Butter is bad, or is it?

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, August 11th
Dr. Ernst discusses all things butter and it’s health properties.

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Following is a sponsor program on WBT. The asked doctor and show his pre senate like doctor Aaron urged the board certified chiropractic physician specializing in spinal correction nutritional coaching and cellular detoxification. And it's for informational purposes only it is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice diagnosis or treatment he could qualified health care professional before changing your health program or embarking on any one visit ask doctor Ernst dot com for more information. It's time to transform yourself. Which one of the nation's leading men growing authorities in total health. Over the next hour learn from experts on how to revolutionized that help who knows you love most. Ask doctor. Future hosts. Doctor Eric Hertz. Well hello. Great to hearing from you great to see you. Love that change today hey if you ask doctor ourselves. Sure pat just said is these is dead and where you can be set free from all of your health problems I'm your host doctor Carter and today were connects you live. On multiple streams we have our FaceBook like stream we have our streaming WBT dot com. Maybe your listening after house on a device where on the air eleventh and AM 993 app them. Maybe we're come next few through a post production podcasting map it was Saint Louis. In the wee small hours of the night however if found that's I love the fact that you're here today. And we haven't showed that I think you guys are gonna love. There is a lot of controversy. Starting to spew up about the idea of is blotter something good for you or bad for you when we talk after Al. One of the leading blotter suppliers I think when I indeed that the it is there that second. Highest producer of butter for the United States karat gold that he has no of them. They are labeled as grass that potter. And down for the longest time you know people would buy content of the karat gold aren't the best putter on the planet it's grass it's healthy it's good for you. I'm gonna talk about the benefits of grass that potter what real butter does for you. We're gonna discuss the myths behind potter causes heart disease and cholesterol problems is gonna kill you hit when you talk about the fact that unfortunately right now. Terri gold has been sued. For their claim of grass fed butter. And at the lawsuit is still pending that we don't know the outcome of it but what is being proposed I've proposed. It the idea that. They're not 100%. Grasp it out there's a period of their life. Where they eat grains. Either corn or rice or the way your week and have made. Feed it's been affected and that is not from grass so could we say they're grass fed house. In this of course is a massive debate I don't know that I necessarily have the definitive answer for you but ask you to make a decision. If rock ethic how he fed corn. Aides labeled grass fed is it really graphs that mean it's pretty plain date black white no. Well it opens up a can of worms one if ten months out of the year it's thick grass and the other two it's fed corn or what if 93 theaters and what if it's not fed court if it's bad hate. Is hate grass. A right the big mess and because when we talk about labeling. There's a lot of labeling laws behind stuff though our talk all about water a wanna talk about the benefits of grass that potter I'll talk about why. We've gone back and forth butters good blunders bad butters at time magazine butter is Mac we should be eating butter everyday should wait. Is putter really good for you and down it's been a staple in American diet affect our diets for centuries. And unfortunately. I think a lot of people still think borders that I think medical professionals. And the media. In surveys its value don't eat butter it's gonna clog your arteries especially the high cholesterol stop eating butter or my gosh you've had a heart attack in the past. You need a blotter list light. Like yet the researchers saying that there's healthy components to real butter that can actually help used to just like the debates. Of red meat causes heart disease is not necessarily the truth we know red meats that are corn fed. Are high and specific inflammatory facts the Omega six fatty acids and certain fatty acids that spike inflammation we know that. So that the statements. Red meat causes heart disease needs to be defined now oh. Corn fed inflammatory. Highly processed. Antibiotic communities. You know hormone pushed. Red meats does cause heart disease but they're healthy alternative. Grass fed. Non hormone produced non antibiotic. Organic. Actually. Has different accident that could potentially. Reversed and clean heart disease. Go figure so the same thing happens with butter corn fed. Highly processed. Inflammatory butter that comes from dairy bits in that they nature. Can cause heart disease can cause your cholesterol or climb up and can cause inflammation. But grass fed. Free range. Non hormone. Non induced you antibiotic blotter. Has many health benefits and in fact that he trees in in potter can actually promote health in multiple ways that we got is it topic. The lead talk about it how big is it. In the United States read this it's estimated the water consumption is 550. Tons per year. That's a lot of water. So we like butter but it pails in comparison to some of the countries in Europe the European Union. Consumes one point five million times. Not half a million. Three times the amount now yes there's more people but they're not three times the amount of people in the European nations. That they consume more power than we do. And here's the unique thing they have lower heart disease rates. And risks for having issues from health issues from eating butter than we made a lot of water. And they don't have as much heart diseases we knew we don't a lot of water we have lots of heart disease what are we instead will lead butter substitutes. Margarine and I can't believe it's not potter potter bloods and that things are. Which are vegetable based butters and so it's not from animals sourced. And they'll I'd like argued the idea that. Grass that butter is anti inflammatory. It's actually better for your heart's health and blotter. It's an excellent source of vitamin a it's a great energy boost are you ready for this if you're tired all the time. Pop a couple tablespoons of three year old real grass that potter and you're gonna find. Boom big energy push and you're gonna find you can suppress your appetite the you'll feel full longer. Here's the big deal why wouldn't wanna eat a lot of lot of butter it's anti cancer rates. There's con educated little lake acid found in grass that butter higher than any other source of byters. And the LA has been shown to be anti cancer. It's vital that we eat it for a brain help our brain is made of the same that the borders made of and it supports good cholesterol and lastly. It's a source that's something known as the racquet Dominic ousted. Which has been shown to be significant because there's massive health benefits in multiple areas with the racquet donning gas itself holy. Smokes we have a big show today. It's all about potter elicit during the commercial breaks I have only a few seats left account of the before leaving it eighteen it it's. In my natural pain solution events which next Saturday the eighteenth sells out. If you wanna join me on the eighteenth. And 11 AM at the Holiday Inn express suites. Call right now and actual pain seminar 704906. User 94. It's 704906. Tuesday night or we'll be right back. Well thanks it and goes it's Yasser I've heard show host doctor Turner's hands historic houses disease dead you can be set free from your help that Hughes. And today's topic is all about blotter I don't know if you guys have been paid attention to the news lately. But there's this big story going around about how one of the nation's leading suppliers of water is being sued. Because dates date directly on their label grass fed from grass that counts that carry gold. And now IMAP big supporter of grass fed potters. For multiple reasons it's it has significant health benefits that the show topic today is all about potter. And I'm gonna give you. I don't know throw an 81 in there. Which has a little bit to do with my theme for this month 90 eastern need to be asked doctorate show. August is all about pain of people and pain of headaches neck pain back pain this pain that pain. And I've seen that a significant number of people are searching for how do we get out of pain. And now will do everything will do over the counter medications. Will take anti or sorry with the anti pain pills so prescriptive medications. Will go to acupuncture. Chiropractors massage therapist lead attorney either way out of pain. And there aren't natural ways. You'd do this in effective methods that work and I'm all about it being natural and it all about you learning the source of your pain. A couple weeks ago we did a show about how pain is that. Communication process your body's trying to talk to you if you have a neck pain while maybe of that going on with the organ in your body via back pain. Maybe it's an emotional issue your having a difficult time dealing with the financial situation. Definitely go back the podcast with iTunes and download that. You definitely get connected with us that you're looking for natural pain cancers. I've seen hundreds of patients in the Charlotte area. Get out of pain unit off. Heavy pain medications narcotic level pain medication. I find the source of their issue and fixing it instead of covering it up you know the analogies a lot is. It's very much like gave the check engine light if if the car lights going off when your dashboard. You should go. Oh something's wrong. And I should take this car to someone who knows how to analyze it may be YouTube may be your mechanic and you can plug that little devices and you see decode. And it says fuel filter needs your place you go replace it pretty well. Not all of us can do that though we need someone who could point us in the direction make your liver clogged up your thyroid now working. You have you know this bios is senior tenured intestines. But when we go to a medical doctor we we intensively. Ask them for help and they opt ago. So forget worried about where it's coming from if you take this pill the check engine light go off. You're paying mogul way you're disease will disappear because the laps to return to normal and not. You are Smart enough to know that's not real health I know you notice. And I know that you guys one's natural ways outsell what if I can show you. Here are the ten reasons that a pain in light turns on here than most common things that are going on. It's either something physical organic or emotional. In elegance deep because you have to find out is one of those three still my main event again is coming up. It's next weekend okay this is your last chance to get free tickets on the air on a Saturday we have. Now only fourteen left that came with more. Right now fourteen tickets if you'd like to get out of pain naturally if you wanna get off the medication if you wanna get healthy get well and do your own way. And do it the right way and have your pain being gone for ever. No more headaches no more back pain that you need to call 7049062094. Because I'm giving tickets away. And once they're gone well then there's no other nations through it seven afford 906094. I the the phones are ringing though yes. Great thank you if it somehow busy to keep calling nine team will pick up for you. The blotter but is a big deal would you disagree with me that if you walk into jester traditional medical doctors say hey dot. In the last six months I've been eating a stick of butter every day what are they gonna do they're gonna look at you like there's something wrong with few and they're gonna say trust because it happens. Oh my god we need to collect we need to check your cholesterol. You're probably about to explode your heart's probably about the dot okay where did that come from it came from the 1950s. When we started to associate. The consumption of a specific kind of facts we have heart disease because of cholesterol plot black player. Plaque blockade. Causing lack of blood flow making your hearts have heart attack and we would associate that to be the caught. Yet here we are today. In 2018. And we went wipes that's not necessarily the case. The potter wasn't the problem it was sugar instead. As we cut the butter and fat diet we added more sugars are the got ten times worse. But may be used to have a old programming your brain butters bad putters that borders that the tank. What we now know about real butter is that it have to come from a source. I'm real milk. And here's the kicker behind that came milk is its own industry week to talk about maybe next week the milk shale may be will do that but the idea is. You have to get water from milk and you have to get it from the fact that comes from milk and because we use the fact. The kind of fact that it has what is it ratio of country illegally cast it to make it three. To make a six to mega ninth all the other the racquet on it gas that the gamble little plaque acids. All the fatty acids in the milk. Makes it healthy or not. And obviously you wanted to come from real milk and you might be looking at me going. How on earth might you know if it's real milk or fake milk well does it come from a how that dean what it's supposed to be. So first of all the requirement for real milk is account with eating its natural food. And this is why carry gold has been skewed unfortunately because they fed their Cal's. Grains. For a period of time and for good reason because karat gold comes from Ireland it's quite cold in Ireland in the winter. How can't go outside need to grass and there's a foot of snow on top bit. So to keep their cows alive they must feed him something and as a company they just decided we're gonna feed grains only for that period of time. But the period of time of milk it produced during that time frame because it takes about. Two months to ninety days to completely ship the facts in it how eating greens so if you're harvesting the milk. In the month of January or February or march. Then then it's gonna have a different fatty acid ratio and technically it would beef from cows that are fed grass of their being sued for that can't. He's witty but you need to go to the tank. Real milk comes from cows that eat real food for house with grass. Okay secondly we have to make sure that the milk itself hasn't been painted or strains or altered so technically he comes from raw milk. Real unadulterated milk. But now the problem becomes this here in North Carolina where. My station is hosted where my clinic is hosted it is illegal to sell and consume raw milk directly but it is not illegal to buy. Processed raw milk in the forms of things like potter and cheat so we have this great benefits we can get. Raw water we get raw too easily problem as most people make Rawle butter especially North Carolina based. We do have cheeses that are Ross that we got this whole issue of raw vs non raw. So I'm here to tell you that if you want that health benefits to come from butter it must be grass bad and it must be Ross aware can we get the eighth well first the ball. You can go to your local farmer's market and you can ask him because often they will be grass fed cows. And often they will make their own blotter or make their own cheese is then guess what. That's about as clean as it gets you one of buying locally produced. Blunders and cheeses and things like that. That are broad happen health benefits there you go cable what if I don't wanna go to a farmer's market and I wanna buy these spotters out right and up until just a few months ago we would say go get karat gold butter it's grass fed. It's organic he comes from d.s you know Irish Cal's and there eating green you know grass and it's healthy for you well then boom came out the peso. I'm not saying necessarily karat gold butters that in the summer seasons because the house are gonna eat it you know in March and April in May and June. But understand as he takes about ninety days for their entire fat relationships of the milk that they decree to change so if your. Ordering in buying the blotter during the generations of its. Grain fed like that technically it's an unhealthy. Water which is why they're being sued because it still says grass and but if you gate during the regular times and it's it's good but that consumer won't know when they pick up a break of butter was it. Made during the time for an that there eating grains may sell. Some of the most popular brands that are a little bit more effective is organic valley pastor potter hey this is the name. If you're watching my live feed when I'm finished Al Al ahead of them links or put the photos of it's you guys in the exactly what it looks like. But the organic valley pastor blotter is by organic valley and when I discovered about them is. That they only produce the melt the butter from may to September. Now what's the importance in the city of his highness what that means that there's and 99.9. Percent likelihood that that how is eating. Grass and it's organic and they don't sprayed with pesticides. And their grass is actually non CMO meaning it's not fake grass which is all the other subject. But it's available in most grocery store so it's a great. Substitute for really good healthy butter. Karat gold again is a grass that butter but according to web site. Ten months out of the year which is 312 days they eat grass. The remainder. Of the year the two months they are fed a grain source and they know that it's that's something they do because during the winter they can't get it. So the problem is again how to I know if it's coming from the grass fed months vs the grain fed might you you won't. So you need to pay attention and you need to go look for these things. A case though there are a whole bunch of other daughters that I have up and coming to syrup you guys including some from other countries in places like New Zealand's. And even I'd Germany. Where they adhere to certain standards to state know it must be hormone free antibiotic free grass then. New Zealand is famous for their grass that nature because. There there in latitude and their place on the earth allows them to have grass all year round in certain portions. So we need to do is pay attention to the fact that our food can help us. He'll Horry can cause that's the gets sick. And butter is a controversial topic for two reasons most of us think if we'd a lot of butter we're gonna explode. Our hearts gonna fill up with Chicago over and some of us they're like no no we know the borders healthy for you. We know it's anti inflammatory we know it's really good for your heart. The wind I come back this next person break -- talk all the science behind grass fed butter the major benefit that has we're gonna keep chipping in the kind of butters you guys should get. And I have a really really cool secret to share a few. There are even connection between consumption of real good grasp at butters and the blocking of pain if you add joints that hurt. Potter can lubricate your joints because of the specific athletes found in it. If you get headaches all the time voter can clean out the back to your brain sometimes headaches or because you have an inflammatory brain. Instead of an anti inflammatory brain so there's a massive connection between pain and that it actually so again. During this commercial break them open not call lines were down to eleven. As you can see them they're flying out fast if you wanna join me next Saturday for my all encompassing natural pain solution events. I'm gonna teach you where the sources of pain come from and teach you how to test yourself to find out what the cause is. I mean this show you how you can get things like add butter and a certain vitamins and nutrients and oils to get you out of pain fast. If you wanna join me it's real simple 7049062094. Only major name phone number and email. So I can send you a ticket it's absolutely free and I. Promise you you're gonna love this event because you gonna learn where pain comes from. And how to get rid of 704906209. Boards Yasser church go we'll be right back. Well hello and thanks for tuning in and joining us today you're listening to get past downturns show I'm a hose stuck where parents. Not that your training today hello to get it watching us on our live stream on FaceBook we have life stream video of the show as it's happening live right now. And that's FaceBook dot com slash asp dot turns. Maybe you're one of our podcast subscribers this mean who knows win thanks for tuning in join for an app. If you're watching or listening online through WBT dot com or eleventh and AM 993 FM a wanna welcome you to gates to your health power. We're discussing potter in its affect for your help. There's a lot of controversy over potter some people think voters really really bad Buick clog your arteries makes it back. It makes you sick and we should remove all player from our diet especially by a high cholesterol. Where it had a heart attack or have a stand. And that's actually true. If your eating conventional. Corn fed inflammatory bloggers get rid of that stuff here dies that's the canned but don't replace it with. Things like that will be spreads and technically it's not borders and a called him vegetable oil substitute the margarine and things like that because they are equally as bad maybe even more so. Because they are extremely high in inflammation. And them they have a fatty acid race and actually causes damage your arteries in your your veins. If we wanna replace it with real healthy good potter. In preparing times as being grass that was all it took. You could get grass fed butter and you would go well we're good to go it's healthy it's high in this and then the other. And we find out that apple may be the cows that are grasp at art actually grass fed. Thus the breezing carry gold has been sued right now. In the United States for their claims that their grass fed. When their website says they only feed them ten months out of the year grass than the other two they're fed grain based feed to keep them alive because it's in. Ireland right that's colder in the winner in what the cows Kennedy McKinney grass. We know for a fact when you talk about during this segment is that real help the grass that butter. Is healthy because it's healthy for you there's multiple studies will post these two are FaceBook feed. And two an article and a couple of web site. Which is asked doctors dot com if you can't figure it out asked doctors to your key for everything. The in the anti inflammatory nature of grass that potter has been re third. A thousand times over. And inflammation. Is the root cause of all disease. So what's what's unique is this specific type of Bassett called Butte Ter Rick acid. The UT YRIC. Viewed through Rick athlete it is extremely. High. In organic. Grass fed. Bought her sources that are matching what we consider to be healthy. Dairy sources the get the facts from the dairy you make butter out of the back. And as long as it's grass then it's organic it's not you know it's pesticide free it all the above you have this exorbitant high amount of pewter casket. And that asked it is a known anti inflammatory. So the health promoting Athens. Is only found in a few foods is pewter gas it. And what you know blotter is one of them that we want a really leveraged the idea let's go for the science that go fatty acids that are healthy forests. We know listen to this the journal of epidemiology looked at the effects of water compared to margarine and cardiovascular disease. And they found out ready for this and I'm quoting margarine consumption has an increased risk of coronary heart disease go figure so V. Vegetable based oils that a lot of a substitute potter fork as we think it's bad. Cause heart disease. While blotter intake had no known association. At all with coronary heart disease occurrence again quoting from the study. Another study sixteen year investigation. The big study the European journal of clinical nutrition in it in now the year 2010. Vice UAD intake to dairy products related to its nutrients. And connected it to mortality. In cardiovascular disease. The research found overall that the intake of dairy products was not associated with dying from party that these are a cancer. And included butter in the study. In comparison to study subjects with the lowest. Full fat intake. And the participants with the highest back actually had reduced death rates. You cardiovascular disease translation. When you eat more. Healthy dairy sourced back. Notice I'm not saying dairy like milk and and and them you know yogurt I've seen the facts. Be healthy. Full fat intake had the highest. Association with the lowest rates of cardiovascular disease that's tough is it and highs association with the lowest risk. But it's right Eric in the eighth in the research. We know that grass fed butter is excruciatingly. High in vitamin aid. And when you compare it to regular butters grass fed butter has between three to 5% more vitamin a and vitamin a plays a crucial role. In the foundation the formation of your T. You're skeletons that your bones. Your soft tissues which is all of your organs. Mucous membranes like your sinuses and your digestive tract and he's absolutely required for good vision especially low light reading. And driving at night scene at night vitamin a is essential. For bats and it's a and Ukraine or melt it helps your body to have natural balance things like estrogen suggests that your. Here's the big thing about water because at the back. And because it's high it's of the called median change triglycerides. Blotter can actually help you to feel full can stimulate if that Bernie process your body noticed heat hostess. To the reason why everybody's all into this put butter in the coffees in drinking in the morning in. Load up your body with spotter is because real healthy potter will make you burn fat. It'll keep you fool and it gives you energy so there's. A hundred different reasons that we won back. I wanna I wanna have more energy while I wanna have my suppression of appetite while and I wanna lose weight for multiple aspects that help. And it's high in something called Conte gated legally cast it's the LA. You should do the research on this CLA is actually been found to be an anti carcinogenic agent it's it's. Protective against certain types of cancers. And cons in LA Cassidy is really high in grass fed fat sources. And grass fed meets sources because the meats have the back. Just like the butter has the fat. There are towels that are great he's seen on grass. Have no supplemental additive affect the boost their country given them make acid and they have more fat. And they have more than a lay acid in their daughter an acorn that cal they've studied this CLA is exceptionally high. 500%. Higher in grass they dairy sources. Dating corn fed source to the wire people getting all up in arms. About the fact that karat gold has been feeding their house corn could significantly lowers the health benefit. Everybody's looking for buying grass that voters can look we come back next commercial break. Their break down each of the borders that are commercially available. We're gonna go broke on you gonna say how to bide blotter on line from places like New Zealand and Germany that are guaranteed to be grasping at their whole life. That are organic and everything out pulling out my water reserves for you all the brands everything you need and are opening up are calling again for the. Mean event and those next Saturday seven afford 9009. Sports graphics that. Seven afford 9062294. Against the event is Saturday. August 18 11 AM at the holiday express I'm showing you how to get Ott came naturally. And spotter is one step 704906209. Or take a break. Don't go anywhere the best is yet to come yet sucker him. Ten today regular season Yasser assurance show hey I'm your host doctor Aaron Aaron thank you for joining us thank you. For watching us. You might be seen how can you watch the radio doctor Ernst well hope you guys know we've lives street all the pressure is on FaceBook dot com's app that turns. In fact I was engaged with a couple of our listeners or viewers of the last commercial break. Apparently this is karat gold butter issues a big deal. And if you're you're you're not. Aware of this down the company carry gold has been sued right now. For a claim that they are grass fed potter which they are by the way so I'm not trying to say they're not had a couple people. There are 780 Kara thought for years. And I causing heart disease. Well Kate the gate area. If you're buying it during the month that they're producing it during the month the cows are eating grains. And possibly. But the caveat is it takes about ninety days for a Powell's fat production to change. In the inflammatory stuff that's. So they have to eat the corn for ninety days for it to kick in. The carat gold company claims that they only feed their Cal's two months for greens. So it's like you know two thirds of the time frames there's going to be a shift but the that they put them back to pastors and they raise them back. And so it's kind of like out like notre couldn't pay the problem with the the company right now is they're not designating. If the brick where the stakes were produced. From the box that were milked. And the facts that return during the month that they were eating where the postman that they were eating greens so it opens up this can of worms and reports that have been skewed right now for that because there happens today. That maybe they'll change the labeling which would be good idea. So I'm we won him a a rise to the awareness that we have to pay attention to who's producing our foods and and there's a lot of companies out there that are sand you know all of this spotters better in our batters better and you know they're doing it partly because of two things one they want you to buy their products. Too they want to tip by their product at three. I hate to hopefully see my point here. There it was to buy their product if how they make money that you're gonna see things that are now coming out and it's fine at Campbell I'm good for that. Border should be something that you incorporated your diet regularly. I had a listener over the commercial breaks Abel is there anything wrong with us making her own daughter now. And it's actually really easy to make potter and I'll post some links on my website how to make potter and I'll even put them below here how to make putter but when I need to understand is. It's all about the source of the ingredients the paint. I was talking through FaceBook through one of our listeners who said they that a South Carolina and here's the beauty be civil we do have access to raw milk. And it is grass bed so could we make our own grass fed raw bunker and I said after the that you can't. Let me know when you make it. And I would like by some from the because there is no regulation against the purchase of rock tease rob butter in North Carolina. The problem is our North Carolina listeners and the residents like myself who live in North Carolina we can't buy. The raw milk out right directly we can't go to a farmer and say hey here's my five dollars per gallon of your raw milk because they won't do that legally they can't. And it's just a sad code of laws that say raw. Milk is illegal in North Carolina. So answering the questions for you guys have been paying emea over the commercial break. We had done about three people call in and say give me more details about the pain of it they just called the line instead. Kind of like get access to this so I am hosting next. Saturday I K I noticed the lives notes that pays eleventh. And next Saturday the eighteenth. And in Charlotte I rented the Holiday Inn express and sweets we have there whole conference call. And I'm inviting you. Or someone you know who's dealing with chronic pain. Neck back hip elbow shoulder neat headaches you name it fibromyalgia. Chronic pains and germs. To show you that you can actually find out the underlying root cause of your pain. Eight get a headache there's a reason why. If your neck hurts there is any reason why it's not always just well I was. You know chopping wood over the weekend or I was you know at the roller coasters that. You know Carol wins it wasn't always I I've worked really hard over the weekend. Sometimes there are organic sources for pain sometimes there's emotional sources for pain it's no big deal of your taking pain med your pains of the managed. And obviously it's not a lack of pain medication does that make sense. If you have headaches all the time you gain acupuncture and they're still there obviously it's not a blockage near meridian. If you Beagle and a chiropractor league game your packet just like crazy that you still have back pain. I don't think it's your desk. It could be your emotions it could be your kidneys so I'm gonna show you from a functional perspective how do you diagnose your pain. How do you treat your pain yourself. And what you'll see is Google way that the amazing thing about it so I have now I'm looking only five guys like you guys are loving this event. Five tickets left normally 25 dollars these are for free if you call this number 7049062094. Again seven afford 9062094. Disney name and email wealth and the union if free admission to my band. And them taking advantage of that trust me it's gonna sell out to do it right now before they're gone. So I mentioned to you that up water's good. And for the longest time we thought it was bad I distant view that we know that you have to get the milk and the fat from a good source. Grass fed organic. Nine hormone induced. Non antibiotic bed and pesticide free for now at the scratch our heads in stable where we get this from. So I tease you guys by showing you that there is a company. And it's readily available in most of the health stores here in Charlotte called organic valley. It is a green label and has like little grasp late pop up on it and it says pasture blotter. OK so I had a listener paying in and say there's assault that version. And it unsalted version doctored can you talk about back to pay. Now again this brings up. Maybe we should do assault shell wire we still afraid of salt lots raise your blood pressure it's make your heart explode in your gonna retain water and you'll be back. Yes if it's cable fault. Sodium chloride what about sea salts and what about naturally occurring heavily insults though. If you buy an assault that culture race butter flip it over and see what kind of salt that is now here's the challenge right it just says salt. So what he got to do he had to call the company got asked them you gonna go like this so it was a frustrating. Am still investigating the organic valley they have not responded to my question of is it him later he felt. But I would hope that for the idea that it's organic. It's non gym though it's no pesticides. And it's not antibiotic free. That they're Smart enough to stay we're not gonna put toxic table salt and butter I personally like salted butter because most Americans are deficient in real salt. Just like we're deficient in real butter just like we're deficient in real food. Is karat gold grass that yes for periods of time. And again I'm not gonna beat this dead cow and notice the analogy. Sorry it's just came to my mind ten months out of the year they're fed grass so for ten months out of the year their putter is great. But for two months out of the year it's not because they eating grains and it they know that during the winter months they are fed grains and here's the crazy thing. The website says grains I did some bigger deepening. Digger deep I did some digger. Gets deeper digging look at this in my brain I need more butter anymore potter I did them. Deeper digging and I found out that it actually says it's a grain of unknown origin which kind of like. OK here's another little caveat touch for the last week if karat gold. He's going to produce a whipped butter. Which is there a grass fed butter and they're gonna add canola oil through it. Noticed the trend canola oil. There's the whole show about it'll look analyst and all these ideas canola oil is extremely. Dangerous. So if there are really good company that out here health why would people and the most toxic oil ever with the air butter. It just gives you an idea for me guys. I'm kind of feeling the deal on mine mine mine and promotions of care Google did it's I don't care what the lawsuit says that it comes backs and that'd if they're retains a label. It's valued no this one is non breast fed yet at the company's the lost my interest because of the deception that they pulled over eyes hopefully guys the I'm kinda person where. You know if the organizations I support I want to have good moral ethics a look at this stand for what they stand for and I want them to fight for you for your health. Here's what you've probably never heard up but you can find it guys. It is called anchor blogger. It is from New Zealand. It is a land. Well call grass that nature. New Zealand is famous for their grass fed lamb and grass fed beef. It is not certified organic by the USDA has guess what they're not US based company. So when aka spent time third or find other countries processes typically. Bartz according to their website and I have had some conversations back and forth through them they are cows that are fed grass year round and this is beautiful. I'm they are very strict on their regulations though is hormone free antibiotic free and active free and you can find anchor butter if you look hard enough for it. But guys you can go to their web sites. And you can buy it. But I find it crazy as this sounds you can buy blotter ready for this on Amazon ready for this through something they call Amazon. Now. It's crime now meaning you order it and you get it the same day. Brilliant to give it looked into this kind of instant delivery food because of the candidates. There's another one and as the name implies it is date German butter it's called. Boy am I but this one. Now down eight Al Al G-8 view. Alan duke and Alec got that and a paid the German butter eight Al Al G-8 U blotter. And it comes from Germany. And just like the what I'll call anchor butter doesn't have a USDA. Organic certification because again. German based and their cows are fed. Grass the majority. Of the time record that website now I dug a little deeper. Again I dug deeper. And at the right way the thing and when I did realizes I've found out on their website when you go and you ask the questions they stated during the winter months there at eight. That was way better than greens it's sort of dried grass though they are antibiotic free hormone free active three. I have not seen this daughter anywhere but guess where it is. Amazon. And you can buy it right now and the secretary TU. Here's another when it comes from I explained it call. SM GAO. With two apostrophe Dover or some of the don't even know a guy that's all right some gore some gore. It's an iris Arthur in Icelandic. Water. It is raised in areas where because of its application. No grains at all during the winter only hey hormone free antibiotic free. In a fortunately have not on this and on him sometimes Leno there are companies out there so we do have to dig deep for help and we do have to figure out. Are the companies that are making our foods eight produce human method brings health. And CE and we piggyback and learn something here hopefully guys seeded global philosophy is not necessarily that. Blotter is something you should be adding your diet all the time that you should if the idea that where it comes from is the most important thing. The ingredients that are used to make it is the most important thing in because your body is a very important thing I would hope you'd want to keep it clean as well. It is not got form at the fun with the asked doctors show coming up we're gonna talk about how blotter health with pain. Them over to face with the consulate asked doctors to watch that unit with me. And this is now you're a last chance guys for free tickets. My event on Saturday next week 11 AM holiday stress athletes might natural destroying pain and there are only four. Four lap and I hope right now they go out here 7049062094. Phone number is 704. 96 user 94 caller right now to get free access that popular FaceBook dot com slash ask doctor the guys next week. Expertise it.