Can Hemp Help?

Carolina Focus
Friday, March 2nd
Rick Rainbolt, Hemp University, is having a seminar March 10 to show how people can take advantage of this newly re-legalized industry. Andrew Yang wants to be the Democratic Party Presidential nominee in 2020. He's warning of the dangers of mass automation and wants to give everybody $100 per month.

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I'm mark Thomas this Carolina focused on news talk 11101993. WPP. 1079 the link. 1025610. W I after Lindsay. It's where we look at issues of Vincent happenings the perfect Carolina's Charlotte region and you. Welcome. Thanks for joining us here this morning once again on Carolina focused its. It's a wonderful live we can talk about the increased possibility of production and profits. And manufacturing in the state of North Carolina. And we were gonna talk a little bit about that in a new area that he is coming in to be. Coming into being as you well know the tobacco farmers over the years have been devastated because there. Tobacco uses fallen dramatically. And over the years a number of people have proposed that help should be grown as a replacement crop for tobacco. And it really hasn't gotten much traction until last year when it finally became legal once again to grow hemp in North Carolina. And joining us right now from hemp incorporated and university is Rick rain bolt he's the president good morning where hey good morning thank you for for having me. It's is good to have you and this is an issue that we talked about. Over a year ago with some folks from up in Raleigh and talking about the changing the laws that allowed him. Commercial industrial him to be grown. And what so what was finally the tipping point that allowed this happened east do you think. Why I I think there's a tremendous amount him momentum throughout the United States there's now 31 states. That's legal to grow industrial him. We're talking about industrial him not marijuana big difference. Of course marijuana has the TH C and it's in industrial hemp does not have. TH EN it THE is the component or the can of annoyed that that people can can get high on. Industrial him. Most states including North Carolina. Has to have less than point three. Percent of PHC witches. Negligible it's it wouldn't. You know we knew anybody of us crescent. It's it's not like it's not like alcohol in that we're talking about fractions of a percentage. For example if you have. Some of the craft Beers have you know 5% alcohol right even at point 3% alcohol is technically I think is still considered alcohol. Correct but in the case a ham it's. Like you say it's negligible from the point where it's is it is not a dude. Even if it was 45% in the united not even notice that this is point three he could smoke an acre of it and it's not going to. Give you a buzz or give you a headache maybe just pathetic coming up yet caught up like that. But. What. What was it that. That actually allowed this to to transpire. Well it's you know I mean North Carolina history you know what 8080. Plus years. They're you Stephen -- law in North Carolina that farmers who get. Fine. If they didn't grow industrial him. Of course it got wrapped up into the all the marijuana. Law all's and you know he got out walled in and it's coming back it's coming back strong it's going to be in a tremendous economic boon for. Not only America that the North Carolina and we've got to understand North Carolina used to be. The investors and capital of the world I mean we have some of the the finest. Environments. And soil. Anywhere in the world it's this is just absolutely hope Piedmont area. That host stripped its its perfect everything for growing industrial him. So we're really excited. Like you mentioned the tobacco farmers I meet with farmers I have been I founded. Started. In peak university back last year January 10 and I meet with farmers every single week and out of business farmers are farmers barely struggling. It's one thing to hear the stories about how farmers are struggling that when you start to get to know him personally you really get to see it front. Close in impersonal it's been a tremendous impact in. This gives a lot of farmers that their farms have been shut down there's thousands of them. And in this gives them hope to be able to go back into the business and build their farm once again and pass along to their kids do dislike. It's been traditionally so this is really really exciting. Opportunity. As a cash crop what exactly are you doing with the it's one of the strongest fibers in the world as far as coming from plant. There's you couldn't find this information out that there's probably approximately 20000 different products. That industrial him fibers can be. In the use for me BMW right now they're using industrial hemp fibers in their door panels on the and it's already being used were importing. More than a billion dollars a year. From Europe and other countries that have been growing in for quite some time. And we believe. True instead of being the largest importer of industrial and that America can be the largest exporter of industrial. And we'll believe will. Will win that race. And we're talking with Rick and rain mole who's the president and founder of hemp ink university. Here in Carolina focus. I'm mark Thomas your host. So the farmers are gonna really benefit from this. But the processing. That goes along with that that's also going to be creating jobs well is not. The infrastructure that supports this industry is absolutely tremendous. It at him peak university we have five divisions one of the divisions as a is a consulting division. And we build grow facilities. Helped coach in consult on how to do it how to build growth facilities. Well that brings in a multitude of other type of businesses that come in for. For eight back. Watering systems and light being. Contract work contractors building things like this so it it it really spreads out quite quite wide. Now auto industry. As far is. Re purpose thing for example was a full Morse plant up in Concord. That we've shut down now. Used to manufacture cigarettes are facilities like that capable of processing help. Currently or would that be. A non starter due to the cost of conversion. Well you know the infrastructure ciller's three kinds of industrial and there's there's three types one is growing for fiber. Those plants grow approximately fifteen feet high. They're kind of bush grows brush grows they're not planted in roles. Someone called it jungle grows it he will. Very thick how other planted very low maintenance. And that's. Growing for fiber that's that's one type of industrial him and it would be for things like clothing ropes paper tape you know a treat takes 3040 years to grow industrial hemp plant for months Boone. It also is great for the environment as well it's it's the number one planned for absorbing CO2 in carbon. It's really healthy for. Replenishing soil and bring in soil back to life there's so many benefits of industrial him but that's one grow as your fiber of this second grow. Is growing for seed in those people that you go into whole foods are hurt or airfare locally. Do you buy him parts. I've my wife and I've been eating him parts for years we Nixon men on our salads are in our agree injured drinks and in so what. And what is what is that was critically dubbed the plant grows about five feet it's a male plan has a lot of seeds in com buying comes in with forks lifted takes the top soften it gets. Sent over to the food grade. Is the mushy material that's considered that's that you're part. And in they're sold very very healthy high protein amino acids. And we've been needing that for years so that's the second kind of crop you can grow you can grow for fiber you can grow perceived or the third is growing for oil earlier candidate all. Type of plants and you know the federal government CB deep probably people heard of Canada doll. The federal government has a patent. On candidate dolls of the health benefits. It's pretty substantial there's a lot of information out there. And that's the third type of plane you can grow for the healthy oil. And as far as the oils are concerned misses this is one thing that has somewhat been in the news but I know. Over the years. Our friends down the hall WB TV Molly Grantham has done a number of stories on. The effectiveness. CB the oil in treating seizures particularly in children. It is this is this which are talking yeah that exactly right it's it's a game changer that health benefits for my personal experience. Other people I've worked with and I know it's it's truly a truly a game changer out there you know in the Newton connectors cynical category. So. So that would be something in that is legal because I I know last week horrible last couple weeks there was a raid Upton Rowan county right where they were claiming that they were selling CBD oil. And their for the ring to be arrested for that. Well I I don't know all the details. A course on on that but I would I would probably bet my house on it that it wasn't. The is CB the oil it was synthetic marijuana that was outlawed quite some time ago and they brought. That product back in hijacked the labels CBD. About four months ago up in Raleigh I was up in Raleigh at the north Carolina's sustainable agriculture carvers. In a lot of us and hinders. We had luncheons dinners. That was one of the subjects we talked about is this synthetic in an egg and I don't know specifics about that specific. Program I'm kind of you on the spot here right now I know that that was a big topic yet the agriculture sustainable show it dinners and lunches in the vendors that were there were really concerned that we. That they hat we actually had empty packages of this synthetic marijuana. At that show. And had Wright Ayers CBD CB deal oil and it's a complete hijacked. And that's that's too bad in that some of the things our university we are advocating. To get some labeling. Regulations and rules. You know to protect our industry now with debt would those rules and regulations have come through the federal government. Well we we we are gonna work on you know as he stayed in then moved to the federal government that's a whole another conversation the federal government. Industrial him is still classified as a as a schedule one draw. No it doesn't have a news even though doesn't occupy. If you read their regulations and rules on what determines a schedule one drug it's one of the things it says it doesn't have any medicinal help values. The yet been federal government has a patent saying that it death this. I can give you wanna look up the the the pat numbered 6635. Or seven. And it'll talk about all the health benefits so to look. Yeah I Dixon right the irony and contradiction back. Then and the government sometimes. Teams who handy hand. But we won't go down that route up at Appel. But let me ask you know you talk about eating the but. The seed hearts in parts of him parts and also. The CBP oil right. If you consume these things. Are you going to test positive. In a drug test. At your place of employment and I asked this based on you know the Dow IPC things where people can get a false positives out for meeting a poppy seed muffin I think. A lot of people probably were revealed signed filled right show where. One of the characters got busted for. Being a heroin addict when in fact she just had a poppy seed muffin. Yeah are now on the him on the hand him seeds. So far we've not had any of those kind of reports. There is. Always a possibility so we always recommend to somebody is is gonna be. Taking some kind of CB DO of course you know know your provider know everything about it how is growing how this process extracted. Do your homework of course. That's number one. Nowhere comes from. But then we we say hey go to the company leadership in and it and say you wanna be old news. Did take this and indeed the test did that test a month later they give you that permission to do that. But most of time it will not that it it wouldn't be bad news. Be full disclosure. And and had it checked that there's a lot of seed media Els and have absolutely zero. Zero THC a that some might have a Trace. The most likely it's it's just not enough to show up but it still is always good to us. And we're talking with Rick bring bolt who's the president and founder of hemp incorporated university. Here on Carolina focus I'm your host mark Thomas. Here's what's really exciting about North Carolina all the North Carolina farmers in the rural areas. We have one of the largest Decourt education. And grinding facilities for industrial him in the entire hemisphere. Up in spring hope North Carolina we have 85000 square foot facility it's been under development for the last four years. Finally just in the last several months. Have actually started chipping out truckloads of a product of material for the first time. Very very exciting so this is a big advantage for those here in in the group of farmers in North Carolina because they have a place to sell their product. Big that's a big deal that's it. A big thing because it's gonna take awhile in America. For the infrastructure to catch up with the demand and it'll take it'll take awhile. I mean you can make paper with. Hint you can buy him paper but the paper mills who have to substantially retooled to deal with the used in fibers compared to what Paul. So it will take awhile for the infrastructure to catch up that North Carolina we are leap years ahead literally we are years ahead because we had. Much more infrastructure than. Any other state that I'm aware of at this time including we have the very first. CD shelling facility right here in North Carolina as well already at about 99% capacity. So that's really really excited. So the the industry itself is is growing tremendously now. You talked about the wood pulp industry. I'm also thinking about cotton. As well if you're going to be talking about using it as a fibre for closing. Are you getting any push back from those traditional industries. As far as. This legalization I guess that particular hurdle you've gotten over but are you seeing any resistance from people saying we don't we've. We don't wanna get involved was because of the image that may be conjured up by some. Are you getting pushed back from. The you know we see tree farms all over the place right. And I'm not an expert on that but I imagine a lot of that's going in the paper making the industry as well right. At this at this point it's so small throughout America. That at this point there has been known there's been just tremendous amount of excitement tremendous amount of support. So at this point to answer your question are there has there has not been. And I don't perceive that in in the near in the near future. As far as that kind of respect. And again we're talking with Rick rain bolt who is the president and founder of hemp incorporated university here in Carolina focus. See you gotta basically a supply chain that's being manufactured. Or being erected I should say a lot of it's already in place. What about South Carolina farmers because there weren't we broadcast to the South Carolina as well. A new year in north Caroline your focus is North Carolina right. How does that stand in South Carolina blogs I zarrella I spent a lot of time in South Carolina tag again it involved from Georgia South Carolina. West Virginia Virginia and New York. We travel quite extensively to be held help the other states you know. Abdicate. To other states become legal for industrial him South Carolina. It is legal to grow the issued. 20/20 permits. And they have announced those twenty permit holders. Because in order to grow any farmer in grower. You have to. So they have their own commission South Carolina industrial commission we have the North Carolina investor and commission. That regulates this in North Carolina. They come out and they test plants and they do tests they do show up. To make sure that everybody agrees. Audience and those plane oh yes and and we're we're excited about that we support them I know many people on the commission. They're doing a great job they're working really hard a lot of these people on the commission. You know they they have full time jobs in and they in Destin and aging amount of time to get this last year tooth 2017. Happened. You know this industry up and up and running so there. They're really doing a great job at that we really support their efforts. As a university and educational institution to. To do it the right way. And that's what we. And I guess took another question would be. In hello I'm about my country. I've got a few acres. But five right could I get into the business or is that too small or. Worse. How do you get involved if you're not involved in it first of. Right so so you the first the first thing I I teach people that are basically three steps in in all I'd just give you a little rundown. If you're gonna get in this industry got a first engage in education. And that's one of the reasons our university offers all kinds of symposiums in training opportunities to get the education. With that education you're gonna learn do you wanna be a fiber grower. If you're gonna grow fiber hey you probably wanted do minimum of twenty acres 5808%. In like that. In its. It's the best crop out there at this time than than the fact that we have a processing facility right here in North Carolina. You're gonna do a lot better than any other crop out there with the fiber site that you have to plant. You know larger number of acres in it in order to for that to really work well very low maintenance. Spread the seeds of the spreader. And that's in nitrogen in the soil and let candidate Adam grow. A lot of other crops a much higher maintenance Steven get it to the point. Planet in the field and then this. Keep healthy in the field throughout the season. So so get the education so do you wanna be a fiber grower do you want idiocy grower now Ysidro or you can you can drop down on the acres in twenty acres 1510 acres would be pretty good. A five acre plant. You would probably wanna go to your oils you're in the nose. Candidate all. Industrial hemp plants to grow for oil. And in I would even recommend not. Your first year I would say do an acre. Picked up you can handle yet whether it's it's a gigantic ears it. Planning fiber it's you know I can teach you how to do that pretty quickly that. Learning how to grow for audio there's a steep steep learning curve so we always teach to. To start small we really push our growers and you can grow that indoor outdoor. In Concord we have one oval. That 6000 square foot growth facility right here in Concord. Same place or. Our next suppose in that we're doing is taking place so. So. That's the first thing get your education and determine what type of industrial hemp plant you want to. To grow do you want the fiber you like the cedar do you wanna grow further for the oil. That would probably be my first our first recommendation. Now as far as someone who's already in the agriculture industry. Let's say they've got. For a sizable spread several hundred acres. And and currently admitted they might be doing soybeans. Something like that right is this something that they could switch from what's they soybeans. Relatively easily over two ham. What obviously not. Crowley is quite steeple learning curve based on the facts are already in agriculture. But is that something that they could make more money. Well with fiber. With fiber wheat we recommend to two. Had this says today as a cousin products services as sisters project to grow along with their other. Products not an off all land. All or nothing type thing you know 22. You know give it you don't go a little more conservative to start out. And get your first year under your belt future products sold. What did you learn in the end reassess for the next you know the next year award which are planned on doing. Think I guess because what you when you said it's good for the soil would this be something that would be a good rotation over very excellent. Absolutely excellent excellent. So part of soybeans on a hundred acres this year and 100 acres and and just switch back and forth. You would would you seek greater yields in your soybeans over over time do you my belief is absolutely. Absolutely. Says it's just an amazing plan for pretty much agency. And again we're talking with Rick rainbow is who is president and founder of hemp incorporated university. Here in Carolina focus. And so long term you see this as being obviously quite good for the economic future of North Carolina. Tremendous tremendous and so. Sicily said well you know what's the future and is it is that is gonna come ago or something like that in in the advantage here is we have. Over thirty countries. That's that have already been growing this for decades. And so there's a proven market. Over decades. That this is as sustainable as sustainable businesses sustainable crop. So we have it's not like it's nineteen brand new it's new to America it's noon in North Carolina. But it's not new to world. It's been around it's been around for hundreds of years. Well by thousands of years thousands I don't know as far as as far as that goes. Because it's one of those. And I know at that the founding of the United States when people were coming over from Europe. And even I think would uses state of Georgia had a charter. The stated that people had to grow them the exact as part of as part of what they were doing so even though it is a bit history's been in erupted. Already passed. 7580 years there is because it was used quite a bit even into World War II wasn't it. Exactly. It exactly and we believe that. It's just a matter of time and a short period of time. That industrial him pulled DPD scheduled on a federal level we RD have a great great great movement in the house. And go see we'll see where that goes that we believe in the very short period time industrial him. We'll be. Taken out of the schedule one category. And that will blow up this this industry it'll really pick up some serious horsepower at that at that point. You see any pushed back at the federal level I know the attorney general Jeff Sessions news rather strident in his opinions on. Medical and recreational marijuana do you think that you're gonna run any any problems at that love. I don't think so whatsoever this is not something that you Q hi this I was the years and years ago it was. For a lot of lot of reasons I don't wanna get into that it was. You know kind of lumped in with with marijuana. And got classified as a schedule one drug. This doesn't get you high. This does great things for American people so I don't we we don't see that. As being an issue what's whatsoever. In fact we feel that if there if the federal government does change positions. One medical marijuana or other recreational states. They're they're not gonna go after industrial hemp farmers they're gonna go after the recreational states probably first. In in in the medical marijuana states that I don't even see at an agency that I don't I don't see that. Now you did say that you still have to go license to grow you have North Carolina and south here. Or is that in all this process part means that a difficult process to go through or is it something fairly benign. Well I mean you know you have to. I've helped dozens and dozens of people get their their application filled out. You know there are questions they'll need help who's gonna buy your product and that type of cult of bird that you will be growing things things like that that's important. Another stipulation here in North Carolina you have to show. That you have farm income from 201720162015. You have to show. Farm income like its schedule app for example you have to BO show passed farm income. To be able to. To be able to qualify that's probably the big associated they Lincoln hey I can go buy fewer acres and get into the business it's not going to be quite that you then have to find a partner that adds previous farm income which I've lined up a lot of people they go into partnership. That way they can get their farm back up and running once again they might have referendums. On the street view which is. You know neighbors and farmlands and a couple of miles away but it. But anyway that's that's what they do they'll they'll partner opt in and they'll get that income for the current year once they file there are ways to get into it if you wanted to wouldn't absolutely. Absolutely we help people do that all the time. And one final thing you are having a symposium on Saturday marks the tenth. Coming up the Tempe university dot com is the website. Another says you do charge for this event but this way if people wanna get learn more about how to get into the industry this is a way to do. Yet so this event that we are gonna kick in once the event we're gonna talk about how to grow. For fiber talk about the economics. How much you can earn per acre of grown fiber growing seeds. But. That's may be the first twenty minutes of the event in in the rest of the day goes from 830 defied the rest of the day. Is going to be about. Drawing for him we get into the science of indoor growing then we'll get into CB deal oil and extraction. And there were any getting into the economics. These events. That we put on is there are designed. To share in show people how to go into this business or existing farmers how to get into this business. To build a business with the ultimate legal right to. To make a profit. And that's going to be on Saturday marked the tenth and where is that located its its app that the Hilton garden in he'll. You'll have to get advanced tickets every single event last year. Sell out standing room only. Will have people held. I'll stand all day in the literally doesn't know what part of no pit dug and that the and a website is the M university dot com. Which security director of your phone numbers well. 7049658935704965. 8935. And these the website again as THE him university. Dot com. Rick Green ball with a hemp incorporated university thanks for real on Carolina for the ages welcome thanks for heaven's. We're listening to Carolina focus on news talk 1110993. Deputies BT 1079 the wings. 125610. WS NC it's also available as a podcast WB TV dot com. You were listening to Carolina focus on news talk 1110993. WP 31079. Going. 1025610. WFANC. Also available as a podcast WBZ dot com I'm your host mark Thomas so glad to be joining us here this morning. We are experiencing the greatest technological and economic shift in human history technology has already wiped out four million manufacturing jobs in Ohio Michigan Pennsylvania and other states. I have two young boys and it's. I'm deeply concerned about the future that they're gonna grow up them. And a handful of companies and individuals. Reaping the gains from new technologies. While the rest of us struggle find opportunities and eventually lose our jobs we need a way to help. Millions of Americans transition. Through this period. And universal based income as the best and most efficient way to do that. Hello I'm Andrew Yang and I'm running for president as a Democrat and 21. And that is Andrew Yang news candidacy he's got to campaign book that's coming out in April called the war on normal people. And some people are calling his campaign. Nothing but a vanity stunt by a futurist. We've heard other campaigns in recent history called stunts. Some people are now working on impeachment hearings. On based on those campaigns joining us now though is Andrew Yang welcome the Carolina focusing under. Mark or appear now I guess the first question is it. I understand your motivation you see things wrong in society anyone epics of that's it kind of in a nutshell correct. Yeah out of a 100% right I'm father and a patriot and I believe that. Our country is having a very dark time closely change course significantly. Well I'll be honest when you say hearings or Democrat I wanna ask you why because some of the things you're saying here sounds an awful ala Donald Trump. That is to say. The jobs that are going away due to automation. The middle class being. Hit hardest by these future trends. That's kind of the boom the campaign he ran. Room why are you going as a Democrat. Well I think that all about a lot of things right in terms with the description of the problem. His solution so and that since word to either time or perhaps turn the clock backward. And I think that we need to turn the clocks forward significantly. Where we need to come to grips with the fact that our economy is changing in fundamental ways. And that many of the currently we do things need to be revamped and upgraded significantly. Other you know the first person that called should be running as a Republican and so is something that. I didn't say you should I disagree kinda sounded like the current Republican president. But this is something that I know a lot of people in automation and times change. Constantly. Some economists I was reading an article just today as a matter of fact by an economist talking about how. The these technological advance that advance through are going to be destroying jobs but they are gonna create more jobs. Because there's going to be people here that have needs that need to be met. So and he used to comparison of the percentage of farmers in 1790 vs 19100 vs today and obviously we don't have near the agrarian society we did. In the late in century. But. Is this some think coupled with move the one thing such as artificial intelligence. That may make this trend a little different than what we've seen in the past were technology replaces the automobile replaces the horse and buggy. You know I find it really troubling and objectionable when people. Hearkens back to either Americans something awful our organ doctor revolution as a comparable. To what we're going after today. Elmore going to today is much faster more dramatic impact has a much wider industry and in different ways than. Assembly lines and hydraulics with or. Tractors. Mean at that point to if you dig into the numbers and they. Key point but I hope people understand. That none of this is speculative. We started on the meeting away in the in 2010. Now. In the manufacturing. Economy. And if you look at those communities it's not like Dave magically get him to other parts of the country. Or wondered new job appear. It's really intellectually Levy for people Harken back decades to a completely different. Chariot in American history and if you look at industrial revolution there were actually. Major social movement that arose during that time. Including widespread. Rioting and looting that caused the equivalent of two billion dollars in damage and that the death. That resulted in you know are urged them Labor Day which is now holidays that. We celebrate every September so even if one relied only on history one would expect things to be Tom Barry brought. But that the fact that people are using that me. It's similar historical period as the basis or part invitation to be trouble being. The would be intellectually responsible is that they said hey let me look into what happened to the main factory workers at Michigan let me figure out what. It or they've relocation radar that would be intellectually recurrence in that we have the lead he relies on that he'd old example. Amber's talking with Andrew Yang whose. Planning a presidential run in 20/20. Of for the Democratic Party. Here Carolina focus. And as far as the changes and you mentioned the industrial revolution I would have I mean after grant you that because much of the change that came about. During that time was from agrarian to industrial. And there were many things that had to be built to give us a modern society that we have today. Roads. Oh a couple of electrical infrastructure. That kind of thing oh waste water treatment sewage plants as mundane and boring as those things might be. Those were massive massive. Construction projects. We're not. We don't are we are going to be entering a period where we have that sort of change. So where are these jobs as you say these theoretical jobs that are gonna replace the ones being eliminated by automation. What are they going to be doing because in my mind if you have artificial intelligence why can't you build a robot that can fix other robots. Where does that end. If you look at the numbers today. Our labor participation rate is already declining. It's right now at 62 point 7% which is a multi decade low. The it equivalent rate about El Salvador. To give you an international comparison. So again anyone who thinks that the that the speculative we're actually in the third or fourth inning and we're feeling it would act. At every level of society. Our life expectancy at the country is declining. Two straight years which is almost unheard of in the developed country. Eleven people I hope you lead over Kurt is every hour. Our Mary rates have declined to a point where 40% of American children are born on merit and others to also an unprecedented high. Well I'm I got I got interrupt you there for on on that particular point because we've had a number of discussions here on Carolina focus about marriage. And unwed motherhood that kind of thing. And there's no large segment of society that that just flat out says that's not a problem. That we should be concerned about Daniel Patrick point hand you're from New York he was the senator from New York for very long time. He was pointing these things out though the maladies with the American family. When he 3040 years ago and wasn't get many traction. But we are seeing some negative effects. That to take a position like that doesn't sound like it's going to be very well received by your fellow Democrats. Quite frankly. I think I think at least the Democrat that that I know want. Want people that we put in position to have proper. It's actually exceed that children who grow up in the more adverse circumstances and or trouble or. And so if if that becomes increasingly. The norm for the standard there and provide. It with release significant issues downstream. So as a parent as a married father of two. I certainly cannot imagine trying to raise our borders as a single parent. And I I think that if that does on the expectation world going to be. Seeing the effect for a long time to come. And we're talking with Andrew Yang from New York I'm gonna be running for president in 22 when he on the democratic ticket. And gonna make that run one of the things he pointed out in an article that I read about you that prompted me to call your. Was we're going to have one million truck drivers out of work who are 94% male with an average level of education school or one year of college. This is the self driving car and after I I would prefer called it yourself every war automated as opposed to a autonomous. Promote linguistics standpoint. Do you really think that we're gonna go that way do you think that's going to be something that is actually going to happen where you have 80000 pound trucks running up and down highway known behind the wheel. I frankly some who drives alive that scares me that go ahead comes because our. Oh we're going to be there we're sure. And now so first. The one million number apportion. The number. Professional truck drivers in the US right now and a half billion. 94% Middle East or in. And so one million in the way could be considered a conservative projection. Now it in the scene like. It's unrealistic for as you say that they're on track could be. You know on the highway without a driver but I ulcer you things that might make it feel more plausible to people. Some of the intermediate stages will be that these talks were going probably. Another 21. Truck would be human driver. And they'll be one or two reluctantly talk behind it so that they'll have to do a whole heck of a lot because they're following the other truck. Directly and the outlook or wind resistance. And so the convoy. And the truck that. Has a Cuban bought into it and hit driver a lot and while it took a popular area. Those things are quickly becoming. I spoke to a Silicon Valley in here just flat. And he set that right now. They have that in 98% cut the rubble but felt that the trucks which is way too low because obviously if you apparently. That are. One or 2% back could result in massive back. Yeah I was gonna say to you out of a hundred semis crashing every day is nothing gets not a good number. Now. I however what they're working on to address that they've been working on in installing Chet. In these trucks that allow remote human driver to sleep over it. Truck have a lower in certain content bubbles over dimensional where all are human who it is tweeting and they yet. Giving me and called the truck because the robot. Finds that marking its hard to discern or at the weather that would averted. There are ways. We're techno to overcome all these challenges in the financial incentives and so are staggering. Estimate how much. The great industry will in the automated. Truck is approximately 168. Billion dollars per year. But that is the incentive for them to make it happen. It's enough money but the view the page epic truck driver of the talent and skill they've cut that billion dollars. So if you don't picket happening. You have to keep in mind that thousands of the world's smartest people. Are sitting there trying to make it happened every day in there and that it do so or 168 billion dollars per year in cook to a. Money is is a good motivate her at times I will I walk into that and so as far as you're concerned it is going to happen it's not a matter of if but when. But these people are gonna be out of work and yours one of your solutions. Your biggest solution to this problem. Is as you called the universal basic income. How did you come to this particular. Concept. Why how and how how can you implement. We call it the freedom dividend. And I I came to this group research because. I started the organization better for America and create jobs around the country. And when I realized that we ought to be it's such a high level as a sort of thinking about pollution and and a pat Robinson now. Is that because of the all of that you. Accretion and prosperity. Generated by new technologies. We can afford to give every American at all. 1000 dollars a month no strings attached doesn't matter working now wanting. Cream beer and that this thousand dollars a month would be enough to enable many Americans be able to make transitions. Two different type of opportunity if an industry. A different. Localities. Perhaps about to school perhaps helped start a business with the security. Knowing that if it doesn't work out that you'll have fall back on. So I started speaking to expert who work proponent of universal is incumbent became convinced. That it that power forward poorer country. Now unit if you run the numbers you're looking at some something on the order of 2.3 trillion dollars per year. In 1000 dollar monthly payments to the people between the ages of 1864. Are you gonna fund that. We're just gonna print the money I mean that's that seems to be a trend that has that has been very popular for quite some time discordant for more money. But. That it's a III hope you have a better or more fiscal fiscally sound solutions that. Yet I do so it sounds like a lot of money. But once a lot of money is that every dollar will go into the pockets into the hands of an American consumer. So it's it's not creating join New Yorkers you're wearing the by the government what it's doing is putting it. Money and in the Americans and went right no work that if you put a thousand dollars a lot at the vote where it. We'll go directly into the economy in the local stores restaurants to her. Supplies are paired. It's ever layout definitely outward bound Michael a lot of money. But we're already spending about 500 billion in the interim report in various programs. So your point out of the way there before you get started. My plan and so on a universal income is. Of value out attacks that happened European level and you need to move to a WS packs. Because it in context becomes less and less efficient way of generating revenue in the way. Software automation. And the like because if you have an army trucks could taxing. Technology companies are expert. I'm not making a lot of money while the date it and not pay taxes. We need to move to a different way of heart into. It you've had a value added tax at how European level that would generate. Between seven and 800 billion and so then you're already. About sixty to 70% of the weight to the two trillion or so that you need Andy yet. More returns because you're spending less money people healthcare because without them. They're staying in helping to better themselves. You spend less money and incarceration. That let money and all of the services so a lot of that money back to you. And then by putting the money the economy and creating all sorts of businesses. Jobs economic growth opportunities. The Roosevelt institute is the idea of what the dollars. On purses and plan would do and he estimated that it would create four and a half million. And grow the economy by about 13%. Of what those numbers change depending on the weight by any. So between what we are these spin on the court a value added tax. Less direct spending and economic growth you can actually on that very very. And we're talking with Andrew Yang now from New York who is planning a 20/20 campaign for the presidency and here in Carolina focus on mark Thomas your post. And I guess the the one question that I would have is if you implement a value added tax and for those who may not know what that means. A tax between the manufacturer and distributor and retailer. And then down of the consumer correct. There are so you're you're happy ending attacks would that not be rather regressive to people who are of modest means by driving up prices. A retail goods and services. Well on your coupling it with a thousand dollars per month per citizen. So given that the money flowing directly and consumer people. I'm Nicole increase you can tailor bill you're about an attack so that certain consumer people are exempted so there are ways to mitigate it. If you're kind of attack that would only be used to fund using every American football out on the month people purchasing power would rise a lot. And let it consuming like. Over 120000 dollars were good serve as per year which means that there doing just fine. You know yeah so great that I attacked in the absence of on the university income might end up increasing people's. Prices relative it a little bit given the money flowing. To consumers that were there that told white that and let's spend the top 8%. A centers. Well and I I I know your you're in new York and quite frankly I don't know what the taxation the sales tax laws are in New York. I know here in the Carolinas and some parts of the south you actually have food taxes. Are you going to buy a loaf of bread you're paying you know six or 7% on top of that in tax. Other states. That I've lived in do not have any food tax so you're saying that effectively. Items such as food for example would be exempt. Among value did pretty. You could exempt them. Depending upon the way you want to shoot. By glad attacks and that is something every industrialized country has that I by the fact except for our. It's like one of those things where like the metric system whatever what does the approach where you. Exception. Value out attacks in the much much more efficient way of generating rep is particularly if more and more work and be done by soft porn on a mission. And I've if I won't get into the metric system because I'm I am a fan but the metric system and spoke I find it a whole lot easier nine sixteenths or is it fourteen millimeter you know it's really it's through a teaser fourteen millimeter that's a whole different discussion for another day. But I knew I do when I ask you but to other things. Rather quickly could we don't have a few minutes here. One of the things is as president you also will be the commander in chief of the armed forces. Mum. Rand Paul just. Have an article that he wrote senator Rand Paul Kentucky talking about where asking the question is the military underfunded. Or is it overextended. In light of that kind of view or were what is your stance. On military issues and war in particular because we seemed we've been doing this now for. Constantly since 2001. Do you see continuing under your administration. Well I I mean I agree with the fact that we're. Somehow. Boat. So what we're over and it for sure a little bit but they've ever been since two decades old and we haven't been deeply examine them. And there were putting an undue stress and burden on the arm and it wouldn't our forces. And taught under were what we need to do is we need to focus more on the child but today. Of which are very very different civil war setup piece. And so the first thing is. We will always in there in our men and women. In uniform and we're not going to put them in position where they. Unclear unwinnable. And that goals or whether under sourced over the coming back home. And not being properly supported at Portland up war. Appropriate opportunities. That's a strict he has completely immoral and it doesn't mean as an American in a Petri apparently. Put our bravest men and women in positions. To. Quite unclear conflict. That. They're not sure why not sure whether or predictable. And so as president my my goal would be to define what we're doing. There is specifically in the current context and reexamine. The way that we're trying to meet America's obligation brought. And I wanna ask you one more question that candidate is more a little deeper dive here. The Korean situation should the United States. Be involved in determining whether or not North Korea and South Korea have to have diplomatic talks relations. Or and or reunification is that our is that our business. While that did its. Clearly in America in threat that North Korea at the integrated in the rest the world and end. Hopefully at the upgrade and are excited about it. We integrated with South Korea the issue is that when America wants and that happened in in in North Korea. Whether our time and attention and actually constructive. They're tired of the way and it may be better served by letting the monopoly you'd. The South Korean people nipple and our. Close allies of our trading partner and at the democracy. And so in many ways. It's a situation where. American interest may be served by having people who were closer to the situation in the region. Meet the way because if we get to quote involved we sometimes end up inflaming. With this in the past and particularly in the North Korean that are counterproductive. Andrew Yang we appreciate you being here on Carolina focus your candidacy for 20/20. As for president of the United States will continue on we look forward to reading about you in the future. And I doubt if the issue of automation and sleeper. And the future of work concerns you we do but I doubt in my book though or are normal people. That it's coming out in just a few weeks. I thought deeply into these issues are talked a lot of experts and I'm confident that it's going to help break new ground in helping people understand. What coming. And the website that you have for your candidacy as you are an important one dot com. Andrew Yang we appreciate you being here in Carolina votes thank you so much our looks are. Thanks for listening to Carolyn focused on the loose talk 111099350. 1079 win. 1025610. WF Lindsay. Also available so podcast WBT dot com I'm your host mark Thomas and until next time he well.