading causes of death of the nineteen hundreds. And you won't be dying from heart disease you want to be dying from cancer or you won't have diabetes because that was a shocking stats are this. In the nineteen hundreds there wasn't even data on now mounds of obese people in the United States because they didn't exist. If you're overweight you were considered abnormally rare. It was like boy something is significantly. Going on in your life if you wait too much. The national debt right dead statistics on diabetes. In nineteen hundreds were less than 1%. Of the entire population. That's massive guys today were 10% of the population has diabetes less than 1%. There were no numbers about obesity because they didn't exist. Heart disease was less than 5%. Cancer was less than 3%. So we're looking at stats and going wow. Back and good day the conditions that are affecting people today did not exist. But the conditions that affected people in the 1910s. Don't exist today there's no people dying from typhoid fever scarlet fever measles whooping cough in the US what if we could invert the clock. And take the technology we have today if medicine in the abilities say Youkilis get rid of these nasty infectious diseases. And go back to living life the way Dave did. Using their dietary approaches and you would have the best health care recommendations for diet on this planet. So I'm going to do is teach you what did they eat in the 1910s according to government. When did we mess all this up by trying to make it better. How can we take the old school diets of yesteryear that work man these diets work like crazy. Most people were thin fit and they didn't get sick from cancer heart disease diabetes. They caught all these infectious diseases because we didn't have the technology we have today to fight those off. So I hope you can siren going with this. You should be able to completely revolutionize your health if you take gained 1910. Mentality towards how to take care of your health. Using the 1916. USDA. Recommendations for how to eat. And the idea that they took care of themselves. They were at their own doctors but they didn't know how to hold back infectious diseases like we do today but think about how easy it says. Become your own doctor. Eat the way the government recommended back in 1916. And you will. Eagle you will fix yourself. I promise you this works because we didn't have my cell induced diseases today. So that's the asked doctor Steffi guys today I am super excited we're gonna go through everything from the 1916 guidelines. All the way to 1940. To 1960. To 1970 to 1982. Night in 2005 and got all of them I got a whole show for you you're gonna love it. It adds. I have a last minute opportunity we had last week fourteen. People cancel. They said something came up that was more important for them to learn how to get help India well and I don't know what the heck that is. But there are fourteen tickets now that are available to my sold out guys this sold out last week. Asked doctor Ernst destroying diabetes seminar. Next Saturday at 23 11 AM the holiday and express IF fourteen I wanna know do you wanna com. I'm they teach you everything you can do to the Euro doctoring cocker diabetes cocker high blood pressure X conquer heart disease. Six at all 7049062094704. 906 twos are tied for the tickets are free I've got all only fourteen laughed. After that is sold out there's no opportunities. When I come back more about the American diet house increased disease gas are turned show we're back. Saturday here this. Yes doctor herself because doctor Eric thanks. Still lists beautiful Saturday. If incredible showstopper receiver tight about the historical in nature of the American diet. We call it the standard American diet because this is the governmental recommendations. I'm doing a historical review for you guys everything from the 19100 all the way up to what are they telling ST today and I want to see a trend. Of how we became sicker and sicker and sicker and sicker there's more prevalence. Of big heavy hitting diseases today than ever before. And there's a specific shift that took place in our diets. When the government said okay. We're gonna recommended Americans eat a lot more at this time. And a lot less of this and then everything fell to a Helena hand basket for American health. Right at that point some exposed that myth interest you guys because some people think god has nothing do with diet has to do with. Just the fact they're more Americans were living longer and therefore we're getting more cancer heart disease is we live longer no not true. There's a specific dietary shifts that took place. And at that point right there you watch the incidents graphs of disease the United States it is started taken off like skyrocket. Towards the outer space. If we didn't make this dietary shifted to government recommended in the forties and fifties. Then what I think would have happened is the flat line plateau of disease would have stayed flat might have plateaued across the rest of the history. So what I mean by this okay first of ball. When we talk about people who say here's what I think we should eat. Generally guys understand the governments and United States department agriculture put south what are known as the standard American dietary recommendations. Now the first one that was ever put out in the history of ever with 1916. It was published in an article. That was basically. Titled the foods for young children if farmers bulletin remembered the nineteen hundreds. Foods for young children that was the first recommendation and and updated to say how to select your food. Later that that following year to 19601917. To these two documents came out in the farmers bulletin. And it was the first ever. Governmental recommendation to say guys as Americans. We're start we just cracked a hundred million. The hundred million Americans we need to figure out how to make sure everybody eats healthy said the event the health of our nation improves. The majority of people in the 19100 were passing away. Because of infectious diseases. The were looking at things like will be coffin diphtheria typhoid fever scarlet fever eccentric. So when we talk about. What was going on we had a lot of people there in America getting sick in the government said well what if we standardized. A food. And beat the American Medical Association was just starting to come together she can remember there were physicians but they didn't have standards of care. There were a little bit of an antibiotic started to come on the scene but there really wasn't what we have today so the American Medical Association was forming. A bunch of doctors got together and said we need to come up with American health care. The government said well let's come up with food recommendations for America. And we had published in 1916 foods for young children and how it's like your foods. And what they said was is this the government's recommendation for America was focus on five categorical foods. The first thing to remember guys is nineteen tends. Was a what they called mineral matter so they said we want you to focus on foods that are high in minerals basically. They're say in each of fruits and vegetables so we had a fruit and vegetable category. We had approaching category which included meat fish chicken eggs being in milk. We had a starts category that was only present for grains corn row we get a sugar category. And the whole thing with the idea was just how much sugar should you eat Snider remembered in 19100 the average American ate maybe five pounds of sugar a year. It was considered a luxury. That last category with facts and that was basically butter or lard or oil. And they didn't have a lot of the fact we have today there were no venables there was no Wesson in corn oil there was no control it to didn't exist. It was blotter or lark or any other foreign and based oil. How low for example so 1916 they said all you need to deal with he'd buy things eat fat. Eat some amount of grains meats and cheese nuts and seeds beans and milk and eat fruits and vegetables cause there really was there was nothing out guys there was no. NASA grocery story could go to a buy boxed food I didn't did not exist. Interestingly enough I find the unique that fat was a specific category they were told. Eat butter eat animal based fat marred its eat oils. And what's unique is fats does not get any mention as being a food you should eat. At any other point in the history of American diet outside of the 1916. Original recommendations which stood. For a long period of time it wasn't till 1940. That we changed it. So what happens here is this in the US at the time there's a hundred million people we just cracked a hundred million. To the government said we need to teach people how to eat and they said Americans you cheat the following Bruton decimals proteins cheese meat fish nuts and seeds and beans. Hasn't starches like grains suites have some corn have some suites a little tiny bits and dried fruits is mostly what they talked about in 1916. Again remember there was no candied it was an a lot of this stuff. Like there is today and had a category for a fact which is you guys know when I talk about a lot of this this is though raw American diet the way we should eat. Now what's unique about the original 1960 recommendations that they did not say. Half five servings of this have to serve in did this the government just said eat what ever you wind. As long as it's in these categories only. Fruits and vegetables nuts and seeds and fish chicken beef meat to tetra. Wheat corn rice suites and butter and lard very simple. Now you look at the death rates of the what we now have cancer heart disease diabetes. Guys is almost nonexistent. There is no historical document to data in the 191019151916. Of the obesity rates in America. Which just tends to me it wasn't a problem so we never tracked it. Number two diabetes. Was monitored but it was less than 1% of the entire population. Heart disease. The number of deaths in the 1910s. Was about 8% of the total population very low amount. So then what happened was in the 1940s and fifties. There was of course World War II we industrial agricultural allies to America we became this massive producer of corn and rice and wheat and soy and Oates. To try to feed the soldiers. The government started sand listened and we don't all this stuff evolves crops what are we gonna do with all the stuff the war's over. And we've massively wrapped up food production for soldiers. So let's make a new food plan and also in the 1940s what's unique is necessary to recognize that heart disease was getting a little out of hand. It wasn't because of the fact we were eating so much to bargain butter like they wanted us to think what we discovered was American sugar consumption started decline. In 1916 the average American ate less then one pound of sugar. But 1930 it was less than five pounds of sugar by 1940 was getting to the ten to fifteen to twenty pounds of sugar per person. There was an article published. By Harvard that found out that sugar actually was the cause of heart disease. So the plaques the clots all the stuff that was crazy heart disease was from sugar the problem is. The American food industry that ramping up production was making all these food products that are sugar corn rice wheat soy oats except trip. And the government was gonna say we want people to eat this stuff. But if it causes the heart disease we got a problem so they hired eight American medical association group. To come up with a recommendation to say hey guys. It's fact they causes heart disease not sugar. So in the forties and fifties we pulled fat from the list we said no do not eat any fat. Go ahead and eat fruits and seeds and nuts investor bullseye stuff but don't need any facts and in 1940. Food recommendation came out. Was called the guide to eating basic seven. And they focused on the yellow and green vegetables. Colored vegetables like red and orange of these this effect which included some fruits. And they said potatoes get their own category. Grains get to its own category meet skated down categories that they created what's known as the seven categories food recommendations the United States. One of the categories was blotter because a lot of people still they butter but they removed a large. They removed other things they introduce something called margarine which is a vegetable based sort of butter substitute. A martyr and entered the scene in the 1940s. And so did the idea of categorizing things out beyond just the initial five they got rid of the facts replace them with butter and plant based facts. And here's the unique thing. The statistics. In 1940. Odd things like cancer or heart disease diabetes starting climbing drastically. What we started to see was that diabetes started to show its ugly head in the neighborhood of double leaned in went from 1% still only. Two and a half percent it doesn't sound like a lot but guys that's twice the amount. If you have two times rise in diabetes in just 1015 years yes they're talking about that. Cancer. Was really starting to present itself throughout his time frame. In the 1940s the incidence rates of cancer in the United States was about one. Out of every 100000 people. Very low today you're looking at a bouts. Ten out of every 100000 so it's a ten top ten times increasing cancer since 1940s. The obesity rates the number of Americans that were obese were less than 5% 94 is a member in 1910 it was like less than 2%. So we doubled our obesity rates heart disease started climbing diabetes started climbing obesity start climbing so the unique thing is we pulled out. Animal based bats we added grains into the diet we I started CN ET's plant based fats margarine. And not plant based oils and we started getting sick. Now what's unique is the American Medical Association is also sand heart disease is climbing so we've got to somehow come up with the diet to recommend. So they said okay here's organ duke school low fat. Hi car. Moderate protein diets and in the 1950s. The new guide came out it was called a daily guide for food and fitness. 1956. The basic four may be some of you remember this it was day for food group recommendation. And what was had was they general concept for the first time ever in history guys got to remember they've never told us how much we should eat. Until 1956 they said I've got four groups that I want Americans to focus on. That was not one of the groups because they said back kills people we got to pull fat out remember this is a lie. This is the American Medical Association recognizing. By research that sugar causes heart disease diabetes also stuff and they said. We can't let American know it's sugar will told it's fat the government came along has said fine we'll take that off the group 1956. Food preparedness a daily guide you should have milk. ECB meets shift fruits and vegetables and she'd breads and this is the first time ever they say here's how much you should eat. And adults yet two cups of milk they seat two servings of meat. Bishop four servings of fruits and vegetables but Jeff four servings of Brett guys this is when right bear cub boom. Disease starts taking off when I come back this next regular show you why it took off like crazy from this. And I want shooters dead if we go back to the regional American diet 1916. The fabulous five the original five food groups you'll heal yourself. You'll not get sick like we are today. And they show you how to do delivered turn and guys who found only six my goodness they flew out of here six tickets remain for free. Now becoming destroying diabetes seminar in his next Saturday the 23 11 AM. As a holiday and express you want these tickets called right now 7049062094. Seven afford 906209. Forced gas are ourselves we'll be right back and. Okay. Marat a happy afternoon. 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Force the phone's ringing so I think unfortunately both summer gone by. Keep calling because who knows maybe someone else to cancel. So are talking about is this philosophy. Of can we eat our way out of disease is the American recommendations. Forward dietary response. Incorrect has the government been playing around with our foods and making us sick. The answer unfortunately is yes if you're just tuning and I talked about the 1916. USDA food for young children guide. The first ever historical document of the government saying here's how you should beat. I talked about how in the 1940s because of World War II we ramp up production of grains. So the USDA said wait a second let's make a new diet recommendation. And let's pull fat. Blotter and large. And tell people eat margarine and vegetable oil 1940 that was pushed out the knack guideline lasted until 1955 because what was happening is. Heart disease with climbing drastically it went from less than 8%. All the way up to almost 14% of people dying from heart attack the United States. Then will we did was ansari 33% went from 9% to 33%. So of course America's freaking out what caused knows heart disease. To the USDA in DNA got together and they said it's it's fat instead in 1956. The first official. Let's fix health care guide came out called food preparedness a daily guide for food intake. Four groups milk meat bread fruit vegetables or fruit and vegetables were into one group if you're what's on FaceBook life I squeezed my. Some in my first finger together for groups. This is the first time they ever said how much seat we are supposed to drink two cups of milk. Eat two servings of meat eat four servings of fruits and vegetables and have four serving to break guys that was for the whole day by the way. Most of you today are doing that just for breakfast alone. And when I say meet the needs proteins two servings of proteins to exit was at its all throughout the whole day. Two glasses of milk two pieces of toast if for fruits and vegetables they said you need to out wait you're gonna be super healthy. US know the history of the American health care is that we got really really sick. They changed it again in 1979 because they said oh my gosh it's not working and we're all we're word like exploding from heart disease. Diabetes now in the 1970s the with climbing drastically. Cut it went all the way from the mid call my graph for quick it went all the way from being less than 1% in the 1910s. To climbing up in 1950 to 2% now or at 1978 it was at 3% says this is exponential climbing diabetes is getting worse. Cancer is getting worse in the 1910s. Cancer was less than one out of every 100000 people. Now in the 1970s with a minute to double to do it doesn't sound like a lot but you look at today were at like ten. So it's literally climbing like crazy after the recommendation by the government was okay we're gonna have to change this and we had to say. Here's exactly we should start eating to fix heart disease. And the crazy thing is I gotta I gotta take about a like commitment ex commercial break. I will let the secret out of bag they said we want Americans eat lots not to greens the grain consumption quadrupled. In the 1970s. And that's what caused so much of our heart disease diabetes cancer obesity comment tell you what they did and how to combat that when I come back this next commercial break. If I have any tickets left because my mouth manager hasn't text me back. You might sought a chance seven afford 9062094. Guests are turned show we'll be right back. Good afternoon pat Saturday teal and yes I turns no basis or not said this season is definitely be separate audio problems somehow stuck Charron Ernst. Today we're talking about the history of the American food recommendations from the United States Department of Agriculture. Leader Justine and I spent the time atop the are talking about in 1916. Regional recommendations for food intake and how at the time. We were not dying from the disease is we are today we were getting sick from infectious diseases typhoid fever whipping cough diphtheria. Scarlet fever yellow fever accent trip. And as we progress through you know Europe is. We went for the 1920s cited there is 1940s there was no major food recommendation changes until 1940. When the government put out its first ever guide to healthy eating there were 72 groups one of which included a new. I'll call it food group on the scene. Plant based vegetable oils before that we were told lead butter and lard an animal fats as if they were the healthiest thing on this planet. I don't know if you guys I mean I obviously was around in 1910. But one of my great grandparents was. And I remember her telling me how they used to sit down and literally eat fat is like a fat stack he was just basically solid fat they would slicing and put mustard on in ED directly. It was considered a delicacy to have this type stuff. Today we will be shot dead if we eight straight bats off of animal most of us would say a banana I cut that stuff off and throw at all away. See that's because you've bought into the American lied at fat causes disease where did that lie come from well in 1940s the second guidance came out. That said down again and eat these seven foods and one of the seven food groups was vegetable based oils. And we started getting really sick at heart disease Terry kinda like crazy. So in the fifties the American government put out to what's known as the daily food guide it was the first ever food guide. Four groups. And this is the first time they ever said here's exactly how much she she beat. And I talked about this with somebody you message me over the last break. They said wait a second 1950s we were only told eat to serving the protein to everything milk four servings of fruits and vegetables. And two servings or four servings of so grains that literally is how much I had for lunch yes OK we were we didn't eat a lot of food back in the fifties and sixties. In obesity was still really really low so where did they shift take place that really wrecked American health became. There was a new guidelines put out in the 1970s. And it was called the daily food guide. And it was basically American government sand wait a second we need to put the fat back into the group. Because we recognize bats are healthy to member in the 1970s. We started adding fat back but we were really heavily pushing vegetable fats not the original stats which is butter and animal fats because in the 1950s. Have. Daily food guides said no fat at all don't eat any fat stay as far away from as you can't because we thought that cause heart disease. Tonight he said he can't around the guys you remember a day it was only here for about ten years. The hassle free daily food guide you can Google if you want. Instead we're supposed to eat several servings of fruits several servings of grains for two servings of milk. Two servings of meets and they said has some bats they keep it slightly low so we we still put that back but we started say don't need a lot of it. Well then heart disease is really climbing like crazy in not got to the point where in the United States we were rained keen. Close to having heart disease be in the number one killer cancer heart he can't argue is always those two diabetes in the 1970s the start to climb up to three to 4% of the population remember in the 1910s. It was less than 1%. So here we are in the current model which is 1971. Diabetes is that 3% heart disease is climbing obesity is pushing now almost 15% of the culture. Again remember in the 1910s it was so low nobody reported it. And the government and American medical city of San we've got to do something so what they did was they came out with a new concept called the food we'll. 1984 it was produced it was called the food Wheeler says here's who wants to do what you visualize your day as a plate. And we once he eat the following up guys right here is when we went really south fast. This is the explosion. A diabetes from 3% now up to 10%. The explosion of cancer from again. Five to 10% pushing now almost to the neighborhood of thirty to 40% of people. The food wheel of 94 said eat seven men 20 lead then sorry six to eleven servings of grains. We have heavy heavy heavy pushed breads and cereals. Everything else stayed almost the same. 24 servings of fruit two to four servings of vegetables two to three servings of proteins. And have your two glasses of milk so what was the big shift in the 1970 grains and 1980s grains grain grain drained grains grain grades. Six to eleven servings of grains. The only reason this guy didn't even last for 56 years is because Americans said this is way too complicated it's aids. Graphically I don't understand it's I know you guys can't see it scroll below the video you'll see the post go to our stock cars dot com you can read my article about it. But this this real with supposed to be what you ate for the date six servings of bread at the minimum eleven ideal. Two to four servings of fruits three to five servings of vegetables we expanded we said eat a ton of fruit. And eat a lot of grains and need a lot of fruits and vegetables and don't need a lot of meets his red meat causes heart disease don't need a lot of fat because the cause of heart disease. Stay on the dairy though because we're America we produce a lot of milk. And now 1980. We cracked the 25%. Obesity rates. We started cracked in neat the rate of five to 7% of Americans having diabetes guys it's just skyrocketed. So then again we're like now or in the ninety's we thought we know everything so we Caleb with what was the most famous most you pry remember this member of the food pyramid. The one where at the bottom it was bred and then it said fruits investor bulls and it above it it said milk and eat yogurt and cheese and and and meets. At the very top it was like. Fat again no fat. Lots of greens the idea was people were confused with the plate so they said let's just show people what's in your foundation look like he should foundational eat lots of bread. Rice impostor in cereal how many a less than serbians with the recommendation. That the Mac six that the minimum. Then you spoke CE two to four cups of fruits and two to four cups of vegetables. Two servings of proteins by the way one egg was considered one protein so you get to eggs for the date so they're going forty proteins. Dole needs facts what did you have have banana sandwich could have a broccoli sandwich this to have Bradley key times impostor. And again what happened. Sicker and sicker and sicker so in 2011. Left government I think said finally enough is enough. Let's go back to a plate. And let's go back to the fight food groups of the nineteen sixteen's the only problem is is that their plate says tons and tons of grains. Guys in 1916 the grain recommendation was may be at the tops. Two slices of bread for the whole day. What filled in the gap fact. Protein. Vegetables they weren't drinking dairy as their primary. Consumption source because it was expensive it was hard to get. You add the milk your own cows that took a lot of times so they drank mostly water coffee antique. OK so now 2011 what was called my fleet came out maybe some you remember this the might plate look like a circle plate. And had a glass of dairy at the top. And instead eat a lot of grains and a lot of vegetables. Don't you a lot of fruits and how many fruits you eat eat the same amount of proteins. But what they did was they said let's stop telling Americans how much seat on the guides because apparently nobody can understand the math. And they recommended for the first time in history of America go to a web site. The web service called choose my plate dot gov. It what you're supposed to do is you're supposed to go I'm gonna go to web site and that type and how old I am and that type in a common male or female. I'm gonna read 8000 articles it's gonna tell me restless equal nobody did it. So what have we been doing for the last century almost. We've been eating. The food guide that you grew up went okay. I grew up primarily learning how to eat in the 1980s and 1990s I remember the food we'll do you guys remember this. I remember the food pyramid so firm maybe. All I know. Is he locked the grains eat for the vegetables don't you know artifacts. But I never updated my bandit mad background nutritional knowledge to gul will what does science say. What does the research today. Now if you're a millennial and you grew up in 20102011. If you're in high school at this period of time frame you grow up with the choose my plate which said. We don't know much since post seats. We're just supposed to eat as healthy as we can whole grain and wild rice vegetables are good so eat some fruits are good to eat them. Pro team like red meat causes heart disease so don't need it. What am I supposed to drink with breakfast milk. Because the dairy industries plastered all over all the athletes have milk mustache is so guess how to be an athlete I'll drink milk because he what happens. Now here we are today in 2018. And there is still. The initial recommendations. The only difference is is it is now called. What's the name for this thing. The new guide is called choose my plate again it's the one that came on 2011. And what they're saying is is look look. It's so complicated. And your so unique you've got to go to a website she's likely dot gov. And you have to read it yet to get like a Ph.D. in nutrition to know your split seats I'm here to tell you all of this is making things worse. Cancer today is higher than it has ever been before in the history of America diabetes is pushing 10% of the population. Obesity is over 35%. Of Americans guys that's one out of every four people practically are overweight. And I'm not talking like I need to lose ten pounds I thought I need to lose like fifty to a hundred pounds. It all started skyrocketed when you look at the graphs in the 1960s. And 1970s why because that's when we said. That you need to eat not ten lots and lots of grains. OK I've talked about his multiple times. Grains like wheat corn rice soy and oats are making us sick they're making us overweight why they spike our sugars. And sugar causes inflammation. It's not just diabetes by the way sugar causes inflammation inflammation is deep cause. A heart disease cancer diabetes everything else so if you're listening to me right now is here we are today. 2018. June. And you're going I wanna get well I don't wanna take medications I wanna lose weight going to healthy what you need to do is wake up. To the idea that what you have been talked is in correct I promise you you believe the wrong the truth about health. Go back to the 1916. To look and see what their food recommendations war when there was very low cancer heart disease diabetes. Someone is messaging me on FaceBook San doctor aren't the problem is today. The reason that there was no heart disease we couldn't detect it we couldn't find it possibly but they even still we had medical doctors back then. We were dying from disease. Communicable styles. Pneumonia. Diphtheria measles the stature the census in 1910 which I have which I'm gonna post you guys showed the causes of death. Cancer is on the list heart disease is on the list is extremely low. So here we are today and what we're doing is we're eating ourselves into sickness. We are letting a government who knows nothing about how. Tell us how to be healthy. We're letting our medical system who might be really good at getting rid of infections. Because this not about Cuba at the last time I caught dip theory it was never the last summit got sick was never. So what we have is a health care system that is literally. Bankrupting America making us sick killing us fallen at the parts. And I have a curious question don't have to thirteen minutes. So what we need to do is this apparent emirate announced time. We need you to become your doctor you have to take it actually stepped call my phone lines and come to one in my event 7049062094. 70490620. -- for hop on over to FaceBook dot com because I have form at the fund which is live time for you. Gas stocks surged out thanks for joining us are proceeding as next week.