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Scott 1110 at night. Three. 37. There's just a big deal for them. Member clubs around as a crew. My years ago. Listen to a fellow on the radios and everything myself. Maybe you don't have to be dubbed no it all blow hard juror to have a talk show one. I have him on the line here one of my heroes. WBT hall of Famer John Hancock how're you doing this more. Yeah I went on to become available large bill at all and you. So you say is look you've got some important business going on this morning everybody knows. Your relationship with all things Father's Day. Well fathers' day's in June what about that that John Hancock is re defined exactly what Father's Day to Maine's. And there is a special event this morning tell us all about it. We have got a pancake breakfast it's actually the simplest thing which you all yearlong and it's it just to get together chairperson churn church remain until 10 o'clock this morning conduct. Go buy out backed up got a boy scout develop serve pancakes are not copy it up. If you wanna leave a donation. Oh would give that to the men's shelter but it's a good chance for up. A whole bunch of people to get together of fathers is and grandfather's daughters that. This kind right Douglas are guests that we've done now hurdle between Fortier next Friday. Unfurled there's still what we call Protestant march 16 which is the anniversary of my father's spastic. And comes out of the show that we did it WB teach on the par four years ago when my dad died went on the air that morning bit. Had people call it and talk about their dads and it just turned out to be so real and such and such great radio that we've put continued to to do better than a pancake breakfast that we do this morning. Well we just an added on about five or six years ago and they just go to get the real well and it's so nice compliment the great chance for. Well the F Lindsay because those sports guys and all the WB he's stepped distant angle with people for a couple of our person it just talk. Then and it's all the pumping comment about fathers. I go back far enough with you actually call scoring and for a couple of blows off Father's Day radio shows any talk about something special if five you can listen to that show and why so for not immediately get on the phone with your dad. Go buy yourself well art Legos. I did that's that makes me wish I had the rest of the more an oft go weak bank case of my dad and ends here were going to be there with few. And it this is something I make a big deal on the show about. People not letting their town slip away all the bad news there is out there I make a big deal. I love taking advantage of the time we have together don't wait until world in sick the sale love you and don't wait until. It's too late to go have a good time together and this sounds like a good time. That's really almost the message it's about a Father's Day after all these years now so. Make that call or write that letter. Before your father passes I can't tell you how many people that come up to re over the years and talk about how audit our resolve our differences with my dad before he guided. But the guilt trip that shouldn't have to live with all your life and I understand that sometimes saying things between fathers themselves could be difficult but. Right or get a letter then and tell him you know and has since that you get it and that you understand that you are the good guys and and you understand now a lot of the things that he did that maybe you'll creator discreet with. It gave delay and kind of a self usually it'll be the greatest thing you've ever done for yourself but. You also will it when my dad died opened up this Chester drawers and there next to a couple of other things that. We're really near and dear to him that my letter so I do my gut Stewart. So why are urging people to write a letter. The it's it's it's funny how lies our fathers become older we get ourselves is that. Now it's it's wonderful chance of sharing Presbyterian. Church is 5201 cheering road win out our runner or understand in my have a couple of friends stop and I. Oh have a ton of people there all the have been big guys are covered by protons and will be looked at this week because he's father's sudden deal with the pork out the morning's Lola. As solid a pretty good excuse yeah. That's sounds like just a fine excuse for this one I understand there's an. Juan Rivera dropped slightly different Hokies can draw fire not on the Bear's president dropped by a couple times. I'll see names of local bigwigs of pop in every now and then it in my bear might be a chance to meet someone you weren't necessarily plan on run in two months that's always fun when when surprises happen yeah well a great way to start the day. Yeah and I think I like about it is that it started earlier than in earlier so he got arrest Saturday go do what you wanna do so a combined. Any particular that the sword. Yeah and you're all tanked up you've beaten a good breakfast by that point where burglary gather energy for a for a big Saturday John this means so much to me to have you on the show it's up personal milestone forming my serve inspiration thanks for what you do for this community and I hope to see around the office here are some in my firm. I call now thank you for having me appreciate it. Thank you John Hancock there wow what a big deal for me personally those to have. Yeah I'll I'll I'll tell dollars and one of my heroes I want my heroes from Russia. I'm gonna go feel good for a couple amendments were gonna come back and we're going to talk with and Neeson death. A financial engines he's going to I hope calm us through all this stock market turbulence. And we're gonna we're gonna get to work on our plan this guy's gonna keep me on the straight narrow I consider this to be a beginning for me so far as. Planning. Something. And I've been afraid to face and I think a lot of folks are like that. And Taylor must go through this together let's keep each other honest let's keep each other on task and let's start. With the advice of an expert we got that coming up here. Is WBT. Is there Chris Berle show it is quickly approaching 644. WPG. It's. Really. Think in the back. And tank that was I was Malcolm and Angus got most of the attention owls Malcolm. I'm still kind of on a cloud here got the talk to one of my heroes on my show I tell you that seems like sump on how well I had a dream about. But when house among Taiwanese. Dreams come true folks don't give up on yourself don't give up on yourself. Planning further future. Because. Lots of dreams can come true but that doesn't mean it's going to be cheap. And one thing these tumultuous. Times sensed the Great Recession. Has one positive things come from a is it's given a lot of Americans a crash course. And how government works. Now they've been hearing a lot about tariffs. You've seen what happens to the stock market. Now tell you it's it's a tough time to get no one if you. Want to start your retirement planning. We need to take this the abstract. For him employ any news about what the president's terror plan could mean for our nation's economy one of our personal com. Just does all politics is local I believe all financed use his personal. And I could use some help. Is it time to panic time to breathe I'd like to talk to professional mocking me here have any Smith senior vice president of financial planner at financial engines. And co host of investing sentence which can be heard right here on WBT every Saturday morning at ten mr. Smith is an arm talky. Are you man I am doing very good today I'll do little but our frigates and reassurance about what's going on with the markets here. C there's alike gone on it goes back a couple of days he had that trumps pledged to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum. Territory 5% tariffs on steel 10% balloon terrify and aluminum. And what he was trying to do was it was basically fulfill a campaign promise to revive domestic manufacturing problem is you know after the announcement the market's basically puke. And so I think you know part of volatility was no fun to watch for a couple of days things improved. You know Monday Tuesday of the following week but then you get this resignation or that the departure of Gary Cohn from the White House and that has just added another layer of volatility in the the markets right now but it did you know at this point. That's just kind of the higher level. That is the higher level estimation of what's happening in the markets trying to. Toddler so much we can't control we can't control anything really but our reaction to what. What does it mean how should we act. Let me give you some context about what's happening so you know at the very worst list this steel and aluminum terrorists you can be talking about attacks of less than. Like eight billion dollars per year when you go back and you look at the economic benefit of what the tax cuts could bring to the economy. That's somewhere around twenty trillion dollars so yes there could be a little bit of a haircut eight billion but when you compare that to all of the other benefits to Connecticut totaled twenty trillion tax over the next couple you have to understand that there is a little bit more emotion and a little bit more you know political dogma here in the conversation and then it really needs to date do you see you take that. And you couple that with the context that it is not unusual for presidents. To target certain imports that harm US industries Obama did that back in march of Tony sixteen Levy did tariffs of more than like 200%. Uncertain Chinese steel imports so when you look at the news when you listen to what's going on you have to look at just that. The raw information in front of you and really try to separate as much emotion and political bias is you can. Otherwise you're just gonna blow yourself up put your investments. Well what should our reaction be regarding our investments our listeners with investment what's what should they do. Yes there's a couple of different things right so the first thing that I want you to do is try to stay focused. Stay on track with your plan if your plan is telling you to buy yourself right now great to do it. But if you're making a panic by yourself you don't have a financial plan and it's that financial plan. It's gonna help separate short term trading noise. From the overall health of the economy. And he knows a lot of people in the know will these terrorists will call leaving the White House kill the economy. Probably not right you look at the manufacturing index. And highest since 2004. Factory activity is roaring. Since last year and end in all of the economic fundamentals still look great. Earnings economic growth wages jobs key that's why you have to stay focused on on your plan and really strident try to stay on track there's much you can. Pass stats. Then it's just a matter of trying to figure out the least amount of risk you gotta take on to reach your goals. So that means checking your allocation how much you haven't stocks and bonds and cash. And I'm telling people if you have cash needs in the next twelve to eighteen months have cash on hand. Otherwise. You know you don't need to be doing any you know short term trading news right now but that cash on hand. Then that was no different than what we would say during good times or not so good times are mediocre times. It's just you know people are completely you know when they first wake up there on social media there watching the news they're listening to some know it all co worker at at work saying you gotta do this. This is what's gonna blow up you're investing long term. Most sounds very rational calm this last year Leos are still calm voice of a professional. But there are many people still feeling an urge to panic coming twenty trillion dollars would be talking about real money pretty soon. Friends so so if people that feel like there falling further behind what can they do now. Sure so a couple of things they know hopefully you're working with an advisor. Hopefully their clear covering these things which he chances are they're not. And all are trying to do associate some magical product they're trying to prey on your peer into to devise some high commission product that you don't needs. I if you're doing things on your own and your stock or you have questions reach out and get some help talked to somebody who's gonna put you in your best interest first. I would would love it if you can get out of financial engines dot com find time to talk with one or local Charlotte team here that you got Sean you've got Austin. Great guy is solid investors solid planners to. But what they want to do is they want to answer your questions they wanna look at your specific situation. And they want to build to a personalized plan that's gonna help you get closer to your goals. But you know stop listening to all the fear stop listening to all these people just trying to sell your product. That's a financial engines start common mortgages and help. Good solid advice can we do this again sometime soon I'm feeling better than I did a few minutes ago. Absolutely always happy to help you call whenever you want him. Wonderful as Andy smell of financial planning a financial reasons dot com he's there BP. Co host of investing censure can hear that here. This morning Saturday morning at 10 AM. It's a great show returning from that and I'd get on your computer go to financial engines dot com and get to work. It is reassuring to hear the calm voice support for professional. I've never been comfortable. Talking about mind. Always feel and less and less we're talking count now exact change or feel like I'm in over my head. But Andy's meth. Really help me. Calmed down a bit this week Obama. Try to have him on fairly often. I need someone to keep me on the story narrow so far this stuff goes Amman before VA and a couple of months. And it's time to get serious about this but after hearing him I don't I don't feel like I have to be as intimidated. See here history worth repeating. Tom shoals of Boston is his birthday happy birthday top birthday Chuck Norris. Hawaii. Analysts say. Jeff Hammond of Pearl Jam Rick Rubin. Who produce lawyers random blood. Is and maybe some other stuff who knows they're born on Sunday in 1963. Carrie Underwood was born twenty years later. And Osama bin Laden. Would. Have been 61 years old today but something happened. Speaking of going away I'll see on the week this is Chris Cheryl WBT it's 650 day.