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Hey we're going to its. Tea. Like Alabama home. Will happen. Around Thompson. One place here they go. Carolina is. Salon right. I do believe. That the average Tar Heels plan. Would rather. Be due to authority. Especially breed amend the tarmac. Then they had to win the ACC championship. Without encountering duke a long way. Are you encountering this morn Chris Charles Crist for sure on W breaches. Little after 6 on Saturday morning you know that mains. And I am so happy you are here are always around. We center staying on Tar Heels be taken on Virginia tonight. Coverage starts here at 730 the games at 830. But like most things WBT is out in front of it. So you can tune in an hour early. And get the right now. Jones enjoy it on trust and company. Good good crew. And they're going to be feeling good anyway that beat duke yesterday can affect a nobody knows him we lost to reach an estimated damages should at duke game mr. instead it's. I'm not sure duke is like that regarding Caroline. And I think it has something to do with coach K having all of those Olympic medals. Good for him good for America. I'm proud of me and I'm. A Carolina guy when it comes to Carolina duke. I'm proud coach today. On behalf of the country. I think a good American likes coach can. No hate mail plea because of the of the but it is Saturday morning but that doesn't mean everything is pure whimsy. Some serious stuff going on around there you might wanna tank up before you tackle the day. On maybe have some pancakes. This morn as John Hancock's father Dave pancake breakfast. And I will be sharing detail it doesn't start until I don't be shared details with you had Tuesday morning progresses. So merry go get all Rogen also repeat. Yesterday. A student. At northwest comparison mobile school. Holden knife on a teacher. Another teacher stepped down and no one was hurt. And you might be thinking well at least it was just a knife. Because I don't I haven't heard any one. Say they think are good ideas for middle school students to armed themselves. Well. This person had to back up plan that would strain. If the knife broker. In case of a switch blade wouldn't open. Sheen yes sharing. Also had a gun in her bag. Also had ammo. In a different part of the backpack you know you wanna play it safe for earth. The female student. I'm loaded gun ammo close blah. Three shotguns and handguns. We're seized at the girl's home. My parents were charged. With failure to keep guns from reminder. Nope it's illegal for minors to own guns on the long a lot of cases it is. No you don't have to be all have to be eighteen to shoot a guy on. I wonder. How was that a crime. Compares county sheriff Bratton. Wildly. Details for us. Just what happened. I'm different teacher who was able to assistance from doing a juvenile secure and and I within seconds of this. Congress can't school resource officer route to the clash remain assisted. After further investigation was quickly determined that the juvenile offender did also have an unloaded point five caliber handgun. And separated ammo and her book bag. Okay so our resource officer is on the premise. And was at the singing. Of the Epson that sell it fairly quickly. That's reassuring I'm very glad to hear that. I'm delighted and just coming shooting because they heard there's a gun out there other they figured that out later that she had the guard. So it was. It wasn't a drill. But had it been it would have been a successful drill. A student bent on. Mayhem. When shut down. We're talking about a girl and metal school. It shouldn't take the National Guard. But. What I'm saying is the apparatus they had in place. Was good enough to neutralize. The situation. But just because. Worst case scenario. Didn't point out. But doesn't mean this was okay right sheriff. This type of behavior and careers can not be tolerated. Whether it's. Physical threats such as today or even copycat. In light of all things have gone wrong don't wrong and are the society and the United States today. Yeah I didn't figure out worked at WBT on nine elevenths. And I realize it's over seventeen years ago and now. I did not figure. That guns would overtake terrorism. As the primary safety concern of the problem. So very quickly. Because I don't think people are worried about getting blown up by terrorists anymore nearly as much. As they are worried about somebody just Boston then mall and opened fire. Seems a lot more likely. Tapping so very often. And I don't have a solution for you I'm not here was solutions I'm here with. Information. And encouragement to have the if I had solutions and I'd probably be doing drive time. But I I don't. And I guess they must've determined that these guns belong while she only had one done with her but there are more guns at the house. So the parents don't get off Scot free correct. Pats have also been charged with a misdemeanor. Failure to secure files from a matter. I'm both of those have been very cooperative and investigation both have been charged and released at this time. I imagine they're just mortified. Roy to have your kid be in this kind of trouble. To get a phone call. You pay your daughter pulled a knife on a teacher in shells and other government or by pat oh my goodness. Devastating. So glad that no one was hurt that means this this kid won't get to have a life. After all this is settled down I'm sure there will be a punitive element. To the aftermath. Bubba 'cause no one was hurt. She's gonna get a second chance. And I believe in that a middle school student. Their mind there are critical thinking skills. And their appreciation for life. Those things still need to develop. Now while I'm not happy this has happened. I am happy that this won't just condemned the kid. For. For the next few decades. Hopefully we have a case here or someone learns from their mistake. Pays the price. And the moves on. All the wiser. And to lead a better life that's what we can that's. It's all we can hope for. Thank goodness no one was hurt. We've got kids in the system positive. Not to compare system from the public school system. I'll worry about things like this. I'm also reassured. That the plan. That had already been implemented. Having the resource officer. On premise. Did seem to be sufficient. To keep this from escalating. I'm happy about that. So to the extent. This story like this can have a happy ending. This one does. Well it's not all bad news is not all and this is not all scary stuff there. ACC championship. Biz tonight. We're allude to that earlier idea. Tar Heels held off. Our valiant rally by the duke blue doubles. And they wound up when am I believe it was six points. So those of you who care. Tar Heels Blue Devils. They split their home games. And the Caroline. One on the neutral floor. Well both meg the NCAA tournament. So I guess they could meet again. I'm always wished that wouldn't happen. Because of how lopsided that would make the bragging rights. Should they made a national championship all mine goodness. The world would stop for a day but they need almost after it hit reset on the rivalry. I'd rather they just kept nipping and each other's heels on. John Hancock's Father's Day pancake breakfast is this morning. Have details come on Matt but departure. For the show up and up to Obama tried do more than us. In the future we're gonna take a look. At the stock market's wild ride. Especially in relation. To retirement plan. If you're like me and research suggests many of you are. Retirement planning is the elephant in the room. It's hard to stare down and get to work on what to do about it. And as someone who is at that stage myself. I'll won't ask you to take my advice. We'll have an expert long. Hi Andy Smith of financial engines. Will be joined counselor. All that TV and local sports history worth paying. You know how we do around your house where these may even work and a laugh for two. Hey you know stood up for departments all I daylight savings time on slalom Sunday together yes spurring forward. Soss an hour less of what every happened to be doing a path. I got some suggestions on that bodes. And maybe if we go satellite. At a this Chris Ware on the aptly named Chris her show on WB TU 67 Ting. But Jeff Martin from the weather channel's new stock 1110 and then 1993. Loan. Talk to the most. Roger the also. Today he was as much. Surfer boy ladies' man over the top character he was pelican sang. Remember that album he did what those the covers of the classics it did just a gigolo and I believe California girls along there. But could soon. You can cable pulled out they're ready to sign. Speaking Van Halen yell like beer. Truck. I know what the March Madness sign that your stay coming up on. 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Still bad maybe you weren't some lamps. There's more to cover on the local sane. We got sports we got the history were appropriating. Did you details on John Hancock bank egg breakfast which is kicking off on our behalf this Chris furlong WB Tay is six warning it.