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We feel on these blue. Bizarrely named. First Earl show charge must along. Luring in this morning and a Sloan. And thank god dealt with on the way down. Man. Don't don't feel like you got to do too much. To compensate. But do allow a little extra distance between you and the car for a you do that you watch speed you're going to be fine. Luckily temperatures. Aren't such to where this was any kind of black ice or anything like hey ice. Speaking of ice. The Winter Olympics have opened. ABC's. Matt Gutman. We'll tell us more about Bo. Most Olympics have avoided politics the diplomacy was center stage. The show bombarding the crowd with messages of peace. North and South Korea marks together under the same flag and ended head members of the joint north south women's hockey team charged up to light the Olympic flame. Kim jungle and trusted sister shaking hands with South Korea's president she was seated right behind vice president Mike Pence. But his offices he pointedly did not reach out to North Korea. And of course the athletes the most ever Eddie winter games including that huge American delegation. So much hope for Nate tension ABC first profiled him when he was eight. Years old church Olympics and many see UN. Own. 2018 a does anybody deal with the amount of pressure. And you've got to deal with a concerted whether they think it's just it's overwhelming and who's had a purpose a little things that are taking taking taking a bit. But on the ice he stumbled aborted jumps even felt. Coming in fourth in team figure skating. But he's still the favorite for gold in the individual events at the opening ceremony the wind chill dipped into the teens and the question. With the load Tom did athlete repeated his short list performance from the real games. The answer came out bearing a flag and nearly everything else except for that grass skirt. And the Olympics. Are going to be on the tube. This month I've started to lay down. On NBC sports network's overall. Different networks are covering the Olympics it's spread out. Over many different stations and so you can pick your prayer there so much going on a one time. Imagine how long the Olympics will be if they just told one event at a time. Oh my goodness we have to have. It they'd have to have it every four years gives us a long it would take to finish up in time for a but cross country was on it to lay down measure has cross country skiing since it's been Winter Olympics. Women's hockey is coming on at 7 AM. Commission wants something in the background loyalist. Home improvement would Jon and day of 7 o'clock Switzerland vs Korea. Now instinctively don't wanna say this should be. This should be basically a cupcake match for Switzerland below on now about women's hockey. Figure skating the one against the highest ratings most public interest there will be figure skating. On NBC tonight at 8 o'clock. It's probably not going to be alive I don't think they do their figure skating. At that time Korean time. But. Stay away from spoiler shouldn't be able to enjoy it as an oral obvious that. Basketball. Always basketball list on the year. At noon on CBS Florida vs South Carolina. Noon on fox Butler Villanova. Noon on ESP NN. Oklahoma State at West Virginia. The Tar Heels. Play on CBS. Head to. Our coverage. Starts at one. Now said before. I understand you want to watch basketball on television where you can see what's going wrong. But if you are in to basketball. Do yourself a favor. And listen to the pregame on the radio it's much more it's longer it's much more in depth. Now we've got a great crew. So eat you up you can get ahead of the game a level. No pun intended. While listening to our pregame show starts straight up at 1 o'clock. When the Tar Heels sports network. Antenna television. Just one game on antenna television today so not I have to choose like you did last week player. Course you know you've probably got to Antanas knew he probably got two houses. Released a double wide. Virginia union at Boise State. But is that pork law. On WA SN. There's a UFC on spot fox sports south tonight. So much happened. In Washington. Not lob it seems to have to do with running the country. And that's depressing. To me but. Still it's going to get in the way of the country being Enron so it's news it's just news or just this. I would consider this. Kind of but need to us except. Considering the level at which it's taking place. And implications are too grand to ignore it. President trumps fuming over the handling of ways spousal abuse scandal. Involving wanna stop aids. Cecilia Vega is going to help us a break all this down to Lewis more this more confusing in the memo I'm here comes assume your back. With his White House under fire president trump breaking his silence freezing his former staff secretary rob Porter who resigned amid allegations he abused both of his former wife. So we certainly wish him well let's say yes obviously a tough time. For him he did a very good job when he was in the White House. And we don't PSE. Wonderful career and hopefully he will have a great career ahead of them but that. It was very sad when we heard about it and certainly he's also. Very save now he also. As you probably know he says he's innocent and I think you have to remember that he's just very strongly yesterday that he's innocent. While the president talked about the tough time for Porter no mention of the women. Porter's two ex wives who went public with their accusations of verbal and physical abuse. As president trump spoke right there in that room communications director hope hicks who is romantically linked to Porter. And chief of staff John Kelly who was brought into restore order in the west wing. But Kelly reportedly knew about the abuse allegations against Porter. And sources telling ABC news the president is furious with how both states handled the west wing crisis hicks those sources say helped write the administration's initial public statements defending Porter the president chief of staff that had full confidence and trust of his abilities and his performance when the story first broke Kelly called Porter a man of true integrity and honor but sources tell ABC news that within the past 24 hours Kelly told the president he would be willing to resign they say the president has spoken to confidants about possibly replacing Kelley. Including gauging businessman and longtime friend Tom barracks interest in the job. Derek said he's not interested. This is Kelly does some damage control of his own sending this letter to staffers saying the White House takes matters of domestic violence and very seriously and in a meeting the Washington Post says Kelly told staffers to say he took action to remove Porter within forty minutes of learning the ex wives allegations were credible. But Porter is ex wives tell ABC news they told the FBI about his alleged abuse last January. When they were interviewed as part of his White House security clearance his second wife Jenny will be says she told them everything the Washington Post reporting White House counsel Don again first learned of the abuse allegations around the time of the president's inauguration. Porter denies abusing his ex wives saying these outrageous allegations are simply false. I took the photos and the reality behind them is nowhere close to what is being described as though we wish him well. This is not the first time the president has come to the defense of a man accused of violence against women. He endorsed Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore in the face of multiple sexual misconduct accusations yeah. Lloyd Lloyd denies it but go like that day he denied that and by the way. More than a dozen women have accused the president himself a sexual misconduct he's branded all of them liars. And he had nothing but good wishes for rob Porter. That's care curt character trait I share with the president. Is I am not. Quick to call some more on. A liar now pages called is his accusers liars but if someone gives me an explanation. There's just part of me that wants to believe it until. It's irrevocably. Proven. Otherwise and why don't know of that's good or not I but. It's said that all a man half us. It is is a war. I'm not quick to take that away from people why I do know. The accusations. Such as this one. Is a great way to ruin someone you just don't like. I have no idea personally have no firsthand knowledge. Regarding rob poors case. I'm hearing the news along with you. You know after hearing that report you pretty much know as much as I did. But we do have a president. But tries to stand by his people. In times of crisis. Now all we need is for him to consider every American. One of his people. Let's Chris furlong WBT. We will have history worth repeating and I got a little story that fits in man. It is 640 day. This cursor on WBZ. Has been very here now how about that. I'll decide the first show of the album of the year for. 27. Why don't they ever. Can help disarm Iraq. Now longer on. Noise which is just noise puts a joyful noise. Other stuff Hossein noises and let's not just one wrong. In house it's not like your alarm clock. Or maybe it is sure cool alarm clock early. But sure enough one year how about that. One year still bring in the joy. And it's been a great year. It's been a great year and it's because you're on the other end listening. Pocket pretend to do this at home. Knowing you're out there. And a lot of you have let me know. That you enjoy it keys. Sophie. Kathy. My. All you got beat it means the world to me it means the world to me thank you so much. This day in years past because some history is worth repeating one thing I noted in were searching this this week. Is there are no less than a dozen. Notable composers or born on this guy. Now composers. Before the recorded error. Were rock stars. It does so way to get your music around. Was. On paper. And I think the standard was probably higher. Now we go down the list but there's something about this a person born today carry to term when have been conceived sometime in the spring. So if you want. Your kid the bigger the music. Get real busy in a couple packs a Jimmy Iran d.s birthday. Robert Wagner. Turns 88. This thing going on with them in the news at all. Cliff Burton. The original bassist for Metallica. Who was killed in the bus accident 1986. This hit me very very close to my heart. Thought he was a big person went horseback when all was a musician a swallows are having Mel based. And it just hasn't been the same without him. Mean all snuck out to see him. Open for Ozzie. I wasn't allowed to go to concerts at the time so I had to sneak out. And. I came back home and my aunt my dad asked me if that's world was. Not told him yes. Because of my fourth righteousness seagate may get side punishment for record on the I disobeyed. My parents. Willfully disobeyed my parents. Into this today. I'm still happy I did. Because that was my one chance to see cliff Burton. Now. Can I tell my kids to listen to me. No matter what without being a hypocrite. It's like parental conundrum. We'll talk about Maura my second year this Chris furlong WBT I love you it is approaching. 659.