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Reinstated. As you can. Now they. Vote of confidence. Like you're gonna. I hear most wanted. Job you're doing right now. Or the alleged keep doing that for a man. Coming from Lance Lynn very competent. Exactly he's proven that. Mario Ernie is one of the better football. Minds. Well there. And I am guessing that peace and strong. That means that this job is considered. Open. No it'll be great if we didn't get. This guy for this job man. Marty Kearney. Man if we can nail down Mardi Ernie somehow. Was a coup. Burress good girls euros cursor ocean all like to welcome here this morning I got Jeff Atkinson. So and then the big see it again I just makes me feel like a big shot. Now today I've I've been in this business for a while now. Mothers rose got me beat so far as experience. And whenever I work with someone. Who inspired me when I was in school. I feel like I made it. Same thing one one convinces show. On Sunday more and he has been nice enough to have male long is laying make contribute to some content on your life. Number really enjoying that because you're hearing and a different mindset when you speak to Vince Coakley. You know you're not getting away with being stupid. And so you gotta be on top beer game. If your going to dare. To try to that. Don't want advances. Topics. Are speaking up padding and speaking of Jeff adkins and I'm going to. Help them out in this way just because I can a legacy of feather in my cap. To be able to help out Galley Jeff Atkinson. Who seemingly needs no help. It just came down well to me. Anyway. There were guarding the breeding. Of that private security guard. That. Transit center last night I'm talking more about this later because it raises some questions. That I don't they not have the answers I'm I'm. I'm going to wander allow. And if you know the answer yell it really loud statement without one. Don't stick you're out one it's dangerous look the station isn't moving. I'll stick my head out the one it's not gonna get taken out by telephone bowl. Regarding. This information. Reginald Lewis Alexander. Has been arrested. Any connection. With the beating of the private security guard. Reginald Lewis Alexander. So if you're worried that Reginald is still not back from bottles starting. Well he might have missed his boss. Jeremy talk about a month ago. Very nice lady. We want to end up. We we did two segments on. Her son was experiencing problems with the bullies. Missiles at a Charlotte Mecklenburg school facility. And the proper channels had led nowhere. And now not only. Does it. Her son have. Paid ten days suspension. On his record. Because no answer wasn't good enough. They mother. There's also facing. Charges. Of assault with a deadly weapon. Looks like there's similar problems. And gas didn't count. Michael spare us. There's a ghastly county school parent. Whose daughter has been buoyed. In fact. There is a video. Of her being jumped by two students. You know somewhere along the line. The dignity of a fair fight. Just just disappeared. They just they just got. This guy is being gun smoke yes. Where he used to be a point of pride. That if you have a problem was someone. Do you face them. That's wrong. There's a video of this young lady. Being attacked. By two other. Young ladies at north gassed during high school. The father. Michael Ferris. Who like. We mother I and were interviewed. About a month ago. Same scenario. He took proper channels to get out in front of this and that led. Nowhere. Mr. prayer shall tell us just just a little bit about situation here. I am upset with the school system to the principals and assistant principal. Whoever was over the whole situation it's been a chain of things that's accumulated. So where now looks. She got jumped outside a school issue are bringing Reyes goes there's only so much you move. It's up dusted take care or kids. They get in trouble for doing on themselves. I mentioned it back when I was interviewing miss Cortes the young lady whose. Son had been bullied Annan. As. Father with kids in the system. I took it personally and want to know for selfish reasons. And one thing I've learned is up I'm wondering if there's probably other people wandering. And well I'm seen. Did in my. Investigation. Into this topic is still in its embryonic stage this is only the second case. I've dug a little Dave for a long while thank. Our friends down it. WB TV for the or the sound from mr. Ferris. But the problem. Seems to be the common thread. Seems to be. This is more than one kid. Going after. The person reporting the problem. And the person reporting the problem. Is getting nowhere. That's not good enough. And public opinion. Shapes public policy. This is something where we can get out in front of it and make a difference. We can't change everything. We can have an effect on this. Let's do a good weekend. And essentially. Theme of this segment seems to have become. Protect the kids. Here's a list on flu epidemic especially. With regard to kids. The family of six year old debate Hernandez in New Jersey is warning parents they believe their daughter was sent home from the emergency room too soon and say she died from the flu three days later at another hospital. The first hospital says it's not commenting citing privacy laws but says it follows all CDC guidelines and protocol. The Hernandez's are encouraging parents with sick kids to ask more questions we. West whenever they need to ask your doctor. I don't feel right now going anywhere. The flu and pneumonia are now killing nearly 4000 Americans each week health officials believe only a quarter of those children got flu shots which they now believe are about 36% effective overall. And as high as 59% effective for children six months to eight years old. Probably another topic for another day Bo are these folks are being chased out of the hospital as quickly as possible. Because of what it cost to stay. And the hospital. I've heard of more than one case. Where a person had the flu. Got the feeling a little better. Were sent home. And died days later. Because they contracted. The strain. Of pneumonia. Wally had the flu. And is it just seems interrogating. Me medical. Expenses under control because I could go out. Long way towards saving lives it's. Well not labeled make that leap. As Chris furlong WBT despite my mildly vitriolic. Disposition right now on. Glad you're here. We're Alison fine coming up I got a lot of questions about the security guard didn't beat down a transit station not. More than one question. Jumps to mind. Her talk about that. It's been the kind of week where you want ignore the headlines. I can't do that. But my approach. Is to make you feel better. After realism then. When you began. Several high he would do that Wanda headlines are what they are. By considering that an opportunity. To count. Our blessings. We're gonna do that to. Discourage rare all on the colossus. Of those well. WB TA is the stroke of 67 today. No way this yeah. So as far as the face of romantic post Valentine. Today music. Somebody's been changing. Jamal labels. I'll get for the Obama it's just like I'm I get to the bomb on the bullion thing. This will not stand. I don't care how many having Melo bumpers I have to go through. I'm gonna find out who's irresponsible. And they will be held accountable. I'm not playing non broken just because the guy got beat up. My mind doesn't work I'll. It doesn't. Regarding that. I fellow who worked for Jeep or else private security. As a guard. Wasn't beaten. Bet these transit center uptown. After attempting. To arrest a man. Or trespassed. According to reports. They guard told the guy believe he'll left and came back. And that's when the guard tried to arrest them. Reginald Lewis. Alexander. Allegedly. Right smack now. I didn't know private security police could arrest you. Mean I guess theoretically. Any one. Can make a citizen's arrest. But I wouldn't be surprised if we hear more about this story. Would not be surprised at all. But if a Reginald. So. All gonna get arrested Barr ran a cop. And I'm not sure my reaction wouldn't have been something similar. It would be totally irresponsible of me. Two ignore. This week's big lead story. So I'm going to try to approach us. And from from the angle. Of what can be done to help prevent it in the future and I think there is value. And to looking. At this man's. Childhood Tom llamas and ABC is gonna help us do the nineteen year old. Accused of hunting down and killing seventeen people at his former high school went to court in shackles. Authorities know retracing his steps in the aftermath of the Rampage. The alleged gunman on the run for about an hour. Police say crews stopped by a local Wal-Mart in a subway where he bought a drink. He then stopped into McDonald's he was finally spotted by Michael Leonard. A police officer from a nearby city officer Leonard had decided to join the search and started driving down a back road when he spotted someone who fit the suspect's description. Maroon shirt. Black boots. He looked like a typical high school students and the and for a quick moment. I thought. Could this be the person. Business who I need to stop. A forty scouring your social media accounts searching for clues at all possible motive sources tell ABC news cruises instead grim account shows him holding a pistol in another he's holding a large knife. Investigators now piecing together the suspect's background. We know he was adopted as a baby but as adoptive father died when he was just four years old. Crews are raised quite a single mother. But late last year she died as well unexpectedly of the flu. Crews then went to live with the failure of a friend the family's lawyer tells us he at one point had been in therapy. Crews brought his a the family's lawyer telling us he kept locked in a gun safe the neighborhood where the alleged shooter grew up it's a nice neighborhood the homes are big the loans are well maintained. Neighbors say it's such a normal place that someone like Nicholas crews really stood out Brody Speedo spent nearly a decade a few doors down from cruise. He remembers crews have a violent side even at a young age he like corner squirrels like paying 9 o'clock shadow like track killing. We're former classmates also paid a twisted picture they say cruise was obsessed with guns. And was disciplined for bringing bullet casings to school he was ultimately expelled. And there were other signs of trouble in September videoblogger bad bad night saw a disturbing comment on his YouTube page. But commentator with a named Nicholas cruise posting. I'm gonna be a professional school shooter the FBI it seemed they tried but could not track down who that user was.