The Cause Of All Disease

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, November 11th

Dr Ernst discusses one common cause of all chronic disease, and inflammation.


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The asked doctor show his pre senate like doctor Aaron urged the board certified chiropractic physician specializing in spinal correction nutritional coaching and cellular detoxification. And as for informational purposes only it is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice diagnosis or treatment she could qualified healthcare professional before changing your health program or embarking on any one visit ask doctor Ernst dot com for more information. It's time to transform yourself. Which one of the nation's leading men growing authorities in total health. Over the next hour I learned from experts on how to revolutionized that help for those you love most. As doctor. Future hosts. Doctor here and there it's. Club. Great state to use this yes I turned so we'll come into live this incredible Saturday afternoon love the fact that we get to share the message of truth help the healing. On the waves of 11109 and three to BBT hey guys get raspy doctor urged today I have been speaking a lot in the last week. And it takes my hole it takes eight hole my vocal chords. But and I am here in a loving life and we have an incredible show for you so hopefully you can still hear it through the rest being this. Because I'm not to let something as simple as a little laryngitis stop me from helping you to heal. This is the show where pounder said diseases dead Emery to be set free market health problems. When you activate your head health and to date we have an incredible topic in relationship to inflammation. And how believe it or not in my opinion and even what science is now saying. Inflammation is one of the main causes of almost all chronic disease today. So you might be saying something like god is an interest in net. As we sort of look around we have more and more and more sickness we have more rightist we have more obesity weight gain cancer. All kinds of stuff going on joint pains. As mayoral bow allergies I mean you can't look at Google and not cede the rise in climate certain diseases if he does look in Google for it. So the also a question that I often have is why is that they were getting sicker. Why don't we see more disease and according to what the science is saying is that we are not controlling our levels of inflammation. And wanna spend today digesting down what is inflammation. Where does that come from and what are some things we can do to get rid of it because if you can control your inflammation you'll see things like congestive heart failure type two diabetes. Acid reflux indigestion. Even the big players like cancer. And joint pain all kinds of weight loss there's a massive connection with a lot of conditions that most of us are some dramatically treating the with either drugs or our diet or lifestyle. That's if you could look at him from the lens of inflammation. 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And now wanted to give you some resources and tips and tools because the holidays are upon us they tend to attack us greatly especially for health. And what you're gonna find out today has a lot of our holiday to do use and the parties in the foods we eat our main cause of inflammation. And if you wanna get our life back and get her help the turnaround we have to controller inflammation cell. What is inflammation well listen. It's something that goes on in your body pretty much all the time and it's the amount of it that determines your health so few of low levels of inflammation. You're gonna have great amounts to help him get high levels of inflammation you're gonna have a really terrible health. And there's two types and so one of break these down for you sort of over the Airways. And if you watch it on FaceBook you know you can cius visibly and dominant things some things are FaceBook page and also up to our website seekers can see some things the talking about. But some acute inflammation is sort of that thing that down we all get at certain times some new user analogy if you were to just. Bump your knee or stub your toe. The initial stimulus to the onslaught of the damage. Causes your body to create a reaction is so of course we need to heal this we need to fix whatever just occurred. So you send all these immune cells and Easton red blood cells in my blood cells they area swells he gets ready gets hot inflamed. It's irritated that's great if we didn't have that kind of information. Your skin would never repair Butte cut its your bones we never repair he broke him. And your tissues would be damaged all the time so we'd love acute inflammation. It's crazy that sounds. Because it comes it fixes that things that it leaves so via an acute inflammatory process. I would however repair process take place the bit about 24 to 48 hours. And some of you from experience that you know you in your shoulder working out today within two days you're like now it's back to normal again because. Acute inflation did its job. However what a lot of us have a something known as chronic inflammation. And that would be the stimulus is continuously. There so it's over and over and over being irritated and activated. This doesn't usually come from repetitive trauma as a mini canned but usually comes from chemical and dork toxic stress. That we're doing to ourselves which is making us inflamed and thus we have this constant immune stimulants. And so that creates a long term chronic inflammation. Which instead of repairing the tissues actually causes damage to the tissues. So can you see how things like joint pain and irritable bowel and heart disease arthritis. You know even obesity and type two diabetes the reason that they are linked to inflammation as its source. Is there's a constant damage its occurrence of or talked today about what are the common damages that caused this. How you fix it. And you know best of all since some simple steps to reduce inflammation is hereby can actually start to heal by itself. And so we have a commercial break come up in the next thirty seconds so here's what to do right now I want you to pick up the phone call this number seven afford 9062094. It's 7049062094. And I'm giving away to date night my holiday survival tip e-book it has recipes. Guides and also all of the stress tips that we can have a healthy holiday and now they trash our life and our health. That call line is seven afford 906209. Ports yes doctor and show what you read. Welcome back Gillis sixty assets current show here on 111093. A dvd. I mean host doctor Eric Eric and I thank you so much for joining us today we just stated you guys get there raspy voice doc turns today. I've been doing a lot of speaking lately and I'm losing my voice that is still here enough I can hear myself. And that's you can do there not to let somebody symbolism raspy voice prevent us from coming at you with great health information. And today's health hour is us discussing the topic in the concept that you work current health condition. May actually be caused by chronic inflammation. And we have a lot of science confirming this we even have mainstream media talking about it. Couple years ago time magazine ran an article where the front page talked about inflammation on May be. The cause of your current health condition. And so what I wanna do now is talk a little bit more about what defines chronic inflammation and what is it do you specifically to us. And how is it connected to almost every disease known to man there are certain quotes you'll see on line from other providers and doctors. In a celebrity doctors like doctor Oz and doctor Heineman and you know doctor Perlmutter and things like that. We're though it is say things like. Ninety to 95 I've seen as high as 98%. Of chronic health conditions has inflammation as a root cause. And the problem that we see today is when I give you these sort of calm conditions that are connected with inflammation. Every single one of them has a medical. Correction using medication. To treat the symptoms he'll give an example. Inflammation in your heart. Can cause things like high blood pressure. Elevated levels of cholesterol we see the downstream effects of it like heart disease and stroke and even levels of you know having blood related disorders like. Elevated triglycerides elevated blood sugars except yourself. Your cardiovascular system is affected by inflammation in that it slows things down historic clogs the vessels. It elevates. Pressure and it interferes with the regular raids in rhythm of your heart. So you might be taking a blood pressure medication. To artificially bring that pressure down where you might have been written via that you're taking something for where you might have high blood sugar or you might have had elevated cholesterol triglycerides. And you're taking the medications to fix the symptoms. But you're not necessarily may be connected the dots that whoa. What if all of that is coming from the fact that I have cardiovascular. Inflammation. Only look at things like your bones we know for a fact that arthritis is an inflammatory disorder. In fact there's something kind of fine if you are diagnosis has an IAT I asked at the end of it. Like pancreatitis. Or thyroid died this. Or diabetes eccentric. The what you're gonna see is that it's an inflammatory link so arthritis in an ITI asked and so the I this is that the inflammatory conditions. And it's fun for me because. Did the actual term itself tells you if inflammation of your joint. And yet no one really addresses it as an anti inflammatory approach you know what we take. Our prescriptive. Medications that block pain in suppose their anti inflammatory. But it never says will where's the inflation coming from. So inflammation within the body's tissues like your joints. Protects or sorry prevents the ability few to repair your bones and keep your current with tissues. You know lubricate in factories with fluids. So it inflammatory process of your bones can lead to inflammation irritation arthritis and even fractures. Osteoporosis. And degenerative bone or joint conditions. You know so. I look at the fact that a lot of people today you know they get their needs a place to to get their hips replaced because it's bone to bone and arthritis. But to have Jeff it's probably just because you've had inflammation that tissue for so long you never addressed it because nobody's connected the dots. Another big one is not chronic inflammation within our digest of system I I would imagine that you can connect the dots that an inflamed stomach is going to be. You know irritated and have access after production they can lead to things like Kurd we also seek Crohn's Disease and irritable bowel syndrome. Celia disease even leaky gut is connected directly to inflammation. Near kidneys can be inflamed and you can have things like fluid retention hypertension. Even kidney failure can result from it so. We have everything from your brain your thyroid your muscles to your lungs your liver your skin. As being a known. Sort of affected of inflammation so you might have a condition like allergies and asthma and evened things again like joint pain or cancer or. Congestive heart failure type two diabetes. Obesity weight gain arterial disease and this is just me reading a list of what I went on line is that what diseases are connected to inflammation. And you know there's tons of them so I'd like to say to David that the the reason I'm talking about this is. It's few and far between the most of us go to our doctors and say something like Hillis and now I'd like to see if my current health condition. Has an inflammatory. Source or cause and could you run the tests necessary for me to determine how inflamed I I am. And the reason that this usually rarely happens is one you do need to know that she needed to ask in the first place and so now you know you're charged with this sort of moral and ethical. You know need to do this is your body it's your health and I can guarantee you after eleven years of coaching people back to health from sickness. Inflammation is a big big player that we have to deal with so once I give you this list of the top five tests to find out how inflamed you are. You have no excuse other than the fact of you know like have your ignorance or not one team to get healthy get well. So here's a look like you do I want you to run over to York. Doctor. And the next time you have. A health check up or it's your annual blood test or few Marty just had that done and you realize these weren't on there I want you to basically. Make them run these tests for you. Because these five tests that need to be right now we'll tell you more about the cause of your health conditions that they test you've ever had run. And if one or two or four even if heaven forbid all five of them are high. Once you go after fixing your inclination. You're gonna really be able this year health turnaround quickly which of course my goal through this show is. For you to become your own doctor to activate the healing power you haven't sighted view and once you do that your body can heal by itself. So be the first test I'd recommend that you get right now obviously on Plame Joseph are well it's something called fasting insulin. That's insulin as a test it's really good for detecting inflammation because insulin the hormone that's produced. In relation to how much sugar you have in your blood. And we recognize that. High levels of blood sugar flowing through your system. Can be an indication of things like diabetes and thinks that effect but we also know that the more sugar you have in your blood the more inflamed you are. And instead of just looking at your blood sugars because you might be able to fast for a day or two. Can bring their sugars down an insulin takes a lot longer to come down. So I can see what your insulin levels look like excuse me I know a lot more about what your chronic levels of information are. And we need some levels of insulin circle circulating at all times so with you when you have a high levels of insulin. It's a signal to me that your body is basically in a state of what's called sugar burning the require sugar for energy more than fat or anything else. And most of us. Excuse me and even with what I find fast is a lot of the diabetics and it worked with have never had their insulin levels tested. And this will tell you more about your overall inflation near total health than any other test out there. Now the normal range for insulin has to be between about one in five. The feuding. Have you evidently and it's a level of over five. Not only doing know that your inflamed but I know that it that a chronic state because. That would tell me that all the cells in your body are sucking down sugar for their fuel source. So. If you have for example a condition like high blood pressure. Cardiovascular disease obese you're type two diabetes will often find elevated levels of insulin connected to that. And I guarantee you and your doctors probably not checking your insulin levels. And showing you the correlation to say look you're influenced high. This is probably why you have these conditions. If you can bring your insulin down. Then you'll see these conditions deal and what's fun about this is insulin coming down to something happens naturally as you start to regulate and control your blood sugars. And insulin sensitivity is also a great way for us to see how healthy you are and how the inflames York. One simple insulin sensitivity test is for you to take your blood sugars state right now to see what they look like. And then eat anything that has a moderate level of proteins fat and carbohydrate. Like say yes and that the earth is me or. Some sort of just a basic lunch meal. And then check yourself thirty minutes afterwards and if your insulin are sorry if your blood sugar spikes drastically. Then you have a weekend sensitivity to insulin mean. You can't control your sugars within a thirty minute window and these are great easy simple test for you to find out how inflamed argue. And now you know certain things. To bring this down the best way to lower your insulin. Levels and create more insulin sensitivity. Is to Deke Easter carbohydrate consumption and also start to intimate in the past once you start doing this you'll see your resting sugar levels drop. In overtime because you're sugars going down that need to be constantly secret high levels of insulin. Goes down a seat to see your insulin levels drop by the way insulin has also been connected to advanced eighteen. So we often see diseases of chronic nature again my heart disease diabetes thyroid issues obesity. Arthritis showing up as we get older. Not because of them being directly connected to her aides were because. The more insulin you have the faster your body's physically aging so the more likely we are to get these conditions which is why sometimes we see. Aids related diseases and even children since it has nothing to deal with your actual chronological age path to a more your metabolic cage which is directly connect to cure and some apples. So again the optimal ranges between one in five. And you'll find out that your medical doctor likes to say you can be a lot higher than not they'll sale order on your fine as long as you're still like below twenty or 25. But in my opinion you want that to be as low as you can one to five would be a great range. The next test that I suggest you guys look at regularly. Outside of just your sugar levels as your a one C level and he the glove anyone see is a great way for us to measure the average glucose that's been in your blood. Over the past three months again. If you just walk into your doctor and having been anything in two days you could possibly make your blood sugar levels look low. But if you're n.'s Liz hi Terry once he has high that we know you're still in play. And so the hemoglobin a one C is a great test and your doctors are probably running this because they do including and most of your basic blood work. Something for you to just sort of visualize is it it's seven given in a representation of a percentage so you use these see something like. Five point six or six point one or seven point two and what it means that the percentage of your red blood cells that have a sugar molecule somewhat attached to it. And what's interesting is in science they talk about some of the called an advanced click consolation and product or an eight GE. Again notice the connection between the more sugar you have the more insulin you have. The higher your A wants either fast do you ED GE you have these advanced by constellation and products. And the more these aides. Product in your blood the more inflamed you are and the sole reason for that is because sugar creates an inflammatory process within the body. The notice how the top two inflammatory tests are connected to your sugar. And so thus one of the best ways that you can decrease your inflammation is to control your carbohydrate consumption. And focus on this by bringing your sugar levels down and also focusing on bringing your a one senior insulin down. Which is why. I suggest highly that during this next person break you take some action to get my my holiday help e-book. I have recipes in it it's gonna let you eat dessert but not worry about your sugars climbing. I have a great recipe in there they give you all the side dishes that you wanna have that's not gonna. Make your side expand with more weight we also have some of those tips to avoid those holiday pitfalls. To this book is only available to those of you who call in during this radio show or message me directly through our page which is asked doctors dot com. And that that call number for you to grab that is seven afford 9062094. Again 7049062094. Is my free asked doctors holiday survival guide. And rest of the pack for all of your Thanksgiving Christmas and New Year's needs. You're listening to gas sector aren't show we will be right back. Welcome back you're listening to gas sector itself. What it's incredible Saturday afternoon I love the fact she got definitive. My name is doctor Erick Erickson here. Here on nears 1110983 to BBC learning how to control your inflammatory process to allow your body to heal by itself. High levels of inflammation and they connected with a host of diseases some of which we would consider to be. Chronic non curable under the medical term you know things like cancer and asthma. Heart disease arthritis. Even you know diabetes alzheimer's disease eccentric. And that would have been discussing is the idea that are inflammatory process. It's something that most of us may know of in regards to you know I've bumped my toe or right come scanner broke this down and it hurts it's inflamed. And it's trying to heal. And that's great that's acute level of information and we wouldn't be alive today if we did have acute inflammation to activated immune response. Bring news sells creepy generation satcher. But what most of us deal with is the fact they were chronically in plain. And by definition chronic inflammation. Is a underlined low level amount of that same inflammatory process occurring for weeks months years three decades. And that's the big player here. A lot of the areas in our body to get inflamed things like your brain in our hearts our bones and our skin. Thyroid. Digestive system are liver or kidneys if I was gonna sort of relate the highest levels of potential disease it's a nose and think about it thyroid diseases climate like crazy. Gastric disorders like crohn's and feel reacts incurred in leaky gut our climate like crazy. Kidney disease and hypertension and needing kidney failure liver failure fatty liver syndrome toxic buildup. And let's look at things like the mind rates of depression we have. Lack of the ability to remember to kind of cognitive decline alzheimer's and mass and all of those are connected to the amount of information held within your body. So what I've been doing today is teaching you some simple task that you can. Ask your doctor to run. So you can find out how inflamed are you and you know as we sort of finish a shot at him let's show you some of this the top strategies to fix these. So knowing for example your fasting insulin is very important because it'll count on claimed your high levels of bath and insulin indicate high levels of blood sugar which also indicate high levels of chronic inflammation. And it's usually high levels of insulin have been connected with high blood pressure obesity cardiovascular disease and of course and obviously type two diabetes. So if you are someone who's listening to has diabetes or heart disease. Can't lose weight are at high blood pressure. If you can get your insulin levels under control you will almost always the all of those conditions disappear. And how can you control if you democratic tested and again the majority of people I work with went bad I've never had my insulin tested. And part of the reason for that is. There is no drug to give you to lower your insulin levels if anything the only drug that insulin related to insulin. Which they're you'd be objecting to raise your insulin which of course is that an absurd thing that we would ever want to do. Now if we look at things like insulin again one to five is the normal range and I'm just saying this again because if you go out getting tested your doctors can say you're fine. If that thirteen. It's within the normal clinical range and that's the normal unhealthy range if you want normal functional healthy. Your influence to be less than thought. A one C we discussed again I'm gonna briefly reviewed this just in case you join us is Dade measurement of the percentage of your red blood cells. To have been shuttered. The technical term is going costs related but they know it's kind of medical terms the disable like this if you're red blood cell has a sugar molecule stuck to it. Then we can detect that by looking at the guy the go like costly it hemoglobin or sugar hemoglobin. It's obviously the higher the percentage. The more of blood sugar that's been present and what's nice about this one is it can match for you for the last three months so even if you're sugars the good today. And your fasting blood sugar comes back with the normal range but if you're anyone see it elevated that we know you've been inflamed for the last three months. Of course it would take three months for this level to come down and the reason for that is a red blood cells have a life span of approximately three months. So we wanted to really go after this not just for the weekend. And we wanna clean your diet like now for at least ninety days. Another great test is called C reactive protein at the blood marker that is directly used to test information. It is the protein that's produced by the liver under stress states for your liver. So if you have a lot of liver congestion. Or inflammation in recent toxicity off since the C reactive protein elevate. And it's helpful for us to find out what's the cause of where this is coming from. The best measurement of C reactive protein is used for us to see how your. Starting off with your planetary levels and it's a great test to monitor you as you go through your. Like change because we should the C reactive protein drop over time. And again the normal range is between Steve roe because of course you would want no inflammation no liver disease or damaged and up to two. In these are milligrams per liter but again your clinical docs are gonna failure OK as long as you're less than five but he cannot tell you if you wanna heal naturally. You need that testy few experts to be less than two. Another one that is very rarely tested but I in my opinion. You should have tested at least every six months every year he syrup ferret in Ericsson is a simple blood test that looks for how your blood cells store iron. And low levels of parents in law to indicate iron deficiency Anemia and things like that but high levels affair it's in our dirt are directly connected to. And inflammatory process going on in the body. Leader not spirits and can actually be used as a cancer predictor and or cancer marker when it is extremely elevated. We also see levels affairs and climb when you have liver disease. Chronic infections autoimmune conditions. And again any source of inflammation in the body and often when I coached with people. I'll ask them Nazis and have your blood work I'd like to see what your most recent testing includes and you know it's a basic sort of CDC which is looking at. Red blood cells in my blood cells may be if we're lucky they check your vitamins and they'll check your hormones but often just be scratching the surface and to stand in all at the top of the tip of the iceberg everything looks great. But underneath it unless you look forty could be falling apart it's fair tennis is in my opinion when this test I consider to be the bottom of the iceberg. Parents and it's usually present again. In large amounts with inflammation. And there's something unique about parity and there's no drug to lower rates. Which is off the whites not tested again and in decreasing ferrets is actually quite easy because it's day. Protein marker balance your red blood cell if we were to sort of make you lose your red blood cells that force you to grow new ones which your body can do by the way. On the new paerson levels will start normally so what I'm saying is you need to be donated blood and a regular basis especially if you're Erica levels are high. Normal ranges for a female under a hundred normal ranges for mail under 150 again watch out your doctors and it's Islamic your 400 Lester fine. But in my opinion anything over hundred hundred fifties extremely dangerous. So we're continuing this conversation of inflammation chronic disease and how to get tested. And now I'm not doing for the special they are throwing out an offer for any of our WDT listeners to completely 100%. No cost. Absolutely free receive my newest e-book which is a holiday survival tips. And recipe guide it's full of everything desserts. And starters and even appetizers side dishes and how to make healthy holiday meal for Thanksgiving Christmas. Seven afford 90620940. Grab that that's that affords nice. Yes Dr. Phil we'll be right back. What back in the city assets turn sell this stuff beautiful Saturday afternoon. I love that I gets cast here today shares of death is it true health and human if you my name is doctor Aaron Ernst and we are. Disgusting the topic of conversation of your health. And how I can next to something like you're inflammatory process you know recently there were some studies put out that. The levels of information you pound are directly connected to the amounted to three of your disease states. And what I found and Christine is they're connecting various conditions that I think a lot of us wouldn't associate as being caused by inflation. To actually being caused by inflammation. And those are things like arthritis and various joint pains even things like year old bowel acid reflux indigestion. And and the bigger players like heart disease type two diabetes even at the long term conditions that most of us don't ever think we're gonna end up with. But that we kind of heard a little nervous that we might. Like alzheimer's and MS in cognitive decline so he's been estimated that upwards into the degree of about 995%. Of most chronic health conditions. Have an inflammatory. Source. And the challenge that IC is most people. Especially those that work with they come in to see us and say well I have heart disease I wanna get rid of it my blood pressure high like that get that down. I'm taking these medications for these conditions I want this to go way I'd like to lose weight I'd like to get healthy. Are coming at looking at their conditions more superficially you know this is what I have is what taken to control them. But I'm never going after necessarily the course source of where it comes from. And if I was going to relate to one cause to all of these conditions inflammation is definitely something that you need to address and I've been missing two day. I'd during the show that there are sort of these really good test that she she gets. In order to actually determine how inflamed you are and the sad reality is a lot of our traditional. Check ups and how well ten cups or six month exams are and you physicals these are included in this test and they work. They came back high you would sort of be charged as having the responsibilities to going after fixing him. Even more so because there's really no medications that lower inflammation. In fact you could probably agree or disagree with me on this but you'll find out that you actually agree in the end. Is that most of the drugs that we take to manage our current health conditions. Actually cause more inflammation in her body because our livers get really stressed as we have to deal with toxins. And as our liver gets stressed our C reactive protein markers go up and guess what that is an inflammatory marker. So how many given to you real quick just because now we didn't quite finish all of them wanna focus on the spot of this from moment but the first this fasting insulin. And fast in that should be less than five. And so as long as your fiberglass we are not inflamed the next was hemoglobin a one fee. That is normally less than five so again between say four point five to five would be ideal and its cedar river insulin less than five. He could limit it was the left and five. The next and we talked oath he reactive protein to inflammatory markers decreed by your liver when your liver is in play distressed and that's to be less than two. We want that to be under two. It's airfare ten. Again is something that's great way for us determine how inflamed you are in also if there's a low level or chronic levels of infections or autoimmune condition. Is not something great to past and for females who won at less than a hundred it for males who went left and 150. And in the last test I suggest you look at the probably already had this run but nobody really connects the dots. It's of the called your RD EW two bread self distribution wit. Think if it as like how wide are your red blood cells. And this one is in my opinion one of the greatest. And easiest test because you've already had a run. But chances are you've been told it's within the normal ranges because that the actual real range is slightly different. The RDW is an expression of how fat your red blood cell. And if you think about it the more inflamed a red blood cell is the bigger they're going to be because by definition inflation invites. Swelling and no extra fluids and extra tissue to the area. It's so because we want our red blood cells to move through all parts of our cardiovascular system including the smallest of small capillaries. Having fat red blood cells are having one with the wit that over the normal range. Is a great indicator of inflation disease because that means you can't keep that red blood cell the moved to the tiniest capillaries. And down and RD W in my opinion should be about 14%. Or less. And the risk with this is a lot of clinical labs will come back and say he could be as high as 151617. And they may miss this he may get you know a test that says everything is fine. And yet you still have a health condition and believe it or not that's quite common you know we have a lot of people who say. Why can't seem to figure out what's causing my health condition went by doctor they ran the tasks and all the blood work is normal. But again if you're using the wrong reference range. Something that would be abnormal and kick as a positive. Won't kick positive because it falls within the abnormal reference point I've talked about this several times before and this is the danger with getting a lot of medical test run is. The averages are usually based upon the average of whatever that clinic or the lab is running. So if the lab is running blood work for very sick people it's gonna have this you'd normal reference range because that's but he typically see. And says you won almost think of is like I'd like my blood work to be run through labs and only tech healthy people because I wanna see what their numbers look like. And so what I'm giving you is the reference ranges that you should shoot for based upon what ice the show up when someone's condition improves. And so again. Very briefly influenced be less than five human globe anyone sees no less than five C reactive protein less than two ferrets in less than a hundred your female. 150 if you're a male. And also a red blood filled distribution with less than about 13%. And so getting those tests done and are vitally important because. Now we find out how inflamed ER and if you're like everyone that I talked to we RD have like looks like it knew it was inflamed I have to repeat test run. But again it's a good baseline that that may be in my ninety days or six months. To see how hard you've been working to defeat the payoff with their laps coming back there's just this great level of joy that comes with that. So as we shift gears are now talk about the five quickest ways you can decrease inflammation. And these are gonna sound simple but yet they're so profound that it's gonna really change the way you book it inflammation. And how you can decrease so obviously step number one is knowing ball hack if insulin and a once in blood sugar is directly connected my information. I've got to decrease sugar consumption act comes about Satan mean. There's never show that I do that I don't somehow say cut your cart and skip them down. But yet a lot of us kind of wonder what hotter I do that well it's as simple as not eating things that carbohydrates in them. So obviously eighteen nets got your sugar in it we wanna get rid of but there's those hidden cards that are hard to most of us don't recognize were consuming. Which is like our fruits and fruit juices. The grains the week the pot is eccentric I would just suggest that you go online and look up you know various foods that help to decrease inflammation. What you're gonna notice is almost all of them have low to no sugar. So give me an example. When we look at things like gluten which is weak and casing which is scary. Processed meats and that hydrogenated oils like south flower sunflower corn and soy canola except for a or were eating foods that have been fried and or cooked in those oils and we have soft drinks and serve you drinks and fast foods. Those right there are the classic major inflammatory foods. And you're gonna find that almost all of those are high in sugar high and not weeks we're dairy. So those three white doubles that the ones that cause all of the inflammation in the body. So I was gonna go the route of teaching somebody how did the inflame fast. It would be cut out the glitz and cut out the case scene which is a protein found in dairy so we cut out dairy now because it's dairy but because it's casing and it. We would stopped using the plants based hydrogenated oils south flower sunflower soy corn and canola. We make sure that our meats are not processed right they're not and it's nice circular tube. And they were gonna make you were kind on our fried foods fast foods. And our serve be soft drinks if you'd just did that for 98 guarantee you eat the inflammatory process has dropped quickly. So we want to replace it with loving anti inflammatory foods are classically big greens. And also those that contain natural anti inflammatory properties. So Tim Rick ginger garlic and onions are all anti inflammatory so obviously can eat those. Pineapple hold they've very unique anti inflammatory and time cobra Malayan. And it's found mostly in the stem. So while there's a lot of sugar in the external sites of the pineapple. If you're to sort of eat that inner core you can decrease your inflation quite drastically. It also some of the citrus fruits and vegetables like the orange ones in the green with a red one. They also bring down inflammation. If we're gonna use an oil that's anti inflammatory I'm sure you already know because of listened to my shows in the past it is going to be in CT oil. Colorado oil coconut oil in even olive oil if you use it raw and any green spinach kale shard and the line except for a it's gonna really help you Gideon Plame. And other great anti inflammatory food is not a Condo because it's loaded with healthy fats with helped to which helped to. So the first step. Fixing your inflammation fast. It's just eliminating the food you eat they can create the inflation and replacing them with anti inflammatory foods. As of course that obviously makes sense secondly what we wanna do is we want to flush out those inflammatory molecules. So Seattle these elevated proteins we have things like ferret and we have all this. You know insulin things that affect what we want it recognizes that most of the toxicity and inflation we have been her body comes from deliver the highly congested. So if you watch this insulin is something that reacts to how your. Livers processing sugar C reactive protein of how your bodies dealing with inflammatory processes. In the deliberate self. Fair or ten is actually. Attached to your red blood cells in the liver so your liver is in major major anti inflammatory or organ. And one of the best ways to flush your liver out. Is to simply drink more water. Because we can change the blood volume of our body by adding more water to it in the water believer not actually washes them out. You know you might think that you drink enough water polo we often find is most of us are not even getting even close to this. So if you weigh anywhere over a 120 pounds you need to be drinking it half a gallon of water a day at the minimum. Minimum because that's how much you excrete. So most of us need to drink three quarters to at least two gallon of water a day to flush out all the weights that we have. And when you start doing now we often see you're planetary marker start to improve. Something else that's really good for. So more fluid can do that but emphatic tissue actually pumps itself with the movement that you do throughout the day. So if we were to start moving regularly if start sweating regularly because of its exercising we get the fluids to come out of her body replacing them by drinking the water that we have. And what's really neat about. You emphatic system is this is where most of the inflammatory tissue and fluids are found. So we start to drink a lot and we exercise a lot to move a lot maybe we get. Massages are chiropractic care we do something to keep the body moving. You could flush your lymph system really quick and it helps to date you. And these are all simple easy tips that you guys can implement right now to date the start decrypt your inflation begin to heal. But I do realize of course that you know some of you may need. A little more extra coaching and or help so go visit our web site asked doctorates dot com we have a lot of information it's completely free for you there. And how they encouraged to download and grabbed my free copy of our healthy for the holidays e-book it has an anti inflammatory tips and stresses. It has some of our healthy holiday meals including sites desserts and everything else get it I love this because it through together in my exact. Dinner recipe for thanks giving you everything that we're going to be making and more it's completely free for you to grab that just by calling seven a 49362094. Seven afford 9062094. Hit thanks for joining us. And I stick around a hop voter FaceBook platform is to find on FaceBook accounts the shot doctor. See next week.