Cam Newton Tweets an Apology for Comments, Trump May Not Renew Iran Deal

Scott Fitzgerald
Friday, October 6th

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I mean these arrest him with your hand me a wad of toilet paper please. No. Was talking huge I knew he was doing. By the way you'll wander or a folder. He left the room I'm gonna answer that good. He's got to Friday way to open up. Open up the program there. There's there's a reason ever decide. And actually you know the guy and I hesitated to do this job because quite often while management. Yeah hears you talking about things and and they hear potentially a good idea. They may decide to enacted it yes. So I'm gonna on the the tread lightly here now of course is big things going on the world you know you others this this military thing. The to the president is talking about and Iran. Still investigation in Vegas and in so many different things that we could talk about the you know what's really get down to the nitty gritty and hard core issues here. There's your Florida elementary school. That terror that putt and a a policy where they took the toilet paper out of the restroom stalls. John you talked and why is it that's exactly who was gone through my mean that caused me panic. I mean there was some cheers severe anxiety just the thought of that. So that again just Newt no and I mean I guess you could but. When it's time ago. You say it scares me teach there. I think Italy is the body. And then the teacher will hand you a wad of toilet paper our student to take to the restroom with the that's us that's a position of power isn't it in oh that's ridiculous how mystique yet hopefully enough and well that that's isn't that a subjective question. And a finish of one square that's the SL Crowe ruled that certain ones going to Wear a I. So. And obviously there were some folks who were not happy about this up parents in particular. She had this woman said she was worried about the sanitation. Because the toilet paper will be handed from the teacher to the child. That's the key element a whole subject is a little Nicky you're. But could I I would I would literally what I have to call my psychiatrist. If I walked into a restroom when there was no toilet paper and there. Mean that's just one of those things and heart palpitations. It it's like every time I go grocery shop and since some you know single guy and and beating myself and I don't do these big giant cooking things I go there Hershey store a regular basis you know every other day if not every day. And I always think to myself do how I mean I and I and I imagine how much to a paper and on the shelves this week. I get done at three rolls matter stock. Because you just never know many tree it all across the driveway and and when bill to get a house nerve wracking it really is. So. So the parents are again being big got very very upset and started writing letters to be a school. And one when parents suggested. That any any parent that had children who came home with a racing stripes. Should doesn't put them in a bag and send them back to school and the teachers the next day. Great idea it would deliberately did that. Now obviously this all started because they were. Could that did the schools were concerned about waste and bats from waste and but obviously this one came back to bite them. So with that said I hope that doesn't become a policy here but I tell news 1110993. WBT because you know stokes would lose his mind. I'm not joking but loses moment John more when he brought that image show for work Chris hi good morning you're on W beating. I not similar no. Charlotte police department somebody went under and stole every hole. Every toilets. You have to in the police departments I want. We went to this happened. Particularly neighbors so far they don't have anything to go to law that's how I've. Again drink and early. Yeah I know. So but that is a big issue. So folder or waters here. I think Alec combination of that foundation net depends on the situation our default and then you perhaps wandered after just think better of a nine up watching this like I know. Did you learn that from your parents 'cause I think it's can't have passed down generation generational and that's the thing I I can't ever remember having been taught pounded to do just remember. I just always did that. I don't remembers the money showed me this is important that Charles water over a folder bowl full. How did I know with his visit starts to you iron it first and on organized I. Starts to unfolds it's right on the hanger. This is a New York school were it does is Florida opposed Florida alone yeah everything happens and you know Jacksonville Jacksonville I don't know. Loses and you know Jackson auction went well running well because I'm looking at I'm looking here. I'm just move this isn't just the sources has told paper return to Jacksonville school bathrooms after action news Jack's story. I'm wondering if it taken away again a perfect fit it knows Varejao met in the Porter but I putts reporter that got that story from our guiding. The head on down to this school here OK awesome what's going on there you know. Chalk shortage. Though some of their from the they toilet paper issue attorney Judith. Get film trivia newsletter that breaking news. You don't like needed to break him back at Dell for a little bit about some apologies from some tweets. From sponsors. All sorts of mayhem emanating from right here in Charlotte coming up on his eleventh to not a factory WB two I'm ready. Charles Charles was really organized she needs help and I do who had a whether my goodness I can't nice about it. Water or a folder. Dusters are. Not at your paper well. Obviously it's not paying attention the program to the important things that we discussed. So on so I wanna I'm like Richard take on the other Jordan deal Jordan rob Reid and the tweets. K obviously she started re a big to do with the you know the press conference in Cam Newton and he's apologized enormous sort of stuff. I did like his apology if it was a very nice thought yeah it was and a pitching pretty heartfelt view seemed very well organized by his peer our troops. Com I'd love to know. You when people do speeches like that I I always intrigued by how much is there is and how much to somebody else put into it you know. Short when you want Sarah Huckabee Sanders when she's doing her a star from the White House. She'll talk and then you can see her looking down and reading one of the points and I was like OK so she's wearing in that and she's. Bring in that depth to the peace and so what the things that came out in this whole discussion here is some tweets that she sent out a couple years back 20122000. Bluetooth. She's I apologize for the offensive tweets from my Twitter account for 25 years ago. And you see this and Twitter she's is there's no excuse for these two each and sentiment behind them and I'm deeply sorry and I apologize. And these tweets when she is which she did Macon college. She made light of racist remarks made by other people in the know also re tweeted a racial slur. So an example. My dad is being super racist as we pastor Navajo land. So no I'm. Is that when. That and doesn't particularly bother me. You know it was a well you should should be denouncing this. Who knows maybe they're going to have a drinking liquor and doing just couldn't help himself. The other one he's the best racist jokes the whole drive home. Now on a trip that was about dead were us somebody else. I'm assuming it was about death. So then when you tie those two together than us like OK well the first one is then bad based upon what happened with the secondly. And then another one. She she quoted a parity account apparently on Twitter the earth moves at 450 plus miles an hour that's ten times. True or something rather than NASCAR dale earnhardt's. Seat but upbeat and which. There's going to be a low brow. Very low brow freeze. Near the observer editor said he Twitter poster regrettable we wish they hadn't happened. We don't condone the posted a message they convey we believe that she's deeply sincere. In her apology and regret about those tweets. So vote was a ball and I were talking about this briefly before the show began and that is an engine and I think you agree with mr. There's a there's a certain. Generation that's growing up. Whether it's FaceBook or tweets and there's going to be a huge number of people. Who at some point in time in their life for gonna have to go. Yeah home run shot a world war I really mean that because it's not a novelty for them it's just a component of everyday life right that they've always had it yet is on it's almost like they're talking to a friend. And whatever words come out of the mouth would just dissipate immediately but not exactly stick around freely and wanting to gets me about printed words like Dallek does. We're dram at the Navajo Landon debt is making these comets are. Racist jokes all you can't get context they're going to be a lot of sarcasm involved with the oh boy racist jokes although I don't. But with the printed text you can't you can't tell infer that you know that. But when she then falls and a with he's the best. The SE there again I don't know is that sarcastic or is that he's yeah he's the best part is that while he's the best. I can't tell we put quote we put calls into Jordan of. Yesterday and no response. And I and I'm gonna guess that there's not going to be in response this is the kind of thing work. The best response to it is just not go there. To just not go there so how much of the past should we give to these young folks we do we draw a line. That. Some point in time all right it was ten years in which would be like bankruptcy. You know after seven years you know you can you know start to get back on the credit credit wagon again. Or is this is something that just needs to go back as far as. Somebody was communicating that way. Because I do believe that people can change. Maybe not completely maybe not a 180. I think people can have revelations in light bulb moments in ending changed their world I guess that a majority of people don't know. You know and what's your personnel is pretty much set by the time they're 1415 years old Topanga. The doctors are saying. So. I mean you just into the world politics in the future. As far as opposition research all you're going to do is to back to somebody's social media world and if I'm Obama. So be a written record of everything you thought especially if you're free flowing Tweeter in. Poster everything you thought every idea he had every reaction you had to a news event. And they can make a profile based on all the things you've done for the past ten years yeah when they do the same thing with a when voters up you know. You know to Missouri and at this private anymore. And sometimes we'll do a story here and then and induce some real diligent research to follow up on that if you were listening I think it was last Friday. Mentions story about I think it was running about being a woman who comes from South Carolina and that clicked and 8000 plush bears but Teddy Beers. And so it'll listener call was a car home and have been Carl. Who called in and he collects the the roster far Ian bananas. And Charles you bet you've got an update on this year. Because I know that. Can inquiring minds want to know yeses or some sort of scandal when it comes to be roster furry and bananas the general you would end up getting ready like at a carnival or fair. I'm watching the news and all of a sudden I see men and have been in a custom on the screen and says roster banana. I saw my gosh. We just talked about using usually an actual costs yes edged just like you see here in this photo right to it I wish we'd all that up too terrible emergency roster bonuses or Bynum and ask who have been in around the rest of Putin's face a small company called a roster impostor. Has sued Kmart after the retailer stopped carrying the company's banana costume between seventeen Halloween season Kmart switch to another company's banana suit. You can't let this is serious on this experience. Tent and roster impostor. Charges but the rival design infringes its copyright. In fact. Bloomberg reported it's not the first time roster imposter has sued over its banana custom. There he is not from there have been critical of question there have seized some choked up or it. There have been at least two prior cases with a company has sued others are selling similar banana customs and you'll both settled out of court. Which means he probably got money. It is very. Unrest to far in light to get this uptight over a banana Austin reduce relaxed man and nail it down so work could you imagine what the sales person for the other company that lost out. Comes home at night. In his banana suit. In the wrong place in the life is like honey what happened was that a move depending. Who wants to Kmart account from the have been Internet. He's gonna aligned his banana hammock on night described. But I wanted us to the company has a lot of other options you can dress is a beer glass or bottle even this is a taco marijuana leaf are so don't beat by a shark. You can turn your spouse into a seahorse your kid into an elf or your dog into a Tootsie Roll. Totals are options and some of the banana as I have option paralysis right not quite sure which direction ago so that we know and obviously is awful for Halloween. Yeah yeah. When we're not close to Donnelly to talk about Owings guys accused. But Somalia is apparently and to be roster for earned bananas and calling out 70457011. Tests I would take a break we come back we'll talk to Karen Travers from ABC. Yesterday. The calm before the storm that's those are some words that came out of the president's mouth. I like to a sort of give us a glimpse into what she's thinking that might possibly be and I neglected to ask her her take on the Cam Newton. You know. Routes. Funny comment until I get to that comes your way and that's on the way here runners eleven tonight at 93 WB two. I'm 33 she generator of Scott FitzGerald a notices and news that you are waiting here for a long long time. George Foreman. George Foreman of the George Foreman Grill fame. We Mohammed Ali rope a dope claim the rumble in the jungle. He is challenged. Stevenson goal to a ten round fight this all. A. I I imagine this is a you know publicists and Georgian other grills are not sell as much anymore people don't know who you are. We need to get you back up there in the limelight. We know you're 68 years old would you mind taken a couple of punches cookbook mania kicked to the other plums there from Stephenson well. Just every an age limit them they held is too old to do that stuff. To me 6865. Seem to be a little on the U want into many rocky movies the killing ten round fight. Inside joke we've already gotten sponsorship yeah. Rifle alert the clapper be met a mutual I. Oddsmakers say that Thorman would be the favorite to win. It's about would be hard to kill. If you don't get that and you can never watched an EST let's go home ice so. Anyway they White House today is going to be can be a bit of the blurt. Iran is all of the things it's in me is in the news about then I think it to me it's kind of be on. The effect that the interim administration is expected to decertify the Iran nuclear agreement that would come down next week Karen Travers a I don't understand this wasn't just. Hello few days ago maybe a week ago that Jim Mattis Defense Secretary said don't wait a minute they're they're doing everything disposed of we don't. Yeah I mean and many officials top officials have said that Iran is being compliant technical compliance with this deal. And that secretary of defense madness and I went even further this week saying that the deal is in the interest of US national security. Well we're told that the president is expected to decertify. Not to recertify this deal next week. And tell congress that it doesn't serve the US national security interest so they don't give a mixed message from the administration. But this is something that the president has certainly not to being in favor of him he is blasted this as an embarrassing deal one sided deal. And you know he hasn't actually said specifically though what he wants to change and then how he would like to do that. He's get a bit of a sense that this is a president who doesn't like anything that was negotiated by his predecessor. And once to undo all of it. Yes at the chalk board there and gets serious throughout no wants all of us to go pipe like interest in quote they came out of a meeting yesterday with a lot of the generals listen to this year's. Business. Well. It's. Well before the storm as couple questions and he said well you'll see. Calm before the storm. What what's going around the white house with thinking I'm Madeline Kara. We don't know you know it's not clear. What what the president was referring to we Aston basically crickets from the White House and you know it could just be. And off the cuff comments. Just a random declaration that doesn't mean anything but. In these times and he died a statement like that especially the president was surrounded by. He's certainly have to ask a lot of questions and he was just the last night you referring to Iran you're referring to IA says. He says said we'll see. To be North Korea and I imagine there's some of the welcome to factor in the middle and rights and you should learn what the release of this type. So Tom like I care I apologize YouTube Twitter yesterday that that's. But I am I that I. I admit I neglected to ask you love that can jump in on the collar before you will be back. We were talking about very serious things up with you get have a quite a big story going on down there yes he wanted to make it come and yesterday about Cam Newton and in what he said to be you know to the field reporter. So well I just I was gonna notes that my father was a high school football coach for thirty some years so I grew up in the locker rooms on the sidelines and girls do know what they're talking about when they talk about football it's not everybody but many do you grew up in the locker rooms that explains a lot Abacha. Yeah got to have a tough skin around here gets through our. Cared Trevor Lou ABC putt putt putt. Yeah her fantasy team is just kicked in brought amongst the other White House staff and and and recorders to. Don't mess with Karen Travers. Tell your time is 938 either my name is Scott FitzGerald this is Angela intend on that three WBT. VS sweet at the Mandalay day. This this and kind of creeps me out a bit here. The if you look up at the and the mutton Mandalay bay casino and resort. Up from the strip what you're gonna see you still see the two blown out windows appear on the 32 floor. Mobs are those with via the sniper purchase. For the for the shooting. And it was room 321352. Big sweet. Band. And the question is what are they gonna do. With the news this week when the investigation is done. It's an investigation that she still ongoing so it's too early for the heavy MGM resorts international but the folks at home this and operate this resort. To comment about what's gonna become of this particular room. I don't I wouldn't wanna stay in it. Does it if they do open it back up again. There's going to be this kind of creep. I would traction for a certain kind of. I'm the wrong crowd that you don't want you there yes I think they'll clean every single thing out of their. The wall it off make dislike it's not even a nutty uncle hallway when you won't announce they're there to just a hallway. Yeah either that or or open it up maybe put glass. Walls up of some sort and then turned it into some sort of memorial wall or something. But to open a back up to the public again as just a regular role room. I hope there and some jerks there in the in the beam coming world. Of MGM that are thinking yeah do we need the money from. You know every single possible room and you know that was a big money maker over there really twisted someone who would like to replicate that activity ghetto but you know there's somebody out there this watch and that's it wow yeah. Yes I wish it was a good place so I'm gonna be there to. Yeah. Your take on that once got a WBT dot com you can do at WB she's got on Twitter. And or 704571110. Smaller and the. Bash. Here's what attended that event freedom to be here. And another storm bearing down. On the red states and it looks like may. As of right now the most likely landfall resorts. Lord knows what they what a wonderful drainage system they have their New Orleans who already there declaring a state of emergency ahead of time to it. To prepare for that so yesterday the other big hullabaloo not just here in Charlotte and across the country in the world of sports was or Cam Newton and the the the of the perceived. Sexist remarks that he made to 21 local reporters here. And in our studio sponsored dinner and decided to pull. I didn't take long none at all. And as the day went on and into the evening we ended up getting an apology. Journal saw understand. No word choice was truly the great and be honest I was. This. What I see is it. The man who. Via a positive role model in my community. The use my left or. Can't go home. Take ownership. Everything that comes. I am what I did was extremely. Myself. Almost flawless in. And had a very tough trying to instill in them that they can. Okay. During this whole process I've already lost. Spins. Are reluctant until it's really only. I've learned a valuable lessons from this. How did you learn some. Don't we let me. Good line there that was a very good life don't be like me. Do you better than me. All of the action of whichever box that's the first time those words ever came out of his mouth. So did you believe it did you believe via the apology do you think it was sincere I think I heard that in the message soon as a child one time when news like be better than me. Topic I've heard him say that before I did believe the message I believe that. I think that he was probably some very surprised by the reaction yet but I believe that's ugly that's heartfelt god I think there was Sarah. Contrition there are the result are word that I would agree completely yes. And may be having you know when you say the words out loud in the public forum like that your brain takes a back in. As if it should be and it's packed so hopefully will help I'm going forward having expressed those thoughts. Because it really doesn't matter were. As you know that it communication I had that was my favorite and in college as of communication major and I learned that it really doesn't do what doesn't which isn't how would you say. Well you say doesn't count and what somebody hears. Isn't what counts it's what they understood you to have said to correct that's the only thing that's all that matters that's exactly right you convey. When they take a certain way and that shots all the matters what sticks. Yes so. If we go four in one if we win this weekend before one. This'll all be swept under the rough almost forgot completely gone disappeared right what a 43 in two after this weekend. Will this stick around here. I think so be chewing on this you'll say oh he was distracted by this whole event. This whole thing made us forget the fact that we just meet Tom Brady and the patriots and went 310. It up a thousand back burner. Skip pager morning on WB tree. Where there. I don't. Lot of people go to all the really don't last comic our foremost let's. I thought about that doesn't look simple on the offensive. And scoreboard ordered an ultra assists broke. Mr. wooten has two over. And I'm married to the ball then that's just it's just crazy debated this little welcome also to Lotta Lotta. I warplanes that type of forest lawn. What why you take offense Citi has daughters and he's not married. I'll remember in our society that we are huge the demand slumped and around the family breakdown. Israel what's called a lot of problems. So I know I agree with you on that when I'm. I don't I don't take offense set it to me to meet its sales MM it might be not fit the right thing but yeah and out of there and it is just average striking to me I'm a lot Google up on that burials are symbolic you have. All of a breakdown though I am not socialized health Q2 my call a spot well and it is an especially within the black community. You know into you went there not me no no I mean let's let's face it then that is the truth to break a few great numbers for you which Yugoslavia are white man to play that market that market. We are well. I think it depends on on your intention. And how do you say just build based on what Charles just said you can take that however you want. But if you just look at numbers and it's not just the black community remain divorce over 50%. Sure so it's. It is across the board and then and then it becomes an issue as to whether or not. The man whoever this man may be that were discussing in these are these are you a hypothetical relations. Where where they are in the relationship if they stick around you know I know a lot of guys who you know I mean I've that was. We'll get there but again where to go parts of the whole role model or write or talk about their role model UV via the touch on that means yes to previous Q larceny attention. Really cute plus it's it's well answered. Well a lot of men don't match sure no right no I agree and he is in those kids' lives now I'm I'm not I'm not judging ever question him about. I'm just I am just. Talking about the fact that it has been proven statistically. That quote when wives kids all living together is the best possible. So where does not gonna bring you warmth or everybody but it is not possible to bear so hands out or. The families themselves finance just from a financial standpoint. Are exponentially better off. Vendor and then couples or go to divorce. Because it's so much more expensive to have to councils. Through it and yeah yeah and I agree without love to know the thinking. What would a conversation that that can may have had with the attorney at some point in time. Bet. That he came to the conclusion you know I'm just gonna stay you know together. But not married. You know. I know people that have kids wits with somebody and they will get married because they're worried about the money in the worried about potential divorce. There are sharing yeah it is a ship it is a shame and and it's not that I don't understand that and that and I can appreciate that some people's lives but there is such thing as a pre nuptial agreements so. Well it also asserts current commitment that well that's true. Like I quit net I've heard of that that's another one of those old fashioned things isn't there sort is heaviest skip I appreciate your call I think you for joining the conversation. Our apartment it was today. Does he made up his game as far as a role model goes I mean I think he kind of acted up a little yesterday when he apology. And not necessarily reestablished. Where he is as a role model but almost reaffirm to himself that this is something that's been four. To departing the apology to Meade does clean the slate. I know in the past I've said things to people that I wish I could take back and once you've set it to even just a private conversations yet. Are you can't and I remember one in particular where I was beaten to a neighbor and I was very upset about something that it probably was of no consequence with the law or something. And and and later that day his daughter can more to my house. Tutu basically yell at me for being so rude to her father that he was an ill man and whatnot. I felt so bad I don't and I'm auto plant. I brought it to their door. I was so that I did because a week later he passed away oh my goodness. And I never could have done that if I had waited but because I apologized. I felt. That chase was just the slate was clean well and so cams apologized I think to clean the slate is clean. Yes I agree with it we all make mistakes we'll save the wrong thing we get we we we are some time to time yes we are allowed some do overs. Legend did that would be your neighbor their Charles it's obvious that. That became a very emotional less and are very emotional moment in your life. Rule too often we have opportunities. To apologize or to ask for forgiveness or to say some the knives or. To just keep our mouth shut. When you don't have anything nice to set. There and I coming times have you heard the island NIC say they don't say anything at all and it kind of becomes one of those most nagging mom kinda thing. But really for his take a look at it. You look at exactly what that actually says. And I'm damn true is it. And don't you wish it applied across the board of sometimes I wish our president would I don't have that on apply some place in the White House next to sprawl. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything. But that's a blue. So a break him back. We come back. Suicides. Like to talk about the Jack Daniels flag could get you labeled a terrorist and a Mueller and the my job or maybe you would help it was a ma'am you're a good. Stephen Roach in his Villa plays via Treasury Secretary. Very wealthy man in his own right. I've since March he has. Spent 800000 dollars of our tax money. Two were. To make playing rights. 800000 dollars. And and I'm and just floored now apparently none of these were quote inappropriate. Travel requests. He didn't use military aircraft pretty private travel these were all for business travel. Tom. Made nine request to use military aircraft. So. 800000. Divided by nine. Can you help me out when that went after 81 then it would be 9000 writes it was just shy of 9000 dollars per flight yes. I don't know ninety felt I know now signed Miller zero yeah. I was misled zero's. 90000 dollars per flight. So. I just look at this and I think for 800000 dollars. Nine flights. Below. Average ticket thorough for flight. In the game in the United States to put on the high and a skates sigma 750 Brooks yeah yeah roundtrip tickets. How many times can I fly. For 800000 dollars. At 750 dollars per flight. Listen it's a big number. A thousand times a 10660. I was clothes you Wear out so. What is a 1066. Divided by 356. Starting. No way anemic calculator. When it. Thank you very much as we do math 1066. Divide among 365. The three right two point 90 so that would mean I would need to take three flights per day. Then I mean I'd be real tired appeared in small bathrooms. Three flight today that's not a 750. That's 750 bucks a pop. I'd be tired of pretzels. The entire deceit or did the money that's spent. Why don't we get upset about this kind of stuff. We're when we get more upset about this I know from people doing their jobs I get that they gotta do their job it fly here they have to fly hither and yon. But that's a lot of money. To get places. A one word for the administration. And for congressman. Senators. Anybody who's. Who's in political office that is supposed to get together and have conversations with other people. And that word would be Skype. Yeah. You know. That in that's crazy. But but but if 800000 dollars to fly around. I know they've they published a number quite often about what it costs to get Air Force One of the ground. And I think we'll consider that wonders just to be. The cost of doing business you know cost of of having the president. And having the president would be in a place where essentially can run the country. From that airplane and we know that he's gonna be safe so that's cool I get that. But some of the other folks so it is a cabinet members and you know it's it's a little ridiculous like Richard you're a nut WB two and my forgetting here. You hear that it could debate perfect Cantrell. This morning. Simple and clear vision. Tell me out there and help me get opened my eyes let me see the light. Okay now. Treasury Secretary Gates cabinet members I think with patient get. Charge co has treatment. They're really bothered me if I'm able to take out. They got military craft supplies not their time and buried article which are forgetting that fact it. You're not including your security because all they need to take what the army stretched their prey to horrible. They're open not terror attacks. Proud of our partner I think. No we don't like these individuals taken out silk they need to have good security don't you agree with then candidate given needs security. I bet. Many touchy topic. I welcome you all get out there about that billions of dollars an hour wait did in the food stamp program. Couldn't stand there are used to it by job crude. They turn these people aren't you beached whale which you say. You know overweight people. Take you know they. You know they've been talking doesn't. Big blonde beer bottles of you know fund dropped Coca-Cola. Great potato chips early go. What about that Scott why aren't cheap get upset about that. We have before. And that sounds to me like your upset enough for for both of us. No word on all my way it is not our call my way to go to chip deep and and trying to. OK okay stood lemon firm so I don't have to chill out but the doctors. Any credit medical. And medical aid for you know be near the end of diabetic or something like that so I'm done my part to be responsible. And it you know it followed it under control. I want to look for anybody else to report to join me to bury you go to the lot. Maybe some racket ball. Women. You tell Iraq about Richard our elaborate and you play regular Richard. Yet why you why George showed Arab do you any good. Where I don't. I don't Brett. Do you NA BC player and are you. I'm from scratch golfer in high school is nothing to do rag ball. Well I I know I don't get that Kurt that what the. And I think Barack Powell who are coordinate our Iran right now policy now. Routed from B Richard now your run and we start talking about potentially played in your ditching me and I Richard you and hired. Eastern demagogue Hughes threw down on the racquetball club may. Levis and a Snickers up. Yeah you're right a gauntlet flush with that and Jean shorts right I don't have to up my game as far as those good. As far as getting upset about things Richard. You know if I had my senate hearing Google just a little bit way I could make my head explode I get to my head would fly off and I would turn into a blood found. If I so choose. The and we'll look on the happy side. During the mood on the happy side that I haven't run out of toilet paper yet today. So. Sir Richard is that just bonuses and merger and it was Richard wasn't. Hey Richard was mad at me. Because I was a man. You can think about that for just the second group. I'm mad at you because you're not met rule. I'm trying not to be mad all the time. You know I mean let's face it there's enough pissed off people in the world so why add me to the mix. Ben do you really want somebody on the radio every day. That is nothing but angry and pounds their fists. He might have put up without already before. Perhaps. There may have been a situation where you would tune in to this radio station during this particular time of the day. And you'd hear anger there until I get fired up but you're not gonna get a steady diet of that every day it just ain't I haven't. So to Richard Meyer now and a bit of the beef and we're gonna have to figure out a way to work. To let off the steam so looks like he's on his way to the gym right now. He had to go work out Thompson Meyer and thought that steam about how angry he is of people use food stamps. And drink into liters of soda pop. He'd raised tensions that sort of thing so easy to do his part to help out the world of health Jeff are you gonna help out the world with with healthy living as well. Actually joked thank you know would just go to the wives. And admired him by sucking down a big old two liter Coke and bag a dream you know Arnold. Talks. Well things are now would do this drug you favorite spectator sport kind of the yeah yeah well I mean you know maybe he could teach me some phone. And while walls that are you know me you know but I doubt it. How awesome how awesome would that be Jeff I think you're onto something here where is they have that you of the glass walls up. And when you play Iraqi policy concede some people playing racquetball too on my take on Richard. And we play randomly we need to have a bunch of people want to make into the gets sponsors Jimmie were you cheer want to sponsor it. And and she knows Indian posters fruit pies and everybody can just sit there. And gain royal OMB and albeit a lookup. That kept it. I got friends there I got connections are CU negative toward her right spectator sport eating. We'll what happens anyway the stadiums whether it at the same kind of thing tweets who has Americans and other. And don't talk with a mouthful that she goes doctors didn't threaten Tony hi you're on WBT was evident. And Mary you have brought prosecutor collier till I got some what idiots college. Especially when they think you are talking about talk America's travel the world don't want. Historical Gretzky did he sit tomorrow food stamps and yet you go to Regina. Well mail buckets Albert Yugoslav reported Uighur talk about the spirit as spinach or what their sex Burma and. They always a dead matter who's in who's in office I'll be pissed off which must either spend enough a large. Two deliver Iowa I don't agree immigrant they got a new business I get that I understand it. Look a bit when a hurricane Princeton duke Florida called open to a totally distorted. Maher or moral Largo the streets who owed money were pretty well pre built. Insurance. Okay all over it would just told occur this sort of the than they don't need these you're out taxpayer money to run back and all security. You know because they could I guess they are secure airspace to write or the other owner. Oh yeah so the other airports around there's a couple of airports it to the other they're not allowed to fly planes swings down there. Everett today including a child support in the paint ticket negative about child they come back at should. Well what better way that would that would caught. Well no believe me you know I have there's not my first rodeo and oh look at you people people love certain things they love certain people. And if there's any perceived attack on those people then than their gender itself. It was the same with Obama it's the same metropolis the same would W it was the same with Clinton I mean. Who aren't are considered that there were purple Obama can trigger no there were some folks who who got very very upset. If anybody said anything negative about Obama. You've got to regroup rewind their real. And end and let's be real about it protects or re rewind the tape. And and go back to 2008. To last year's election. People picked on him in some some people got angry about it Alan hi you're on WBT was happening. I saw. Jeanne you get on part of my of course it is business. Somehow different story that has been done in the past the administration's errors. Business decided words that just because at least we spend more money now that we did. 81015. Years ago. I'm not understand why this. Wish you. It's an issue when I think about to me. The average human being. If somebody spends 800000 dollars on planes and they've been doing this. And even in this position for eight months. To me it seems excessive to spend that kind of money. If it's a military plane I don't know exactly how much it costs to new wheels up on something like that but when I do the math. At roughly 750 bucks per flight carrying and it just might be an average ticket. Even maybe a little on the high side I could fly 1066. Times. For 800000 dollars. The B that would be three flights a day for the entire year. Sort of it's about the amount that's being spent and not fact that it. It's been done the way it's always been done. I decided to be excessively I found it to be excessive under under Obama. I thought well excessive under W. Well the military always been excessively spend 800 dollar for hammer or 2000 vulture oversee their boat and that we're out. On the military for overspending. Or debt decades so that. We've kind of accepted that as a whale watch for the military so I mean. You know. We we overspend on just about every saying. So would I don't see how this is more excessive than. Then a lot of load straight look at the money we've wasted on a volunteer and you're like in Iraq are now like it but it's eight. I strain on public should taxpayers. Won't and doesn't look well a lot of straight territory inaudible from the public facts. Greater pounded every in the government does a drain on the taxpayers I guess the question is in and I think we've answered this with the election of of of trump. Is that we're we're tired of things being the way that they work. She and and I guess a little surprised that we don't see a change at least a little bit of a change this time around. I never did understand why people that have so many meetings face to face. You know you be allowed done over phone call you run down with a new email. So to take a flight because 12151000. Dollars to have an hour meeting. There may be somebody can justify I have a little bit of a difficult time. Miller there's nobody in the world I would pay 121000 dollars to go see for an hour. She wrote that is very important towards creating an overall artists all of good being bumped thank something you can't do over the Internet though. Do you have brought tell here in the phone business you if you. You understand what talk replaced by some for somebody you know that's different from talking I would owe someone should know I'm not in the film business. Well maybe your answer can you talk to people over a photo and so you don't get to see visually what. How they react to achieve sigh your hear how are you react to what we should face little thing that's. I have so little bit of that there is having personal rights and greeting people and June take on important. Bit of those. National built. Announced. I think face to face is. It's important sometimes I think it's overrated it's not always needed more time I know for sure that I wants and be face to face is that if I wanna get naked. No I mean to him. Then has got to well faced yet face to face up. There because we'll. My wife and join would you and I would I. Darling I would spend 121000 dollars to take a flight describe our would you. But I would wanna watch TV can't just legislate 1027 is your time had airman and Scott FitzGerald. Players carnivals there's a great place to watch and humanity and a we're gonna dig into what you can expect with the north Carolina state fair our food. Critic editor extraordinary. Charles going to take you running delectable. Delicious. Delightful. World tour compare from so we can stomach pretty good crypto it's on the way here on WB to study. Smaller to it. She met with us you spy master she stood just behind Russian dossier. When I save Russian dossier. This is the other with a big story. Right we'll check our allegations. So apparently de either wanted to read some fiction. Or they think there's actually something real there and they continue with their the investigation into all things Russian. Except for there's little Russia. Nested dolls in illusionist angles and participants were so cool. Well in Iowa and or another we'll and a bit too there's no that they can keep the caviar now and a commitment and yet they can give that to themselves. Weren't we talking carnivals and fairs and in just a moment here and I'm going to solicit Charles. For his input in his insight into all things fair food. Because there's some really cool stuff coming our way but first let's go to Alex stolen ABC and I'd get an update on Las Vegas. The latest in the investigation there and the fact that kind of scary he checked up a bunch of other music festivals and. Yeah we now know from my investigators there who believe their day that he was considering or at least looking into Chicago and Boston that he got a hotel room in. I'm right on the edge of grant park in Chicago and add that while wallop loser was going on an early August now they don't know. Was he potentially doing some reconnaissance was he watching the crowd to see what. The crowd does he of this was out accountant who is very much in two. And I any hotels that bookie Indus Fenway Park well there aren't on the look into Fenway Park so. That search went nowhere here in Vegas he had booked out Condo and air BNB Condo. Looking over their life is beautiful concert that was held here. About two weeks ago where a 100000 people showed up some big name artists but didn't carry anything out there why they don't know they're trying to figure out why here. Why not any of those locations what prompted him to carry this one out yeah we have no idea whether Ernie actually brought weapons to any of those locations doing. No we don't know we don't even know he traveled any of those locations he didn't check in their hotel in Chicago okay public you may not out. They're trying to figure out one night here in Vegas at the life is beautiful if he ever went in there or if he got called seat Dorsey didn't like the way to the windows based. They don't know what it was but at the big thing here being motive what set him off they just don't know. No. To suck into. To Brad Garrett the other day about this and the difference between him. And so many of these other shooters arc there was evidence of an outside and inside life as of right now we know a little bit about the outside might that we know very little about his inside world. Ryan then nobody knew much about his inside world apparently this sheriff saying that this was a guy who had. I secret life he had a double life he had what everybody's on the outside. And then what nobody saw on the inside and there is a chance in the end. That nobody else not that nobody knew that he acted on his own the sheriff saying he thinks there's got to be somebody out there. Who knew something or help them with something because there was so much to this and it went on for so long but so far. They're not finding it to end and it seems like that it maybe he kept it all to himself. And nobody knows what's happening now maybe they'll find some rhythm in a written evidence maybe. Maybe he kept records somewhere they did it seems to me. They end up finding a simpler time. Some hidden documents in us and we get to this is this seems to me to the kind of guy that would most likely. Kind of I don't know celebrate overs on planning you know and would just. Have some some excel spreadsheet someplace shouldn't keep track of all the different steps that he's made novice plans and there's inventory of weapons and but we and we don't know we. Still early in the investigation it is surprising how little has come out. Even in this short period of time here. So up carnivals to the world carnivals and fairs I always found that to be fascinating when I even when I was kid I'm going to on. Two people watch. And kids get real real freaked out and excited about the other Cleveland fair kid there's a five year old that went to the fair and the TV folks came around and I'm not sure who lost her mind more the TV people with a kid. Everything and yeah and here we each week since there on video hit the airwaves last Thursday the smooth. Or just your normal ten year old. Ivan have voters debut. The same thing every yeah. Some people have wanted autographs. And different things like that but I mean. He's just like mom you have to deal with it. I've put I have thinking now know he's been written and me. He needs some celebrity glasses. When she tried those on the need that is part of your celebrity status looked excellent look at symbolic look at that can look at that. This weekend he went back to the place where you found this thing. It's treated to a royal celebrity tour and he's come up with some advice for fellow celebrities from law. Are doing some fancy continued. He added few minutes and thirty. It's just yeah I have fun I had been served two. And it gets out and that's spotlight but it comes with its perks just watch. What we're you don't care plans we have fourteen hits for you pick whoever you want to go would you going to turn. Korea. He's you know welcome another celebrity kid Nicholas took no time to learn. Happy gracious I can't think you've done enough. They help and support you guys Damian and started my period. Adequately. Look at. During and after the break her way if you wanna hang through Debbie Debbie just fine. Yeah and the great you stay with me and and put that down on paper bigger roll out any. Telling your story. Then we'll we'll finish rural will continue. The the world affairs in carnivals. Ushers in the my insight into what it's all celebrated excited for what kind of flu becoming. The ways that you can try. And forty sevens MDO carnival on the stairs just here but just Media. General wanted a good shooter from Vegas and a joke. You called it has several were tied seven no 1110 and you think you've got a a motive here. Yes yes I got up. What can triggered my mind it's deep it's way what do I do. Was that lawyer for CPA who said. She didn't you charge for anyone that got shot. And they get for. And I thought back there aren't people back kind of evil thought then you can one of them probably in what forty city each copy exactly. This same strategy used by a big shooter. In. I went I can learn from Alexandria Virginia. We all Republican that was all conservatives. And if she thought neither about they probably all voted for trump I think the it's a note that the put it I put chewed through together. And yes there are people that that are that people who thought that they would go out and kill people just because they thought they were. You know that was north country westerner to like debt that they would probably solve all our numbers are all Republicans or whatever our their mind though that. Immediate future it's the American Nat Nat security code or more quickly got over and one in Alexandria. That that might approach at all. Why. Why do you have to jump to the idea that that it was Republicans. Com or conservatives. You know when we talked Alex Stone he checked out Fenway Park there was no. There was no vantage point to shoot there he checked out. Hotels and or register hotels for Lollapalooza. Grant park in Chicago. But I vat would not be. You know we an audience of conservatives necessarily. I mean. Even institute have been checking out different. I don't know why he did debt all I know what he's ship. That she didn't feel sorry for anyone but Dutch got there in Lafayette. Because you're probably all voted for transport company normal. Why no I I I know that I I heard that story we talked about yesterday I think I read the the apology even though you know too late too little too late. From that. And I think we're jumping to a conclusion here on this. Well no they think they Peter and Alec inaccurate purpose they would want to issue. Republicans. But I understand that. This is that this is a discus at the same guy. Well tutor regard with the same thought mine. Vote Republican. So you'd think that this is just a follow up. You know it was a copycat copycat you wanna be like a bigger think of it because your account and didn't stop the great EL. And I I think he is. A lot of planning and ends up. Andy went very careful on how he did it incredibly hurt us so it's a lot of people. One of them what we're OK what about the the the mass shooting that was just before that one. Do you remember that one. That was the pulse nightclub was that was at a bunch of conservatives. I'm I'm back on their awards are really we know. Bad. At peak in Alexandria. It would call republic and they were badly thought that. He thought they were Republican incumbent burgers yes we know what the woman took their opportunity. They get. They had a chance nothing to do with a shooting jell O. She went reporting I'm cutie no no no no no you're article or I didn't know there were people all up my orient. I didn't know other people to keep oh god the world where we kill people that I support coming from. We evil knows no bounds Joseph. Apparently no it doesn't but I but to make the leap to say you know other people have said you know the same thing well you know obviously is is a bunch of modern Christians that are all voting for drop because there. They're country vet. No I think they admit it I think their make in the leaked as of right now mean. There may be a connection we may end up finding you know. Anti found materials Alex Jones is saying that you know they found at about materials in his hotel room and in his house and he was converted by oasis in the other in the leftist liberals Thomas. Com. That is and that hasn't been proven yet I haven't seen anything that's actually demonstrated to me that that's the case. So. I think you're listening to a bunch of rhetoric from people who have already decided that this is what this is. And can you swallow the worm their job. Yep we've made Baghdad are. That's what Mark Martin told me what don't argue about what the woman said about our guards people know people that say that. Chip. Or they're pitching just narrow our option when they're do they're separate. She wasn't saying that he shot them because they were conservatives. What she was saying which is evil is that she thought they would be about to conservatives and she was glad that they were debt. So. I think you're trying to connect some dots that may or may not be connected bull but I think you're doing it too soon. Happy happy joy joy JT hide your NW between. Why don't go around my town is trying to figure this out most of befuddled paid or not they want let me know Gallagher there OK okay coming up I'm just Parse the golf. Leave them buying guns for every year. Alexandria Virginia what my head man who has a last minute idea to get it and let it didn't look again. But it depending on Oprah every year it's been going on longer than that yeah he's been buying guns from the past fifteen Tony is that right. Hate hate they will vote copycat. First develop its second thought he had no affiliation to either party. Feel a conservative in nature he had good hard money and number like cat but he had no affiliation to any party yet no affiliation any religion. It's got a little older person night. Well that's what I'm hearing and until we find out otherwise then yes that's kind of where I'm looking and and there doesn't seem to be a mother when we were talking to Brad Garrett the other day. He thought that the probably one of the main main things that they would find out of the main focus wood and it being something to do with gambling. Clinton while mom I wanna go down further and say that good night Carson joke please come back until it where you buy your tip ball and not really needs done and they're gonna evolve it's gonna cut down due. You can marvel worked on it go on down the middle right and it would uphold the doctor responsible to provide pretty pretty Rodham valiant and I don't say that the problem. See now where when I read the story the other day they were saying that Valium can cause violence that was the first time that I ever ever heard debt. We're coming you got that in the end we're. Quote unquote regular. Jeter you wanna play better not. And everything in her home then got in. Colorado and ugly head and hurdle network can't make deliberate intelligent. And maybe noted to have had heard you gotta do credibility anyway. Network later notably get out of that and it went a little ornamental tail length and it on the nobody followed the doctor's orders tonight Medicaid. See now I am the only medication that I know of based upon news reporting that he was on was valiant and again I have never ever heard. Value and causing any sort of violence. The only time I've ever taken Valium was when I got my vasectomy. And they did that to. And obviously to give me relaxed when when the time came for real steps net. And there was no way in hell I could've gotten violent on anybody rant she thought. They did the Friday now and you had to make me burba and it's. Absolutely yes. I hardly any do this yeah. Yeah. I mean that. Who are speaking about vasectomies. We're not to really get to the carnal thing in this half hour to do on the other side here because we've heard so much fun. We've joked and by the way Joseph a dollar store that's wearing its tent foils pretty cheap stuff so tremendous victories I had a boss. When I was in mobile and you and got a vasectomy and unobtrusive day after two days after. She. Had decided to go honey was deer season in Kentucky. And he was in pain so he was taking Pringles which is not a good combination to have that weapons in pain pills anybody would tell you that. And where and when he shot the gun to try to get the deer he was squatting. Oh. And it. Pushed he's at it push me back and night I did a somersault in the gun ended up in stuck in the mud. It may literally flipping back over and Christie still of the year. But he's never have a vasectomy guests bitching it's not one of those you know repeat of the things yes she's he threw his weight distribution offers on here's rounds you're free yeah. And he did some good attempt and nuclear so. The effects of Valium from. Apparently yes indeed it can cause aggression. Fits of rage. Excitement irritability and hostility. And also the laws were lost control of impulses. So that that's. That's new to me. Is that typical effects sedation. Slower movement drowsiness or concentration lack of coordination and muscle weakness vertigo. Slower reaction times and impaired driving skills. Share. Don't get it or break him back here at WBZ. Conspiracies about deals Vegas shooting and it's amazing how fast they start. Can anyone that really sick and disgusting things that that has popped up that I've really noticed the stuff. There's people that are putting out these these theories. Forget the web hits and there may get money. Say limit. So do I need to do some creative writing here. And a input of some sort of post is going to be able to get me some money. Managed ton of them you know the Islamic state you know day. They may has said yes it was us. Right now investigators do not find in any sort of for a connection. Anti far. Mean there was a a website has a FaceBook page. That said the anti fly United States was I was behind all this turned out that it was a Facebook's source that was removed but it was phony before. Before. The shooting. There's this all mean us all kinds of post an open shooters are white Liberal Democrats hated trump spoke openly about his political views. Arm. That was another one that was made up. MV. Mysterious woman that filtered through the crowd screaming warnings about the shooting 45 minutes before it happened. That I did hear one woman who said that there was one witness. Let there anything else about that. Second shooter that was another one of those things. Arm. It's still no motive still still no motorbike Kai you're a WB two you have the motive do you think you got some enormous. More potent and thank you for having love your show well thank you glad you're there appreciate you called it. Or simple about it I got. So even uses a set up and I don't like a false flag move. But that was about it like that and I think what you're looking at your feet you know here's. His weapons were largely cultures so the last year and a half or so from what I'm hearing. You interpret somebody who's anti gun he's probably most insulting weapons though number what. Number two you've got bumped off on the parameters which. It would suggest that. There's a clear line between his weapons which were purchased legally. It also modifying them to become more about kind of an automatic. Of salt. Our rifle or whatever other equipment making this man was logo on it I trump rally. Who have probably dropped the big support for. Our weight on on Sega no way to limit the you talk about the picture of him and wearing pink. Walk yet they've they've debunked that. I think the ball to probably put hello I mean there's a there's a woman there and said hey he's. Since now that you couldn't all you can find that. But also when we look at you know where in India who are in and rather be locations that he had picked out we're talking about all that. US central figure in the American revolution we've got Chicago with tons of of gunfire. And the world we're looking at you know what our country. Music festival where it without several typing was certainly a large number of guns support groups that you themselves. You have an interview with a former new book. We it was a big Trump's supportive. In you've got this this gentleman who was wearing a trump sure they had no discussion of of trump and and we've got was a big strong supporter and there was no discussion about the on it. Well a lot of the same problem you know. When you can hit the ball up slope or what the net theoretically a guy who would try to make. But man who's trying to. Control all the trouble with that it would have gone off. That's an awful long game to play. He's been gotten buying indeed be bought quite a few over the past year but he's been buying guns for a long long time. Stocking the ammunition for a long long time I don't I don't think Boston. I don't agree that any symbolism here you know. A lot of history without him in the case than Philadelphia's witness on the constitution. Short horrible. Just what law should cut not nighter standard response but you know. I could probably you and I could do an experiment where if you gave me three cities. And if through the names of three from politicians I'll bet you I could make up the story that would connect the dots somehow. That would make you go of her mom may be. So what who who are the congress people from Boston you know who the senators from Boston to does that make any sense. Is there anybody to Millen and it was from Illinois does and is there any connections well maybe Obama. OK yeah there's a lot of Chicago shootings. Written. I I don't see being a tube meat maybe you're right in on the Italian draw may be right but. I don't get the feeling that this was a set up by him so that people get regards. Correct and having a hard time without one. All your target football yeah well here whoa what will thank you and you're not alone dream. There are a lot of people who were saying that this was a set up. So that the next move can be to get rid of guns and boy did take long for the politicians and for the NRA this day. Kate we sort of agree about this is bump stock things needs needs to go. And and maybe. The whole point was made and could be right that it's a conspiracy set up so that we gotta give away some that but we'll get to keep. So we'll give away the Fahnestock check for those who will keep everything else that that's in our world would guns. I don't know if you've got a lot of 704571110. Really like to move out of the carnival stuff just so much more fourth and fifth. And then there are guns there you could either be because a shoot up the stars right so we can bring it pretty good morning to you to 1116 and as Scott FitzGerald how we're strap on a weekend when. Got that Friday parts of the buckles are ready lo strap on when we get. So several calls are a motives were the other shooter in Vegas. And and Charles you've got to some. I do we know we've been following this ball since I woke up Monday morning at 3 AM this whole week and why leave here you think I would do anything but but no I continue to watch the news. Well into the evening I wanna keep up it's part of what we do here. And this is what I think because they can send don't don't find the motives are he must or even the sheriffs say he must have had assistance. We have heard that a few gripes about what it what I think he didn't have. A specific motive that anyone can ever find out. What does he never did tell anyone that he was going to do this what he was able to keep the so secret that even his girlfriend didn't see the weaponry. I mean he he was our social media he had no friends when he was simply that much of a hermit from the inside in. And decided he wanted to do something spectacular. In a twisted brain and this is how accounts. And there isn't it may be there is no there there that's my point. I hear what you say and if he's a loner and but it would seem like you would want to make a statement. You don't mean I do that's latest fights against all right common sense because it's it's not common sense and it's not rational thinking it's completely irrational. So why we think and we wanna put rational thinking on the irrational it doesn't get any more around you write an idea so that's my theory yet. Irrational and Renee you're right it never the Twain shall meet its that's a very good point. Still think there's there's there's got to be some sort of statement somebody wants to make a statement here where this could we designed climbed onto yup. Jim Yuba called 704571110. Clergy did what do you think and you wanna talk about the brother. Yeah your last caller has some interesting comments. But you've got bigger it was very interest through. Be it but I heard our conflict being sudden they're really dirty acquire all the good it will last year and I asked. But yet the day after the shooting up all the broader on this news. And I've also heard the term is their father would suck all the correct spot Glock psychotic bank robber. We'll let Barbara are you who may not have a sang his killer guy in or we're beyond that you're seeing video MI out there at all. So that Brothers saying boy did not appreciate your elbow pad is the Chicago board delivery. I'm into watching his brother react don't let it was all shook up a column all the news and being compounded by the Americans. But that he liked the comedy. That. Kid brother will not gotten all put it that his brother that I haven't done guard got it and then hero. So I'll throw the ball the other worker had to come Al. In order to real record remarks there. So when the Brothers says. He wasn't a gun nut what does what does that mean to you were in the in the overall picture of things. Well it helped make that maybe you're playing your collar comment about the guys acquired all this weaponry you're zero last year maybe the brother bitten no topic brother Doug little who goes by the country. I've made his brother there's no doubt. All but. He had brought partners and brother is psychotic to me yeah it is we're shifting his board would sit com. In delivery of it there's I did I had a eerie thing lingers lip drew a walk through broader react today after. Despite the fact that he was under a lot of media pleasure I'm sure. So I'll just sort of comment welfare who does well and not realize there I have another comet that saw yeah. That's good visual well the so called goal oriented had been the bells ring and that's where lover as spam award ever. They're not find it so interesting then immediately if you don't have that loves to belt thing you know they weren't very good guy that you're Turk say. All but that would have worked my why Obama felt where our issue back in here us say it's almost been forty or 36 thou or. Utah say is why blue ball won't end the whole thing is that police say. Big US government is leaving hitting him all day Nona where they'll ma. 00 how old there's it'll act that I walk you would like to have more margin. While we always we have more information. What do what a weird thought we're well we're. Now one of the stories that I hurt I don't know what the veracity of it or not is that the FBI. Were the ones that got her on the plane to bring her back. I don't I don't know how how real that would it would be because if there with a case then. They would of escorted her off the plane and I didn't see any indication of that I saw her in the wheelchair. He'll be in pushed through the airport in the story was that they met her at the airport com. Gary. I EDO and and there's some then kind of goofy about the idea that he would send her way to quote protect turner. Having this in a lot of things just to make any sense and and so far. Did you there's a lot of weird story circuit mean Alex Jones is gone crazy was when. No this is via the shot across the borrow from the Bolsheviks in the revolution is on the way. I don't know maybe I need to watch more CSI in the maybe that and give me some ideas and some insight into this but didn't I got nothing for you. Well I all over it I've heard that the father by Barbara Barbara it was like old Blackhawk down look at what that there. In his life and that will not solve the interview of the water up all the bloggers bring all league Miller. Well he seemed over medicated he is kind of that well that bug ideal but then again you know what I I I can't put myself into that guy issues for a minute. So do you think one of my Brothers just went off and and shot over 500 people. To do something that demented. And twisted. Well but I wouldn't be able to speak. Hit it the rock the prom hair back. He didn't think you're a bit noted his brother won't let god. Sat back the previous caller coming at it all the guns look Bartlett you're. So. I don't look out you'll know why Al why I got the LP so quick and happy got back to us so we're gonna go all out there. Yeah it was a shared like a couple weeks before though it was like just let that day. I don't know that all of those that yesterday dare say out there he was involved and Matt Cooke argue though he's pretty serious guidance called Obama does mostly. There are only adding threaten to kill his own son if they prove that he was involving drugs and yet he's not a he's got a hug he touchy Feely kind of guy he's and we're all now know like I get that. I don't know that I necessarily agree with the gym that just because the brother says. He didn't know that he was a gun nut from. You know I got the feeling that yet they did some deals together but it was predominate through email and through texts that they weren't very close. Well that would claw or if you want your college comment about all the weaponry who departing Clinton so very sophisticated weaponry would require that you know let your hair. So maybe the brother know what the now deceased brother was doing what you're involved. Byrd rule. What he even know bottom of the wasn't all of a sudden. Well you're right you don't know about the country yeah I've Al very you're sitting golf or even nervous to just weird acting. We're deferring jump aboard go back look at that video interviews give Albert Jumbo voice them. You're so emphatic when he gave answers to the questions. So I know about this. Up up I'm sure they're don't help the brother you are as well this Filipino girlfriend again I'm sure those are going to be some more interviews go along with the government. Oh yeah you better believe they're going to be some. Major in depth conversations that they're gonna happen the good cop bad cop and all the customs gonna come into play. But Jim I wish I had you know more deep wonderful pieces of wisdom for you here. But I don't yet I'm. I'm baffled. And it and I don't feel bad that I am baffled because. I'm I'm not the only one you know I'm not the only one. So. All right let's it's good to another Jim Hyde Jameer WB two happy Friday man. I that he appreciated. I mentioned hairless knowledge for about a week or so what are polished into whatever human error in my clothes. I got a brother lives two miles from they have no I hear what he has in his past what he has in his politics. He has no idea what I've that in my house my cloud looks. I doubt Koreans who have done not so nice and their houses and the war Obama ran so what my brother's got. Used to be a farmer I go up while they ammonia nitrate out war after nine elevenths still go out my money nitrate I didn't know it made a bomb. But based continue to sell it to me. How about the woman who want to. But still plays buildings. I think she knew kind of what was going on which you are close same thing this guy cutting my killer so I'm out of here I'm going home. Kenny says they're a hundred grand manner to live on and she's got home I don't think she she doesn't know what she didn't know what ammonia nitrate he has. My wife is not the what ammonia nitrate he has. It's used to make cuts corn jumped in the spring depth but I didn't know you could make a bomb that never tell that to Oklahoma City. And I went rowdy and door I used to back after not allowed no after Oklahoma City 95 athletic. Walked out back in the same applies to us that they don't have a hard time getting this stuff. Yeah would route back picked it up handed it to me loaded and in my job. A strike as you've invited for such a long time it wasn't like you're coming out of the blue and there was a resources vision. So hey I gotta take a break Jim if you wanna hang on company at the side that's fine arms. More dig into the motorcade. Right Chris we'll get your first on the other side on news 1110993. WB typically thick jetted there but 34. Motives. I had coming in on this what. 'cause we're going to be when he interviews with the brother and you want to without sounded a little different. And it's cooked up. It was weird. There's somewhere about Charles Gibson tells you wanted to add Chris and get your just a second here and not only really does. He doesn't take notes. And I just got I just got a text from a local attorney won a wealth and he's been listening. And he said that him and his colleagues have agreed with exactly what I said. They may just be nothing there there we wanna tie and nice pretty bow on in but they may not be one. And yet we don't like a vacuum right now we have we have to find we have to have a why got to be a reason what if there isn't right. Right that's when synod and possibly has got to be your reason down force it is possible there we won't find them possibly there's not enough. There is a reason. In his mind but it's locked up there and we may never find it you know that might be the other issue Chris tiger mourning got WBT was haven't. I'm living large in the at all behind your good man you're learning you're learning well. This area's I wasn't too real quick before I make a couple quick points is a really appreciate when he had Charl and air. I think he's the voice or reason. And I hope to hear him on the other more often does that he'd be willing to a new look you know oblige him but. We gotti's. Slingshot to keep them from getting on the mind of an all time I thought I would feel that that's true you're right that you're gonna open up the split. I I have they were talking about it in the past my brother was murdered. Back and trying to detain and at there's really strange circumstances one of its close friends and you know people ask me why. And you know as there there's no late great answer to give home and I'm you don't talk about. A couple thousand dollars here couple thousand dollars there. But when we try to rationalize. Site goes mines and wide as I'd somebody killed the pizza guy for a hundred dollars and cents billion to understand their new look you feel stupid. Could you can't explain it. And if you could there might be something wrong with the was well. A right to be able to understand yet to some wrong what do you view and understand their way of thinking. Yeah exactly exactly it's. And that would that we're continuing on this motives. They all this woman that he had been dating there although I keep hearing help from her family from her for Arab. She's a great person you don't have any bill Calder political. Quell the notion is not some radicalized per cent. Then I think when leadership our focus under this woman who he was seen with a in the casino. That weekend or the day of the day before the shooting. And the FBI says the they're looking for her they haven't found her. That's really kind of an eye opener for me. I'm curious to know who she is what influence you have on him. Lot of times these kind of guys who are little more secluded recluse. They have a they weigh about that moment letting. I know a woman possibly influenced them more than than they should. So I'm curious to what this woman is gonna come out who was she looked or affiliation. Did she radicalized this guy no I think that's probably where my focus is right now that followed and investigators finding out. Really people you is reduced the days and moments up to the shooting. Then they'll likely be among many people called and Omar don't know my brother I don't know sometime this of people that you just letting your lights. Got a the most influential and and they haven't even been there for him like the time and still city argued that started storing these gardens had a relationship with somebody that's what he just collecting guns I know guys are up forty guns. I would bet my life are not gonna ever shoot anybody I have no regard you know nonetheless sub group of people. Rodgers having guns like that that's not enough of a reason for me to say the sky's the cycle cell. It was just have to wait and see her and LA Charles says we may not ever have all the answers and that's not very satisfactory. Especially when we're talking about trial record and bill what's the motive for he would know lookup zone marijuana arrest people unless they know the motive so that just kind of power program but unfortunately. In reality you don't always get the motives. The house and the whites. We got down. You know the wise sometimes a little more difficult cause. Right now like I was saying and and and taken from Charles point probably was a reason but it was just locked in his head and down. Maybe I don't know Chris I I always appreciate when you join the conversation and thank you can't. Talk but what about this other woman what are we gonna fight here in at the FBI doesn't release her picture. Does that mean that she's still a bit but she's not going to be found as she's not going to be found and that really leads to. Terrorist organizations some beach State's somebody who's protecting her with faster resources. Could be done. If they do put her picture out. This it it is pretty amazing how fast. Communities go oh OK im never may be on the lookout for Seawright if she does disappear after they released a picture of gun summit he didn't want her to talk order she got to the place where the people. We're Eleanor Renner are so. I don't know man. I'm not as we look forward to a what sort of new fried foods carnivals got come and I. Makes my life than Chris give us and we can manifest. Eric real quick good Geoff high Geoff era in your Dodi BT who let down who. Based out in public it's an impact on the yup the bureaucracy that should've market discussed on torture so. Two at the to the cops on the same and I like to reassure the folks Orbitz. You know what we are they control it we even have peace got monitoring gunshot marker ink device was peppered all around the trial. You know if it's so they're replaced with that should be partner and it seemed to me it would then and that kind of location. And I told. But in most major cities there's a swat team were centered that are available. There are Smart person and certain different so all parks until. Won't say nonstop. I don't know. I don't know if those are normal practice that they haven't. Mean I would need to call the CN PD NCA right now do you have a swat team ready to go. And chances are you know the answer would be yeah if if not immediately then bend Indiana short order. Then you would think that that would be the kind of Tom that they would have beefed up. Potential security. Internal. Exactly about it. Yeah I cannot are appraised because what their response I took who will build a bit but I moment but you know what they prevented putt I really don't. You know and it's just looked forward you've got to let the crop in the neighborhood you know the search and patrol course somewhere up providing. What you brought to thank Social Security but you know that special tomorrow night when nobody. Where were in the middle of the day notice period. Jeff if you let you get more hang on. I'll get you coming up next to think I appreciate you could join in the conversation or look due to a 70457. Up 1110 break him back. We'll try to get to the carnival kids. We will before the other day is don't you need to stay with us Olympic little scratch my head I don't know that I don't have your solution only automotive. I don't wanna see the pictures of the victims of chemo I don't really understand them the motivation I don't. You can send look through all 58 to now I can't bring myself to do know I had. No interest in doing that. It's not because I don't have any sadness turning empathy in my heart or. And compassion. Issues what is that going to do to my psyche I don't need to hurt anymore about it. And to me is that better. From a personal standpoint that it isn't personal but I don't know who these people are. Paramount you. Trying to figure who this guy is this kind of guy isn't as of right now it's and it's a bit of a mystery Suzanne hi yah you're on WB two what's happened. Well first the I think he didn't have work is paying. Pepsi. Or that this with the political tech went trump. Other our drug gangs and the Las Vegas they have all bones but machine gun. They're upset with that term voters out her. Importing half the people here of breaking up families and they're doing this as a political gesture towards trial. He's hated. By the Hispanics. Well he's he's not Hispanic. No but the people that voted for him. Art are you know I think he's got that have been hall where everybody's gonna go back right children. The children and anybody who doesn't have a legal right to be here in the country. Why. Why would he be allowed to be used as a patsy. Do you think he's got some sort of affiliation with the the Latino drug gangs or win the title I mean I think that. And it's something. Some reason why that the FBI and ATF. Have. Circled around him I'll note that there were a few floor they had cheerleaders and a couple of guys in the crowd if you can see a lot of the videos. Say is that Karl cheer on the grounder in the crowd and there were definitely two in the crowd we're. The jury that envelope or in that you can see them shooting. Right into the crowd. Point blank. Well. Where did you get the information that there was more than one floor more than one shooter in the building. Well I the only information I can see there's a level. Higher that you could see Orlando. From a separate window. Now like before explorer or war about it and I think. For that there may be attempts for I don't. So where the where the windows knocked out and those. You know where the whenever we're not out there aren't that say woo women women show so Susan are you saying that but let's assume that your. That there were quote shots are muzzle loading a muzzle firing from the from the fourth in the tenth floor arm were those windows knocked out. I can't help offset that right you can't see won't we be able to see Nell if if the windows were knocked down. And now I've seen bowl record of any however I don't know enough you can. Their pictures now mean you can take a picture today. Of that building and you can still see the the windows are knocked out. Up from the 32 floor. But there's never. I didn't feel video yesterday and then replacing some glass against. I don't know what we'll okay. Did I did she or McNamara of putting up. Plus the way I would but I don't know what Florida where absolutely no way of knowing that but if you look at. The video that night you can see the muzzle flash on different sort of pull him that plus the shooter and the crowd. We aren't. The couple that figure Auburn that I tonight. But the couple that was. Thrown out of the venue. Yes you I only heard. One person. One person's witness to that. You know play very that we still video the courtroom were Weber what they went out. What web sites initiated this this idea for you where did you start first. I've been watching all of my news and sometimes they lie there live video players they're people that have taken Lester yeah don't believe everything you see you to do. They're video taking taken from someone's phone. Again don't believe everything you see on YouTube. You'd be amazed at it how much touching up. Ken can go on with the ability you've taken on your phone. James you've got a an idea of a motivation is Aaron. We are here. It's really not a good idea of so called her looking at a I think there are looking at it and it textbook. I understood what the usual way this has happened before. Arm but I think they need to dig deeper you know kinda like it if you're applying for top secret clearance you know they dig through your whole life. Always going to be an exit. Oh wait and now there's clearly. They're not suicide note you know no motive worried upfront. It's now is not how it's been typically done. They're not gonna get an answer until late. You're real deep. How deep domain more word is a bigger need to go. I'm all I would I would assume you know it was start with the families. Got the girlfriend. But it needs to go to all the places he's never lived all the places that will work the people out of work with them you know maybe. You know he had signs of outburst or. Just anything that they've showed any sense of anger. But maybe not and that's where everyone's confused because the motive is is just not clear. Dim. View that this is going to be a long time come and India unfortunately. It doesn't seem to have too many holes to dig our. So did do some more digging in here the the video that that shows quote the shooter on the fourth floor there was no broken window there. There was no broken window there so whatever that flashing was. Could have been a reflection. Could have been reflection of what came off the 32 floor but no it. That's what they're saying so if you're if you're on a conspiracy theory website. Can take you would agree salt. Can't tell what they're trying to do they're trying to get you to click. People are making money a lot of money off of go ability. Maybe they truly are. Chris Heidi and James to be next we're about wrap things appear Chris your response to the Hispanic theory. Yeah I'll be quick. She's crazy and I'm Hassan the rude or mean to the ones that if he's still listening. You need to get help because you really believe that one you're not that Smart or suit you. And I'm really sad to hear people that actually think that that it took them huge conspiracy theory that I thought that. I'm I'm surprised that Scott. With the other nasty nasal voice. Hasn't called yet he's there he's our big. Resident anti Semitic guy I'm surprised he hasn't called yet to say obviously it's the Jews that's typically aren't we aren't you surprised 'cause he hasn't called yeah. He's raising two. But these people actually and they vote series and says much and they want a real people on the other of being clueless. This is so much more dangerous they are so much more dangerous. It's not just that they vote. They bring lead and they do it that's that terrifies. The fact you have to go thanks thought James got to make it real fast is we're up against the clock you we got. Yeah our viewers singer Warner was. Besides for the motive just. The venue the people who run the venues in the casinos. Nobody's asking questions about yet it that we all know they have security but. She's venues are not stopping they're continuing. And to prevent it from happening what measures today have to do or what law but come in early amount of people further venue. To stop it from happening again. I don't know lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place at least as soon on the somebody wake get up it would go well we'll see you on Monday through that it was few blue skies angry lights take care.