Business Principles

At Home with Roby
Sunday, April 22nd

Patrick & Trent discuss business pronciples based on the books, "Good To Great", and "Break Through Companies"


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Good morning welcome at home with Roby and I'm Patrick my cast from ruby services along which can hasten from the Robie family of companies. We are a year since Sunday morning you listen and it at home and Roby Trent. Under the honestly the F. Normally Emeril happy energetic at that today's tea dazed and a really hard day. Well we. Everybody knows we recorder earlier in the week. It's Wednesday have been out of town for for about 45 days out Nashville great great Tom. All along on a business troop watt. Here in a little country music and I got back in town last night that seem a family wonderful as great week we actually followed the bus. Back into the bus stop and the kids got off that rotten Ronald Reagan say it is so wonderfully at this Eric is dancing in the forty's and and and she said but the funny thing is your mom and I live beside my mother's she said she's seems on the other side of the bus at a bus stop and Bessie said. They're gonna Iran to her just grammys always favored and a aunt and my three girls got the bus and ended at B Liam back Matra and it was his pretty good Phelan says it set out as Gooden and I got together to. That's items volleyball game last night ring got together to piper soccer game in it was good to see her improve them volleyball on have so much fun it's a wonderful family town. On the and everybody knows where would we Lee where is. Publicly gain inwardly and outwardly that we are the ruby family and now we embrace and weighs in. And this more and I got word from you Patri that one of one of our long Tom Palmer's. TJ. We lost last night passed away. And and it's just rules sobering this is sister rude reminder of how how precious life is. And and and also how how valuable run a business like a family business wet weather. It's all family is not I am going to treat everybody like I am in an idea operate you maneuver through life and speed to our business life. How my man this is is tough on no spin telephone you used directly menace the services which delegates ounces it is. In the Stanley broken hearted right now on it it's it's tough mean every once it's just. There's a lot of questions I mean who would love the and and they hit us in the face. Will really Haddon. Haddon. Digested it there is fresh. And we had not planned on having a guest today we had planned on talking about. Good that were good to great by Jim Collins and now breakthrough companies Mike Keith McFarlin and weigh it. The finds. In our opinion successful businesses how to embrace employees make them part of a family and asked that's the red meat the loss field I have a fireside chat today. And in this happens and and I called use. And said. Pay you when I'm pushed the record by a couple days he said no I want ago rude to hang out we use and get my mom off of it. I need some therapy and and and we're here's a thank you for joining us and and hopefully. I mean not everything is is roses and and butterflies in life and Tina Yi yea gotta get real some Townsend and were beaten in this is rules against that site. Yen I agree and it's funny did did did it sort of in the makes sense that we're talking about this now because. Mean he any good business obviously the fabric it makes have been as successful as the people that are that are working with in the distance you mean. Now you know all the offensive we have our company any company really mean it's a team effort Stanley effort in and and TJ embodied dad and he did fall for before we bought the company before we purchased outline we've been working with TJ. And my house several times in year out several times just just the wonderful guys said. It is set well. Had a home builders association board means that on the chairman Alice president the last two years. At our board means not started training and the site some positive senior personalizing your business life before the board means dollars. And and last month I was a little bit late and they didn't do it in the blame me because on the got it undermines everybody did do that borrowers who are. President salsa Burbank is now president homeowner says a day out went in and Anna Anna they they said it makes a need for laughs and and once again I'm easily always fun and gains in you know I've yet so I had just went in Nashville and spend time home wipe them out Franzen in business and yet again the listens and chase rice. And some good country music but. Also got also. It's said and then it was a vote of Mary a very tough day for our fans and business and I. I don't army and it's it's it's real and Powell say you tell me this morning and Patrick I wanted to Baston that they rush hour stuff them in innings and he texted and then oncology. And you tell me these days they don't. And in this weird Isa today don't put this in the business. And you Rio it is right now is our theme for today. And elm ominous say. The east east start thanked him. Win. You know when my dad. When I was in the field work and as a Labor Day had a corporate property thirty charismatic carpenter and he committed suicide back in Chinese and in. And I was a kid bitten me it was it was sobering and nine dollars a month Al's gonna Imus says a word but. The but I didn't deal with the first in this business and then in 2003. Mom balls forever my whole life among Brothers bosses he was coming up Kim Raney. Was on vacation in bringing risen in past away in 2000 drew were still Rel the leaders small company. And in Myanmar brother had dale whit who's in the field who's in golf as my brother come in the started stemming analyst I had dung alma sales. And and it was the it was the most sobering moment ever Valerie experience because it is in the race and racism when we just chronic problem. On the bank port city office in wall law around the neighborhood and he Tony's ongoing movement candles rain in the field is some go back in the field. And and I see that as a big bonding around it in my brother's life and on him for a career so while. So. We got to go to a commercial break hang tight we'll be right back we're gonna get in the some business philosophies and and and keep missing. Dolls stating welcome back at home with ruby I'm Patrick I pass from ruby services along with current pace in the ruby namely companies. We all year hosts. Trent got books open in front he IKEA. Study for a mid term or something. Yeah. I actually particle you know I have good to great and I have break that companies which are two tell everybody they're two of the main books that our businesses build off of philosophy wives. And I pulled him out of my office and boats everywhere home home I thought about it in tables that price point elbows in table in my bed. In an Bada. The small tunnels like on the on these two votes and found them both in my office. You look at this attitude matters the crazy thing is I'm I'll give away about anybody on giveaway in my original argue way to with the highlights that I have. A brand new racial games once they keep. But. Yeah net yet you trade books and stuff so much TDs and the cool you don't ever really asked for a bag some people can bring him back some some people don't. If they can help someone if I needed not to buy known name now outwit the teammate let's get to the chapter of the two great demeanor in the media can aunt. Read out the chapter naming deacon reflect on how well we both can reflect. On how it impacts how we run our company's. That it is important is he kind of fifties and you have examples that you act easily pull out. On what these chapters mean in the very first one is good is the enemy of grade. Well that yeah I mean let me say first let me say first. This is a book by Jim Collins. Do what we've taken some Sandler training over the years. For for a long time. We're big believers in training new people and training is sales and education and and that's where I'll learn about. Bob let's our teacher. My elementary the Bob Hendricks and I started he's his retirement from Sandler training. They and he was our teacher Leona and that's where I was introduced to get a degree. Back in the mid two thousands and and it's a great book. And and I understand everything says. But it tells about how very rarely does a company be calm. Greats. And how rare is right notices correct. Eight in you know candlelight in in business everybody Walz and mission statement what's the business about never bibles a vision statement and and I'll always armed division assault and you never it's like the pinnacle perfection what you wanna beat dictionary yet there's always in reach for. It in that's hell did not being you know being in a great company never happens you're always trying approving get there and it's always sunny and call for. So it's a good as them integrate I think it is set it right it's the united. The masses can be good but. Only only eight PP certain certain people certain businesses certain families that that's achieve greatness in this. Amazed how you treat people. It's how you face. You're demons. And that's how you deal with the rule instances in life and how they affect the business like we're doing with today. You know. Is what assess we eat in the end of the line between good in grade and so razor enemy kind of think about a professional athletes in business this will be the same thing. A professional football player. There's probably guys that he played college with it which is to not quite as it probably had the same speed. The kid had the same body he could have the same weight pitches said one ounce and an extra makes the difference between. No college athlete and a pro athlete that's the same thing in business and it's it's the little tiny things and not settling for anything is what makes the company agree like raw. I grow. Washington vehicles a lot hit in our drought away in the drought Wes still parking annex to order my house and a I'd chop them literally washing trucks. Fortunately. Don't have time to wash my truck all the Tom and sometimes the opportunity causes go to accident go to the caller once again. Commercial grade backed teams and I think I can go play with and and in thirty minutes I can do what would've taken me four hours non. But I ye hear me say this sought Tom. It's it's we need go to wash the rag out and clean the bucket out of the so. And you're over the air on the road and you dumped a bucket out and you fill back up my eight that are wasteful and Vegas Soviet Union you route ring to right now. In this is ring and it is much you can bring it. In his seems fighters no water in it and if you regret that Joker. Twice as much water come again and missed that extra rain and I mean it it it I say a lot to two. A relative to profit. So so many businesses run pass through businesses a slight. They afford people's salaries they would do this they do that but I don't make any money this past winners there always on the brink at the destruction right I mean one bad day. In this is ring and today for Tom won that extra mile Meehan that better leader. Is is where is where you make up make a profit in the when you make a profit you're able to provide for the families and the people in your business and the community living and via the make a wish foundation via the homeowners association via rotary. Via. The Ramallah and mean everything the workforce development I mean correct helping the kids. Wheatley said it very good words race and leadership that leads us in the chapter two. What is a low level five leader. I mean. Eight. When you read this book and a it's got to get a got to get home home audio. But this is the one. You know. Level one highly capable individual level to contributing eighteen member level three top ten manager. Level four is an effective leader level spotted is when you become an any executive. With dubbed. With the paradoxical. Bullion personal humility and professional we'll classic is insisting that level three eighths of two rounds from the top is competent manager yeah. You know and I mean it what I like about this book in them. I had I had I had. And read this book in a couple years but it's funny. When I tell people again it may come back to me given somebody an economic team and I'm man. Everything you talk about all the time on the space I'll let those two books breakthroughs in numerous blow accurate and but I'll take you know win win. When I came out of college in and gruel work and then was won't be the best ultra moon or the best business that I am a lot of a lot of humbling things from Monday on haste and Linda but still houseful so much Ireland would be. Older two to broaden. Grow the biggest business and and now want to empower people. An Allen management I'd do it on the Uma hands now remains from the underside. And I don't mean to be out front now now at this stage in my career and estate and business I think often times I need to via. I need to be on the radio I need to be tell people Anita Beatty guy. Did it talks at the Christmas dinner to gather tell sent home motors awards program you know as an am a leader my business. Blood. But as our our business involves. Opting. I hope that I can and gain the humility. And the desire to urge others and in the old army around and other leaders and also embodies and I think that's one and you know animus openness when I will take off our older cult level. But she did he did say it way into chapter three pretty well there a beauty that and he needed me entities that you don't have that after school a year. The table continents near and paid the ten after three is first he's in line and what you're saying is basically you're you're talking about your seat on the bus right. Well yes I mean my MIC changes over Iraq buddies and me were were were worms were fifteen towns bigger than the fifty year family business that I idol. Fifteen times greater. And asked just about one parameter which means you could be successful but my dad used to always tell me. He get mad when I talk about optimism and growth in this in baton top line revenue and he you know man it's. Great customers tell him up buddies tell me. Money small I had control ever need to lose everything. In analysis bush bag to mean in you got tight and Alice Ali's fight against that from. But Massey has changed over the years and Anderson needed to change and it's gonna continue to need to change and I don't even have a clue Alice and a law. But but I mean I look at myself now I need to go work on my education and the comeback in bringing theories to you guys need to talk about the business leaders. Com. Need a mental or. I was a dictator fifteen years and ask what it needed to get us out of this family business be it dictator. And you you make it money when you dictate the two its case sales and I'll tell people line the month from getting to a very successful working eighty hours a week or can light. 65 or six family members radio or so week each. In Killen everybody I'm making do live in. To getting to where year power and others to be successful like he salesman in empower and salaries in the agency company. There's a big all my own. And it takes a lot of will light a level five leader needs takes a lot of wield it the year so will. Hang tight low key goal we get back. We're gonna confront the brutal backs are we welcome back at home with ruby I'm Patrick as it from ruby services along with haste in from the relief family of companies. It's Sunday morning and we all our read books today were we're top in a ballot. Good to great book by Tim Collins and we've been going through some of the chapters. First entries that is in any of great second level filed leadership. Third first dude in one. If you miss and we tour been going and what that means that our business philosophies. It sort of how it works with the Rooney family says he could mystic event and catch a podcast Trent chapter four confront. The brutal facts but I never released today. 01. He has with them bombing now wanna go bad 221 Studio One I don't know bus said this but I'll reiterate it is Jim Collins says that he got the right people with the right mindset the right work ethic right culture the I am. If they're. If they have the texture of the Stanley has around the build this is the news. Keep him in the Bucs don't get them off the bus because they are not performing. Better tasks where they need to be. Either train him and figure out the desperate need to be they just need training and coaching in mentor ship. Or move them around on Obama's and and it they're the right people's we'll stay on the bus and it takes a it takes strong will for the film so I mean we've seen this as we ground here as we've. As we ball that BH tops and partner with delegates Hobbs got a business has been in business since 1920. And it's a small family woman business and this is sad family owners the whole town and and they were our plump. For a mile hole and you still changes when you when you join a B eight. The world would debt and a look at it it's all respect right right so. But. But you've got to educate may have to have Lil they have to have wheeled to hang in there and get excited. And get excited and ramming you talk about each day are dear friend is known. Today. Oust Selma wife after a top needs more and when I am an instant answers that you remember him and she said I think that didn't show me a picture so when FaceBook and that. The thing out pulled out that is thanks Trenton Travis hasten for a wonderful company Christmas party will mark. Bonnie in my family. And it's just so great and so gripe that's what I found from T yes it was a first thing popped so Obama. But anyway if he got it right people coach and train and get them in the right spot that's the best the leader in the leadership team responsibility. Now now faced confront the brutal blacks I mean. But it never lose faith. Never lose. I mean that you got to this what we talked about as being in a ninth round. Of of Mike Tyson heavyweight now. You always got you always got some ugly in the closet anything EPA ignored is gonna is gonna gates. Which is a you have to be aware what should what should not not not. Willing in somewhere I believe in this chapter there's there's at that point that's made it says. When things are good public out the window in in praise others when things are bad. But in the new year in and face reality I mean that's that's a very true statement I mean you're talking about humility. Met Aaron murmurs I remember when I first read this book I think was a for a file I had I've. I had. A company breakfast at our shop over on my history. And half dollar employees out there and asked exactly last and I asked him pass it looked in America NC I eat Turkey shirt and in the more majors nice. And every day before he lead to job site make sure you get shirt to gain you know and go home will respect. That's how he carried today and then. When things don't go that well. Look in the minor bowl don't don't don't blame others and when things are going great look out the window and price team is cause that's where you generally. Found fulfillment from. My dad used to always say he'd say that only. If you put up a piece of ground ball in the stands that day ear piece of based moan or Solomon is not perfect. He see it ripped the dying paying out don't care if you waste mob material he seek he's what you under you don't go home. And now homeowners gonna come home after their hard all day. In gonna look at chip craftsmanship they're not and I understand can still beats and and in pain ending cleaned up and I don't understand the process and should we expect them to. And they're gonna think it is now the homeland says that project is going to be crappy ass that's how you should treat yourself. And the self respect. I like summed this and those couple chapters I don't know exactly where sent it I said this last week to a David Bayard acid. I'm sitting Mina. I'm grown the company in this is getting the right people in the Boston wrong people off the boss a thing Jim Collins Mary. Strong in Baghdad the wrong people you do when your. Always say this is why blight and he has not became more mature and grown. If the if there's of the wrong persons on the bus that are undermining. The profitability of the business at undermining a profit of beer. Of the ability of the business and the success of the business they're taken up meaning out of every day everybody's pocket area that are. So you lose the leader has to face the brutal thanks address the situation. For the sake of your other employees they might not know it is not that thing in the bowl what I love it is all of Arafat. Work from like teen Ian and I am likes them. That's my favorite one of my favorite lines in management and life. How old people that only opportunity to work harder and better. So that they can make more money than the market rate for their position and they're gonna Purdue sport that's the culture when an obstacle for outlive. Let's keep moving forward the next chapter trainees that it halt cons. Yeah I mean just basically says don't try to be everything everybody due to one you do really whale hits and in you know we faces and our growth and our business I mean I'll take you one thing will shut some down as we've matured that in mark and but. But people say male and he distracted you do over here open and then my diploma and and not let our our our philosophy is rule rule real simple at the ready family. We're service count. And we want to provide price will service for a fair price. And were blessed to have such great residential clients and our 68 year business. That we have tried to figure el Al in our services sector of construction and and home and building and you know hard assets in that area how we conserve that person better make their life easier make them have more one stop shop experience with. So we have embraced its house believe the top. About it treatment there's been several times and opportunities entered into other sectors authors business. In our business that whole thing is sort of ties and it was the next after titles cultured discipline. We've got a lot better at slowing down and take time before we jump into something. To nature to write and plenty of opportunities please shiny object. Ethnic hatred we select the right one is super important that's exactly right yeah I mean. Don't get crazy being humble do what you know you don't do. Rove want to build a day right ice ice say Al Tom -- one bill medallion thousands of people's bad trying to build. You know calm some people had to get off that rumba us. It is planned color back and its effect whenever we light richest man a battle line over his elbow and looking forward to that and there was another book days in a case of the next chapters soreness and uses it did peek its anyway. It technology accelerators I think a lot of people expect. A certain piece of technology changed their business right. We're really doesn't matter if the process is right began well. It in L I loved this chat because I'm so DelHomme technologically. Aim and if I do have an inferiority complexes about techno companies. That. Have only gotten better. I pass the house and Altria holders more massive. We're gonna get the yellow later in the week and he's he eats only get back in mile Thomas hey have you he was dad's old buddies and architects that. And he wants. You to explain your column back he takes you see. On oh. A fifth set off fine get all my email sing yet today there. How's funny so. But I'll like that and what it says the is is don't let technology drive your business. Is says when you find business success. Patiently found their right technological tools. To Lago. Insert any system is gonna change my business forever and it's really cool because we just made of on the ice tour chains now right to. To have our our partners and our friends that we share business lists Google. Coming in and embrace how we communicate and can enhance our family. Of companies communication but outlay of technology. Blip how to utilize these resource needs as system group. So we're still contractors and our and we do everything coming with it and find it funny confident that the athletic Wear that we're always the last to the table when it comes to technology yeah. It's like what's this instant in Utah about you know I mean these it would set of four behind is is this holistic thing in his treatment. That's enough we're getting there again there I mean hey you know it's funny because he needs to go back and a third personal candy. Where will for a long time I jet bound give us credit for. We got one or two more. Defining chapters here in. In our good to great experience is next one knows your favorite and we'll catch back up hang tight. Welcome back at home with ruby I'm Patrick Cassie from ruby services along with different pace than from the ruby family of companies. We are going through good to great panel hot fun in here he missed the first segment divac and listen to Moammar podcast that Connie go into the chapters and scary experiences. A kind of what it's after means it's in and how it's enhanced and now we run our company. I'm intently got into. I think the one that I hear you use the term eighties probably more than anything in the it's good. In these first term attackers called flywheel which nineties. We don't want to talk about that at all do you gotta face the brutal facts right. Boat blew it. And basically this says once she done the other things. Once you've embraced level filed leadership once she got right people on the boss wants you face the brutal lacks in and you keep strong state. Once you figure out what your core columns that beat three circles of interception all our and you keep samples they pitting you do that. Well. Honed focus I was say what went once your culture and your families. Associates and in subcontractors and trade vendors. Have discipline once you've embraced technology. The things start Stan. And one way or the other and we liked the fly away. Hand. As what it does is when lesbians it gains momentum and its pastor and bashers breeze only two other. And his grow and and its success the other ones the doom and and we you have days everybody has this inner life I mean we're we're talking about. People and in life today. On when when things aren't alone right they seemed to gain momentum and people get depressed and businesses fail and and stuff so. So you do these other things discipline relies so that you indeed chip while we will Spain and in each of momentum go those like things going on right. And as positive pretty. We please see that happen to the two of Purdue team loop with companies did it. In announcing that we drink you'll it is but it VT team at things one time and essentially happened fail all numbers mean. Yeah this World Cup for a on the that it it's. Just positive and man it's. It's it's it's the chicken NA right right to business I mean. You can ain't. You taint invest money in your business if you're not making money would you can make money you don't have technology right into hired as a sales window I hire the operations manager in these. And it's it's from another vote these this stone the diners away. Is Stalin Madonna's best breakthrough breakthrough companies is. Is what I like a bow on these two books is their very similar. The breakthrough companies Nike McFarlin basically says on adding to what Jim Collins wrote on taken it. And he basically study small companies did it through greatness became larger which. Smaller business like rugby and we can light to whereas Jim Collins and did great. He analyzes companies are Marty Meehan McCain Corey. And state. So. It. Statement following can relate to the small companies but I must say. It's the chicken and innate. Do I hired as a dad do I have the money was gonna happen will fall off a cliff would let's talk about real bullets and bombs and as the Bible. And this is fate. And it's having faith in your people and fate in your staff and fate than what you don't want and Ambien being strong to move forward. In your business. I mean really desolate that's what it comes down. And you hear me say this all the Tom. People I meet people mystery. I'm somewhat of look at respecting redneck from the river for some reason. People hear me to a bank is the look and not come and alien and never heard somebody you know on the pulpit and preach about business like I do that think this is the gift that have. And and they can all wanna join you business somewhere where can outfit your business it I'm a secret mean your business. And then I see him come in NATO us greatest place ever and and in the end human nature takes in life takes. And Indian they start questioning. What we're doing questioning the principles of good greater breakthrough companies that we preach every day. The discipline the consistency. And they lose faith because human nature Kate stand. And I say this a slight. Keep your arms tied down around your waist don't feel like I wanna he she with a two buff for what I'm asking you to do for our business. As well longhorn going to be ethical. We're going to be hardest work and and do things right take care of people and and frankly if that's what you buy and a come join our country or any other company like that. Entrusted in half and and I think that's what leadership needs to have and how they grow and change. I think that's what people need to have that are gonna work for a company did it that has all those great as a mess up who have bad day. We might even. We might even do something and he comes across as not being unethical and we're doing everything that's our that's our bottom line says ethical and truth. But sometimes you know miss communication happens and things happened at eight dead at the backbone of that we still have those principles. And if you have that as an associate in the business or as a leader in the business and S or your family or whatever. Really thing gains you can you can eventually get into that a plot holes like good things. I Korea like that put your arms down and yet Thomas alligator. Tom manages to settled in relentless process the the week while wanna say it is definitely I. I have a great gat that Dan tell me carpentry and he's a great gas and he's a wonderful guys a while man he's he's come down. You tell bottom and has gone on the whole cycle life and he works for us now he's a fan favorite. He knows on top and about. And one time he guy hit when he was buying enhanced Tony years ago he was in the Sun City got into. An inning guy he interfered with a sledge hammer and about it brokers ball is carper. Pick on the park Monday and looked in so much anymore with too broad reforms. But he's a wonderful is who who's in training and Travis still probably an hour if you let me say David Diller does an Angel in the cellar and he has may ambient and they convenient. In and it and and that's what not bank of bow you know like you blocked in May he would like a lot believe he had boss man Al Holland is this a lot come here for right reasons no well. Tom and I don't know fonts and estimate this so. Have faith don't want to do one. Thank god for what you had in pricey family embrace you for eons by cue ball cities goods seized goods and have a wonderful Sunday was lagging Jonas.