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The Chris feral show. Starts now. I hope everybody's feeling good this morning. Host bill. Bruce Pearl drove. Locks it down on. News debate I've got some on the right here in front of me at all sure. Last week it was the air strikes in Syria. That dominate plus one thing we talked about. Promised myself and I believe I mentioned to. You my listeners. That we were gonna have a good time this week no matter what. Time I'm gonna stick with that. What ever. Horrible story out marine. Where I keep our chance. We're a go out we're gonna get this Saturday. Whatever is on the table for you whether it's bond or work. Whether you're getting up early to jog. Or. Driving to your second job. We are going to do with a smile on our face. And so far is the tragedies go what we're gonna do. It's we are going to find the lesson and it and culprit allow it to improve. Our lives in the future because. Hindsight is 22 why is also completely speculative. We don't know. What we could change about the pass that would have made a better future the butterfly effect is very real deal. But we can take pieces of the past and use a total. And that's what we're gonna do today worried about bad news and when we come across some good news we're going to celebrate. Life. And that's what we're gonna do or don't that's pretty much what bode a shark are much letting him pretty much agree there is Chris first or I'm glad you're here this morning is six or six. At WBT radio emanating out of Charlotte north. Tackle Lackey I'm Chris we're opening Indy Lackey and Cadillac in I'm awfully glad you're here are speaking samarra some of that horrible news. There is a deadly shooting out. Where's the Salisbury. This morning are 46 year old James Davis. Was pronounced dead at the hospital. Now the shooter has been questioned. But there is no word on charges as of yet. So. We're gonna have to wait and see what happens there earned us this. I I won't speculate. There was also a shooting. In. Where one person seriously injured that's not a deadly shooting yet. Ma no word on or just I'd tell you that called crime stoppers have we saw certain person but. I don't even have a description of the shooter yet I believe ruler. Good bit of mystery surrounding that OK let's too horrible stories this door nice one is going to be a beautiful day today. How will not be playing fish Bono will not be planes on a Saturday today because it was going to be gorgeous. And I'm afraid you don't have an excuse not to mow the grass. But it's going to be as such it should not have to take a break every five seconds stud not be heat stroke. So lie you're gonna be able knock it out pretty quick and then enjoy your long OK you know maybe find some of those Easter eggs. The the kids confined I told you don't hide those two well. Murderers you don't want Suton drew law. Has a nice story there is deadly crash in states won't try to do our our version of fair and balanced here. Single car so now this is while one point about about this this is this was a single car crash. Yesterday and states shall not one person dead and lost control. Hit centuries. Pay attention folks not just to deter Africa's there's not always traffic. Sometimes. The most dangerous thing about your drive is inside of your car. You know. GPL us. It is not. Him John Newton okay it can't have you killed for not listening. But you can wind up in trouble buying. Doing something to extreme behind the wheel but 'cause GPS told you to. That's no way to go out that is not the hill to dine. And plus here's a little secret. GPS. Will help you. Get back on track. If you miss her. I see so much traffic moving sideways these days and so much more than they're used to be on 48 have been dropping for thirty years. And the increases in the eyes sideways. Movement. And I think you've probably noticed it too. I contribute that without any stats in front of me. I contribute that to GPS. And people treating that as if it were dictate. You can miss a turn and Lil. You don't wanna get killed trying to make it term. Assault or just how anybody wants to go out. And who knows. Who you might be taken with you got people who care about you. I'm guessing you do. I'm guessing you got people that would just be. Arrest ball. If they got a call. About something bad happen to hear. We've eerie go home. And thank of those people. Dominion over your pride. I don't want road rage. War. Driving fast. Or any of the any of these. Ego driven problems. You you wanna you wanna be tough. Claim dominion over your pride he tough enough to put the people. Who care about you. Ahead of your ego. That's a different kind of tough it's real Paramount tough. Rob stayed out of fights. Because there are people there are counting on me to remain. Healthy. And free. I put them first. And yes sometimes it's a bitter pill to swallow at the time but I'll walk away knowing. I did the right thing. Reconsider. What defending your pride as should be thoughtful enough. To control yourself. Behind the wheel. In front of the bar what every got planned for this weekend. Stay safe. Because we care about you I end every show by telling ya love that's not something numbering off the script. I care enough about it. So do it for me if nobody else okay we got big show coming up this morning. We were gonna talk to Andy Smith of financial engines last week. Are about to. Pair ups and other things and Syria broke. So what we're gonna do is talk any Smith this week in fact we're going to talk to him. And the net segment he is the host of financial engines which you can hear. Later this morning at 10 AM how here right along with you this is a Smart man you're gonna. You're gonna leave the conversation. The wiser that's coming up next we got. All kinds of things are gonna have all kinds upon this is Chris Farrell. Most of the chorus Earl show at WBT radio and Charlotte, North Carolina it's 612. Know when your mother would tell you that shut up sit down in new pay attention. She do that now. Who's talking eleven Jack 93 WBT group Chris Farrell show. A moon. That we. Facts. Financial engines and co host of investing sounds very good show that you meet her right here on W beating ever served to mourn the town and Smith are you doing this morning. I'll do an alright thanks very adamant. Any help us understand. What the big story in the markets from a professional from your perspective is the swing from a. There's a couple of kind of running stories one is just the ongoing issue lists with the terrorist. Which China. That seems to be a lot of back and forth and tit for tat between what they what we're doing what they're doing what we're doing again. Media there's obviously the FaceBook story in terms you know kind of what that would mean longer term. And you know just not just for that particular company bridges for cac and just the idea of you know data privacy in general and how that's gonna kind of panned out to the rest of the industry. But then also just rates and then kind of -- how things are progressing on the outside the problem is there's just so much volatility so much emotion so much politics right now with everything that's coming at best it's hard for people to follow one particular stores can there really is sentenced to look to what I have. Happened as people wake up you know they immediately checked their email or social media and indeed think that they got. Act on this stuff. The problem is there's not things to be acting on right now even though people think that there risk. Well it was so multifaceted. Give us some context what does it mean to that tonight. Average investor. Yes so one of the things and if you look at volatility in general. You know we talked about this before there's there's a lot of volatility especially this year but people when they wanna try to compare it to something their comparing it to Tony seventeenth. You shouldn't be comparing. Volatility in Tony eighteen to what we saw last year Tony. There was an abnormal. Black. Volatility in the markets and so if you look at the number of down days. In Tony seventeen vs the number of up days I mean Tony seventeen then there was nothing going on and all of a sudden here the year to date. We start deceit historically normal. Sort of activity. People are freaking out there around for them. Those are trying to buy as many you know canned goods as they can think that's at the end of the world this year this isn't the end of the world this isn't the end of the markets. This is just normal behaviors so if you can kind of broaden your your your reach if you can broaden Yuri your vision here and go back over you know rolling five year tenure even fifteen year period of time he conceded what's happening right now is. Is normal it's just the speed at which things are happening that's just a little bit different for people. Yeah I am normal stability like that I remember using that rounded office. I don't copyrighted eighth seed and yeah. We'll let it thank you very much senseless I was gonna come and quite handicapped how well if we don't need to be stocking up canned goods. What what does leverage WBT listeners knew we need to be doing. What out yet what I would what do you do in this goes for anybody and in most any type of market looked at number one stay focused on your plan. And your plan is gonna help separate the short term noise from all the other stuff that's happening from all the other things that you really should be done. So if you have a plan. Talk with your advisor but yeah update to revise the things that need to be revised I chances are you don't have a plan a lot of Americans just don't have any sort of long term financial plan in place that they can go back. Act two and look at ten and Indian descent of what they need to be doing that stayed focused. The next thing that I want people to be doing his understanding what they own. At any point in the market you should be able to answer the questions what do I own. Why do light on it. And where do like hold test but doesn't know what happens a lot of times is people just kind of collect investments right they beat a magazine in the doctor's office and I think I got the sound great I gotta go buy it but and then all of a sudden death toll 2530 investments and they're all doing the same thing. You need to know what you own NYU audit so if you got that plan and if you if you can answer those questions about your investments. Then it's just a matter of taking on the least amount of risk to do what you gotta do and they keep indeed those three things all that short term noise all the emotion all the all the politics. Can really start to move out of your life. Well should we take a look at our at where we have war but I mean how we have allocated to our investments is is that. This has something to reexamine that often or is that something you you hold on long term. Yet no good questions so you know a lot of times people have he had a 401K is the diaries you should know what you own between stocks and bonds and cash in number one on too much of one thing. And you wanna own. On a lot of different types of of investment. In the different accounts so you know not just what you own investment wise but just what do you have in stocks and bonds and cash. I like people will look at it maybe a couple times a year it's great that we comply or Smartphone and look at our 401K balance and he would there just because you KN the change the investments everyday doesn't mean that you should change the investments every day so open up the monthly statements review the quarterly statements. But I would say a couple times a year you're gonna wanna rebalance kind of whom returned to. The percentage is back to normal levels where they need to be between stocks and bonds in cashed it yet you should be looking at that regularly. Well that sounds. Awfully nice to hear listen layman's terms as a squad and not nearly as intimidating. Com if folks want to take action they need help getting this going what would you have them do right now. Bigger cushion so if you're working with an advisor Paul Hemmer her schedule a time to talk peace should be talking a couple times a year anyway. If your working with the broker and you find that they just less value stops and make you think that there's some magical product. Out there that you just gotta buy if you're doing things on your own it and you're running into certain roadblocks and like you said you just need to helped I'd just give up the financial engines dot com. Typing your zip codes that time to meet with the local team Sean and end Austen great guys they're focused on the plane and they're not trying to sell his staff they wanna get you all the way through retirement but really just get out and get some help financial engines dot com and then we'll take care of the rest. This one and their primary listened to the show. Listen to listen to investing cents. Saturday morning to ten that he became is that it's a great time you may have questions you can call you can email you can listen but you can get a sense about what we're following. What we are talking about with clients bet you there's not there's a lot of ways to get some help but really financial engines that common will go from there. That is wonderful and decent enough financial engines coast of investing sentenced. Which you can hear 10 o'clock this Saturday morning in the adversary anymore and is nice to talk doing ensor thank you very much. Take care. I've gotten to our early enjoy those conversations with Mandy. First most very validating to be able to keep up a conversation. Is such a Smart fellow. And I am learning things. To the point he made about to know how Lisa don't own too much of one thing. Where the other. I got that covered I've been following that plot that part of the plan for myrtle arc arc. Ways that I have to showed ago. We had so much fun are anyways so I have to showed great promise map. Mr. Lewis for warning you want to lob bring that up because of Democrats are gonna try to legalize pot at the federal level I mean it's. Optical as to their antenna they basically lost the immigration battle. And they've got no one no one. In their party to energize their base. I think this is a strategy by the Democrats to legalize pot and get people. They're excited about backing a democratic idea they can work we're going to be hearing from Chuck Schumer next half hour speak and next half hour is coming right up debs with the news. And got Chris earlier with the whatever it is I'm doing here whatever nor Kyle its WBT and Charlotte north Carolina's 618 WBT. Rarely show. Look like this might not. On Sunday. Just work. Posting. Sunday mornings. Starting tomorrow. I am not substituting prevents Coakley as you know events works. We're worked. Six days a week. That's a lot. And I'm guessing Juventus had mixed feelings about worker and on Sunday. Vince Coakley has been given Sunday mornings off. You can still catch him five days a week cannot suggest that you do. Does it feel loaded up on him on Sunday. Mean there's some bad news. I woke me. Doing. Immense Coakley show. With guest host Chris Farrell. Possess not was gonna big. I am not necessarily. The long term. Solution. But I'm going to be here tomorrow. And you and I. Are gonna have fun on Sunday morning I promise. As I did every Thomas sub programs. I know the difference between Saturday and sought all right. And I you will observe and respect that. Won't be quiet is raucous. The belligerent. Now maybe I'll. I mean I have just a little less coffee. Cup. I'm not gonna yell your way to church okay I promise you that. So it's going to be a different version. All of the chorus Ferrell showed the Sunday version. Of the chorus for sure on. But I am very. Excited. To be joining you. On Sunday mornings. For the foreseeable future. I usually do this or someone do this era. Today's television. And local. Live. Sports listing. All the masters was last week. And the following weekend is usually the no a lot of your big names in golf take the weekend off. The next weekend. NF but he missed the cut. They took last weekend off. But not there is golf on television today at 3 o'clock CBS let's channel three in this market. WB TV. People still think we we are associated we are. We're not we are roommates that's about it. Broad. Round three. Of the Valero Texas open. Tune in at 3 o'clock you wanna hear if you want to see. That. Here at golf on the radio isn't quite that could be. A early got to get the microphone and close to hear them hear them on an. But the NBA playoffs that's what's got my attention lightly upon. Sports wise these days I'm not just waiting for training camp now I am waiting for training camp. Thing is going to be a very interest in season. The deal with Thomas Davis and new owners possibly coming and by then. Off. It's gonna be uninteresting it's still off season. It's been non interest in off season and not think that's going to continue. So Mort I have football talk about Mike gets some help with that along the way. Bring bring my friend. Burton boring on my friends and here to help me out with football news. But that's in the future well we got today at 3:30 PM on. Not lay down a on TNT the Philadelphia 76ers. Will play at Miami and Miami Heat. Bob clock on TNT. Portland trailblazers. That bump pelicans. To New Orleans. Is is not this New Orleans. Pelicans. On August August or Mao scholar like basketball hoops on the house. Side I don't I don't want they would. ESP on tonight. 730. Houston Rockets. At Minnesota Timberwolves. Underwritten jazz at ten. All of those late chips man. I love watching lob sportsline that night to Islamabad. A residue. Miles. Little Kia. Ha. I got up in the mill tonight he's back. It was. Labor Day weekend. There's probably 330 and the more I mean isn't dead not Millen lives. True. Waits for a kid that age to be up for any other reason except to go to the bath. But my dad. Paid ad. I know you get up early and listen every show and I sure do appreciate that. Was up. While watching the Jerry Lewis tell gone. He's a song that. On the couch only to light in the room was a television. I am not wasn't sneaking around on all have to hide going to the bathroom but I was heading straight back to bed. I want want him to know loves a statement terrible business and let's face officially come of the facility dead. And I sat there and watched. The Jerry Lewis tell all song. With my father. In the middle of the night. When I was about. Eight years old. I felt like I just instantly grew a beard. I felt like a man. Is such a simple thing pass lie emphasized Tom what you kids the show for families show for parents. You can't be sure. What that kid's gonna remember forever. And my dad just waving me over. To sit up. The middle of the night watched television in the mold night. I felt so cool. I felt so close. Now just remember forever. And I think that's why I like to watch. Like sports for sports has to be alive to really. Have brought much flavor. Mom. And you don't get as much white Knight. So much love sports. Nothing got started with my dad. So thanks dad that mullah. Battle gesture of waving me over to the couch. Gave me a lifetime of something to enjoy. That's just stand up like. I've always loved. The ball away. 4 o'clock on ESP NN. We Georgia spring football game. It is wrong. Are one of my biggest fans is. Really. Big on the bulldogs so. Tom you might one though that the Georgia spraying again. This today at four. I hope you're doing well. I really do I really really do. I mentioned some about the Democrats and pot here's what 10 well here's Chuck Schumer he's gonna give us what. I will be introducing legislation to decriminalize. Marijuana at the federal level this means that federal agents will not be arresting people. Trying people. Proper use of marijuana and that's a very good thing 63%. Of all Americans. Thought for legalization of marijuana were only decriminalizing. It. It's something. That I think America is waiting for congress to lead on and I think this will help you. Okay well. That's watcher they're trying to do can you give us some specifics as to. What is in this proposal are still has five from. Opponents first we decriminalize marijuana second. We're gonna make sure that each state has the right to decide so furious that you're in a state that doesn't want to decriminalize. That's just fine. Third. We're going to do real research. Into PHC and its effects on health. For more than just a set asides. So that minority and women businesses can get into this business you shouldn't just be the big boys that come and finally we're gonna get you give the FTC power. To prohibit advertising from marijuana. Aimed at children and kids under eighteen. Real research on TH say ha. Sounds like very soon it's gonna be somebody's job to smoke pot. Now like the radio does some stand on the radio this. Why now and we've now seen a whole bunch of states even decriminalized or legalized. People's lives are better. People have more freedom and the parade of horrible which opponents always used to bring up to scare people increased crime dramatic increase its other types of drugs by young people none of that is that. Parade of horrible all of it. There's a line to get into the basket of deploy portables. The parade of more balls lines up outside the basket. I go into the basket. But come deplorable. And light up a joint. I guess. Well no all anybody would think that such a bad thing. Scriptural WBT radio in Charlotte, North Carolina. Team best city on earth while the way. I didn't lead with that deserved by our noses. It is 649. Will be back with some history worth remembering. He's talking eleven dead 99 and WPG. It's the growing of anyone's birthday. All thought I would play her favorite songs. Lead off the side enough. UK subs. Thank her favorite song would be god save the queen above personal but. She senses they might be being a little sarcastic. A question. You decide on the nice polite. Happy birthday we'll. Queen Elizabeth. You are. Erica shown how it's done. Hold it what used to be folks. Listener and he's left. Us in the financial engines save them money. Speak in a British. Robert Smith of the cure or it's also his birthday. Here's more on this day in 1959. To celebrate I. Didn't comb my hair blog about this more and and speaking of singers from the dark side. Iggy Pop. Was born in 1940s. Real name. James all stir over. Now I once knew it James roster Byrd were we we we call to make it. Showed us the showbiz strokes are gonna. 1969. Robin you need to none of that is. This usually those mornings on. CNN headline news. Seems like an isolating a little veteran housing and seems like an isolating. As most hated person in sports history first name jump to mind. You're right Ty Cobb. Ty Cobb. Made his. Pro debut. On this day. In 1904. For gusto for the south Atlantic play. Pretty good player. Whole horrible human. 1996. Chicago Bulls close out the regular season with eighteen point 900. Winning percentage. 72. And eight. They won nine out of ten regular season games. That season. I saw one of the games they lost that year. Renewals at home Weaver not they lost one of their losses want their eight losses. Was on our home court. I don't know if you heard this about Michael Jordan but he doesn't like to lose. He really really hates losing. It can be one day that it could be a game of checkers. He's got to go free throw figuratively speaking. They lose this game. And the mascot. Runs up to the obviously. Dejected. Somewhat angry looking Michael Jordan. Starts pat them on the back. Like it's going to be OK you know completely and end mascot mode. Which is annoying anyway. Jordan had this look on his race. Looking around that security and staff and every everybody else like. Do you enjoy working through Chicago Bulls. Would you enjoy continuing to work for the Chicago Bulls if you would. This moron all remain. A I'll never forget it I'll bet Jordan members of the gas from. This is crisper I love view. Am Charlotte beat yet he keeps you sharp.