Budget Talks, NFL, and Charlotte Growth

John Hancock
Wednesday, February 7th

Hancock discusses the next looming budget showdown, the NFL, growth in Charlotte and more!


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This is John Hancock. And your idea of hell. Have they know how bad did help would be one. Hey besides video president beat. Good news. Dawkins doesn't play goes over the I have. Big favorites taking place as we speak on the on the house floor and in Washington where Nancy Pelosi has been speaking since 10 o'clock that. This morning. That would be my idea of well maybe not a hell but it would certainly be. Back there and be my definition of tech very ago. She Nancy is that a congress is getting closer to avoiding another shut down later this week and the senator earlier today announced that they have sealed a agreement around two year. Budget pact that would. Well not only give the Pentagon a ton of money but also domestic programs about 300 billion dollars above vote existing limits and both those cases. Com and so that that that gives the GOP good defense talks what they want they of the Pentagon stuff. And it gives Democrats. Some of what they wanted with never struck corporate projects and opiate abuse of money and so on and so foresaw. They'll take better agreement and they'll add that to the stopgap spending bill that the house passed yesterday. And hopefully avert a government shut down which is set to. Go at midnight tomorrow Thursday night at midnight but. These one obstacle that they seem to have two other hurdle that they have to overcome is house leader Nancy Pelosi of California. I was opposed to the budget measure and less. The house GOP leaders promised to vote on legislation to protect. A dreamer immigrants. Which is kind of what stopped the first government shutdown. Is that McConnell agreed to it but it drove to a vote. And senate Democrats say head down. And got a drop their strategy of using that funding fight to extract concessions on. On immigration. Schumer. Oh win with a deal that would give you know would get dead tens of billions of dollars for other priorities. And then all of that they solve the immigration impasse later which are gonna have to at some point. March 5 visit the fifth that's the very were deal is up the docket deals up. And even though they've both said this week that there that that would mean that they Amir earlier going after these are kids. To deport him. They ran its key date. So on the plan that they're talking about right now also contains about ninety billion dollars in overdue you disaster. Aid for. Texas and Florida and Puerto Rico and it also increases the government's borrowing cap to prevent a first ever default of the US obligations looms in just a few weeks. So that's the compromise but Nancy Pelosi not happy about it and she's been on the senate floor now are the house floor now talking about it since the 10 o'clock. And I I guess I wouldn't even are no match. Except SR up on the TV screen. And she was not facing the microphone she was. And I would could hear the audio but she was being. I don't know what she was being she was either being talked to from behind irbe looter or not she was. But she kept on turnaround eventually grew country's paper and she talked for a while Majid turn around a look behind her and react to something or other enough so anyway I'm Nancy Pelosi is. So I am really thought about our old buddy or Jason Lewis who is a member of the house. Who all last week had a concussion on neo train accident and now has to sit in the and the house chambers and no it wasn't Nancy Pelosi announced again he's got everything you do yourself all Guyton who would do we go back to West Virginia later failed for a few hours. It's. So why you are also were all that goes. There may be a developments on that as the afternoon goes on hey there hi there weather whereas Wednesday as we can be. There may go and enjoy the rain. Up from what I can see on doppler radar we may be at the end of this for us to the east of Charlotte into the south of Charlotte it looks like you're still get an awful lot of rain. But it looks like it's about to let up here although I've got another I've got to do radar screens in here on and one of them is just worthless. I'm just say it's no wider span on a but I can't quite see really what's going on you know backside a Spartan burger or anything like that in the other one coming in exit. There is a Spartanburg up there we're says 55. And a okay. So it looks pretty clear are coming from mom or west to east. It looks like the bid to brunt of the storm is can I don't wanna be the National Weather Service because as soon as I say that puzzle build up someplace and no it'll start rated again but don't. Have we got an edge do you think we've got an inch does seem like we've had that much rain doesn't. I was up this morning at two I don't know 615 or so much that taken the trash out. Mom. Woke up about 6 o'clock. Looked out on back deck. By turn on the floodlights on the back deck accuracy whether or not it's raining or not who had not rained at 6 o'clock this morning it had not rained there was like a few drops out there. But as I was Wheeler in the trash can bin down the road. To the street. Which is a pretty good dual track. Have a makers. The rain had picked up considerably and very in the two minutes it took me to get out to the garage and grabbed a big good that the big bill. And then bad and and arrange a pretty good stretch but it just didn't seem like we've gotten. It didn't seem like an inch or rain is and that's a pretty good rainstorm. So they weren't. Amtrak's not have a good weekend another mishap yesterday I train spared a high speed data train cars separated bullet traveling in Maryland. If you have been on an Amtrak train and there were people on these two cars. There have been untrained. Rio walk from one card the other wallets in motion and you go through that one lol you know that that one little section in between the two cars and it using has some kind of accordion like something or rather are around it but I mean of course it's separated bust on you were there would have been like one of those cartoons split things you know. Nobody's heard as far as I know on this for high speed Amtrak train bound for Boston had two of its cars separate. Early yesterday while traveling through Maryland latest in a series of accidents affecting the the a passenger rail carrier it when arrays of course. Not so sure people are going to be are too crazy about your non not M truck right now. Just seems like go they just had no one headline after the other headline after another headline they're not getting any positive have laws that Ilan my skills. Well with his falcon heavy. Rocket that blasted off yesterday. And that red Tesla sports car. Do you see this. Which is apparently got to travel around speech in know must said the car could be traveling between earth and Mars the senate these. For a billion years. Now I guess my question is in what condition. How long does that pay last how long does anything in that car last. And billion years c'mon. Would you figure at some point. Somebody is going to have the technology some world whether it's us or some other. They've been there forever they just have discovered a whole bunch of new planets in our forever discovering new galaxies and so on and so forth don't you figured some point there will be some sort of super genius maybe it'll be ups. They'll go out there and UA. Space audit. Clean all the crap out of the and into one of those things could be a very used Tesla. But for the time being. It's pretty cool the pictures of that are pretty cool with what's there what they call the guy in that space. Now that they've got a guy they. Mannequin or something I'm dressed in a white suit sitting behind the drivers so we all of its it's or its convertible Tesla. Read. And do it baby you know they showed pictures of it with earth in the background I mean. If you got as much money is Elon Musk does I guess. Just the picture alone just the video alone was probably your worth the effort to the boosters which were a recycled from previous launches returned minutes after lift off of you seen that. Rule launchers come back down and got Ed I mean like tail first and come back out and land and they and the two. Did did yesterday. It almost didn't choreographed at the same time came down together and and ray it and read. It put himself back on the pad. That's unbelievable I mean if you're gonna get a conspiracy theory and say something it didn't happen. That would be the one that you would think would be staged. The third booster missed a floating the landing platform in the Atlantic and was destroyed sort wasn't perfect day but it is a pretty cool day the rocket with the Tesla car. Is intended for an orbit around the sun. An oval circuit from the orbit of earth. On no one end of the orbit and then Mars on the other and expected to reach the vicinity of Mars in about six months. So if there is life on Mars and all the all the sudden they look up in the sky there's. You know mr. space man and as well white suit. Cruiser and a red convertible. I read on what happens then more space people assay and beach boy songs are so. You would think Cadillac. I. Nancy can you repeat that part of this stuff. Wait you said all about sings yeah. Back in the beginning middle maybe another five hours. If you need me will be. In the capital grille. Or someplace. Problem. I'm not avoiding a Marty attorney thing I don't know what to say about it. Into the stupidest thing I've ever seen in my life. Now is you know every year you never know about I mean I've known Marty for a long long time. We've had a money or did a weekly show with him for a long long time I considered to be your friend so loved it but it is the stupidest thing ever. In the midst of all of that the you have Josh McDaniel deal were yesterday they announced that they had taken the job is the Indianapolis Colts knew. Coach. And I mean as far as we knew that was a done deal in my understanding from Washington YouTube last night is that his offensive coordinator and a defensive coordinator pics of bars and signed to contracts there there at the facility work. So there's the there there aren't area and whoever the new coaches is giving end up with those guys love you know. But I don't get that all of apparently Josh McDaniel. Went into the Marty dirty stuff after we come out of the 330 news for a lot to say about it I. Be it did seems to me. And listen I'm Bob I'm operating from such a distance that. But it seems media. Pretty pretty odd it is. Jim Warren who is Charlotte attorney who represented Marty and part of his divorce case. Had a quota the article that was written by Joseph person and not. Michael Gordon. This morning. Well online last night. Who said of the complaint it would appear to have been done at a time to inflict the most damage to Marty yeah you think. They were all in interviewing. Candidates. To become the GM of the team and Marty is front runner and all of that he's the interim. But is considered to be a leader in the club house literally. And they were interviewing candidates last week. And I would assume that sometime middle February or thereabouts they would do a name somebody used their general managers saw this a timing on this seems like it is it just seems like a woman scorned to me. Feeling the wrath of some really bad timing. I can't tell you go home and decent man I think Marty Ernie is. Brought Ron Rivera I'm sure would tell you the same thing. And I can't. I can't think of anybody that's ever dealt within that would say anything different. But anyway that just seemed weird and Josh McDaniels. Just basically says no arms stay in a New England last night after having met with bella check and I guess Robert Kraft the owner. Strange days indeed. The. New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniel takes the job but the Indianapolis Colts. And then not on the day that he's named the coach. Actually on the night he's named the coach during the day. He resentments and no decides to stay Aureus which is offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots. The he arrived at Gillette Stadium on a Tuesday with the intention of our cleaning out his office. To become the colts head coach. And apparently had it'd talk with bill bill at check. And they expressed a willingness to take his mentor shipped to an even higher level than he's so plays so far. Bella checked according to. Espn.com. Told mcdaniels that he would spend more time with him on the inner workings of the patriots including a roster construction. And salary cap management. Which was viewed as extremely valuable to a mcdaniels. And the other part of that. Eight ultimately lead do being part of the succession plan for a bella check no assurances they claim were made to McDaniel on know that standpoint. Belichick's been their freight juniors or 65 years old he's got a good Super Bowls five wins under his belt. And then another part of that which most of you could do it should be able to relate to what was hit McDaniel Sam. As eight got a long term contractual commitment and that gives him with four children who are 12106. And three. A chance to say in the same school system for an extended period of time. I'm I think that's pretty cool but as somebody who moved around a lot I also understand the benefits of that having done. Of having to go through that is acute. I think it may mean. I'm more able. As they life navigator. I to adjust to circumstances and as it turned out. For the first warning years in my radio career I spent. Added got a lot of travel in six states before I got here. And and enjoy I think to some extent it allowed me the ability to know how to do that or to. Survive. With that many changes in that many locales and and so on and so forth. But I just had this conversation with our new program record you're just moved here from Los Angeles and he's got small kids and they'll be moving out here after the school year. And we were talking briefly about that whereas ultimately it's really tough on kids because they've establish their friends under collects and noticed that the others but on the other hand. Torres really grueling as it is at that at that particular time I think it I think there's some advantages to it. I'm in the long run in netted did teach you how to adjust and. To get to Asia all sorts of what qualities. So mcdaniels backs out of deal last minute to become the Annapolis new coach last at the last minute yesterday and actually bully beyond the last minute yesterday if the reports or heard last night if the colts offensive coordinator defensive coordinator are already hand picked by McDaniel unsealed. And no Indianapolis and now also in the coaching government. And the new coach is gonna end up with. No say so essentially in the offensive and defensive coordinator and if I think that's the way I heard it last night. Nicole so they were surprised and disappointed. Indianapolis has been sit around for the last 22. But without a coach currently employees for next season was don't have a coach in place for next season. They were right now and adjudged a Daniel we knew Detroit was doing that as well with the defensive coordinator for the patriots he took the job. And and like I say assistant coaches who have already been hired specifically to work with the David Daniels and also now. Josh is stated New England. Now. As good dude do you. I'll let you pay a part time Denver Broncos fan of Oregon through the Josh McDaniels. A soap opera. And know quite frankly you can have him but it is an offensive coordinators from him pretty darn good there and. But here's my question deal. Beyond anything like that. If you ever accepted a gig and then immediately are almost immediately backed out of it I have you ever actually started a job. And then left. I've never actually started a job and then left but IA had program director that worked a radio station that I worked at in Denver. Who came in and hung out for four days and then when Monday rolled along. He went mirror. And we were told by the staff that he had decided to go back to his old radio station that distinctions seem longer good fifth or something along those lines. That was pretty bizarre. And I except Indy our job in 1996. In Portland Oregon. And been here for six years. And Portland Oregon called me out of the blue. And said would you be interest and and interviewing and I. I've got going back west at that particular times in my property interest to no prospect in Portland school and organs cool and plus you're always flattered to be asked. And so I flew out on a Saturday. Covert operation. Flew out on a Saturday morning to a Portland Oregon and interviewed had dinner with them out there on a Saturday night jumped a plane on Sunday morning flew back here. And on Sunday night accepted the job. Was can do nine to noon. To Letterman David collars up there. Think it was a three letter call. And. And by the time Monday morning rolled along. I could see in my L wide side is that she wasn't crazy about this idea at all and I had always kind of made a commitment to my stepson somebody used that word here 'cause I. They're dead lizard Charlotte. And he's good guy he's a good dad is great debt. And I guess I had always kind of don't think that I ever sat there and actually put down the law but I know it's a kind of set I'm not I will do everything I can not to ever take. The suns away from the father. And if you know it would have been wanting to go to Nashville Tennessee or something like that where you are still heads pretty good access. But Portland Oregon to Charlotte is a it is hardly access. So I called them up on a Monday morning and set on not coming. And they understood my reasoning and and that was that so long as it turned out I stayed here for another two and a half years in and another left for a while and came back. And it's it's funny how situations like that turn out the way pitchers they're supposed to be. Can imagine having made any other decision considering how things turned out for me here Charl. When when I got fired at the end on my time out from WBT I had accepted a job are come pretty close to it in Little Rock, Arkansas. I got fired from the end and I could not find a gimmick and the idea of coming back to WBT was so foreign to me I couldn't even know I think about it in fact the current program director had a offered me a job. But I do and nights here. But told me no chance of advancement ever. As senator beg your pardon and he said no chance of advancement ever. And as of levers a long long time. Thought about this at the hall of fame deal switched our last year because. I did get bill ultimately did take that job after Ryan acceptable Little Rock show Arkansas job and same thing couldn't take the boys away from their dead. And and then looked in my life size in just knew her good she would grow crazy about going to little rock and quite frankly I wouldn't to cruise about going to Little Rock either first mighty. I don't Iraq's cruel place. But a smaller market and all I can stuff. So loud so I have taken gigs before and but but didn't immediately said no I'm not coming and know. But I never walked into a building nor I've never left somebody on the line for like three weeks 42 days. So I'm curious 704571110. Have you ever taken a job and an almost immediately decided not to accept it. Or have you ever actually showed up for a job and after two or three it is said to yourself. Wow this is not what I thought it was going to be at all and bailed on 7045711. City until eleven general Steve we gotta be fighters on now what. We just heard Daniel backed out of the colts coaching job last night stand with the patriots were asking have you ever taken a gig and immediately are almost immediately backed out of there or ever actually started the job. And know that left 7045711. Did Romeo take public calls your David starts us off on WB TA David. Major Payer approach Nate thank you for college so I tell your story. Well if so far eight or nine years to our Ali you know one of the local massive infusion company. And they verbally told our sellers going to be excellent sellers and it. Or Russia. They learn a billion. Genre. Probably assumed that there are also paperwork and then they the department presented it was its first half of the salary that they probably told me over the summer and. Wow not just slightly less half. Yes so like. I don't know I don't know the dominant Internet and so I've told them why and they were like whoa. You know we can try to work on this number and I was looking I was told citizen you've got to show with this so bad. Can't work organization that they treat their employees belly before they're even an actual Torre. And the response they had that you at that point was. Just to have a bit there at the end that I didn't want to accept what they're willing to give me there. That was a problem for me to deal it by air. Now do you know anybody that works so that company and I and have you and in hindsight have you I mean do they I'm just curious as they still appear to be the company that you were. That you were disappointed in our do you have any inside information on how they treat their people. Quote do an idealist by trade so idyllic for prisoners in that company pretty pretty often yeah and the experience that I had worthy or unique or. Rears back and had originally thought. They were also who you know who who when we contributed some sort of there's still he's been. What they are all pertinent. Fit their whole entire HR processes and via email. And phone call and then. Most of it would that the time that was done where you're actually didn't see anybody earlier you they hire you based solely off the phone and email energy. Where you are totally unemployed at the time. I was serious it was right after I got out not long after it got out of military. Now that's tough I mean our yeah did you need gig. And all the sudden be turned down any kind of money is is tough put that on the other hand you got the principle of the thing to go. Yes sir that's that almost bingo is great football matters that. If you're gonna treat me like this now what makes you think you're gonna treat me differently later. Now that's exactly right Al undertaken land on your sheet after that. Well I'm not belong actually indicate that give net job but it's with actually that Robert Downey here and here in Charlotte area so. Found it yet though worked out but it. You know I'm like 4040. Of course. Now it always does always work out a boy that doesn't mean that they don't that the good lord and senior through the wringer in the meantime are to us sometimes either test or help you build character through all that is so has been my analysis of mount. I'm David appreciate call thank you very much on the go lawyers say a lot of Matty and WB TK Matty. And Iran share thanks Colin so tell me your jobs during. Comment I felt and land veterinary technician at felt like I had grown that much like that at the hospital and I looked out for a couple of years. We got to take the job a little bit flustered a home. Run after publishing it on the job I quickly realized that. That kind of medicine they practice certain something that person only agreement I'm but in light you know. Trying to work it out I thought I'd give it a little bit of a chance. I'm after a couple of months I. Didn't think I can do it. I ended up leaving and protecting my manager from hell plate saying hey they can't thank them back into that or what do you wanna be on schedule. When you said they weren't doing the kind of medicine you recover lawyers whether an ethical thing there was. Who who were UN over your head or big kind of explain that to me. Inland. More I get the cloning that they offered to their patient. And. Certain standard you like to achieve and they weren't necessarily have meant. Yes yes I felt it was kind of one of the doctors that are retreating like too much outlined and one of them live under treating or not enough. I'm satellite. The balance within there and I'm just a term that employee standpoint. They didn't treats everywhere he went to as much respect that we thought we deserve that people. I'm and turned out that from somebody has been here for awhile they had 72 people come through the hospital. In and a year plus it'll come and go. Are you by chance with the same people you went back to still yet I am now so it turned out to be a good deal on New York for them now total. A total on the outside now trickle trickle many appreciate your call thank you very much FO. I got about thirty seconds let me go to Rick Rick I got about a half a minute. Talked to me about the job that day you acquit almost immediately. They interim keyboard player not too corny years ago I would get it worked great and ride all the charts now. And go and I'm like hold on the first night. And so what I got the Michigan's. That the equipment up from windows parent checked and it certainly intake there was holes step at a key. And not written how much charged in the key that was only a CFA plus they had changed very pertinent members my only thing in the Burma. And it was a nightmare now so I didn't even play that night in a dip into the night affect me here up I came wrapped in North Carolina. A bit North Carolina Michigan that's a that's a long haul for a disappointing journey. You all are hidden under and you are paying now but Rick I appreciate the golf thank you very much Ganassi guys after 4 o'clock. It's. I think. Do you. And. All right all right where we were last week except for a our citizens and surveys has at all. We're waiting for the classified memo to become unclassified to be sent back to congress so that they can issue a two so that we couldn't find out there right exactly. What went on. With throw stuff in the things. So too technical. Trump said he is likely to approve the release of the democratic memo is today yesterday. Which rebuts the GOP Ed memo that we're waiting on last week about the surveillance tower of the Justice Department. And there's knew we there's new text messages that are out today that are getting some heavy scrutiny. The. Knew he rebuttal the democratic rebuttal wolf pol will be returned to the committee if trumpet does good and do indeed approved the release of an. There's some concern. Primarily from. Represented of Adam Schiff. Top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. He's concerned the White House will make political read actions to be a democratic memo before its release. And that those projections it would be to remove information that they think is unfavorable to the president as opposed to rejections that would be our compromise to national security euros something along those lines so he said that's. Back could be a real problem and that's our main concern at this point but to go on the surface it appears that. That the president will love approves the release of the democratic memo of the House Intelligence Committee voted on a Monday to release via memo with the Democrats ten page document alleges that the GOP memo had used incomplete information to make misleading conclusions about the FBI's application for a surveillance warrant from the former. Trump campaign advisor Carter page. And Nestle C were all that goes but it would be essentially the same timeline now trump has until Friday to block the release of that document which is so still classified and energy and classifies Benadryl is said and I go back congressmen. One of the Intel committee and and they would do would be able to release it and and and and does Sunday morning on television shows would somebody talk about and CNN could be equipped erring on Nancy Pelosi who. I believe is now in to her sixth hour. Of us speaking on the floor of the house. Because. The senate has so struck a deal and that would likely be added to the stopgap spending bill that passed the house yesterday. Bomb and so all of that would avoid another shut down no later this week midnight on Thursday night but Kelso minority leader Nancy Pelosi is not happy. Not necessarily about what it includes but what it doesn't include and she said she'd oppose the budget measure. And bless her chambers GOP leaders promised a vote on legislation protected dreamer immigrants so she started talking this morning at 10:10 o'clock. And it's now after four Scioscia. I believe will say is in her six hour of talking on the house floor. And I don't know exactly all that word spread to I just wanted to. It's Thursday midnight before and are really. So. A man's. Kill the lights if you if you end this thing out sometime overnight territory lives software giant are trying to say the American people's tax money. The democratic leaders earlier dropped their strategy of using the federal flight to extract concessions on immigration so that's where Nancy got to unhappy. Schumer Chuck Schumer the Senate Minority Leader of I decided I guess to go to would deal that would get lots of money for other priorities. And then work on that immigration impasse later on. Diaz said it planned also contains about ninety billion dollars in overdue disaster arrayed for a places like Texas and Florida where they got just slammed by hurricanes and I'm Puerto Rico to go. And it would also increase the government's borrowing camp to prevent today. A default of US obligations until looms in just a few weeks should be first time we ever did down. So why NASA is on the flora talking men the ascendant and I also appeared to have put him up was sort of sort of a short term deal to world. To avoid another shut down no unknown Thursday night it to midnight the other story that general running around a Washington right now is that the trust that the president has sub. Floated the idea of failed military parade. And and there's some adjusting of feedback on that. Especially from those who are blaming the president of grandstanding her. Double quotes in here that are abused culture within just a second. But the president saw operate in France. Which by the way is a tradition. The steel day they do and every year. And he wants a parade. He says I want a parade like the one in France see what he wants to stage a military parade later this year. And up plans apparently are under way according to the Pentagon to do just that the idea drawing all kinds of reaction. In favor. In the national review today. Count David French. Among those in favor he it tweets up in the more than sixteen years since 9/11 our military has. One. Toppled the Taliban. Toppled Saddam. Defeated the ice is calibrated in I racquets Syria. Endured years of grinding deployments while fighting with honor. I'm fine with a parade. And then you have Priscilla is over at CNN and he hit a common point in an op Ed piece that he wrote out making the case that any parade were just pretty much be all about Trump's ego. And there's a democratic representative who actually has the best quote of all if you budgets like you or your politics. And his quote which has gotten wide circulation Jackie Speier. Her quote skews may have. Is that quote we have a Napoleon in the making here close quote that came from the business insider. So the little man with a little hands. Just wants to. Stand over it is big military and I mean that's essentially her. The last national. Military parade was in 1991. Happened under George George H. W. Bush. And it was windy a desert storm troops celebrated victory in the Persian gulf war and they did it on constitution avenue reducing. And. If the conservative power line blog there's a guy by the name of John. Hidden der acre. And he wrote today that trump has a unique ability to make a liberal heads explode it. And he does. And the opposed suggest that the parade idea is the president's greatest troll ever. Any prediction liberals will go into a Tizzy well laurel America's wall wondering what's wrong with a parade. So I guess that must make me a normal overall American 'cause I don't wonder what's wrong with a breadth. And isn't being done for image and isn't being done for the president and yeah probably. But I don't know love Panera Bread but the military out there and I get a lot of digits for the military and no soul and so forth dozens embargo on a bad idea to me. Maybe may be a day invokes many of us do was start telling people thank you for your service agreement or walking down the quarters the airport concourses and so on and so for the military is a it is a rarity and an institution. Generally held in high regard by Americans and that would be across the political spectrum according to the economist today. And so. Democrats are Wyden are walking a fairly thin ice when they oppose the idea of LA. Vote of our military parade because that they come off as anti military. Welcome to vivid and Jonathan Friedland of the guy of the guardian talks about that he said Fox News the Republicans in the conservative media industrial complex will waste no time in saying that the parade. Is a celebration of troops and therefore any critic. Is really criticizing quote the young men and women who heroically defend American freedom and put themselves in harm's way or words to that effect so. It's he'd do you need to oppose it. Our could be. Pretty treacherous. But the president wants bread. Military parade and apparently pentagon is is working on that. Our Josh McDaniel backing out of the Indianapolis Colts job last night effort essentially accepted the job his picks for offensive and defensive coordinator signed sealed and in house. So they'll have a different coach but not Josh McDaniel his stand in new England and we are asked. And got a few phone calls of people who had accepted jobs and and either left before they. Showed up well Amelio lower and actually started. And and they decided no I'm in the wrong place. I know it's a radio people in my time low in fact there was a guy in Fort Collins really young in my career that commanders to program director does sort of been like the second station I ever worked out so I was like part time so it didn't affect me a great deal but. He came in it was the PD for about two days and then yo if it's never showed up again. Shunned his paycheck in the whole nine yards although I doubt that that was a huge amount. Given that markets lesson and so and so forth. And guided LE VT dot com last year after taking teams to the NCAA tournament many of you remember this. Winter basketball. Coach Eric Kelsey except to head coaching job you mess he was essentially signed sealed and delivered with a 4 PM news conference. On now march the 23 to announce him as the new UMass head coach she literally called the US CD 35 minutes before the press conferences and he'd changed his mind true story. Says the email or. David not a good look for either side in my opinion. No one's sure of what you say yes I guess you're supposed to kind of no follow through although it is sometimes from. Sometimes era family. What happened to me what Theo Portland jobs that I've accepted in 96 and and called them a bit more next morning I accepted it on a Sunday night and I've turned down on Monday morning. It just became obvious to me that my wife's heart wasn't in it and that taken. Her two sons. Away from their real father who lives here in Charlotte. Was the wrong thing to do when. A guy I guess I kind of got caught up in the exuberance of being wanted. Things were going unbelievably well for me here in our Charlotte and 96 and and all the sudden have a another big market radio station Portland and it was Weston it was. But just to be want it I guess this guy kind of its own. Aphrodisiac in its own note in its own way. So I figure their there was great article last night that it's been around for a couple of weeks now had cut out and I just never had gotten during talked about Charlotte's growth boom. And I've always remembered my body bury wolfman when he opened up wolfman pizza here they drove through town on their way to Charleston but they came through our guests on no 77 minutes on their way through Charlotte. They noticed all the cranes. And and they decided wow. That's a city that's growing. And if I if I remember the story correctly. They stopped and stayed overnight in kind of checked out Charlotte I'm not so sure they ever made it to Charleston. They decided almost a mile that they were gonna bring their California style pizza. Our restaurants to our Charlotte and they still exist they it and have been owned by Barry for a long long time but to have. When he brought that concept here that we had never seen anything like it to pineapple on pizza and and and so on and so forth when you are growth. I know them one of the main themes that we had in the ninety's was Charlotte was growing can do city. But you better be careful what you wish for you might just get in my hometown no I don't state or Colorado Denver always wanted to I grew up in Denver a Denver always wanted to grow Denver always wanted to be like Denver was. A lot like Charlotte has been known whether a city with a giant inferiority complex and so if somebody came through what I've I've always use this is an example that. I remember the New York Times a writer went through Denver one day and he wrote an article on the front page of the New York Times about our great city Denver wants. And in that article was big news in our in Colorado because all the sudden we had been big knowledge. The big the big newspaper had said we were COLT. And and people were a giddy about that and that that's what there's Charlotte this kind of. Been waving their arms around for a long long time we claim we don't want to be Atlanta. Number we don't wanna be old sleepy or Charlotte and Mario there we want to we wanna be a player and we wanna be. We won't get a fellow of the Major League Baseball we want to we want we want we want we want. Yeah beyoncé Stewart to come through earlier we want all that stuff. Charlotte growth boom shows no signs of slowing we'll talk about that a little bit earlier but you know at the same time that that article came out. So did the murder and rape counts for Charlotte which were up crime overall down but murder and rape club that's one of the things that goes with the growth of the city crime. All right seven days in February 38 days and a 28 team. 327. Days ago. It's Wednesday. 1964 Beatles arrived at JFK to begin their first tour of the United States. 1985. New York, New York became the official anthem of the Big Apple. 2014. In four years since Jay Leno say goodbye after 22 years of hosting the Tonight Show. I don't know if I'm more surprised that it's been four years since Leno left or that he had a job for 22 years. And that I mean that is a slap against Leno but that that judge how long it's been so and so Johnny Carson was. Was it individually. Chris Rock it's 53 years old today. Residents on the East Coast a Tuesday mistakenly received a tsunami warning instead that happened on the West Coast though your way to what Doug. We week before ten days before. It doesn't know breed a lot of confidence Los Angeles traffic has been named the world's worst for the sixth straight year. To read those said that it was only joking about making a new jury goes only four women. And an outbreak of Norah O virus at the Olympic venue has a cause security guards to experience intense vomiting and diarrhea I don't think that's a medal sport. If it was George would have a metal. Or Georgia's whatever it is that's going around. Why he's decided to latch onto it for a while. A Winter Olympic organizers by a record amount of condoms have you have you done the math on this that using this story. There are 2900. In 245 athletes taking part in the Olympics. Sixteen days of action. The Winter Olympics. Get under way technically tomorrow. Organizers. Are ready to hand out a 110. Thousand condoms. Two athletes taking part. 2925. Athletes. Sixteen days. Divide 2925. Into 1101000. Condoms and you have. 37. Condoms for each athlete. In six days. That's better than what. George Clooney in his heyday. Two years ago in Rio a whopping 450000. Pieces of protection were dished out three times the amount issued didn't know London four years earlier. I guess I just like to know really. How much of that goes on during the Olympics I understand young vibrant. In shape. Physical. Attractive. Just curious. Or maybe it maybe water balloons. Go. A ski covers up. Keep your polls drive. Army's people. However Philadelphia a lot of people are having some sort of a tattoo or another put on their put on their person to celebrate big you know the Lombardi trophy your personal like that. There's a guy and by the name of Dan Morgan. And he is. He's gonna remember the trick play. In a month left the second quarter. Fourth and goal eagles' leading fifteen to twelve. Coach calls trick played ball was a snap to look oracle meant. Flipped the ball to Trey Burton who then finds nick polls open Indians on for a touchdown that play ultimately found its way under Morgan's arm. He said I didn't want to get the same thing that I imagine everybody else was getting which was like the trophy you're just logos so I saw a lot of people making a T shirt of the Philly special. I'll play design and I thought okay well that would be really awesome song gimme that one. I guess if you've been unaudited tattoos but another postal. But just not for me personally. But. Better to get that tattoo in Erie Erie about these people again tattoos before the game anticipating a victory and you know. I've always wondered about the guys that I went to military school worth. Because in military school. This sort of since 1969. Saint John's military school Salina Kansas and we are all in their from all over the country for different fractions. But a bad grades are you know in dead gotcha with marijuana ourselves like you know we're all there for summary is heard other. And guys were taken on needles and rap and threat around it and then taken Indian ink. And dip in the needle in Indian ink and then basically putting their girlfriends name on their arms. Or you know if it was so so neglects sued and they would put as you hear cross their knuckles or something like that. You knew that was a disaster is before we ever left military school because have those guys as soon as they got done with the tattoos found that old sue was already see in some yells back home. So I just don't always wondered whatever happened to those guys and and today undergo a bed there you can't remove stuff like that now can't just. Although it doesn't it always got Oliva. Residual. But yeah we don't. Forty years later dial walker Allen. Really badly done tattooing his arm as says Darlene. And he's Mary doing you know Jessica. Well right now. Yeah second baseman any was originally drafted by the Colorado Rockies back commit 2010. And played there a couple years in the minors in the low weigh in class a and and did okay. And that was about the time I think he was so playing for North Carolina statement transferred to Wisconsin and auditory thirteen the Rangers selected to emerge in the rule five draft and he made to us some spring training appearances they are 2014 and 2050 nobody he'll go to camp with the Yankees. Which. But who are all loaded up this year and obviously to watch. Jen Carlo Stanton. I mean they got some. And he's going to be pretty good this year. There you see the headline news say Seattle quarterback Kurt Russell Wilson traded to the Yankees and you think oh wait that can't be right oh wait that can't be right. It absolutely is right. I talk about Nabisco commercials and talk about sleep studies. Sit bit. Was slow with my kids other overseer and my granddaughter over the weekend and my younger in my our youngest son stepson. Matt. Who fired the one I forgot to mention at the hall of fame ceremony. Mention everybody and their mother forgot to mention map. He says it's fun but it's not fine by me so but anyway had a fit it all also and it went off and nine and I got talking about the. Fit beckon and I see the story about the Fed bits studied six billion nights of sleep. That's one of the things that it does it monitors that so sleep has its fingertips and every single facet of your life and this is what the Disco commercials talk about is how important sleep is. Premier relationship she your waistline to your leadership abilities to your wallet. All are affected by the quality and the quantity of your sleep. Average person is sleeping about ninety minutes less than they did a hundred years ago fit bit started tracking users. Sleep stages in 2017. And ended up with six billion nights of sleep data. Which is pretty impressive when you think about it. So here's what that the biggest take away from all that all all this data was that you should consistently go to sleep about the same time. They're going to sleep around the same time on a consistent basis is important to avoid social jetlag. They say an example could be someone who goes to sleep at 11 PM on week nights in wakes up at 7 AM but on the weekends. They stay out and don't falsely tell about 230 in and they wake up and about 10 AM not good for him. The fit that data says get sleep or suffered decreased cognitive performance. So there are now you have an excuse. When you're not fully refueling through sleep your middle abilities decline despite how you might feel. So in this fit bits study after two weeks of sleeping six hours per night the subjects middle abilities were similar to someone not sleeping at all for one night. And then finally deep freeze to sleep. Means decreased. Leadership abilities. And as a leader you're expected to be charismatic so the you can inspire. And make sound decisions that further advance your team and company and function as an expert problem solver however. When you were sleep deprived your emotional intelligence and mood and ability to be a charismatic and our backyard doing your ability to beat charismatic declined. Which can ultimately lead to your bottom line being affected. So what we talk about all those things on the in Nabisco commercials for a Tyndall. Off about what a bad night's sleep can do to affect you that it's not just an advertising slogan just destroys a convict. You're heard the old adage about toe when you flush or John. Water molecules. Go everywhere. At like ten feet or something like that. You think about that when you're if you closed the lid. Closing the toilet lid isn't just common courtesy of sanitary. And it comes down to two words toilet plume. There's another band name for your DJ. Or the low end last night it was some coyotes. Demonic coyote. That was a thing that mark Harrison used in no Charlotte six. In dug about demonic coyotes earlier there's a band name. Toilet plume. And I want to say about your music. Anyway if you thought toilet plume as the men think again according to the national center for our bio technological information. Go to original health risks include the transmission of sewage related infectious disease. Associated with toilet plume of aerosols produced by the flush of a toilet in other words whenever you flush the toilet. At the same time the water disappears tiny particles of toilet water gets sprayed all over your bathroom. You don't see yet. And you don't feel it. But it's little molecules it's little tiny like atoms of water. I heard this before but you don't think about that. In a bit about a lot of stuff when you're brushing your teeth yet the water running. CI quit doing that about 45 years ago or tried to quit doing it guzzle water shortages I mean you do you waste a lot of water when you do that. Meet mr. environment. So just how far reaching is that Torre looked liberal according to this micro biologist at new Yorker I university is name's Phillip T are now. It's far enough to make you gag aerosol plumes have the potential to reach as far as fifteen feet. Now think what's within fifteen feet of that toilet. Sink. Countertop. Your base. Toilet plume particles don't just swirl around the bathroom and make. And then disappear instead. The tiny microscopic germs can make themselves nice and cozy on the places I just mentioned on your calendars. On your faucet. On that handles. Your faucet. On the mirror in the sink. So there's another reason closed the lid. Lower the seat that make your wife happy. Close the lid. That'll make the year germs they were this close there. So there ago. Public service from the John Hancock radio program the really hear Vernand Gomez. He. As a rookie last jury actually did a pretty well as senator used 43 years old he had been happier New York because his time has been cut back. They've got they get too many senators and it in New York. He outplayed twice as many minutes last year as they are rookie was an all rookie selection had he averaged eight point two points and seven point rebounds. Seven point zero Ray Brown seven rebounds John. And the trade deadline is Thursday is so I'm sure people are still wonder no. Anytime you load your you'd you'd take a look at Ted the NBA website or. ESPN or something like that they're still talking about a possible Kemba Walker. For the Brooklyn number one draft pick him kimbo goes and Ben and goes and goes to Cleveland and and we get to. Isiah Thomas and maybe JR Smith is a salary dumping some other stuff I don't know. So on. I hate to lose Campbell. But on the other hand. I think our Charlotte's fans are getting a little tired or just be a Mayo middle rung team every year just planned to players can elect to at least take a chance to. Got and it's impossible community it is and why should get really lucky. In the draft. I say about that and I don't follow basketball as much as miss some of you do but I mean I was all alone let's say somehow or another you meandered the number one pick in the draft this year is there a player in college right now that is so transformational. That he would take you from. Middle of the pack two. I mean not that I know off. That's what amazes me about basketball and I guess how good you have to be to be in the NBA. Because you look at all of these kids that are played in college and you watched the the big dance just like ideal. And I just see some unbelievable players and Affleck athletes and stuff like that and they get into the pros and have no impact at all Michael Kidd guilt trip. Great in college. It's been good and in the pros but I mean you don't have nearly the impact is you. It's leads me to believe that for the guys that make Euro must be really really really good. For his suffer as much as I know about basketball. They went out they go on Terry we gotta consider comes into us up from the New York Knicks and we lose Johnny O'Bryant and 22 round draft picks and Maria. In the deal. And those 22 round draft picks I mean. Check around draft pick in the NBA you've got to you got a chance to get to somebody with a playing ability of somebody like red meat. Or TJ. Sat around draft picks are worth their Wright Goldman picked. So they go out now one the other thing that I notice in the paper today is the F Philadelphia Delhi is closing down there on kings drive. Which is got a better story to it him. And I passed that they would talk about this before they had a fire about three or four years ago remember that in the young guy that the sun know and I was out there are indebted to fight fire by himself and not. But I've been passes that Philadelphia Delhi. With that signed this Cecily Delhi. On the top of that building across from the hospital for ever. And I finally way to handle last year within the last year would have been before diabetes. And ordered a cheese steak unit was one terrible but it wouldn't. Wait I am going back. The story behind dent big Greek immigrants who started that bad business back in 1969. In the battle that has gone on and I hate to see it go because the building itself this. Intel looks like a hole and all that should be able to survey unbelievable should Philly cheese steak. And I just didn't seem to be doing that right now but now it's gonna be bought by a developer and you know what that means that means is gonna be torn down amendment actually you know Libya jiffy lube Suton. Or something like that so. That's the way that would goes but into a Philadelphia Delhi I think Friday is going to be the last days so what you're regular their picture of a couple of regulars in the paper today if you're right you're there remember the fire department. But it goes there are a regular basis Friday's last days down there on king's strive to go into via Philadelphia Delhi. It's all part of the growth that happens when none in the city elect our Charlotte. We were toggle bit earlier about this growth. Statistics that were reported recently. Michael Smith. Talking about to Charlotte's growth via CEO Charlotte Center City partners. The new 2017 growth figures released within the last couple weeks the numbers guy put a story go buy a building boom that is going strong. I I I talk about to of people who have driven through Charlotte NC and all the cranes and decided to stop and see what was going on and above put their businesses here. I'm 28 T don't while it be another big year for all of that there are four key numbers. From the Tory seventeen stayed of the senator city report that showed just how much Charlotte Center City is growing animals zero in on the errors and just a couple of seconds. Mean numbers. Compiled from 2017. As to just how much Charlotte's senator city especially has grown there are 30000. People that now live don't you know Charlotte's Center City. When I moved here it was about 490042. Of them are almost. I'm told the story a thousand times about terminator from my job interview at what they put me up at the Radisson. Which is now the omni. And my room overlooks the hole that is now Bank of America. It was about four stories built there at the time I interviewed. Mike Collins Mary June rose took me demand Giannone is on east boulevard that's now LaBelle skews our belief or at least half of it is. And great little Italian restaurant for dinner and they drop me off uptown. About 915. And I decided to. Since I've been job interviewing all day long. And hang out when John Kilroy is exhausted. So why it took my time off. Probably at the tile for forever the car. And decided I go find a barn have a drink house or walk around uptown Charlotte I was kind of surprised by a how many people weren't there are indeed a cleaner was. But in order to have trash you have to have people. And there was none of either I ended up having to go back to the Radisson and and hotel bar there to get discussion water. Ghost town. Not a ghost town anymore. So 30000 people live uptown that is roughly a 10% jump from just 2016. And more than triple the number of people. Who all lived up town in 2003. RD wanna know about 1990. And that despite the fact that rats have now reached an average of about 16150. Dollars. And that's not for a really big place just oh by the way. 2997. The next number will key on to lie in Charlotte's growth and all I explain that to you won't we come back from. A 30000 people approximate population are Charlotte's Center City that's about 10% more than it was a year earlier and it's about triple the number that we're there in 2003. There are 2900. In 97. And that's the number of residential units that are under construction or completed over the last year and up calendar everywhere. And that's that are city I'm in gushing get out on photo south boulevard and all I gotta stop all those apartments and in fact all those departments have created their own problems that none. Well in the south end and after to Miller area and all that stuff because a parking. Great restaurants and stuff like bad if you find a place to park your car but you also have a built in population there are so the light rail did did it to that's standpoint did bill what it was supposed to do. On increased growth and and no building 17181. Units are underway or completed in the South Bend and you can see why population figures are going up. 822. Is the amount of new hotel rooms that'll open in uptown this year. Member will we got the DNC aura when we gosh years and years and years ago we had a building downtown entertainment district would do. Do I have the all star game here the NBA all star game here. Hotel rooms have always been a factor how we got the DNC went. A with the lack of a hotel rooms that we had at the time but. That slowly but surely is gonna start answering it's a self and not be a problem anymore when the current crop of hotels are complete uptown we'll have about 6000 rooms. Compared do fewer than 4000 that we had in 2005. And finally the 2017 report on Charlie growth one point nine million. That's the number of square footage of office states. Under construction this year in uptown. Largely in big projects like a Bank of America's new tower at a legacy union which is on the older Charlotte Observer a site. And the allies that are which is right across the street and much of that space has already been leased by anchor tenants. So you look at that growth. And then you think about the 50000 jobs in the Amazon. And a booming metropolis that they would have brought it near that we didn't get. And you know and and maybe that's a blessing in disguise. There's been a big campaign over the last couple of days are heard WBT news talking about it today and it's been known issue with them. A number of people and that is Tony Marciano and in particular don't Charl rescue members voted admission. We've talked about it before the number of people understand and on islands or on nob. Exit ramps off the freeway. With cardboard sides asking for help. And if you give him money this is kind of like the Democrat the difference between Democrats and Republicans to some extent. How are you actually helping people if you give them money are you helping a Laura you hindering them. If you if you lead them to a place that can help them with the drug addictions in this that the other or you're not helping them. Same with us all look at someone of the philosophy of helping out people in the differences between political parties. If you take away their incentive. To help themselves. Are you helping them RU hindering them. You might give them food you might give them a place to live but ultimately are you. Are you curbing. The the human. Are you heard from heard our help and so growing complaints about over aggressive panhandling in uptown is resulting in a new campaign to encourage people not to give them any money. The panhandlers have gotten more aggressive apparently yelling at passers by in and stocking up town residents to their doors in some cases and and following people and to businesses. Com I don't call it hassling but. TJ were talkative you're the first carnal line of cars are red light and you're right next to the median strip there's a guy there's dinner with a cardboard sign. Yeah it's tough. You water region near pocket and hand him a couple of blocks and party helped put him or are you hurting him. Toggle a bit more about that when we come back and if you Google and FaceBook have one chance policies on asking co workers out. And have you ever heard of the TV show undercover hide she. You'll probably run into a feel your way home tonight and. Playing guys brand no lets not rain yeah here's a look at doppler radar I think we're probably primarily out of the woods. It is so well to the Easton to the S southeast of us so apparently no walls are still ahead into our weather forecast that you just heard was tomorrow. Clouds in the morning giving way to mainly sunny skies for tomorrow and a high of about 54 degrees there's a slight chance of rain shower. Well around the area tonight we're not going under freezing just oh by the way about 36 degrees so well we'll stay cloudy skies so. You're rain event at least right now is over more rain is on the horizon for the weekend. Panhandlers this is a campaign know that has stood just got a lot of publicity. And guy have a lot of respect for tardy Marciano Lewis head of the air Charlotte rescue miss you and he's been down there for 21 years and tell us some. You dedicate your life to do and that kind of work. There's a good place warrior what it's all over with Tony is good dude. He. And I and I believe what recess. And it comes down to kind of a difference of philosophy. In some cases almost between the political parties about how do you help people. Do you give them everything they need thirty you make them work for what they need or you know bid don't take away their incentive. Panhandlers yelling at passers by and torrents over the some case have gotten aggressive. Those panhandlers the majority of those panhandlers are addicts. Researchers proven that. Marciano says as long as we continue as a community. To give five dollars to somebody and say god bless you that person will always be on that street corner. Windy supply dries up and they no longer get their money. In the panhandle and stops. An addict only seeks help when they hit bottom as long as you're giving them money as long as your funding their addiction. You're not allowing them to hit bottom. Now you're you're you're trying not to you don't want a big hit bottom. You don't think. But sometimes hitting bottom is exactly where you gotta go oh you should understand that in your own life. When things have relationships. Jobs so and so forth sometimes you've got to get your lowest point. In order to start an upward trajectory and you know that experience is proven that to you you can't explain it when it's happening to you but if you look back a few years and you say. So that's why all that happened now I kind of get it. And it's the same with the panhandlers. There's a lot of the community. Housing and addiction no charities that are key partners in this effort in this. In this new campaign along with the Charlotte Mecklenburg police department. And partner organizations. That met recently with local residents and houses of faith and businesses and members of the hospitality industry. And it's and then they're basically trying to tell everybody say no to these panhandlers. In fact tell where they can get help. There you there were being instructed to inform them panhandlers. Are worth they can get food and shelter and healthcare and they probably already know. Because there's a lot of nonprofits are a lot of soup kitchens there's a lot of help out there. Not all panhandling is illegal and Charles in Charlotte which showed which has helped the problems spread as well. Standing along a street holding a sign is protected as free speech. It becomes illegal when a panhandler a cost somebody or forces himself on a passer by. Or if they touch you and anyway then that First Amendment thing is no longer. A variety is no longer in effect it's also illegal to approach people after dark. In line than HT Helm for a while they're at outdoor eating areas. But the bottom line is when you hand the money and you think you're helping you're not you're hurting. You can go visit a website called real change CE LT dot org and get more information. But I think twice again before you give them money. Hi and if anything do some homework so you can tell them where they are Charlotte rescue mission is or where you can say hey you know you can get help. A few blocks from here it solid so. They probably already know that but that would be better than hand and a money. Story last night and I had talked about some way in a minute we did this same story last year. I don't think this is a duplicate story but I think this girl scout may have been inspired by the person who did it last year because I remembered. TJ and I talking about this last year and say and that's brilliant. Here's a story about a girl scout who was sold to 312. Boxes of cookies in six hours and she did it outside of a pot dispensary. That's genius but she's got the first genius to think government I think that girl last year that sold some federal record. It was indeed use that this was such a solid business decision nine year old girl from San Diego. Sills 312. Boxes of cookies after setting up shop near a marijuana dispensary over the weekend. I guess my second question is how many boxes do they sell outside of a grocery store on a Saturday. Do they not do three to oil out there I mean maybe not but. I would imagine that's probably pretty lucrative too because I don't know about you but I have a trouble walking past him and not binding thing. Then and now I'm diabetic eye candy candy and cookies to Starwood. Still hard. And spokesperson for the your Girl Scouts San Diego confirms that the girl but not technically violated any official girl scout codes of conduct as soon as she wasn't selling from a boot directly outside the shop but it. Rather a wagon on the sidewalk. Oh alongside her father. I guess my question would be was was her father there anyway. No question it's. And I think. We have means you care or he's just. Things in general yeah. Tambo let some people to be a little bit more wary about our pursuing of potential romantic relationships with our coworkers and our companies are reviewing their rules about workplace romances and in some cases establishing. Not stricter policies. It's always good policies and a lot of businesses about. You're not supposed to date your co worker but I always thought that was a little. Unrealistic and that. So many people defines who people are you spend a good deal of your good time your life. There are one of the first questions anybody ever asked you relative overloading. You're worried UH you've picked that profession you're in a atmosphere of a people of like interest. On and you know it's you know how life is you abuse you meet somebody. That you don't really find all that attractive and and ignore you get to know the more you work rhythm of the more attractive they've become so I mean that's gonna help. Our relationship surrogate cultivated. So Wall Street Journal article that was out yesterday. And it talks about companies that are dealing with the issue. And it revealed that Google and FaceBook. Have a similar one chance policy. About asking out coworkers. So under their rules. Employees are allowed to ask a coworker. But only wants. If the person says no they can't ask again. And ambiguous responses like I'm busy or I can't. That night. Count is a no. This means Susan I never would have gotten together. Well it wasn't an warrantless. Yeah I don't but I mean being given that. That though those rulings. To play and I met Susan she was my wife that you were gonna WT VI and I was working here. And we went down to shoot a commercial for Mark Russell coming to town. Mike columns and on. And then I went down to Jacksonville for the jazz festival and then I came back up and I Calder to find out how the commercial turned out I give a damn about the commercial term. And I aster she looked out to dinner on Friday night and she said I can't. And as a below what about Saturday and she said no all I can do that either and as of all give you called next week and maybe we can figure out of time. Now normally. Me. Mr. Reject. That have been met but surely is another caller. Got the guts and called her on Wednesday instead now about under this weekend sometime and she said no I can't. And it's up whenever second. One get to iRows thickened. I could if we were wrong but it private. And as she must've sensed that because at some point or another she told me. She was afraid to tell me that she had two kids. And that that might. Send me packet. Like three rejections wouldn't. So I've always thought that was kind of ironic that she was afraid to tell me she had two kids because I might not asked rod to general John castor out to dinner for three times and she would go out there because she had you know getting your. Doubt. But anyway for severance and other I I had the guts to ask her multiple times which I don't know that I ever had before I was pretty get a rejection I just got out or it. Did like it and I'd clear the area and some are another we figured it out and and then somehow or another we've figured it out now I can't imagine those two kids not being a part of my life. So. That's how that goes anyway this this. Google FaceBook. Policy. If you ask and they say I'm busier I can't that night or they say no that's at the journal also reported that FaceBook employees don't have to reported date with a co worker to be a two human resources even if one person. April more senior than the other. But if they can face they can't face disciplinary action if there's a clear conflict of interest. In the two employees dating and they don't disclose the relationship to HR so I guess that would be what Boston. So anyway Google and FaceBook have a one chance policy for asking out co workers and if for any reason they say no I came out. That's it one and you're done. Now would that apply guess that would apply no outside of work as well right. Probably even more so after you've asked that that co workers. So. There was a job. If I told you that most college students only hate draw because that's what they were told to do would you be surprised. There are students at New York city's G on it Jay college. We're given quotes that they thought came from trumps state of the union speech. Only they weren't. What the students didn't know is that the lions that they were fed were actually taken from some of former president Barack Obama's is Bob Bob Barack Obama's is about Obama's. Addresses. And what the video showed is that most of the students are committed to being against trump no matter what I suppose that would. That the that would go down no matter what. The party areas but. People were saying they've they'd be given a quote by Obama they didn't know it was Obama they thought it was a trump and detail he just doesn't think before he speaks. Or the way he approaches things is very aggressive. And then one student said that he should mind his own business and focus on America. This guy who did this was set on FOX & Friends the other day that it appears many students are just committed to being against from no matter what and he said they were quite shocked when he told them that the courts are actually from Obama and he said one student even threaten to beat him up. Because they embarrassed him I mean no that's essentially you know they asked him his opinion. And I trump quoted an in the doldrums and Obama quote him. Jordan for the different videos and embarrassed him. So I'm anyway I thought that was pretty instinct I have Chilo bit earlier if you've ever heard of a show on television show. Called undercover high. And it's on any on Tuesday nights I guess. Teenagers are more depressed ever and they sent three adults alike yes look like high schoolers and infiltrated these schools have kind of did say a deal on the cell phone call share that with you tomorrow sort. Hope you're around will be get together at 3 o'clock am John Hancock Charles most beloved and we're out here.