Building Trails and Frozen Alligators

Carolina Outdoors Podcast
Saturday, January 13th

This week the #Outdoorguys are talking trail building and frozen alligators!


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Carolina outdoor Shelley's brought you bucked the outdoors guys from Jesse breaths. Good morning welcome the Carolina outsourced bill Barksdale a little better place to bring this last week it little little teaser there. We're still in the middle of winter what are we candidate. I think we're gonna continue to work through four layers of clothes and just hunker down until. March or April finally gets here. Let's talk about how this works here in the Carolinas and if you're just joining. Us as we open up this broadcast the man ever they are Don Yeager ever hear bill RT. You're listening today out org ads here on the Carolina out or program on WB AT and through the week Don and I hang our hat I ever at a place called Jesse Brown many townspeople in Charlotte took them over there and pay us a visit and say hello and shake their hand. And we invite you to do the same but Don when we were in there this week well the past two weeks. Through that ice berg of cold weather that we had. And then we had one day. They immediately. Went up to almost seventy degrees so pretty good amazed so that when it goes from fifteen dead. 65. Or 66. Degrees in the course of pretty Mets. One day. It makes everybody in a flies out get ready to go fishing. That's not a now and then I got a picture on my phone it in damn picture of the French broad river over by the Biltmore house. And it looked like some and out of Minnesota it was ice packed. And somebody sent it to me who'd gone over there their kayak. Theft but not so my friend. That changed the mood pretty quickly I was so those are Al they would have a sense. Says stain and in Charlotte we had great weather out there have been how quickly we forget it. How cold it had been in the prior two weeks we wanted to be on super about it quite there yet it's hard it's hard. Fly casting onto a block of lies they do you remember what the percent and said last fall. Charlie O'Brien whose dam mayors in in Chester county. South Carolina just an hour or less south here did the person admin. Hit cuts for and he and it was. Spin. It was a spend your house group a lot of smile and it means precipitated. Ago that we have been really dry. It ain't over yeah body had this all over till it's over. Of course we have the insulted many of our I guess through the years but mainly we himself to Al Conklin our meteorologist ran down the halls at WB TV. About putting him up against. The middle of a percent Internet. And there's there's science out there are some of the comments that yeah there's science and then there's witchcraft and go but I must say they never. It dead dial again and we do have a whole lot of winner left says the precipitation maybe economic weakness. You errors are like talk until politics and disorder and a general or flexible Conn maybe. Myself. It it's different models maybe that was an explanation point not a spoon we're using this right worries in the model of the person. Well listen everybody it has been a cold when the past few weeks and now we have a little bit of reprieve but we get the bounce bouncing of our. The mom it is but we're glad that your join invest here on the Carolina outdoors no matter whether you be listening via the airwaves of news eleven in nineteen and three W beat the or maybe you are subscribing via podcast he can head over to Jesse Brown dot com. We have all four segments broken down for you under. The sub title podcast of course over there debuted BT got time you can give it as well and Don what we're gonna talk about today in fact there are. First guest here on the Carolina outdoors is going to be a man to builds trails for a living. Hear me for a living Jeremy early trail works we're gonna have Jeremy early on to the program to tell us about. The building of trails outlet without any McCain but now I just went and high you get paid. Paid it out we're gonna find that out very well built tutorials on the losing any money going and where a Jamie's gonna give us the bright damn. But away from the money bright and not only is Jimmy. Build trails but he does volunteer and donate as well he's built trails for the Carolina three trail and others. So we're gonna find out about that but he is a volunteer. With that organization that goes over to Africa it's called the launch projects that we're gonna. Find out about it Jeremy early leading trips into Africa. As far as them. Feeding young students in a school. And that's all available at the lunch project the reason we're talking about it because of the trail works building of trails that's kind of you know as something to learn about but Jeremy is also gonna share his entire story ever and it's storyteller tonight aid Jesse browns. That is Thursday February 1 from six to eight they're three. Twenty minutes stories that are going to be unveiled to the community to the public each story last twenty minutes. Jeremy is caught. Into Africa. That was get to do with building trails will find out that night every Jesse Brown a couple of other folks like to that's right we've gat. Fly like a girl. Back Kim your article actually see a friend of the Carolina outdoor program she hangs her head appears Sugarman resort but. He's also and it is the AB Atrix cius. Pilot in ski racer and a whole bunch of other things that he's got under bell says weather bee lined down a ski slope like a girl. Or maybe find an airplane like a girl come here. Bad story it's storytellers night it Jesse browns on February 1 and then of course we just spoke last week. To rock fall on Rainier that story's going to be told bad Brendan peers and its harrowing tale. A seven Charlotte area climbers who wing it in scaled the mountain. Mount Rainier attempted the mountains some get to the top some did not. And it out to the bottom and some yet and then some and it tale of details on the would dissent. And Don you often times say it. After you've gotten to the top of the mountain your only halfway there try to do some bad news. You've got to give backed down to the bottom so anyway that's storytellers and I'd ever it Jesse browns on February 1 is invited. You're invited to just show up they will have some snacks will have some drinks. It will introduce the evening's entertainment and them. It's all ended a lot of big sales on when you're over there just your hopes that's right what we leave the the old year and welcome in the new year John we have to say goodbye to a lot of stocks that we invite people to come ever to share in corners shopping center that's where the Jesse browns Charlotte location is and you can step on in there. For elevator rides to the mezzanine section of Jesse Brown tie atop the share record shopping center overlooked in the parking lot there in South Park area of Charlotte and Don. Recited farewell to the winter because guess what else. It's hard to believe. Spring break it is going to be here before you know it and we don't want to have the stuff around the day before spring break we navigated a few months early so it is in route as we speak ride. So anyway hey. On Sundays and we can talk about it later on in the program I do you have a few worries in it in it. Revolves around Jesse browns. The Carolina Panthers are up for sale we all know about that but it's not and it's been bubbling up in the news that it is very concerning to there's outdoor outfitters. He has. An indoor stadium. Has been rumored to be apart of a potential proposal or mustering coats. That's who hit a now Bank of America Stadium where we wimpy wimpy you're not allowed to carry umbrellas entity for any kind of a band whether it be. Bruce Springsteen concert or whether it be Panthers game or whether it be the Belk bowl. And that's what we do is sell ranked tennis in warm candidates and in all of that sort of thing. Underwood thermal underwear they're gonna murderer condition. How do it. I don't but anyway Bridget there call your City Council persons and say you're against an indoor stadium and other Republicans and others idea when we knew another stadium or gotten nice. We got a nice outdoor one computer thermal underwear come get to rank candidates and come due to winner blades have heard Jesse browns burger outdoor stadium needs. Although people moved down here in the north for reason couldn't make the Nevada. Listen we're gonna take a quick break and we're gonna invite Jeremy early from Jeremy early trail works in the launched project onto the Carolina outdoors program. He's done Jaeger on bill Bart C in ninety for waking up early to the Carolina outdoors. Bill Hartley were back on the Carolina outdoors and it's nice weather make sure about goers. I'm aware of what we're. Hiking trails him for a or one came from on my farm. A treatment in the wake of the chains all in all whole other Dublin. And little bit a tractor work. I know all about this that we eat it and that's what you uh oh really doing some appreciate planning what you need to do is get some machinery. Oh man your talk and we're gonna talk somebody new. Does it backhand. And we'll find out what that means as well I mean blisters listened somewhere between. The New Mexico wilderness. And in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Is steered me early trailed works. And that's where it came to life and that's who we're gonna buy I don't the Carolina outdoors right now Jeremy early welcome to the Carolina outdoors. It as great top NC and Jeremy. Like we just opened it do you build trails for eleven how in the world does somebody get into that line of work patted you are merely become a trail builder. Well first off just yet no desire or office so that helps find something do outside. But to oh they got started much over college or got so much coverage in Mexico. Well boy scouts of America and from that having medical folks close to all of that work out at Belmont we expect trouble troops. Got the idea just sort of so privatize. True ability service there's a lot of Kapanen and Colorado. You talk or original author of the northwest. Also obligated to do that in and around Charlotte north and around a lot of mountains. It's been in the had talked a few folks. On what it would take maybe to a people talk to development programs are sort of business and a discover one thing led to another random phone call so in Charlotte. We just bought property in and blowing rock and get out there and knocked out two mile trail itself. Read that turned it into. Development job in the mountains and then another one down nearly getting into tennis wondering whether another certain involved with. Local Reese or local and print ownership communities. Concentration foreign journalist treachery will different local interest. In just a wanting Lou let another and now where do hiking trail. Almost a time when you think about belt and hiking trail you think about a bunch of shovels and a couple of parks and so forth. Surely there are some machinery that's adapted to list. There are so little small thing goes part about in the two app would preclude wide varieties. A little walk on machines stitch which Nixon. Tora makes them. But I actually don't use and that stood I don't prefer have to walk on machine there's a lot of things and all that. Getting here your pitch is right year both slope you can actually open. You're who betrayal betray destruction walk on the outlook on that there's a lot of decrees that typical duties and these trail itself. And I decided to Egypt and been in more. With a better product news mobile and sort of a lot of that x.s and clout that the fiery ex. I'll walk through with a chainsaw go to court orbit on everything else that goes down on the trail so book about by him. I hear based in Charlotte do a lot of work amber and what's the hot bed all over the state of North Carolina now is there particular part of the state that is hotter weather B three development private homeowners or. Even. And non government trails or government trails or is there one part it's hotter than other. It when I got started all the mountains it was between Google and rocked an Asheville anywhere between but that was 2006. And once 20082009. Roll around all that second hole market really really went to. Went on the train and I are reevaluate what I needed to be in the back and short Alltel and torture and really what I'd note justice. In other expansion and around cities. Charlotte Raleigh Wasilla Greensboro. That's really where it is and not only that he's got a couple couple groups to do this round of mountains. So to be down in the foothills in the Piedmont. There's not nearly stopped tuition. Goes bloody jobs down here there's so that was a little Salem. Executive director of the group the conservation fund at DC. And we do a lot of work with them. What else and that all over between between the north gentlemen Taylor mountains Taliban saying it liberated on the view this in. Even all accounts Dalton Georgia or outlook and Cody trail as it comes to the eight feet. In and around springer mountain so there's really places that we're. That are prop an awful Chopra to promote sport and need to look around. Urban areas where there's all sprawled so want to get out without having trouble it amounts to do so. And that's on your website or Charlotte that's on your website he's stepping back into nature and where best to do it did Internet organizing community and communities throughout the Piedmont if you're just join and here on the Carolina outdoors he's done Jaeger on bill RT our guest. Is Jeremy earlier Jeremy early trail works. As woody that's for eleven but he does a lot of things in his off time to and including. An appearance every Jesse browns Thursday February 1. He is one of our storytellers come here your neighbors adventure Germany early will be telling the story. Into Africa. Not Jerry assumed that you and your employees after work national across this. On a slow day. Elect. My blood for punishment I haven't done in my mind about the that's like older that that my intelligence. Oh my gosh I mean you know. There's machinery that'll do this I thank the fact that. And I know there is seven minute lunch yet there's. Estimated ticket things about anchor at that certain psych entrails and until I can't do it anymore physically on the go on this throughout my little over how many people. Were few. All of them on the side of the job I have myself and three others. Group right now but. I've had a committee is eight or nine guys were informing dontrelle projects that are in the mountains don't repeat Iraqis sections. Let it wreck between brought rock got a deep gap is more rock record ever imagined in my life underneath. The bill but that rocks there. Trying to do was what I work with them. It turned out really truly you know people Iraq. A little suddenly now you go well so the big Ole Ole slow. There would be but it. He fires six of us sitting rock retaining walls in the U spectral that rock with other rock did you bring Fletcher were down inflation small rupture gravel. And it's slowed or process the candidate would do on. Well when your deck and the rocks out of the hillside Tomei the most unusual playing you found. Bullets city. I found. Found that one time political rock that. But go to the doctor to be first press. Made baseball worldwide. Talk live about mammal. Yeah oh yeah not so Louis wants squirrel crawled chemicals. Others there's so although it's. Blogs you know I needed bodies at BR. That's the voting record and what do much until it. Earlier found some treasurer and those mountains. So this year about well let's talk. We're gonna talk about it treasure another penetrator because he you've got started in the gym early trail works through. Working with the boy scouts of America out in New Mexico just as you said but Jeremy you are also working with something called the large project and it's it's a group based here in Charlotte -- you are volunteer. But a huge volunteer and it's humid Tanzania trip later tell us about the large project in what you do with them and how it's affected you. Note shipment been working with the what struck since 2012. Join them on their first in miniature. Our our mission is to fall launch project more understood provide lunch programs for primary school diversity in the near East Africa. And the other part is to bring it into the education program to the elementary middle school kids in her aunt Charlotte area. You have older education program erection watching their. In the C education. We evident tiger. Educational base that. We've just been working through commotion the technical terms for because I'm an English teacher. Bartow curriculum that's going to be launched. On top of the business so kick the schools throughout the year. But my involvement specifically is in law has been leading the trips to Google every January. I'll. Just can't hear what you didn't do this year looks at yourselves for a budget until like true this coming summer so local youth group Petraeus a lot of money course and the past two years. Bewilderment at what we can do and there Israel safari four days. Cost being that replied that's for regular post the circadian national park. Little bit check it out well over while visiting schools but the where our main focus of the trips are too. Spent four days at the primary schools that we service or watched programs servers selection bit into schools. Well when you know progress lingered a primary school we've just launched. Or third school to start at all this past January and start this semester where there there's a liberal media fight decently. By the end of first the school term which is basically agree that a United States who went from about August to June. Well and we look forward I found out about that in some of their adventures achieved had not only build entrails not only in Tanzania have been other places around in the travels and adventures of Jeremy early. Thank you for spending some time with us here on the Carolina outdoors. And and and and and act. Hi bill arching her back on the airline out doors. Out of twelve of them school. Sounds like a plan to me. Do you think it'll be a little bit warmer there probably I don't know. Hit it I don't know. Don't go to the mountains it's cold up there they're still ice on different broad river over the air so let's go to small it's going to be warmer down there. Well listen all the news lovers who were listening to WBT in the Carolina outdoors debate probably maybe have seen. Pictures in other news outlets whether it be YouTube whether it be television stations whether it be newspapers. Of a swap here in North Carolina. With birds and alligators and rose and alligators and we're not talking about for the restaurant neither new kind of ice cream with a patent lawyer moos tracks are open. We're gonna get a sellout rivers from our part we've got the manager over there George Howard he's gonna join and it's and he is being going around. Do any interviews around the nation really. Educating people on what alligators do when he gets cold but I would have doll. It did ocean out beats North Carolina was a little team in north for alligators out would have been wrong George Howard welcome to the Carolina outdoors. How we do and everybody that we are a okay we're sure glad to have us because we have had this debate now here in the Charlotte area. We have some alligators and they're not they're not prevalent. And many people think the native and moved up here from Florida. Back tourists who have brought on when they were two feet long. And then in debt dump and momentum Lake Wylie your lake Norman where they grow to be larger. Duke gets them over the years the park better whole lot bigger and they're in ice before it knows how to get president. Telus have begat the. Certainly though north eastern nor should take up and kick me out these North Carolina. Probably up to I would say about the Jacksonville area is in northern most. Area that the indigenous American alligator will go they are in its in its in your million years. Well we went with them here in south eastern Carolina. On the golf courses in the rivers and ponds so I want instead of force. And so when we look at them a single day and at the park while we happen as a sort of one that we have. And it doesn't surprise me that the control or tale about gators everywhere and it does happen but didn't bring into other areas. And so they're not always indicated to other spot but they are most certainly. In North Carolina. Wearable for all we brought you on the program and we were talking about the pictures there were out there and what these pictures are of the arts and outs of alligators. Who are frozen in ice out into the air. I'm surrounded by ice and Don and I were talking off Payer and I wanted to eat eat you know are those things dead that are very alive what is the deal of those photographs and we'll have a posted. They in our Carolina outdoor page off debuted BT dot com but what's the story behind these snouts of alligators in ice. If it is an amazing story. You know these guys truly are a Bible machine and what it will do. In these colder and there they go into a process called for him nation which is kind of their version of hibernation. They are basically reducing metabolism down so well. The date they don't expect any extra energy and they can make it through colder months so. Unlike hibernation in the are very much so that sit there it looked archaic. So. And in war the war camps start to go to. What they'll do they'll stick they respect up out of the water because they vote they have to be able to pre. So in the overnight tents just drop downs so look the intrigue is it literally read is right around now so. They could careless because they're still able to read the rest of their bodies are on the water and content is suspended there. And they are still lucid and their information. Very much alive. And we had we were the cold weather on that you guys know now sixty but very beautiful these guys are doing. And he any words of wisdom on message with these guys who are like that. Well here's the thing is that when and who wonder information. And went Arctic and they're not real happy to be met with bats first and to be honest with you messing with the American alligator ever. Very Smart thing to do I'll. And I like that. Noted stress is it's something that's very difficult for these guys they they don't handle stretched very well don't like to be. Met with the world move around or anything like that. Long so. One thing survive a million that you're it's way and kind of letting them being an alligator is the best thing to do. You know we can all appreciate take video and take photos in. And kind of respect their ability to deal about it. While the last thing you really want to do it is met with one. On our part will they quite well that's not add to that I can answer your question my answer would be a little grumpy one will. Yeah yeah. Sounds like people or mayors and I think that JJ boxers really grabbed me if I cost it out he poked. Right now there's a scientific answer straight from water boy past that's a pretty cute DJ by its. Lipton this this one part is more than just an alligator Sanctuary City. You've got a bunch of other fun things going on whether being natured two words a handle on through the swab. The zip line in all of that. How does all of that in the swamp part go along with these wild animals that are better hibernate and are brew may dean. They air or maybe there's sunbathing there are they sequestered off somewhere or how does that balance occur. Certainly so yet they are and now their own sanctuary itself is it fenced in sanctuary. Has been approved by an inspected but what I want a lot folks so. They own area. This girl rescued which means they have previously been in captivity. Want an alligator is. Previously been in captivity can no longer go back into the wild and it is don't want to comment on YouTube and FaceBook about it's you're in a lot of folks saying well what he can't go back into the wobbly I'm sure they can survive by. They'd probably actually can't survive by. The issue really is out there calm or become accustomed to humans when they're in. Captivity like that it would happen is when you let him out to the wild. They then will go back you humans. So on like the bunny rabbit cute little squirrel come out to you and you certainly don't want an out in the coming up to a human and so. Poor opt for the alligator forty Kunin the best scenario one they have been in captivity. It to keep them in captivity and they are in captivity until we take care of them they take care of themselves. And they are sequestered in their own area we have twelve American alligator now ten in the lower section one segment did issue a little bit smaller. And we have a baby on the inside. It's they be American alligator. River super global. And on and so all it can't support it that these guys not just. Yeah alligators but when on the eco boat tour we see Nate we see how old we see all kinds wild life. Which really makes the outdoors than it is that we want to be whether it be that the climb the political sixty acres. It take apart quite a KBP. We try to be all things outdoors and educate folks out much as we can about the things that we live with every single day out these look at. Where you'd hear us talking about the park and we're talking to the general manager of this LA river swap park is located in ocean isle beach. North Carolina and right now on January bare winter hours they're which you can certainly make reservations or head out to ocean now Bates dom when the weather's warm like it's. Get ready to be it's a great place to go spend a Friday Saturday. And a Sunday at the swap thought hard to do an a hole but just on things what about black bears you're heavily black birds down the small there. You know it's only. To date we it would have a great relationship to north kilowatt white folks and we constantly are in conversation with them about everything we have on property and in the surrounding area. They're all black there in Brown County southeastern North Carolina. I personally have not seen any at the park. They are dwindling significantly. It's just like beat the American alligator. The number one thing that is the worst thing for these different species. Or humans in the it's topical really doing anything wrong to him. But as we all know the area's growing significantly work and taking away that environment so. Lot in the last count that they told me on black bear a Syria. What I verse six in all of that area so now that you travel. Significantly but we have not seen any report more contract. Are a lot to coyote. Appeared reluctant to. On all kind of different species are all. But have not seen any black. What about a red wolf I know one point we were trying to encourage a red wolf and so forth. Support. RIR people leave and I actually look into that little bit more I believe. Are there have been citing over on the western part of the statement the shortly and further. Areas of folks bringing in some rebels try to get them to to read properly the work too Far East but those. Lucky for them because there's alligators may even my over there. Do you how well actually it's kind of the quid pro quo because. You know alligators are on any they're going to go after things that they know they can absolutely get and then sequestered alligators is really big problem because. We need to make sure that not beaten into them so. Are kind of on ought to be their student if you will. And I'll really be able to take care and giving their state. Ought to be able to without their lives in captivity but allow them to still be out. George Howard we're glad that you joined us here on the Carolina outdoors we know that you've unleashed a brand new YouTube channel and that sort of thing would you give us the side or how we should look up the swap park Everett ocean now beat. Absolutely. Social reverse want park on YouTube very easy to why we got a a half a dozen or so videos up there will be adding to that list. Well as often as possible. Can't stay true to our core values and books learn as much as we learn. While Facebook's very simple things will report ballpark. Are you can actually got a whole bunch traffic on the on face the date we do a great blog on the web site. We really tried to look to do that bet that keep folks informed in. In that they and the at all we want everyone to remain at an absolute flatley an amazing experience. And really just eventually the outdoor. Fantastic George Howard off he goes thank you for joining the outboard guys here. On the Carolina outdoors. So hard to get rid of the Kentucky Derby or what. You know what the big song that they play after it to that old Kentucky home I would guess what that song and can't him races have in common. Andrew close. Stephen Foster authored by president songs including about 200 other songs in on this day. Back in 1864. He died in the charity ward a New York's Bellevue hospital. Stephen Foster was born in Morrisville Pennsylvania. On July 4. 1826. The fiftieth anniversary of the declaration of independence. In the and he started writing songs. Just like that won his first big hit it was posters and a you remember that of course we administering that grade school when that's kinda how. It really came to a piece of American lower bucks at the song and I'm Helen yet I cannot even come close to listing them all but a rule as Cezanne and a whole bunch of other ones were in our grade school books and in song books and that's sort of thing they still stirring songs and courage who they dig through the I don't know if this thing. I bet they still things Stephen Foster zone thanks so. Hold your daughters and find out here adequately show I have to. I'll have to get ma am my book out my whole list of these things intact assists and it was his. First hit as a professional songwriter he sold it to a publisher for 100 dollars back in 1848. Bought a farm. Answer and hit a lot of money. Listen the officially back in the 1930s this one was the official. Song of the state of Florida. And it was titled he righted 1849 wrote an alligator it was totaled. Fittingly for Florida and we on the Carolina outdoors have a Florida listen to ship on debuted beats the deadly blast open down eastern seaboard. The title of this 1849. Zone was. The old folks. It. Ago they are a yield no this zone. As the Swanee river. In this up and it was a hugely popular. Between 1850 an 1860. Many of his famous songs camp town races which we opened up the segment with and Don teammates in the Kentucky Derby in the official song of the state of Kentucky. My old Kentucky Hannam. Go pick her dollar for all those who did pretty well well that's no. Some what happened was that he was. One of the most successful songwriters and and publishers in music history. The copyright laws back and were rarely enforced. And he pretty measures didn't get paid much money it offer all of these songs. That he wrote he liked to drink a little bit cities in 1957. Economic difficulties. Led him to sell all the rights to all his features songs. For under 2000 dollars. He lived a lie and in New York City and in 1860 pad he dad in the Bellevue hospital. He would had a protracted favor lifting week he collapsed in his hand wash basin. And passed away. He was 37 years ago. Wrote. Unbelievable. I'll burn the panel on both them and my two. I've got another one this is useless trivia needing change the subject at a moment's notice Don Yegorova they're bill Bart city where an outdoor gas here on the eleventh and 993 WDT. Policy can join us suggested Brown's dot com. Join us via podcast where you can listen and all of the sound clout and debuted BT subscriptions are available but also on this date differ year then. 1929. On January 13. Wyatt her died. You know who quieter is. I'm on television say they inherited it exactly he data in Los Angeles it was nearly fifty years after. Arguably the most famous gun fight in later it was a toothache in Israel right. You know will get to that I was different so if you settlement with the men. He dad quietly in Los angels at the age of eighty. They've done pretty good for gunfire. Isn't it that he was made famous bad this tombstone and heirs and he was the bill lawman of names and in the OK a yes in October 26 1881. The simmering tensions occurred between. That her Brothers and the McLeary client and gain. Virgil what was the other one's nine Morgan. The you know the best way out apps that it yes then I'm not studied don't give me too much credit that I was approximately again without tea yeah out your local Bayern. Yes that are. Anyway the you know what happened to these gas after. That okay chorale. Went down salute article here oh. I had no idea on genitalia and get this from. History. The History Channel history dot com says the OK corral I was in October last and what. I ever ten seconds thirty seconds well I. But that it had you know a few years if you anyway but anyway. Too much lighter late December 1881. The clients in mclarty's. Loans they've been data. With ash shot again. Against her earn her a network he survived but lost the use of his left arm. Three months after that Wyatt Morgan were playing billiards and in the Salina and went tee shots were fired from an and and source. And Morgan was fatally wounded. Have off the it is when I'm done have an arm when albums bad and oh and quieter. So quiet. When it after. Whoever these killers word and Frank's deal well with one of the suspects they're quiet. Was found dead in a Tucson Arizona rail yard. A Doc Holliday in latter were both the keys many people say accurately accused of murdering still well. Wyatt in holiday escape players and after that and he. Wondered throughout the way he was a gun man you know and until the he'd win it from them bombs or buttons. That policy if I didn't. Today about this is while wandered around the web speculated in gold mine ran a solo in its San Francisco raised thoroughbred horses in San Diego and in the beginning of the twentieth century. The gunslinger joined the Alaskan gold room rash move to Alaska. And ran a saloon in him until nineteen one. Of the money was that ethnic. It. He to guide it he settled in Los Angeles and tried unsuccessfully. To someone to publicize his western adventures. It was really a he became. Unpaid technical consultant and paid technical consultant. On Hollywood westerns. Drawing on its colorful past and that sort of thing. Oh with movie stars like Tom Mix. On the win diet when Wyatt died in 1929. He was in relatively and then. It at all happened name wise after his dance a young journalist named Stewart late published. Why at her frontier Marshall. And bank and a trade the gunman is brave and virtuous instrument a frontier justice in likened to most to them. Improve your career. As Carolina outdoors useless trivia I am fascinated at how does our boys. Estrada except for why they're folks back. I'd guess that its usual for somebody's liberty in the eighties especially with the playing one. He made it all the way today eighties and we're glad that we made it all the way to the end of this edition of the Carolina outdoors. We invite everybody to stop by and visit with the outdoor guy as we hang our heads favorite Jesse browns. The second floor upstairs in mr. corners shopping center in the heart of the South Park. Shopping district stop by anytime we can also access this Jesse Brown dot com. Special thanks to our guests who joined us today George Howard general manager of this. So let river swap park in here early. At Jeremy early trailed works and storytellers night of February 1 member dome mosque with a semi pros and alligator you heard it here port TJ baud net voices Don Yeager on billboards Hague outdoors. They can't be trashed. Publicity and next right here on the airline out towards. Mama say that. Out of these are because they got out emptied but no it would put us.