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I'm Deborah Tobin news 1110993. WDT. I doubt. Yes sir Christopher earlier on good morning Chris in case you're wondering who was set at a I know you I know you all wanted to take a second of your time and ask you Kazaa and feel a little down on myself this morning now what happened well all. All I'll tell you the gory details of my situations second bout would like the first night they'll feel as bad after you tell me. All right let's say you were on your way home. Pat Knight. Europe five minutes from your house from Merck and you blow a tire okay what happens next. Five minutes from my house now that makes a difference. If my husband's home I'll call him and tell him to come and get me and it will take care of the vehicle later up close look for it did so. Let laid out five further away than that I'm gonna call AAA I'm not doing I'm not it's changing anything I'm I'm just gonna get out get out even get on the bank I don't trust must have descended vehicle. And called AAA and just wait so you have a plan B in case your husband is asleep it was obviously is rain your raw and I'll tell you worse than that he's really bad for that also. So I would definitely have to have a plan B but that man while. Something happened last nigh and you know it's understandable though I would go to bed early on a Friday night to allow early we get started here Brian I generally. Go to sleep wants the darkness let me go to sleep after dinner you know and it can't OK now I've got the ringer turned off on my phone book is it's a book has some block calls are still coming through aren't. And my wife. One after one of our children last night brought that even though I think they must always invent I think they decide they were gonna have a Friday night together riot and she'd taken her to see a friend and it was time to pick her up. Am my wife gets some more now I learned about this this morning. On my wife gets a flat tire. About five minutes from my house burns our wake up to us several texts and voice mails on my phone. That I slept right through. And I feel very bad about I would love Ali. They were close enough she was actually able to drive to the brokerage unit and another good thing that happened was our most. Our most dynamic childless put it that way than most volatile child at the flows of whip her and I did well through the entire ordeal. And so that could have been a lot or this or and we did have to pay a tow truck is safe. People are asking why she is put on spare. Well our spares cap and a place where they're not going to be able to access it without me. Pride and it's dark damaged his daughter act and understand Russia would have done that has not necessarily the safest way to do it I'm after dark in no way. And we need it in no blue because we need a new tire and hand now we've got one and it's actually something. Off off the checklist not feel okay about that part I just wonder. If they were farther away. And I slept all night because slept pretty hard I'm glad to say. I I just off field Terrell feel like I'm of failed as as our husband here. By by being useless during this crisis hey man you're lucky you didn't get woke up this morning with what the heck are. Now but if she got a very nice what a lot I don't even know. I didn't even though there are leaving my house again I understand but because I guess 6 PM as early on satire on a Friday night for most people. For me it's bedtime and right. And I'd like to think that they can count on me but then something likes this happens and proves that they can't. Before she leaves next time she's got to look at your phone and see if it's on silent or not whether you get those calls are not now you're gonna have to turn that yeah that's gonna have to get turned on which is well scuttle the alarm will still go off a wish there was a setting to where. Alarms and your wife must. Tree that is because of not. They treat that as the alarm on it and file Netscape Chris you know well maybe there's a million dollar idea mayor and that's this will. Today they should have this I guess in a roundabout way they have it because you can block certain numbers. But. Your phone won't ring unless it's these people there you know you give a list of numbers if it's from on these numbers range otherwise down goes straight to voice their that's a pretty good idea and it's. Suite during Christiane thanks for helping me feel better Obama's so called I'm glad I did that he's an employee you always you always do your show about her show him spanky and lucky that I'm looking forward to hearing it okay I'll calculator to pick in the which will get that showed us. It's not real lefty. Its editorial. Know your start. Changing the tire. Nobody can. The company. This occurred in braille. 1110 WBV nine. Three of them WBZ dot com. It's a special morning. I know I know they're all special thank you very much. Yelling that your card check your black and white. This is. It is mine. One year anniversary. I have been hosting. The aforementioned and aptly named. Chris Farrell show. For one year. As of today. My first show was the Saturday before Valentine's Day. And here we are again. And by the way do I have a romantic Valentine's Day how would. I would I would turn your Rangel since. Oh Doug stride I'm lucky she's a kind woman she's a very kind woman. I had a couple of kids though were web armed like this turned out safely. From her world view of the entire thing this morning we go off birdies. It basically resulted us in buying the tire we were going to buy this week anyway. But bless her heart you'd think you can call your husband. I assume very bad about that even though. Don't I I'm looking at but texts and listening to the voicemails. And I'm I'm. Building the timeline. In my head for exactly how this broke down and they probably would have handled it without me anyway. But. That's not before. Learning. Then if they had needed me. I would have been on available. I think that's a good idea with a cell phone list you can only rain if these if it's these people mother probably exist. And it does already in a roundabout way because you can block calls you don't want. But what if you only wanna hear from two or three people. Cock up might be my million dollar idea. Maybe after a radio I'll go I'll make some money that way. Enjoy the only concerns in the nation are not just my own not just. My car situation there is bigger news on that believe it or not. And one thing that is. Really. Given me the creeps as a guy with a large family. Is. How a gracious. This flu season has been. And we've been lucky at our place. I hope you've been lucky yours and if you lay and hit late and they're listening to me. Why you've got the flu. I hope to make you feel better by the end of the show I can't cure your flu. But hopefully I can lift your spirits so that's the point of the show but. ABC's April evil pilgrimage is going to give us the lowdown on how what the hub bub. Concerning the most recent flu epidemic. The flu season raging and it's getting worse that's sobering number one in ten deaths in the US last week. Do you flu or pneumonia cases doctors on the front lines has seen a number of flu patients searched already more than 171000. Hospitalizations nationwide on track to break records. And you borrow eyes from Texas got the flu around Christmas. And got better but a month later the 58 year old grandmother was Indy car with a different strain of the virus. And died of complications. Her family says she never got the flu shot the CDC urging anyone who's recovered from the flu but never got the shot to giddy as soon as they are better. Last week ten more children died of flu related illnesses so far 63 this season. The CDC urging those with a mild case of the flu to stage. Hope. Mateo who the year really hits close to home because those who were most susceptible. The young and the old. All our kids have their flu shot and they came through like champs bird proud of them. Our younger you know love and needles or big thing you know him and he'll probably looks like a sledge hammer one year old kid. Leg other flu shots they. Got a candy bar afterwards from being tough. And that that bodes well for them if you're if you're that young and aren't afraid in needles. Maybe. There isn't much that can scare you and I think that bodes well so many people. Don't do things because they're afraid just because they're afraid. Lots of chances aren't taken because it's. Here. And fear is someone we can control and they've already learned to control Blair's not very very proud of now we got a big show come on dot com. There's a big backhand. Celebrating the big birthday it's the anniversary of one of America is this is an American band. Must not grant from big birthday I will be talking about that a little. And the next segment. The newest White House scandal regarding an aids. Alleged spousal. Misconduct. Is this a little like the memo. You need a scorecard. Or exactly what's going on anyway we'll have that scorecard for you can't tell all play out without a card. Good then what will be covering that a little bit try to understand that little more. Afterwards and we did going down. Sports and Olympics of stars and we'll touch on that. World and local headlines and there's lots going on just around town so you'll want to hear that. Will have on this day in years past because some history is worth repeating. This Chris furlong WB Tay is 616. Has been together. For forty years. Forty years. I'm 48. Hour remember. I'm. Seeing on the poster. On mar my friend's older Brothers and wall it was a poster of the album. Now remember seeing the fire coming out Eddie Van Halen to guitar. Like theorize. And then you hear eruption. Think now. Maybe the guys on to something. One of the best. American rock bands of all time. Although they are now a shell of themselves. With Al Michael Anthony Michael Lansing the bassist has been replaced. By wolf Van Halen. Making them more Van Halen. But. Less than the original line. Mike Clancy was better and his. Backing vocal one to the course in the way in the where these days on the hit a chorus. It doesn't sound like Van Halen. And people might not an. Unknown at the time. But what's mission. Was Michael Lansing. Know how many Van Halen tune in your head. They get to the course. Know that high pitch backing vocal that falsetto. To Michael Lance and good good bass player to via didn't get the credit he deserved he was standing in shadows. And so. Even though now the band is more. Van Halen produced three of the four members are named Van Halen. It's less then it would be. If the original line up close together earlier they're still together. And there's not much noise about it because they don't sound the way people remember. It's not really Rory union and Russia get all your guys back. But I don't think they're going to call it the Van Halen musical experience. Featuring Eddie Van Halen yet. I can understand why they won't go that way. And I'm sure Eddie's son is a fine musician in his own right. Well when you rely so much on personality. Every component. Is amplified. I amplifies. Here's Jason Nathan's son with ABC's gonna give us a brief look back at their career. It's been forty years since the release of their mail and self titled debut album the eleven track collection help introduce the world to the hard rock legends that peaked at number nineteen on the billboard hot 100 chart. And featured only one top forty hit. A cover of the kinks you really got me that since that it sold more than ten million copies making it one of the ten best selling albums ever. Barack span. Guns 'N Roses it was at the top of that list. Appetite for destruction isn't just the bestselling. Debut album. By Iran and that's. Among the best selling albums period of all time. Yeah. Guns 'N Roses Santana has on this list. Pink Floyd Nirvana. Metallica. One of their worst albums all talk about Metallica a little later there's. News regarding them. Holes. No I'm not talking about dispensaries. Could. Oh that big a name for one. The potholes welcome to the pot hole out and I opened. The foggy belonged. Non. I wonder what the most creative. Dispensaries. Store name burials are probably some good ones. For as long as they stay open. Not a foregone conclusion anyway potholes serves a pothole problem and casting counting. And it's hurting people's wallets. According to our friends down the hall WB TV. The north Carolina department transportation. So they're committed to fixing potholes and then two days of them being reported. My wide blue attire last night I don't think it was a result of a pothole. But that's what causes a lot of them. And that's just not safe. It's a public safety issue. They're probably do have to deal with situations where. Something goes wrong with someone's car in an attempt to get out the bill laying. Called the state and say hey your pot hole messed up my car. Don't do that because it slows down the filling of the real ones. We want the real ones take care taking care of because. We don't need. Basically landmines. On the road. Friends or even hard to see in the dark. Coming up we got sports guy Olympic preview your gas scorecard your latest White House scandal. All that fun stuff this Chris furlong WBT it's six Tony day.