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WPP. They can prove jet pack concerned. Just goes right to work crews out. Doesn't mean there's for. Drop off from equality. WB we. Somebody done. Messed up mom. Romantic music again. I swear I'll know what goes on here derelict. They're having fun with me I believe it's. Well that makes one of them have to. Oh boy. Whole weekend. The weekend is here. I want us to be happy. About getting through another week. There's absolutely. Nothing wrong with taken pride in those little victories like. I made it through another one. I woke up on Saturday. Then there was no where I had to be. Might not seem like much. Give yourself permission to feel good about it. Usually do this here's some news here. Sports listings on television for your Saturday. That's prior day or you don't have to be anywhere in particular. I'm other people watched or someone. The Olympics are still happening. You heard it here first of Bob primetime. Us. Figure skating and Alpine skiing that's the primetime stuff. 10:10. PM home. On NBC sports network. Germany vs Norway. And hockey. I'm Margaret. Real world's placed on hockey. Charlotte checkers. Now they've probably. Got a glimpse hockey on TV right analysis. Well this is fun and all bush. Not the most telegenic sport kind of hard to follow the puck around and I'd rather be there. Well. And I got some good news for you. Not only is it Saturday. But. There's a checkers game home. It's 6 o'clock. And there's one tomorrow. At 3 o'clock. Both this search years. I don't know that I have. Had more fun. Dollar for dollar. Then mom. Had a Charlotte checkers game. These guys are so big and so fast. Your reader really seeing something special not realize this isn't the NHL. As hard to believe. But there's a level above this first all you are watching. Mostly NHL caliber players. If you're not rehab and an injury. I'm there working their way up. So you will see world class hockey at this level. Saturday and the wintertime always means college basketball. Especially. In this part of the contrary. Earliest up ESP NU. Eleven day round. So other Matt this social floor. I don't remember 11:8 am tips being. Common anywhere but booster release after the I think maybe that's just a new time slot they saw. When they saw an opportunity there I'm glad they did. Noon on CBS search news Miami. We're on fox. Promise that Boller. Probably that's. Butler. ESP and to Virginia Tech. Against Georgia Tech. Well great technical fouls will be to call between the two technical schools and I'm probably know more or less than normal. Not a very witty observation. Circle and antenna television. Is going to have you fighting with yourself. It's his C stay against Wake Forest. And WM a lied to me at 4 o'clock also. At 4 o'clock. WAA expand. Winston-Salem state. Payables day. Thought yeah. After the sun is gone now. Charlotte the Charlotte 49 Ers. Are going to be playing on antenna television. I guess huge TS. Day. Now I'm not gonna try to put that together on the fly as to exactly. Who that is. I AI I might get try to get cute and want to give them troubles. UTS. Day. At Charlotte. So I mean good games in town that means you probably pick up a ticket if you want. North Carolina rule. Is on the ESPN tonight the fifth game. But much much more important. It's on WB today. Words well. This is the boys to listen tutorials. And this is the place. Together early Jong. Bungalow down. Because we spend the now war. Talking basketball. Right up to the tip you off. You watch this game on ESP ensure. You'll get about five seconds worth information before it boards have sought. And nobody give don't be telling you things. During the game that they should have told you before it began. They'll be telling you things during the game that you could have learned about listening to us. Half an hour earlier we're not exactly. Asking it to bite the bullet. Either. There Montrose slid good broadcast. Is a national champion. Credibility. Watch your own ESP Dan. Who knows who you're gonna have the Booth and the Booth now I'm not saying they're gonna stink. There's a pretty good chance they won't have a national championship and there. You want that. Plus the WB today. There are so. Many scandals. Let's scandal has become its own sport. After it's not memo lose. Its top aides. Behaving badly. And Obama away. There's some accusations against our president. They. Issues facing the world. Are more important. Then the titillating details. Of these scandals. But the real level at which these scandals are taking place. Makes it. An issue affecting in the world. And I'm gonna give you three seconds to be depressed about. And an hour I'm go to Cecilia Vega. Who'll give us the latest. On the scandal. Involving. The president of the United States. At the White House an abrupt change of plans president trump bound for Florida boarding Marine One alone. The First Lady was supposed to be with him instead she left separately and met him at air force wanted. It comes as the president faces explosive new allegations about a nine month affair with a Playboy playmate. And new questions about whether she was paid to stay silent days before the presidential election The New Yorker reports mr. trump met the woman Cary McDougal in 2006 at the Playboy Mansion where he was taping an episode of the apprentice slot over. Well the magazine obtained what they say is eight pages of mcdougals writings. Which reportedly took place less than two years after Donald in Maloney at trump married when their son Barry was just an infant. McDougal writes that after they had sex on their first date quote he offered me money I looked at him class felt sad plus said. No thanks I'm not that girl I slept with you because I like you not for money he told me you are special. According to The New Yorker The National Enquirer run by David packer who calls president trump a personal friend called patent McDougal 150000. Dollars for the exclusive rights to her story. But they never printed it turned journalist Ronan Farrow who broke the story actually says the enquirer is motive was clear people in tablet business called us capture or kill. And it's you know acquiring a story. To bury it. Garros report claims the affair happened around the same time mr. trump allegedly became involved with adult film actress stormy Daniels the president's longtime personal attorney acknowledged he paid Daniels 130000. Dollars just before the election. Michael Cohen says neither the president's business nor his campaign was part of the transaction. But he has not said whether the president knew about that payment is floored us president and First Lady walked off Air Force One together. On I me that I needed a shower and and may be as maybe a Bible class. This Curtis furloughed WB yeats is exporting. UC eleven Jack 993 WET. All the guitar heroes is no joy Levitt. Always wonder. Don't shoot me. Right wing values. Well Chicago's. Those are wrong. I divot goes well idea idea special here very special. Five seconds ago I thought you a prostitute the night is special. All very member of twenty years ago working under the person who taught me how to be a professional. One his mantras. Was. George show. That people can listen to do with their kids in the car. Can you still do that show I covered the news. Think about what single red lines. Roy just gonna have to ask our kids to grow up faster. There is some of their history worth repeating. Okay this is not ice chuckled Jordan's birthday. The owner. About our beloved. Former. Charlotte Bobcats. Was born in 1963. He shares a birthday wish Jim Brown. And Hal Holbrook. Brown was third born in 1936. Hal Holbrook. 1925. And he still. With us. Happy nine ED third birthday. Powell. Also course and on from battery whether it turned 56. Today a bulletin. No 54. Aren't you hear about that just accrue structure. I wonder if they will celebrate. By. Why would I want that allowed at this point. You might wonder. We can't bear. Was also born today. Then yes he is a chocolate who're. That's how I made his money good shock. And this morning notwithstanding. I'll be back in a week. And try to make my eleven doing good Arabia. This is Chris furlong look colossus. On the south WBT. I love the.