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Baltimore County. Playbook. Rocketboom's. I'd say there's people that do all kinds of things are and and their people that do things they wouldn't do for free. Because of how much it days. I got advice or those deaths. Find something you love to do. And then lost money you'll follow up book does it feel like what you're doing every today. How much more do you need. Well loved. University of Virginia could be used about. 21 more points but the fact. Player how much more doing it and a little toy one points. A duke. Duke University. Now duke power. This is in the pros. Duke did what they were supposed to do and I took care Rhode Island. Coach K so you know suspected that it might have a little something to do with her height advantage. If the game was only about height we moved in great shape every game. The game is really about lateral quickness. And how you move whatever height you have. You know in that this you'll quite get why it like these guys know how to play on an hour played together. Does your high. Give or. Sometimes. But coach what about the maturity are talking my kids here what about the maturity of your team get into that. I was not that young group we were. In November December even January work work were very good basketball team. And and then we can get better. You know we can get better. I mean if your. If you can make your hide get why did you do just about everything. But but things still have Doug come together for any victory coming. Ask Virginia. Things didn't come together and they got beat by a sixteen while about keeping things together. Got old together at a high level our guys are tall and young together. So. The best combination is to be tall. Why didn't I have been tough together for a long time and then you have my 92 team. I like his criteria for greatness. Three out of four and bad. Speaking personally. Coach K day out today I'm a Carolina guy but there is no denying. The greatness of coached there. All those Olympic medals. All those national championships. There are games being employed today Kentucky after. Squeak and pass Davis and they got buffalo. Today there games today and tomorrow or soon. It's given to work their star in this space amount. Where you can watch a game in a time and not miss much 'cause you're not watching. This one or don't do screen and screen. Reform comes on. Antenna television you know you don't. Have to choose which mansion to watch it and he would let a lot like cola Chicago I don't know there's another one but. Loyola Chicago August 3 solo mayor Mao. I have the assurance or playing Tennessee. That's a tough forward Tennessee was three seed going and I tell you every lower seed. Is feeling a little more confident today aren't. Ohio State against Gonzaga that should just be a blood war that's a great game and anytime of the year. They're five and a four. Going to end design. Gonzaga was before. We'll be playing tonight. 745. So with with the time change just rule after dark. How you deal with that. Houston in Michigan and we'll play after. Ohio State Gonzaga gets finished. The Tar Heels play tomorrow. On your hope. Of the Tar Heels. They got a Texas a and them. They are not. Push overs. Our high is gonna have to get pretty loud and on those guys. Playing tomorrow. Afternoon. Top fifteen tip time. I'm mentioned that gives us a Tar Heels there's more going on today. One seed Villanova. Who managed to win their opening round game. Unlike some other one sees what we wanted and of that I'm not gonna mention that this morning. They got. But Emma. Now the Alabama. Against Villanova. Its first game tomorrow. War against Texas Tech. Kansas another number one seed who's taken care of business so far they have Seton Hall. That's a very interesting gang. I'm not good at picking games but if I had to pick an upset. For tomorrow. That would probably be yeah. I'm not picking Seton Hall I think they're the most likely of the games happening. Today. Two. To bring about an upset. Nano Rhode Island. Has the daunting task. Love. Taking on Duke's. Why didn't height. And at a low after 230. This afternoon. I worked for terrorists are basis I was her producer. For a short time. While she was here a loss tracker over a she's somewhere doing well liked her very much. I remember telling her wants. Just because. You're paranoid. Doesn't mean they're not out again yeah. Just because they fear seems. On a rational. Does that is not gonna happen. Ask the Virginia Cavaliers. But on more serious note. Bridges aren't supposed to just. Fall out from under your right. What prompted me. To paraphrase. Mae I guess Turco bank to terrorists are gracious about paranoia. And it's frequent legitimacy. There's a bridge in Minnesota. Had just fallen out from underneath. The course. There were crossing. Doesn't seem like it should happen in this day and age something similar happened. Regarding a pedestrian. Church. And lives were lost. And there was warning about this. Left and voicemail. Voicemail wasn't checked in time. So. And Chet the ground under you make sure it's not going anywhere. We'll have a report. From ABC they're gonna give us a little help on that thank you producer groups. The history worth repeating here how we do it ons are they come along and be a part. This is Chris Farrell is 647. WET. Homered Tar Heels. Through this morning that program. You know stopped selling rifles. They're grocery store. Have pick up and 500 dollars. Songs. Today. Tayshaun was Saturday to this point it's not just the time change going to be cloudy and rainy today. That's why I've played fish bones sung was Saturday I like that song didn't win the when the forecast winds itself to me playing that song I'm gonna play some could become as spring approaches spring show our shop. Maybe that can become your favorite song to go along with her new favorite beer by you can get from. Get my perks dot com. We've been over that meg doing that party is Saturday. Part of your son last Saturday. I mean. Scobee right and you gotta stay and watch basketball you've got no choice mom as well and buy you beer cars. I'm saving money honey. Twining dollar's stronger bugs were the bear. My works. Dot com. But bridge collapse. I think it's something we can all. Sharer of paranoia or regarding not. I don't really light bridges I'm not a big fan of bridges. David Curley at ABC is going to have more. Forests on what exactly happened and floor here. It's nicknamed and instant bridge actually called accelerated bridge construction touted as a modern safe way to Iraq to bridge pre fab it and then in just a few hours moving into place improving safety and construction. But this bridge either during or after a stress test collapsed in the rubble of vehicle belonging to an engineering firm which does such stress tests. That company did not return calls asking if it was conducting those tests and Florida senator Marco Rubio tweeting. The cables that suspend that bridge loosened and the engineering firm ordered that they be tightened. They were being tightened when it collapsed NTSB investigators arrived on the scene and will be looking at everything. The Florida Department of Transportation. Taking the remarkable step of revealing that the university which was in charge the project. Did not hire a quote preapproved company to do was called a secondary designed check on the bridge. Now so. Quite literally. Watch your step. Happy birthday to Nat King Cole. Shampoo our. Samuel Horwitz was time. In my opinion one of the funniest stooges. We're only authorities them but I stand by my statement. Billick organ of Smashing Pumpkins it's his birthday. He's 51. And the quickest world heavyweight title fight. Happened in the 190 wait. And they would like bouts go as long as they went back demands are guessing you're gonna get knocked out. Miles or haven't happened early. Speaking of things happening early. This is the Chris Ferreira showed up. I have had another wonderful hour with you. I hope you'll come back. Because the difference between having your listen. There's a difference between me doing a radio show and a crazy man yelling and to a stick. God bless you all love you all right chip away.