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Saturday, September 23rd

We are canoeing down the New River this week. We'll see what's going on in the Queen City with Charlotte Magazine, and taking a look at the healing waters of fly fishing.


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Still she is plus two plus two next from just breast. All right everyone welcome to the Carolina now stores. This existence. We're glad that you wake up early whether it be via the airwaves of those eleven and I mean answering WBZ or maybe. You're listening via podcast that Jesse Brown dot com that's where. I think my hat through the week Don Yeager on assignment which we always netted when that there's this season going on windows in South Carolina. Boast season it's happening for the deer. But Don is on assignment via the Trout stream says. Sitting in studio day it's just the two of us bill party year TJ box over there in the morning we are the outdoor gas and no matter how you're listening we're glad that your listening and we invite you to commit to Jesse browns as we have a lot of exciting things going on ever there. Coming up in the next month and decide this one albums and they think they were doing it Jesse Brown wins today. October 11 at 6 o'clock we're gonna have something caught on Wednesday it happens on Wednesday in it is. If this team be back in the sixties it would be Kolb a variety says once a month on the second Wednesday of every month that Abram. We're gonna do lineup Wednesday in it will be a peppery of things the October 1 on the eleventh there. Is Michael Hernandez who's a local. Charlotte TN photographer who it's gonna do. Information all on now we can use. Our cameras are devices. I and droids. Whatever art technology. To take better pictures in the reason that we're doing this and inviting Michael Hernandez and t.'s share his wisdom on how we can take better pictures. Is said that we can get ready for fall caused the vibrant colors of Holler com and quickly. That leaves are already starting to change. Up there in North Carolina mountains and it would just come down and out to today we're gonna. Talk to somebody in west Jefferson North Carolina. New river outfitters is gonna come on to the program that you will get a bit of relief report from him as well but I October 11. Why not Wednesday commander and learn a little bit about how to use you were. Smart technology to take better pictures it'll be fun it'll be interactive. And I needed yes that's October November the second Wednesday. We're anxious smoking in the band. Yet will have some drinks including maybe some chords being here. The loss at water's for the young people there might be a word or two and there in the maybe it will not be edited out. Popcorn will be on hand let's just put it up on the big screen inhabited them celebrating together. Jackie Gleason. Sally fields and Burt Reynolds. Jittery if you will and act on the movie. Smokey and the bandit. I'm a needle in take less blurry pictures and it's always a good excuse so excellent movement. All it says that a big November the second Wednesday. Come on in those are two things. Also this is targeted toward young people. Teens twenty's we get Tucker more coming in again. Says it's Saturday October 14 at 3 o'clock or three to six the young guns. Fly fishing social will be taking place if you're interested in the sport of fly fishing fly tying the casting challenges. In story from our. Jesse Brown young guy and anglers come on out of that again were targeted in toward the middle schools high school the collegiate and even. Just after the collegiate ages but guess what mom and dad granddad and Graham mom you're welcome to on come on out to the young guns. Spot facing social that's Saturday October 14. At your friendly neighborhood out or stored Jesse browns. There in the South Park area and also. The sponsor of our program of the Carolina outdoors in the out organized. Us and sometimes happen when got a big program today tee today. Bill we're gonna talk to holly Huffman new river outfitters as we mentioned about the new river banks to do up there. Wetherbee biking camping or maybe just hooking up with them in giving it to an aide to Tate and the new river. Ross again I have Charlotte magazine's new list editor Kristen Christian while on the per grant she's gonna talk about books people. Mountain getaways an. And the burger addition there's yeah as in the air for October are it as a they're gonna have a big contest to two in Charlotte makes the best burger. Who strategic and you know ticket I can be a judge for that matter to oppressor to give a ticket yet. But anyway we can get to Charlotte magazine did take its grant doctor Kristin all about that lastly we're gonna talk. About project healing waters and help spot fishing helps veterans. Coming back from service. Today in a great back hand to feel better about everything by using the sport of fly fishing and they're gonna have about healing Saturday on September 30. JG's financial placed JJ HG. Financial advisors. Are great so all of that. Is on this edition of the Carolina outdoors that TJ I got to brings up and up to a year. In researching and preparing for. The program I always liked the daughter to this day in history its it history dot com. And it just kind of say it says what happens and in this case September 23 the Saturday. I'm have you ever. Like something and you bring up bets on who likes something and and then had somebody to you know use it it was bad. Philip a little guilty pleasure. Kenneth. Some things that happened on this day September 23 eighteen a six Lewis and Clark return from their two and a half. A year. Journey in the into the interior. Of the US 1870. Billy the Kid is arrested for the first time for stealing a basket of laundry. And in 1972. Mack Davis earned one of the 1970s. This is quoted here Marist head scratching. Number one hit with baby don't get hooked on me. Scratching. Yes. Singer songwriter Mac Davis reached the top of the American pop charts. With that now that was a year that not only. Congress passed equal rights amendment amendment that Helen Reddy scored number one hit with her feminist anthem I am woman. Baby don't get hooked on me stands in rather stark contrast as one of the more lively chauvinistic. Pop hits. Of all time. This is a man who's authored had to hit song I believe in music. And the country yet it's hard to be humble but the writer for history. Dot com. Maybe don't give a Bellamy was sung from the perspective. Of a young man reluctant to allow a romantic falling to turn into a committed relationship. Despite a certain undeniable on this or is there are more the words. And these days planet right now you're hot blooded woman check out these things. And it's warm. Where you're touching me. He says I don't Avery you just. An actor does it with such pleasantries the protagonist. That is all acquitted there history proceeds to explain maybe baby. Don't give hooked on me. Goes out just easy. And now they cheaper. I challenge that I challenged that. Did you have added a life that's two that is very quiet about it despite lyrics. Likely to be Dane seven just about 21 century standards maybe don't get the army found ready acceptance in 1972 I'd say it's timeless now I even. It launch Matt Davis on a decade long run in the pop cultural spotlight in in contrast to the parent Alison at the baby don't get the army. Davis proved to be one of the most charming and likable characters in the pop cultural landscape all of that is. In this stage history on the History Channel history dot com. He can hurt my feelings to narrow. That they are a song allied to a seven mystic. And haters. And take our papers there's probably a whole lot more things out there that I like that are. May be inappropriate but we will talk about that I don't could have. Were get we gotta based program in store for you as we said before we're gonna bring on the river outfitters holly Huffman. She's gonna talk about this nearly 100 year old family business and connect Internet spam on the new river Christa mile editor Charlotte magazines. It's gonna join us. Talking about those people mountain getaways burns both north Carolina's going to be featured. And there's burger challenged him about October 14 with Charlotte my last lake project healing waters. You listen to the Carolina outdoors here it is elevenths and I mean and three. WDT. All right everyone. Welcome to the second segment. Today's Carolina outdoors. Bill bar T here in studio day. Everyone Julie comprise place we hope you're listening whether it be via the airwaves of news 1110. Many 93 WBT. Up and down the eastern seaboard. Early on a Saturday morning or maybe just maybe. Around the world 365. Days a year you were listening to us via the podcast. You locate and it Jesse Brown dot com. Where all four segments are broken up for your listening pleasure depending on your interest. Of course that is around the world except for. North Korea and parts of China. DJ Boggs have an air outdoor guy dying Jaeger on assignment. Where I like to talk about special places to go. In the Carolinas in the south the east and around our country but it's especially nice when we have a wonderful place. To go that's close to Charlotte close to where. We live and that's what we're gonna do right now we're gonna bring on holly Hoffman tees with new river outfitters. And we're gonna sign a bit of a lie on the new river area up in Jefferson North Carolina holly welcome to the Carolina outdoors. I'll let them. It is great to have you and it's especially great because. Listen summertime as I ever wing knows that your busy up there is an out later on on the new river you know June July August. Even September Labor Day all of that is busy busy busy. But now everybody's back in school our kids are Greinke is their nieces Internet he user grange you know all that stuff people have settled down back into the rhyme and rhythm. Of real life. And it. Gives us an opportunity to say you know what what are we gonna do now we've got a long weekend it may be. What is something that we can days. Without loud enough and RV and movement away for two weeks and that's where you come into play tell us about Jefferson North Carolina and on the your shop along the new river if we hit up that way what are some of the activities and things that we can do. Brittany you currently are gorgeous and it just started hearing we have oranges violence Avery later term. Actually pupil along the UK then new neighbors state parks and they have a peek at what the leaders and looking tracking it in the content that outcome ultimately they're don't think it's a cork area. Stammer on and you can cheap and weeks chink in the heat were seeking her burned in a quarter and between England. Current and leaking in Indianapolis and continue colonel and they're in the armor taking in the car and the latest generation and he can't sentinel Sox aren't hearing it on sat in welcoming tournament year. Rent stronger. Outdoor stores have been saying colonel we have a gene looked like here on. Out of local crafts. Local rule. What good stats Dayton tackles for our nation and they are chosen instrument earring. Can in theory that we actually can catch a few more announced that it bank and let me and it wouldn't welcome you to come. It sounds like belief that you are you giving us our first leaked report of the season says that is due to deny the lead there are any change in holly. I'm some of that storm came through. In the past week or two. It went west of Charlotte kind of hit it out your way. Did that affect the league season first off any undated knock down anything any damage that way exactly. Tell us the that the river conditions of that new river is it is it down. Or is it normal. You. Hurt. I'm usually. In the year and starts kicking it count on him and so why apple on the water from the hurricane actually mr. Weiner mobile got to where. Apple. Yeah well absolutely part. In that river stays pretty. Pretty temperate if you will Sosa who wanna get out there in our ducky are two men and don't just wanna stay in the canoe. Which in Canada jumping in and got a for a swim. Yeah. Actually we have kids they come back Gary sticking your day paper in the locker women aren't they did not statement. Cricket place in their antlers current coaching front I hit a lot of flat water. Meet people in Iraq until linking it with Barack mich. Continental. You know and get chicken crunch on terror that you're into that thing. And very firm cracked it sent me a little bit at oral. He it's it's summer is officially over yes but it's still been almost ninety degrees all week so. And to the mound sounds pretty good to me. How are not forward this week in an angry African seventy current and Saturday instrument. One road or you're knocking it easy ten degrees off of what we have going on here in Charlotte for the next week another good reason to escape up to the new river. We've got holly Huffman all from the new river outfitters ironically enough Polly. The new river. Is one of our oldest rivers one of the oldest rivers in the world and several years ago or 26 or seven miles of it where. Declared while out in saint nick says it's undeveloped and a wonderful place to go for canoe trip whether we'd be individual. Mainly use groups out. The group that sort of thing. Tell us what kind of trips that we can run on that river in what we're gonna say if we do it. Federal patriot we have. All of that in no matter. Our little angry parent and or only are you like a day currently you can actually act you're working and they're Indian. Current panel and the read that it wouldn't take part in it. I didn't give ethnic intact thank you let it being and ugly. A week it that we use Graham I won't barker. We can't even think it can build a I'm local hospital and being prepared. That capped at Langley and apartments to drinking bourbon political. Makes me wanna guys that we can get updated to a multi day thing uninterrupted I just did paddling trip in canoe trip been out on corn. Our provincial park up in Canada and there are some high scene that went on on that canoe trip port hygiene if you will. But on the new we can do pretty much uninterrupted right. Pretty much and there's a couple like we're. That part act the action you'll get out and kind of exploit the company you don't and he he can stay that could animal. Hey that's what new river outfitters does and there are endless talk a little bit about that no offense two year but I discard the new river one of the oldest rivers in the world. But the new river outfitters is also one of the oldest outfitters at least steps they and that area. Tell us about that business and its transition in ownership in that sort of thing. You know that my heart and great group green and general store building in in 1920 tree killer cushion your auction. I'll be in that general store meaning or grocery store capped a morning. I'm a taxpayer couple generation. Learned to integrate it into orbit in DND. They're out. And that will be at least and be looking to create its own. You either in my opinion will meet urgent need it accept anything I mean we kind of it's just. Dealing. With the community Iraq you know everybody kind of not that. The whole idea. Being born in. The app built an. We're bringing back. He. Currently at and T I'll local crafts a putt that their local. Tee and what the cool thing going on. Currently have. Chocolate Latin name guys you will be a great degree she kind in the election and technician at power Manger. Where everybody meeting. You can't go wrong with the dog manager especially to let happen diesel meals it was a solid. The boys ever there outdoor got TJ Boggs bill -- here right here we're talking holly Huffman of new river outfitters Hollywood wanna come up there we know that you'll help us plan the trip whatever it is if we wanted to do. A short one or may be a multi day one tell us the web site so that we can get they're get the prime numbers and all of that sort of thing. For more information. We are in the new dot com Ernie can get out theory can check it I don't think we're newspaper outfitted at -- still work. Content. Will have all of our income on equipment more. Hey let's get up there and see some beautiful fall colors and meet their goals and enmity that god he's probably worked him for a scratch behind me years. Will be back with more of the Carolina outdoors here on WBT after these messages. You listen up to that zone. On this day in 1972. Mack Davis may be don't get hooked domain. We started off the program kind of talking a little bit about that because. One of those things that. Ally. But he had a history dot com and look at 1970. Trashing the elbow and a song that I was supposed to like. Am I wrong guilty pleasures. It's seven asked it. Anyway. Just a little look back on this day in history. Mack Davis baby don't get that dominate hey there's something that can get hooked on and that is. Cheese burgers yes. And that is what covered this cover. Of Charlotte magazine the October edition and we're gonna invite off Christen while editor of Charlotte magazine defy an app also of the good things. That are inside this addition Kristin welcome. To the Carolina outdoors and is that it is well congratulations. On this addition and you know what congratulations as well as you taking over that add to your ship of Charlotte magazine. It's exciting. So. How's that gone so far one edition and hear about that are you on that treadmill just run and as fast as you can't get out the index successful one. Giant united as never stopped in our planning that far ahead that. It's it's a lot of fun but it never never dull moment and again. Well a lot of fun it may be they're good word to put on it because your writers including used. Go do some wonderful things investigate some wonderful things and wonderful people. And then bring it all together in Charlotte magazine and that's what we wanted to do on this segment of the Carolina outdoors. Of course if you're waking up early the other news ways news 1110993. Debuted BT. Or maybe via the podcast Everett Jesse Brown dot com. We invite you to pick up Charlotte magazine or go to Charlotte magazine dot com to to come celebrate what we're about to talk about. But Kristen take us into the magazine and first off we love beat Carolina in Charlotte centric our approach to it. But at numbers does a ride out if you will of a book called the last ballot in the setting is. Bessemer city North Carolina tell us about Adams right out. Yes Allen is now senior editor at magazine and that he is an avid reader and he did a great job. I'm not does that begin to think it is different analog and ET the southern vote that don't have said that. I understand exactly but people of doctor here at the path is in terms of the milk culture. And that that definitely look at the dolphins. I think and it typically in a different light. It's that it's a great read well. And it's amazing that down you know several people are listening to this program. Whose parents may be or maybe they work in a mill now but really the throwback of their parents and grandparents and sets to. Grew up in a place just like Bessemer city if not Bessemer city. Can appreciate. The trials and tribulations if you will this celebrations but also the all the other things that go along with that is covered in this book according to Adams so. Yet at that a lot on cash and so that's a book that's covered in here let's talk a little bit about people and this is something that I really liked about Virginia brown a writer for years. Tom knew who. Who broke. A lady. He has driven a bus for CM asked as he should get some easy you know hey you guys are Angel wings. Because I don't know if you have his I think C does. Tell us about that article on I sent to retire bus driver first EMS schools. Yet the issues this year and not enough for nearly thirty years in office in that got herself and that's one thing that we might in the magazine it is. Look at people that might not get the recognition they deserve that really helped that the city rotten and Alec more important than. Teachers these kids get to school everyday and so I. Glittery has been doing this for thirty years and she seems to care. As much about the kids on her but that turns children and she talked about how important is turn it can't have a great role model and sometimes she's. Because being made out given McCain out for the airlines that they really great story with a lot deeper. Ben. You'd expect from. It's reading about about driver but it's really great story. Well and that they think that's probably part of my attraction to it is there's a lot of heart and soul that is end. Virginia Brown's article Virginia. I think drove a bus. For a time it's EMS as well but. These days and I'm not bashing on technology. You know we love the digital age and all of that it empowers us whip. But sometimes it's nice to read an article about this of a lady to. For lack of a better term. Is on the front line I mean we hand off some of the most but most precious cargo that that we can hand off. To somebody just like her. And she and it for thirty years seniors saying that changes. The behaviors. In all this debt carrying that precious cargo kind of brains in its covered him Virginia's article. Yes she did great jobs there and actually to be another magazine as well. Especially children perhaps for a while now. Let's and an. We're getting ready to get to some of the fun parts of writing for the mag is saying those who want album is as is somebody who has. Grace the airwaves of the Carolina out doors and we're so glad that he has but I'm. Crist and while editor of Charlotte magazine would you take gas with chuck mcsame. Up to a little mountain escape Colin burns told North Carolina. Absolutely yes the average amount is you know at late cute getaway but also. It is now a lot more culture and character than you'd expect they. Got a big art scene up there I'd on the big outdoors in an accident they mixed. In undiscovered. But also of the weird spot for that created in. Well and you know I learned a little bit about. About the naming of it and was surprised to. Two to learn that outweigh burns the town's namesake. He never even came close to stepping foot into burns bull. Yes yes the attack and that the great job getting in the history of it Hammond some of that the court to an accountant and and intact but a bar that. And it. Kind of a mixed between the mountains and coastal which is another. Not back Alley burns to. What a tailored down. Well I'm not it I'll say you know some of these mountain towns. Live in the shadow as. If you will of a place like that in North Carolina or especially a place like Asheville. The bigger city admit that principle is is somebody in the shadow and I think chuck. From there brings a light that burns so witches 16100 plus or so people. Not only on kind of like Virginia's article the heart and soul. Of a person but the heart and soul of a town. And then. 'cause check had to investigate this. Things to do Bayer like Eton drain on May be places to stay or horse here on the Carolina outdoors. Things to do. I guess he went up to Mel Mitchell state park which we'd like to talk about quite often yeah. But actually he's gonna get a Montana there's nothing that we try to do your child magazine is. They wanted understanding that the heart of the community that the same time you know we know that we're going up there for a weekend trip that we wanna make sure how that. And more helpful tips as well these you feel like you really understand where you're going to think I'm speaking at the toward that thing you need to other for the weekend. So now that you've taken charge of that that that big ghost ship revenue or Charlotte magazine do you anticipate. What are the changes may be that you anticipate doing and also what are some of the things that you and Tom are there are looking at staying the course with us. Yes so I think at China and a little bit more trouble coverage in the airline and having Charlotte airport here. It's easy to get away huge cities that are it just short flight the Republican attack coming up in. It people allowed to get up I thought that but as turned into one of the journalism I think Michael crop the former editor did a great job that. Treating him a magazine that bounces. Like wild eyed at things but also helped that question maker city batter but we need to do that than the journal of the wealth and fame. I mean my problem that went on in front of that bank. You can still expect those those long take out pieces that you can't find anywhere else now. If you're just joining us here on the Carolina outdoors we have Christian while editors Charlotte magazine we're talking about the October edition which the cover will feature attention. Quickly and that's where we're gonna talk about now we've talked about a bunch of other writers but Christian you've participated in this one. Yet burgers. And that's gonna lead up to a big contest that you have going on on October 14 tell us about that article and Adam van coming up on October 14. Yes so we heard. Talking numbers pointing out that way cute servers in Atlanta hasn't done before and that we think you'll like do you eat a hamburger a lot times it. To read it that your child and it is something that Adam Barrett about aura about it and decayed he grew up here in Charlotte. And has a lot of memories of that he would put up place that we have been without expert and the places you educate them back and perhaps. And then. There are some places that take a burger and gala preview and I think our category with his. You know Barry and I came to order it and make nice restaurant and then the unexpected on let's. Places you probably haven't heard or places you go for something else. And you should try to birchard for implement its not counting on the other barbecue that they've got a really Internet app has. Blended back in it because also. Effort on top senate it really fun package and you've been eating hamburgers for months now. Another Taiwanese announced for awhile until our burger van which. Will be. Rehab I think about fifteen restaurants and Lotta competition for the best burger in actual vote on it they think is. Serving about one night. All right so where it's gonna begin that's going to be gateway village and we can buy a ticket to its hand and then we get to get in and eat and vote. Tell us to tell us how to sign up how to buy a ticket and how to participate. Yes he can have I think palette that is strong magazine not on the and when unit. It's early on enough because there will be drinks down. Adult party and now we're gonna have. Everybody law and restaurant included will serve. Like lighter side burger and you will get a point to vote on who you think it's about and we'll announce the winner at the end. I understand why you're saving because. That's ads like in a plea on October 14 or to Charlotte magazine dot com Kristin while. Editor of Charlotte magazine thank you so much for joining us here. On the Carolina outdoors eight democratic eight. Osce Garros and Oswego and take a quick break come back with more with the outdoor guys here on his eleventh in nineteen history. Wc team. That you must go hours hit. Great statement. And he put me up a couple of days or you can. And that is what we call this car. On the biggest night live in the country and we 8 o'clock. In this stars week. All costs. As I say this right there. Songwriter performer. In opening segment of this edition of the Carolina outdoors we talked about one of its songs that. History Channel history dot com said whoa whoa whoa you're not Vista like that on this matches. Did. It's all opinion it's all art I'd still like it. Maybe don't get hooked army but that one is. It's hard to become hard Bil that's right TJ about outdoor guy over there bill party outdoor guy here Don Yeager on assignment which is code word for. He's gone fishing. Its peak and had gone fishing. Many times. This scene and why Phishing helped heal a lot of ones and people use the outdoors and plot fishing and things like that whenever. They're celebrating something maybe you're having a bachelor party in the all get together maybe it's a youth group and everybody's together going to do. Something I'm like that but often times. It can be something challenging and a loss of a job may be on a divorce. Or maybe you're better and it's come back from war and and you're using the outdoor sports like plot fishing too. Re incorporate if you will and that's what we're gonna talk about next we're gonna bring ass headliner if you will today Judd big fish G on from. Today Steve financial advisors but he's also Wear and had a project healing waters today jet welcome to the program. And that Morton. Flattening all. Man it is wonderful to have you on and it's wonderful to talk about an organization that Canada introduces folks to come. Five fishing but it introduces really a special group being a folks tell us about project healing waters how I got started and who it's for. Absolutely. You have in her bed but didn't mention this statement bill. Poppy in the water while Beijing is dedicated physical and emotional rehabilitation. Disable active builders are. Personnel and disable veterans who were often associated activities. Including education. Well but more importantly Alley. And that always comes into play outings. Does that which he. That courage your feet on the ground out there and in our outdoor settings at the cheek and Bieber SATA river splash in the water. And then take on the challenge of catching mr. fish just how did you didn't involved in. How did you get involved with project healing waters. Sure I've been political block the view. And bill. As well. And today. That old career. Without is it will not in that water. Chula. And blah blah blah it just means the water in a bit. It's a little bit problem will be. It that funny so many people talk about dom five fishing I don't have the patience for that. But it really kind of works for impatient people or people do you know need a little bit of sitting on their cell. And I say that with all due respect towards all of us because just as you said so well there. It takes us people who are busy or people who may not be busy in need to be busy but some outside and ink and a put them toward the common cause it's kind of weird but it puts him toward the common cause of trying to catch mr. fish. That ride it may mean. You see in the imply. That now things. For some detractors. And we some that it on the bug is really. Our country and probably see some pretty tough situations. And if he didn't ripper and they. Everything just goes way you know like it is. It is being. And next thing you don't like me there are addicted. To let. You know what agendas visible I mean when you're when your because you take people are you don't just support him financially ear open at your office. You also. Go out there with them can you visually see. There were the relief for the change going on. Veteran. Absolutely I do and they all of that news. Yeah it is just the bathing and and they told me you know so many occasions there. Really it's it's just changed the world. It's kind of you know on their what are what religion. And they predicted just like we bill. Woolley you know as a society we're so plugged in and is being out there in the river and Leahy said I haven't. Put your phone down and just be away from it for a little while that itself. Has to be huge stress reliever. And you know and especially if you experience something from Matt later. That kind of things. The other stressful part with your five improbably ends up did you catch that big fish how to. Take it did picture us competitor and I can answer and that's a. We did what are we can't wait a lot better in. Yes majors. Or dock him project healing waters legitimate G. He's ever they'd JHG financial advisors he's growth brought brier creek and jet on September 30 that national project healing waters started out something called. He leaned Saturday. And that's when we the community folks are able to come out shake hands with. Local veterans may be participate in a five time class for all ages are casting demonstrations. There's going to be some good barbecue that they're from mid would smoke house says. And serve her baby ever heard of him with the Carolina Panthers. They're all going to be out there on the September 30 thing I just did. What's happening but. Tell us what else is happening there on September 30 what's economy and where to be. Well what we're going to be here ever smile that briar creek near the boat angles well you know. Can it be from 11 AM sepia. It. It network at the minute they emit and there are going to be out here now that they should be on the east side veterans that are coming back. And acclimate himself. We've got a couple days I don't know if bill. We've got wrapped in all in some. Yeah there's. Including tool like like what. You. I heard that applies. Yeah where were Jordan. You know with my neighborhood association. Probably a little more people honored Cuba. Via boat lose easily go to forty mile. So we're gonna have a lot of folks the big kid didn't really enjoy it and don't we might see yeah market to outlaw. Like the salmon that I guess sharper but he and his pictures taken pictures just big as he meter. Your picture taken with a great big cat says. That bring out and bring the whole family out there be prepared sakes and hand them some of our theory is if you will learn a little bit about this wonderful organization. Project healing waters and learn a little bit about a wonderful sport that we do a better prepared to see browns. The sport plot this and what time is kicked offside as they. Work it out. All right so 11 I am average HD financial advisors. G.'s place with project healing waters around. Which you about the FaceBook page to find our way but it would have been practically waters dot RG happily with an app for more race. Yeah probably healing what. While facing greater Charlotte area and they. Page and you'll see that we've ball. It. I think a lot personal from the commonwealth park. Is well JC but it it would bother others. You know it was boring bill that you would they ever if you were in no load and run. A lot of road syndrome. Are accurately listed they'll do great outdoor party not look important great barbecue and really pay tribute. City but it didn't put so much it's been making our aren't that some freedom every year in the US. May dead thank you for what you do and thanks for being on with us here on the Carolina outdoors. I'll figure has also thanks holly Huffman with new river outfitters for joint and that's anchors to allow editors Charlotte magazine's John Atta was on assignment today we have these thoughts in case. In the outdoors special thanks to outdoor cat TJ blogs. I'm bill Artie get outdoors picked up your trash and we'll see you next hour right here. Carolina council.