Capital Preservation

Bulls & Bears Show
Saturday, October 21st

Steve and Adam discuss the current market situationa and how to preserve you capital when the market goes down. 


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This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk and you can lose a significant amount of money. On the entry candidates personnel to not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome to bulls the bears out here hosed adamant just go sit back and relax and enjoy it now draining weekend and fired up excited. So many things going on out there in the financial markets so many things happening here in the Carolinas and just pumped up and excited to be year. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets. 401K is ire raise independent cash accounts understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to itself director and portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 8887508723. At 888. 7508723. As always in the studio co host of the Bulls and Bears senior coach of online trading academy of a friend of mine a Manger my team coach Steve Champa what's going out yet. Yeah that's a weekend man lost to talk about mark its record highs. We had the anniversary of the thirty year collapse of the market back in 1987 what they historically referred to says. Black Monday. That's just passed I mean there's a lot of similarities between then and now I want to show the listeners and I'm really important. That we have had discussion today about capital preservation because. Markets at these record highs valuations are high everything's so this guy. And the problem is when the collapse comes gonna happen fast and fears and many people are gonna get crushed in the collapse. Because or sit in foreign Kaczur shipments stock positions and then you all those gains back we got to get them ready because that's our job. As host the Bulls and Bears exactly don't forget to head over to FaceBook. Like you said Bulls and Bears radio and of course at any time 24/7. If you have a question for the coach called coach outline. 877904. Trade at 877904. Trade in champ. And outlines ovitz 447 and they got a question for you that's the Deborah Kolb we get some great question is lot of help a lot of listeners out there feel free caught a time we'll do the best we can't get John Mayer and if we get Johnny we give you a prize neck and nice prize -- shoe bag maggots and gifts that go along with it. Really viable stuff so feel free to call any time in. Asked the coop should actually 87790. Portrayed. Champ you just said a few moments ago one of the things that we gotta talk about as the preservation of capital mean individuals right now. Where these all time highs it's uncharted waters you know the market has no reason to be this high. Everything that's going on in the economy everything is going on in the world. We have to be protected we have to be cautious that this market goes up and down let's take a moment let's break it down for the listener how Paramount is capital preservation him. Not everybody loves a bull market when it goes up and we've had a bull market for about nine years since the collapse of 08 march of 2009 current. Market's been up I mean if you look at the S&P 500 is up close to 300%. Since the collapse of 2008. And here's a thing when you take profits I mean if it's up 3%. And here's the problem at him as you well know many of the listeners are in for one case they're for McCain is not up your percent since March when and if Ford came babies. Which means they're back to where they were before the last collapsed and now ordered new high. And the philosophy in the market is no tree grows to the sky and sometimes things get overvalued. And what's ironic is that this week. This past week the last ten days we had a anniversary of black Monday it was October of 1987 with thirty years from that time and some Melissa's remember that. It was a dramatic move down on the market a one day it was a collapsed and what they determine was. Everything was overvalued everything that price too high and see what's great about the financial markets like any market. Is that when prices get too high they have to fall. Amiss reversion to mean is just a matter of time and so we're calling for a correction because. Valuations of individual stocks. Are higher than they should be. In other words the stock's price higher than what they're really worth. Because we've had this great Ronald the last eight years and what things get overvalued it's time to such a protective preservatives lost because. We're gonna see a move down in price its historic it happens all the time. And what's amazing is that its eateries eerily similar right now to that 1987 collapse. That the patterns in the market the charts that we look at they look exactly the same in me here's the thing. So we're expecting a move down because it has to happen and when it happens a lot of the listeners are people sit in for one k.'s and marries. You gotta give it all back because you only these positions you won't stocks you own would you funds market's gonna fall you're gonna lose the money back your eternal winner in Toulouse we call it. We can't afford that so capital preservation becomes Paramount understanding how to protect and preserve those gains. And many people don't understand that if you do understand it. You would not be in a 41 K let me be blunt it is not a good instrument to protect the reserve against lost but there are things you can do within that 41 K. And in addition to that forward Qaeda help you protect against loss inside the 41 K. There's so many things the listeners can do if they just understood so many instruments to use up to preserve capital system out of tick in the stepped to learn what's available. And then go on Ford and protecting your money. Well exactly that why would protect your money having people work so hard court I think it's amazing you know if your paycheck was off you know by ten boxer honor boxes 200 bucks. He's good on H are you complain you'll portfolio fluctuates a goes up and down all the time they can lose 1015%. That don't say a word. To have a lot of individuals they they. They say they care about their money but I don't think the average person and a while and I don't think they even have an understanding of their money I mean if they did. You gotta understand folks when you sign up for the 41 K you put your money in a management with some Wall Street firm. UBS TA craft one of these big institutions. Is the trustee of your 401K. In essence they're managing your money. And they're competing for the money just like you and I are so as a conflict. And so we believe it Bulls and Bears it weaves documented that many times a lot of people that we know. And people that we've come across that you can learn the skills of self directing and managing and preserving wealth yourself. In other words I don't have to wait for the big collapse and then write it down because amid a forward came don't have any other alternative I can position myself and and moderate position or some sort of independent account or I can. Profit from that moved on the march 2 protect against loss like and put hedge positions or ensure positions. In the marketplace of the market goes down 203040%. I don't get crushed her collapse my account. And so it doesn't take a lot of knowledge is not difficult is different. And mainly the listeners is right funny. If you just take the steps in the action to learn how to protect and preserve money in your wealth in the 412 days here IRAs. It's a game changer for because you don't have to make up all those years trying to recover a week you work. Before you took a loss and that's the problem so for many illnesses capital preservation is not in the forefront of your mind but it better be. Because it's not a matter if it's a matter when the market corrects and collapses. And if you're not ready gonna give it back. And here's a reality it's you and I can't prevent it from happening all we can do prepared for what it can happen. A winning can happen and it's time that bells ring and it's kind of protect and reserving decal for preservation as part of your process. In your wealth and in your money management. Exactly champ that's why the military they teach at a time of crisis. You default tier level training and the average person isn't trained. When it comes to protecting their capital that's why our online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears have a class specifically on capital preservation. When I love about this classes allows somebody who's not active in the market or someone who's not actually participating on a regular basis maybe your contributing maybe just have money set aside. And you wanna figure out how to protect that money this is the class for you to 500 dollar value we're gonna give aways talk right there at the campus online trading academy. Pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that the 84451. Trade because ten to twenty to forgive a 500 dollar class. And capital preservation from our sponsor online trading academy that's 84451. Trade 844. 518 Seve to 33 for callers ten to twenty to get this 500 dollar class specifically on capital preservation from our sponsor online trading academy. That's 84451. Trade 844501. Trade does that mean champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears a little bit of the same bird. And stuff nothing screams wealth intelligence like a little Sanford and Son absolutely have a good time always have a funny or studio. Don't forget to head over to FaceBook lite jazz and bulls or bears radio and of course at any time Tony for seven if you have a question for the coach. Call the coach hotline at 877904. Trade. That's 87790. Portrayed Jim talked about a variety of things always have a good time here Bulls and Bears. One of the things people always questioned there today they have ideas about it they're unsure about. Is shorting we talk about it every week here on Bulls and Bears it's making money in a downward move the market. You know about it I knew about it the average person knows of it they don't know how to do it break it down chip. Well short selling simply means that you believe something's gonna fall on pricing you can profit from when it falls in price. And the problem with the masses the from a minute to listeners. Is human trained and programmed to think when the market goes up does a good day when it goes out the bad day and if we have a 234 point moved down the Dow Jones industrial any given day. It's a top story the 6 o'clock news and they always say good evening who's a tough day on Wall Street today you'll hear that. And the reality is not a tough day. All of means is that somebody lost to somebody one like any other day soon price goes up somebody losses somebody won one price fall somebody lost somebody one. The problem is that the masses the herd. The donors as we saw affectionately refer them as. Daily email and cargoes up. So in the Margo is now on the news and all the media is telling you in convincing you that it's a bad day. When in reality it's not a bad day because when you lost money. It wasn't lost his went to someone else this money doesn't get lost in the market he gets transferred the lord's somebody was on the other side of your trade and other you thought I was gonna go up. They thought I was gonna go down it went down they made money you lost money they took your money. It's pretty simple. It's what the color zero sum game in here's the reality. If you only economy money when price goes up. And you don't know how to make money when price goes down. Then you're limited up offered you could profit add you limited to profitability over time because the mart was up half time and out of the time. And so the best traders and addresses the most successful savvy people. That of learn how to create wealth and income in the markets regardless of what the markets do when. They know that up is good and done as good. In doubt is good because we have the ability to sell something shorter short sell something in other words. Make money when it false and the problem is Adam is that the bias of the masses have. Makes it hard for them understand how to profit when price falls people say I don't get that shorting thing and you talk about making money would price falls it's. I don't punish that is not a difficult concept. It's just that you've been trained to think that you can't make money when price falls and that's a lot that's misinformation from Wall Street the reality is. Up is good down is good news can learn the skills to make money in both directions when you do. It's a game changer man. Well that's the key I mean think about it if we know the market goes up and down one take the time to learn how to. Make money when the market goes up and down a lot of traders and investors champ you know they think they. They think they're good they think their 401K is fine they think the stock position nail in the dividend stock that they have they think their positions that they're in the market are invincible. And it takes a year like 2008 to prove to people that they're not that great of a situation that when they realize that they did lose. And then they realize that they could capitalize. And the fact that we're sitting here at an all time high this is a great time to figure out how to learn how to make money in a down market rather than waiting till after crashing to give because it is done. Fall and so if your prepared in advance for the price the fall you can prepare to profit. And what's great about shorting is that once people understand it it's so obvious. To them because here's the key in the marketed in its not a mystery. But the key to success but low and sell high now I know I know thanks champion the guru thinks the Thomas the obvious thing buy low sell high. But here's the problem first of all what is low. And what does Ty. And if you don't understand what a price to buy at a price the saudis because you don't have is any kind of a system of understanding is this a good price to be a buyer or seller or not. The first of all you have a hard time but here's the other thing bottle and sell high doesn't always mean in that order. What I shorter able to sell in advance. Of moved on a price now here's how it works. Let's use an example of General Electric GE stock TE stocks trading right around 24 also share. Well known company large cap blue chip one of the Dow Jones industrial thirty stocks. And well known nobody knows she either all over the planet multibillion dollar national company. If we believe their stock was gonna go from 24 box which currently trading at down twenty we could profit from that for all moved down. And a beautiful thing is we could profit without ever buying the stock selling the stock. We could actually short the stock now technically shorting the stock is selling the stock. But we're selling it up from our brokers inventory not our own. Now this is where the disconnect happens people say you're telling me I can short a stock like G. What you're telling me I can zealot but I don't necessarily only how can myself so my don't know. Well that's the beautiful thing about the financial markets is that a your broker allows you to sell shares of their inventory. In other words of GE's attorney for you live is gonna go to twenty you do what are your brokerage account. You could short 200 shares of GE into the market now you don't own it. So you can't sell your own shares you're selling shares of GE you're selling your broker's shares they're allowing you to use their inventory to sell into the market. A twenty foot also share. So now what's happened what you've entered a trade. By selling. Shares of GE Tony for your broker allowed you to use that inventory there essentially loaning you the shares. And your selling them at 24 now your belief is it's gonna fall to twenty not a false that's what you buy the shares back. But the moment you buy the shares back instantaneously. It goes right back into your broker's account in other words they loaned you the shares you sold a 24. What is it twenty bottom back at the moment your bottom backed it immediately repopulates and you broke his inventory of shares. And Neely to keep the four dollars difference. In other urges sold its one for you bought back its warning you call it covering your short when you buy back. And when you covered that shorts you get to keep the four bucks a share. On a hundred shares that's 400 bucks on a thousand shares that's for grant and afford all moved on a stock they you know. Think about that that's shorting don't over complicated folks don't over think it it's as simple as that. And the problem is that the masses of never understood it so it's confusing. But it's not confusing when you understand it is just a matter of learning the skill once you do. It can provide profitability regardless the direction of the market which gives you a much higher chance but hit those financial goals of short in the short selling. Is essential if you want have want to assess in the markets and many analysts as it never understood that hopefully they start to realize that more importantly is there to take action put in place. Absolutely it's. Him and it's like anything if you learn how to do when you have a its skill noted take trivia online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand people are looking to learn how to shorts out. Billion figure out how to capitalize and a downward move the market there's people out there that lose sleep worrying about the market going down. And if you figure out how to make money when the market goes down it will take you to the next level financially. Learn how to do this online trading academy as a class specifically actuary it's a 500 dollar class. I'm a few sees the giveaway we're gonna take callers fifteen to 25 pick up the phone right now and call. 84451. Trade that's 844. 51 trade for callers fifteen to 25 to get a 500 dollar class on shorts on the market from our sponsor online trading academy if you're in the market you're concerned about the markets and off. You wanna take advantage of that downward move you do don't wanna miss out on this. Pick of the phone call 84451878233. That's 84451878233. For caller fifteen to 25 to get this 500 dollar class specifically on. Shorting the market for online trading academy again if you're in the market you're concerned about the cell if you want to capitalize. You do not want to miss out on this for callers fifteen at 45 pick up the phone call 844. 51. Trade this is adamant champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears Ivory Coast out of its Cisco. And it's a blast delegates have with the boys Jed chip it studio. Two over today head over to FaceBook lite jazz and Bulls and Bears radio and of course give a question for the coached 447 called the coach outline. 877904. Trade that date 7790. Portrayed get a good question coming up global later I'm psyched up about that champ. Chip talking about a variety of things here rumbles of bears always having fun talking about the markets. A lot of people occurred confused about the market a lot of fuel to understand how the market where people for one case the dumb money into that they have money and IRA that got money in the that. Ultimately they don't understand that the market is a resource that's readily available on a daily weekly monthly basis. For people who generate income and there's so many people in this country. That are lacking in them they're barely making ends meet and they don't know how to get to the next level chip let's take a moment let's show and share with the listener what is it like. Somebody to trade for short term again well I know its senior coach online trading academy that we have. Close to 400000 global students in the academy I mean forty campuses around the world. Some most of the major US cities major cities in your pin in the Asia which got a great great programming grade academy. And I will say that the majority of those students probably 7% of those students. They utilize the markets in the spare time they maybe have a few hours a week maybe an hour a day maybe thirty minutes today. And they wanna use the market to generate an income nail they wanna learn the skills of growing wealth. And preserving that nest today in taking care of that for one came and Larry money but in reality many of them also wanna learn how to utilize the market for income. Short term incoming extra hundred bucks a week torn about so we could make a big impact. With a lot of listeners lot of people listening could use that money. And imagine if you make that money in addition your current scenario you job via business unit the punch a clock here to take a second job. So that's appealing to a lot of people and the markets provide data mean there's a lot of great resource available. In the markets like currencies and futures and options things that we can use. Will we have to have a small on capitol potentially we could make him nice daily weekly monthly income from the markets now. Obviously we have to have a good system in place we have to understand that there's a process. To making decisions in the market but once you've got that under your belt you start to internalize that process. The opportunity to generate income is phenomenal. I mean I started out in 2000 year 2000 look at make an extra five bucks a month if I could generate that in the markets in addition in my career as a builder. I would have been fine that's all I was looking for whom knew it was gonna transition to the point where eventually if you have good consistency on a smaller scale. You start to dig bigger positions and grow your account even more. And so I've seen that transformation happened many people who came into the markets look to for a little extra income a little bump. Little extra juice at the end of the month money that they can you know use for extra resources or maybe pay an extra driller may be one of vacation. And then they were able to transform that over time with consistency into. A lifestyle change or miss to be able live on the markets generate your income from the markets I've watched that happen it's a process to get there. But a lot of people don't understand that that's available. And you don't have to be that Smart to be successful in the market you just gotta have a better system than the average person let me be blunt the average person does have a clue. How to be successful in the markets and if you know just a little more than the average guy or girl out there you can take the money can Sicily in that changes a lifestyle. And changes the level that you can live at a more importantly gives a lot more choices and let because you get the finances in the resource to do which would like to do. Well exactly that chip of and that's what people. That's of people are looking for people aren't looking to generate additional income people are review vol time they have good jobs and but by the time they pay their bills and put money tucked away for retirement. There's not enough there's not enough and there's not an abundance of that overflow not a lot of the most successful traders investors that I know. Came in the markets in a few hours a week just try to make a little extra money stunner on a short term basis. And it's this transition for them they're able to sub to grow consistently it is a beautiful thing. If the market goes W make money the Margo is on Amy money if the market as a movie you make money in if you just have a better plan in the masses which is that hard to do. Then you can consists leaving a small Monica apple on this field there up have a ton of money. And you start to make some good returns. We've seen it and so don't disqualify that because you think it traders somebody that you can't be you're not Smart enough. Because that's the misinformation. Of Wall Street. I know lots of people that ought that highly intelligent when it comes IQ a book smarts but a crushing it in the financial markets because they found a path they found a system. And they've taken the money consistently and that's available to anybody that's probably Benadryl or Bulls and Bears about short term cash flow because it's available its real. And people who go get if they choose to. Exactly and online trading academy they teach a class right at their campus. Country for short term incumbent somebody's looking for that additional stream. They're looking to take that money that just sadness savings account put it to work form so our generate a cup water bucks a month that's what this is all about. You do you don't want to miss out on this he really gonna trade for short term income online trading academy at the class of the 500 dollar value. However if you see some giveaway we're gonna take callers ten to twenty pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that's 844. 51 trade for callers ten to twenty to get a 500 dollar value class. Country for short term income from our sponsor online trading academy. That's 8445187233. 8445187233. For callers ten to twenty to get this 500 dollar class on trading for short term income. Again if you knew the market you've been in the market you look for some consistency. Look for additional money on a monthly bases pick up the phone 84451. Trade at 844. 51. Of trade is adamant champ bubbles of banners. Welcome back the bulls a van that there was adamant Cisco have the last delegates I'm hearing with the fellas. Diverted to head over to FaceBook like guess add pools of Bear's radio and of course. When the favorite times of the show ask the coach who we got a call this week for Allen from Tampa go ahead. Yes. I got a prediction for him. I understand that the market has grown quite a bit. What I see happening. Is that the markets. Continue to grow well beyond anything that we copper yeah marketed dependent upon investment. The more money that is in people's hands the more money there is an embarrassment. We've been going through a period time with the government has been taking all our money and putting it in the government now with the trump administration. Cutting taxes to cutting the corporate we just need considerably more money in the marked. Increase in job all of it. It could literally entirely. Double. The market more that your. Now the government gonna put the kid's gonna put restrictions on the try and slow things now but I think that we have been reached a to fall already and didn't read it government regulation getting rid of government out of our allies could only make. If he makes glue well beyond our cards. That you might want to address thank you Allan mine. Al from Tampa thank you for your prediction and I love it I think it's absolutely bang on I think that. With more tax reform and with less government regulation absolutely would open up the opportunity for small business to grow. And is the problem Alan with you theory and it is a theory. Is that the reality is is that the Fed is gonna were strict growth they're gonna continue to that there are cartel they have all the power they can literally print money. And here's the other issue and I understand what your thoughts are and in a perfect environment in a perfect quantitative situation. Yeah when you put more money in the consumers' hands then there's more discretionary money to put into the market and I agree with you the problem is is that when you start to factor in the fact that they're gonna raise interest rates so the Fed will have to raise interest rates to get small businesses to grow in this country. The reason that we haven't had any growth GDP growth. Is because there's been no interest rates in this country in other words we look at the stock market has grown considerably about 300%. Since the low of 2009. And the reason has grown so substantially Allen. Is because people have no place else to get a return on your money you can't open up a CD you can't go into any. Interest bearing account and get any kind of return on your money it's awesome 1% it's it's a fool's play it's it's just basically sitting in on the sidelines and cast situation. So people who flocked to the stock market. And that's what's caused this rally in price. If you look historically back to 2009. We never should have gone up 300%. Since the low of 2009 because the economy stayed flat. It's a miracle it's stimulus it's Federal Reserve intervention that's not gonna stop. They've been around for ever does a great bogey could recall the creature from Jekyll island it's about the forming of the Federal Reserve and how does a cartel they will control money flow. So in theory you have a great idea to great thought a great concept degree prediction now here's the other problem wins stacks of one minute take effect. Nothing can happen you're gonna stalled congress you've got a Republican president and a Republican congress that don't like each other. So in theory. Yeah it's pie in the sky man but the problem is. Is that we realistically aren't going to be able achieve that kind of double up in growth without all the stuff actually get past. And how long Zack and it's taken here's a reality gallon you and I die in the long run. So it doesn't I suppose applied to us it might take years or decades. To get this reform turnaround so his my advice he would take with the Mardy gives yet. Obviously that is pie in the sky but a Bible it is going to be a twentieth 30% pullback or moved down in price in the market. I'm not gonna just sit around a well mention it's gonna go back up so I'll just take the loss Ullman a profit from that move down. And won the most important aspects of being able to do that for you and any of the listeners. Is you need to learn the skills of self directing your money in other words. Don't just have it in a man's position sitting in mutual funds and hope the market goes up. Because the markets at a record high right now no tree grows to the sky ya there's room for more growth that we free up more discretionary income for the masses. But that's not gonna happen overnight and it could take 234. Terms of presidents of forty concede the economic growth. Historically speaking it takes a long time to turn the voter round. So what the listeners need to know what you do you know Alan is. This opportunities right now. Up is that done as good if we get a twentieth 30% moved on the S&P 500 that's not a bad time you can profit from that Alan you don't need growth yearly price moving up to profit. And that's the key element of long term success. So you can learn a self direct your money you don't need it to double B don't EPS of Peta go up to a tell it to 5000. Sort of future goals if it falls dramatically can profit if it doesn't movie can probably goes up Egan profit. Those are the skills that the most successful traders and investors use. When we talk about self directing what that means is you and I am can learn the skills to proffer regardless of what our predictions are. Would you take what the market gives us now we hope happens and ultimately. Be able to make money and can Sicily profit over time which allows to their financial goals. That's the key and that's what most people need to hear right now so I love your prediction I appreciate that question if there was one in there I'm not sure. But I do appreciate the fact yet give us your opinion. It's a great opinion in theory it's great the reality is we got to take what is given and you know but what is given us now is we got to be a little more savvy a little more of conscious of hottest self direct. And once or and that's guilt whenever the market does he can make you money. Absolutely chip in you know what it was a prediction and it is that asked the coach outline but Allah we appreciate the call for Tim but the abilities of the predictions outlined next week ship. But for right now online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears. They understand what you're talking about chip they understand self directed. They understand if you're gonna have money in the market only you care about you have money as much as anybody else are you need to be managing yourself. That's not have a class specifically out self directed regardless of your portfolio you should manage it is a 500 dollar classic he tried at the campus we're gonna give it a way to callers ten to twenty. Via the phone right now call 84451. Trade. That's 84451. Trade for callers to the twenty get a 500 dollar class on self directed your portfolio. From online trading academy that's 84451872338445187233. For callers ten to twenty get this 500 dollar class that they 4451. To trade does that mean champ Bob Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears I mean I was at a Disco at the last I was gets out of studio. Always have fun here with the guys diverted to head over to FaceBook and light gets that Bulls and Bears radio chip on fielder though this. They'd actually season with a bloopers you have we get some great clips on there we've actually got faithful listeners and follows on the FaceBook page and we're actually studied do some YouTube activity. Disagree way to check in with us to see you were all up to. Get some really behind the scenes footage of what really goes on record he says is because it's not always perfect the way it sounds on there. It's almost some of the most important of funny thing you'll see you won't ever hear out there I promise yourself as go to FaceBook and check this out absolutely you can always like is that bulls or bears radio at a course. At any given time if you have a question for the coach Scott the coach outline 877. 90 forgery that's 44 hours day seven days a week 87790. Portrayed. Jim talk about variety of things one that things that we always talk about your temples of banners. A lot of people don't understand the business aspect of treaty and that's in the don't understand that this is an hobby this is in the game this is a route that. This is something that people treat as a business and a lot of times. People treated as gambling and the last place you wanna gambles with your own portfolio simplest take a moment let's talk about treated as a business. But we think about it if your small business Sony probably had a plan some sort of a plan our methodology you gonna follow you know much money need to have up front you. You lease the building maybe im tired of people employees you house amendment story. Yet to get worker's comp a lot of aspects of starting a business are planned in advance they call it a business plan if you ever go for. Any kind of a line of business credit they ask who you plan is. And so we look at the financial markets trading and investing we approach the same way we create a plan. We have a certain amount of capital he uses so from a business perspective and our talked to the people that have either owned a business. Or have the dream of one day owning a business if you think about the financial markets won an idea. To have a business where you don't have to worry about inventory capital cost is very low enough police building enough to have employees know workers' comp no staff. No product no inventory no product to sell no customers to deal with I mean think of that. For your business owner that's the dream. And see there's a lot of you that'll listening to us is somebody driver another road right I got latter's on the top via truck you're listened to us I know you do because I was you for years. And I know how to put those forty foot ladders up on top of my strata Iraq's my pick up truck I get it I did all that. And I always wanna be self and what I want the dream. Of equity ownership make your own schedule but I know my business and my business owned me and many of you know exactly what I'm talking about. You start a business an idea was you bought yourself a job and I chase in the money. And all the hassles of workers comp and liability insurance and employees and employees use of people are showing up. That way he's on it does not you can't be successful could you chase in the dream. It's just that it takes a lot body. Met if you got a business without any of those variables in play the tradition make a small business so hard to get started so hard to get over the hurdle. And you can literally city computer on a daily basis of need to sell something that was thousand of you wanna buy it muted by some that was 1001 assault yet. And you never left your house that's trading and investing. The market's already date of doesn't have a storefront. Think of that it's the dream the American dream. It's capitalism at its purest form and can do without a lot of judicial headaches amassed a lot of people looking for. It's alive and well. And it's in the financial markets but you gotta go find the good thing is mute treat trading as a business you get this results for some people that's a slight change. Well his life change you want you figure out how you can operate yourself as the business side those of traders and investors they were Q3 hours a day I meet some traders investors that were 23 hours a week. They're really just depends on how they run their business online trading academy as a class specifically on treating as a business when I love about this class. If you're branding the mark you've never been in the marquee don't understand how the market works is a great opportunity for you but also at the same time if you bid in the market. And you're not having consistent results. This is well to be an opportunity for you does a 500 dollar class taught at their campus. Only have a few seats to give away we're gonna take callers fifteen to thirty pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that date for four. 51 trade for callers fifteen to thirty to get a 500 dollar class specifically on. Trading as a business from our sponsor online trading academy that's 84451. Trade. 844. 51878233. For callers fifteen to thirty once again 844. 5187233. For callers fifteen to thirty to get this 500 dollar class on treated as a business from our sponsor on my treaty Cammie. Is that a champ Bob Bulls and Bears.