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Must close by him. University of Merrill. University of Maryland. Baltimore County. Now if you stop with the University of Maryland. I don't have the stats and from a anybody imagined Maryland's beaten you VA pointing at times. University of Maryland and Baltimore County. I didn't know they have a team. And the reason is. I do know that your school. This was not close. One points. Murder was close until halftime. Now that's shocking enough. That is Shockey but boy and he shot. I understand the Andrei hunter didn't play I understand that. You're talking about the one vs a sixteen. And not just one of the ones they wan. You VA was the consist it was the consensus. And consistent. Number one pick. For the polls leading into the tournament. Everybody you knew any thing about college basketball saying yeah Virginia's the best right now. Well. Knew all star star player well. May we against the sixteen seed you should be able to putting your second string. And not worry too much about it. And I don't want to be too hard on these kids. Because. As high profile as college basketball has all by the way this is. Thank you for your to do is is this Chris rarely on the aptly named Chris Berle show I'm glad you're here on Saturday morning. As. Much attention. There is given to college basketball. It's easy to forget. Let you are often times talking about teen agers. And while they've been stars for a while. Anybody who plays for University of Virginia. Has been a big shock for years. They are still kids. And I think there's. A lot you don't know develop. Without. Simple. Time passing that's the only thing you repetition. Learning to deal with adversity. Star basketball players. Going in the college. Are used to dealing with adversity thus while other stars. And here's a scenario. Where I think. The biggest star player went down. They got a little nervous. And then the roof figuratively came men. Gave their. Well it's happened. We can't say it hasn't happened now. I always wondered. Who would be the first sixteen. To beatle wine. In the NCAA tournament. And what it would mean for both schools. I don't think there is anyone in this country. Who thinks a University of Virginia has just forgotten how to play the game of basketball. But what's it gonna mean for. UMBC. This is their staff curry moment. No Davis and almost beat Kentucky. Well slate almost be based they got hung tough till there or not I watched that game. They hung tough until the end they stayed within striking distance and tired. Does that happen without stepped curry. Ever so many years ago has been a while now. Isn't this the moment. That makes Maryland Baltimore County. A player. From here on out. Our better players can start looking. To them. As a possible. Options so far as were the play. I'll tell you this nerve. -- profile. Just shot through the roof. But it wouldn't be March Madness. Without madness war. We'll talk a little more about baton the rest of the term as a suspect for us. But if you're listening to me. Well as this darker while will be anywhere but this signal emanates. From Charlotte, North Carolina. And there are some big local news this week I think it's big local news. As a guy with kids who aren't done what they are schooling yeah. Something pretty big happened. Might re all now connects. Center City. But down. To those of us who have been here more than ten years. Up down. To. University of North Carolina at Charlotte. So you can take the train from uptown to college. That's a big deal Marc Gerson you know what's a big deal if we had Marc Gerson covering. I'd bare my Lyles was the cheerleader as the first train for you is CC pulled into Center City at. The ability to connect our university. With our downtown it's a pretty exciting day. This guy who lives near the university says he'll park his car and ride the train to work with the Blue Line it'll take me all the 45 minutes to get to work instead of an hour and thirty minutes gets there are. You be eighteen years I tell you worry benefits from us. Whether you. Are in college or not because. This is gonna mainly was traffic. There's going to be less aware and care on our roads were we won't need new roads nearly as fast. And Charlotte mayor by Lyles who I will admit I'm not. Very familiar with a third. I live just outside the Mecklenburg County. And I know about as much about the Charlotte mayor as that status would indicate. But I heard her as a guest on the David Chadwick show recently. And not tell you I just could not have been more impressed. I think we really got us a good one folks. We all do well Livan guest can count but I think Charlotte has a very good very thoughtful very forward thinking. Mayor right now. And best to pay attention because she listens to ideas. And your good idea just my wound up on the itinerary. Here's what the mayor had to say about this new. Improvement. Very. Yet today we created this opportunity. Yeah songs about. On top of that she's not a Smart she's eloquent. And that's speaking of eloquence let's see what the out college students. Who these young thinkers typically known for their eloquence. She would they got to say about the us. I think those light rails related gain contact with the city this maintains the do you downtown get sued. Couldn't close it now I had everything because you must dip. Perhaps not as soft. Eloquent as rounds. I built up there maybe I should listen to the news. The horror vamp them. OK I got more now now listen as this is just go here's another human CC student on what this means. I this is going to be sheer poetry and I divers and. I think it's a great way for the university in Charlotte community whole tape. Get together and finally be connected. Moves. Us better much better. Maybe that's the mayor is a sophomore you know maybe assumption must arrest them learning to do. But bullets keep destroying don't want we are going to find. Something here that they're going to chisel on the light rail cars because it's going to be so look Croatia's I'll bet this is a. I think he's pretty greatest concern school just because it connects like uptown downtown. Just Ali's different place this island communities are okay. OK maybe not. But like this so about the basketball players these are kids. I won't hide. The inspirational. Element. By the Amman as well use all the news. It's important because it connects us all it connects the students of the real world. Thanks. Pain. His view. Look at all. No I am so soon. Oh lead soon. I think that might have been a professor at home. Chris rare on the gross for a show. Well sorted bay. Jeff Atkinson. But be weird. We got lots of show love them I'm gonna ditch your blood pomp and we are gonna go out and get this Saturday okay. There's lots of work to be done there's lots of fun to be had. What ever your role and that her on the ticket right and the two. And we are going to get off to the right start here this Chris Charlotte they colossus. All of us out. Where you can take the train. From uptown. To the University of North Carolina. At Charlotte you heard it right. This biggest story is that is. We got more on the horizon. It's 677. You BT's. The sport they play the laughter. Maryland Baltimore down. Just boils over and rarely got. How played about 21 points in the second round. Crowd tell hurt your chances at winning again. Pull your shut them down. No mistake liar oil. For. Virginia the Virginia Cavaliers on ACC. Detain him. It's too aware of the oak. I'll be in the first number one seed. To lose to a sixteen game. And they work just a number one seed. They were the best team in the country. As they say. That's why they play the games. To see who's gonna win. And as an excuse to not. But few Beers. Like bear. You know anybody who likes beer. Okay now on top and all. First in flight. Craft beer car. And sounds interest in. First and fly that's North Carolina aren't. Craft beer pong. We're talking local breweries here. Would you like 100 dollars worth. I love the finest. Locally crafted beer. For 29 bucks. We're all those tires I hear screeching out Wanda who. Well hey we have partnered with get my perks dot com. To give you a chance to try the local Weyers. And who knows maybe develop. A new personal favor. So over 42. Local breweries in Charlotte. You'll be able to find something new line. Stahl pills reporter. The year. A couple of a lot to choose trauma and were going to help ya by helping yeah try as many as weekend. The first inflight craft beer cart enables you to enjoy ten. Local breweries. And Charlotte. 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Of Montana before cries arms are let's Maryland Baltimore counting. He's in a statement. I'm more of that in the second half hour. The history worth repeating. Now that more history has been made we have mortgages from a hat this girl Charlotte WB two to six phoning it.